Castle Rick Kate Reunion

Castle Fall Finale Recap: The Truth Shall Set You Free...?

This Monday on the fall finale of ABC’s Castle, as Kate uncovered a new clue in the LokSat mystery, Rick’s investigation into his wife’s mysterious behavior delivered sobering results.

After enduring six episodes of estranged “Caskett,” viewers this week got at least some of what they’ve been asking for, when the Case of the Week dovetailed with the LokSat investigation, leading to a case of “dueling hacker banjos” between Vikram and Hayley.

To briefly recap (seeing as a quite candid Q&A with the showrunners is coming your way at 11 pm PT):

When a cruise ship showgirl is found in the river with a bullet to her bean and an 8-ball of H in her throat, Kate boards the vessel on which the woman had been working — where she promptly crosses paths with Rick. With the ship captain being a real D about the investigation and the clock ticking until Rick and Kate will be forced to abandon the at-sea ship, the marrieds agree to collaborate on the collecting of clues. Hanging and comically hoofing with some dancing girls, Rick learns that the deceased likely has her personal items stashed somewhere on the ship. Kate meanwhile discovers that the victim had been mysteriously spending time below deck, in engineering.

Rick and Kate soon enough find a camcorder that the victim had been using to document the cruise ship’s discarding of garbage at sea, until she happened upon a crew member helping smuggle heroin in the trash bins. Kate nabs the guy in question, but back at the 12th, his public defender — Caleb Brown (played by Life Unexpected‘s Kristofer Polaha) — is no pushover. Rather, the attorney (whom Kate and Vik later discover has ties to LokSat) pokes holes at the accused’s alleged role in drug trafficking.

Meanwhile, Rick tasks Hayley with hacking Kate’s phone and determining the source of the cryptic text he spied last week. When they learn that it came from Vikram, the pieces start to come together, seeing as he and the whole AG massacre arrived on the scene just before Beckett bailed on her marriage. Rick then has Hayley remotely hack Vik’s computer, but Vikram and Kate are alerted to the breach whilst working at their new crimesolving lair (inside an abandoned strip club). As Hayley and Vik try to out-hack each other, Rick and Kate trade coy phone calls, trying (but failing) to not let on that the other is up to no good at that very instant. In the end, Hayley must cry uncle, when Vik “nukes” Rick’s computer.

Later, Rick confronts Kate at the 12th, revealing all that he has uncovered, having found himself following his own wife as a P.I. What hurts the most, he says, is that she never thought to come to him to collaborate on a ruse, to track LokSat together. Instead, “You like being broken,” he observes.

Castle Rick Kate ReuniteThe episode ends with Kate visiting Rick’s loft, where she circles back on that uneasy conversation, now that each party’s cards were all on the table.

“Everything that you said, you were absolutely right,” she admits.

“Could you be more specific?”

“That our break-up could have just been a cover, so that we could bring down LokSat together.”

“Yeah,” Rick agrees. Reiterating his earlier point: “I wish you would have come to me.”

“Well, I’m here now. So let’s do it,” Kate says, assuming that bygones are bygones.

But they aren’t, as Rick indicates by noting, “It’s not that easy.”

“I thought that you would–“

“–just take you back, in spite of what you put me through…?” Rick is angry, frustrated, some combo of the two (but perhaps not as hot as he really should be, or should have been weeks earlier). “You did hurt me, Kate — and what’s worse, you lost faith in me,” he points out.

Kate, though, insists she does believe in him, in them. And she cops to making the wrong call all those weeks ago. “I didn’t realize how much I needed you until this happened,” she states. “Please, don’t make me do this without you.” (The irony of course being she is the one that first made herself do this without him.)

After a moment of thought, Rick agrees — “OK” — to maintain the illusion they are not together, even though they very much will be.” He then pulls her into a kiss, which she gleefully responds to, pulling him in for even more — followed by the promise of “very naked punishing” for her rogue antics.

What did you think of “Mr. & Mrs. Castle” and the latest “shift”?

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  1. Sarah says:

    I thought the show was retuning January 4, but the promo said February 1, anyone know the correct return date?

    • peterwdawson says:

      Pretty sure it’s Feb since ABC is shooting for a solid 2 months off before shows come back.

    • jahoney1 says:

      I believe it comes back in January now. This was filmed before they took away the long hiatus. Numbers are not good enough to risk the long hiatus.

    • Big Mike says:

      Hopefully Rick finds his balls during the break. When he started lecturing her about her bad behavior, I was happy….finally the characters were acting like real people! Then Beckett batted her eyes, said “pwetty pwease” and he deposited his manhood directly into her purse. Disgusting.

    • I just have to say ... says:

      I’m confused, as well.
      First, ABC says it’s back on 2/01, then TVLine says it’s back on 1/04 (article dated 11/16). Then tonight’s promo says 2/01, and then TVLine now says 2/01.
      Matt – can you please get us a definitive answer? Thank you, sir. :-)

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Guys, I updated the grid mere minutes after the promo guy said it — the date is now Feb. 1.

    • Carla Krae says:

      Yeah, the TV sites say Jan. 4, so I’m confused, too.

    • PaulRollo says:

      Thanks to the “show runners” the show has become so bad that it should not be allowed to return after the break.

    • shirley says:

      I feel confused too.
      After hearing Feb-then changed to Jan. and now Feb.
      So I guess that means we will just have to pay close attention to announcements and local programming because it seems someone keeps changing their minds at ABC.

  2. Brad says:

    So they prob still have things to work out curious to read the interview later

  3. “I didn’t realize how much I needed you until this happened,”

    If it was me, I would have gotten out the divorce papers right there. How stupid was that. WHY DID YOU MARRY THE GUY?

    • Dina says:

      I know! A lot of days I really think Beckett doesn’t deserve him. Is that too harsh?

      • I just have to say .... says:

        You’re right: Beckett doesn’t deserve him. While Castle is far from perfect, when he loves someone, he gives his heart 100%. There’s no halfway with him.

    • Just one thing says:

      Oh, please. Saint Richard snooped into her mother’s case behind her back within six months of meeting her, lied about that for a period of time, and then spent the fourth year of their friendship lying about her mother’s case AGAIN.
      Shortly after they got engaged a year, he snooped into a case at her new DC gig that almost got her fired AND himself killed.
      The break-up was pointless. Kate has been egregiously written as a wishy-washy moron. No doubt about it.
      But Beckett has been used by the writers as the fall woman in their relationship for years. Yet certain fans want to act like Castle – a guy who is a consistent “doormat” to everyone from his mother and daughter to his ex-wives and chicks he just met – reserves all of his “doormat-ness” for Beckett.
      Yes, Castle deserves so much more than Beckett. I hope he and Lucy one day run away together so certain fans of the show will finally be satisfied.

      • lurker says:

        Thank you, Jot. I guess, after the last season, this season is really the season of how to rewrite and kill the character of Kate Beckett. As for R. Castle, he was pictured as a “doormat” or maybe a SAM from the beginning. What’s funny for me is that people act like they’re unable or unwilling to process or comprehend his character like anything more than just a happy-go-lucky, funny guy, not to forget a rich one. That’s so one-dimensional. And that’s the guy who doesn’t like introspection because only God knows what he could find in there. Have any of these people ever asked the question where did his obsession with powerful women come from? No? But, hey, it’s the comedy that counts. And speaking of comedy, if they want to look only for the comedy, then for me Rogan was Castle minus the writing talent, money and Alexis. Robin Williams’ character in “Ms. Doubtfire” was Castle minus the writing talent and money, plus the marriage and three kids. Frankly, this season the writers succeeded in only one thing in their attempts to re-pilot the show – a complete rewrite of the characters after six seasons. Season 7 was a “comedic” disaster of its own kind.

        • Just one thing says:

          All great points, but I now have the image of “Castle as Mrs. Doubtfire” in my head and I can’t seem to shake it. I both blame and thank you.

          • R says:

            Nice to see you still fighting the good fight JOT :)
            I haven’t watched a single episode since “What Lies Beneath,” but having seen others discussing the line “you like being broken” I couldn’t resist returning to my favorite delusional group of Castle fan lol
            The only constant in Castle now is its ability to continually amaze me with terrible characterization. After hearing that line my eyes almost rolled out of the back of my head.

          • Just one thing says:

            I haven’t re-watched that “you like being broken” scene, because I really don’t see the point. But it sounded like amateur writing that was trying desperately to be deep.
            If you must watch anything related to Castle, check out last week’s episode. It’s far from perfect, but so similar to past seasons, it’s essentially a unicorn swimming through a season of swill.

      • CastleBuzz says:

        Agree, JOT. At this point, all Rick deserves is Lucy. And thanks for pointing out that he is a consistent, almost relentless, doormat. He can’t even get an employee – Hayley – to use the desk he wants her to in his own office.

      • Fred says:

        Withholding parts of the truth may not be completely honest but it doesn’t compare to Kate persistent lying, self interest and this year simply not caring. Stana is gorgeous; but have given up acting. Notice her relationships with the cast and coldness toward Castle. The old electricity is gone. Vikram is more her style now!

