Chicago Fire Season 4 Spoilers

Chicago Fire Bosses Defend 'Dawsey' Pregnancy Twist, Talk Couple's Future

Still upset that Chicago Fire‘s Dawson and Casey lost their baby so soon after learning she was pregnant? Executive producer Matt Olmstead has an explanation for the heartbreaking twist — and some words of comfort.

“It’s not to say there won’t potentially be a baby that goes to term down the road,” Olmstead says. “But it’s one of the unfortunate events that can happen when people get pregnant. Not to be dismissive of that, [but] it certainly gives us drama… I would put up that episode against any other in terms of the emotional component.”

Still, Olmstead understands why “Dawsey” ‘shippers are unhappy – as they ought to be. “They should be indignant,” he continues. “I’m glad they are, because that shows they’re invested in the characters.”

But cutting Dawson’s pregnancy short was a necessarily evil in order to stay true to the character’s career hopes. “We didn’t want to have [Dawson] work so hard to be a firefighter and then ship her off to work in arson,” Olmstead explains. “To put all that energy into one of the leads, a female, becoming a firefighter — and then have it not come to fruition — that was also a consideration for us. We wanted to get her back to her dream job.”

Adds EP Danielle Gelber: “We’re also trying to really calibrate and extend that relationship [between Dawson and Casey] and throw a lot of hurdles in its path to keep it alive.”

And Olmstead promises, “We’ll make it up to [the fans], for sure.”

Perhaps with a wedding? Although firefighters on the same truck are not allowed to marry, the couple’s boss is turning a blind eye to their romance.

“[Chief] Boden’s like, ‘Until someone comes in here with a butterfly net to haul one of you guys off, we’re going to let it slide,'” Olmstead describes.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Sounds like they thought it was too soon for them to have a baby. It was definitely heartbreaking, but as long as the show keeps them together I’m ok with it.

  2. liame says:

    As long as they’re still together. I was afraid that the writers were trying to break them up permanently. A lot of shows do the baby loss and have the female or male feeling guilty and pulling away from each other. Since this was an ectopic pregnancy and no need for either one to blame themselves, this story line works for me.

  3. Bwhit says:

    I think they have done a nice job these last two episodes showing a new side to their relationship. When they got together the first time there was always something wrong. I like where the writers are taking them and how they are supporting each other.

    • Nancy says:

      I agree. They’re being fun and flirty and not cheesy. Can’t wait to see what’s to come and hope they keep this going.

  4. Liza says:

    If you wanted Dawson to be a firefighter so badly, why write her getting pregnant in the first place? I’m personally sick of the Dawson/Casey relationship, and hate the fact neither of them is getting in trouble for carrying on a romantic relationship when he is supervisor. One of them should have had to transfer. Dawson working arson could have been an interesting plotline, but no, this show can never have realistic consequences to bad decisions, at least not if your name is Dawson.

    • DYS says:

      “If you wanted Dawson to be a firefighter so badly, why write her getting pregnant in the first place?”

      For the same reason why one could ask “why put so and so together on a show only to break them up?” or “why focus so much on a certain character just to kill them off?” and so on.

      That’s what shows like this do and have always done. They put people in situations that can complicate things for dramatic purposes. For example, being pregnant temporarily complicated her career of being a firefighter. That kind of storyline is something that can only be unique to her character on this show (as far as firefighters), since the others are male and the other two females in the main cast aren’t firefighters. At some point they were bound to use that kind of storyline for her.

    • bwhit says:

      If you look at that episode of her losing the baby as a whole, it was fantastically done. It showed that family can be in many shapes and forms. Chief was there to support them both, Sylvie just visiting her, the whole house feeling terrible for both of them, Jimmy and Chili finding a way to save Molly’s because of what that place means to everyone and finally Hermann’s message to her at the end. That’s why I personally love this show, the house is a big dysfunctional family that looks out for each other.

