Scream Queens Gigi Dies

Scream Queens Recap: Heads Will Roll

Is it just me, or did Scream Queens‘ “Thanksgiving” episode feel a hell of a lot more like another hour of Halloween?

Then again, I suppose a severed head showing up on the dinner table — R.I.P., Gigi! — could happen on any day in Kappa Kappa Tau, holiday or not. But let’s back up for a minute, because there was a lot (of nonsense) to digest this week.

In typical this-makes-no-sense-but-hey-why-not fashion, Wes deduced that Grace is the killer, at which point everyone else in the house — who, just moments earlier, had agreed that Dean Munsch was the other Red Devil — concurred with Wes’ accusation. Approximately two seconds later, following a ramble-y interjection from Pete, Grace was proven innocent, turning the Great Finger of Guilt towards her “hashtag” father.

But neither of those accusations could hold a candle — or even a severed head — to the next bombshell: Boone was Wes’ son! Sure, we also learned that Grace was in the house when the former sorority president accidentally melted off her own skin, but how were we supposed to focus on that after finding out the truth about Boone?!

Season 1, Episode 10 ("Thanksgiving")Meanwhile, Thanksgiving dinner at Chez Radwell proved to be an equally hellish experience, albeit more of an emotional torture chamber. Not only were Chad’s family members just as nightmarish as he is — Thad (Patrick Schwarzenegger) proclaimed his thanks for the Internet’s vast supply of weird European porn, while Brad (Chad Michael Murray) said he was thankful for… himself — but there was also an unexpected guest at the dinner table: freakin’ Hester!

Yes, friends, Hester “Poo Belly” What’s-Her-Last-Name is still with us; in fact, because she was wearing her neck-brace at the time of her fall, it’s possible her scoliosis has been permanently fixed! Chad’s mother (the incomparable Julia Duffy) and father (Alan [Still] Thicke) did everything they could to get rid of the girls, from offering them money to subjecting them to a twisted game of Pictionary — though I have to admit, I laughed embarrassingly hard when the phrase turned out to be “neckbrace whore.” (The guest-casting in this episode was truly phenomenal, especially Lucas Scott.)

Ultimately, Chad’s scorned exes decided it was in their best interests to stick together — completely sweeping Chanel’s attempted murder of Hester under the rug because, hey, this is Scream Queens — and stormed off to… well, you already read about that part.

OK, let’s break this episode down: Do you think we’re any closer to figuring out the other killer? Were you surprised to see Gigi’s head on a platter? And why doesn’t Chad Michael Murray do more freakin’ comedy? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the episode below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. laurelnev says:

    Well Wes is a little slut, isn’t he? Wonder how many Chanels he actually fathered. ;) If Bpone’s sister is the Red Devil, well it’s either Grace, or she has yet another unknown sibling. (And the latter is far more probable in this camp show.)

    • Jill says:

      I still think the other killer could be Hester!

      • MattySi says:

        I agree with you. Her part has been way to small for Lea Michele to be in a Ryan Murphy production.

        • I’d normally agree with you, but I think Murphy would rather have Lea back for another go (if the show survives the first season) rather than killing her in the first one.

          • dan says:

            That’s a good point. But I do think it’s Hester, too.

          • MattySi says:

            This is supposed to be an anthology series much like American Horror Story so next season will see the cast as different characters.

          • It’s my understanding that it’s not really an anthology series. Ryan Muphy said there will be a new setting but some characters will survive and go on to the new location. If it ges renewed though, anything can happen. He has a tendency to come up with big ideas only to change them. AHS: Hotel was originally pitched as set in the 20s but then he got Gaga so changed the whole aesthetic.

          • Aubrey says:

            @Sammy Moynihan no AHS: Hotel was never gonna be set in the 20’s and Gaga coming on board had nothing to do with this supposed change so stop spreading false information. Each season of AHS has been set in the present followed by the past and S5 was due to be set in the present day since day 1.

