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Blindspot Fall Finale

Blindspot Boss Talks 'Heartbreaking' Fall Finale, Jane and Weller's [Spoiler]

Warning: The following Q&A contains spoilers for Blindspot‘s fall finale. If you have yet to watch the episode, turn back now.

You think your mind is reeling after those final moments of Blindspot‘s fall finale? Just imagine how Jane Doe feels.

What was shaping up to be one of Jane’s best days since she emerged from that body bag in Times Square quickly took a dark turn in the final act of Monday’s episode.

A quick recap: After successfully tracking down the woman who killed Patterson’s boyfriend (and throwing her over the side of a boat), Jane finally worked up the nerve to sneak out of her safe house, find Weller and kiss him — until they were interrupted by Weller’s young nephew, that is.

As is tradition on Blindspot, though, Jane’s moment of happiness was fleeting. On her way home, she was kidnapped by a few of Deputy Director Carter’s associates, driven to a middle-of-nowhere warehouse and tortured via waterboarding by Carter himself, in the hopes that Jane would remember something about her past. (And she did: a brief flashback to a time when she knew Carter and overheard him discussing something called Operation Orion.)

Of course, before Jane could get any information about the Orion mission, Carter was conveniently shot dead by the same man we’ve seen in flashbacks (and those bow-chicka-wow-wow dreams) as Jane’s ex-fiancee. And that’s when things really got interesting: Oscar presented our protagonist with a video of her past self, in which the long-haired Jane assured present-day Jane that “if you’re watching this, the mission is going as planned.”

What’s more, the video also revealed that the person who decided to wipe Jane’s memory, tattoo her with countless images and ink Weller’s name on her back… was Jane herself.

But how will this revelation affect Jane’s work with Weller and the FBI? Will a spark be rekindled between Jane and her old beau? And what does Blindspot‘s recent Season 2 renewal mean for the rest of Season 1?

TVLine caught up with series creator Martin Gero to get those questions, and many more, answered.

TVLINE | Let’s start with the episode-ending video from Past Jane to Present Jane. Walk me through how you wrote that scene, and why you chose to end the fall finale that way.
That was the plan from the second I pitched it, before the pilot was even written. That was one of the twists where I said, “This is our fall finale.” It seemed like the right time to do it. It wasn’t something I wanted to hold until the end of the first season, and you’ll see why in the back half of the season. It invigorates the show in a really great way. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel necessarily, but it augments in a way that the show feels like it’s growing and not stalling out. For me, my general frustration with shows like this is that they hold onto stuff for way too long. To have some sort of ending for this fall finale was important.

TVLINE | How will the information in that video impact Jane, both emotionally and in her work with the FBI? I imagine she’ll be a little skeptical of all future cases.
It’s going to impact her in a huge way, and that’s part of the reason we wanted to do it so early. We love Jane, and she’s a great character that we’re super invested in and that we care about. But it’s hard to write a character like that on a show like this that doesn’t have any secrets outside of what we [know]. She’s all id. There’s no hidden stuff in her, really. This [new information] allows her to play stuff, and it adds a whole layer to the show that is super exciting. It allows us to clarify some of the mystery while adding new parts to it, and it complicates her relationship with the team and with Weller, but in a really fun and beautiful way.

Blindspot Fall FinaleTVLINE | You guys got a Season 2 renewal fairly early. Will that affect the pace of Season 1 at all, in terms of how much you’ll reveal about Jane’s past?
It doesn’t affect it at all. This show was always designed to move really fast. We have an enormous amount of story we want to get through. One of the reasons we got the early pick-up was, in the conversations we were having just about the end of this season, you can’t help but talk about where you want the season to go. I hope [NBC] got excited creatively, and we went from there. We have not changed the pacing of the show a lick, depending on whether we got the 22[-episode order] or the 13 or the Season 2. For us, we always knew what this first season was going to be. My favorite types of shows are ones that feel like novels — each season feels like a novel in a series. This season has its own internal engine and a beginning, middle and end. It tees up what will be a slightly different, but hopefully very exciting, second season.

