The Lion Guard Movie

The Lion Guard: Did Disney Channel's New Movie Do The Lion King Justice?

Set sometime during the events of the second Lion King movie, Disney Channel’s The Lion Guard on Sunday showed viewers a whole new side to the Pride Lands.

The 44-minute movie — a precursor for the Lion Guard series, coming in 2016 — introduces Kion, the son of King Simba and Queen Nala, at a momentous time in his life: the day he learns he’s destined to become the head of the Lion Guard, the Pride Land’s first line of defense against hyenas and any other creatures that plague his kingdom. (It’s pretty much just the hyenas, though, right?)

Simba isn’t initially impressed by his son’s motley crew of choice — a cheetah named Fuli, a hippo named Beshte, an egret named Ono and a honey badger named Bunga, who also happens to (somehow) be Timon and Pumbaa’s adopted nephew — but he eventually changes his tune after the Guard thwarts a group of no-good hyenas and rescues Kiara.

It should also be noted that The Lion Guard supplies a crazy backstory for the late, great Scar: Once the leader of the Guard himself, Scar became corrupted by his power, eventually believing he deserved to be king. When the Guard refused to help him take down Mufasa, he used his magic(?) roar to destroy the Guard, costing him his power in the process.

The movie does a solid job of blending familiar faces and elements, like Pumbaa’s flatulence and the classic “everything the light touches” speech, while also setting the stage for a new chapter of adventures in the Pride Lands. (And I don’t care how old you are; if Mufasa’s booming voice didn’t turn on your tear ducts, or at least give you goosebumps, you’re a hollow shell of a human.)

Do you see yourself — or, you know, your kids — watching the Lion Guard series in 2016? Grade the movie below, then drop a comment with your full review.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sam says:

    Holy moses, I didn’t watch this but it sounds like a trainwreck. If they’re pretending The Lion King 2 didn’t happen, 11 year-old me is going to be VERY disappointed.

    • Tony says:

      I take it you didn’t read the first paragraph?

    • Amy says:

      Haven’t seen it yet myself, but I don’t think it contradicts Simba’s Pride, although I’m not sure of it takes place after the events of the film or in the middle (after Kovu and Kiara met as cubs, but before they were reunited).

      (Side note, will there be a way for people who don’t have cable to watch it?)

      • Dakota says:

        It definitely contradicts it. Kiara is all excited to be queen and is a priss.

      • stasherdragon says:

        It contradicts TLK2. In my review I write: How can it be that Kiara is teaching her friend how to hunt when it is expressed and made fun of over and over again in The Lion King 2 that Kiara is a bad hunter!? Also, how can Simba let Kiara go off like she does without fretting over her safety like in The Lion King 2? Seriously, even when Kiara is a young adult in TLK2, Simba sends Timon and Pumbaa to watch over her.

        It would make more sense if this movie took place AFTER the happenings of The Lion King 2, when Kiara is a young adult and Simba and Nala are still young enough to have more cubs. At the moment I’m thinking, “Does Kion and the lion guard die at the end of this and that is why we hear neither hide nor hair of them in The Lion King 2?

        • KopaLivesOn says:

          I could not have said it better myself. It’s as if they are wiping the slate clean from all of the events that transpired during The Lion King II (TLK2). My questions… Has Kiara already met Kovu? If so, do they have the same storyline? I would say, not likely since she seems to be embracing her destiny as future queen and would not likely associate with an outlander. Is Vitani still alive and will she make an appearance as a threat to the Pridelands? Orrrr are the outlanders already co-existing with the Prideland lions? Why has Kiara’s personality been so greatly altered? For that matter, WHY IS SIMBA SO SMALLY DRAWN?! I know he’s not the biggest of the kings (being a cross between his father’s thick build and Taka’s lithe figure), but he wasn’t that small in either movie. All questions (except that last one) that i’m sure will be answered in time, but at the moment the premiere conflicts with the events of TLK2.