          • Sasha says:

            This is got to be the most stupid, murdering, comedy show ever. I love it. It keeps me laughing, smh, and saying unbelievable who wrote this s&^*. Lol.My two favorite is Chanel #3 and the security officer aka chief of police. Chad needs to be in more comedy shows and movies. If the red devil is a female that’s one big chic

          • Sasha says:

            This show really needs one season

    • Suddle says:

      Pete is the killer

      • Suddle says:

        You know what it probably is chanel 5

        • Kari Knowles says:

          Timing wise, I thought it was Chanel #5, too. C’mon, you don’t use an Oscar nominee just for comic relief – she HAS to be a bigger key to the mystery.

          • Rook says:

            But see now there is only one killer, Boone and Gigi are gone. So in the promo it showed the Chanel’s getting stuck in the mall with the killer. Unless another killer is going to pop up it can’t be any of them.

          • Kate says:

            Moreover she was in cast from the beginig as nick Jonas

        • Joe says:

          I agree. Everything points to her.

        • Zaira says:

          I also think she is! They ignored the fact that she was searching for help to kill chanel, it was so obvious that no one cared, so I thinks she’s the killer!

        • baileyyyo says:

          I think its her too.

          When Chanel hired the Scotland Yard to prove that Garce and Zayday were the killers, they said they had found something about #5 but Chanel made them talk about Garce’s mother and then we never heard what they found out about #5.

          And at Thanksgiving when everyone was accusing eachother of being the Red Devil, #5 was there for pretty much the whole time but no one accused her at all but everyone else who was there was accused at some point in the night (except Zayday but we all know its not her).

          • Chanel #π says:

            I am brazilian and when I watched it using captions, on the first scenes, Gigi referred to the Red Devil as a male. Yes, it could just be a problem, but I think they would put the caption of Gigi talking to him as a female, if she was one, because everyone is thinking that the Red Devil is a woman. My theory:

            Grace is Boone’s sister, but she’s not the killer. Pete is the killer, it can’t be Grace! Do you guys remember when Boone was talking to the killer and he asked him “Have you talked to Zayday recently?” which makes no sense if the killer were Grace, since they are best friends and they are always keeping contact. Also, I think that the hair collected on Wes’ house was from Grace.

  2. Maria says:

    I think Grace and Boone have another sibiling because when Chanel digged informacion on Grace she said that Grace was born about 9 months after the bath tub incident.And Boone’s sibiling is the same age as he is

  3. Lauren says:

    I wish the main title for this article wasn’t a huge spoiler for the episode. I googled “scream queens episode 10” and the first thing that popped was this page’s title, stating who died this episode and another important detail. Absolutely no warning. This has happened with this site for the past 3 episodes. Please name your articles something else.

  4. VIc says:

    I think it’s getting more obvious the Hester is the killer. However, a lot of things can still happen. There’s also a possibility that Grace is the killer. My top three suspects so far are: Hester, Grace and Chanel No. 5. I just hope that we would all be surprised!

    • Clyde E. Dawkins says:

      I say it’s Chanel #5. We don’t see her until the second half the episode, and she makes some lame excuse for being late? Plus, she resembles Grace!

    • Grey says:

      Grace cant be the killer. There is a scene in an earlier episode where Grace goes and confronts Gigi and they are the only 2 people in the room. Unnecessary scene if Grace is in cahoots with Gigi.

      This is the same logic that eliminated Chanel #3 as the killer, since she has a one-on-one scene with Boone which is also unnecessary if they were in cahoots

      • Kaycee. says:

        You’re right.Never thought of that.Honestly, I don’t have a suspect but, to surpriseus all tthey’re probably gonna have some other girl who was supposedly dead come out as the killer.Or maybe a whole new cast member.

      • Layla Stepford says:

        I agree with you. I’m pretty sure it’s Chanel, Chanel #5 or Hester.

    • Mal says:

      It’s Chanel #3, she was left alone with the turkey long enough to make the swap.

