DWTS Finals

Dancing With the Stars Finals: Who Was Eliminated? And Who Should Win?

Oh, how far we’ve come, Dancing With the Stars fans.

Just a few weeks ago, Monday nights on ABC consisted of Victor Espinoza twirling a sombrero with his crotch, Kim Zolciak-Biermann essentially getting dragged across the dance floor and Paula Deen forcing every male partner to motorboat her.

But in Monday’s finals, those cringe-inducing gimmicks and subpar routines were replaced with some of the season’s best moments, from the intricate set pieces (the obstacle course!) to super-challenging choreography (that Nick/Sharna jive!)

Before we tell you which three couples have advanced to Tuesday’s finale, a quick rundown of the evening’s performances:

8. Alek Skarlatos and pro Lindsay Arnold (Judges’ Pick: Rumba) — Now that he’s in the Final Four, Alek can’t expect something like sloppy hip action to get past the judges (or the voters). But even though his rumba may have been the night’s weakest performance, there was a time when asking Alek to (a) wear a satin shirt or (b) not shy away from eye contact with his partner — or, worse yet, both! — would have been too much for the national hero. The kid has no doubt come very far, even if he doesn’t get to hold that trophy above his head on Tuesday night. Judges’ Score: 27/30

7. Nick Carter and pro Sharna Burgess (Judges’ Pick: Jive) — Nick’s footwork has certainly improved since his last jive, and I applaud him for keeping up with the lightning-fast pace of Monday’s go-round. But to this recapper, Nick still seemed uncomfortable in his own skin during the performance, making me wonder if Sharna would have to swoop in with another mid-performance pep talk. Judges’ Score: 30/30

6. Bindi Irwin and pro Derek Hough (Judges’ Pick: Quickstep) — If ever there were a quickstep that lived up to its name, it was this one. From the moment Bindi met Derek at the bottom of the staircase, they didn’t let up, gliding across the ballroom floor in an energetic yet supremely graceful number. Judges’ Score: 30/30

5. Carlos PenaVega and pro Witney Carson (Freestyle) — During the couple’s freestyle routine, I couldn’t help but hear Len Goodman in my head, as he would have bemoaned the haphazard concept and overall raunchiness of Carlos and Witney’s performance. Don’t get me wrong: The routine was fun, fast and Carlos didn’t miss a beat. But in comparison to some of the evening’s more refined numbers, Carlos and Witney’s freestyle failed to rise above the rest. (Also: Paula Deen was part of it.) Judges’ Score: 30/30

4. Carlos PenaVega and pro Witney Carson (Judges’ Pick: Foxtrot) — On the other hand, Carlos and Witney’s first dance of the night was one of their best of the season. Though the choreography was complex, the pair made the foxtrot look effortless — and effortlessly sexy, at that. Judges’ Score: 30/30

3. Alek Skarlatos and pro Lindsay Arnold (Freestyle) — Unlike Carlos and Witney’s freestyle, which was a bit chaotic, Alek and Lindsay’s had an exciting, clear concept and remarkably tough choreography. I don’t blame the pair for collapsing backwards onto a giant cushion as soon as the exhausting routine was over. Judges’ Score: 30/30

2. Nick Carter and pro Sharna Burgess (Freestyle) — Nick once again brushed off Ol’ Reliable — aka a Backstreet Boys song — for his final dance of the night, but it was one of his strongest. Maybe it has something to do with hearing his own circa-1997 voice over the speakers, but Monday’s freestyle found Nick not just taking center stage, but owning it. Judges’ Score: 30/30

1. Bindi Irwin and pro Derek Hough (Freestyle) — Not only was Bindi’s freestyle one of her most elegant and technically flawless of the season, but the several-minutes-long tribute to her dad — including an adorable father/daughter photo at the end — all but guaranteed Bindi’s spot in the finale. Judges’ Score: 30/30

And now, your results:

Alek Skarlatos and pro Lindsay Arnold
Bindi Irwin and pro Derek Hough
Nick Carter and pro Sharna Burgess

Carlos PenaVega and pro Witney Carson

OK, your turn. Which couple deserves the win? Cast your vote in our poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Zach says:

    Nick for the win!!! He was my first crush growing up in the 90s he deserved to win the mirror ball :D

  2. Lola says:

    Seriously America??? Alek over Carlos? There is officially no hope left. Alek, who should’ve been gone long ago before the likes of Alexis, Andy, Tamar(due to no fault of her own). That man shouldn’t have even touched the finals. Give me a break.