        • lurker says:

          I’m confused. Were you talking about Stana’s relationship with Vikram or Beckett’s relationship with Vikram? And what’s all that have to do with Stana being gorgoues or not?

          • Fred says:

            For Castle discussion Kate and Stana are identical. Just notice how comfortable she is with Vikram. He insults Rick and she responds with a smile. In this episode and the last, when Rick and Kate are together even in bed they are both physically and emotionally distant. Is this writing, acting or directing?

          • lurker says:

            “For Castle discussion Kate and Stana are identical.” Why? How? “Notice her relationships with the cast and coldness toward Castle.” By cast you meant the actors or their characters? You meant toward R. Castle or toward N. Fillion? Seriously scratching my head. I thought the first premise while watching any show or movie is to differentiate the actor from the character that actor is playing. How do you watch the actors who played different roles in several shows or movies? How do you read books? By not differentiating all the characters from the writer who put the words in their mouths? The same is valid in any show and movie: the writers are responsible for the script. The directors are there to get the adequate expressions from the actors. Subpar product we’re watching now is the result of the bad or lazy writing followed by poor directing, i.e. they don’t care. Judging by the writers’ interviews they think their product is an excellent show. Also, I think when some fans start to differentiate the actors from their roles that will mark the beginning of a new era in TV watching. The children ’till certain age are the ones taking the fiction as the reality. The grown ups work with that famous suspension of disbelief. And I’m not talking about the casual viewers.

  4. Chloe says:

    My only question after this episode is why didn’t they do this since the beginning? What was the point of these past previous episodes? Make viewers go away? Vikram is really annoying, can’t believe they changed Tory for him. did anyone else noticed the S4 finale reference in the last scene?

    • Rba says:

      Can u say rewrite..the story and resolution was just lame.

      • Kim R says:

        I agree. After watching, it felt exactly like a rewrite to try and fix it. And they could have done this from the very beginning of the story line with Castle in the know. Lots of good stuff could have been written from that angle.
        They made a mistake. They fixed it. I’m glad it’s over.

    • Kim says:

      Which s4 reference? I got an “always ” vibe at times. Will need to re watch ending

    • Fred says:

      I agree Tory was wonderful and great at her job. Vikram and the actor portraying him are a total negative. He can’t even read his lines and where does he come off carrying a gun and giving orders to Castle, Beckett and suspects. The ending was not season four. The electricity between the leads is gone. Emotionless. She only wants to divert him so she can move on with her broken obsessions.

      • bob price says:

        I just hope Beckett over the next few episodes in her ‘quest’ to find out who
        murdered her mother breaks her marriage vows that for me would be the
        end of watching the program. I would not even watch the reruns. I just have
        this feeling that might happen.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Oooh, maybe to get close to Caleb? Innnnnteresting….

          • Bruno Bailly says:

            Is it just me or do some people really want to see the Beckett character completely destroyed ? I do not understand this since she is an essential part of the Castle success story. Do you really want the series to be cancelled ?
            IMO if Beckett is no longer there Castle will be cancelled because the majority of fans will stop watching and the only hope to have the series continue is for it to pick up massive numbers of new fans who do not want to see a relationship based story.

          • Fred says:

            Exactly! The “show runners” by systematically destroying everything that Castle was all about, have alienated fans by the millions. Tweaking was necessary, but to have every episode end on a depressing low note, with Kate and Rick further apart. Can only be a sadistic attempt to terminate the show in the most negative way possible

          • lurker says:

            Excellent mind-reading skills you have there,Matt. At least of my mind. : )) And, Bruno, your question should be addressed to writers. They’re the ones who’s doing all the destruction. Some people here have been complaining about that for weeks. At the end we become sarcastic about the whole thing by simply thinking of some more new interesting ways of how to further the destruction. You go with all the character’s traits and reverse every single one of them. Simple. To what purpose are the writers doing that? Better not to think about that.

          • Bruno Bailly says:

            lurker, I agree that most of us have been complaining about the show runners and writers since the beginning of the season and I understand the need for sarcasm at this time but like everything else too much sarcasm can leave a bad impression as to the intent of some people’s comments.

  5. Dina says:

    No. No. No. Beckett: Let’s get back together. Castle: You hurt me. Beckett: I know, sorry, I didn’t realize walking out you for no reason would hurt you. Also, it turns out I really need you. So please take me back right now, without even a second to think about it. Castle…OK, let’s have kinky sex!

    Beckett has done something like this to Castle every season since season 4, and he has never taken her to task for lying to him about something important. I’m all for them getting back together, but this is not the reunion I wanted. Beckett gets to go back to the life she almost destroyed without feeling guilty.


    • John Z says:

      exactly ! ” sorry I blew up our marriage, drove you away, made you suffer, but I was trying to protect you, can I come home ? ” ……… ” ok”

      Come on ?!? hold her accountable, get angry, argue , for at least a few minutes….. what a waste, could have been epic instead of epically lame .

    • orchidmantis says:

      This is why I don’t want a baby: people who act like this really shouldn’t drag in more innocent bystanders.

  6. Annie says:

    Well Beckett isn’t the blind item then…now I have no idea who is :|

  7. Kristine says:

    This whole thing was stupid.

  8. Teri says:

    Don’t care. Just want them to move forward together. It was true to Castle’s personality to forgive Kate. He is a pile of mush for her and loves her so deeply. He has always forgiven her quickly. Think back to 4×01 RISE. HE JUST CANT STAY MAD AT HER. THIS EPISODE HAD ALOT OF GOOD STUFF.

    • orchidmantis says:

      I sincerely don’t grasp how being a pile of mush no matter how many times someone kicks you is supposed to be appealing in a relationship. Love isn’t something that just floats above it all regardless of what the two allegedly-loving people do to each other.

  9. ndixit says:

    As usual, it doesn’t take much persuading from Beckett for Castle to relent. But kudos to the writers for at least letting Castle express some of the frustrations and have Beckett apologize. The irony noted in the recap is funny because it’s so obvious. The whole break up still doesn’t make a lick of sense and Beckett comes off looking quite the idiot.

    • Dina says:

      That is such a good point. So now Beckett’s going to keep doing this dangerous thing, but her husband will know and they’ll only look like a separated couple? Then what was the break up for?

    • Hermie says:

      I’ve read a lot for the comments here’s my take. First, whether we like it or not the writer’so bold move has Castle fans commenting positive, negative we r talking about the show. Second, while I didn’t & don’t like them living apart, I would like to see more,of their private life,adjusting to marriage and all that entails, finally having the loft to themselves, how they deal,with finances now, maybe redecorating the,loft, all those little things,that put stress,in a,marriage, I can,see,why Beckett did what she did. People everyday are afraid to be happy. Humans are flawed, Stana has always said this is what she likes about her character. And when we are afraid we are unsure and vulnerable. So, Beckett doubted herself and listened to Rita. People do this everyday. We fight with our loved ones, we are cheated on or do the cheating and we take the advice of others. Often it’s not what we would normally do but we are scared and don’t trust ourselves. Third, people make choices, decisions that affect our partners,without consulting our significant others everyday. We walk out of marriages, relationships, we have children, abortions, without consulting our partners everyday. This,is real life. I find it interesting that so many,people think Castle should divorce Beckett @fierce what what did. We are a society too willing to divorce rather than trying to work on our issues and stick it out. Happiness is work. Love is forgiveness and as long as Beckett is willing to work at their marriage I don’t think he should give up. Castle has,his,own set of issues. But most importantly they are different personalities who are awesome and stronger together Yang an Yang. Lastly I think the writers are trying to find the best way to move forward and have some hit and miss. But I love these characters and am not ready to see the show cancelled, Stana an Nathan have great chemistry I would pretty much watch anything these two do together movie, TV series, etc. So I will continue to watch.

      • bob price says:

        In my opinion I see a lot of psychoanalysis type opinions in the comments. I respect
        them all. But I predict the finale will have three possible type of an ending. One-complete
        divorce.. Two- A complete harmonious loving of the two together. Three- Beckett is
        killed. And if their is a season 9 it will start in a cemetery if Beckett would be killed.
        Season 9 then would continue in an abbreviate 13 episodes to see if fans would accept
        Castle without Beckett. To all have a pleasant day.

        • John Z says:

          Options 1 -divorce, and 3- Beckett killed, wont fly. 806 showed that. Contrary to what NF or anyone else wants to think, Castle (the show) is about Caskett (the couple). Castle without SK / KB would be met with disdain by the majority of fans (including myself)
          Only option 2- happily ever after , is viable. And then the writing needs to get back to its former quality level, verse the current S8 shallow frat boy level.

      • cece says:

        You have made more sense then any other comments made about this show and the actors. Thank you will continue to watch until they turn the lights out at the studio.

  10. Dj says:

    Glad they ended the split. Still not a fan of the LokSat plot. But the last 15 mins and the hacking war was fun. But I do miss Tory. Also When is it coming back. Tvline said Jan 4.

  11. GsMumbo says:

    Can we PLEASE accept this ending and move on now. I imagine some people won’t like how quickly Castle took her back but let’s be honest, if they had stretched it out we’d be even more pissed. So let’s enjoy the fact that they’re back together, on the same page, and our show is back to how we want it and enjoy the rest of this season.