          I think it would have made more sense if this new installment were following the destiny of Kiara and Kovu’s second born cub (whom could still be called Kion. That would have left the events of TLK2 intact. That said, it is possible that writers thought the sequel would be best with influences of Simba and, in a real pride, it is unlikely that Simba (the older of the males) would still be a member of the pride with the introduction of a new male lion to the pride. Eventually one of them (Simba, Kovu or Kion) would be in danger of being run out as is the case when male lions battle for power and rights to breed. Unfortunately, this was the case for Mufasa and Taka (Scar), who wanted the power as King that his brother held. Mufasa should have run his brother off long ago; however, it is not uncommon for brethren to forge and run prides together. <<That is the only part about Return of the Lion Guard that makes sense to me.

          • ... says:

            I so agree they should of based it on Kiara and kovu son instead of simbas. I’m so disappointed that they make it look like lion king and 2 was never created.

          • Sarah says:

            You have said everything o had been thinking. This show just frustrates me to no end!

        • Natasha T says:

          It’s pretty easy to explain that. Simba sends timon and pumba to stalk her because she’s a cub. he eventually quits it and trusts her now so he doesn’t have her stalked and then she effs up, Simba gets paranoid after some horrific accident she barely survived (she prolly kicked a rock and sent a stampeding rhino her way) and then he decides to have her stalked again. And then garners her reputation for being a crappy huntress.

        • Lionkinglove says:

          I totally agree with u because in TLK2 kiara was ayoung adult and in TLG wheres kovu, and the other lionesses they should make that more clear. And they couldve put kion in the TLK2.

      • Wendy says:

        If you don’t have cable just watch it on dailymotion

    • Morgan Benty says:

      I could’nt agree more

    • Coconuts says:

      Well why don’t you watch it before you comment?

    • Amy says:

      YESS thank you , somebody says it , LION GUARD WAS STUPID , IT DIDNT MAKE ANY SENSE

  2. Macy says:

    I was really excited about watching this. But this movie is terrible. They made a total fool of themselves. I really hope this wasn’t made by the original producers and the real one is coming out soon.

  3. Susan Miller says:

    Please tell me they will be replaying The Lion Guard at a later date. I have a granddaughter who loves Lion King and had talked about nothing else then the new series starting. I am truly devasted that I forgot to record the Lion Guard shown Sun at 7:00 on Disney. Please Respond if it will show at any other time
    Or if there is any way can get copy of it

    • Sara says:

      It looks like it is on tomorrow morning at 10am (or 9am depending on time zone). Honestly, it looks like it is on pretty much at least once a day for the rest of the week. You should check your local listings for a convenient time for you to record it. I’ll be setting my DVR since I forgot to watch it tonight.

    • Wendy says:

      You can watch things like this on various web sites if you just do a cursory google search for it. Try dailymotion.

  4. Jeni says:

    It’s pretty good. It works well as a pilot episode(it’s not a movie). My only real complaint is the hyenas don’t look like the hyenas in the movies. I love that they gave Scar more of a backstory.

  5. I’ll have to watch it Tuesday morning. There was the NASCAR race on when this was on. So… I had my priorities.

  6. Em says:

    So I guess they’re just pretending lion king didn’t happen!!???

  7. Gabi Kulik says:

    I absolutely hate this movie! It’s NOTHING like the original Lion King. Even the animation pictures are different, and I thought it looked better the original way it was done. Sorry. If they wanted to make it that much, they could’ve made the animations like they did in the first movie, along with the same voices. Sorry, but it’s just not the same, and this movie is completely garbage. The Lion King was my favorite movie when I was little, and it still is to this day. The new one is nothing like the first two. Nothing! The first two were obviously better…

    • Gaara says:

      Lol c’mon. The 1st Lion King was a 45 million budget’s theatrical movie and the 2nd one was a direct-to-VHS. This one is a Sunday morning cartoon… You can’t expect them to go bankrupt for this. Just be happy that they’re making this at all.

      • The original came out in 1994. Also I’ve seen people on youtube create better animation than this trash. You guys are making excuses for a terribly animated, acted, written movie. The script was cringeworthy.