  5. Hmm says:

    If they weren’t ready to take Dawson off truck, then what was the point in even making the character pregnant? As an excuse for her to reunite with Casey? That could’ve been done in a different way. I don’t know; I don’t like that excuse very much.

    • DYS says:

      It could have been done a different way, but we can say that about just about anything. We can ask a variation of the whats the point of (insert storyline here) happening if (insert resolution here) is just going to happen anyway, about a lot of things that happen on this or any show.

      It’s just that since you understandably dislike the Dawson pregnancy storyline, you’re acting like it’s a unique concept for something unnecessary to happen to get from point A to point B.

    • fiberlicious says:

      It was a device to get them back together.

  6. Sally Mander says:

    She needs to stop kissing him in his office. That would never happen.

  7. Laura C says:

    Writers, PLEASE QUIT with the cheesy melding of names. It is as juvenile and idiotic as using “baby bump.” Their names are Casey & Dawson, NOT Dawsey. What, are you, 12? That said, I like the two of them together, disappointed they lost the baby but glad the loss is bringing them TOGETHER, not apart. I also wish they’d leave Severide alone for awhile, let him DO HIS JOB.

  8. Laura says:

    I was annoyed when they announced dawsons pregnancy because I did think oh wait she’s gone through all that work and now what she goes off has a kid goes on maternity leave for a while I was like no hold up let her be a firefighter so I’m kinda glad the writers have gone this route. Not to diminish any loss of a child as it is awful and the worst loss there is but I’m happy with the story development.

  9. Adriana says:

    I had to stop watching this show because everything started revolving around Dawson. I’m SO sick of it. When I try to start watching it again, I can’t! Why do they constantly shove that character down viewer’s throats? Why can’t they focus on some of the supporting cast who are equally talented?

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I tend to agree with you to a point. I’m also sick and tired of everything revolving around Dawson. No offense but I’m thrilled there’s no baby. But as long as their second try at romance is more on the adult side rather than all the bickering and childish tantrums I’m willing to give it a shot. I also agree that the kissy kissy at work needs to
      stop, and if super Gaby saves Boden I’ll vomit :-) :-)

  10. Steven says:

    I was such as mess when she miscarried. All that build up just to lose the baby that quickly was awful.

  11. Heather says:

    Remember back in Season 1 when Dawson’s dream job was to become a doctor? Yeah, I do too.

    • ? says:

      Yeah, making her a firefighter was the dumbest thing this show ever did. It just doesn’t work at all. And then they had Daisy Betts, who looks like she can actually hack it and would have been a fantastic addition to the show as a firefighter, and they just killed her off by suicide. So dumb.

  12. Shaun says:

    I always found it odd that she didn’t try to be a doctor.Guess she wouldn’t have been able to be around as much story wise.

  13. smartysenior says:

    I would have been happy to ship Dawson off to arson and concentrate on some of the other terrific characters on this show. I have often dreaded yet another Dawson-centric episode and thank heavens for FF, which I kinda do whenever it’s her.

  14. Mr. Smith says:

    I can handle the abrupt change in story for Casey and Dawson, but I’m sick to death of the assault on Bowden’s house. It is NOT entertaining!

  15. karen says:

    This relationship is the reason I quit watching the show.

  16. Monique says:

    I’m still mad at them for killing off Shay. Could care lees about “Dawsey”.

  17. FFWill says:

    I can’t believe how series people take this TV show, it’s fun and entertaining. I’ve been a fireman for 27 yrs and enjoy it for a show…why compare to real life or actually being on the job. Really people, thanks for a good laugh.

  18. Jean says:

    I love Chicago is the best show

  19. I think that the show should shift the relationships a little. Like instead of Casey and Dawson I think they should explore with Severide and Dawson.

  20. Anja says:

    Im so glad to learn that casey and Dawson are staying together, They are my favorits in this show.
    I hope you keep on making more episodes im hooked😄

    From Denmark