The Voice Top 11 Results Recap: Eternal Sunshine of the Voters' Minds

The confetti shower (traditionally reserved for “winner’s anthem” moments on reality singing competitions) landed smack in the midst of The Voice Top 11 results night — and my conspiracy theorist mind is struggling to comprehend if it was just a fluke or if there was some subtle subtext intended by exec producer Mark Burnett & Co.

It came, of course, during Team Gwen’s rendition of the New Radicals’ “You Get What You Give,” and that got me wondering if perhaps, after a season’s worth of Battle Round montages and typically poor placement in the live performance lineup (save for last night’s pimp slot), the show figured, “Let’s celebrate the only judge on the current panel who doesn’t have a Voice trophy on her mantle!”

It certainly could’ve been a case of “Crikey! Gwen’s hapless Braiden Sunshine was the second contestant sent to safety this week — this calls for some kind of fanfare!”

Or maybe it was merely a “thank you” to Gwen and her trio of proteges for staying in tune during their group number — which is far more than can be said for coach Adam Levine, whose subsequent cover of the Beach Boys’ “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” sounded like a rabid hyena with its tail caught in the door of an SUV. (Don’t be angry with me, Voice fans — in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m going easy on People’s erstwhile Sexiest Man Alive.)

What does Adam care, anyhow? For the second straight week of the Season 9 finals, the elimination came down to a Team Gwen Vs. Team Pharrell showdown — with the entirety of Teams Blake and Adam sailing through to the Top 10 without any Twitter Save hootenanny.

Shall we get to said results right quick?

Saved By America (in order of announcement)
Amy Vachal
Braiden Sunshine
Zach Seabaugh
Jordan Smith
Madi Davis
Emily Ann Roberts
Jeffery Austin
Barrett Baber
Shelby Brown

Bottom 2 and Their “Save Me” Songs
Evan McKeel, “Lets Stay Together” — Grade: C+
Korin Bukowski, “She Will Be Loved” — Grade: C-

I wasn’t especially inspired by either song choice or performance, but Evan’s intermittently flat vocal at least had some awkward hip-swaying and a couple of sweet glory notes. Korin seemed like she’d been saddled with an utterly random song choice, and her final big note was nuts-and-bolts-in-a-blender unpleasant. Which is why I rallied behind Evan when it came time for the Twitter Save:

Alas, it was all in vain! (Don’t you just love how NBC sucks any suspense out of the process by blaring the real-time results on the screen all the way through commercial breaks?)

Saved by America


OK, your turn. What did you think of Top 11 results? Did America get it right with the Bottom 2? (If “yes,” what is your explanation for Braiden’s safety?) Was the right artist saved? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. analythinker says:

    It must be Evan’s sweater. Yep.

    But seriously:
    Mark vs Korin -> Signed, Sealed, Delivered vs Don’t Know Why
    Evan vs Korin -> Let’s Stay Together vs She Will Be Loved

    It’s The Voice’s voters, I’ll say it again.
    Of course, it could also be Korin’s personality. (Which someone won’t agree, I know.)

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Evan’s Supermarket Sweep sweater absolutely did him in.
      Well, the sweater and the straight white boy dancing.

      • analythinker says:

        Yeah, sadly. Your observation last week was astute.

      • NotVirgin Mary says:

        As soon as he started ‘dancing’ I couldn’t stop laughing. His lanky body combined with that turtleneck-looking sweater… Who told him that was okay?

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I will miss his sweaters. If there’s one thing I’ll remember from this season, it will be Evan’s buttugly sweaters.

      • bobsaccamanna says:

        oh come on, it’s not just the sweater(although that didn’t help) it was the painfully awful vocal combined with awkward stage presence. True that Korin has not come close to duplicating her Samson performance but unfortunately for Evan, his best moment was the impromptu Stevie Wonder riff way back in the blinds. I’m sure I’m being naïve, but for some reason I keep thinking Korin has a good performance still in her. Anyhow either one along with Mark was going down in flames in the December massacre anyhow.

