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Castle Rick Kate Reunion

Castle Bosses Weigh In on Break-Up Arc, 'Broken' Beckett, the Latest Baby Talk and 'Delightful' Antics Ahead

The following contains spoilers from Castle‘s Season 8 fall finale, which aired on Monday night.

This Monday on the fall finale of ABC’s Castle, Rick enlisted Hayley to investigate the cryptic text that Kate had received, and what he came to discover was that his wife was still very deeply involved in the Bracken/LokSat mystery.

That set the stage for a pair of difficult conversations — first, Rick chastising happily “broken” Kate for boxing him out, and then later, when Kate sought to make things right but was met by (some) resistance from the husband she pushed away.

In the end, Rick and Kate agreed to keep their public “break-up” intact, while privately reconciling. Here, Castle co-showrunners Alexi Hawley and Terence Paul Winter open up about the past six episodes, the one thing that might have changed, Season 8’s numbers and more.

TVLINE | A couple months ago you ripped off the Band-Aid, you’ve now put it back on. And you took some knocks along the way. Was it all worth it?
ALEXI HAWLEY | I think so. We’ve enjoyed the storytelling. We feel like we’ve given ourselves some challenges, and it’s allowed us to do some fun stuff and also to challenge our characters and our actors to go to some emotional and unexpected places.
TERENCE PAUL WINTER | We went down some roads that we were unable to go down if we didn’t make the choices that we made. It’s funny that you ask that question, because Alexi and I were just talking about this the other day — we’re really happy with how the first third of the season has gone. And we’re excited about what the next third’s going to be, and also how we’re going to take it to the end of the season.

TVLINE | In retrospect, would you have done anything with this storyline differently?
HAWLEY | I don’t know…. No, I don’t think so…. I feel like ultimately…

TVLINE | I was thinking that if you had even one extra act in the fall finale, would you have left Rick angry for a bit longer?
HAWLEY | Yeah, we probably would have. It was very important that he had a moment when she comes to him in the loft where he didn’t just say yes, because she did hurt him — even though I know the audience, when he says, “It’s not that easy,” might throw stuff at the television, because it looks like we might not put them together….

TVLINE | No, but I was glad he said that.
HAWLEY | Because she did hurt him, even though she was doing it with the best of intentions. Yes, if we had more time, we might have let [Rick’s hurt] last a little longer. But the 42 minutes of network television being what it is….
WINTER | The reality is that we put Beckett in a situation where there was no easy right answer. And that’s life. Just like when we came up with this season, we didn’t want it to be simple, we didn’t want it to be easy. We wanted to challenge our characters and our staff with the storytelling.
HAWLEY | It was also very important for us to address some of Beckett’s emotional issues. When Castle tells her, “You like being broken” — which is why it never occurred to her to get him involved in the conspiracy, so to speak — we thought that was really valuable to her character and to their relationship. Because at the end of the day, he’s calling her on her s–t in a way that we don’t get to do that much.
WINTER | And there will be vice versa as we move on through the season. Because the reality is that the show is a romantic comedy at its core, but Castle and Beckett over the past eight seasons have gone through some pretty difficult things — serial killers, threats against the city, their lives — and that’s got to take a toll. That’s something we want to explore.

Castle Rick Kate ReuniteTVLINE | Now that they are in this “break-up” together, for how much longer will they be “apart”?
HAWLEY | What we love is that now that we’re twisting it so that they’re in it together but the public face of them is separate, that allows the audience to be in on the joke with them — in the sense that they can “fight” in public, but the audience knows that it’s just an act. It is pretty delightful, having seen several of the episodes coming up.
WINTER | In fact, in the first episode back [airing Feb. 1], which is called “Tone Deaf” “Tone Death,” there are a couple of great sequences that we have never been able to on the show, because Castle and Beckett are hiding the fact that they’re together again.
HAWLEY | It gives us the energy of fighting in public and doing that other thing in private.

TVLINE | At least one of my readers called out what they saw as “conception” imagery during last week’s love scene. Is a baby anywhere in your game plan at this time?
WINTER | No, there are no plans for a baby.
HAWLEY | This was a question that came up at the beginning of the season, and for us, at least right now, we don’t know how the show would work like that. I understand that other shows have done that, but for us, because Beckett is so “boots on the ground,” kicking ass and taking names, it’s hard to imagine what a pregnant Beckett solving cases looks like.
WINTER | And we have to ask ourselves: How is it helpful to our storytelling going forward if and when she gets pregnant? It’s not off the table, but there’s nothing planned for anytime soon.

TVLINE | I wanted to talk about ratings. When Season 8 premiered, the show admittedly returned down versus last year. But even since then, it’s been hovering at or around lows. Are you feeling under the gun to win back some disenfranchised viewers and nudge the numbers back up?
HAWLEY | Here’s the thing: We returned at a number that we have basically done every episode since. And once you factor in the DVR numbers, we’re doing around 9 to ten million viewers a week, which is a really healthy number these days for network television.

TVLINE | But that number a year ago was 13 million.
HAWLEY | I know we used to be 13 [million], I understand that. Even Quantico, which is a hit for ABC, is doing seven to eight million a week [with DVR playback]. Obviously the 18-to-49 demo number is not as strong as we’d like it to be, but all we can do is try to tell really good stories and hope that people want to watch them.

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  1. I just want to say ... says:

    I’m still not buying it. They could’ve cut Castle’s song & dance routine(even though I love NF’s physical comedy, that was just too much) to give Rick a bit more time to properly express his well-deserved anger.

    Additionally, Beckett should have owned up to the fact that she DOES like being broken & having something to obsess over. Castle hit the nail squarely on the head with that; who would have ever thought that Castle & Bracken were of the same mind on ANYTHING?

    • That One Mean Girl says:

      It’s a “romantic comedy,” though. Gotta have the “comedy,” even when there’s precious little time to deal with very real issues.

    • Just one thing says:

      More Beckett bashing – from the show and the showrunners. They all engineer scenarios where Beckett is the bad guy, and then say she likes to be broken.
      Yeah, okay. The Beckett who has consistently acted like she is head-over-heels in love with Castle, no matter what’s going on, pretty much for three seasons, would rather be broken and away from Castle than whole and in his life.
      I would love to get Stana Katic’s interpretation of Beckett Who Loves to Be Broken, but I guess she’s not doing Castle interviews these days. Not that I can blame her. Shame, though.
      But let’s go with this notion that Beckett likes her damage, even though she (1) went to therapy to be “more than who she was” five years ago, (2) put away her mother’s true killer nearly two years ago, and (3) decided to go along with the various half-cocked “reasons” for Castle’s wedding day disappearance – even marrying him when they didn’t have all the answers yet.
      But Beckett loves being broken. Sure. Fine. Whatever.

      • ndixit says:

        I’m sure you must be heartbroken. You have come now to the point where you are just pulling lies out of thin air. Sure, she lies and makes stupid decisions and hurts Castle, but no “she’s heads over heels in love with him”. I completely get the logic.

        • Just one thing says:

          Okey dokey, smokey.

          • ndixit says:

            I don’t think you need to worry though. Given the vice versa comment, I have a feeling they will replicate the process for Rick as well so you will get your day in the sun soon.

          • Just one thing says:

            I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. But don’t worry: I’m used to that sensation.

          • ndixit says:

            Oh, I think you know exactly what I’m saying. You are itching for some Castle bashing. You can’t wait to do it. You will get your chance for sure.

          • Coralie says:

            Yeah and you are sooo not itching for Beckett bashing …

          • Just one thing says:

            I take my bashing cues from no one. Definitely don’t need any new storylines to make my point.
            Also, if I’m to believe that the same show, which set up their title character to be both a victim and hero when he missed his wedding (one that was delayed because his betrothed was already married in the first place), will somehow create a storyline that makes him truly at fault for anything bad that happens to Caskett, excuse me if I don’t hold my breath.

          • ndixit says:

            Hey Coraline, I don’t deny that at the moment, I am reveling in the Beckett bashing. Its because for one in the show’s lifetime, people are actually becoming aware of how messed up that character is and how she gets away with it so easily. And Just one thing’, you can say whatever you want, I have watched you bash Castle for the most silliest and petty things so don’t pretend like you are the objective guy in the Castle fandom. And your comments become personal to the point of bashing Nathan. When I bash Beckett, I never say a word about Stana. But your desperation becomes quite obvious.

