Scandal Abortion Table Read

Inside Scandal's Fall Finale Table Read (And What That One Scene Didn't Say)

Just as the Scandal audience was caught off guard by the fall finale’s abortion scene, so too was the ABC series’ cast as it sat down for the conversation-stirring episode’s table read on Oct. 6.

“Look, it was the midseason finale, and Shonda [Rhimes] is known for sort of shaking things up,” Scott Foley tells TVLine. “And while David giving the bracelet to Elizabeth and then giving it to Susan was really cute, we were waiting for something big to happen. And for us, there were two big moments, obviously.”

The first sequence that gave the cast pause was the gradual reveal that Olivia was in a doctor’s waiting room, about to end a pregnancy that the audience did not even know existed. “The room went silent,” Foley says of the table read, “when they read the part about Olivia going into the room and getting the abortion.”

The scene itself was similarly wordless, save for Joe Morton’s overlapping Shondalogue from a neighboring intense moment, as Huck held Rowan captive. In the produced edit, there was also “Silent Night” playing over the montage. When I asked Foley if the stage direction for Olivia’s scene specified the procedure in progress, he retrieved his script to confirm the answer. As he read to me:

Olivia, the only patient in this room, watches Noah Baker on TV. In the corner of the room, her two Secret Service agents hang back….

And then:

INTERIOR: CLINIC EXAM ROOM, where Olivia lies back on the exam table, One foot slides into a stirrup, then the other one. She adjusts the sheet covering her lower half. As the female doctor’s needle disappears under the sheet, Olivia winces. The female doctor places the needle on her surgical tray, she picks up a cannula, her hand disappears under the sheet again. As the female doctor switches on the machine, Olivia clutches the side of the table and stares up into the sky. Because this time there’s no hand to squeeze, no face to find comfort in. This time, it’s just Olivia — and the hum. There’s always the hum. On an emotionless Olivia, we END ACT V.

“There was no direct mention of abortion,” Foley realizes.

As the cast at the table read processed for the very first time — save for Kerry Washington, who Foley believes knew ahead of time — the surprising moment, “There were no gasps. It was just quiet. There were a lot of looks around,” Jake’s portrayer recalls. “I think I was sitting next to Katie Lowes, and I might have put my hand on her back or shoulder or something. Because I don’t know if everybody got it. But for me, it was glaringly apparent” what had just happened on the page.

The fall finale’s otherScandal-olitz-breakup jaw-dropper was “what looks like the end of Olivia and Fitz,” Foley says, referring to the eight-minute-long break-up discussion-slash-fight, in which harsh words and accusations eventually gave way to a sad acceptance that they don’t work when Fitz is “available.”

At the conclusion of a Scandal table read, there is “always, always” applause from the seated cast, Foley says. “And there was applause for this as well, but not from a place of ‘Yea!’ but ‘Wow, that was a really powerful episode all around.’ We were really proud of it.”

And to think, viewers ultimately only laid witness to about 66 percent of what was scripted.

“They were 22 minutes long on this episode,” Foley reveals, “so the amount of material that was cut from this would blow your mind.”

Coming up on TVLine: Scott Foley weighs in on Jake’s deadly decision, his strange “bond” with Rowan and whether there’s new hope for Jake/Olivia.


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  1. AlyCat7 says:

    Olivia is a narcissistic nut job. Last week she was crying she wasn’t ready to be done with Fitz and this week she killed their baby and bought a couch without a care in the world. She is sick and it was disgusting for her not to even have the balls to tell Fitz. She doesn’t love anyone but herself. Hopefully Fitz learns his lesson and stays as far away from Olivia as possible. Let her go be with her Daddy who loves her so much and start screwing her brother Jake again like one big twisted family. Scandal is a joke and I wouldn’t tune back into this trash if someone paid me.

    • Daniel says:

      But you’ve already tuned to this “trash” for 4 and a half season now for free.

      • Paint the Sky says:

        True….we have tuned in free and witnessed all kinds of violence and dishonesty. No one is going to tune out now.

      • AlyCat7 says:

        It used to be a group of us at work that couldn’t wait to talk about the last episode of Scandal on Friday mornings. I’m the only person left as everyone else quit last year and if I try to bring up the show they say “you still watch that?”. I hung on hoping the same repetitive B613 love triangle cheesy OMG stories would cease because most of the cast are really talented. Olivia who loved Fitz so much and told the whole world about her love for him suddenly gets pregnant 2 episodes later and kills their baby. That is trash writing so nope that was it for me. Good luck to those that stick it out.

        • David4 says:

          Yeah she admits to the world that she loves him and I was so happy. Yet maybe 5 episodes later seems to blame Fitz for their relationship not working because it wasn’t the right time? Horrible writing. The show I fell in love with in season 2 has been gone awhile but I had hoped it would return. The only thing returning is B613, which is sad.