        • Jazz Gilbert says:

          Its a lil fake plus where is the old cub and his farther maybe just another movie with the same characters and he could have his child in tht one cause…………this one is lamer sorry to bust your happy and keep being happy but well this is just my opinoin so………anyway its a bit less great so soddy

    • Rob says:

      Yeah I think you need to get a grip.

    • Coconuts says:

      Um dude… it’s a 45 min “movie” to introduce a series. It’s not a real movie….. And dude… if the actors arent available to have the same voices of the original actors…what are they suppose to do? Geez…

    • stasherdragon says:

      They used Flash/vector based animation. It has limitations and that is why it doesn’t look like the original.

    • EZenner says:

      I just finished watching the movie. TLK is probably one of my top 3 animated movies, so I had fears that the Lion Guard series would ruin it. Honestly, while it does contradict Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride, it is one of the better pilots/shows Disney Junior has put up. The animation style is great for a kid’s cartoon. I would be unhappy if a Disney MOVIE had this style, but it’s fine for a show. I liked most of the characters- Kion, the cheetah, the egret, and the hippo were all likable- the honey badger really got on my nerves with that catch phrase he would constantly yell, but whatever. It’s part of the character. Yes, Lion Guard seems strange when put together with Simba’s Pride, but why don’t we all just ignore the fact that it’s not accurately canon and instead enjoy this CHILDREN’S television series?
      Not to mention, I had so much nostalgia running through me. I got a bit emotional when “Grandpa Mufasa” showed up for another “Remember who you are” speech.

  8. Michelle says:

    My boys loved it and are excited for the series next year. They like the original lion king but found this very entertaining.

  9. Jss0058 says:

    I think some of you missed the point expecting it to be on par with the original film(?). It’s supposed to set up the Disney Jr show…my 5 year old loved it so mission accomplished there

    • John.B says:

      it is a great movie for the little kids but for the little ones that have seen the original it is confusing none the less

  10. Rob says:

    It was fine. I’m not the target demo. The Lion King movies were my childhood but I came into this with VERY low expectations and it pretty much met those expectations. I just hope it doesnt go as far as to undo what Simba’s Pride accomplished in moving the story forward.

  11. Coconuts says:

    As a huge Lion King fan, I thought that it was awesome. I did notice the changes that they made to the storyline. Scar’s story and Kion’s existence may have been much to accept but, for the sake of the children’s show and the entire being of the series, I actually really like it. It’s different, interesting and new. I’m really excited that the Lion King has a series on TV in 2016……. And Kion’s roar is just awesome.

  12. cheetah king says:

    Not worth watching for young girls. It is unabashedly sexist as all the females in here start out bitchy then state and play a subordinate role.

    • I don’t see the problem with the movie and I definitely wouldn’t label it as “not worth watching for young girls”. The first Lion King movie didn’t have any major roles for females either, but it was my favorite movie growing up. It’s going to be a whole series, so there will be plenty of opportunities for the female characters to shine as well.

    • Coconuts says:

      I didn’t notice anything wrong or bitchy. The characters have different personalities…and some girls are just bitchy.. it’s called life…

    • Alice says:

      I agree completely here. I noticed the same thing and it ticked me off. Especially considering Kiara was not that snobby in the second lion king. She was a bit flirty though just because of Kovu. But she was very independent in the second one and they make her out to be a huge bitch who is full of herself in Lion Guard.

    • John.B says:

      of course not many girls in this movie dont have big rolls accept maybe the cheetah. that is because the movie was based around Kion and him finding the lion guard. the girls were not bitchy they simply were just more full of them selves. I agree, I also dislike there new personalities though. and being sexist, omg cmon if u consider that sexist then the original lion king and the second one would have left u in absolute shock. it is the animal kingdom and based on a monarchy therefor making the males first to everything. i am going to guess that u are one of the crazy feminist and therefor u have an excuse for your ridiculous comment

      • Era says:

        Feminists are not crazy. They fight for a world where males and female are both treated like people, instead of being defined by their gender. Females do get the short end of the stick in a lot of movies/tv shows and cartoons. Although I do not consider changing Kiara’s personality as sexist, I do consider it as something that can damage young female viewers who have seen and loved the second Lion King movie where Kiara is the main character. Fans of Kiara, will end up watching this show, only to get a whole different character who just happens to have Kiara’s name and face. The original Kiara is vastly different from movie Kiara, and that is very disrespectfull and harming for Kiara fans. But yes, ruining a character on it’s own is not sexist. Male characters also get ruined in sequels and prequels all the time. However, a cartoon THESE DAYS thats aimed at both boys and girls, should have female characters girls can relate too, are likable, and have active roles. Any cartoon that portrayes male characters as brave/active/fun and female characters as supporting/annoying or simply not fun, are at least to a degree sexist. It’s ok to have bitchy female characters, or supporting ones. Real life has all kinds of females as well, both great and terrible. But there needs to be an balance. Give us great active female characters and great active male characters, give us good supporting characters of both male and female, and give us annoying and bitchy characters among both male and female. BUt if a show needs to turn a previously fun female character into a stuck up wannebe princess to make the brother look cooler, they are doing something very very wrong.

        • John says:

          In response to all the screaming about Lion Guard not having anything for girls.. as a father of 2 boys.. I’d like to point out that there isn’t hardly a thing on Disney these days for boys. Google a list of the shows currently airing on Disney. It’s almost all exclusively female leads or main female characters. Little girls have a ton of characters they can look up to, Princess Sofia, Alana of Avalon, Doc Mcstuffins, KC Undercover.. that list goes on. Even in the lion guard, Kion isn’t going to be the king, his sister is.. and I know it’s just a cartoon, but that’s ridiculous, female lions are not pride leaders in nature. They are hunters.. But hey, screw nature! Then again I guess I shouldn’t complain since it is one of the only shows on disney that has male lead character! As far as the show itself goes.. it’s ridiculous, it’s poorly written, and as a lead, Kion is arrogant bossy and pompous. I hope Disney comes out with some better male role models.

    • William says:

      Yo… chill out. It’s just a kids movie. As a matter of fact, it WASN’T even a movie. It was pretty much the pilot episode for the series that they’ll be putting out in somewhere around the beginning of 2016 (or something like that). Either way, you can’t SERIOUSLY be calling this frigging sexist. Maybe that’s how it seems in your sick, twisted, critical eyes, but really that isn’t the case at all. Believe me, I know Disney. They wouldn’t swing that way. Look, all I’m saying is for you to cool your jets until some REAL progress is made. After that, you can continue throwing your tantrum.

  13. SimbasGuard says:

    I was very pleased with this special, and despite being WAAAAAAAAAAAY! beyond the target age group, I will have no problem watching and enjoying the.series that is to follow. My only complaint is the story felt slightly rushed. I wish the movie had been longer by at least half an hour.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I wish that it was more of a movie than just a pilot episode for the series. When I first heard about it being a movie, I thought that’s what it was. But yeah, I agree — pacing felt a bit off. But for what it was worth, it was good. The original, of course, is going to remain untouchable — even SP being hailed as this perfect sequel (it’s more of a disappointment for me) can’t even come close to the light of the original. … Having watched 1 1/2 and 2 following the original and able to really get a true perspective on all three movies *and* the different series’ …. I wasn’t all that disappointed with Lion Guard. Lion Guard is pretty much more of the same that we’ve been getting where sequels for Lion King are concerned. Is Lion Guard a true sequel that Lion King deserves? Hardly. Is it a fun romp through the Pridelands? You bet! I look forward to seeing the new series and the various different animal species.

  14. Batina Williams says:

    I was so excited about seeing this. I watched it with my daughter and her son. I must say it wasn’t a tear jerker like the other lion kings but it had a much needed story about how all can be different but come together as a common goal. I through it would have more music/songs thru out the show.. But all in all it was great show.

  15. Kovu says:

    It was a decent addition to the Lion King franchise, and a cute short movie overall! Not sure if I can get over the fact, however, that Fuli the “cheetah” is a leopard. Sorry, but everything about the coat pattern and facial markings is 100% leopard; not an accurate cheetah at all.

