Castle Fall Finale Spoilers

Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Castle, New Girl, Once, The Knick, Chicago Fire, Arrow, CSI: Cyber, Gotham and More

Will Castle‘s snooping lead to the big “shift”? What’s on tap for the New Girl wedding? Will Arrow‘s Oliver get another blast from his past? Is new Chicago Fire romance heating up? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Does anything good happen in the Castle fall finale (airing Monday)? –Barry
Since I just got done watching it, why don’t I give you a taste of what happens and then you can decide/debate what is “good”?
1) We learn the (unconventional) location of where Vikram and Beckett will be conducting their super-secret LokSat snooping from here on.
2) The Case of the Week is handled almost exclusively by Rick and Kate, together.
3) “Lucy” makes a return!
4) Those who have rightfully complained that Rick A) hasn’t taken Kate to task enough for the abrupt “time out” and B) seems poised to forgive and forget should (should!) be somewhat pleased with some of the angry things he gets to say this Monday.
5) Will Rick’s covert investigation of Kate’s mystery text bring them back together, or blow things up in an irreversible way? Possible hint (or not): One of the marrieds at one point frets, “I just hope I didn’t nuke my marriage.”

Can you hack into CBS and cobble together any scoop on CSI: Cyber‘s Ryan and Russell? – Francis
I plugged an exploit into the DSL socket, ran a ghost worm and this is what I came up with: As Avery gets reacquainted with her ex-husband and DB enjoys an unexpected first encounter with a very attractive woman, the two “will each encourage the other to go with their instincts,” exec producer Pam Veasey shares.

I’m enjoying Season 2 Gotham-Barbara-Theoof Gotham, but I’m starting to wonder how long they plan to carry on the story arc with Theo Galavan. Will it cover all of Season 2, or is there a change planned for the second half of the season? –Eric
It’s definitely spilling into the second half, given that this Monday, Gordon “will finally peel back the layers” and see what Galavan is up to, setting the stage for the Fox series’ take on DC Comics’ Order of St. Dumas. “It’s not completely dissimilar [from the comics],” EP John Stephens told me. As hinted in recent weeks, “It’s an old order of monks who for the past 500 years have been anointing a sort of ‘champion’ – Azrael — a vigilante assassin who goes out and purges the world of sin. So we’ll be telling that story this season.” Bonus, unrelated scoop: Might that near-fatal fall from the bell tower have knocked some sense into Barbara? “I doubt that!” answers Erin Richards. “But it might have changed her in some ways.”

Will we get any great Nick/Jess scenes in New Girl Season 5? –Kassie
Yes, because even though Megan Fox will help fill the void during Zooey Deschanel’s maternity leave, the sitcom pre-taped three episodes prior to her time off. In the Jan. 5 season premiere, for example. Jess and Nick — as Schmidt and Cece’s Maid of Honor and Best Man — plan an elaborate engagement party for the newly engaged couple,including but not limited to an elaborate Bollywood dance number.

I know it might be early yet, but by chance do you have any scoop for Season 2 of 12 Monkeys? –Annie
As a matter of fact, during our recent NCIS Q&A, I asked Scottie Thompson to tease her new, recurring role on the Syfy series. Playing a virus hunter named Mantis, she previewed “amazing time-traveling experiences in other eras,” describing her character as a “butt-kicker” who’s got “a dark side as well as a fun, human-ness that she discovers.”

Got any Chicago Fire scoop? –Chris
This Tuesday, Treat Williams brings back Severide’s pops Benny “as a lending hand, voice of reason, so to speak,” Taylor Kinney previewed during our visit to the set. “He helps out with a problematic issue that could be really detrimental to Boden, the house and everybody involved.” Elsewhere in the hour, romance blossoms at the fire department gala, and given what Yuri Sardarov told us, we can’t help but wonder if that means Otis will finally get some action. (“There is going to be a storyline with potentially someone in the house,” he teased.) Meanwhile, Mouch, realizing he needs to lock down girlfriend Platt, will “make the big move predictably clumsily and ineptly, and it takes an unfortunate turn,” Christian Stolte said.

Anything on Arrow? Particularly Oliver and Felicity? –Caryn
This miiiiight affect Oliver and Felicity. ‘Member how last season’s #Flarrow crossover touched upon the matter of Oliver’s son via the young woman Moira years ago sent packing, to Central City? Exec producer Greg Berlanti teases that this year’s crossover event, airing Dec. 1 and 2, features a moment “very akin” to that one.

Any scoop on The Flash‘s Iris West would be appreciated. – Lexi
Uberproducer Greg Berlanti also told us that the Flash writers just finished penning “the two craziest episodes that we’ve ever done — and probably two of my favorite episodes ever,” in which “there’s incredible, incredible stuff” for “a bunch of the characters, including Iris. It’ll be really exciting to watch.”

When will we see Supergirl Preview General AluraLaura Benanti pop up again on Supergirl, either as Astra or Alura? –Vanessa
Benanti will next appear in the Dec. 7 episode “Human or a Day,” which features an earthquake as well as the alien escapee Jemm (played by Constantine‘s Charles Halford).

