Chicago Fire Season 4 Spoilers

Chicago Fire Bosses Defend 'Dawsey' Pregnancy Twist, Talk Couple's Future

Still upset that Chicago Fire‘s Dawson and Casey lost their baby so soon after learning she was pregnant? Executive producer Matt Olmstead has an explanation for the heartbreaking twist — and some words of comfort.

“It’s not to say there won’t potentially be a baby that goes to term down the road,” Olmstead says. “But it’s one of the unfortunate events that can happen when people get pregnant. Not to be dismissive of that, [but] it certainly gives us drama… I would put up that episode against any other in terms of the emotional component.”

Still, Olmstead understands why “Dawsey” ‘shippers are unhappy – as they ought to be. “They should be indignant,” he continues. “I’m glad they are, because that shows they’re invested in the characters.”

But cutting Dawson’s pregnancy short was a necessarily evil in order to stay true to the character’s career hopes. “We didn’t want to have [Dawson] work so hard to be a firefighter and then ship her off to work in arson,” Olmstead explains. “To put all that energy into one of the leads, a female, becoming a firefighter — and then have it not come to fruition — that was also a consideration for us. We wanted to get her back to her dream job.”

Adds EP Danielle Gelber: “We’re also trying to really calibrate and extend that relationship [between Dawson and Casey] and throw a lot of hurdles in its path to keep it alive.”

And Olmstead promises, “We’ll make it up to [the fans], for sure.”

Perhaps with a wedding? Although firefighters on the same truck are not allowed to marry, the couple’s boss is turning a blind eye to their romance.

“[Chief] Boden’s like, ‘Until someone comes in here with a butterfly net to haul one of you guys off, we’re going to let it slide,'” Olmstead describes.