  5. Actually this episode confirmed it is Chanel #5. She is the only one in the entire episode who we weren’t shown what they did with family for thanksgiving. Furthermore she has actually been hiding in plain sight for the entire show. This was shown to us a few times but this show is so crazy and outlandish that they successfully swept it under the rug in light of all the other craziness happening.

    Abigail Breslin and the dead mom from 20 years ago are either look alikes or both played by Abigail Breslin. She also was the only one that we did not see any “Thanksgiving side story for. I remember being confused why I thought i saw her in the first few minutes of the first episode and then her popping up as another character but the show did such a good job of being all over the place that it can be easily overlooked. Well her and Zayday but we know now that it isn’t Zayday since we have been explicitly shown what the mother and father look like. In otherrwords though it is unfortunate the way to come to this conclusion her skin pigment exonerates her. Sounds like such a messed up thing to say but it’s true. So the killer and I guess sole survivor of the killers now is Chanel #5.

    Other “evidence?” she was the only one NOT accused at the table. Chanel#1 constantly talks about how stupid she is. Pretty good covers to hide your tracks so well that no one even remotely suspects you and everyone thinks you are stupid. In otherwords the evidence that points to Chanel #5 is the lack of evidence. She is the only one whose skeletons in her closet haven’t been exposed or used against her. The only one who hasn’t been bribed or extorted. The only one who “appears” to have no shred of evidence pointing to her. The absence of evidence in this case is the evidence itself.

    • Sasha says:

      Totally agree! Chanel #5 is my bet.

    • T says:

      Yes! I have had a feeling it was Chanel #5 as well. She looked like the mother and they sound the exact same! I bet she cut/cooked up Gigi and they ate her at thanksgiving in that dish she brought…ew.

    • savannah says:

      Yes! This episode confirmed my suspicions that it’s Chanel #5 as well. We’ve never seen her family, we conveniently don’t know her name. She looks like Grace, who has the same father. And if we look at the people actually being murdered they fall into 4 categories: revenge, cover ups, pertaining to Boone, and pertaining to Chanel #5. The revenge killings are people that actually knew about the bathtub baby and were a part of this, these also include people like Chanel #2 and Jennifer who may or may not have known but who were still part of Kappa. The cover ups were people that absolutely needed to go like Shondell the security guard and the guy that saw the red devil and Chanel #5 talking in her car. The next two are different. Boone used murder to fight for Zayday and the like, killing Earl Grey and the other dickie dollar scholar he didn’t like. But why did Rodger and Dodger die? Well they fall into the Chanel #5 category. They had been pressuring her to choose one of them, and so I think she killed them (or rather had Boone kill them) both out of spite and to create an alibi. I also think she’s the killer because she was the one carrying the turkey and could have easily switched and put Gigi’s head under it. I think Chanel #5 often gets overlooked, but if you look closely at the people being killed and where she is at those times, and also at how often the characters overlook her themselves, then it becomes obvious.

      • Kk97 says:

        Every one is forgetting Pete has the suit already… he’s the only other person who had knowledge of ‘s. Beans body in the freezer and that all of a sudden Coney the new.mascot dies for no reason other than Pete being.the.previous mascot…. hint hint… why wouldany other person be enraged about that but him?! Although there are a lot of unexplained oddities about #5 as well. So I guess we’ll see!

    • MattySi says:

      The woman from 20 years ago was played by a completely different person. The actress is Jennifer Aspen. She also played Terri’s sister on Glee

    • Adam Clifton says:

      It can’t be Chanel #5 either. 2 reasons. 1… The Red Devil was in the backseat of her car and was about to kill her if it weren’t for the truck driver scaring her into pulling over. 2… Chanel #5 was up in the attic with the rest of her sorority as the two Red Devils killed Chad’s armless frat buddy with the axe. She can’t be in two places at once. Unless of course it’s Ariana Grande’s character. Boone faked his death by Red Devil to go on killing. Maybe her death was faked as well with Boone’s help? She typed ‘Red Devil’ on her social media to get the word out in the first place and the two of them would be the same age

      • The Red Devil being in her backseat could’ve just been a fake story Chanel #5 made up. She was just uncreative and copied Hester’s story. Also, with Chanel #5 in the attic, the 2 Red Devils could’ve been Boone and Gigi. Plus, only one Red Devil hacked off armless frat buddy. But I do agree with Chanel #2. She’s still a suspect in my eyes as well as Jennifer.