TVLINE | Jane’s other big moment in this episode was kissing Weller. Why was this the right time for that?
They’ve been circling around each other since the pilot. They almost kissed in Episode 5. For me, what’s so heartbreaking about this episode is she finally feels safe. By the end of Episode 9, they’re having a pizza party together. It’s the first time we’re seeing them all laugh and just have fun together. As awful as the David thing is, Patterson goes to Jane at the end and says, “I couldn’t have done this without you guys.” [Jane is] really cementing her role in the team, and finally kissing Weller and feeling good about it. Maybe for the first time since she came out of that bag, she felt like she was on stable ground. The second Oscar shows up, the floor falls out from under her feet. Those things make it emotionally interesting.

TVLINE | Is there a love triangle on the horizon between Jane, Weller and Oscar?
It will complicate things, certainly.

TVLINE | There were a few other loose ends left hanging at the end of this episode, the first being Carter’s death. How will that affect the Operation Daylight arc, as well as the new Orion storyline?
When people die on a show like this, it’s very possible we see them again in flashbacks. There’s no immediate plans for that. I love Michael Gaston, I think he’s so great. Nothing has given me more pause so far on this show than killing him. We knew we had to do it. It was in the cards before we even cast him, but he was so fun and brought such a great sense of danger and excitement to the show. He made a good case for why he should stay. And usually when an actor does that, you’re like, “Shut up, Michael.” [Laughs] But right up until we shot it, we were like, “Are we really doing this? This is crazy! He’s so good!” Unfortunately, Carter’s expressed intent was that Jane should die, basically since Episode 3. You can only reasonably keep someone like that around for a certain length of time before you’re like, “Why hasn’t he killed Jane?” He had to go. It had to be one or the other, and I didn’t want to kill Jane.

TVLINE | Carter is the third character that I thought would be around for much longer than he was, in addition to David and the bearded man following Jane around in the pilot. I feel like no one is safe.
That’s good. In a show like this, which has mortal jeopardy every week — if there’s not a sense that people can actually die on this show, then the excitement of the show goes away. I don’t think we’re going to have a Game of Thrones moment where we’ll [do a] clean chop, but who knows?

TVLINE | It seemed sort of inevitable that Patterson would break down at the end of this week’s episode. How will she cope moving forward?
She’s going to remain on the team. She’s a workaholic, so she’s going to try to work her way through suppressing it. It’s something we definitely deal with over the next part of the season. It’s tough for us, because that character is so fun, but she’s going through a rough time. I wrote Episode 11, and I had a bunch of great Patterson jokes, and upon second draft, I was like, “Too soon. Too soon.” [Laughs] She’s not there yet. She’ll get there again, but it’s a road back to wellness for Patterson. It’s a really interesting one.

TVLINE | And finally, can you speak to the decision to have Tasha resign? In what capacity will we see her when the show picks back up?
She didn’t want to be the mole. She didn’t want to be Carter’s pawn inside the FBI. She made a mistake taking his money and did the right thing. Hopefully, she will hear of Carter’s demise before she hands that letter in, but who knows?

Blindspot fans, what did you think of Monday’s fall finale? Grade the episode in our poll below, then hit the comments with your reactions!

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  1. Mare says:

    Am I the only one who ISN’T surprised that Jane was in the know and involved in her own set up? I felt like that from the beginning. This “Total Recall” moment wasn’t a surprise.

    • tvdiva says:

      In the very first episode when the bearded man gave her the drug to wipe her memory you could tell she knew exactly what the plan was.

    • Jj says:

      It felt a little Alias…

    • Mytake says:

      I can’t remember what was said between Jane and the bearded man in the first episode, but it was very clear (at least in my mind) that the memory wipe was Janes idea and I figured the tattoos were as well. The only people that should be surprised by tonight’s show are people that started watching the show after it was on for a while.

    • Sammy says:

      I agree ax far as twists go, this wasmt a major shocker… didnt they already show a scene where a long haired jane told the bearded guy that there isnt any other choice? That they had to do this? I assumed they were referring to this plan whatever it is.
      maybe im just cynical and dont expect much from TV.

      Dont get me wrong I love the show, but if you want twists go watch jessica jones. Oh well. Looking forward to the winter or spring premiere.

      • alanlicious says:

        I don’t think the shocker/cliffhanger was that Jane tattooed/wiped her memories herself because as some said, it was heavily implies in the pilot.