I adore The Goldbergs, but I’m worried about Erica leaving the show for college. Any info to lessen my fears? —Karen
Allow series creator Adam Goldberg to put you at ease. “The amazing thing about setting the show in 1980something is that the ages of the kids are completely nebulous,” he tells the Inside Line. “The writers on the show joke that they’re the Simpsons kids. Erica and Barry have been in the same high school grade for three years now… and I have no plans to move them!”

Regina’s been pretty quiet on this season of Once Upon a Time; any scoop on what’s in store for her? –Rachel
Between now and the end of the mid-season finale (airing Dec. 6), expect to lay witness to a new piece of Regina’s of past — and in turn learn that she shares a secret with another major character, one that will reverberate into the present. Also: As if the birth of Zelena’s child hasn’t already drummed up drama, you can be sure the wee one will cause some fireworks between the wicked one and her sis!

Any information on Cinemax’s The Knick, especially about Thack and Lucy? —Zahra
Plan to gobble up the next episode, airing the day after Thanksgiving, in which Thackery performs a daring surgery in front of a packed house while Lucy and others attend a charity ball. All told, I hear the episode will deliver lots of blood, ball gowns and intrigue (though hopefully not mixed on top of one another. Dry cleaning wasn’t so hot back then).

This season of Fargo, Fargoeach episode just gets better and better! Any scoop? –Amanda
In the wake of all the recent bloodshed and fumbled coups, Mike Milligan this week is strongly urged by Kansas City’s top dog to wrap things up — else “The Undertaker” be sent north to… do whatever it is that someone nicknamed The Undertaker does.

Major Crimes‘ Andy will face a medical emergency soon. How this will impact him and Sharon? –Ilona
Though this has nothing to do with Sharon per se, series creator James Duff says that Andy’s emergency tees up his favorite scene of Season 4’s “back 13” episodes, when Provenza this Monday is tasked with filling out his pal’s DNR paperwork — “based on what he wants for Flynn,” Duff laughs. “He asks the question from the form and then answers it himself. Like, ‘Would you like a priest or a minister to come and visit?’ ‘Noooo, we don’t need any of those people. It’d be too late!'”

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email!  (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    No Caskett back together at the end of this episode = ratings below 1.0 come Jan 4th. Castle as a series is done. Idiot showrunners killed it in less than 8 episodes. What a joke. ABC Execs should be ashamed and fired for letting it get to this.

  2. Vari says:

    Regina murdered someone is a big secret? she shockingly knows name of someone she murdered… Regina had a baby before? who knows with Regina lol.

    Actually didnt mind seeing less of Regina.

  3. Morgane says:

    Keep trying for months to have an answer on a specific OUAT character but apparently it’s not worth it if it’s not related to a main characters or a ship.

  4. Shawn says:

    Of course they are retconning Regina Evil Queen to shoehorn Hook into her past even more, so the show can be even more about Hook.

    • Vari says:

      I like Hook, and i dont mind Regina,. What i do mind is stupid comments like this and being totally ignorant

    • Vari says:

      shawn – plus are you the one on tumblr with the constant bashing…

    • abz says:

      Hook has only just recently been brought to the front of this 5A arc with Emma as a result of her making him a second Dark One. This entire half season has been mainly Camelot drama and Dark Swan with Hook acting in similar capacity as Regina, Snow, Belle, and Charming, etc.
      The complaints about Hook are tired. It’s been almost three and a half seasons now. At this point accept it or move on. And how is he being shoe-horned into her past? If I remember correctly we already know they’ve had past interactions with each other. And that’s what this show has been doing since the beginning. They bring on characters and they randomly have connections to one of the current cast members that they eventually reveal when convenient to the current plot (e.g., the fact that Rumple had past connections to both Cruella and Ursula; Will just happened to know Robin Hood and was one of his merrymen, etc.). This is nothing new, so it’s silly to act like further connection being established between these two characters just so they can make it about Hook. What did you expect? They just decide to make him a second Dark One and they ignore his character entirely? And also, Hook is one of the regular characters on this show whose past is one of the least fully fleshed out. He’s had what three or maybe four flashback episodes total compared to some of the other main characters.

      • Cal says:

        THANK YOU. It’s frustrating to see these complaints because so many of them are ship-driven – people are bitter that their preferred relationship isn’t getting enough screen time or they hate Hook because they want Emma to be with her step-grandmother/not move on from Neal’s death. To be fair, not all of the complaints are ship-driven, but I still think that they are misguided in blaming Hook. It sucks that we don’t see as much Belle, but IMO the writers struggle to balance character airtime and attention because they devote entire episodes to guest stars. I like that they bring in guests, but I think it’s become a bit gratuitous. Hook has been on for a long time but he hasn’t had countless centrics or extended development, and I’m glad that they are fleshing him out. I’m sure that we’ll see less of him in 5B and more of the other characters. That’s typically how it goes.