    • stasherdragon says:

      I was thinking the same thing about Fuli! Even if she is a king cheetah, she is still missing those black tears.

    • Alice says:

      I noticed the same thing and it made me quite mad. It would make me even more mad if she was a king cheetah though because King Cheetahs are created through inbreeding for generations. And any kid show that promoted that would not have my support. But considering she is a leopard that was meant to be a cheetah just shows how uneducated the creators were.

    • William says:

      Fuli is still a young cheetah, brainiac. She probably doesn’t have as many characteristics as her parents would. Believe me, I’ve done proper research. As for the coat patterns, please don’t tell me you were wondering about the white and black on her back. Because I know cheetahs, and I know that they all start out like that.

  16. nancy beer says:

    we had disney channel on last night and we did not see it, it showed it would be on the 25th why wasn’t it shown last night, my grandchildren were very upset

  17. The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar does justice for The Lion King franchise.

  18. deza says:

    Completely hate it its a joke it is nothing like the original its like the 2nd one never happened there wayyy smaller then in the movies if they are going to make a series they should have picked up where they left off with Kovu and not make a joke out of it by adding other characters and ack like the second one never existed

  19. John.B says:

    It would be a great movie it somethings were different. such as the characters animation and the landscape animation being the same as in the original lion king movies, if there voices were the same, if it made sense that kiara had a brother- in the second movie we see kiara grow up and marry kovu- and if the characters acted the same/ had the same personalities as the original movies. if you watch the way the characters walk it looks ridiculous because it looks like they are walking on a painting. no depth. honestly it is a great story line and would have, made an astounding movie what they are really doing is pretending the lion king two didn’t happen wich makes little me very angry. What they could have done to make it better is say that simba had another child along with kiara but they got separated somehow(maybe a natural disaster) and the movie was about how kian grew up someplace else, and at the end finds out where his parents really are and sets off on a long quest to fin them and along the way finds out he has the power of the roar. along the way he also finds the rest of the lion guard. the back story for scar is pretty cool to be hones and would explain alot. like i said before its a mostly good story line but almost everything else should be change so that it actually fits the rest of the movies. I don’t really care what anyone else says that’s my opinion and well i think the opinion of almost everyone that has seen the movie, so take from it what you will and good day.

    • The back story for Scar is pretty cool? It’s a huge plot hole! Consider this:

      If Scar was the previous leader of the lion guard, and he used his power of the roar to destroy the other members in an attempt to become king, then Mufasa was a LOUSY father for letting cub Simba hang out with Scar!!! What was Mufasa thinking? “Gee, my brother wants to become king and has proven he is capable of harming others in order to do so, and after the blessing ceremony I’ve seen that his attitude has not changed, I think I’ll let my innocent and clueless and defenseless cub hang out with him!”

  20. Elaina says:

    They messed up Kopa was Simbas son

  21. William says:

    The Lion Guard was a VERY good movie. The plot, the development, the songs, everything! I witnessed its premier recently, and I’ve got to say, I was absolutely astonished at how it was put together. Honestly, I didn’t think the movie would turn out that well at first. But, I’m glad I went ahead and watched it. Because now, its got my full attention and approval. Way to go, Disney!

  22. Are y’all goin to finish the movie it needs to be finished

  23. Natasha T says:

    I’m about to watch it now but it’s pretty easy to fit Kion in the plot. Lion King two skipped a lot of time between Kiara as a cub and an adult. And Kovu was chilling with Simba for what like a week? Kion could have been on some mission to help a distant friend or he may have found love and joined another pride. While Disney is getting good at killing characters off, it doesn’t have to be that. My only problem while watching the trailers is this chibi (small) version of simba. He’s a LION for goodness sakes.