        • May says:

          Awful vocal? Do you understand singing at all? He was easily one of the best vocalists on the show.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I thought the vocal was better than half the singers we heard last night. Granted, that’s not saying much as last night was terrible. Yet again, Korin got outsung and yet again, Korin outlasted someone a lot more talented than she.

          • frank says:

            Korin was amazing though! (Not that Evan wasn’t by any means.) My take on the situation is that Zach and Braiden should’ve been in the bottom. All over YouTube, if you read the comments, everyone’s always complaining about how they’re still in the competition. So I don’t get why Korin and Evan, two of the better vocalists on the show, were in the bottom tonight. It doesn’t add up, especially because the only contestant who legitimately has no right in the top 10 (and even earlier) is Zach.

          • Timmah says:

            A prettyboy is getting more votes than people with actual talent? Nah, would never happen on one of these shows.

        • scott says:

          People, please stop over thinking this. Please start judging on pure vocal ability, viability, and longevity. Stage presence is like 10% of the total package, if that. Whether I’m relaxing, working out, working or driving, what I hear coming out of my speakers is all that matters

      • scott says:

        Idiots did Evan in. Who gives a flying f about his sweater. What about Jordans sweater? This show is not about the voice anymore

  2. Angie_Overrated says:

    #wouldn’titbenice if Adam’s group number never happened. That was far worse than the worst Ford Focus music video on Idol.

  3. Andres says:

    team pharrell might be the new season 5 team cee lo, it could bve bye madi next week

    • analythinker says:

      I don’t think Madi will go next week, but it’s what you get when you let go of some good ones in the battles/knockouts, like Pharrell always did, albeit for a good reason (to make the good ones stay in the competition).

    • scott says:

      Whatever the ‘suits’ want, the suits will get.

  4. Andre says:

    I really liked Evan. Cannot believe hes eliminated so early in the game. Madi may be the saving grace of Team Pharrell. And considering she is one of my favorites I stand by that 100%. Braiden shouldnt have been safe three weeks in a row. Thats not right in any way shape of form. But okay Voice viewers.

  5. Doug says:

    Yes. Did not like his singing. Flat and terrible.

  6. kerry says:

    disappointing! While I’ve been underwhelmed by Evan, I just thought he had more range and natural talent than Korin. was hoping that sunshine kid was gonna go….

    • davmon says:

      Yeah, Evan is decent but boring…However, he is considerably better than Koryn…who is much better than Zach, Braiden, and Barrett. How any of them beat out Mark last week is bewildering. And how those three won over Evan this week is surreal.

      • Tyler says:

        Uh, maybe because Mark sang Against All Odds that no one cared about. The thing about shows like the Voice is that you need to have something that makes you stand out. No one probably even knew who Zach was until he swiveled his hips. Now everyone remembers who he is. Braiden comes across this kid that you know down the block so that helped him stand out. People probably remember Barrett from a personal tragedy that he went through. Again, that helped him stand out. Nothing really helped Mark and Evan stand out–including their voices. I really don’t remember anything about Mark. And if Evan’s sweaters are the only thing I remember about him–no wonder he was in trouble.

  7. Angel says:

    As much as I love Adam he sucked tonight! His team minus Jordan sounded unrehearsed!

    • I’m sure they rehearse those numbers very little. Remember, all week they’ve been rehearsing the song that counts, and have to have a backup competition-ready should they be in the bottom two. I wouldn’t be shocked if they only work on the song a couple of times during the week or maybe even the day of after the important stuff is done and gone. These songs are just fluff to fill the time.

    • Tyler says:

      The problem with Adam’s team this season is that they’re too diverse. You have a adult contemporary singer, a jazz singer and a pop country singer. None of these styles blend in very well–especially on a Beach Boys song. For what it’s worth, Adam should’ve just chosen a Dirty Heads song and it probably would’ve had the same results.

  8. JoanieBlue says:

    I couldn’t believe how long it took to send Jeffrey to safety. Is there any meaning to the order that they’re saved? Braiden and Emily annoy me.

  9. I think Braiden and Barrett should have been singing in the bottom two. Evan was slightly better than Korin. But America has decreed otherwise, I guess. I’m still rooting for Jeffery for the win.