      • Ginger Snap says:

        The title of the show is ONCE UPON A TIME not The Emma and Hook show. It’s devolved into show with poorly written romances – you see better writing on Days of Our Lives or General Hospital (with Luke raping Laura ). Modern version is Zelena raping Hood.

        The show lost its swagger during season three and it’s time to retire the old dog.

        • ninergrl6 says:

          As someone who has watched DOOL & GH for decades & OUAT since day 1, I couldn’t disagree with you more.

          I saw Lana today at HVFF and she said there’s a lot of good/evil Regina stuff coming up including the return of her parents & scenes with Henry & Hook. Maybe if Hook has more meaningful interactions with other characters besides Emma (I love his scenes with Henry, David, and Robin), that will silence some of his critics. FWIW Lana said that the mid season finale is Hook-centric but the 100th ep/5B premiere is Regina-centric.

          • Ginger Snap says:

            Lana says . That’s yet to be proven .

            Regina is a hero now , which has taken the fun from the show . And makes her character less interestingly . Same thing has happened to Rumple .Redemption comes with a price .
            JMo clearly isn’t having fun with the role of The Dark Swan.
            Good storytelling works better with interestingly villains . The best villain left is Zelena. No that Hook is The Dark One , I’m starting a new ship _ Hook and Zelena.
            It might make the show fun again .

          • abz says:

            And I’m sure people would say the same thing if they had kept coming up with random ways to keep her evil season after season. There’s just no pleasing anyone. At least with Regina, even though she’s on her redemption path she still has that sass.
            How is it clear that JMo isn’t having fun with Dark Swan? If I recall her earlier interviews correctly, she was very eager and interested in tacking the role.

        • Really? says:

          Says who? A disgruntled voice who follows every comment about Hook and the show to snipe? Sorry, if I disagree and disregard your whiny complaints…

        • abz says:

          No, its time for YOU to move on from this show since you’re clearly not enjoying it as evidenced by the many comments I’ve read of yours on several threads and leave it for those who continue to enjoy it.
          Emma has been the central character of this show from the very beginning. Many things revolve around her. Other main characters are connected to her in some way or another. In the case of Hook, he is Emma’s BOYFRIEND. He cares for her and she cares for him (hence her attempt to save his life by making him a second Dark One). To expect that they never get screen time together is stupid and childish. It is not the Emma and Hook show. You just dislike Hook so much that apparently you can’t seem to find enjoyment in the show anywhere.
          The theme of love and romance is heavily entrenched in this show. It’s one show where shipping actually makes sense. If you don’t like Emma/Hook as a pairing, then there are still plenty of others to focus on. If you still can’t find anything left to like about the show then just move on.

          • Ginger Snap says:

            Criticism is part of the arts. Check out the dialog amongst the Castle fans, who are clearly growing tired of that show and it’s been around for seven seasons . This one is only on its fifth season and the showrunners are struggling to keep it entertaining. Organically, it should have ended at the end of season 3, but ABC doesn’t have a viable replacement.

          • abz says:

            You must think very highly of yourself to think that you speak for an entire viewership. To YOU the showrunners are struggling to keep it entertaining, but to someone else, they might really be enjoying it. There are plenty out there who enjoyed the 4th season (myself included). I’m not crazy about the Camelot stuff currently going on, but I’m definitely looking forward to the second half of this season.
            I think its one thing to critique and another to just be selfish. If you’ve continuously expressed your criticism (which is evident by all the complaining you do about Hook on several threads on this site) and you’re constantly not being heard and no effort is being made to change the show into what you would like it to be then maybe you should just move on instead of calling for it to be cancelled and trying to ruin it for others who still enjoy it. You’re clearly getting no satisfaction from watching.
            Certain shows may eventually run longer than they should perhaps, but each one of them will have fans and viewers that still enjoy it so why should I be selfish and say they should be cancelled? Just look at Bones and Castle for example. I’m behind several episodes for each. I personally find them to be nowhere near quality television and they both have just gotten duller over time. The secondary characters are subpar to me. If they get cancelled, I probably wouldn’t care, however plenty of people are still eager to watch and are passionate over the outcomes. Why should I push for it to be cancelled if they want to continue watching it? There’s plenty out there for me to watch.
            There’s so much more I want to see happen on OUAT. More main character interactions. More backstories for characters that haven’t been as fleshed out as others (e.g., Hook). More interesting new characters/stories to see them tackle and put their twists on.

      • Vari says:

        Well said Abz

  5. ami says:

    Thanks for still covering Major Crimes scoop! Despite the weird murky drama that’s surrounding it lately.

  6. L O L to the Major Crimes one. I can’t wait to see that!!!!

  7. Variety? Yeah. No. says:

    This is not variety. Throwing in other questions while still answering arrow and castle questions is just pretending. I want just ONE inside scoop with no arrow and castle questions answered and then I’ll say it’s variety. Mix it up for once. Arrow and castle do not have THAT many viewers and yes their fans may be more dedicated to send in questions but maybe no one sends anything in for other shows because they know you’ll trump it for arrow and castle. The only reason you answer so many questions about those two shows is because YOU like them and because maybe that’s all your sources are only for those 2 shows and it’s too much effort to dig for more on other shows.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      But you never answered my question from last time, “Variety” aka “Snore” (aka numerous other user names): What show(s) would YOU like to see covered here? You seem distinctly impacted by my selections.