          And never mind the random abortion. I’m in favor of Planned Parenthood, and preaching about the good they do on TV, but the abortion just seemed very random and insanely off putting.

          • DeeDee says:

            I thought she explained her dilemma very well. When she was the other women she had the best of him. Now, she has taken on Mellie’s role and she hates all the mundane day to day tasks. She loves the adventure as the fixer!

        • I so agree! Don’t know why I still watch.

        • All 3 shows have taken a turn for the worse…I need something new to watch on Thursday nights

    • kc says:

      That was way harsh Tai.

    • MFL says:

      Ouch Olitz fans…bitter much!
      Fitz deserves everything he’s getting..he’s an idiot. He is a grown man who does not know how to function without his mistress. He treated the mother of his kids like an animal. None of what Olivia did in the mid season finale is out of character. That’s who she’s been from the beginning. She admitted to that senator boyfriend of hers who proposed that she does not want easy…she wants complicated, messy and painful Love..meaning she only wants Fitz when he is unavailable. Fitz should have known better.

      • T.M. says:

        This was a long time coming. I’m glad it happened now instead of after everything. I’ve long at the notion that the minute Fitz became all hers and Vermont became a “reality” she would learn quickly that this “person” was never ever who she was.

        • flowerduh says:

          I was thinking the same thing! Because that is what happens in most affairs. The fun is in the danger of doing something forbidden.

      • Josh Emerson says:

        Thank you! Olivia and Fitz have been awful for a long time. I’m glad people are finally seeing that.

      • Ellie says:

        What show are you watching? He treated his wife like an animal because she acted like one. She was a terrible wife, a terrible mother to his children, a liar and a manipulator (fake miscarriage, inducing labor on purpose…do they ring a bell?). Some people have a very selective memory. Every character on this show is messed up, but at least Fitz acts from his heart and tries to be honest.

        • Dude says:

          Fitz has never tried to be honest. He’s perhaps the most selfish character on the show. Let’s not forget that long before all these characters went off the rails, Fitz murdered a woman in cold blood for the sake of revenge. I don’t hate Fitz but pretending that he’s the noble one is silly.

          • Jbj says:

            Exactly, and it wasn’t even the good kind of revenge. was revenge for getting him his job!

          • Allison says:

            I don’t know why people play the Verna card to vilify Fitz. Verna tried to kill Fitz and killed an innocent mother of 2 in the process, and called him to her hospital room to tell him. She then proceeded to tell him about the rigged election and told him she was going to tell the DA. Which meant that Olivia, Hollis, Cyrus, and Mellie would have gone to prison. And, she was only doing it because she maybe had a week at best left to live. If Becky hadn’t got arrested, Verna would have kept that assassination attempt going until he was dead.

        • Toni says:

          Ditto! But one thing I do have to say about Millie… Though she never really loved Flitz …when she found out she was pregnant…even though she was raped and believed it was her father in-law, she didn’t abort…

        • Dashua says:

          Honest he kind one or have you forgotten. There is no honesty in that

        • Lee says:

          Mellie could literally eat a baby on screen and some of these people would still root for her. She’s slept with Fitz’s friend and freed her child’s killer, yet they still play the wife and mother card. Conservative family ‘values’ are a heck of a drug. The truth is, most Fitz haters really don’t believe in no fault divorce.
          They think Fitz owed Mellie the rest of his life and his failure to deliver means he deserves constant abuse and betrayal and for both his ex wife and his girlfriend to collude to free his child’s killer.
          I really wish they could hear how completely irrational they sound.

      • Lee says:

        Is that the mother of his kids who released her child’s murderer so Olivia could make her president? THAT ‘mother of his kids?’

    • Tony says:

      And let’s hope she stays as far from his narcissistic, selfish ass too. He is no angel

    • Samille S. says:

      Damn Lady! It’s just a show! I hate to see how you react to your own real life situations. If you don’t want to watch the show don’t watch it. You do have that decision. LMAO!

      • Toni says:

        And we also have the right to post our likes and dislikes of this show…isn’t that the purpose of this website? Duh! Everyone here knows Scandal is just a TV show…don’t need anyone to tell us that

    • Carmel says:

      Wouldn’t that be right, have his baby when their not married which would only create another situation for his presidency and we wouldn’t want this for him as his career is more important than Olivia’s.

      Good on Olivia for finally waking up and knowing who she is and not for what he was making her into which was a faceless individual with no intelligence a prisoner to his life like he did to Mellie. This is the woman we like to see and know taking a stand for all who respect and believe in her.I enjoy the TV series and so do millions of others around the world but if it’s not for you then that’s ok. So leave your negative comments at the door.