    • Sara says:

      I can’t and I won’t. I’m a Nielsen viewer. I refuse to give this show any of my viewership. They have lost that right. I’m not a fan of Caskett due to my strong hatred of toxic relationships so i could care less that they are continuing this one-sided, unhealthy farce of a marriage. I was a fan of the writing. The writing allowed me to suffer through Beckett. Lord knows that’s an insufferable character to tolerate. Castle is a massive pill but she’s a jackhammer to the skull. The writers left us 3 seasons ago. A pathetic, pitiful excuse of a love story is not entertaining to me. I want the show to rebound but this attempt was another failure. I haven’t given up but I won’t waste my Nielsen vote on this mess either.

      • jahoney1 says:

        To some extent I am with you. I am also a Nielsen viewer and am having a hard time giving times and voting for Castle.

      • orchidmantis says:

        I, also, don’t understand what’s supposed to be appealing and rootable about their relationship. Seems thoroughly toxic, lacking in trust and honest and support and respect.

        • Kevin Fowler says:

          It is about power for women. If a man act like a man he is a caveman.

          • Rory says:

            It’s true. They don’t are how stupid they make Castle look as long as Beckett runs around doing whatever she wants. In the early seasons he used to be well written and smart. That’s why he helped solve crimes. Now all the writers care about is empowering Beckett.

      • L8wrtr says:

        Good for you Sara! This is an acknowledgement by Hawley and Winter that they were completely off the reservation, but based on everything written in every summary/review of the episode this is clearly not a return to quality writing. I will admit I was tempted to DVR this one at least, but I will continue to wait for clear signs that the writers finally get it, or have been fired.

      • Rich says:

        kids, if you have watched this show since day 1 like many of us you know that Castle writing is sometimes excellent and sometimes less so, like every other show, much better than most. What is never not amazing is the charisma of Castle and Beckett, and the sizzle when they are together. It is a combination of the story, the writing, and the actors. I give a lot of credit to Stana and Nathan because they are the constant. They are great together. I hated this breakup story as it lacked appreciation for the characters. Also there have been some ups and downs over 8 years with the story. But with all that said, I am relieved and thrilled that TV’s greatest couple can continue now. I hope the writers don’t hang us out too long on the fake split, should be funny for a few weeks, but not long term. Please everyone think about how much you love Caskett how great all these characters are. Give them time to right the ship, and get us another season. Again Castle and Beckett will are back together, the shows will not all be perfect going forward, but the basis of the show is now fixed. Watch and enjoy!

        • L8wrtr says:

          That’s a really nice sentiment Rich, but here are the sad facts:
          1) In 8 episodes so far they have been average at their best, and unwatchable at their worst. Eight episodes! That’s 336 minutes, and in that time, they have not only regressed the characters, but straight-up made them unlikable. In 336 minutes they have accomplished nothing positive. Nothing interesting. Nothing fun. Total number of sparks? 0. Total believable fun? Level 0. Even when the episodes rise above horrible and have fun in them, it was negated by the elephant in the room. So in 8 episodes, the only thing they’ve accomplished is taking a great show and great characters and ruined them.
          2) Hawley and Winter are insistent that their direction is going to be awesome but continue to say that the past 8 episodes are really fun and great and entertaining.

          So if the past 8 episodes are mediocre at best, and the writers insist that they think they are great, what on God’s green Earth would make anyone think that the next 8, let alone 16 will be anything but more of the same putrid quality?

          I don’t mean to be harsh here, but while I agree every season has ups and downs, no season of Castle has had 8 straight episodes of “oh my god, I’d rather be watching something else”. Even the best episodes this season have been flawed and needlesly encumbered by the ridiculous separation.

          Clearly Hawley and Winter think that their _hit don’t stink and that there is nothing wrong, so at this point in time I have no reason to believe that they are capable of making this better. That being the case I don’t see why their arrogance should be rewarded with nielsen eyes, and with them in charge, I sure as hell don’t want to see this trainwreck extended into a 9th season.

          • PaulRollo says:

            Thank you LB for your totally accurate description of this trainwreck of a season. As you point out, the biggest problem is that the writers actually believe their writing is good. Not realizing a problem is the best predictor of future failure. The writers have no clue what they have done to this show and have no idea how to fix it. Destroying the chemistry and credibility of the lead characters is not how you rejuvenate a stagnate story line. The current story line is a complete fail and the new cast members are not value added.
            “Castle and Beckett sat on a wall, Castle and Beckett had a great fall, and all the writers and producers couldn’t put put Castle and Beckett back together again”!
            Castle may limp along for awhile, but is mortally wounded. I would not be surprised if the show gets axed during the “mid-season break”.

          • John Z says:

            I agree . Great insightful comments as always. In reading the Interview with the morons, my question is, when will Hollywood require drug testing. Cause what ever those 2 are on, you gotta have a percription!
            Im with you, this season is awful. That really becomes evident when you watch end scene fro 808, thenwatch Caskett random clips from previous seasons. My god irs like going from steak to cold oatmeal.
            Also its like the heart of the show just isn’t there anymore. As well as the brain, .
            And just really tired of the lets keep them apart, lets have them be secretly together , but apart. F- that. As much crap assome Castle fans talk about Bones, even after 11 seasons, now together with kids, the show isnt painful to watch. Why cause the showrunners didnt write for their egos, but to the desires of the fans. What a concept.
            Always a pleasure to read your comments, as they are deeply insightful and I think very accurate.
            Kind regards john z

        • CastleBuzz says:

          Thanks for the pep talk, Rich. I fear it has fallen on deaf ears. I’m with you.

        • lurker says:

          If you closely look at the first 8 episodes of this season there’s the chronology thing that sticks out for me – a case happened connected to Beckett’s past, Beckett lies to Castle, they separate, then Beckett comes to loft and apologize to Castle, Castle forgives her, they kiss and go to bedroom for some “naked punishing”. With some twists in the plot, that’s the story of season 4 with some hacked version of the “Always” episode. Now, the writers are going into the territory of season 5 – fake break-up and hiding of the relationship. There’s no righting of the ship, that is the direction of the ship.

      • CastleBuzz says:

        Wow, Sara and all who agree with her, what does it take for you to stop watching a show? I’m not telling you to stop. I’m just flabbergasted. The relationship is toxic, one lead is a massive pill, the other an insufferable jackhammer to the skull (great visual btw), the writers are absent or idiots, the showrunners are off the reservation (I haven’t heard that one in a long time, probably not PC), and the whole thing is pathetic. I am in awe of people who sit still for such punishment, whether live, On Demand, or DVR.

        • L8wrtr says:

          Um.. did you read Sara’s post? She ISN’T watching it, she was quite clear on that. And a lot of us have quit watching (note, terrible ratings of the show). But like so many, we LOVE the show and keep track of the reviews in the misguided hopes that one day soon we’ll read a description of a show and events that indicate that the show runners have finally figured out what they’re doing wrong and that it’s safe to start watching again. I doubt it will ever return to normal, not with Hawley and Winter calling the shots at least.. but Castle has been my favorite show and so I hope against hope that it will get fixed.. and in the mean time… sharing my frustration with other frustrated fans is about the only form of therapy that helps.. misery as they say, loves company ;)

          • CastleBuzz says:

            She wrote “this attempt was another failure” implying she watched it without giving her vote to Nielsen, however that works. My bad, I suppose. But people who comment on the quality of writing, characterization, dialogue, etc. should have watched the show. That goes for critiquing any media, book, movie, TV show. To comment on these matters based on someone else’s perception and review is ludicrous. In addition, Sara talked about her problems with the show going on for three years. That’s a lot of suffering and self-punishment.

          • L8wrtr says:

            That’s not entirely true in my opinion. Well, first, a person can comment and critique anything they like, this isn’t the Soviet Union :P
            You’re drawing comparisons which aren’t always directly analogous (Also, I find it humorous that you’re critiquing her for making critical comments about something she hadn’t seen, when you didn’t really read her comment terribly well :P )
            But to my point, I can absolutely speak to the quality of writing on something I haven’t seen based on what has come before, and a competent summary of what the object of my critique is. For instance, if a writer sets up a scenario or position upon a fallacious assumption or concept, and never seeks to rectify that flawed premise, then all elements crafted afterwards are subject to the flaws inherent in the original.
            As an example, Rick being rewritten to be a childish, intellectually vapid buffoon starting with PhDead in which he both A) Doesn’t investigate why Beckett left him and B) Goes through his days childishly happy, and having for the most part positive and happy interactions in spite of the fact that the love of his life and the object of his life the past 7 years, is tragically flawed. Any episode in which maintains this basic structure is, for me, unappealing, stupid and intellectually insulting. I don’t need to watch the details to know this. If someone writes an accurate summary of the episode, I can tell from that episode that the writers have again, failed in their tasks.. That is BAD WRITING. Now I may not be able to critique specific qualities of dialog, but in terms of story structure, character arc, and overall progression of the narrative, I ABSOLUTELY can make an objective assessment as to the quality of writing on the show because not only do I have a functioning brain stem, but I have been gifted, as a human being, the marvelous ability known as critical thinking.
            Beyond that, I can, without watching an episode, watch trailers and their released ‘snippet’ which provide a snapshot as to the general quality of writing and acting. It is fair to use both summaries of an episode plus the released footage of trailers and clips to extrapolate the overall quality of each episode.
            These conclusions also seem to be in line with the majority of those coming here to vent their frustrations who’ve actually taken the unenviable choice of actually watching these episodes and have relayed their observations. The vast preponderance of evidence supports one unavoidable, and very safe conclusion: The writing of this season has been atrocious. Even if specific elements of dialog and crime-solving narratives have improved since Episode 3 (the last full episode I suffered through) the overall writing, ie, crafting a season-long narrative, has been an utter, and abject failure.
            (and for the record, the writing on episodes 1-3, with 3 in particular, were TERRIBLE. 3 was shockingly, appallingly bad and safe to say, up to that point, regardless of plot, was the worst writing I’d ever see in 7+ season of Castle.. you could argue that the plot writing for the episodes that wrapped up missing Rick were worse conceptually, but the on-page writing was embarrassing)