      • Variety says:

        Nope, just 2 comments from me. Not multiple. also don’t check replies. Really just any thing. Chicago PD, fire etc. any new scoop on guest stars on new shows, non network shows like Mindy

        • Winter says:

          You do get that the site is a business right? Arrow and Castle ect. get more click throughs even if those shows don’t have as many viewers. Also if you want information ask the questions about them when they have scoop and are getting questions they answer them.

    • wonderwall says:

      In this article they talked about:
      -New Girl
      -12 Monkeys
      -Chicago Fire
      -Major Crimes
      -The Knicks…

      …How is that NOT a variety?

      This just sounds like whining about not getting what YOU want. Instead of putting other shows down why not try to submit the questions you want answered as much as possible? No need to get bitter about it.

    • Kate says:

      Well, I’m a big fan of Castle, so I Iove the consistent info. However, have you considered that this website is a business? The goal is to get as many hits on the site as possible so they can make money. Clearly they’re going to post as much info as they can about the shows that get people to the site… That might not make you happy with the way things are, but it might help to explain it.

      • Angela says:

        Exactly. It’s been made plainly obvious by the comments from “Castle” fans lately that most of them are NOT even remotely happy with the direction of the show…but they’re still talking about it and still flooding comment sections with their comments, so the site’s going to keep talking about it as a result, alongside their other reasons for promoting the show. It’s the same reasons some shows get weekly recaps here and others don’t (or do if they have a particularly notable episode or season/series premiere or finale airing).
        Heck, I haven’t seen any of the shows covered in this week’s column. But this column in general is still always an interesting read in and of itself regardless (sometimes some of the info shared about certain shows actually makes me want to check them out), as is the discussion that can come from it in the comments section.
        Bottom line, I don’t work for this site, so I’m going to let them do their job, and I’ll do mine as a visitor and read/not read whatever is or isn’t of interest to me. And if I really want information on a show I like, I’ll just keep e-mailing when possible.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          (Psst. Just between you and me? I was totally gonna not include CASTLE this week, but then I got the screener and damn if I wasn’t gonna tease the bejeesus out of that. Same with ARROW/FLASH — but then we saw Berlanti on Friday night. Best laid plans…)

          • Luli says:

            The Castle teases killed me, especially the last one!!! You know how to tease Matt. I’ve read other previews but this one was diff.

          • Alice says:

            Matt, what happened to your interview with Stana?

          • Vince says:

            Did you ask Berlanti if Legends of Tomorrow is really getting the Thursday slot CW?

          • prish says:

            Don’t say it…no Castle stuff not allowed!

          • Angela says:

            Ha, that’s great :p. Yeah, I can totally understand that. I do hope, for the sake of “Castle” fans who don’t like the way this season’s been going, that next week’s episode will make them at least a little happy.

          • Teri says:

            Can you ask again for a Stana/Nathan interview? Since fans are currently upset, maybe the show would want to raise the mood of fans.

    • MLPR says:

      I thought it was pretty good, variety-wise:) Much improved from last week. Thanks, Matt!

  8. Ha! OMG next episode of Major Crimes sound so funny! Thanks for the answer :)

  9. Kathy Adkins says:

    I wish they’d give Blood and Oil a chance. U.S. Old timer Dallas fans do exist. Personally have really enjoyed it.

  10. Mo says:

    Oh boy, this makes me more excited for tomorrow’s Major Crimes! Flynn and Provenza together are magic

  11. Clarance says:

    I don’t know if shortening the winter hiatis will fix S 8. If they left it for 3 months the. Fan base would have moved on. The so called show runners has ran it into the ground! Cast and crew better send out resumes.

  12. “Will Castle’s snooping lead to the big ‘shift’?” Y’know what? I don’t care.

  13. wonderwall says:

    I love Oliver/Felicity… But I am NOT looking forward to the baby mama story. I just sinceriously hope that Oliver doesn’t keep his kid a secret from Felicity. Because that trope is old and tired and needs to die.

    Also, Matt, where do I submit questions? Because I really want to know whether there are any good Diggle/Felicity scenes coming up. I feel like that relationship has been forgotten and I really miss them!

  14. ndixit says:

    Big surprise about Castle! At least Castle may be finally growing his spine back. I just hope he’s not the one who is worrying about nuking his marriage because that should really only be Beckett’s worry at this point. Whatever happens, I will not return until Beckett actually earns her forgiveness and trust from Castle. If she comes back and everything reconciles without her having faced the consequences, then I will still not care about their marriage.

  15. Emily says:

    Thanks for answering the Iris question! I hope she DOES get something to do, because they haven’t been using her enough this season…

    • Liz says:

      I love Iris and they are definitely clueless as to what to do with her this season. But Candice is so amazing! She deserves so much more.