    • Ash says:

      But the killer was hiding in the back seat of her & he killed the truck driver.

    • hovalles93 says:

      Also, Chanel #5 was one of the few sisters not buried when they killed deaf Taylor Swift

    • Layla Stepford says:

      The girl who died in the bathtub (aka dead mom) was played by McKaley Miller. She played the role of Rose Hattenbarger on Hart of Dixie. She doesn’t even look close to Abigail Breslin and I don’t know how anyone thought they were the same person.

    • Miezkitty says:

      I dont think its nr 5. She was in the car wirhe the killer who than murdered the truckdriver, while boone was at the campus, may be hester or someone new..

  6. Boo, you wh*re. Queen Gigi was the sole reason I even bothered with this sh*tfest. Sorry, but not even Oliver Hudson’s pretty face can keep me watching this wreak of a show.

    So long, wasteland of missed potential!

  7. Martim says:

    Ulrich. Hester’s last name is Ulrich. It has been told in the Pilot.

  8. Mick Swinarski says:

    I think it’s Pete. For one its never been confirmed the 2nd Devil is the girl twin or even a girl. Then the second Red Devil was taller than Boone, Chanel #5 (or #3 for that matter) are not taller than Boone. Who is? Pete. Also all the “evidence” Pete laid out versus Wes just shows he knew all those secrets also. Plus he showed late to the dinner, just in time to switch Gigi’s head with the turkey. Plus he had the least amount of scene time (not in the Devil costume) to point where you 1) forget about him so you don’t get too suspicious and 2) allows him time to do all the killings.

    • Adam Clifton says:

      Gigi said ‘Looks like you’re more suited for revenge than your brother was.” – implying that the remaining Red Devil is Boone’s twin sister. Which means the Red Devil is a white girl in her late teens-early 20s and someone that had conversations with Zayday if Boone’s phone conversation to his sister was any indication.

      • AshBash says:

        That didn’t necessarily imply that the Red Devil was Boone’s twin sister just that the second Red Devil was related to Boone. The other baby born could very well of actually been Pete which was the rumor that was around school in the very beginning. Pete also would be more likely to talk to Zayday than any of the others sisters by being Grace’s boyfriend. And now knowing that Wes is the father of the girl in the bathtub babies this makes me think that Wes isn’t Grace’s father at all. I have high suspicions with how evil Grace’s mom is said to be, how dumb and gullible Wes is, and how conveniently born Grace was(exactly 9 months after the girl in the bathtub died) that Grace’s mom was probably already pregnant and tricked Grace’s dad into thinking he was Grace’s father. And I think Pete knows that since he’s “such a great investigator”. It was Pete who sought out Grace and it was Pete he warned her not to join Kappa in the first place. And somehow Pete is always around to lead Grace to the secrets of Kappa. I think the twist is going to be Pete revealed as the killer.

    • Jessica says:

      I agree with this, the last Red Devil is taller than most of the girls, like when they were all attacking the Dean, Gigi was the small one in the group with her other mask on and the Red Devils were much larger. We’re all assuming its a girl because the Dean said there were twin babies born and one was a girl and one was Boone, maybe shes wrong or lying, or maybe the sister isn’t one of the killers and someone else related to Boone is the other Red Devil. Or maybe when they kept saying “brother” to the red devil last night she meant it in the “frat brother” kind of way.

      • Shantell says:

        I disagree that the 2nd red devil is a guy only because of the kappa sister that Grace and Pete talked to in the trailer said that she saw for sure it was a girl that was born.