          • Just one thing says:

            10-4, good buddy.

          • Coralie says:

            Wow, you don’t need much to be happy if bashing a tv character over and over makes you feel this good.

          • KCatty says:

            Ok, y’all. It’s time to step away from the crazy. And maybe the TV as well.

        • I'm going to let you finish but says:

          Where’s the lie in this comment?
          The only lies I see are from Alexi & Winter trying to rewrite S4-5 (so far) because they think they can do it better than Andrew. They can’t.

          • lurker says:

            This x 1000 (add zeros at your will). And the next 8 episodes will be season 5 rewriting – hiding the relationship – till the two-parter. Cue all the trysts and fan-fiction closet encounters. And all because Beckett was pictured as “such a prude woman” (and that is a quote). No wonder Andrew and Terri stepped down at first and then left.

          • DUNIAM says:

            Couldn’t agree more! It is the same plotof two season packed im a bunch of episodes. Just don’t get why ABC has done nothing to fix this so far

          • shirley says:

            So many people complained about Andrew. Now with new show runners making changes that no one likes ( and I do hope they know this by now) they have so completely gotten away from the basic story line and the fans are showing this. Get back to basics so we can get the numbers back.
            I am sure they can see this by now.
            I’ll take Andrew’s ideas anyday on story lines.
            Just my opinion.

        • C says:

          He was talking about before this season I think.

      • John NYC says:

        “went to therapy” and lied straight into her therapists face for most of that time. Not the best strategy btw.

      • trinawanders says:

        This is one reason on a long list of why this season is so frustrating. It completely ignores Beckett’s character growth. She is obviously flawed, but we did see her working on that and trying to put her demons behind her so she could be happy. She is unrecognizable to me this season, unless I just pretend it’s season 4.

        • Beckstle says:

          This. There is nothing about Beckett this season that fits with character’s arc prior to Hawley and Winter getting a hold of it.

        • E.S says:

          Honestly if they really want beckett to develop they really should throw in a pregnancy if not soon but at the end of the season. That would grow her character. Some say it would ruin the show but I think it would only ruin the show if it was forced on the writers to put it in. If they can write it in gradually or at the end of the season and do a big time jump to start next season it would work as well. I think for her having a child it would show her that she can’t worry so much about the case and getting justice for her team she will start to see that family is everything. AGAIN THIS IS ALL MY OPINION

  2. C says:

    Wow, that is a lot of crap. The questions were good though, especially about the ratings.

    • Sam says:

      The questions were ok… I wanted the question asked if they felt this plot line is why the ratings are down. I wanted them asked if abc supported this storyline and if they did, are they still behind it. I wanted the question asked do you think this storyline is actually in character with these people or just a contrived plot device to tell the stories you want to tell regardless of how long the show has been on. This was a softball interview.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Wow. OK, LOL.

        • AnnieD says:

          Boy, just going to step away from TVLine for awhile. MWM has been pretty hostile on several comment threads toward this Sam guy and I’m not sure why. I didn’t see anything horrible in Sam’s comment. And there was some snarky remark the other day about the “other site’s” calendar being lazy (not sure which site he was referring to), that seemed totally out of character.

          I come here for some fun and smart TV insights. I know the Casket thing has been divisive and some commenters are waaaay to wrapped up in it. But for MWM to be so hostile, it’s kind of odd.

          I hope everything is ok in his world.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            All good, my twin sons are about to become bar mitzvah, very exciting times! Sam and I just having fun, snapping towels in the locker room as fellas do.

      • Sam says:

        Both Matt and TV Guide didn’t ask – unsure if just didn’t want to or if they didn’t realize – if they are excited for the recreation of season 5 where Castle and Beckett also hid their relationship from everyone. So much for fun, new antics. Lol

      • L8wrtr says:

        Exactly Sam.. you nailed it.

    • Sam says:

      For at least somewhat tougher questions, TV Guide has an interview with the showrunners. Still lets them off easy, but they at least sort of ask the questions I mentioned in the comment above.

  3. dan says:

    Are we to the stage where anybody cares about DVR numbers or does the renew/cancel still get decided by the demo? I think the outlook is pretty grim. Glad the break up is resolved even if the resolution wasn’t great but neither was the resolution for the wedding that wasn’t. Glad Becket got called out on her s#it as he put it. I hope Castle makes her work to convince him she is really in this “always” and everything isn’t forgiven yet.

    • RBA says:

      It is the demo everything else is just. Quantico has a higher demo but lower viewers yet the network believes it to be a hit.

    • jahoney1 says:

      DVR number do not matter to advertisers at all because of fact that DVR and on demand shows can skip commercials. Only thing that advertisers care about is the live number because that shows how many people are at least watching the commercials.

      • E.S says:

        Yes but DVR recordings count as a view. That is how the boxes run now it uses that channel and gives the ratings for the station to the station. The DVR ratings do count towards ratings only because of the way the DVR boxes work.

  4. Bob says:

    Nice questions Matt

  5. I Give Up says:

    What utter clap trap!

  6. Just one thing says:

    Thank goodness they officially killed the baby rumors. Though I truly feel sorry for fans who really wanted/needed that beat before series’ end. At this point, I wouldn’t even count on it for the series finale.
    Also, Winter may have forgotten and Hawley certainly wasn’t there, but Season Five had about four episodes where Caskett were an item in secret, and at least a third if the season was them being discreet. So… that opportunity came and went literally years ago.
    I’m glad that they’ve enjoyed the show thus far, but I continue to marvel at their ability to effortlessly miss the point that most fans have had with the show.
    They can explain away ratings and writing decisions and everything, because that’s also their job. But I had honestly hoped they would come at this season with more character development in mind, and they’ve gone firmly in the direction of plot over character, which is a shame.

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:

      I’m actually thinking Winter has lost his memory if he can’t remember being in the writers room, and watching S5 where we had them hiding their relationship.
      What a joke, these guys are a joke. Their single purpose the 1/3 of this season has been to make Beckett look like a lunatic and they’ve succeeded. No wonder they’re having so much fun with it all, is Trump actually writing this season of Castle? It sure seems so. :|

      • Just one thing says:

        Once again, Castle is the protected character in the pairing. People can whinge all they want about how Castle is “spineless” and a “doormat,” ignoring the fact that he is once more written as the more sympathetic character of the two.
        But it’s alright. I’ll just buckle down and wait for the New Year or Valentine’s Day or whenever Castle comes back. I have my eyes set on Calckett, and I hope they don’t disappoint.

        • I'm going to let you finish but says:

          I’m sure they won’t. They’re all about fun now.

        • lkh says:

          JOT—:D :D :D ok, I give up. Who’s Calckett? Is this a Calckett er or is this person (combo) Calckett ing?

          Lost track of the characters…

          • lurker says:

            The new foil for Beckett, a young public defender, Caleb Brown. So, Calckett. LOL

          • Just one thing says:

            Yes. Caleb and Beckett are endgame.*
            * In an alternate universe we will thankfully/hopefully never see.
            Also, miss ya, lkh. How’s the reading going?

          • lkh says:

            You promised literacy if I read–I’m sticking to it–we’ll see. My family will be proud. Even reading Tvline comments. Can’t bring myself to watch the show. :[

          • frb says:

            As soon as I saw Caleb appear in Beckett’s office with that nice smile and twinkle in his eyes, my thoughts were Yey, bring it on.
            Beckett needs a tall, cool drink of water. That Caskett boat has sailed’
            Castle can have Lucy (how silly is that) and Alexis.

      • DUNIAM says:

        Hahahahah, the “Trump” reference was a good one! They did make her look like am idiot.

        • I'm going to let you finish but says:

          I believe it’s the point of this whole storyline, to make her unlikable and crazy to the point that people want her off the show.
          It’s working, people want her gone, and him to be with someone worth his time…is Jacinda still available?

          • lurker says:

            Nah, Lucy is a better option – cannot really do anything to contradict him. Unless she’s the one controlling the loft’s alarm system, the stove, the boiler for hot water, the power… Just remembered one episode of The Simpsons, the one with the “smart house” and the computer with Pierce Brosnan voice who fell in love with Marge. Ooops.

      • ray dostie says:

        A great comment. True every word!