  16. Linda Giza says:

    Well I am not watching,I said I would not watch in January if they were not back together this is worse.Vikram over Castle?Showrunners get ready to apply at McDonalds.Pleasantly surprised?
    What drugs are they on?RIP Castle.Thanks for s1-7.

  17. Alexis says:

    Thanks for answering my Iris question Matt although I must admit that Berlanti’s answer was very vague and didn’t exactly tell us anything. In any case I hope she has substantial storylines in the upcoming episodes because she’s been severely underused this season.

  18. Liz says:

    I hate that they’re bringing in a kid on Arrow and he won’t even be Connor Hawke. What even is the point then?

    I’m expecting the reveal to be a shock but I doubt it will really affect Oliver and Felicity’s relationship. It will take some adjusting but those two are so strong and good together.

  19. Brandon says:

    Thanks for the Iris scoop.

  20. Brandon says:

    Thanks for the Iris West scoop.

  21. Annie says:

    Thanks for the 12 Monkeys scoop Matt!! (It was a shot in the dark, I thought for sure it would be too early lol).
    But oooooo, a new virus hunter! And more time travel!! #excited

  22. annek says:

    Castle’s fall finale sounds promising…not. Only possible bright spot – angry Rick. Finally

  23. Andrea says:

    thanks for oliver, felicity and Iris scoop. although, is there any specific story for her? not just a group story. I hope even on group story she wont be push in the back and actually involve in the mission, not a big fan of season 2 so far because of what they did to Iris

  24. Shika says:

    Thank for the Iris “sorta” scoop lol Good to know there’s more craziness in store and that Iris will be a part of it. I really hope we hear something about the relationship between Iris and Wally soon though. Their close relationship is super important to me. :)

  25. Luli says:

    When are we going to see the end of Vikram?? I need him gonne, plus I don’t trust him one bit.

  26. Mik says:

    Thanks for the Iris scoop. I’ll be happy when Wally finally appears so they can stop giving us general “trust us there’s good stuff coming” answers that have yet to pan out this season. They keep making promises that they are not keeping, and it’s making a lot of us want to give up on the show. Nothing against you, Matt, that’s all against the producers, so thanks again for at least asking!

  27. Diana says:

    Nice to see some new Iris info. Cautiously intrigued. Thank you! Hopefully there’ll be something to report on romantic Iris/Barry again soon ;)

  28. Fran says:

    Still sticking with Castle!!

    • Brigid says:

      Me too! I love the show and even though it is tough watching Kate do this to Castle, I am enjoying watching the others interact with each other more and continuing to make me laugh!

  29. Tilly Madison says:

    It’s about time we got some Iris! There’s hasn’t been enough of her this season! :(

    Thanks for the scoop!

  30. Aliah Berry says:

    Hope the show runners actually follow through this time with great Iris West material. They have been saying this for a while now but have yet to deliver. If they mean what they say, then I am definitely excited for those two episodes Berlanti speaks of! Thank you for the scoop!

  31. Jax says:

    I’m excited to see the dynamic between Iris and Wally. I’ve been waiting for this since comic con. Looking forward to those episodes.

  32. Sammy L. says:

    I wish there was more Flash scoop regarding Iris. I need specifics!!!! Ahhhhhh just give us Iris West and WestAllen.

  33. Jessica says:

    “Including Iris” about damn time.

  34. Eliza says:

    Really appreciate the Iris scoop. You guys can only report what answers the EP’s give and right now they are either tight lipped or have nothing to say. I think it’s the latter sadly. I just keep hoping from some great Iris storyline instead of wasting time of propping up Legends or guest stars. *Sighs deeply*

  35. Sel says:

    ugh I wish Berlanti gave us actual info about Iris West … I LOVE HER SO MUCH

  36. Sel says:

    I LOVE Iris so much, hopefully we see a lot from her in the coming episodes !!!

    • Hannah says:

      Me too! After the SDCC, fans were promised so many great things for Iris and yet they barely give her any screentime. I’m so over it at this point. The Flash used to be my favorite show but it’s not anymore. I’m just waiting for things to get better all I want is Iris, Wally and some good Barry stuff no more whining.

  37. Regina says:

    Still along for the ride with Castle. As with any story, there are parts I like & parts I don’t. But all of it makes the complete story & I want to see their complete story. I reserve judgements until I actually see episodes. That said, I’m glad Castle will finally express some anger towards Beckett over this whole situation.

    • prish says:

      I’m with you on this. The husband gripes, moans, and snarls at the Castle mess. However, he considers himself a “fan” and will remain a faithful watcher until the end. I, just, see ups and downs, like life. No work of art is perfect.

      • Angela says:

        I tend to take the same attitude with my favorite shows. Yeah, there’s seasons/storylines/episodes that may not be as strong and that I may not care for, but I still stick with the show through it all ’cause I’m curious to see how it all plays out and ends and whatnot, too. And if I really like the characters, that’s enough to keep me interested even if the storylines aren’t that great.
        That said, I certainly understand people making the choice to drop a show if they aren’t enjoying it anymore, too. No sense in forcing yourself to keep on with something you hate out of a sense of duty or whatever, after all.