  10. Puzzled says:

    I don’t know what is up with Pharrell, but he did Evan no favors during the entire season. There are so many current songs that would have made his voice shine. It also felt like during the Voice Save that Pharrell had just woken up from a nap and didn’t do anything except kiss off Evan. If he is going to phone it in like this, please Voice producers bring back Usher or find someone else. Evan deserved better! I don’t know if anyone noticed last night, but Maddie was seriously off key at times.

    • kevstar says:

      They might have noticed, but did not care! Sometimes, its not about being perfect, but putting the right dynamics in a song. Bob Dylan can’t sing a lick and people like him. Go figure.

      • OhMy says:

        (Bob could sing a lot better back in his youth then people give him credit for, but I get your point)

      • davmon says:

        Dylan!…First off, the greatest songwriter of the last 60 years, which is essentially the era of rock n roll. As singer, he is listed among the top 100 at #7 by Rolling Stone (referring to that same era). That is not due to imperfection or dynamics, but because of how he puts across lyric and the feel of the song. And how he influenced a great many subsequent singers, including Springsteen, Petty, Waits, Stipes, Bono, Sting, Raitt, Etheridge et al. Listen to: His aching yearning on Girl from the North Country. Indicting-tone on Masters of War. Sarcasm-dripping Don’t Think Twice. Anthemic Times They Are a Changin’. Wistful Boots of Spanish Leather. Subversive It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding). Ascerbic Positively 4th Street. Wickedly bourgeois-assassinating Ballad of the Thin Man. Mesmerizing Visions of Johanna. Jaunty Leopard-skin Pillbox Hat. Mystical All Along the Watchtower. Loopy jazzy If Dogs Run Free….If you do take a listen, you will get an education in how to deliver a lyric with emotion….And who else could deliver the sneering Like a Rolling Stone and the haunting Desolation Row….On The Voice, they would do well to follow Dylan’s lead and emote a lyric and arrange the music to convey it.

    • scott says:

      Evans song choice was proof none of these contestants really pick the songs they want. Of course Korin was going to win with a more current song.

    • Tree says:

      Yes. I totally agree. Evan was on top the first few shows. His song choices were horrible the last 4. I do blame Pharrell for this. I did notice that Maddie was off. I couldn’t believe the outcome yesterday. Where was his coach?

    • Yes! I wondered “Where is his coach???” Poor song choices and bad advice. He had heart, energy and a great voice. He was my favorite. Was Pharrell sleeping?

  11. Sandy says:

    Evan & Korin were my pick for the bottom 2.

  12. Florence+TheMachineRules!!! #MariahSlays says:

    I was so glad that shelby and madi were declared safe, but my heart almost stopped on how carson said her fate. That was scary

  13. Russ says:

    America did not get it right. Sorry, Gwen but Brayden and Korinne should have been in the bottom two. Brayden should be gone. I feel like someone’s trying to make him into a Justin Bieber type.

  14. bcfan71 says:

    Jeez, are you cynical much? It’s a fan based show, like it or not, they pick who wins and who doesn’t. A lot of people go home who shouldn’t, that is how it goes. And I like Braden Sunshine, but I am voting for Amy.

    • I can’t stop crying tears of joy that Braiden is safe.

    • scott says:

      During the first few seasons, the good ones did not go home first. Now it seems the better singers are going by the wayside at a faster clip. If you believe it’s totally viewer driven, then I have a bridge….

      • Why would you think the producers want the worse singers to stay? I think you just have too much faith in voters being analytical. They vote for people because they like the song someone sings, or the clothes they wear, or because they are cute, or because they sang well 3 weeks ago, oh, and maybe a little for how they performed this week.

        None of it really matters, so don’t get worked up about it. Whether or not any of them make a career of it has little to do with the voice. It’s been clear that Burnett is about TV, as once they are done, they get little support from the show and a lot more from their former coaches. It’ll be interesting to see if any past contestants that have been simmering for a couple of years will break out at all. The music business is tough, and like the show, success in it rarely has just to do with how well you sing.