    • ndixit says:

      I would have much preferred it if Castle had agreed to start working with Beckett but at least told her that she still has to earn back his trust. Something which suggests some repercussions for Kate. She always gets all she wants after an apology. After ‘Always’, she got Castle and she got to go after Bracken. After ‘Watershed’, she got engaged and got to go to DC and even had Castle almost move to DC with her. And now, with ‘Mr and Mrs Castle’, she got Castle back, with her stupid separation in tact and also the chance to continue working her case. She really has the magic apology down.

  12. Demi says:

    Long time Castle watcher, maybe second time complainer. I didn’t overly enjoy this episode, maybe because of the producers saying for weeks that we will really enjoy it, my expectations were too high and they were not met. Having said that, I like that Kate opened up to Castle even though he had to go thru unconventional means, also Ikr that they are going to move on with the case together. I am hoping the producers do justice to the second half of the season and are trying to tie it all up with a neat bow because IMO, I don’t think there’s a S9 for Castle.
    P.S: When did Hayley develop hacking skills? Was it ever mentioned?

  13. Bob says:

    I doubt there issues are over it seem kinda rushed at the end they prob still have a lot to work out

  14. Sara says:

    Rick Castle is OFFICIALLY the biggest doormat in the history of doormats. Talk about no dignity or self respect. He might as well walk around with a permanent “KICK ME” sign. I have always hated Beckett so I give credit to the Castle writers for being consistent. Beckett is a [w]itch and Castle is a pathetic, weak, spineless buffoon. This episode should be shown to all emotional abuse victims. This is their future if they remain in that unhealthy, toxic, soul killing relationship. You end up as pitiful as Castle. If that’s love, I’ll settle for being alone.

    • ndixit says:

      Absolutely agree. Its just head shakingly ridiculous. Just how many empty apologies is Beckett going to give in her life.

    • jahoney1 says:

      I do agree. This seasons Castle’s is a doormat. This show only works when Beckett and Castle have operated as equals. A true power couple. Her talk with him before his speech at the end of season seven mirrored the pep talk he gave her at the beginning of season 8. (equality). Castle has done some bone headed things and so has Beckett, but this whole character rewrite, regression, and dumbing down of Castle and Beckett has taken a lot out of the show. At one time I could see Beckett and Castle joining the ranks of one of the top tv crime fighting couples/duos of all time. Now I am not sure at all.

      • L8wrtr says:

        Exactly. They threw out all of the evolution of the previous 7 seasons. Kate had her problems, but I could always understand Rick’s patience with her up to a point, and by the end of Season 7 it felt like they had a healthy relationship, that her demons were slain, that the wall was torn down, and whatever other metaphors they created through the years. It felt that they had finally achieved a healthy relationship as equals. Yes she was always going to be sarcastic to his crazy notions, but if felt like her belief in him had finally become as unshakable as his has always been in her. Then in no-time flat they utterly destroy 7 season of growth, complex interaction and maturation. These characters are husks of what they once were and these writers have revealed themselves as the hacks that they are. They may have written quality episodes in the past, but more clearly then ever it was appears it was only because Marlowe was the show-runner, understood his characters, and gave clear and specific direction for each episode.

    • orchidmantis says:

      I did really like Beckett in S1 and 2. But once they decided to make her broken (I think to endlessly drag out the wtwt, when they were both single and available and normal people would just go for a hamburger and see if they had anything between them when there wasn’t a case) she’s been someone who shouldn’t carry a gun (too unstable, horrid judgment on when to draw), and shouldn’t be in a relationship. Okay. You convinced me.

  15. James D says:

    Arg! I’m annoyed. what was the point. I seriously don’t understand why any of the first nine episodes or whatever it was were necessary it sure as hell didn’t serve the story line when the main character actually says we could of had a fake break up and solved this together, what? don’t get me started on how they have totally destroyed Castle by completely cutting him off at the knees (best PG phrase I could come up with) So she breaks his heart, she lies to him for weeks, and he solves it by letting it go and doing the beast with two backs with her. Again What? I appreciated the scene where he called her out on her BS at the precinct but again any emotional or dramatic weight it had was lost when he took her back like nothing happened. Good job writing team you surely earned your pay checks this year, what a joke. I’m Sorry i’m writing out of frustration and i know its just a silly tv show but its one ive been loyal to for years I think I and every other fan of this show deserve better. BTW Vikram is so totes involved with LOCKSET so if that was supposed to be a secret sorry.

    • I agree, James D, that Vikram is involved with LOCKSET. It is obvious. He is stringing Beckett along with his clues that never pan out. He doesn’t want Castle involved because he fears Castle will figure out he is a bad guy. He encouraged Beckett to keep Castle in the dark about what they were doing.

      • L8wrtr says:

        EXACTLY. He knows Rick had nailed him as the guy to begin with. I’d be highly suspicious of evidence linking this drug cartel company to Brown.. just like Vikram probably nicely linked all the data back to Hyde. This one is coming from miles away.

    • That One Mean Girl says:

      This was only episode 8, but seeing as how this sloppy excuse for a story has been dragged out, I can see why you’d think it had been more.

    • grazelled says:

      I never quite trusted Vikram but after tonight am sure he’s a bad guy. What I can’t believe is that hey dumbed down Kate so much, she should be able to see what’s right in front of her.

      I watched a couple of episodes from other seasons and I miss the captain with Kate being a detective along with the other tech specialist. The show flowed so much better with those 2 ladies when it allowed Kate to be out doing police work.

  16. ndixit says:

    Anyone else agree that Vikram needs to die a very painful death. He’s so clearly not just helping Kate. Hayley feels like an angel when compared to him.

    • I just have to say ... says:

      I absolutely agree with you – Vikram is shady. If he’s not actually involved with LokSat, he’s still a jackass.

    • A fan says:

      Whether he’s a good guy or bad guy, I still want him ending up dead before the end of the season. We had the tech lady, Torri Ellis, for two seasons and she’s gone because of this guy. Bring her back please!

    • jahoney1 says:

      Jackson Hunt should use Vikram for rendition practice. After that kill him slowly.

      • A fan says:

        Let Vikram die just like the man in Season 4’s Pandora. So many things done to the dead body, (shot, stabbed with a pencil, thrown out the window) that Castle said ‘overkill’.

      • Just one thing says:

        Jackson Hunt is one of the lamest characters ever introduced on Castle. Hopefully we never see him again.

    • I just have to say ... says:

      But Sunkrish Bala is doing a fine job as Vikram and bringing the writers’ words to the screen.
      Just wanted it out there that it is possible to hate a character and not the actor. :-)
      Additionally, didn’t Maya Stonan move to ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?’ Can’t fault Bala for that, either.

      • ndixit says:

        No. Actually Maya Stojan’s character died on AOS in last season’s finale. Poor girl went from having two series where she was recurring to none.

        • I just have to say ... says:

          Thanks for the update on Maya. I don’t watch AoS.
          Well then, they should bring back Tory. It’s obvious now that Vikram IS wrapped up in the LokSat mystery, and he definitely has the skills to cover his tracks.

      • Fred says:

        No ! His character is loathsome and the portrayal even worse. Bala can’t even read his lines

    • L8wrtr says:

      Vikram will indeed die a very painful death because he’s probably Mr. Big.

  17. Kim says:

    I am just going to chalk this episode up as a win! I survived this “time out!” Did he let her off easy…yes but I wouldn’t have wanted to watch it drag out! I am happy, it was fun, they are back together, let’s move this forward so it was all worth the turmoil! So happy #Caskett is back! Chemistry was great between Nathan and Stana! Nathan killed the call out scene! Lucy is hilarious. Caskett is back together, hopefully all the fans come back!

    • Kate says:

      My feelings exactly!

    • Kim R says:

      Agreed! The writers made a mistake. They have fixed it. Let’s move on! :)

    • PaulRollo says:

      Are you serious? The show is a disaster. The “show runners” have destroyed the credibility and chemistry of Castle and Beckett. Beckett is totally dysfunctional and Rick is seriously co-dependent and spineless. Neither one is likeable or credible at this point. The writers are clueless and the storyline (LOCKSAT) is a total Fail. After faithfully watching 7 seasons, I won’t be back after the break.