    • cass21 says:

      Agree with you 100%: still on board with Castle! I love the show and the talented cast, and, thanks Matt for the information! This season may have tested fan patience but I feel that after the S7 finale they had to reboot and introduce other paths than the case of the week and happy couple moments – and this comes from someone who is a major fan of Caskett. The love is still there as well as the funny and witty moments that are classic Castle. The story is still unfolding and I can’t wait for Rick to confront Kate about that text.

  38. Avril says:

    Thanks Matt! And thanks for trying to get that Iris scoop. You can only report on what they give you

  39. niloofar says:

    Thanks for The Knick info

  40. Brad says:

    Can castle just be done with her why must he obsesse over her when all she cares about is her obsessions

  41. Teri says:

    Put us out of our misery with this “time out.” Castle and Beckett are the best couple, partners, friends and lovers on TV. Having them back working together and as a happily married couple is what drives Castle and their ratings. I will always watch no matter what, but I don’t want to be upset anymore.

  42. Mark Green says:

    Theo Gallivan needs to be dead, like a lot.

  43. ndixit says:

    There are two aspects of Castle that need to happen before I start watching again. One is that Castle really needs to get angry and call Beckett out on her lies. It is just necessary for him to express his frustrations to her. That is hopefully going to happen in the mid season finale. Secondly, Beckett needs to accept that she has a problem and that she is making a mistake by lying blatantly to Castle without a substantial reason. And she has to earn back the trust that she has lost in Castle and the viewers. I am at the point, where if Beckett apologizes, it will mean nothing to me because she has done so before and then repeated the same mistakes again. However, I am not at all optimistic that this will actually happen because this will mean the writers portraying Beckett as being completely in the wrong. Given what I’ve seen in ‘Always’ and ‘Watershed’, I think her apologizing will be all that Castle will need to reconcile. That will not satisfy me in any way because the apology will be empty words to me until she shows that her apology is sincere.

    • Marie says:

      Just out of curiosity Nixdit, how can she show she is sorry or earn back the trust? I’m not saying I agree or disagree with you. I’m just saying, for a tv show, that’s a whole lot of angst and misery in 42 minutes for the rest of the season, if its going to be Beckett apologizing every ep, or castle pulling a long face and being mean to her.

      Which is why, beckett was forgiven easily in watershed for not trusting castle with her dc stuff, and why castle was forgiven in Target, Hunt for not trusting Beckett, and castle was forgiven extremely easily for disappearing on his wedding day. Remember, he knew exactly what he was doing when he ditched her on the wedding day. He only chose later on, after doing whatever it is he did, to have his memory erased.

      One could argue that’s a lot more of a betrayal than Becketts time out right now. One could also argue that his kidnapping was not a choice but her time out is. True, but Beckett doesnt know this for a fact. Has he given her enough to trust him? Maybe yes, maybe no. Its very subjective. The important take away is that she let it go and moved on, just like what castle told her in the actual wedding episode (706). He said “we just do”, meaning we just go on, don’t dwell on the past.

      Fact is, Beckett knows nothing of what Castle did for 2 months, and Castle doesn’t know what beckett is up to now. My logic is, she forgave him when his excuse was” I don’t remember” and she didn’t even push it, just told him at 702, there must have been a reason for him doing what he did and left it at that, because she had him back and that mattered the most. Whilst I dont agree with these lies and secrecy, from either of them, I do think it will be a bit hypocritical of castle to play the victim card.

      But that’s just me. I’ve always viewed them equally, I’m not pro castle like you are Nixdit, so I cant really see your points. In any case, I do think this has been the worst season and I am ready to walk.

      • ndixit says:

        I’m sorry, but that is some seriously ridiculous comparisons we have there. Castle’s disappearance doesn’t remotely come close to the LockSat lie. For one thing, Beckett had a fair amount evidence which supported the fact that Castle’s disappearance was not his own choice like the bullet wound, the malaria infection, the videos left in Montreal. If that’s not enough, she knows Castle’s character to not have that trust issue. So to say that Beckett “forgave” Castle is incredibly ridiculous to me because there was nothing to forgive. But with LockSat, Beckett is choosing to lie right to his face. What’s more, she doesn’t even have a good reason for doing so. The other comparison is also silly, Castle lied momentarily to Beckett so she wouldn’t stop him from going to Paris to save Alexis, while Beckett lied out of baseless insecurities. Again, huge difference in culpability. So there is nothing remotely hypocritical if Castle is angry at Beckett’s lies and doesn’t forgive her. As for you first point, if they can give us 7 eps of Castle being Beckett’s lap dog, they can give us more than one ep of Beckett making it up to Castle. That would be a novel idea. Beckett fighting for Castle. I doubt even the most ardent Beckett fans can argue that this has ever happened on the show. I admit that I like Castle better but that’s more a result out of Beckett never ever facing any consequences for her lying. And I still don’t believe she will face any consequences this time.