      • Sandy says:

        Evan has a great voice and should not have gone home because of the bullies making fun of him grow up and vote for the talent not the sweater someone is wearing some people are only happy when they make fun of someone who is obviously more talented than they are

  15. davmon says:

    First week, I thought Adam would have the strongest team. But by end of Blinds, Pharrell had pulled ahead. But in Battles and Knockouts he kept matching up his best–losing Celeste and Sydney, later Siahna. Then in the 24 to 12 disaster, America saved Madi and Evan. Madi was deserving. But Evan was not nearly as good as Darius,(who I considered a finalist) or Mark or Celeste. Pharrell could only save one–and chose Mark. I would have chosen Darius who was brilliantly innovative and could sing anything. I guess Pharrell thought he could teach Mark more; or perhaps he thought Mark might have more cross-over appeal. Anyway, no Darius in the Top Twelve. Then Mark is out of the Top Eleven. So, the best team is first to have only two left….Now Evan is out of the Top Ten. The best team is first to have only onee! This is not even funny! The fact is that when the 12 were sorted, only Adam had 3 strong candidates. Gwen had one–Jeffery. Blake had none. Now with 10, Adam has his 3, but so do Gwen and Blake. Mark and Evan are gone? but Zach who was dreadful last week and only a bit better this, Barrett who was unlistenable this week, Braiden and Koryn who were mediocre both weeks, and Emily Ann who has been mediocre for weeks and only showed up finally this week–are all still with us?!!!! What a royal crock of bull leavings. Who can tell where this is going. Must be a popularity contest. Of personalities. Or judges. Sure won’t be a vocal contest unless Jeffery, Madi, Amy, and Jordan are finalists–maybe with Shelby and Emily Ann rounding out the Top Six, if they can be more consistent. But this is the Blake Shelton Show; so he may have 3 in the last six instead of Adam who really should!….Ssss-suffering…sss-succotash!!!!

    • joy says:

      I read these posts and laugh! How can it be the Blake Sheldon show? There have been 8 completed seasons and Blake has won 4 times but once was a black blues singer. Cassadee Pope is not a country singer even if she is trying to be. That leaves 6 seasons that were won by other types of music. So, explain to me how it is his show? Also, Blake is not part of country mafia. Country mafia was years before Blake Sheldon became famous. Before that it was outlaws. None of that is current. Blake is likeable but he doesn’t have mind control! It’s amusing to think he does because it’s how all these people justify losing.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I’d argue the show’s voting has trended noticeably towards the type of music that Blake Shelton fans would also like. Sure, he doesn’t necessarily always win with his contestants, but to say the last few seasons weren’t crowning very safe, white singers with the win would not be a correct statement. The fact that that Josh guy from last season made it to 3rd place over some knock-your-socks-off type of singers still blows my mind. I mean, I get it now; it’s the voting demographic that has changed over the years, but it’s not a development I’m particularly happy with.

        • analythinker says:

          You couldn’t have said it better, sistah! With the shifting in the industry where Taylor Swift tops the chart (I adore her, but there ARE much better singers), viewers might change preference as well. Perhaps people want someone to root for after the show, and crowning diva-type singers who clearly can sing has proven unsuccessful in getting people on board (but with this show, something is clearly missing in that area).

      • Mack_attack says:

        Thank you

    • scott says:

      The sooner we realize that the producers are in the drivers seat, the more this will alllll make sense. They want you to think Adams team is strong now, then the next week oh no, it’s Pharrell, wait, it’s Blake. ‘Fixery’ all fixery.

    • gg says:

      good analysis…thanks

    • yes,” a royal crock of bull leavings” love it. Are you a writer Davmon?

  16. Lucie says:

    Oh my. Adam should be kicked out as the Maroon Five front man. I don’t think I can listen to them again without remembering that gawd awful performance. They had to have drawn that song out of a hat about five minutes before they performed it or Adam lost a bet with Blake. As much as Jordan was the star of that group, he struggled too. But Adam, as a pro and the coach, should have done something to stop that trainwreck.