  9. Spoiled. says:

    Hi, just wanted to inform you, I googled “Scream Queens” to find out if the next episode had aired yet, and your site was the first thing that was listed, with the title of this article including the spoilers. I’m not sure it’s necessary to include spoilers in your title.

  10. MFL says:

    I’m pretty sure the killer is one of the Kappa “dead” girls pulling a Boone. Looking at the Red Devil’s stature in comparison to GiGi, she (Red Devil) seemed to tower over Gigi and that could either be Channel #5 or Grace or one of the girls killed earlier.
    The way Boone was talking to the RD on the phone last week & he casually asked about Zayday..made me just think that he could be talking to Grace

  11. lana says:

    It’s Melanie, the spray tan girl!

  12. Yousinda says:

    Its Melanie Dorkess the spray tan girl as the last episode she is in and it is named Dorkes!!! Easy

  13. thanksgivingtime says:

    I think the killer is Chanel #3. Also, I could have sworn the other brother was Chad Michael Murray. He has a doppelganger!

  14. Ralf Strong says:

    Thing is, nobody has really spoken about Chanel No.4. In the pilot, Chanel said she got meningitis and died later at home. She hasn’t been mentioned since and maybe she is one of the Red Devils. We know that Chanel is nasty to Chanel No.2, 5 and 6; since she’s ‘top bitch’, Chanel No.4 may want to ruin Chanel’s leadership by killing off her minions one by one. It’s similar to the theory of No.5 being the murderer because Chanel is so nasty to her. In fact, it’s exactly the same…

  15. Ralf Strong says:

    Chanel no.4? I know Chanel said she died and Ryan Murphy said we’ve already met the killer, but that could be a decoy, and maybe Chanel was horrible to no.4 and so she (no.4) wanted to ruin her life by killing her minions. Or, maybe just because she and Boone were helping Gigi… Also, Boone faked his death to make it easier to kill people, so why wouldn’t no.4?

  16. Sidneí says:

    I honestly think that Chanel #5 is the killer. She did say the only reason that she was there was because she is a legacy. Sooooo who’s her mom???

  17. trainerbt says:

    So I had the weirdest dream this morning. In my dream, it was revealed that the second Red Devil was … Nick Jonas! And he was playing his twin sister, who at some point got a sex change to become a man. It was actually the sister-with-a-sex-change that we saw in the first episode, not the “real” Boone, who wanted to get with Chad. Which explained why, when we saw Boone again (the actual brother), he wanted to sleep with Zayday, because Boone himself was never gay! So Nick Jonas girl-turned-into-boy killed Nick Jonas always-was-a-boy.

    I woke up and thought “What an outrageous dream – that made absolutely no sense!” But then I realized we’re dealing with the twisted mind of Mr. Murphy, so I guess you just never know … could be interesting!

    • VIc says:

      You know what’s weird? I also dreamed about scream queens last night. I was in a restaurant when I got a phone call, and then I found out that it was the Red Devil calling me. Afterwards, I discovered that Grace is the one using that number. Therefore, Grace is the killer. Only in my dream. But for now, I think she is.

  18. Sarah says:

    I think it’s Hester or Grace but Hester said that famous line that Gigi said in the beginning about the turkey electrical slicer” cutting through flesh” at the end of the episode at dinner.

  19. Grey says:

    Well there are only two people who could possibly be the Red Devil: Pete or Hester. Chanel is a very very very distant third possibility

  20. Joe says:

    The killer is clearly Chanel #5. No doubt.

  21. shortyyy101 says:

    Top 3 suspects are chanel No. 5 Hester and Pete
    Chanel No. 5 is always “leaving forever” probably going to gigis the whole time.. gigi even says to the RD “You have to keep your cover up but thanks for spending this hour with me” and then chanel No. 5 shows up to kappa the only one we don’t see going to their family’s house for thanksgiving first.. also she doesn’t have any aliby for majority of the murders.