  18. peterwdawson says:

    Well, they tried their best to make it worth it. Still don’t like the direction they went, but, ah, nice effort I guess?

  19. ndixit says:

    I really would love to know Stana’s thoughts on this arc, because she has always been very invested in Beckett’s character on the show, but this arc has done nothing but made Beckett look both highly unlikable and idiotic. What makes me laugh is that they didn’t even bother coming up with a halfway decent explanation for Beckett’s behavior. They just straight up said that Beckett has a mental problem, a fact that her defenders have stubbornly denied.

  20. jahoney1 says:

    Well for once in my Castle watching, scanning, and flipping through I am at a loss. What a holy cluster. Good parts, funny parts, crappy parts, poorly done parts. Sadly nothing powerful about this episode. Chemistry was very well done, even with a weak script. This did not have the pull that the hype and at least for me personally did not meet the expectations that I had for it. To truly pull this separation off and the coming back together I felt there needed to be a drag out argument along the lines of “Always.” This was to fluffy for my tastes, but I plan on trying to bury my head in the sand a little and keep watching.

  21. Luli says:

    I’m just glad they are back together, it did feel a bit rushed, but whatever I’m happy.

    I hope the ratings go up after the break now that they’ve moved on from the stupidest storyline they’ve ever done, because I want a season 9.


  22. Kevin Fowler says:

    If I was Castle I would pull out the divorce papers right there. And she signed them, I would tell her I never wanted to see her again. Typical woman, like to play games. It is ok for women to play games with us men, but when we men do it were scumb.

    • Sage says:

      You do know this tv show isn’t real right? Cause you are talking like these 2 are real! Take it up with the writers who are mostly all male

      • Kevin Fowler says:

        I am women act like this all the time. It’s all about them, they can do whatever they want. Then when they does something want, the women says why didn’t you ask my permission. Just like women like telling their husbands how to spend their money, but again a woman can do whatever she wants. This is exactly why men don’t want to get married anymore, we feel like we are in prision, not a relationship.

        • orchidmantis says:

          I give you my blessing not to marry anyone.

          In a thread full of people, often women, complaining that the characters’ actions are nonsensical and unbelievable, you are a lone voice arguing that this is an accurate portrayal of what all relationships are like. So kudos on providing diversity.

          • Kevin Fowler says:

            What’s wrong truth hurt. It is a proven fact 60 percent of divorces are started by women, and they are over money. It is also fact done in numerous polls that the majority of men don’t want to get married, I wonder why.

          • Just one thing says:

            Orchidmantis ftw

  23. Luli says:

    This shift should have been the one at the end of 8×02… now the ratings are plummeting with every week, and the hate this fandom expresses is incredible/horrible.

    glad we can move on from their mistake of a break up.

    • CastleBuzz says:

      Couldn’t have happened at the end of 8×02 plot-wise. But just imagine where the fandom would be if the sequence of episodes had been XY, XX, The Nose, The Last Seduction, and Mr and Mrs Castle without the other three stuck in there. Even better, imagine if those five had occurred after two or three solid eps examining the new situation of Beckett as Captain and how it affected Rick and the other regulars to open the season. Where’s a time machine when you need one?

      • KLS says:

        I agree. Those were the best 5 this year so far. Take out the fart scene in The Nose and it would have been decent.

      • Bruno Bailly says:

        CastleBuzz, I thought the ep was pretty good, was it perfect ? No but I believe the ep was edited during the 3 week break between ep6 and ep7 as damage control to bring the numbers up before the winter break. I believe Caskett was not intended to be brought back together even in a secret way until after the break. The only thing I wish is that 1 of the wasted ep3 to ep6 eps had been setup to have what we saw last night happen in ep7 so that we could have had Beckett wanting to come back but Castle making her wait until ep8 to say yes therefore creating some anxiety on her part just to be fair.Before I get taken apart on this,let me say that I love Caskett always have since day 1 but it would have just emphasized the pain that Castle went through since Beckett walked away from him in ep2 no matter how noble her intentions were. Back to the ep, the comedy was good it was not overblown, Castle was within character, Hayley was finally cast usefully but I still believe Vikram has his own agenda or working with Locksat because last night he came across as an experienced and battle hardened field agent which does not seem right and he was still trying to keep Beckett isolated from Rick. I also enjoyed the heart to heart between Rick and Kate at the precinct. Some other people have argued that Rick was too hard on her specially with the “you like to be broken comment ” but if you look at all the times in the series when these two have had major issues,they know each other so well that this is exactly these types of heartfelt and harsh comments that bring them back to their senses and on the right track.
        As a personal opinion, I would really like to see setup near the end of the season and achieved in the season finale something that the fans and characters have been denied since S6 x23, a real and well written wedding such as Caskett deciding that after a really rough year they want to start fresh and renew their vows. I believe that if this was done for the season finale, it would open up lots of new possibilities for a season 9 because yes I very much believe in the future potential of this series again if it is done within the spirit in which it was created . If another similar series like Bones has made it for 11 seasons and still going strong,surely Castle can have the same success if done correctly.BTW I am using Bones as a comparison because it is the other series of the same type I have watched since day one.

        However if Castle is to end after this season due to ratings or the actors not renewing their contracts or any other reason, a vow renewing wedding would at least end this great show gracefully.

        • CastleBuzz says:

          Definitely not the hit out of the ballpark I was hoping for, but IMO it was a solid double. I liked the COTW and how it tied in with LokSat via the drugs. The victim, an environmentalist looking into high seas garbage dumping, stumbles upon the smuggling of the very drugs Beckett and Vikram are following was nice. I especially liked how Kate’s and Rick’s divide and conquer strategy on board the ship played out and how quickly they clicked. Beckett’s chase through the engine room was an excellent scene – terrific editing and acting. And Caleb Brown’s intro was perfect. That was a twist I certainly didn’t see coming.
          There were a few pearls tossed in. Loved Kate’s line about how the murder could only have been an accident if she had fallen on a bullet as well as her calling the three grand dames “the three Marthas.” I also think the scene with Perlmutter pulling the bag of drugs out of the woman’s mouth was great. Just watch how Stana plays Kate there with such a range of emotions flickering across her face – curious, questioning, fascinated, intrigued. Perfect.
          BUT I disliked almost everything having to do with how Rick realizes what Kate’s been up to and how he behaves afterwards. It was fine that he brought in Hayley to discover who sent the text to Kate, but he certainly shouldn’t have needed her help in brainstorming what that meant. Once he did, his decision to hack the computer was repulsive to me. Martha was right. He crossed a line far worse IMO than anything Kate has done this season. This single action, which no one seems to be mentioning on other forums, took away any moral high ground he could claim and tainted what he says to Kate later on.
          He talked about her “obsessions?” What about his own? “I have to know. I have to help her. I have to know no matter the consequences.” OK. So why didn’t he march off to the precinct right then to confront her, talk to her? Instead, he chose to spy on her, hack her, with Hayley of all people. That’s the same Rick from 47 Seconds. He hasn’t learned anything either. He too appears willing to risk their marriage for his “obsession” and a much less sympathetic one at that. After this, again IMO, he had no right to confront Kate later much less say she “likes to be broken.” That, as many posters have been claiming for weeks and from their interview the showrunners believe, indicates a deep psychological problem. Anger won’t help. Berating her for hurting him won’t help.
          As for Kate really being broken, I don’t agree. I don’t care what the showrunners’ intent was, they haven’t shown anything in Kate Beckett that in a man wouldn’t be considered heroic. She’s confronted out of the blue with a corruption so big it reaches into the very organizations she believes in, the very ones designed to keep the nation safe. Why wouldn’t she continue to investigate? Was her decision to exclude Rick wrong? Probably, but not out of character.
          A few more things to ponder: 1) For all of his complaining about bring lied to, Rick had no problem lying to his mother and daughter. 2) What about the cool parallel between Largonzo’s death and Dick Koonan’s, both just as Kate discovers who they are and that they’re involved, but before she can question them. 3) Vikram’s status still up in the air. 4) The ending was so superficial it left me with questions. You may be correct that it was an on, but I’m wondering if we were to be left with the idea that Kate and Rick were playing the other.
          At this point, after that interview with H&W I’m losing hope for the remaining season. They either have to recognize that both Kate and Rick need therapy or get off this broken-Kate kick. Plus they need to get them together for real (the idea of a fake split is entirely stupid) and solve LokSat and tie up Rick’s disappearance. Then you can have your vow renewal!

          • Bruno Bailly says:

            CastleBuzz, almost everything you said in your post is bang on. However I hope that Kate and Rick are not playing each other,that would be wrong on so many levels at this point. I strongly agree that moving forward they need to be reunited officially as a couple and both working on their issues together with therapy while trying to resolve the Locksat investigation.
            As for the future of the season, I am at a point that I am so confused with where this is going , not confused in a good way due to great plot and writing making me want to see the next ep but confused in a way that the producers seem to have no idea where this is going and they are throwing anything they can on screen to try to get fans to go along. Unfortunately like a lot of other posters, at this point I think the only way to solve this mess is for Hawley and Winters to be fired and replaced by writers who know and understand the basic premise of the series and who can provide intelligent growth for all the characters and storyline to move it forward properly.