    • E.S says:

      Tbh a caskett baby would build both their characters even if it is only for a half of a season but I believe they will either end this season with a pregnancy or if there is a season 9 it will be in the last half of that season and theRe will be a time jump to speed it up so they can have the kid born at the end of the series to develop beckett a little more than castle

  7. kmw says:

    I would like to know why it wasn’t a fake break up in the first place. Now they will supposedly get to have fun but they could have done that earlier and without ruining both characters. Wow they don’t have a clue except for one thing. I now believe it would be bad if they had a baby I am glad that they aren’t going there. And I love the fact that Castles demo numbers don’t matter anymore. That’s nice that they DVR so well but isn’t it the demo numbers that advertisers need not just the DVR numbers. I guess the best thing is the stupid separation is over but this was just nonsensical from the word go

    • John NYC says:

      Why was “answered” by Castle, her total instinct is to go solo. So much for my theory she was protecting him from his impulses, so I guess the scenes where he rushed into the sketchy building with his daughter after a murder suspect and got them both captured and caged wasn’t an underline of why she couldn’t trust him with the secret and a setup for her separating herself but simply part of the eps COTW. too bad, I liked mine better! lol

  8. RBA says:


    Good questions and I understand professional courtesy, but given the answers I would have laugh at tgeur answers. All of them are just BS from two guys who have no idea on what the show needs or fans want.

    • L8wrtr says:

      Sorry Matt, but you totally let them off the hook. You asked decent questions, but didn’t call them on their BS, you lobbed them the question, they gave their answers which you have to know in your heart make no sense, and you didn’t follow-up and hold them to it. Just a puff piece.

      • lame says:

        Yeah, you should’ve held their feet to the fire, you should’ve made them sweat you should have made them cry, you should’ve done a Jimmy Kimmel and said the break up was a low blow, yeah that’s what you should’ve done, LOL!!!

  9. That One Mean Girl says:

    Tone deaf, as always. Fitting, considering the name of the next episode. Ok, here we go. Let’s get it all off the chest and move on to literally anything else.

    1. No, this was not “worth it.”

    2. Hawley and Winter are happy with how things have gone so far, including the fan outrage and lowest ratings yet? Also, in response to bringing up dvr numbers…I believe that’s what the “TV Grim Reaper” would call the PR Jedi at work. I also believe he’s repeatedly said those numbers don’t count, and Castle is, at this point, only going to last if the syndication dough is good enough. Sad. But hey, glad the showrunners are happy with how things have gone. Are y’all glad you sufficiently ruined your strong female lead?

    3. Challenging the characters would have been awesome; making Castle look like an idiot and Beckett look like a different variety of idiot is not what anyone should call “challenging” storytelling. Furthermore, finding the “you like being broken” line to be good for Beckett’s character is probably one of the grossest things yet. If she has this “addiction” that they’re supposedly playing, then that’s the most insensitive, trashy treatment of the disease of addiction that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. If it’s really all just about lying to someone to keep him safe, then the backup for that was, well…no backbone. Kind of like how Castle himself has been portrayed this season.

    4. If this is a romantic comedy, those guys have a terrible sense of what that means. I’d hate to see what their “romance” is like in real life, and comedy…Well, we’ve already seen firsthand what they call comedy: a dude, surrounded by half-naked chicks, making idiotic comments. Male lead being reduced to a blathering idiot in an attempt to “win back” a wife who has already said he did nothing wrong. A woman in a position of power essentially being called a slut. Cool story, bros.

    5. It’s 2015. Beckett could kick ass and take names after having a child. Considering all she’s done for most of this season is lay down on a couch in her office while subordinates are in there and get called a “hoochie mama,” I’m pretty certain she could handle her “career” whilst pregnant. But whatever. I’d expect nothing less from these guys at this point…Not that a baby would be remotely good for this couple right now, with their obvious mutual immaturity anyway.

    6. We’ve gone from an awful rehash of season four for the first third of the season, cultiminating with a pathetic excuse for a rewrite of Always, to…They’re going to hide their relationship again. Cool. So, we’re redoing a farcical retelling of season five for part two. Third part of the season must be a season six redux then.

    7. Get a new word besides “fun.” Fun, this is not.

    8. The whole “let’s do a public breakup while we’re still actually together” thing just makes the sloppy, ridiculous nature of the original split that much worse. I don’t even know where to start with that one. Honestly, I’m beyond incapable of trying to puzzle through how, in just eight episodes, a once-beloved series could be reduced to…this. Oh, and I know, “just stop watching. Stop complaining.” Blahblahblah. Guess what: People HAVE stopped watching. The numbers ARE down, and no amount of spin is going to change that. So, be careful what you wish for when the renewals start coming out, and Castle isn’t among them because enough people got fed up and left on their own and/or took fandom police’s advice.

    • I Give Up says:

      Excellent post! So this is the story they wanted to tell? To make Beckett totally unlikeable, to make Rick spineless , and to turn one of the best relationships on tv into one so toxic that no right minded person would want them together?!?!
      Oh well it is what it is and I just have to get on with it, like the shippers who only care about them being together over quality story telling, or stop watching for altogether.

    • Just one thing says:

      Pretty much agree with all that.

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:

      ALL OF THIS.
      3 & 5 especially. These guys need to spend a week, no a month with Shonda Rhimes so she could smack some sense into this lazy sexist writing.

    • John Z says:

      Outstanding post!! Agree with everything, 5 especially, a woman can have a career and raise a child at the same time. Takes effort and planning and support. But from how S8 has been so far, I guess you 2 dont have any of that…
      Glad back together, but secret break up just rings hollow. Also the payoff, was not worth it.
      Great post , thanks

    • orchidmantis says:

      Hey, she didn’t just get called a hootchie mama! Her officers have also commented favorably on her butt.

      If that’s not the essence of police captaining, I don’t know what is.

    • tvmama says:

      Totally agreed! Can’t say it any better myself! I hope the showrunners read this!

    • Devils Advocate says:

      Devil advocate here: how do you imagine Beckett dealing with Loksat with baby on her shoulder?

      “Haha, got you Loksat”
      “Haha, this button will detonate bomb under your child’s crib”
      “No, don’t do it”
      “Ok, kill yourself, or kill your baby, your choice”.

      • orchidmantis says:

        She could totally consider handing it to the somewhat-vaster resources of the federal government to handle.

        You could replace “child’s crib” with “Alexis’s bed” or “Rick’s office” or “Ryan’s kid” or “Lainey” or “a random person, because I’m a bad guy and will kill random people and tell you it’s your fault.”

    • lurker says:

      To That One Mean Girl, thank you. Exactly.

    • Christina says:

      Very well said! I’m one of the viewers that did stop watching, and not a single interview with them or recap of an episode has made me regret that decision. I LOVED this show for years, but this is not the show I fell in love with. The worst part about it all is how easy it is to not watch Castle now. All of these episodes are on my DVR, and at this point I’m not entirely sure I’ll be binging them.

    • 183arizona170 says:

      Thanks, it was a pleasure to read.

    • John NYC says:

      A couple of weeks might have been “worth it”, but I’m feeling it went on too long.

    • annek says:

      The One Mean Girl: wonderful!! Perfect! +1000

    • sigh says:

      Here! Here! Excellent post, couldn’t have said it better.

    • L8wrtr says:

      *Slow Clap* EXACTLY. Point by point. Spot on.

  10. Elle says:

    You people are never happy!! They are not together…people complain…they are together..the same people complain.
    by all means, go write a show if you think you can do it better, if not, sit back and enjoy, and if you don’t enjoy it STOP WATCHING!

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:

      Yep, 6.0 million people (give or take per ep) watching DWTS live DO EXACTLY THAT. THEY STOP WATCHING. GREAT ADVICE. Top notch.
      I think you’re overusing “STOP WATCHING!” jus like WonderFails are overusing “fun” I gag everything I read fun now.

      • Elle says:

        i just find it comical that people are actually getting upset over it. Its a tv show, its not real life. enjoy it or dont watch. its that simple.
        why would someone spend an hour of their life watching a show they apparently cant stand and then proceed to complain about it. Makes no sense to me.

        • Annie says:

          Right. Because you’ve never gotten invested in a show or its universe and characters before, ever, so when someone comes along and trashes it, you feel justified in speaking out about it. No? Never? Really? Instead of telling us what to do, how about YOU stop commenting? It seems to be upsetting you.