  24. Kori says:

    Sadly I’ve seen it many times due to my preteen sister in law and my 2 year old daughter. In fact it’s on now. They have earsed the second one! In fact kiria is the same age she hasn’t aged at all which makes no sense. The singing don’t get me started no one in this one can sing! It hurts my ears for God sake! And, it’s like simba has never out the hyenas in their place in the first one because their back to trying to take her again. This one is an insult to our childhood! And the song the hyenas sing is down right terrifying!! No.joke look it up! I give this no stars it’s horrible. I’m.dead serious look up the hyenas song it’s not for kids.

    • irv says:

      I’ve come across this little movie because of my cousins watching Disney channel I could not stand the songs they sounded as if a child wrote them. The song about the lion guard sounds like another I’ve heard before I can’t think of it but I’ll remember someday because it’s really bothering me. And the hyena song was terrible these are the only two songs I heard I didn’t watch it all. But from what I saw it was lazy writing and the animation was bad to the way the badger was drawn and the hyenas looked bad.

  25. Did like lion guard says:

    Lion King never had magic in it, and what with them sticking in random African words, if they are even African words. That is why I don’t like it.

  26. Did like lion guard says:

    Lion King never had magic in it, and what with them sticking in random African words, if they are even African words. That is why I don’t like it. O

  27. Koti says:

    Possibly kion died along with the other lion guard?
    Maybe thats why simba is over protective in TLK2?
    Maybe the incident of kion’s disappearance affected kiara’s life in a big way making it harder to hunt.. At the end of the lion guard the hyeana did state that they were going to come back.. So maybe they killed kion..

  28. Johnnie says:

    In Simbas Pride they never once mentioned anything about Simbas son or anything a lion guard I’m just very disappointed on the time setting they decided to use

  29. James says:

    I am 36 and this is my 1 and 4 year olds favorite. We can watch the original, let them have their own

  30. Annoyed disney lover says:

    This was very disappointing, doesn’t make any sense when you think about everything that happened in lion king 2. Why couldn’t this be something that took place after the second one and the cub be kiara and kovu’s? That would have made more sense and not be so infuriating. Maybe It’s just my inner kid and disney movie lover talking but I was left with way too many questions about how it tied into lion king 2. Like why kion and timon and pumba’s “nephew ” weren’t ever mentioned in the second lion king. Along with kiara wanting nothing to do with being queen when a cub, and was extremely over protected by simba. Those of course just being a few things that bothered me.

  31. Mason says:

    They made kiara so snobby… She used to be fun and adventurous, as a cub in lion king 2 she didn’t really even want to be queen. But boom the first scene she’s like one of those snobby girls in other shows. I knew there would be changes in the lion guard, but to change her personality??

    • stasherdragon says:

      Yes! And the change in her from being a horrible hunter in the movie and being a smart, confident hunter in the tv show!?

  32. shay says:

    to Amy; i’m thinking it takes place before kiara re-unites with Kovu, so before “Simba’s Pride.” my theory is because of the crocodiles from the lion guard are in the pridelands in the TV series. In Simba’s pride, the crocodiles if you remember dwell in the outlands and viciously try to attack/eat kiara and Kovu which leads me to believe that Simba must have exiled them there at some point (probably due to the new croc leader…but of course theres no way to solidify that theory).
    but then again i read something about how they were possibly going to have Kovu as a recurring character in the series, which would throw my first theory out the window. but then if they have Kovu as a recurring character, it would throw off the Simba’s pride movie because Kovu and kiara meet for the first time in that movie, so she can’t know him before hand, unlesssss the show features kovu alone with his siblings and not with kiara….So just food for though

  33. Maria says:

    so if kion is kiaras brother, where is he in the entire movie of lion king 2???

  34. Yvette says:

    My son absolutely loves it!!! I actually do too😉😉

  35. Yvette says:

    My son absolutely loves it!!! I actually do too😉😉.

  36. Kimberly says:

    I was very anxious to watch what Disney decided to do to The Lion King sequel, The Lion Guard. I just have to say, it was very disappointing. Thank you Disney for ruining my childhood. The animation was very poor and the plot line was boring. Also, it was like the second movie didn’t exist! I would understand if it was cute for children who had never seen the movie but I just was not pleased. And can someone explain to me how 3 year old children are saving the world? And why is it that when everyone else is contributing to solving a problem, Chion is just standing around watching? I would not recommend this for anyone who wants to have their life, and childhood destroyed.