        I think the shocker they were trying to get across was Jane finding out that particular truth now herself and possibly the rest of.the team gaining that the future

    • trinawanders says:

      Yeah I agree. I thought it was pretty clear all along (like when she gave her engagement ring back) that she knew what the plan was. Not really a twist in my opinion but it should be interesting going forward.

  2. Great fall finale. I love that they are not making us wait until the entire season is over for information. Love the pace of the show. Here are the anagrams of the first ten episodes put together.

    Blindspot Anagrams Episodes 1-10

    Who is Jane Doe? (1) Taylor Shaw (2) The Missing Girl (3) Or Maybe Not (4) The Past Will (5) Cloud Our Eyes (6) Trust No One (7) Suspect Everyone (8) Lift the Curtain (9) And Unveil the Mastermind (10)

  3. Bent says:

    I LOVE the show,especially the kiss!

  4. GeoDiva says:

    One of my favorite shows! It is going to be a long wait till February!

  5. Kevin says:

    I’ve been calling that finale for sometime it was telegraphed all the way back to first episode. Still a good show but not a shocking twist or anything.

  6. Sammy says:

    I love that they Killed Carter. He is annoying and deserved death. At least Zapata wont have to worry.

  7. ndixit says:

    I’m still puzzled. Are we supposed to be shocked that Jane wiped her own memory? Wasn’t that made pretty clear in the pilot?

  8. James D says:

    This show is hands down the best new drama of the fall. it is so tightly written and beautifully acted. As for the ending I did see it coming only because it fits so well with who Jane is which again is a testament to the writing and Jaime’s work with the character. I’m loving every minute of it now i have to wait till the end of February for the next episode :'( thanks NBC you guys suck.

  9. I’ve seen several comments about how the twist wasnt a twist because of the end of the pilot, but I think the reveal is not that Jane agreed to wipe her memory but apparently that she is in charge of this mission, the whole plan. The anagram for the episode is “Unveil the Mastermind” and in the promo for S1E11 its said that Oscar follows her orders – so its not just something Jane was coerced into but that she designed for some unknown reason herself – for a reason that we at this moment can’t even be sure was good or bad.

    I loved the episode. I enjoyed the pace. But what really I love about the whole series so far is that there is a feeling and sense of emotional pay off that isn’t delayed like idk a whole or two seasons. Other shows would have dragged out the chase for David’s killer but Patterson is allowed to find her right in the next episode only to be faced with the more difficult, mature and realistic situation, the emotional aftermath that no matter if justice is served or not, David will be still gone. That’s great writing and characterization.

    And while I was worried that they are moving too fast with the Jeller ship, now it makes absolute sense and is emotionally satisfying also. Becaus in a way it was an end to Kurt and Jane as we seen them for the first half of the season. It mounts in the kiss that has been in the making for eps. Jane acknowledging her feelings and seizing the day. Only for the story to move to a point from which on everything changes for Jane with knowing it has been her behind it all. I’m not a fan of love triangles and while Oscar represents the before and Kurt the after of the memory wipe for Jane and its beautiful in its set up I really hope it wont be an endless forth and back.

  10. Marie says:

    I am really afraid of the whole “targeted because of the same interests…..”talk. I can’t help but wonder if past jane chose weller because she knew he was looking for taylor and is vulnerable regarding that subject. You know, much more open to working with her if he thought that she is taylor. More emotionaly involved. I hope I am wrong corse that would be a major obstacle/betrayal when it comes to light.
    As for the “I will tell you everything” for the february episode I am again sceptical. If this mission could only work with her loosing her memory. Who sais her past orders aren’t to tell her lies or half truths

  11. Robin says:

    Umm… Like other people have said, I thought this “reveal” was already revealed in the pilot. If I remember correctly, it clearly inferred she had planned this thing. Even if the “twist” is actually now Jane knows she erased her own memories, how is that a fall finale twist? Anyway, I find this show okay so far but I think it needs to step it up a little bit.

  12. Mark says:

    Relaxing good fall finale. I woke up thinking about…

  13. Victor says:

    What about that husband in the middle of they way back in the ship??? All the husbands were not russian agents, so why the hell he got involved?!??!?!