        • Marie says:

          Nixdit, Its just my opinion, you need not get upset:)

          I just simple disagree as I see things differently. Yes she had evidence, but all I’m saying is, does that evidence amount to what he said. He still doesn’t know what happened, he must have done something horrible to want to erase his memory. And Beckett may deep down be wondering what he did, its normal, if this was real life, you would wonder too if your husband to be suddenly left and resurfaced with odd injuries. As a viewer we may know more than the character knows. So we can believe Castle, but can Beckett? Like we know why Beckett is doing this, but Castle does not. I didn’t say castle cant be angry, of course he can and he will, but to torture her just because he wants to punish her by not forgiving is weak to me. I would like to think their marriage is stronger than that. If he cant forgive her, then he should divorce her. I see no point in dragging episodes of him not wanting to forgive her, after knowing she essentially did this to protect him. Is she being stupid? Yes. But her stupidity is born out of fear, so that’s something to consider.

          Insecurities are insecurities. You cant put a value on someone elses feelings. Its baseless to you, and even to me because I hate this arc, but obviously not to Beckett. I do hope she shares these insecurities with him and he helps her see things clearly, that’s what he was always good at.

          • ndixit says:

            Those are still not equitable. Beckett knows Castle as a person for years. He isn’t known for lying to Beckett and he doesn’t have any documented mysterious past. So Beckett has every reason to trust him. On the other hand, Beckett has a history of lying to Castle. She’s done it before many times. Is that fact in dispute? So there is a great deal of difference in trusting Castle vs trusting Beckett because Castle has shown himself to be far more trustworthy on the show than Beckett has. I am not saying that Castle should torture her. But if they can spend 7 eps on Castle “winning Beckett back”, they can spend a few eps on Beckett reciprocating. Marriage is only healthy when its not a one way street which is what their marriage looks like currently. Stupidity, when it happens once is understandable, but when she does the same thing over and over again, then it is not. She has lied over big things before and the consequences have never been good. So why is she still lying. Because as a person, she has never actually faced consequences of her lying. She lied in Watershed and one apology later, she was engaged. She lied all through season 4, and one apology later, she and Castle were together. So the way it comes off to me, it feels as if Beckett takes Castle’s forgiveness for granted and that’s why she lies repeatedly.

        • ndixit says:

          Also, I apologize if I seemed angry. I just find the whole idea of equating Castle’s disappearance and Beckett’s LockSat lie to be completely inequitable circumstances and I really dislike people using that as a way to justify Beckett’s behavior.

          • Marie says:

            Haha no worries Nixdit. I get what you mean, I just see it differently. But the fact is different circumstances or not, him leaving on the wedding day effected them. It will always be a point of discussion with fans;) I don’t think people are using that to justify her behaviour, rather they are saying she forgave him, even when she was not sure what she was forgiving, even when they had no real answers, even when he could offer her nothing more than bullet hole evidence and fake indentities to show that he was involved in something bad , but not really knowing what it was. So he should try to do the same. I guess for some Beckett redeeming quality is that she is was honest in the sense as she told him she needed space and that she “hopes” he can take her back. She is not assuming it. And at the very least, Castle knows Beckett is safe and still loves him. He sees her all the time. When Castle disspareaed, Beckett knew nothing for 2 whole months. She was not sure where he was, if he was dead or alive, if he still loved her, if he left her willingly, etc. And with all of that, she still fought and fought to find him. That says a lot. At the very least Castle is not going though that. So that’s why fans keep equating the 2 incidents. Because it boild down to one thing…trust. She had it. Question is, does he?

      • Jim says:

        Ditto Marie. I don’t think she needs to earn her trust back, if that’s the case, then as you said, Castle should also earn the trust back for that 2 months. I think its more important to me to have her explain to him why she needs to do this, share her fears with him and have him understand and back her, so they are both on the same page. Its not a competition of who hurts who more, or who forgives faster etc…they are married, forgiving and forgetting is a must. Else get that divorce. Guess we will see wont we. By the end of 808, they will either be stronger or decide to separate more permanently.

        • ndixit says:

          The logic here just astounds me. Why exactly does Castle need to earn back any trust? And didn’t he actually do so by investigating into his disappearance in 7×02 and finding the videos in Montreal where he told Beckett point blank that it wasn’t his choice to leave her on their wedding day. If that, coupled with the bullet wound, and the malaria signs isn’t enough for Beckett to trust him then that is just her own problem. Castle doesn’t have any trust to win. Beckett is lying right to his face and doesn’t even have a good reason for doing so. So yes, she has a lot of trust to win back. What is to say the next time a big bad comes around, she won’t desert Castle and lie to him again.

          • Marie says:

            Nixdit, yeah she has lied, but you know what, he knows that too and he still married her, because her lies were not to be mean. Castle is smart man, he knows this. Well I don’t see it as a one way street. In s6 and s7, Beckett was the more effectionate one, and at times it felt like castle had taken her for granted. So they’ve both taken each other for granted.