  17. Peter Nesbitt says:

    Carson Daly, if I’m a betting man, this has to be your last season! Why NBC stays with you for so long confirms you have something on someone. Your blunder tonight has to be a top 5, maybe your best ever. So sorry for young lady from Alabama, so happy, than laughter knowing she was on Adam’s team and was in top ten. Opp’s I mean team Gwen!! Carson, I have never been a big fan, NBC, take a long look at Carson’s time with the voice and imagine even how much more success going forward with, not Carson Daly. Maybe that fellow from American Idol. S

    • scott says:

      Look closely, you could tell both Shelby and Jeffrey knew Carson slipped. The contestants know the results. The looks on both their faces made that obvious. Like, ummm You sure about that Carson?

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I’m pretty sure the results are being fed to him through an ear piece. It was someone in production’s screw up, not Carson’s.

    • Carson’s not going anywhere. If you’ve ever noticed, Carson is listed as a producer in the credits. He’s more than an MC in Hollywood these days, he has some clout. Plus, let’s be reasonable — screw ups happen on live TV, especially when they involve human beings.

  18. Nutt says:

    I finally had a realization tonight. It has been said many times that the band is too loud for the singers or many singers just don’t have strong voices (which is certainly true in some cases), but last night Pharrel’s performance was hard to hear and tonight Brad Paisley sounded very soft during a lot of his performance. I wonder if the acoustics or something else is wrong with the venue itself and that affects the quality of performances. I also think Sunshine has overstayed his welcome and hope he’s part of the big culling of the herd that is coming up.

    • It definitely sounds different live than on TV. Every season there’s some performances that sound pretty bad on TV but they rave about live. That said, this is a major network and a key show with a massive budget — they certainly need to have the sound right. Live is tough though, it’s much easier on taped shows because it can be remixed from the recorded tracks if they get it wrong during the performance.

  19. TinLV says:

    Korin ? Seriously ? Ok, neither was that great tonight, but evan’s body of work on this show is way better and Korin should have been the one to go home…

  20. Carla Krae says:

    Adam sounded like he had a bit of a cold in all the rehearsal footage last night, so that’s probably what was up in the medley tonight. He didn’t sound like himself. It’s tough to sing sick.

  21. patdamico says:

    If any of this show’s producers are reading these comments: Fix your sound issues now.

  22. kevstar says:

    Evan and his Christmas turtleneck had to go. You don’t have enough soul to sing Let’s Stay Together. You’re not Rod Stewart or Justin Timberlake!
    And Michael, I don’t know whether you actually watched the Show. Korin picked that song, and she sounded a lot better than Evan did.

    • scott says:

      Yeah and neither did Michael Bolton, or Richard Marks have any ‘soul’. What’s good for one blue-eyed should be good for another

  23. Christina McDonald says:

    Sending Evan home was the wrong choice–period.

  24. michie2much says:

    Is it just me or did Korin actually STUMBLE over that song lyric? I am beyond amazed she is still there! I can’t believe Adam actually got behind her on that GOD AWFUL rendition of such a heartfelt beautiful song! I am two second away from never watching again. This season is an absolute joke!

  25. cynthia says:

    Tops for me are Amy, Zach, Shelby, Jeffery and Jordan all others just ok.

  26. scott says:

    Rigged!!!!! How else do you explain those piss poor performances last night and neither Braiden, Barrett, or Zach in the bottom two. Good friggin grief! And of course Korin gets saved, gotta have the feel good story about ‘singing for your life’ victory twice in a row. What’s to stop the ‘suits’ from buying up i-tunes or stacking votes one way or the other, I mean really.

  27. joy says:

    I agree with Michael, Adam was awful! Qwen’s performance was better than any of the coaches songs with their teams. I might be okay with this season as long as Jordan or Amy don’t win. I can’t see either of them making through a concert. Amy’s voice would give out and I don’t think Jordan has enough stamina to make it. I would actually like to see someone win that could make it big in the business. It will have to be somebody that can do constant touring and the promoting it will take to make it.

  28. Raul Delgado says:

    Great show..way to go Blake

  29. Evan should have been there until the me the best voice in the competition. I believe too much politics between the judges.