  37. Sakura says:

    I had a problem with the female hyena’s sexist view on the males. They are foolish because they are males? REALLY?!! That is NOT something that you want girls growing up thinking, that males are foolish and inferior. This is feminist propaganda run amok.

  38. basspro says:

    Ok… Raising a child in the 90s the lion king ruled all. Now… This p.o.s needs to go in the scrap pile. No soul to it whatsoever. It makes the original seem like a stroll through the graveyard. And btw the hippo and cheetah are ok. I would blast that @$&@ing bird out of the sky, and for the honey badger… Well that annoying sob.. With his big mouth and AWFUL repetitive catch phrases.. Id put him in the vise and take a torch to him nice and slow…

  39. Candice says:

    Well, in the way I see The lion guard Isn’t the only film that doesn’t respect its predecessor, neither the lion king 2 respect the original one at all, and for a start, neither Kovu nor Kiara is the main protagonist, Kiara is the protagonist for the second movie, yes, but it’s just a Disney sequel, not a Disney classic, Disney sequels have the reputation to destroys all the feelings of the original movies (that’s the reason why many fans hate sequels), anyway Simba is the one who start with “the Lion king” story in fact, I mean, he is THE LION KING and obviously the title say so, if Disney do a sequel of Kiara and Kovu children well, then I feel Disney would be ending almost completely with what The lion king was (a Disney classic master piece) and maybe we can find unnecessary sequels (like land before time did) and well, The lion king 2, 11/2 and lion guard are some examples of what I mean with unnecessary sequels (those sequels are created only to make money) it wouldn’t be fair to Simba, Nala, Mufasa and all the main characters who participated in the original movie and it wouldn’t be THE LION KING anymore.

    Kiara’s personality in the lion guard contradicts Kiara’s personality in the lion king 2 as well as Simba, Nala, Rafiki, and many other characters of the original movie’s personality in the lion king 2 contradicts their personality of the original movie, so …What can I say?

    P.S: Maybe you are wondering where Kovu is (or the rest of the outlanders) in the lion guard, while many lovers of the original movie (including me) wonder where Sarabi (Simba’s mother) is or where the hyenas (Shenzi, Banzai, Ed and the rest) are in the lion king 2 SP (as I wonder in the lion guard), I also wonder how Scar get followers lionesses in the lion king 2 SP, if the lionesses starving in the original movie and one last thing, I also wonder why Scar has a “wife” and “kids” in the lion king 2 SP if in the original film he had no kids.

  40. Hi says:

    I absolutly hated the movie. First of all, I think the so called ‘roar of the Kings’ is stupid, and making scar have had it is even dumber. Also, from what I’ve heard, simba’s son is so posed to be named kopa. I think it’s sad they ditched the original animation too.

  41. I suspect that Bob Iger wanted to make a sequel to the original Lion King that was more positive than the original sequel under Eisner. The funny thing is, The Lion Guard movie premiere was not long after The Lion King sequels were given the Blu-ray treatment.

    If my theory is true and we are asked to disregard the sequel, there is still the gaping plot hole between The Lion Guard and the original The Lion King.


    If Scar was the previous leader of the lion guard, and he used his power of the roar to destroy the other members in an attempt to become king, then Mufasa was a LOUSY father for letting cub Simba hang out with Scar!!! What was Mufasa thinking? “Gee, my brother wants to become king and has proven he is capable of harming others in order to do so, and after the blessing ceremony I’ve seen that his attitude has not changed, I think I’ll let my innocent and clueless and defenseless cub hang out with him!”

  42. Mizzy says:

    I find it unfair as in the second movie simba never let his daughter out without out someone with her but in the series’s his son can wander and fight as he likes It really makes you think .

    • stasherdragon says:

      There is one episode where Simba and Nala go to a funeral and leave Kiara in charge for the whole day!!! Did he whisper to Timon and Pumbaa to watch over her like in TLK 2? Nope.