            “He isn’t known for lying to Beckett and he doesn’t have any documented mysterious past” …So youre saying just because she has a mysterious past ie, tragic past that led her to investigate her mysterious mothers death, she cant be trusted?

            Ok so if its not stupidity, then what is it? You seem to have made up your mind that Beckett is a horrible person and Castle should dump her, and if that’s the case, then whats the point anymore. This is Beckett, she is not going to change, remember Marthas words in Watershed? You’re right, there is no guarantee that another case wont come up and she will lie again. So really, what are you hoping for? There will never be a guarantee. Life is such. He either trusts her or he doesn’t. He either forgives her or he doesn’t. And if you think he shouldn’t then they should divorce.

            Its easy to see things as straight forward, she hurt him so he should hurt her. But…theres a lot of psychological traits and history to be considered. Shes only ever lied when it was something she held close to the heart and felt that he may not understand, or that she is too broken. S4 she lied, throughout, but what was the alternative? Based on how they developed her character, it had to go that way. She is not an open book, she’s not gonna say hey castle I heard you say you love me but I’m not ready, just wait for me ok…that is sooo not beckett. She felt broken and she needed to fix herself, and she never stringed him along or forced him to wait. Telling him she heard him and then making him wait a whole season would be worse, because she was not even sure she could fix herself. So it may seem like what she did was mean, but her intentions were good. Her intentions are always good when she lies and I think that makes a difference. But that’s just me;)

            Ok got to go. Nice debating. Cheers.

          • ndixit says:

            Actually Marie, what I’m saying is that Beckett is a habitual liar while Castle is not. And therefore, Castle is more trustworthy than Beckett. And people are supposed to learn from their mistakes. Just saying Beckett is not going to change is not justification. People do change and learn from their mistakes in real life but Beckett just refuses to. Castle married her at a point where he thought that they were finally beyond all the secrets and the lies. But that’s obviously not the case. No healthy marriage can happen if Beckett will just take off and lie to Castle’s face point blank whenever another issue comes up. That’s the very definition of a toxic relationship. So yes, if Beckett is not going to change when it comes to lying, then the relationship is not worth it. And I’m sorry, there is no justification for her lying in season 5 and there is certainly no justification for her lying this season. I don’t hold her lie in season 4 against her, but I do in season 5 and season 8 because she has no good reason to do so. At some point, for any healthy relationship to last, she is going to have to get over her insecurities and her obsessions. Like I said before, a healthy marriage is not a one way street. Just because she is a closed off person does justify her lying and hurting Castle without facing any consequences for it. Like I said already, why should Castle trust her? She might pull the same crap again the next time some big bad comes along.

        • Triss says:

          Beckett is blowing up her marriage out of nothing. She could let the investigation in other hands, but her obsession is more important than Castle. Of course she needs to earn his trust back.

          • David says:

            Yep Castle has never really lied to B, When he looked at her Mothers death he kept it on the down low for a bit but he fronted her about it despite the consequences.
            2 months with a amnesia lock up R doesn’t really count.
            K has been written a certain way, that is, when things get too emotional or too close she shuts down and or runs away. Add to that a toxic obsession about things, it’s not a good marriage to be in.
            Bottom line K needs to face consequences for her actions, despite her reasons which are mostly her being manipulated anyway, her little actions have affected not only Rick but his entire family and their marriage and she needs to face consequences for the effect she has on the entire family.
            it’s the way her character has been evolved and choices always have consequences.
            And seriously, I’m afraid a simple little . “I’m sorry”. and R lets it go and forgives her simply will not suffice.
            Looking forward to the yelling :)

  44. Z.D says:

    Thanks for the scoop Matt. What is wrong with The Flash writers? Don’t they not know how to consistently write for character development? There are 6-7 women writers on the The Flash, yet these women don’t know how to write for the women characters. The women characters are thirsting after Barry or doing nothing with substance. So what does that tell you about having more women behind the scenes, NOTHING! they’re just like the men. These women don’t know how to write for the women characters and how they’re treating Iris let’s me know this, because these white writers don’t know how to write for black people period.

  45. lame says:

    Flash like Supergirl is fun, Arrow’s darker but fun, as for Castle, the writers are scrambling to recapture that aspect lost when they Pisses off the fans. My money is on RC worring about the marriage, it’s something KB can’t be bothered by.

  46. Amanda says:

    Thanks for the Fargo scoop, Matt!

  47. ig says:

    Castle is ruined. The show is ridiculous

  48. N says:

    Thanks for good things about Castle. Love Lucy

  49. Daya says:

    Sounds like Mouch is going to propose to Platt and end up going (pardon the pun) “ouch”!

  50. kath says:

    Is The Flash finally going to give Iris a real storyline? I hope so. Changing her from a psychology student as the initial casting call read to a reporter really limited in how much she could do on the show.

    While there have been good moments on Castle, overall I haven’t enjoyed this season. I said I would give the show until the midseason finale to put Castle and Beckett back together, and so far I haven’t seen anything that would make me change my mind and keep watching if they’re not.