          • Bruno Bailly says:

            BTW CastleBuzz, did I misinterpret your last line or are you not too warm about a vow renewal wedding ?

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Thanks, Bruno. I too hope aren’t playing each other. It’s just that the last scene was so poorly written and, very surprisingly, acted both Nathan and Stana that it got my antennae quivering. I agree with your confusion. I thought I understood where these two e headed with the story. I didn’t like aspects of it. Certainly didn’t like all the filler eps. But now, I’ve lost what little confidence in H & W I had.
            What a difference a showrunner makes. Here’s a comment from the showrunner of Bones from a recent interview on another site:
            “Question: By the end of Episode 2, Brennan seems fine that Booth has basically lied, perhaps, to her about [removed spoiler]. Is that the end of that or will there be ramifications, especially coming off the gambling storyline last season?”
            “Michael Peterson: We’ll go into it some, but last year was very specific — Booth lying about gambling — versus what happens this year. I think if it had just been a one-parter and [removed spoiler], then I think Brennan would have hit him a lot harder, as far as accusations. But through the course of the second episode what we’re trying to get to is that she understands who she is better through this case — that she belongs at the lab. In a way, through discovering where she belongs, she also understands Booth better — that Booth is this man of action. The way we say internally here is that Booth is little bit of Superman. Superman just can’t sit by and watch as people suffer. There really is no retiring for him, so by the end of the second episode, Brennan understands that she belongs in the lab and that her Superman, Booth, belongs out there in the field saving people. She understands him in a way that probably nobody else could. While a lot of people would yell at him saying “You lied to me,” she understands it’s just who he is. And she wouldn’t want him to be any other way.”
            Now change “Brennan” to “Castle” (“lab” to “writing”) and “Booth” to “Beckett” and reread that reply. To me, Beckett has always been the “Superman,” out in the field saving people, finding justice for the victims, a person of action. Early on she mentored Espo and Ryan to be like that and she brought Rick along as well, from someone who could be flippant about crime scenes and victims to someone who cares about the victim and justice. Yes, Castle could always reason out mysteries, ferret out clues, and put them together in unique ways, but he only became a “man of action” by following Beckett’s lead. It is so disappointing that this strong female character — Kate Beckett — is now seen to be “broken” and worse liking that state by the very people in charge of the show.
            I will continue to watch until they end the series but only to watch Stana and to satisfy my curiosity at this point. Nothing they do can or will change my opinion of what was and could still have been with regard to Beckett and the show overall.

          • Bruno Bailly says:

            CastleBuzz, and to all the posters out there I have a pipe dream. I wish I had enough money to buy the rights to Castle, fire all the incompetent people involved in S8 and hire a competent staff to carry it through many more seasons because I have ben a movie and tv fanatic for so many years and have not seen such a great story in at least 25 years that I would love to carry this show on for at least another 3 to 4 years because the original producers have assembled such an incredibly talented cast and developed such an amazing story line specially with the chemistry between the 2 lead characters which to me are the best in the business at this time. Anything less than the best for them and the fans is an insult and a disrespect to great television talent .

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Bruno: “BTW CastleBuzz, did I misinterpret your last line or are you not too warm about a vow renewal wedding ?”
            Sorry, did I sound too flippant? Was just trying to lighten up a little when I wrote that. Truth is while I’m not a public ceremony-loving person, I wouldn’t mind a renewal of their vows and a long awaited reception for their family and friends as an end to the season IF the rest of the show’s issues were resolved. It would be a nice wrap to a difficult season or to the series if needed. .
            I’m at the point though that I’m beginning to believe the posters who think the showrunners are deliberating poisoning the well as far as the Beckett character is concerned, that is, getting the fans so against her that they’ll accept a Season 9 (or a Castle PI spinoff) without the character at all.

          • Bruno Bailly says:

            I think for some reason Hawley has a personal grudge against SK maybe due to the fact that he did not agree with CasKett getting together at the end of S4 and the fact that she pushed it and won . Don’t forget this individual seems to have a huge ego with which he can do no wrong and is always wright. He cannot accept that SK was correct,even NF agreed that she called it wright.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Bruno, I like your pipe dream. If I had the money, I’d be all in! I’ve read that stuff about Hawley elsewhere and in posts here by Beckstle, and until this latest interview and ep put it down to rumor. But now? Between that and kowtowing to Nathan Fillion, it explains what’s going on.
            PS to all: sorry for all the typos and dropped letters/words in my recent posts. There’s something about this site that makes my computer hiccup. Typing on this site intermittently gets interrupted and I don’t catch all the mistakes once made.

          • Bruno Bailly says:

            I have the same hiccups with my computer. I think its just a conspiracy from the show runners , they don’t like us and they are watching :)

          • CastleBuzz says:


          • orchidmantis says:

            CB: I don’t watch Bones, but like your description of that possible parallel–far more appealing direction.

            Just adding that in addition to tripling down on Broken Beckett, her role as Chief involves her subordinates commenting on her ass. Not exactly inspiring.

  24. Linda says:

    Well, we got our reconciliation…sort of. For the sake of the “LockSat” investigation they have agreed to put up a show of a separation, but now that the Public Defender has entered the picture and the crew of the 12th are aware he has a connection to the drug issue, it may be more difficult to carry off the pretense at the precinct or in public. I agree with so0 many others that the whole rationale Kate had for keeping Rick in the dark was flimsy, it is, in retrospect, in keeping with her character’s past behavior. And maybe we can chalk it up in part to her PTSD. This girl has problems she has never fully dealt with. And Castle has always been quick to forgive!

  25. Kevin Fowler says:

    And then on top of that kate won’t even take Castle as her last name. Sound to me she doesn’t want to be married.

    • Tina says:

      The woman doesn’t love him nor does she respect him. Their entire relationship, friendship, partnership is a figment of Castle’s overactive imagination. In reality, Beckett’s incapable of loving anyone. It will always be about her. And as long as Castle lacks any self worth, he will be there to be the punching bag she hits and kicks, the doormat she walks all over, the man she lies, betrays and neglects on a constant basis and eventually the moron she cheats on. We all know that’s coming. The fool will probably apologize to her for making her cheat on him.

    • Gaby says:

      Seriously? Can you be a little more sexist?

      • I'm going to let you finish but says:

        Yes, he could be the one actually writing the episodes, now there’s a sexist writers room if I ever saw one.

      • Kevin Fowler says:

        I’m sexist! You women can do whatever you even go out with your friends. But when we guys what do go with our friends we have to ask your permission. And when money is involved it is worse, you can spend whatever you want. Be we men have to ask permission to spend our own money. That is exactly why men don’t want to get married anymore. I actually paid to get an annulment, boy was she pissed. In eyes of law marriage never happened. Best money I ever spent

      • Kevin Fowler says:

        And for you women out there who says this 2015 a woman doesn’t have to say husbands last name to prove she loves him. It is not about love. Marriage is a partnership and entering into something bigger than yourself and it is about respect. So if you want to keep your last name and not take your husbands, that tells me you want to totally independent so why get married in first place.

    • That One Mean Girl says:

      Sorry to tell you, but it’s 2015. Women don’t have to take men’s names to prove they love them.

      Kudos to everyone proving the writers’ mission to destroy a beloved character a success, though.

      • I'm going to let you finish but says:

        This is just the beginning, wait till they get really going and have even more fun destroying a women.
        But we got jazz hands, and a 50 Shades of Castle line, so who really cares that Beckett is being destroyed?

      • Kevin Fowler says:

        Once again a woman can do whatever she wants, but a man has to ask permission. BULL! This is exactly why men don’t want to get married, women don’t want to compromise over anything. It’s there way or the highway. With feminist values like that I hope all you women are happy being single. I know I loved it when I got my marriage annulled. Boy did it pass her off, in the eyes of the law marriage never happened. And it was worth every penny.

        • Anonymous says:

          WOW … you have some serious issues you need to work out! I’m sorry you were so hurt and disillusioned in a relationship! Seriously … they’re not all like that!

          • Kevin Fowler says:

            The have no issues to work out. Women need to stop lying all the time and playing mind games. One of the first thing that comes out of woman’s mouth on a date is what do you do for a living and how much do you make. Like it any on their business. But you women just asking proves to men the only thing you women care about is money. And never mind the fact women like to use children as weapons in a divorce to get more money. And that is a fact of life.

          • I'm going to let you finish but says:


          • Kevin Fowler says:

            I don’t have issues. The only problem I have is women like to lie and control everything in a relationship. And if there is money involved it is even worse.

          • L8wrtr says:

            +2. Seriously dude, it sucks you had a bad relationship.. or even several, but don’t project that on all women. There are good women, and bad women. There are good men, and there are bad men. It’s called humanity. Please don’t project your poor experiences with women on all women.
            But back on point, Kate herself HAS become a broken witch of a character who IS treating Rick like an abused puppy.

