TV Reboots Revivals

Your Guide to TV's 50+ Reboots and Revivals: The X-Files, Gilmore Girls, Twin Peaks, Prison Break and More

If you’ve perused TVLine at any point in the last two years, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking you’d stepped into a time machine.

After all, we’ve found ourselves reporting more and more on TV series from the ’60s through the ’90s, many of which are getting a new lease on life in the not-too-distant future. (The X-Files! Full House! Twin Peaks, if you’re patient enough to wait until 2017!)

But we’re not just talking about revivals of beloved series. The TV networks have also become big fans of adapting movies for the small screen (Fatal Attraction, Urban Cowboy) or expanding upon them with follow-up series (Cruel Intentions, My Best Friend’s Wedding). The age of TV nostalgia is upon us, and frankly, it’s enough to make your head spin.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a handy gallery, packed with information on 55 (!) revivals and remakes that are currently in the works in some form. (Note: We’ve limited this guide to modern-day adaptations of TV shows and movies; we did not include small-screen versions of books, comic books or video games.)

We’ll be updating our guide as more reboots are reported — and something tells us there will be more, so be sure to bookmark this page! — but for now, click through the gallery below and tell us which revivals have you most excited.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lethal Weapon, really? I’m getting too old for these rehashes.

  2. Who would marry Bud? lol

  3. The People Under The Stairs sounds interesting.

  4. Would Lemony Snicket’s on Netflix count?

  5. I’m surprised how many of those made me interested and how few made me shudder. But please, GAH as a half hour comedy? I probably shouldn’t shudder that much in an earthquake zone.

  6. Drew says:

    Maybe it’s because I never really enjoyed the show, but I don’t get why Arrested Development keeps coming back. I would rather see Portia put to work on a Better Off Ted revival.

  7. mdbchud says:

    An absolute NO to Bewitched. Elizabeth Montgomery made that show, and even though it is Samantha’s granddaughter I have no desire to revisit it. In addition, since witches and warlocks are immortal HOW can you explain Samantha, Endora, et al not coming by to visit/meddle in her affairs. They are also starting out wrong by naming her Daphne. Any true fan knows a witch’s name has to end with an A.

    • Drew says:

      Witches did age. Older witches often lost their powers and wound up being turned into a chair or something. Endura could be a lamp for all we know.
      But really, they could always recast and allow Samantha to appear. It could be interesting to see Sam, still young, but having lived a life with and ultimately lost Darren.
      I’m probably not totally against this just because I think that Cassidy Freeman should totally star in this. She looks like she could be Samantha’s granddaughter.

  8. mdbchud says:

    As one of it’s biggest fans, I would love to see a successful Lost in Space reboot. However, they MUST stay away from the “angst” and “family dissention” from the disappointing movie version. The charm of the show was it’s family dynamic, them against the universe….not bickering and acting like they don’t even care about each other.

    Lost in Space was very much a product of it’s time. I love both versions, the first season more serious adventure…… and the latter season’s camp (THANKS Batman!). A newer version needs to incorporate a bit of both, but stay grounded in adventure. Keep the family intact, and don’t mess with the iconic robot or Jupiter 2….keep it saucer shaped. They can NEVER replace the genius of Jonathan Harris, so I’d say to not try. Sure the character can be there, but I’d definitely keep him grounded.

    I HOPE for a good outcome, and if ANYONE can do it it would be Kevin Burns.

    • herman1959 says:

      Sorry, but Dr. Smith got on my (very) little-kid nerves and he was always taking screen time away from Will (Bill Mumy) who I LOVED. Since he wasn’t even one of the original characters, I see no reason the Dr. Smith character can’t be dropped. That said, please Netflix, don’t mess it up!

  9. Ednamode says:

    Nothing about the 24 reboot? There haven’t been any updates in a few months.

  10. Maryann says:

    I would seriously check out:

    Lethal Weapon (as long as Mel Gibson is not involved)
    Twin Peaks
    Bewitched (depending on quality of the lead actress and capturing the tone of the original)
    Lost in Space (as long as there is NO camp!!! And as long as it is serious action and drama)
    Fantasy Island (as long as it doesn’t go too dark)
    The A Team

    Now how about someone rebooting I Dream of Jeannie and Gilligan’s Island?

  11. Pat says:

    What about 24? They’ve been screwing everyone around with that. First Kiefer says no way to coming back then oh he might then no way then maybe and then no way again. Need to make up their damn minds. Or does that not count because it came back already with a dumb arse ending?

    • Ednamode says:

      Fox, Kiefer, and the 24 producers have been so inconsistent regarding the next season. They’ve teased a 24 movie, one limited series without Kiefer (but with returning supporting characters), and a total reboot/spinoff with no returning characters. Kiefer changes his mind constantly.