    Hester I mean come on we all can agree hesters been consistantly creepy and then she said almost verbatim what gigi had said earlier about the electric carver.. she’s also tall enough to be the other RD.. also she had her neck brace off for half the season which she couldn’t have just “sucked up” the pain.. it’s sculiosis!!
    Pete.. he would be the biggest shock as everyone’s lead to believe the other twin is a girl wich is exactly what the producers would want.. also he knows all the secrets and it’s always “casually” saving grace who may be his sister?

    Then again it is possible everyone’s a killer considering we’ve seen multiple people comit murder, confess to murder, or have heaping evidence against them. They could just be using the RD as a cover considering chanel No. 2 made it so public..
    I guess we’ll have to wait and see but I hope they suprise me honestly, I love twists!

    • Lola says:

      Those are my thoughts too but excluding Hester. If she died, she wouldn’t need an alibi. What if Zayday killed Jennifer? Jennifer was fine until she outed Zayday and Chanel could’ve murdered #2. The RD ‘s phone made a funny little laugh and next episode when she was typing her chanelloween the same little laugh was heard. She could’ve killed #2.

    • Lola says:

      I going with Pete too. Way too much evidence points to Pete. I really feel that painting the lady gave Grace isn’t of Grace and Pete, but Pete and Pete.

  22. Gela says:

    I think it would be way too obvious for Hester to be the killer. My gut tells me it’s Chanel #5. Chanel #5 had no alibi or back story the last episode. Though, it could be the previous Kappa president, Melanie, who is not dead. And, her acid burns are why she always wears her red devil costume all of the time. I’ve also read an interesting theory that Pete could be the “girl” baby.

    • Lola says:

      She isn’t dead. She settled with the spray tan company. Ppl are saying that #5 family will make an appearance in the finale, she can still be adopted tho. I’m just shocked ppl are looking over Pete that’s told us soooo much this episode. Pete was there when Melanie was and he liked Chanel, he knew the plan for ms.Bean, knew about the tunnels, knew about Wes, knew the kappa sisters location, wasn’t there for the slumber party, has the suit( that was a huge clue), lied about being the Mascot for Football season( another guy had on the suit in episode 3), and he’s hacked the cameras. All of the murders add with the Sleepaway Camp Franchise. ..even the events and Ghost stories. The movie had a panty raid and in Ghost stories, one victim was snatched on the toilet. In ghost stories (Hester’s) the song playing is “Butcher Pete”.

      • Lola says:

        One of the Characters in sleepaway camp name was Peter…he was the twin. Maybe Ryan wants it to look like Pete…Idk. Grace is looking kind of suspect. I don’t think she’s the twin because they’re older than her but maybe they found each other somehow. They might be trying to even frame her like the Dean framed Feather.

  23. Lorna says:

    Glad to see CMM back on my tv. Was hoping for more of him but oh well.

  24. I feel like the twist could be something unpredictable like its Grace, but she has a split personality and doesn’t even know it’s herself. The only other three options really are Chanel #5, Ariana Grande, or Pete (or even multiple people and Gigi only knew half the truth).

  25. sammm says:

    I just looked at guest stars for the episode titled “dorkus” and two of the guest stars are Mrs. and Mr. Putney. We learned that Chanel #5’s real name is Libby Putney in the episode “Mommie Dearest”, so I don’t think she can be the killer.

  26. Ralf Strong says:

    Yass Chanel, Chanel no.3, 5 and Hester don’t die!!