          • Kevin Fowler says:

            If I have issues then how come more and more men don’t want to get married. Coincidence, I think not.

          • orchidmantis says:

            Hmm, well, that ought to be easy to google.
            Gallup says the percentage of people who have never married, and don’t want to, is 5%. Across all age groups, it’s in the single digits.

            Not what your MRA site told you, huh?

          • Kevin Fowler says:

            It figures you believe everything on the Internet. I bet if it was on the Internet that the U.S. was filing bankruptcy you would believe it.

          • Kevin Fowler says:

            And I found on the Internet that 70 percent of men between ages 25-34 are not married.

          • orchidmantis says:

            My source was Gallup, not “the internet.” A perfectly mainstream pollster. As I stated right there in my very short post. And they asked if people wanted to marry, or had: if you want to get married but haven’t yet, you don’t count as “someone who doesn’t want to ever get married.”

            For your new number, let’s see: Pew, another reputable research organization, gives that number at 52%. To get to your 70% number you have to drag in all the 20-25 year olds. Your ability to read numbers is… consistent.

          • Kevin Fowler says:

            As I said the percent of people not married in the U.S. is 70. And those are ages between 25-34. Sorry people 45 and up don’t count because most of them are part of different generation where men were stupid.

    • Lo says:

      Dude shut up it’s a tv show

  26. CM says:

    A reset episode with a totally unearned resolution.


  27. Anonymous says:

    Well…lots of thoughts. None good.
    1) Did not live up to all of the hype from AH/TPW. Cuz it was just that….hype.
    2) Episode reconfirmed how ill-conceived this whole story arc has been and continues to be.
    3). Didn’t care if they got back together at the end. Wanted to care…just couldn’t muster anything. Apathy…not a good sign.
    4) Vikram and Hayley continue to be absolute drags on the show. Their presence is so very unnecessary. Each episode including this one just confirms it.
    5) I used to respect Kate Beckett as a character. Even with her flaws. Now…she just sounds stupid every time she opens her mouth about “keeping Castle safe”. Can’t believe I’m having to say that. What an utter destruction of a character.
    6) Rick Castle is officially a spineless dweeb. Don’t care how much he loves his wife. He’s a door-mat. He has no respect for himself, so why should we?
    7) Enough with the sophomoric behavior, King of the world, jazz hands BS from Castle. It’s not funny, it’s not cute, it’s not even remotely entertaining to watch. Just enough of placating to Nathan Fillion’s whims. It’s really insulting to watch a grown-ass man behave this way. Week after week.
    8) When will ABC end this? Not soon enough. Perfect example of a show not knowing how to bow out gracefully. Never realized just how much vision was going to be lost with AWM leaving. Sad, sad, sad.

    • trinawanders says:

      All of this. I’ll just be over here pretending 7×23 was the series finale.

    • CastleBuzz says:

      “7) Enough with the sophomoric behavior, King of the world, jazz hands BS from Castle. It’s not funny, it’s not cute, it’s not even remotely entertaining to watch. Just enough of placating to Nathan Fillion’s whims. It’s really insulting to watch a grown-ass man behave this way. Week after week.”
      THIS! I’m beginning to see this as the reason for “5) I used to respect Kate Beckett as a character. Even with her flaws. Now…What an utter destruction of a character.”

  28. John NYC says:

    Liked it, good dialogue and a nice setup to their next section.




  29. JBKD says:

    When the series finally ends, and TV critics and historians look back at Castle, the show, in years to come, there will undoubtedly be this caveat… was great for 7 years but it overstayed it’s welcome.
    Season 8 will be seen as an epic failure to maintain the charm, romance, mystery, and humor that marked its earlier years. The showrunners (for all of their history with the show) clearly were over their heads and should never have been handed the reigns. They drove Castle into a ravine and crashed it beyond any semblance of recognition.

    • A fan says:

      All those times about ‘The Moonlighting Curse’, may be we’ll have ‘Crumbling Castle’ or something. A show’s final season that shouldn’t be. At least it’s not ‘How I Met Your Mother series finale, the final episode that shook the entire series. Even Dallas couldn’t top that.

      • Interesting about overstaying. SK said the story should end when their organic nature is done. By the showrunner’s admission, this us a “reboot” IMO, SK and NF should explain a little better why they signed on if season 8 is a reboot. They are both GREAT actors and doing fine with the scripts they are given, but as Producers they have a lot to learn and should let us know they are more involved and why.

  30. A fan says:

    As an episode alone? It was alright, nothing stellar about it. But as a concluding episode after such an arc? It was disappointing. A big build up to a rather disappointing episode. Season 4’s 47 seconds leading up to ‘Always’ is by far the best. As crazy as it was, even Season 7’s PI arc ending with ‘Reckoning’ was better. As for Season 8? The only silver lining was the fact that this whole painful separation is over.

  31. A fan says:

    So when exactly is Castle coming back? January or February?

  32. Kate says:

    I liked it! I don’t have the time, energy or desire to analyze the show as much as others, but I watch for the fun of seeing Castle and Beckett together. It seems like that’s going to be the case from now on, so I’m a happy Castle fan! :-)

  33. Just one thing says:

    I’ve not much to say about the last two episodes. The series will always have seriously flawed storytelling and plots that could rival Swiss cheese, regardless of who is running the show…
    … But any given Castle episode is likely to be 100% more entertaining when Beckett and Castle are working together. That’s the long and the short of it.
    I found myself mildly amused by the Scorpion-like hacker war. I have always rooted for anyone on Team Kate, and though I didn’t want to, Team Castle made me chuckle.
    This episode had the right amount of Alexis and Martha, but too little Ryspo. And man, Tamala Jones must have the most lucrative contract of them all. What has she worked, a total of one week this whole season, if that?
    This Caleb Brown guy though… who knew defense attorneys could make plea deals with a police captain WITHOUT a district attorney present – as if she has any real authority in that regard? #CastleLawandOrder
    Also, Vikram found evidence from 1999? Was Caleb working for Drugs & Politics LLC when he was in high school or something?
    I’m ambivalent to everything moving forward, but will be there in March, January, February or whenever the show comes back. Like Brokeback Mountain, I wish I could quit it…

  34. Brogue says:

    I’m actually so happy! For everyone saying that Caskett shouldn’t be together — that would spell the end of the show. Hell, people have stopped watching even now, when their relationship was uncertain.

    Honestly though, what’s got me through all this was the time travel episode somewhere in season 5 or 6. This show flips between light hearted comedy, romance and drama really well, but first and foremost, it’s a feel good show about Castle and Beckett. That being said, I’ve always wanted to believe that the time traveller was real. So when all this crap went down with their relationship, I held on to hope that what the time traveller said about future Caskett was real.

    For real though, they do have some issues they’re going to need to work through. But I’m good with that. As long as they work through it together. What I wasn’t good with was them not being together, because honestly, the reasoning makes no sense.

  35. DUNIAM says:

    I just can’t believe it. It is a de ja vu of season 4, packed in 8 episodes. No originality at the bottom. And the showrunners keeping saying “it will be worthy in the end” seems ridiculous have seen “the end”. All pointless, cheap and what is worse, sth WE HAVE ALREADY BEEN AT: season 4

    • lurker says:

      And now prepare yourself for season 5 and 6. Season 5 was about hiding the relationship, and season 6 about the non-wedding. Imagine all the secret trysts the writers are going to give us. That will be the next 8 episodes till the two-parter. Wanna bet?

      • DUNIAM says:

        Exactly what I thought! Hiding like Season 5! This is just a bad trailer of previous seasons. They even gave Castle the very same line he was given when arguing at season 5 finale “never occurred to you”. I really feel sorry for Marlow. The writters do such a cheap job….

  36. Waleed says:

    #Castle should have been more angry. This was rushed and as always for Beckett too easy. After 7 ep of “you shouldn’t be here”, “I need time” and blah blah blah blah blah . KB should hv atleast tried

  37. orchidmantis says:

    Okay, I’ve been all through the comments and no one has addressed this:

    For months, people have argued that omigod, Kate did NOT leave so that Loksat wouldn’t go after Rick! She left because the one sure way to get him to not investigate anything she was doing was to abandon him with no explanation, a move that would in no way pique his curiosity.

    Now they will work together, sleep together, but pretend to be separated in public… all so Loksat won’t go after Rick. Anyone want to explain?

    • lurker says:

      You seriously asking for logic here? That one left the building in 6×23.

    • L8wrtr says:

      I mentioned it in mine which posted just a few after yours. So yeah, I find it funny that CastleBuzz who was so rude and insulting in her insistence that the reason Kate was doing this was to keep Castle from investigating it has been curiously absent today. Usually she’s all over these comments. Now maybe she has a real life and it just happened to be today is the one Tuesday she has other things keeping her from commenting.. but as Castle often says.. that’s too strange to be a coincidence.

      So yeah, I’m with you there, we were right all along, her reasoning really was that stupid. And Rick actions show in this episode how stupidly and poorly written he’s been episodes 3-7. That it took the mystery text for him to start putting the pieces together is beyond insulting.