        • Boiler says:

          Elle for what its worth I totally agree with you!!! Why make yourself miserable for an hour Just don’t watch the show. And “I’m going to let you finish” there has ALWAYS been a huge drop off from DWTS so your comment absurd. Finally the demo is absolutely stupid in todays world. A shows popularity is based on the number of people who watch and not some demo that is now worthless in todays society.

          • lame says:

            It’s the Guage the industry uses, like it or not.

          • John NYC says:

            The shows “popularity” perhaps, but the show’s ability to attract advertiser dollars? That’s the demo by and large.

          • I'm going to let you finish but says:

            Absurd, stupid, wow you sound like you’re getting upset over some tv show comments here.
            You may find it absurd, but the fact remains that Castle loses half the viewership of DWTS, and that’s not been the case up until late S7, and S8.
            Your PRJedi mind tricks don’t work here, the demo ratings might be “stupid” according to you but it’s what advertisers use. But sure call it worthless all you want, it won’t change the fact that it’s the way the industry does things.
            But why make yourself miserable with facts, eh?

          • Boiler says:

            Please show me facts. DWTS numbers are down. Castle never came close and if you can prove that this drop is worse than before season 7 i’ll think about apologizing

          • Boiler says:

            Also I’m not trying to play Jedi mind tricks on the demo. The population is aging, people over 49 do not have stagnant habits and gee network TV viewership is dropping like a rock. Think them ignoring the popularity of a show for the demo really makes sense. I am not stupid in that I do know what they do today, as a stats guy, I am saying they need to relook at it before major networks shut down just show crap reality

          • I'm going to let you finish but says:

            If you look on “series monitor dot com”, you’ll be able to see the ratings.

      • John NYC says:

        Who would expect DWTS to share the same viewership as Castle anyway?

        My personal opinion is the idea that millions of viewers are just too challenged to hit the button on their remote is odd.

        • I'm going to let you finish but says:

          I don’t expect it to share the same viewership as Castle, I only said we’re losing 6 million this season, and half of their viewership. Previous season we’ve lost 3-4 million depending on episodes. Now we’re losing half the viewership and almost half the demo. That’s all.

    • Not Watching says:

      I did stop watching because this show, and specifically this season, is absolutely ridiculous at this point. Which is a damn shame because I really do like the actors. The PTB did this for the ratings and it didn’t work. Now, they’re trying to sell the idea they did it on purpose and with a purpose. Not. They should have just ended the series and not renewed for this season. But hey, I get it. Money is money.

  11. John says:

    What makes this entire season so unreal to me at all is: Even if Caskett were utterly separated, how would that stop an admittedly super-nasty killer from knocking off Castle and family anyway? “Oh, they’re separated, so shooting those people wouldn’t teach Beckett a lesson. Let ’em go.” “It’s against the super-assassin-evil code of conduct.” “Well, I’d shoot Castle, but now that he’s available, he’s cute.” The whole separation facade is pointless from go — and now the fakery for the return again doubly so.

    C’mon writers. Your imaginations cannot be this puerile. Dig deeper.

  12. BM says:

    I’m sorry, I missed the part where the actual separation and Castle not doing anything about it for so many episodes was *helpful* to the storytelling… (since they don’t know how a baby would be (and from the top of my head I could already think of one thing how a baby would be helpful to storytelling – a pregnancy would be a great opportunity to show conflict for Beckett because all of a sudden she can’t be that hands on person anymore because there’s someone else she has to take care of. Loads of character development opportunity right there.))

    • Just one thing says:

      It doesn’t at all surprise me that this crop of writers fail to see how a woman can be simultaneously badass and pregnant.
      Thankfully we will all be spared their undoubtedly “fun” and “dynamic” attempt at telling such a story. Bullet dodged.

    • Dr. Enie says:

      Forget the baby thing. Why does she have to have a baby. All couples don’T need to have children!!! Plus all this back and forth about this season is annoying. I had doubts with the break up, but am enjoying the turn of events. As Castle said he loves his wife and he is doing what he always does, staying involved because has never given up hope. He loves Kate and he will do whatever to keep her in his life. Kate has said the she loves him ” so much.” Let’s hope that the show has another season or so. I AM AN ADDICTED CASTLE FAN FROM DAY ONE!! Dr. Enie

  13. Waleed says:

    Nice questions. & they tried to dodge them.
    Rmebr in school when u can’t accept ur failures and say ” others hv failed too”.
    The ep could hv been better and if this was a reunion type ep it should hv been powerful. This was very weak. Castle should have been angry for a long time.
    What about the vikram guy? He’s completely a different character since ep1. 1St he was scared & said he didn’t sign for this. Ep 2 he killed a guy. Ep 3 he wants to do this case w kb. Then he’s not letting kb contact RC in any way

  14. James D says:

    Nice Job Matt. as for the answers i echo what the majority of commenters have said, what a bunch of twaddle. some serious level of denial if they think this has been good storytelling. it hasn’t. as I said in my post for tonight recap I along with the rest of this show’s fan base deserves better. I can only hope their is light at the end of the tunnel, because I’m to invested now to give up and i really don’t want to watch this show end in the muck and the mire.

  15. Nicole says:

    Great questions!! The answers were not honest at all but good questions! There is no way they feel good about the numbers or outcry from fans. They also seem dillusional if they think this had been good storytelling and fun for fans.

  16. ndixit says:

    Good questions Matt. The only other question I would have asked is the purpose of the break up, now fake break up. I am still in the dark over what this achieves. Do they think LockSat has some sort of killer moral code where just because the couple is separated, that means that Castle and his family won’t be targeted as a pressure point? If that’s the logic, they should just say it, as ridiculous as it is.

    • lame says:

      Nobody understands the purpose of the separation as almost everyone continues ask why. And now there will be a bogus break up and these two writers can’t explain why. This gives fans confidence in the direction of the show.

    • lame says:

      Is it me or do Winter/Hawley seem to be operating in a fog. These guys belong in the Rocketts, I haven’t seen this much tap dancing around questions since Trumps last press conference .

    • trinawanders says:

      They actually said they couldn’t have gotten to this “fun” hiding their relationship stage if not for the split. Which as we all know is a load of crap. As far as I’ve seen…that’s been their only explanation for the break up. That and we got to “dig into the characters and challenge them” which didn’t happen at all so…

    • L8wrtr says:

      Haven’t you been paying attention? It allows them to do things they couldn’t do with the characters before! It will create an exciting new dynamic! It’s fun! They can do things moving forward that they couldn’t have done otherwise.. you’ll see.. just keep watching..

      I’m starting to think that these hucksters’ favorite bit in Peanuts is Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown.. and their favorite moment is when she pulls the ball away. They must laugh and laugh and laugh.. just like they must be laughing at us as we all keep twirling through the air and landing on our backs, expecting this show to be good every time they say “Trust me!”

      • Beckstle says:

        Instead of coming in and continuing the series, Hawley appears to have tried to go and remake the series into what he wanted back in season 4. He left the show right after that. Apparently what he wanted was to make Beckett less heroic and more just this crazy woman that Saint Castle puts up with.

        • L8wrtr says:

          that theory makes as much sense as any because honestly, there is no logical explanation for the crap they’ve put forward so far.

        • jahoney1 says:

          For the most part this is true. Hawley left over major creative differences between him and Marlowe. 1. he did not want Beckett and Castle to get together. 2. As you said Beckstle he wanted Beckett to me a crazy woman and Castle to be dumbed down into a more childish person. 3. Eventually he kissed enough rear ends along with help from NF to get ABC to pressure AM and TM to move on from their own show and force David Aman out.

          • frb says:

            They bring this Hawley in after two failures. Now he is promoting the failure of this show.
            If NF supports this then he is as much stupid as Hawley.
            Marlowe had a winner.
            But my question is, why did they want Stana to resign to this mess. She had quit.
            So why? NF and Hawley could have had their ‘fun’ without her.
            The manner in which they are writing Beckett now, objectifies the once strong, smart female character. That strong woman is what the success of this show was built on.

            Do Hawley and NF even like women.
            For me it no longer matters, I am so over Caskett.

        • CastleBuzz says:

          I’m beginning to believe you are right, Beckstle.

  17. I just want to say ... says:

    From the beginning of the series, neither Richard Castle nor Kate Beckett were perfect characters. Each of them had their own flaws, quirks, and personal challenges. The way the showrunners and writers have deconstructed each character – and undone the progress that each has made – is shameful.
    I think it’s pretty telling that neither Nathan Fillion nor Stana Katic have given an interview saying “Yes, I really like what the writers are doing with my character this season.”