    And nice to Derek for placing the photo at the end of Bindi’s dance to pull on heartstrings. I nearly want to choke after the dance and the camera focusing on all these crying faces. It was a little disgusting to see the game working. As someone who lost a parent, I know personally how hard and painful it is. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever been through personally. But I truly feel like the show/Derek and Bindi are totally using it now for brownie points or should I say, votes. Steve Irwin died some years ago and while that pain never truly leaves one, it does become bearable. Week after week we hear about his death like it was last week. We get it DWTS. You want Bindi to win.

    I’m voting for Nick. His first dance was gold star.

    • @#$% ALEK!!!!!
      he should’ve been 6th place at best
      i honestly don’t know if i’m gonna watch tomorrow

      wouldn’t surprise me if he wins
      & it’s crap like this that made stop watching of years glad to see it hasn’t changed

      • Will says:

        Cmon not his fault. Blame America.

      • Mo says:

        Totally agree… he should have gone home long ago!!! People don’t vote for the best dancer, I just hate that, it ruins the show every season there is someone like Alek who stays and stays…

        • denny says:

          I agree it’s supposed to be a dance competition not a popularity contest.if the better dancers get voted off before someone less talented what’s the point of being on the show.

      • sigh says:

        Seriously? This is a show where the competition doesn’t even make sense. Half of the stars are people with a ton of previous training in performing, dancing, whatever. The other half are total newbies. So maybe Alek is not the best dancer overall, but he’s doing really well for someone who has NEVER EVER danced before and got thrown into this whole thing really quickly.

      • Kbella says:

        I can’t believe you’re actually getting angry about a stupid reality show/dance competition that means nothing in the real world. Just sit back and enjoy it for what it is. Or not. I’m mad because the show was pre-empted for a football game!

      • Val says:

        My sister told me last night if Alek wins she will stop watching Dancing with the Stars. I have to agree.

    • AngelWasHere says:

      I agree with you 100% and I too lost a parent, but you know I would feel so uncomfortable if I was to constantly talk about her or have people pity me for it. Especially in such a public setting every week. It’s obvious they’re milking it now. They might as well announce her as the winner. :/

    • Mo says:

      Alek can’t dance… sorry, he seems like a nice guy… BUT HE CAN NOT DANCE!!!!

    • Diana says:

      Yes!!! All of this!!

    • Np says:

      I cannot comprehend why Alek hasn’t been eliminated. He’s not as good as others who have gone, he’s not a celebrity and his partner isn’t anyone special either. This makes no sense

  3. Al says:

    Thinking Bindi takes this

  4. jss0058 says:

    Not Bindi’s fault at all…but the show is really trying to milk every bit out of her father. The dance could have been enough of a fitting tribute but the photo at the end cutting to the people crying….it’s too much. It was 100% set up for her to win. Not that this show has ever really been about the best dancer but still this was way too heavy handed.

    • Mo says:

      I really enjoy watching the dancing and music, the emotional drama just makes me barf! They could cut all of the tear jerky junk out as far as I am concerned.

  5. J Reynolds says:

    Bindi & Derek are so creative in their moves, they surprise me each week. Bindi makes dancing look so easy .

  6. wayne says:

    Bindi and Derrick are the best dancers by far. I like Nick Carter but his dances look like the Backstreet Boys on stage. Boy band dancing. Nothing new.

  7. Dennis Brown says:

    Bindi and Derek look like 2 pros out there

  8. Janice Derrick says:

    So want Bindi and Derek to win

  9. Bindi not only dances like a professional, but she shows such emotion to every dance. She has grown every week to be outstanding in every aspect. She truly should pursue dancing professionally.

  10. Haley says:

    I’m sorry bUT alek should have been voted off, he’s aways stiff when he’s danced! Carlos was always amazing in his dancing! I honestly think alek should have been voted off WAY in the beginning his saving was just too stiff sorry.