      H&W kept promising that fans would LOVE episode 8.. that the first 7 episodes all built to this amazing payoff… and all along we’ve all said, they clearly have no real concept of what show qualities the fans love.. this episode just proves how clueless the show runners are. At this point I’m beginning to think that the only thing that will bring me back to the show is #fireHawelyandWinter

      • CastleBuzz says:

        Ah, you missed me L8wrtr. How sweet….
        Actually life did interfere with me both watching and commenting last night. And then this site won’t post my long comment. So, yeah, it’s a coincidence. I do not shy away from my opinions or others’ comments about them. But rude and insulting? I’d like to see examples. I don’t believe I’ve come within a mile of calling someone a liar while you’re nudging the line here.
        I have said all along that from Kate’s POV, from the core of her character, not from mine, yours or ours, that her reasoning made sense, that she believed she could best keep Rick from discovering her investigation and thereby keep him safe (or safer) by leaving him. She knew the risk from the beginning. She knew it would hurt him and might be unforgivable. She certainly knew it caused her pain. She also knew it could all blow up in her face. All that was made clear to us at the end of XX.
        Why didn’t Rick react as we all thought he would? Why did it take him weeks and a bogus text from Vikram to even ask why she left him and what she was up to? I haven’t a clue. That’s on Hawley and Winter. I would have made this a four episode arc, five at most, with a more conclusive denouement than we saw last night. After that Caskett would be back together, investigating LokSat together in secret.

        • orchidmantis says:

          I still don’t see how it makes sense that she would imagine that walking out with no explanation wouldn’t cause him to try and figure out why. For seven years, it’s been the premise of the show.

          At least let her stay put while pretending to take up a nightly aerobics class. There would still be the lying and lack of trust and stuff, but her actions wouldn’t rest on the conviction that the way to keep Rick from investigating something is to make it a big mystery.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            I can agree with your reasoning here, but I think for Kate that would have meant lying to him daily, even multiple times each day. Perhaps she thought she couldn’t carry that off. Also remember when she decided to do this, Rick was not supposed to be coming to the precinct or getting involved with the cases.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            I also think that more than fearing death herself she fears losing Rick and even more being the cause of his death. She already had a two-month taste of what that was like a year ago. Add to that the fact of her feeling guilty over the deaths of McCord and her team and Rita’s comments and you’ve got the makings of a Kate thinking she can pull it off.

  38. Waleed says:

    If this was a reunion type ep it should hv been powerful. But this was very weak. And vikram has changed very ep. 1st he was scared & said didn’t sign for this. Ep 2 he killed a guy. Ep3 he wanted to work on the case he was running from. Now he doesn t want castle Beckett to interact at all. And finds castle weird.

    Who writes them ??

  39. Morisot says:

    Yes. But. Don’t flagellate us with this migraine of an arc. Please make it be OVER.

    Going forward, make it a fun show with a mystery and decent police work.
    (NOT Beckett chasing after a murderer alone, in the bowels of an ocean liner where HE works!
    And sending Rick, with the ONLY evidence they have, after another lead ALONE. DUH!
    And the “You’re involved with BIG DRUG SMUGGLING and MURDER”, but “Here’s my card, call me.” DUH!)

    Oh yeah, AND Mr. and Mrs. Castle!
    (Castle is a smart, clever author — NOT A BUFFOON!
    I don’t want to see Beckett apologize. The migraine is OVER! Don’t keep hitting us in the head with it!)

    As others have said, GET RID OF the new people. Bring back Lannie, Espo and Ryan more.

    Go out smart and classy. Not in couples therapy!

  40. lame says:

    Castle and Beckett will never be compared to Nick and Nora Charles, Jonathan and Jennifer Hart or Stuart and Sally McMillan, maybe Archie and Edith Bunker, for their disfunctionality. Season 8 will never be compared to “witness for the prosecution”, maybe “inspector Clouseau”, only not anywhere as funny.

  41. colig says:

    did anyone else notice the dance coordinator was Buffy’s first college roommate and we all know Fillion was Caleb.

  42. L8wrtr says:

    So in the end, the last 5 episodes really were just a complete waste of time, and we were all right:
    – Kate is a broken, selfish, lying psycho incapable of trusting the one man who has loved her unconditionally and supported her.. Always.
    – Her reason for the separation wasn’t ‘to keep Castle from investigating’ like a few (castlebuzz) fans theorized, but as the rest of us clearly understood, to keep him off LockSat’s radar and out of harms way, which was stupid and unbelievable
    – That they could have skipped the last 5 episodes and gone directly to working together, because we knew that eventually this is where it was going to lead. So the last 5 episodes were an ABSOLUTE, COMPLETE waste of time doing pointless, and for many fans, irreparable damage to their relationship and characters, and alienating fans across the board.
    Well done Hawley and Winter.. well done. Even with this band-aid, it still doesn’t fix everything, the damage is done. I still hate Kate’s neurotic and broken character, and I have zero respect for the fact that Rick given that he A) took so long to figure this out and B) takes her back so easily.
    Turns how Hawley and Winter weren’t clever, that this wasn’t some genius plotline that will make them even stronger than before, it was a completely failed, contrived and totally unbelievable attempt at creating drama where it was as unnecessary as it was unbelievable.
    I still don’t know if this is enough to get me watching again.

    • trinawanders says:

      I agree. I actually have zero desire to watch in February. Hawley and Winter have been promising all along that this season will be “fun” and the split will be worth it, which hasn’t proved true. If they’re excited about the coming episodes that doesn’t bode well for me. They basically admitted that the separation was pointless and tried to reset it with this ep. Now we have to watch 8 episodes of Castle and Beckett sneaking around and fighting in public? No thanks.

  43. Susan says:

    I think that the series is overloaded with commercials. There isn’t enough time left to develop a good story. Older episodes concentrated on the crime to solve and less on their relationship. Could you balance the plot more if they were still working closer and if there was more time devoted to the story and not the commercials. After all thats why we watch!!

    • L8wrtr says:

      If that is the case (I stopped watching so will assume you’re correct) this is probably to do with the decreased revenue they can charge for ad time due to low ratings. They’re probably trying to make it up by editing out scenes and adding more ad time to make up the difference.

    • orchidmantis says:

      Network ‘hour long’ dramas are 42 minutes, and have been for many years, including all of Castle’s run. Nothing has changed there.

  44. T says:

    This was an awful end(?) to an awful separation arc. I cannot excuse Castle for his dumb as a brick wall approach to Kate’s actions this season. His complete surrender to Kate in this episode was ridiculous. However, Kate’s actions have been deplorable, regardless of her self proclaimed intention to keep Rick safe. Ignoring how completely unbelievable that argument is, her comment to Castle at the end really tells her story. She asked him to help her so as to not “…make me do this without you…”. What a crock. She just told him that she agreed with him earlier that she is obsessed and broken. Now she puts the guilt on him to help with her obsession. This is her latest version of “It’s my life” declaration a few seasons ago. What a lousy story.

  45. dot ruddick says:

    As a loyal fan of the show since the pilot I want to know why the writers are trying to kill the show.

  46. kath says:

    I said I would come back if the stupid split was over by the midwinter break. I guess they are, in a way, so I will watch in February.
    I’m just not sure how much of the broken show can be fixed.

  47. bob price says:

    I respect all comments. That said I do not like this story line. Beckett is just not
    trustworthy period. As season 8 continues she will again lie to Castle. The writers
    will play on this for the rest of the season. The finale will conclude with Castle
    confronting her stating he has had enough. The Marriage is over period. If their
    is a season 9 it will start with them being Divorced.

  48. Rich says:

    Everyone, this reconciliation is not “Always” but if you think of it as 2 events, the break from the break in ep7 and the Kate apology of ep8 it is a satisfying reconciliation. Obviously this story arc was not good for the characters making both look bad, but the reconciliation holds up enough for us to start enjoying the Caskett moments again. That’s all we need to get our show back. Let’s relax and enjoy. Also giving us some confidence that the new guy is not a love interest for Kate is a big relief. The fact that we though the show would do something so terrible should let them know clean it up a little and respect these great characters.

    • L8wrtr says:

      I would hardly call this satisfying. You can be satisfied, to each their own, but I think most of the people on this thread are smart enough to carry events between episodes, and the ultimate conclusion for most is, this felt forced and rushed.. which is everything in this season.. yet at the same time, most of the episodes are a complete waste of time.. impressive if you think about it.. to make some thing feel so rushed, yet such a waste of time.

      • tbwrealestate says:

        L8wrtr, I just want to note that you are spending a lot of time and detail on criticizing a show and specific episode you state several times you no longer watch. And people say Beckett is a liar!

    • PaulRollo says:

      “Relax and enjoy”? Are you serious. The “show runners” have killed or mortally wounded the show and the characters, and clearly are too incompetent to recognize and fix the problems. The show has lost all credibility, as have Castle and Beckett’s characters.
      The show runners should never be allowed to “run” a show again. I can’t believe Stana and Nat agreed to participate in this trainwreck.

  49. Gary Pederson says:

    Please explain what LokSat is?