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:

      Well except for the part where Nathan has said that these writers could write Castle minus Beckett…
      Not to mention he’s done a handful of interviews, just none using the exact wording you have up there. Nathan said he & these guys agree it’s a Comedy…so there’s that also.

      • Liz says:

        You mean the interview where Fillion was asked if the show could go on without Beckett, and he said something about how he’s been wrong about what the writers can do before? Come on. That’s a huge stretch. That’s classic PR “I don’t want to shoot myself/the writers/the show in the foot,” and it’s hardly him disparaging Beckett as a character or her placement in the show.
        And I could be totally wrong about this one, but the only interview I’ve seen him do is the quick TVLine one, where Matt tracked him down while he was at a con. And the Kimmel one, I guess, but that wasn’t so much about the show. Fillion’s been pretty outspoken about his belief that the show is best served as a comedy, and god knows I disagree with that, but, as with Katic’s interview back in July stating that she’s excited for what the writers have promised, I’ll hardly take that as tacit approval of their characterizations. More like ‘I like my job and would like to have other jobs in the future.’

        • I'm going to let you finish but says:

          It was a huge stretch until they did exactly that, write an ep without Beckett in it.
          Also he’s clueless about who Beckett is. He’s called her a bitter prude at the beginning of S7, but let’s just ignore his words and blame it on PR.
          The right PR answer would have been NO, the show is about Caskett, not just Castle. The end. ;)

          • Liz says:

            Well, I mean, nobody dragged Pompeo for outright saying that Grey’s was about Meredith Grey and could persist without Dempsey because the show was called Grey’s Anatomy. I meant a huge stretch in the sense that he certainly didn’t say “yes, the show would be better off,” all he did was sidestep the question in a way that couldn’t implicate him later. And he definitely misused the word prude, and although I believe that his explanation as to what he meant made it clear that he had misspoken, that’s certainly open to interpretation. “Bitter prude,” however, didn’t happen.
            But anyway. It’s hard to avoid your tweets in the tags, and I’ll admit I’ve dropped by your account before and know that you don’t care for Fillion (given comments about his weight, about his apparent all-present power meaning that everything wrong with the show is because of him, about your belief that he’s out to cut Beckett and Katic out of the show), so — and I mean this sincerely — I’m really sorry for commenting. Neither of us is going to change the other’s mind. I really never thought I’d be defending Fillion, so this is weird.

          • Alice says:

            Liz, you sound like a stalker admitting that you dropped by that poster account. Creepy!

          • Liz says:

            Haha, that’s fair, sorry. I just meant that it’s hard to avoid the poster’s account in the Twitter tags, and therefore have dropped by their account to see if it’s worth a follow. :) Didn’t mean to sound creepy, and I definitely should’ve worded it differently.

  18. Bree says:

    Oh and I’m confused … Didn’t they want to bring the show back everyone fell in love with but do something new but keeping this relationship a secret which isn’t new and Kate having issues that she went to therapy for but still has new issues which are the old ones because she likes to be broken and didn’t they say in episode 2 they’re better as a team just for Kate to leave and pretend the opposite is true just to go back to we’re better as a team because now Castle found out and she probably has no other choice and did I mention that I’m confused ?

  19. Beckstle says:

    Calling her out the sh-t you wrote for Hawley. Obviously, he has hated the character of Beckett for a long time and has been itching for a chance to bring down her character. I’m still gonna hope for a Dallas dream scenario that wipes out season eight, preferably by a showrunner that can write strong, healthy, complex characters for men AND for women – at the same time. Oh, wait, that’d be Blindspot.

  20. OyWithThePoodlesAlready says:

    Oh my god those two were really still stuck on season 4 and move on to season 5 now. Their relationship is now a secret to everyone? I don’t even know where to begin.
    Sorry guys but I can’t take all that FUN anymore. If I wanna see those storylines I’ll get my dvds out.
    I bet next year they’ll throw Castle under the bus. Their vice versa comment says it all.

    • Just one thing says:

      The show has never thrown Castle under the bus, so why would anyone expect them to start? The last time Castle said sorry for something that had any real bearing on their relationship was early S2 when he apologized for looking into Beckett’s mom’s case.
      Season 2 Finale: Beckett doesn’t break up with Demming in time, so Castle goes with Ex-Wife #2.
      Season 3 Finale: Beckett Who Loves to Be Broken went and got herself shot because she just couldn’t let things go.
      Season 4 Finale: After being a mean Liar McLiarson, and despite going to therapy all season, Beckett Who Loves to Be Broken almost got herself killed again, after finding out Castle lied to her. Once she apologized for her transgressions and realized Saint Castle merely lied to protect her, she was redeemed.
      Season 5 Finale: Beckett Who Loves to Be Broken nearly destroyed a perfectly good relationship with her millionaire author boyfriend over silly career advancement. Thankfully, Saint Castle saw through her brokenness and proposed.
      Season 6 Finale: Beckett Who Loves to Be Broken didn’t realize she had been married for 15 years to a known criminal… because she needed to be “brought down a peg.”
      But sure. In what could be the last 10 episodes ever, the showrunners are going to throw Castle under the bus. Uh huh.

    • CastleBuzz says:

      I’m trying to figure out the fans’ lack of reaction to what Castle did in this ep. No one, except myself in a long post above, has called out Rick for deciding to hack into Kate’s computer, to SPY on her, instead of talking to her after Hayley found the text was from Vikram. I haven’t seen anyone calling his actions deplorable here or on other boards and comment threads. Personally I can’t fathom his decision and consider it morally much more reprehensible than anything Kate has done to him this season, including leaving him. Whatever you think of Kate’s decision, you have to admit it was made out of fear, love, and duress. But Rick clearly had a simple alternative. The alternative that I bet most of us would have taken — go to her, ask her what’s going on, tell her to tell you the truth.

      • Bruno Bailly says:

        CastleBuzz, I agree with your point that Castle should have gone to her as soon as he found out the call was from Vikram, that would have been enough to finally get her to finally open up and yes he did go too far with the hacking.
        as for the lack of reaction of most people, I think that is due to the fact that there are so many bad things to react to in the show this season that most of us are overwhelmed by them and some do slip through the cracks , that’s why the more fans speak their minds on these sites, the more of those bad things will be caught and analysed .

        • CastleBuzz says:

          Bruno, thanks for letting me know you agree. Your reasoning might be right. I just think it’s odd that Castle’s behavior so often gets excused by so many. Poor Beckett — even posters who think Kate’s a psychological mess have no sympathy for her. At this point, though, I think I’ll put aside the analysis and just find the patience to wait for Feb 1. Enjoy the holidays and see you in the new year.

          • Bruno Bailly says:

            Thanks, you enjoy the holidays as well but I thought Castle was coming back on January 4th. Am I wrong?

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Yes, unfortunately. TPTB switched back to a longer hiatus the day the last ep aired. Bah humbug. January just got drearier….

          • Bruno Bailly says:

            Look at it in a positive way, it will give us more time to prepare mentally for what’s coming in the second half of the season because I believe it will still be painful to watch for a while anyway.

  21. I'm going to let you finish but says:

    Matt, the questions were great, thank you! I like that you asked them tough questions. .
    If/when you get a chance to talk to Winter again could you please ask him how he forgot that he actually WROTE THEM HIDING THEIR RELATIONSHIP in episode 5×3 “Secrets Safe With Me”.
    I get that Alexi was busy on other (failed) shows and seems to want to really rewrite the seasons he was gone from, but Winter should remember the eps HE HAS written. I mean, i just wanted to point that out.

  22. James says:

    H&W I’m not with you, the direction you took turn your viewers away from this show thus taking a hit and making it a also ran. When you come back what will the viewership be, 1.3 or not even a 1.0. Remind me when does a show get cancelled? Guessed you lucked out, since the replacement shows were not ready to go!

  23. cmmorgan32 says:

    It certainly seems like the showrunners would rather have Castle end with a whimper rather than a bang. The one issue that I’ll touch on (since all the others seem to be pretty well covered) is the apparent desire to stick with the separation ruse. 1) It’s just a crappy idea to begin with and 2) the ruse is pointless unless Castle and Beckett actually “commit” to it (assuming they truly fool anyone). That means filing for divorce, saying negative things about the other in the media, Castle staying away from the precinct, etc. You would think something like this would’ve been thought about by now. However, this also happens to be the show where Beckett can already be married and it somehow gets missed during a background check and by a variety of other relevant parties.

