game of thrones jon snow dies

Game of Thrones Season 6 Teaser Poster: Jon Snow Returns?!

It’s official: Game of Thrones has resurrected Jon Snow — on the Season 6 poster.

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In what some will likely view as a confirmation that Kit Harington’s alter ego did survive that season-ending stabbing, HBO on Monday released a teaser poster that features a bloodied — but apparently still alive — Jon Snow. This represents the premium cabler’s first public “statement” about the character’s ambiguous fate.

Harington’s co-stars, however, have not been as silent. At the Emmys in September, Maisie Williams told me point-blank that Snow is “dead.”

The poster also confirms that GoT will return, as per tradition, in April.

Check out the artwork below and decide and then hit the comments with your thoughts and theories!

JS - Tease-1

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  1. Leah says:

    So, they’re given up saying he’s dead then??

  2. Mel says:

    Well, now that they’re actually hinting at him being alive, I’m starting to think he probably is dead. Or he’ll be back as a white walker. I feel like they’d only do this if they wanted to really subvert out expectations.

    • LDMRNJ says:

      I try to avoid being that “Book” person – and it’s usually easier to do at this point in the two planes because the show has caught up to the book. However, there is an awful lot in the last book that foreshadows the outcome of Jon Snow even as he closes that book lying in a pool of his blood at the wall the way he does in the show. Now, without Winds of Winter published, no one knows if that’s all good fodder to throw you off course or not – I don’t think that’s really GRRM’s way. He’s fine throwing a curve ball but he doesn’t seem to purposely screw with you by leading you down one path and then puling the rug out in a “I made you think this but it’s not so.” His plot twists usually don’t do a 180 from the groundwork he’s laid and the show usually stays fairly faithful to the big picture of the story. All that to say, I’m see the poster as affirming the fan theories that went against the party line of “dead is dead.” Dead may be dead, but death is not forever…not always anyway. I don’t think B & D would kill off a character (a main one at that) that survives in the books and I’m about 99.999999% sure the groundwork has been laid in both formats that Jon is resurrected in some form.

  3. LDMRNJ says:

    I think HBO has pretty much decided to just give up trying to convince us. :) The poster makes it hard to tell at first if he’s upright standing or if it’s a different angle of his beaten body on the ground. The page’s official Facebook header is a wider angle shot and clearly he’s upright. Snow’s not dead…well maybe Snow is. Jon’s not. Stark? Snow? Who cares. He’s back.

  4. Looks to me like that’s his corpse hanging from something, probably as a warning.

  5. Mr. Tran K says:

    Can’t wait for the new season come April. No one will ever know about the fate of Jon Snow and time will tell if this should be the beginning of his resurrection.

  6. Miss Ellys says:

    Of course Jon won’t stay dead….this fakeout is only second to TWD’s Glenn fakeout.

  7. the girl says:

    I love that this poster has zero words on it to identify the show in question. That’s when you know your status has elevated from good show to television phenomenon.

  8. Helmuth says:

    Jon is not supposed to survive. Jon is supposed to die and come back. Just like the comet goes around the Sun, “passing through the underworld” and returning at the beginning of book six in the Barristan chapter. Jon is also a Corn King, a king sacrificed in dire times and it would make for a very poor sacrifice if he didn’t actually die. It’s all much more complicated than this but there’s a brief summary. George rooted these books deeply in mythology.

    I do hope the show doesn’t make the mistake of having Jon not actually die because I’d stake a foot on the fact that he is very much dead in the books but will be resurrected.

    • LDMRNJ says:

      I think most when saying “He lives” aren’t assuming he survives the attack specifically. I think most (at least in the on and off line conversations I’ve seen/been apart of ) assume he dies and is resurrected. At least his body is resurrected. My own thought is that Jon knee-jerk wargs into Ghost – although the show never really covered his ability to do so like the novels do. And then, once his spirit is safely tucked into the beast, his body (and subsequently his spirit returning to it) are brought back by the red priestess who has been eyeballing Jon in a “hmm, maybe I jumped the gun. Maybe you’re Azor after all. Or not. Maybe the show never goes into Warg-Jon territory. Whatever it is – the showrunners et al, were very clear “Dead is dead.” What they failed to explain is that in this GOT universe “Death, in the right hands, is not irreversible.”