    • Mo says:

      Absolutely… who the heck is voting for Alek????? He looks like a stiff robot. Can’t believe the judges gave him a 10 for his freestyle GI Joe routine, dumb and dumber!

  11. Abby Swartz says:

    Bindi’s courage and not afraid of anything attitude should help her win

  12. Christie Mjoen says:

    Bindi is flawless both in her dancing performances and more importantly her character. I wish we could all have the inner beauty she exudes! Thank you Bindi & Derick

  13. DJ says:

    Honest, best dancer Bindi. This is a Dancing competion! Aleax should have not even made it to the finals!! Nick is great, just not Bindi, not even close. and she had the best choreographer ever. Bindi and Derek for the win!!!!!

  14. Leah says:

    I would’ve sent Bindi home for an all-boys finale.

  15. Elayne says:

    I think she is one of the most delightful and mature young lady for her age. She puts everything into learning her craft. I do hope she wins.

  16. Gaby says:

    This child is beyond amazing! Up to the best Derek can throw at her!

  17. Cindy Day says:

    Come on! Is this for real? Alek is better than Carlos? Alexis? Andy and Tamar? He should have been eliminated weeks ago. I’m sure he’s probably an ‘alright’ guy, but this is supposed to be a dance competition What are people thinking that vote? I think it’s crap like this that hurts the integrity of the show.

  18. Linda says:

    Bindi and Derek have been amazing in their dancing all season. Bindi has evolved into an excellent dancer and has brought a lot of positive energy to the show, DWTS. The dancing at this stage has been spectacular!!! I enjoy watching DWTS and it has become 1 of my favorite shows. Thank you for an amazing season of dancers and the semi-finals has been breathtaking!!!

  19. Cathy Beaven says:

    I think it I so sad that Derek always gets the best dancer. The judges favored him from the very first night. The judges know how to get the person they want to win. I think it was all set up for tonight. Bindi and Derek will win for sure. It is cut and dried. I thought Derek was not to be on the show anymore. He was going to do something else. He is still there. Sad judges have to try to show America who they want them to vote for.

    • Janice says:

      Perhaps not everyone understand that Derek does not get the best dancers. If he did, He would win every season. But what he does is coach in a nurturing way. Don’t hold that against him. He’s an Emmy winner and doesn’t need to be”set up” to win. Bindi came from out of nowhere. She’s 17, do you really think it could be a set up? Get real.

      • Rebecca says:

        Totally agree- I think I even remember this website predicting that Bindi would place 4th or 5th. While Derek does admittedly get fairly young and therefore more physically able partners, he’s not always guaranteed the best (he placed 4th the last two seasons!) And the judges nitpick him all the time now! (Julianne in particular seems to go out of her way to find flaws so she doesn’t look like she’s playing family favorites.) His coaching and choreography are just in a whole other league. Bindi absolutely deserves the win tonight and Derek deserves his 6th trophy- let the other pros step up their own games to rise his level.

        • Mike C. says:

          You are out of your mind. Derek has never had a partner over the age of 52. Tony never gets a partner UNDER the age of 52! (Neither does Artem.) Derek has NEVER had to dance with a Cloris Leachman, Nancy Grace, Patti LaBelle, Paula Deen, etc. type. NEVER. He gets young, athletic girls, ALL THE TIME. Yes, he is a talented choreographer. But this overt, transparent favoritism has ruined the show. Ruined it.

      • I never see him getting a Paula Deen. So yeah, the show favors him and his Emmys by giving him younger, physically fit partners.

        • Lola says:

          I agree. I’d dare the show to pair him with a more elderly partner. They never would. In my opinion his choreography talents can’t be promoted as fantastic until he takes on a challenge. Not some young flexible thing, former Olympian, etc. give him a challenge and then we’ll talk about how good he is. I’m just sick of seeing his face in the finals. That much lied about hiatus was much needed. It’s just too bad it turned out to be phony once Derek learned of his partner that season.