  24. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    I am so appreciative of Matt and the rest of TV Line for all the Castle updates. I’ll keep reading Castle articles, but I am so sick of certain trolls on Castle TV Line articles who not only complain no matter what but then have the nerve to bully and belittle people who disagree with them.

    It’s no longer fun trying to be a part of Castle conversations here. I just hope that the totally obnoxious behavior of some doesn’t deter TV Line writers from reporting on this show in the future.

  25. Claire says:

    I liked last week’s episode, and this one as well. I think / hope Season 8 is on the up. Sure, it would have been better if Beckett had worked a bit harder to make it up to Castle – but at this stage, I’ll take what I can get! Hopefully the rest of the season will be better than the early part. I guess there was always going to be a significant change when the creator left – like when Dan Harmon was out of Community – same show, but not the same show. Anyway, I’m back in! Well done guys

  26. Sigh says:

    The line “deep down you like being broken” is so not okay on so many levels …

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:


    • trinawanders says:

      Agree. The writer’s are reeeally pushing this whole “Beckett’s broken and obsessed” thing.

    • Beckstle says:

      Nope. But that’s Hawley’s thing so here we are.

      • L8wrtr says:

        I was really disappointed to see that she simply concedes to this.. that this appears to be the direction that the writers are going with this.. this storyline (broken Beckett) had been resolved, and resolved perfectly.. it was executed brilliantly and I don’t know that it could have been concluded in a more satisfying manner. So to see them rewind Becket on this is tired, it’s un-original, it demeans the character and actually makes her less interesting.
        The only thing worse than re-opening this idea, is how terribly incompetent their execution is on it. It was rushed, it was forced and doesn’t ring true in anyway.. grafting the AG storyline onto the Bracken storyline? Wow.. original work here guys.
        The tragedy of it is (insomuch as a tv show can be tragic) is that now that they’ve gone there, it means we can never really accept that Beckett can ever be happy because even if she does, the writers have now created the reality that Beckett can always fall down the next rabbit hole she stumbles across.
        I’ve seen better writing in first year creative writing courses.

  27. Maryann says:

    From this interview, it seems like 1) they have a massive ego in thinking they are telling really good stories and 2) they couldn’t care less what their viewers think.

    • trinawanders says:

      Yeah at this point I think they are just doing what they want with absolutely no regards to the fans.

    • L8wrtr says:

      It was pretty clear that they could care less what the viewers think at the end of episode 2, and if it wasn’t clear then, it was crystal clear by the first 5 minutes of episode 3. That’s when they lost me because it was painfully clear the direction of the show right then an there, and every episode has lived down to those expectations.

  28. Rodney says:

    That part about them being ok with the ratings and trying to explain them away was totally PR spin BS! You can’t piss off 99.9 % of your fans enough that most quit watching and than go “Ohh the ratings are fine if you take in consideration. …….”

  29. First thank you for your informative and revealing question and answer session with Hawley and Winter. IMHO you put the fans first in presenting information that is trustworthy and accurate. As the saying goes: Now on with the show. It is awesome and so very Castle-esque. The episode answers many questions about Rick and Kate and reinforces that there is nothing phony or pretentious about who they are and the love they share. We are also advised of potential bumps in the road in future episodes. It is a beautiful and eye opening episode. My problem with the first few shows, I feel the story should have been introduced later and the fans given a chance to adjust. IMO pulling the rug out immediately is responsible for some of the fans’ outrage. ’nuff said.

  30. Annie says:

    Y’know, I consider myself a fairly accepting, open person. Live, let live, you do you, etc. But I swear, every single time these two open their mouths, I like them less. They’re proud and excited? So basically “screw all those fans who’ve lodged valid complaints – you guys don’t count – all we care about is getting our way.” I’m exaggerating here, of course, but not by much. Oh and guys? Pregnant women aren’t freaking invalids. Morons. (Not that I have any interest in seeing a Caskett baby brought into this trainwreck anyway.)

  31. It’s about time they come to their senses!! I think a baby in the works evenually would be kind of nice for Rick and Kate. It would definitely be challenging.

  32. NDFan says:

    Thank you for the interview Matt. I’m not a fan of how the whole storyline went down in the first part of the season, but there were still quite a few enjoyable parts for me. I’m sticking with it until the end.

  33. Carla Krae says:

    Pregnant women can do a lot – but Beckett is a physical character. She gets in physical struggles with bad guys at times. All it takes is a hard kick to the belly or being thrown and landing wrong for her to potentially lose a baby. Ask any woman in martial arts if she still spars with contact after finding out she’s pregnant. Come on, guys….that’s what the showrunners were talking about.

    • orchidmantis says:

      Alias did it, and did it well. Including taking their badass out of hand-to-hand combat.

      I do NOT want a pregnancy, because a) I think it will be used as a magical fix for everything, a la Doonesbury’s “so you wanna paper over all our irreconcilable differences for a while”; b) while Castle is a good dad, I really see nothing all that positive in their relationship and don’t want to add a child to two people who are such crap at working things out so they can live together. But not because being pregnant would mean Beckett could not engage in the hard work of captaining: lie on the couch? have people comment on her butt?

  34. gretchen thad says:

    “It allowed us to do some fun stuff.” I must have missed that part. How is it possible for two people who are running the show to be so clueless? Castle and Beckett fighting in public has always been part of their charm and a joke everyone was in on. If family and co-workers think that fighting is real, the joke is over and the charm will be gone. A failing marriage isn’t “fun,” even if it’s faked. I’m not the biggest Beckett fan but even I think these guys are doing her a disservice. She was “all in” her relationship with Rick and now, it’s work first. Even last night, the only thing that got her back to Castle was his promise to work with her to solve the murders of several federal agents. I guess the attorney general is leaving it to a lone captain in the NYPD to solve the murders of several of his top agents.

  35. Lisa says:

    Haven’t seen the latest 3 episodes yet, but I love what I’ve seen so far and I see no reason for not liking the other episodes. I totally got my excitement for the show back as this season takes me back to the feeling of earlier seasons which were heavy on the fun and will they/won’t they. I do have to admit that the answers in this interview (not remembering Caskett being kept a secret and all) are not quite legit. But just because the reasoning is flawed doesn’t mean the show is. I just hope that people can keep an open mind and not go into an episode thinking it’s gonna suck. I ignored the bad comments when the premiere aired in the US but hadn’t over here, and look where it got me: still enjoying the show that has been one of my favorites for years.

  36. JBKD says:

    Seriously. These guys really need to stop giving interviews. Each one they do just keeps reinforcing how moronic they sound, and that they are completely over their heads.
    Neither should be a show runner. AH has failed so many times….including here….I can’t believe anyone would trust him with a series again. And yet, there is his new show next year. What a joke.

  37. They're Dense...Irretrievably Dense says:

    They just don’t get it. Show runners? Not so much. Show killers? udamnbetcha. It may be only a matter of time when a formerly fun, great show finds itself in the “longshot” category for renewal.

  38. Anonymous says:

    All season, I have wanted to hear Stana Katic’s take on what has transpired. I am beginning to believe she’s decided to just ride it out to the end without doing press on this mess. Because honestly, what could she possibly say? That wouldn’t also look like complete PR spin? And add to this utter debacle? This season is an absolute mess. And what they’ve done to, and with, her character is criminal.

    • David says:

      yep lets get Katic into a interview and see what she thinks BUT I’m betting she’ll just toe the line until her contract runs out.. then the truth will out after contract expires.

    • trinawanders says:

      I agree. I don’t think Stana is the type to lie in interviews, which probably explains why she hasn’t done one this season. She has to know that Beckett isn’t being presented well. I actually hope she doesn’t do one because it would likely be pretty cringe-worthy.

  39. orchidmantis says:

    *scratches head*

    So, wait. For months we’ve been told in exasperation that the breakup ISN”T about fooling Loksat into thinking they aren’t a couple. No! It’s about keeping Rick from investigating what Kate is doing, because if anything’s going to completely fail to ding the curiosity of a guy who’s been investigating mysteries for the last seven years, it’s his wife’s unexplained abandonment. What mystery? Clearly he did something wrong, and if he bumbles into enough of her cases, she will take him back. Nothing to puzzle over here.

    Now the breakup is a facade for Loksat’s benefit?