      They haven’t been consistent about the status of the script of this “spinoff” either. In August, one article said a script was ready for consideration, and another claimed they were still working on an early draft (that didn’t have Jack Bauer “for now.”)

      Meanwhile, they still have major cliffhanger endings from 24LAD and 24: Solitary to deal with.

      • Pat says:

        Yep, annoying as hell. Why do the Tony prison thing and have an open ending if they aren’t going to ever finish it? Stupid.

  12. spindae2 says:

    We need a #CharmedMovie !!!!!!

  13. lrdslvrhnd says:

    DuckTales made me squeegah. My initial reaction was “SQUEEEEE!”. Then I remembered He-Man & Voltron and went “GAH!” And now I’m all confused.
    Some of these could be good, some are making me go “…Why?” Amongst the latter: Lethal Weapon (pretty much already remade as a TV show as L.A. Heat), Uncle Buck (the original TV remake failed for a reason! Of course, that reason may’ve been Kevin Meaney…), and Rush Hour. And Fantasy Island without the island. Really? I still say just call it “Fantasy, Incorporated” or something like that. Greatest American Hero as a half-hour comedy? Meh.
    RED could be good fun, and Expendables could be ridiculous over-the-top fun. Lost in Space if they go with the early seasons, and not the camp later seasons or the movie.
    Star Trek being online-only makes me bitter, and I suspect that unless it’s also available on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon, CBS is gonna suffer major backlash (and that CBS is gonna suffer major backlash because why would they put it on their own streaming service and then one of the major ones?). I also predict that before it airs they’ll relent and put it on TV because of said backlash.

  14. KC says:

    Most of them are a big NO…
    Interesting ones are X-Files, Hart to Hart, MacGyver, Lost in Space and A Team

  15. Lex says:

    I’ve seen most of this stuff. I guess they are finally out of ideas. Well, television and movies had a great run while it lasted.

    • johnhelvete says:

      Remakes and reboots have almost nothing to do with lack of new ideas, it is all about name recognition that these properties have to go along with the fear of trying something different than what has be done before. Just like foreign series are not being adapted in the US because Americans dont want to read subtitles, the networks are remaking those series because there is a proven blueprint for a successful series instead of once again trying an original idea.

  16. Wash says:

    Thanks for mentioning the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Kickstarter!! We’re very close to locking in a total of at least 6 new episodes. Anyone who enjoyed watching cheesy movies with Crow and Servo on the Satellite of Love, please consider contributing so we can get more of this great cult TV show!

  17. KayCeeCee says:

    I’m excited to see who is on the cast of Expendables. I would like to see:

    – Jennifer Garner (formerly on Alias)
    – Jessica Alba (formerly on Birds of Prey)
    – Lucy Lawless (formerly on Xena)
    – Erica Cerra (formerly on Eureka)
    – Peta Wilson (formerly on Nikita)

    – Philip Winchester (formerly on Strike Back/The Player)
    – Kevin Sorbo (formerly Hercules)
    – Mark Valley (formerly on Human Target)
    – Matthew Vaughn (formerly on Alias)
    – Rick Worthy (formerly on Magnificent 7)
    – Eric Close (formerly on Without a Trace/Magnificent 7)

    Who would you like to see?

    • KayCeeCee says:

      – Yancy Butler (formerly on Witchblade)
      – Rachel Luttrell (formerly on Stargate Atlantis)
      – Christopher Judge (formerly on Stargate SG1)
      – Mark Dacascos (formerly on the Crow)
      – Will Yun Lee (formerly on Witchblade)

  18. maregolden says:

    There is no need to make Roots again. The original was a classic, with excellent acting all around. How could they possibly improve on that?

  19. Faythe says:

    What I would like to see is a reboot of Dark Angel (or season 3 actually happening)

  20. Lavendare says:

    “The Tick” is being rebooted! I didn’t know that.

    FOX really mismanaged and neglected that show, despite the show’s critical raves and cult following. I hope Amazon can get Nestor Carbonell, Liz Vassey, and David Burke to return, as well as executive producer Barry Sonnenfeld.

    Mr. Sonnenfeld has called the pilot of “The Tick” the best work he’s ever done.

  21. Luiu says:

    What about a reboot on Friends focusing on the children of Ross & Rachel, Phoebe & Mike, and Monica & Chandler.

  22. Ruth says:

    Can hardly wait for The X-Files. Would love to see a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot too!

  23. kate says:

    aside from only a couple of ‘maybes’, mostly Meh…….

  24. herman1959 says:

    Bring back The Animaniacs, Mr. Spielberg.

  25. Pedro José says:

    No Kiefer will be just another boring series !!