  30. scott says:

    Is it me or do the girls sing with more balls than the guys do? Is it so much to ask for for male voice contestants to go more balls out. Barrett, sorta does, BUT, if only he had the talent to match.

  31. the voice? says:

    They call it “the voice” and turn their chairs around to judge just on what they hear. Why then, does it become about everything BUT the voice. For instance, Evan has a voice. Clear and simple. Korin only sounds good on the soft breathy tones. Once she projects her voice it sounds really bad. People are voting on a certain style they like and not the quality of the voice. they should rename the show something like, “Wow, I can’t believe how far you’ve come” because it’s definitely not about natural talent of the voice. The judges are not leading the people to vote for the best voice, their input is about a whole lot of other things. If they don’t change the coaching & voting process to be more congruent with the theme & title, people will soon lose interest and stop watching the show.

    • scott says:

      It may be time to change the show up a bit. Like you said, it used to be about the voice. They are trying so hard to manufacture a star and in the process, they are forgoing the voice and aiming for imaging and marketing of visual product. Picture Sia or Alanis M or Meghan T on this show when they were nobody’s, the way this show works now, they could get chewed up and spit out. So yes, let’s get back to the voice. The public will migrate to a good voice, whatever the style; just like we have to the aforementioned artists I used as an example. Maybe the vote should be split among record execs and viewers or have two champs, viewer and exec winner.

  32. Lissa says:

    Honestly the thing that gives the most votes is song selection. Maybe 20 to 30 percent focus on the voice itself, but to be completely blunt, music is subjective, so what one person likes versus what another person likes in the way of genre, tempo, style, etc varies. Sure, you have a few people who will vote on the person who sang with the fewest technical errors, but really, how many people have perfect pitch? And then you have the few who will vote with the artists who moved them, whatever emotion it was they felt. The third group are those who will vote depending upon who the coach is, and yes, Blake and Adam have a slight advantage there because they have been building a following since the beginning, but that can also become a downfall in the end because their voters continue to vote split between them and it allows someone with a single contestant left to sneak in and take the win. And then, as I stated in the beginning, you have the majority of the voting public, those who vote by song recognition. It helps if they know and like the song, but even knowing and being indifferent to it will buy you more votes than someone who sang in perfect pitch but no one knew the song.

  33. laura7868 says:

    I am sick of how stupid America is for saving that horrible Braiden Sunshine and Zach Seabaugh – they are both mediocre singers and many good singers have left prematurely because the teeny boopers are voting for eye candy instead of by vocal ability. Evan deserved to stay. I hope that Amy Vashal or Jordan Smith win.

  34. Leelischke says:

    I really don’t get it! America obviously is tone deaf and blind! Evan clearly sang 10x better than Korin. I really have no idea how she even made it this far. I’m sure she e thinking the same thing. I can only attribute it to most Americans not knowing how to use Twitter! All I can say is good luck Evan! No worries.. I have never heard anyone from this show ever making it anyways. This show is like career suicide. But great TV

  35. Know a Lot says:

    Evan out sang Korin and should definitely still be in the race. I believe the Blake affect is helping Gwynn (cute to watch but not fair to the contestant).

    • I agree with you. im happy for Gwen and Blake but I dont think he should be helping her “Tweet Saves” from fans. Is that why Braiden is still there also? Korin has been saved twice! Evan should be there instead of Korin!

  36. To the ones who were complaining about Team Blake performance last week.. Well.. I have no words to Team Adam.. That was painful. I guess I’ll blame Adam’s virus or something..

    I don’t believe the announcements saves are in order of the actual ratings savings.. Zach first Than Emily Ann? Braiden firs than Jeffrey?

  37. Margaret L says:

    Once again. …America got it wrong. ..what is it about this kid Braiden. He might be ready in a couple of years..but now ??????….and all Evan needs is a stylist..including a new wardrobe….oh…he could use a few pounds too…boney men are not that sexy !!!!!
    He has a great voice. :-)

  38. AS says:

    The Voice credibility is going down the tubes just like American Idol. Why Mark Burnett worked so hard to get the sway-bot Idol tween vote I’ll never understand. Bad singers are going through for all the wrong reasons including judge popularity. That Delta Dawn was one of the worst one-note screaming messes I’ve ever heard…and what can anyone say about Braiden Sunshine and poor mini-Gwen….they’re sadly out of their league. It makes the show unwatchable and I’ll bet I’m not the only one less interested in watching.