    • 183arizona170 says:

      Don’t mind, those ones who spread that BS won’t care about it. The rest had already been pissed about the stupidity of it anyhow, so for them this twist doesn’t matter either.

  40. Guest47 says:

    The only thing who keep me watching this absurd storyline was waiting for pregnant Beckett! Because, seriously, we had to watch too much “sh*t” and now one of the thing most people wants… you decide to not give us that. Because you don’t know how to write badass Beckett with a baby in her belly. Oh wow. You are really good at writing then! As if a woman got pregnant she isn’t badass anymore… WTH. Maybe you need to re-think about it, cause I’m tired of your s**t.

    • Suzy says:

      Because moms can’t be badass (insert eye roll from a badass mom herself). We are supposed to stay home and bake. Not take down bad fuys, save lives, and just be awesome in general.

      • lurker says:

        Well, I’ve heard some fans talking “Why does she still works? She married a millionaire, and will soon be a mother. She should quit her job and spent her time in nurturing her husband, their home and their children.” Really. And those were women talking. I was scratching my head for days. Haven’t they heard? We’ve got voting rights for more than a century now.

        • Just one thing says:

          A woman is never fully complete until she’s on the arm of a man and has a brood of kids running behind her.
          I’m sorry you’ve been lied to for so long.

          • lurker says:

            Aaaaaah. Thank you for lifting the blinds from my eyes. And I thought there were there for some “naked punishing”. LOL

  41. SantaFeBob says:

    The showrunners responses were such total BS . . . not even worth printing. And based on history, should we believe there is even an iota of truth in any of those hints and proclamations?

    This episode may have been the best (or the better?) of the season, but I’m not sure I can even be objective anymore. I have loved this show from the outset, but now I watch with extreme trepidation . . . wondering and worrying how the next scene will make it even worse. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion . . the locomotive is already in smithereens and the observation car is plowing into the wreckage.

    Get rid of Hayley. Get rid of Vikram. Get rid of the PI office. Bring back the writer. Bring back the muse. Bring back the detective. Bring back the real Alexis. Bring back Ryan and Espo. Bring back (Maya Stojan). I guess there is no hope of bring back Captain Gates! Martha is the only one who is a smidge related to Martha. . . . Oh, I almost forgot: Bring back some decent showrunners!

  42. Imzadi says:

    I would have liked a little more Ryan & Esposito. I really enjoy those guys. At least we had a little bit of Martha & Alexis. No Lainie? Really?

  43. David says:

    Oh, this is called CYA lol good grief this interview had me scratching my head and I sorta kinda blanked out for a bit. Good questions Matt but you got the ol zig and zag responses lol
    Show runners must been watching old reruns of farscape where J/A pretended not to be a couple in public in S4 and look what happened there..
    Ohh I dunno I think I’m about Castled out, I think I need a hiatus.
    Lets face it though numbers are numbers and they have suffered since this train wreck of an arc was conceived.

  44. Sabrina says:

    It’s good to find out that privately they’re back together however it still doesn’t make me want to watch the show. After missing so many episodes and just reading the recaps I think I’ll just stick to reading about as I feel bored about the show. Reading the recaps and comments is far more entertaining for me nowadays.

    • L8wrtr says:

      Right there with you! I stopped after PhDead and am thankful I did. the first two weeks was difficult.. just knew something was missing on my Mondays.. but after that.. I just forgot about it and would realize on Tuesday.. Oh yeah.. Castle was on last night. I’ll check in and see whether they nuked the fridge, jumped the shark, or wrecked the train this week. I’ll keep reading up on it in the futile hope the show gets better, or that Hawley and Winter get fired.. but let’s be honest… neither of those things is going to happen.

  45. Joan says:

    2015 fall programs are awful! Ridiculous to separate two leads so shortly after marriage. No longer watching on a regular basis

    • Joey says:

      Yes Joan the writing and show running so far this year is awful. Lets take a look at what Matt wrote. We have show runner Winter talking about the first episode to be aired (tone deaf) after they come back on Feb 11. When was this article wriiten by Matt, it must have been done before the date change to Jan 4th for the first episode or show runner Winter does not have a clue on what is going on. On Saturday the 21st Tv Line posted a article, asking Did Castle Make a Baby? Three of the people that write for Tv Line posted that Matt being one. Knowing at the beginning of the season Show runner Winter said no there are no plans for a baby. Why would they do that to the 77% of the fans that want that to happen. I do not think that Kate being pregnant would slow her down at all, she is a strong person.They have so many excuses for the bad rating numbers, when all the two show runners need to do is look into a mirror and they will find the problem.I feel that are trying to make Kate really look bad so Toks can replace her. Bad move.I’m glad they ( Rick and Kate ) are working together, not happy they are still split up. The Show Runner just do not have a clue.

  46. Stacy says:

    I am one of Castles biggest fans, it’s always kind of reminded me of MacMillan and wife. I don’t want to see children on castle, I just want there back and forth word bouncing off each other candor. Please let them get back to some normal story line!

  47. alex says:

    Breakup storyline is really really getting old, and I’m really starting to dislike Beckett, I mean come on, really supposedly she can’t let this go?, she’s like “oh Rick I love you so much, we went through so much to be together, but I’m sorry I don’t love you enough to let this go, so suffer, sorry Rick, if only I loved you that much”, I can’t imagine I’m the only one who thinks it, or mayhe I am, who knows

  48. Suzy says:

    Yeah you definitely can’t have a badass mom working hard taking down the bad guys because you know moms stay home and bake all day. While I am glad the arc is over and really truly enjoyed the episode the show runners aren’t winning over viewers with comments like these!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Um, obviously the point was that a pregnant Beckett can’t/should not be involved in foot chases, derring-do and gunplay…? I doubt anyone was suggesting that, post-partum, there would be any issues.

      Dissect their responses by all means, but don’t go out of your way to distort an obviously intended meaning. Thank you.

      • Guest47 says:

        Yeah, but if other shows can handle it, why not Castle? She wouldn’t be the first female badass that got pregnant! I watched other show in my life where I saw cops being pregnants/mothers and badass at the same time! So, why not Castle? It would be a new interesting thing in this stupid storyline. Just my opinion, but don’t tell me that a show can’t handle a pregnant cop, because it’s absurd, this could mean they don’t know how to write. Also… after how they “killed” Beckett character I think that a pregnancy would not make it worse.

      • Suzy says:

        Definitely not what I meant. I think this was a big episode and I think this was a very good article asking very good questions. But them saying she couldn’t be great with a kid isn’t true. I’m not saying they need to have a baby at all (not in the you have to have a kid to be complete camp by any means) but if the reasoning is because she couldn’t be a great character because of it is wrong. They could have given any other answer besides she wouldn’t be as good as she is.

      • John NYC says:

        Indeed and coming right off an episode with that elaborate chase scene through the bowels of that liner? I can completely see them thinking about those sort of chase scenes and that level of physicality.

      • lame says:

        I guess they never saw Rene Russo in Lethal Weapon.

      • Waleed says:

        Then how bones did it?

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Temp was regularly involved in foot chases, gunplay and other physical derring-do…?

          • Guest47 says:

            Well, they can bring the pregnancy in the last part of the season, so there will be no problem with gunplay, physical derring, etc ;) just saying

        • kmw says:

          Well Bones only had her be with Booth when they were talking to suspects or in the interrogation room at FBI, I don’t believe she ever ran around with a gun while she was pregnant both times. This is the difference between Castle and Bones, Brennan didn’t need to leave her lab or run around to work with Booth whereas Beckett is the detective( or in this case Captain)and this would entail her stepping back from that work. But of course if she really was a Captain she wouldn’t be doing field work anyway. This is beside the point now anyway, both characters have been dumbed down to the point that them having a child wouldn’t help a thing

      • Just one thing says:

        Besides this week’s episode, when was the most recent Action!Beckett sequence? It seems they’ve backed off on that quite a bit this season.
        Not to suggest that Caskett should ever have a kid as long as these showrunners are in charge of canon… but if Kate were acting like a REAL precinct captain, not the convenient hodge-podge leader they’ve made her out to be for the sake of this joke of a season, she would actually be pretty safe from harm’s way.
        But we’re talking about a show run by people who want to have their crappy cake (a separated Caskett) and eat it, too (a separated-but-together Caskett).