  14. Katherine215 says:

    I freaking love this show so much. I’m thrilled at their pacing – none of this drawing out storylines or relationships. I also really love that they sound like they have a plan for the series – that’s one of my major frustrations with shows like The Blacklist, which I loved the first season and a half and have gotten so frustrated with since. Jane and Weller have such a great relationship, I really hope her being behind this doesn’t destroy them too much…

  15. Pat says:

    This show has been awesome for me, with every episode and tonight, just topped the awesome mark. I will be banging my head against the wall because of the long break until it returns in February. 😞😞😞

  16. sanchopanza says:

    I like this show a lot, and appreciate what Martin Gero has to say – it does sound really ingenious and original – but I was sad to see them use the old “telegraph the kidnapping” thing. It was obvious from the moment she said she ditched her security detail to come see Weller, that a) they’d kiss and b) she’d be kidnapped. Granted, I didn’t expect all of what followed, but still…

  17. Hy L says:

    Super excited show. The mystery and suspended just like the movie made for TV, very related. Jamie Alexander was great and this Jane character is really for her and she is unbelievable. Can’t wait for more.

  18. HAP says:

    I really think NBC may be shooting itself in the foot by having such a long hiatus (over three months). Very likely that some folks won’t tune back in.

  19. r.m. says:

    No surprises regarding the ending. Plus: too much justification of torture; torture does NOT provide reliable information, so such shows end up promoting such a violation of human rights by justifying torture.

  20. r.m. says:

    furthermore -the acting by the two main characters is quite weak. this is one of the worst new ‘popular’ shows. a far cry from ‘limitless’, for example

  21. Furillo says:

    I can help you r.m. I think Limitless is dumb. As a result, I don’t watch it. May I suggest since you’re opinion of Blindspot is so low, don’t watch it. I watch too much TV. The major networks, the smaller ones and internet only based TV. Blindspot is a mixture of good action and storytelling, delivered by actors who know their job. Lotsa stuff out there not as entertaining. I don’t watch, and don’t post on their websites.

  22. Carlos Lee says:

    Ugghh. We have to wait til February for new episodes.

  23. Floyd Webley says:

    This show is great can’t wait for season 2,this kiss seem to be too early between Jane and Weller, David and Carter died too soon, poor Patterson, but I like Oscar.

  24. Espec says:

    I though it was funny when weller stabbed and threw the red haired woman over the ship, I figure they needed her alive to get more intel?

    Jane being the mastermind behind it all im not surprised cause I knew she had something to do with it all like she was a russian spy the whole time to infiltrate the FBI, she did have those orphan dreams with other kids. Hmm maybe she really is a russian spy tgis whole time?

    I guess we have to wait freaking 3 months before the next episode!!
    Why such a long wait! Bad move cause by then everyone will forget about this show!

    best episode yet still but we need more!

  25. ruthie martens says:

    I love this show. One comment though. Why didn’t Weller walk her home. It bothers me. Second. Stapleton is a really good actor. When is he going to be allowed to really show off his acting abilities. I like his subtleties. But most I don’t think catch them. Just a question

  26. Syble Farmer says:

    I love this show but I hope that you don’t turn the characters against each other. Shows like NCIS are successful because it was always like family and the good guys versus the bad guys!!!

  27. Deanna Fox says:

    I love this show!!! I love Sullivan Stapleton. He is so handsome!!! Why did he say to his nephew after he kissed Jane that he had “good timing?” I don’t get that one. He certainly wasn’t shoving her away. I think it will a travesty if you don’t continue this romance.

    • bernadine says:

      I agree, why did h say to his nephew “good timing” it seem a bit off to me too. Dis he enjoy the kiss or not?

  28. stefanie says:

    He wasn’t serious, he was joking with his nephew….. like “great timing” it was sarcastic kidding

  29. April says:

    I was really waiting for that kiss to happen, I spent the whole day watching the seasons and I would be so disappointed if there wasn’t a kiss. Three words I’M LOVING IT.

  30. Ignacio says:

    I was waiting for a show like this

  31. leo says:

    Aside from the tattoes and the memory loss the constant sense of dread is what raises this series above the others. It is must see tv on Monday nights, and I don’t have many of those.

  32. Mon says:

    Regarding the love triangle i hope Jane decided to stay with Oscar

  33. Carolina Besold says:

    Blindspot is amazing. I really love the plot and how everything is moving on. The actors and actresses are really talented.

    I would lobe to see a third season of this amazin story