  9. Pati says:

    he better be back, i love the show but its so depressing and there is no point, no point at in Killing John snow.

  10. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Jon Snow is coming back there’s no if’s ands or buts If Glenn on TWD is back so should Jon!!!

  11. AngelWasHere says:

    I can’t wait for April! Jon Snow lives! :)

  12. A fan of TV says:

    To be fair he doesn’t look all that alive in the poster. Eyes closed, head down, are we sure that’s not just a corpse? Of course, it means there’s more to his story (which almost no one ever doubted) but doesn’t immediately scream ‘he lives!’ imo…

  13. Mickey says:

    From now till mid/late this july he has been spotted in Belfast how many times, i don’t think it takes 4 or 5 months to film a funeral scene, and also, this is the biggy, he was photographed on set of that battle they have been filming in september wearing Stark armour. So there u go.

  14. Walkie says:

    Doesn’t mean he’s alive at all. Could mean that his death will be what drives the story next season.

  15. datdudemurphy says:

    Perhaps “Jon Snow” is dead….when he is resurrected, he comes back using as Jon Stark.

  16. BillyBobJohnson says:

    “He’s dead, Jim.”

  17. Beamer says:

    How can you say he’s alive with only that image ?

  18. Erin says:

    If he’s not brought back to life in one form or another, the show is going to have some serious ‘splaining to do. They best not be trolling us!

  19. T.M. says:

    Eh, he’s fine. He’ll walk it off.

  20. peterwdawson says:

    Not a shock. A major mystery and possible piece of foreshadowing would basically be moot if he’s dead, plus after introducing the idea that someone can be resurrected after death…

  21. They made teaser posters with dead characters or rather their corpses (parts of them lol) in previous seasons though, for example with Ned Stark’s severed head on a pike to indicate the upcoming war of the five kings by then (it was season 2). This might as well be the “Jon Snow is dead, nobody is gonna keep the White Walkers at bay now” teaser…

  22. Phoenix5634 says:

    Can’t wait for next season!
    My theory about Jon Snow is this, Jon “Snow” will be dead yes, but he will be resurrected. If you watch the last season an pay special attention to the Maester Aemon, Sam, and also Melassandra scenes, there’s a lot of clues. I remember one of the quotes off hand by Maester Aemon to Jon Snow, “let the boy die, so the man can be born”. And when Maester Aemon and Sam are talking about Dany, he wishes he could help her, advice her, and he goes on to say it must be hard being the only Targaryen left in the world and her only relative thousands of miles away an dying ( Aemon is talking about himself) BUT ironically at that moment Jon Snow is in the background and the camera focuses in more on him. And Melassandra said her power is stronger than it’s ever been at the wall, and ironically she arrived at the Wall just hours before Jon Snow’s stabbing, and she’s always had a fascination with Jon, and she just watched Stannis lose so she’ll need a new Azora Ahai. Jon’s ressurrection will be another clue at who his parents were.

  23. SOFAI fan says:

    My first thought was that the blood on his face was tears… Look at the angle of the droplets and how it trails down his face. Weeping blood/bleeding for your kingdom is a theme of the story. As a general rule dead people don’t cry.

  24. Phoenix5634 says:

    I can’t wait to see what happens to the actual Nights Watch traitors lol ( the ones who stabbed Jon ). You just know things are about to hit the fan at Castle Black right away this season…the castle is packed with Wildlings, and the Giant. And like a dozen Night Watch take it upon themselves to kill the one man holding it together. Lol should be interesting the aftermath.

  25. Deidre Wolf says:

    With millions of Jon Snow fans writing to the network about how angry and upset they were that Jon Snow is dead, chances are we will see him in some form in season 6.

  26. wvtravlrr says:

    Jon Snow is a Targaryen..
    The Lord of Light returns in his funeral Pire
    As he stands and walks out of the Flames.,,
    Died as Jon Snow….Returns as R’hllor..
    For The Watch..

    • wvtravlrr says:

      The mother of Dragons that…But she is not “The Dragon”
      Dragos the Black Dragon…for “The Dragon” wearing “The Black”

      For the Watch..

  27. Rachel says:

    Catelyn Stark came back as Lady Stoneheart in the books….no reason why Jon can’t come back as a renamed entity. Maybe more driven, less kind-hearted than before, but with an equal sense of justice and right/wrong.