      • Me says:

        I’m sorry Matt, but IMO there’s not way one can interpret this statement in a positive way:
        1) First of all it’s just lazy writing: it’s difficult to imagine Beckett doing her usual bad guy hunting while pregnant. So just maintain the status quo and problem solved! Why bring in new storylines when you can revisit again and again season 4 and season 5? And they think the viewers will follow and be excited and have a lot of fun? Really?
        2) However you take it, it is a terribly misoginistic statement. Any woman has to adjust her lifestyle while being pregnant. It is part of a woman’s life and a challenge for all of us. Why can’t this challenge be written into the storyline? Why do they think Beckett would be less interesting if she had to face this challenge in the series? For me it is an essential question. The millenial woman can have it all – carrer, love and mothehood. So how does she do it ? How would the extraordinary Kate Beckett achieve it? Wouldn’t this be a great way to bring the storyline forward, to come up with fresh stories and plots, instead of rehashing old and tired themes?

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Hi, “Me”! I wasn’t whole-heartedly agreeing with it, I was just making sure that people are critiquing what was truly intended, not some loose/incorrect interpretation that “a mom cannot be a cop.”

          • Me says:

            Hi Matt! I see what you mean and agree it is important to address incorrect interpretations. But personnaly, as a woman, even if I take what they say at face value, I still feel offended by their statement. Just my POV.

  49. oliverdoom77 says:

    On one side I truly thought this show was gonna be good because Stana took her time before signing on. Honestly, there have been for me a few bits of these episodes that I did like but I have but a couple questions… Did anyone else think Kate’s coming into the loft & admitting she was wrong was far from Kate Beckett at all? We’re talking about the same Kate that dangled off a ledge before she realized her feelings for castle. Don’t get me wrong I do think castle telling Kate that she likes being broken was harsh but needed. I’m gonna get torn limb from limb about that but here’s why. We are talking about Kate Beckett, the lady who set her eyes on chasing down her mothers murderer & castle dug into her case & what did Kate do? She told him to go. This time, for season 8, Kate is driven by passion to put away anyone to do with her mothers murderer & she wants to like before do it alone. To be honest, I think people need to relax about this show. Am I invested in this show? Yes. I’ve watched since season 1. Tbh, can anyone take a joke anymore? Apparently Stana Katic & the cast are the only ones who can take a joke. Since all these jokes about Beckett surfaced in episodes everyone’s been on a absolute rage fest at how appalling it is. For starters, if you’re invested in this show you should draw a line between invested & only invested Stana Katic. Go look at twitter, how many profiles do you see of Stana? People are obsessed with her & they could careless about Nathan unless its a written joke then suddenly people get upset cause they made jokes about Beckett. I’ve watched every episode of season 8 & regardless of what others say its been good. My only question is that I wanna know if Stana’s coming into the loft seemed more of rushed due to tv time. I guess I may have answered my question. But as I scroll through these comments I can’t help but state those that love the show that comment get torn to shreds for liking this season by those that don’t. They get all sarcastic & pissy cause someone likes this season. To be honest, I think the whole castle fandom needs to take a chill pill. As far as ratings go, I hope for the sake of everything castle doesn’t get renewed for a season 9, because after seeing the overrall response to these so called ‘fans’ if I was Stana or Nathan I wouldn’t come back. If I was toks (plays hayley) I wouldn’t come back. Everyone in this fandom has been nothing but disrespectful since episode 1 & I’m over here watching this show & thinking I’m invested in this show but you don’t see me taking to twitter to attack Terrence or Alexi. If it was up to me at all, ratings wouldn’t matter I’d cancel this show on the basis of disrespectful fans who don’t deserve another season. That’s sound harsh to those that actually have been positive about this season & actually enjoyed it. The positive folks who actually enjoy this & have supported the writers since day episode 1 like it. I guess everyone just wants another season 7 where we have perfect caskett all the time, just them solving cases nothing comes up just the occasional castle gets caught or Beckett gets kidnapped. At this point I’m already gonna get called a sexist because I enjoyed all these episodes & actually thought they were funny. Apparently comedy is going downhill too because people get offended no matter what joke is made. If the story line was great you’d complain about something, but since it didn’t meet your standards you lay into the writers, cast, & add ons, & even other fans for absolutely no reason but to be disrespectful & ruin it for them. Probably a good reason why there’s no positive comments on this write up. Have these characters been ruined? No. Has there been poor writing? No. Has the fan base given the writers an impossible standard because 98% of fans just obsess over Stana & if jokes are made about her that 98% get on there rants about how disrespectful it was to even write that. I’m sorry you can’t take a joke. But honestly maybe to begin with you shouldn’t be obsessing a tv character & trying to pinpoint every single flaw & mistake made & just watch the show like all the other folks in the fandom? From episode one you signed up for a roller coaster ride & we’ve been on just that. Stana signed back on cause she believed in this new storyline & Nathan signed on too. I doubt either return if there’s a next season. Which tbh I don’t like but at the same time let them go enjoy there lives. They’re all busy every cast & crew member. So maybe you negative & whining nancies will get your wish about it getting cancelled. But I wish you’d quit ruining this show for those of us that actually are enjoying this season(:

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you. My thoughts exactly, glad to know some of us can still be reasonable.

    • John NYC says:

      For me they’re not ruining the show as much as they’re ruining this comment section….

    • Em Cooper says:

      Thank you so very much–very well thought out and very well said. Some of the comments I have seen written here, have fallen into the appalling column. I’ve been a fan since day one, and will be one until it ends. I used to enjoy exchanging views with other fans–not anymore.

      • Bruno Bailly says:

        EM cooper , I fully agree with you but don’t forget if you look you will still find that some of us do try to have useful and productive exchanges but it seems that after every episode review this season more and more comments seem to be very aggressive and seem to be more about people being angry than fans expressing their pros and cons on the eps. I understand the frustration and resentment with the showrunners and the definitely destructive direction they seem to have taken for this series but these types of comments are not good for anyone.

    • Beckstle says:

      You sound as if you think Fillion was quick to sign on the dotted line while Katic “took her time” signing. From the comments of Dever and Katic & other issues it looks as though they negotiated Fillion’s contract first & then dealt with everyone else. Look at how everything was done. They had to right the season finale as a possible series finale because they didn’t know if Fillion was going to another season. No Fillion, no Castle. Stana booked two major projects – one that overlapped when the show would in theory start shooting again. Katic, Dever, Jones, the crew, they were all posting things like it was the last season. Why? Because they were waiting for Fillion’s team to decide what to do. When he signed Huertas posted about how thrilled he was to know he’d have a job and they renewed the show once Fillion signed. Her people had a month to hammer things out after his people drew things down to the wire to put together his deal. Frankly, I thought she turned it around pretty quickly.

  50. Let’s call it like it is DAMAGE CONTROL. And you won’t have me believe otherwise – they re-wrote ending and put Castle and Beckett back together. I believe before fan backlash they weren’t going to bring them back together by fall finale.And don’t give the argument that the script was written months ago. Anyone who knows anything about movie and TV script writing knows a script is a fluid thing, thus the many colored pages of it, and can be changed and altered numerous times as filming begins. I still say that is why, along with filming on the ship, was the reason the eps were filmed out of order. These two showrunners are self-absorbed hacks and are just re-hashing a storyline that has already been done.

    And what a slap in the face to all working women who are also mothers – saying Beckett couldn’t balance motherhood and a job. That is one of the most sexist comments I have seen in a while – again giving no respect to what use to be one of the most intriguing female characters on TV. RIP Kate Beckett’s character and integrity – these two show runners have nuked it all to keep the “fun” in the series because Nathan Fillion doesn’t know how to play a romantic leading man all he knows how to do is play an overgrown child so he doesn’t really have to act.

    • oliverdoom77 says:

      If Nathan didn’t know how to act & only knew how to play an overgrown child. Firefly would’ve never happened. Nathan’s a great actor. Although I do agree with you about the change in script just to please the fan base.

      • john says:

        Great actor. You are kidding right.
        He is miscast for this series.
        Romantic leading man, please. NOT! Maybe that is why he is pushing the fun.
        He could have aced Ace Ventura , Pet Detective.

    • John NYC says:

      That’s not that they said: it isn’t about “motherhood”, it’s about having a pregnant Beckett in chase scenes like that one that had just aired going up and down ladders and stairs in the bowels of the ship at full speed. Physically that sort of action would be barred.