      • Miel Mani says:

        I wouldn’t say he always gets the best dancers. But you tell me the last time he got a Paula Deane, a Wynona Judd, a Val Harper, or someone whose brain has been fried by substance abuse or is so crippled by arthritis that walking is a challenge, much less dancing. The answer is: he never has and he never will because yes, he has been singled out as the favorite by the producers. While he may not get the obvious-from-day-one-winner every time, he is always given someone who is obviously in good enough shape to be able to get to the finals. And no, neither he nor any of the other pros would win every time with the best dancer because If the same pro won every season, no one would want to watch the show. As for Bindi coming out of nowhere–not true. I live in Costa Rica, and even my Costa Rican housemates (none of whom speak English) recognized her as the daughter of the late Steve Irwin simply because they watch Animal Planet. And 17? Well, that’s the point, isn’t it? young and fit, not 60 or 70+. If he is so all-fired wonderful as a teacher/dancer/choreographer , why isn’t he being given some of the partners Tony and every other pro (including his sister) have had to suffer through? Oh, and let’s not forget your “nurturing” comment. You need to go back and watch some of the rehearsal footage for some of his previous partners, in which he told one to “Shut your face! Just shut your face!” And another, “be a girl!”, causing her to cry; and some of the other times when it is obvious that he is not being so “nurturing.” And of course, there is the issue of Julianne as judge. Who else but dear Derek would have a relative as a judge? So…YOU get real!!!!

      • Do you honestly believe these partners are chosen at random? Do you honestly believe that after her said he wasn’t coming back and then he did, that he did not know the energy level (and charisma) of his partner. Give me a break.

        • Rebecca says:

          I don’t think the partners are chosen at random at all- the producers have said that they try to match people based on personality and size. It’s generally more entertaining to watch positive partnerships than to watch people hate one another. Unless Derek has managed to fake his positive, sunny attitude for the last 10 seasons and years of press interviews, it seems like he was a likely match for Bindi and their partnership thrived because of it. (Not to mention that with Bindi less than 5 feet tall, Derek was a good physical match for her small size as well.)

          That said, I have no idea what Tony did to piss of the powers that be, or why Emma has often gotten older, out of shape men, or why Karina has had a slew of uncoordinated athletes. I never quite understand why they bring those people on in the first place other than that someone has to go home first and you want to be able to keep the best, most entertaining dancers around the longest. But Derek isn’t the only one who gets young partners- Val has had a whole slew of young, able bodied partners but no one ever complains about him. Mark nearly always gets paired with younger people as well.

  20. Shannon says:

    For the fifth week in a row, no. The right couple did not go home. Imo the final three should have been Bindi>Nick>Carlos. But it’s not like I vote! Oh well, Carlos. At least you get to dance with Julianne in the upcoming Grease production.

  21. AngelWasHere says:

    Why the heck is Alek in the finale? Over Carlos?! He should have been gone weeks ago. He can’t dance. Standing around while your partner dances and doing lifts don’t count as dancing to me. I don’t know why the judges continue to praise him or why he keeps getting votes. Anyway…Carlos was the only real competition for Bindi. Probably won’t tune in tomorrow. Maybe at the very end to confirm my suspicions that Bindi will win.

  22. Donna hoye says:

    Stupid trio of the songs. Quit trying to push the same sex attraction and rely on the real talent. Take it from Bindi and love the world. The free style showed that she can dance like a pro and it was fantastic, never mind the stories behind the dancers.

  23. Sandi says:

    She is Outstanding! From a little girl to a Beautiful young lady dancing her way to the TOP💃🏽

  24. Catherine B says:

    One of the best dancers in the lot and he was voted off and Alek voted on-give me a break! This thing screams fix.

  25. Love Bindi and Derek they are both amazing.

  26. Yvette Toepfer says:

    Bindi and Derek were the most consistent with their great routines and compatibility. It seems that the least mistakes and most natural talent should win.

  27. Katie says:

    I think Nick should win! He’s made great progress since the beginning and being cute helps too.

  28. I guess I am in the minority BUT I loved Nick’s jive – to me, that was the strongest of the 4 judge picked dances and (ducks for flying tomatoes), I liked it much more than his freestyle. It might have been my favorite dance of the night … quickly followed by Bindi’s ode to her dad.

  29. Stefanie Liebl says:

    It’s just amazing to see how far everyone has come in this dance competition. Two of the final three have, from my understanding, no experience with dance and/or musicality. Of the three Stars left, I would choose Bindy and Derek to win the competition. She is so energetic, always putting a smile on people’s face, a very optimistic person (even through her tough times in life) and her dances are are almost always flawless. I love how these two dancers, Bindi and Derek actually add the dance steps required for a waltz, quick step, etc. into the dance. Bindi is truly amazing inside and out!!!