  27. Lessh Grey says:

    According to Ryan Murphy, that there’s a big clue dropped in the first episode as to who the killer is. The Red Devil Killer is definitely Chanel #4 or Grace. Based on the teaser of the episode 11 (Black Friday), all the Chanel’s are on the mall while the Red Devil is hunting them. Dean Munsch said that the baby on the bath tub had a twin and it is a girl, (Boone’s twin sister) Chanel #4 or Grace. Chanel #3 checked on the turkey alone. Later, Zayday also said that he personally checked the timer. A few moments later, Dean Munsch said that she and Chanel #3 were thrilled to announce that the turkey was ready — right before the dean of Wallace University excused herself to “freshen up.” And when everyone was ready, Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 went to the kitchen to get the turkey, with the latter commenting how heavy it was. But of course, the killer could be none of them, and could be just an UNSEEN CHARACTER who was sneaking around the sorority house throughout the night. Anyway, I haven’t seen Denise spending his thanksgiving (I’m pretty sure she’s not the killer cuz she’s too old to become Boone’s twin sister). I think Chanel #5 is not the killer people cuz she’s like too much booty for the red devil costume LOL.

  28. Mal says:

    I kind of feel like Gigi wanted to die, she’s way to smart to hand a killer the knife thinking he’s actually going to “cut the turkey.”
    Then again, this is Scream Queens

  29. Chanel #π says:

    Remember that Ryan Murphy said that only 2 or 3 characters would survive the first season. Maybe there’s a massacre coming on season finale!

  30. Chanelnumber4 says:

    So, in the first episode anyone notice, dean munch admits to murdering the previous dean for five percent raise by pushing a radio in the bathtub, but since said, it was mistaken for a joke.(she’s apparently not afraid to kill) … But also in first Gigi says her psychologist or therapist says she dresses in the 90’s cause a traumatic experience .. So if you care to rematch the episodes, you catch on to a lot more things that give other things away

  31. Chanelnumber4 says:

    Also! I think it’s Chanel number 5, but I think dean munch is in on it and that Gigi filled her in… In the first episode she propositions her but it cuts out as to what Gigi told the dean… And later reassuring me she’s in on it, she guarantees Wes that Grace will be fine.

  32. Isaiah says:

    In the 1st episode, a remark was said that can be veey similiar to death txt before Chanel#2. When Chanel#1 was still considered a ‘nobody’ the head of house said ” the next president of this house has to be willing to dance with the devil himself.” In the txt before present Chanel #2s death it read, ” have you ever danced with the devil?” which is oddly familiar. When that 1st remark was made only Chanel, both Chanel #3and5, and Grace were in the house. Grace couldnt be the Red Devil opposite Boone for there not the same age as twins are. That doesnt mean Grace couldnt be the third killer which also couldve been Gigi for she also was an acomplish. My bets on one of the original Chanel trio and Grace. Boone is dead which leaves the Red Devil and the unknown attempted killer of Dean Munsch.

  33. Chanel no 5 says:

    actually i wasnt that surprised when i saw gigi’s head on the platter. i mean, she practically handed the electric knife to the red devil, who she thought was her oh so called family. when the chanels brought the platter to the table they said that it was heavy and i thought that it was gigi’s head and i was damn right lol. the only thing im still confused on is how did that head ended up there

  34. Lola says:

    It could be #5 or Pete. Why would Hester need an alibi if the Chanel’s thought she died? If things had gone according to plan Gigi’s head would’ve never made it on the platter because Hester was at the Radwells. #5 and Pete are the only ones that don’t have an alibi. Pete is always doing investigating, yet the RD hasn’t murdered him ? He sure knows tons of info..

  35. Kadyn Kirpach says:

    The killer is OBVIOUSLY Hester! Did NO ONE find it weird that Hester was late to the Radwell thanksgiving?! She HAD to be with Gigi in that hotel!!!!!! She somehow got the head in the kitchen!

  36. Cath says:

    Gigi works for the red devil

  37. I think it is the killer is Boone and Chanel 2 his partner

    He snd she wants to get rid if the girls that’s why they came back to life telling them that the reason why Boone did faked his death cause he’s the right to so he can get his revenge on Gigi and makes love for zaday Williams

  38. I don’t think it’s not Boone or Hester you think it’s not them but I do think it is

    The truth killer is Pete or the girl in the bathtube who was behind the mask of the real red devil cause they can have Boone to Join them