  39. tried to purchase all of evans’s songs couldn’t thru maybe that would of have a a diffance when i heard him sing overjoyed i knew he would win the voice now he’s gone don’t need to watch rest of season we love you evan

  40. jenni4955 says:

    After Korin won the twitter save last night I am convinced that the voters are looking for something different this season. Korin does offer that and she is not a bad singer but there are so many better ones on the show which is why I think she always ends up in the bottom two. I have no idea why Braiden is still in the show though…no idea at all. For me the best performers this week were Jeffery, Madi and Jordan but this could all change next week depending on the song choices and individual performances.

  41. France says:

    I thought both Adam and Gwen sounded horrible during their performances.

    Plus, why did Adam refuse to hug Amy on her win? She earned it, what a crank he was.

    I don’t understand all the love for Jordon (don’t get me wrong, he’s not bad…but I’m bored).

    Team Pharrell and Team Gwen singers…ZZZZZZZZZZZ

  42. bern says:

    this show is awful – terrible singing last night – the Beach Boys cover was a crime- esp from Adam~! remind me, has there been a success story from The Voice?

  43. Jack says:

    based on the iTunes chart. I thought it would be Shelby going home. She was waaaayyy down on the list — so she must really have a lot of fan support to overcome that sad showing. Honestly, I don’t think the contestants/judges know what they are doing when it comes to the Twitter-save songs. This is the time to shine and knock it out of the park, not to sing some lack-luster ballad. Let’s face it, it’s going to be Korin again in the bottom-two next week against Braden, who also suffers from terrible song choices. I don’t think Gwen knows what she is doing. She seem to be more concerned with hair and wardrobe than anything else. She doesn’t even know how to articulate her thoughts when asked why her contestant should win. All she can come up with is, “It would be really cool.” In a few weeks, Blake will still have his team intact, Adam will have Jordan and Amy (who will be, I think, the top two); Gwen will have Jefferey and Pharrell will have Madi. I think the top three will be Jordan, Amy and Emily Ann. I don’t see how Jordan loses this unless he royally screws up. However, I think Emily Ann is the one who will have the biggest career post The Voice.
    BTW, I’m not PC, but how embarrassing (especially for Pharrell) that there are no black contestants left.

  44. Martha Gold says:

    Evan has a beautiful voice and his ability to sing SMILE so well with little background music was outstanding. He is too mainstream to continue on the Voice. Hope someone recognizes his talent.

  45. Don says:

    I would have been happy with both going home (taking Braiden with them), but based strictly on their save performances, I liked Korin’s better and would have voted for her to stay had I bothered to watch it live. Evan does have a good voice, but he’s so robotic and detached in his delivery that he puts me to sleep. His dated overdone song choices don’t help. Korin at least puts some emotion and feeling into her performances and this time her vocals were fine. Also, like Adam, I found it kind of interesting to hear that song done by a female vocalist.

  46. I like Blake But his team this year pretty much suckith. Why do they let good singers go like Viktor, Damien, Darius and keep Barret?

  47. saiber says:

    I dare to say. At this stage, if America needs to save you, it is the choice of song you choose to get save. Korin did it right. She choses Adam’s Hit, “She Will Be Loved”. Right you are!

  48. Lynn Wheeler says:

    Ditto Puzzled and to add to that, it IS a vocal competition. The contestants don’t get to choose their attire, and rarely their songs, so sometimes it just sucks for them if they are given sweaters, or boots, hats, etc for stage. Same for song choices; they likely have to make do with what they’re given. If you go to any contestant’s music page you’d likely find that they haven’t previously covered some of the songs assigned to them this season.

  49. fiberlicious says:

    Way surprised. He’s so much better a singer than she is.