  30. Guadalupe says:

    Bindi steals my heart every time she dance. You are the winner in our hearts

  31. Jacel insong says:

    My heart goes to nick and sharna as always😊

  32. Jacel insong says:

    I grow up with the bsb songs and will be a true fan of bsb for life my heart beat goes to nick and sharna with love😊❤️

  33. ms. rodriquez says:

    I believe Bindi and Derek should win. Both of their dances were wonderful. Bindi’s freestyle was awesome and very elegant. It told a story that from the beginning made me cry. Alek and Lindsay should take 2nd place because I actually like his dancing. Nick and Sharna take 3rd place. I didn’t like his freestyle dance at all. It was just a big mess to me. I would have liked to have seen Carlos and Witney in the final 3 than have Nick there.

    • Carol says:

      The show has contestants like Alek and Noah last season. These two pull in votes like crazy. I loved Noah and I love Alek. Neither can (or able as in Noah’s case) dance like Bindi. I have rooted for Alek most of the season but also Bindi. She is deserving of the trophy! I agree that Derek gets very good partners – no doubt about that – that’s why he’s about to get his 6th mirror ball. I am not crazy about Nick. He’s good, but Carlos was better. He has a great following becuz of BSB, but Alek has a great following too becuz America loves a hero! AND I think he can dance – not as good as others, but darn good for being a “regular” guy. Bindi for the win tonite!

  34. Rafael says:

    I agree that Alek is not yet perfect in dancing, but there is some type of reason why Alek has some spirit to help move forward and it’s very complicated to explain. Although, I think he’ll end up in third place, which is good enough.

    I still think Nick has to win in order to keep the Backstreet Boys pride to continue as long as possible, IMO!

  35. lll says:

    I knew this from the beginning – the real fight is between Nick and Bindi. If this Alek guy wins it I know everyone is going to flip out.

  36. shirley mac says:

    Derk hough is the best dance instructor on this show!! kudos to all the dancers but derek is the best! derek and bindi are sure to win!!!! kudos derek and bindi

  37. Vickie Morris says:

    they deserve to win have been great all season.

  38. Such a beautiful young lady, Bindi always has such a positive attitude. Love your fresh outlook on life. Derek couldn’t have done any better with a partner like Bindi. They are both winners.

  39. Allison Davies says:

    I hope that Alek gets third and not second .

  40. Allison Davies says:

    Yes Nick is great but his freestyle was so overwhelming for me I was like to much going on

  41. Jackie ray says:

    Carlos and Whitney should not have been illuminated. Carlos is by far a much stronger dancer than Alek. It’s very upsetting that it’s not based on dance skills but popularity!

  42. jani says:

    Bindi and Dereck deserve the win. Bindi has grown, she takes advice and corrects or add what’s needed to the next performance and she never complains

  43. Susie Tollefson says:

    So Derek, will you wait for Bindi?

  44. jhall1ny says:

    Derek and bindi are going to win. That’s a fact. Derek is never paired with a sub par partner. I think the show producers do this on purpose. It’s truly unfair to all of the other talented pro’s who have so much to offer, but get shafted for political reasons. Imagine if Derek was paired with Paula Deen!

  45. Matt says:

    Without a doubt, Bindi and Derek and the best dancers….far better than any of the others. Everything else aside, they are the best DANCERS and should win.

  46. Johnnie Raymond says:

    Bindi Irwin should win not because of the loss of her Father, but because of her dancing. She is amazing and is a joy to watch.

  47. allan feuer says:

    bindi irwan was technically perfect and lookrd incredible Bindi can dance

  48. L says:

    Are people blind..This isn’t a popularity contest. Alex Skarlatos cannot dance. He should’ve been eliminated 3-4 wks ago….sorry folks, hero YES! Dancer? NOOOOOOO….

  49. Linda Biziak says:

    Alek is my favorite but Bindi is the best

  50. sandy says:

    Binding deserve it.Alec got this far cause he stoped terriosts. He’s a lousy dancer not fair if he wins.