      • In that case, why didnt she just protect herself from getting pregnant in the first place, then? Just doesn’t make any sense.

      • Justme says:

        What show have you been watching? These last few episodes made no sense. Olivia was not the 1st lady, she was just his girlfriend and that’s where the storyline should have stayed. She had no example of true love even thou it was starring her in the face. The show has gone down the drain…after all they have been thru to finally get together and this is the best write….hopefully she’s having another nightmare….wake up Shonda…..this is not it….

    • Toni says:

      I was also disappointed with the winter finale. The first three seasons was scandal at its best, it stole my heart and I decided to purchase every yearly series to watch long after the show was gone. If the show had ended in season four I would have been very satisfied with Cyrus being dismissed, Liv and Flitz locked in each other’s arms on the balcony of the White House. If there is no Liv & Flitz where is the scandal? Oliver character is damage.. Millie is looking better & better

      • Skyler says:

        This is why I stopped watching Scandal after the season 4 finale. It was satisfactory to me and I knew that it would become repetitive and terrible afterwards. Season 4 should have been the end. Oh well! Good luck to others who still watch.

      • Mary Ann says:

        Ditto! Been watching to see if things would change. It would have been better off if the show didn’t continue past last two seasons.

    • Exactly my sentiment. In fact, this character is also no longer relatable on any level imo. Afterall, she finally got what she wanted, what real serious issue was she not happy about now??

    • Christmas says:

      dido, now where killing babies and screwing everything that walks! This show has completely showed its true colors…

  2. Agustín says:

    It was a disappointing episode. It felt “bleh”.

  3. MFL says:

    Yeah that scene was horrific….At first I thought it was just a gynecologist check up then it quickly dawned on me when the screen focused on Liv’s face in the blue cap…
    I quickly checked twitter to make sure this was really an abortion scene…and twitter was blowing up!

  4. Paint the Sky says:

    “Switches on the machine….” er, don’t you mean turns on the vacuum to get the pesky Fitz Jr fetus bits out.

  5. Larc says:

    I think a third big deal was Jake going into the house with Rowan. When Jake leaves, I suspect Rowan may not be breathing anymore. As for Olivia’s “abortion,” there are a few other medical procedures that would look similar from the camera angle, including at least one designed to prevent pregnancy.

  6. arial2 says:

    Was it an abortion? There never was any proof of that. It’s because of Mellie’s speech that we (yes, that was my first assumption) jumped to that conclusion. Perhaps she’s had a questionable result on a medical test and is having a more invasive test to better identify some condition, but doesn’t want to scare the others until she knows for sure. We don’t really know it was an abortion. A lot of medical equipment has multiple uses.

  7. ChicagoDan says:

    If the 22 extra minutes was THAT good, ABC would’ve found a way to create a two-hour fall finale (‘very special’ episode) – they already pre-empted GA for a halloween special, they could’ve figured something out because now ABC is going to be left with nearly 3 months of really bad Thursday ratings.

  8. TAL says:

    I’m glutton for punishment. Though I said I was done, I want to see how this plays out…

  9. Kim Oud says:

    Last scene Olivia is still wearing his ring…is it really over!!!

    • kathy says:

      I don’t think it’s really over… but i think that they need this distance…. they need to clean up a lot of things between them… there’s nothing more beautiful than honesty… pure love, partnership…
      anyway we all can see that she loves her man but she loves herself more ;)

  10. Tony says:

    A few things:

    1) Really cool to hear the cast reactions to big developments like this.

    2) I would love to see/read that other 22 minutes worth of stuff. Didn’t seem clear if it was filmed or just stuff in the script that was cut.

    3) I absolutely have to say how much I loved the Huck/Rowan stuff. I kinda found Huck to be annoying for most of the shows run so far (save for some of his backstory/family stuff). I found the way he stuck it to Rowan to be the direction they need to take him. Less incoherent, violent weirdo. More psychologically effective, occasionally violent weirdo

  11. LL624 says:

    Best episode of the season so far! Here’s hoping for an Olake reunion!

  12. MaryLou says:

    NOT going to record this show any more (not going to WATCH this show any more) – upset my stomach: Really bad taste… What a shame…

  13. niloofar22 says:

    An angry hate sex scene between Olivia & Jake would be interesting to watch.

    • Allison says:

      He’s already choked her once, so why not have him do it while they’re having sex. And, maybe he can call her sister while they’re doing it.

      • MFL says:

        Well on one hand Jake choking Liv & the other Fitz sending 40+ innocent men to their deaths….hmmm I think I’ll go with Jake!

        • Lee says:

          @MFL Of course you don’t mind Jake choking Olivia Because like most Jake fans (And like Jake), you actually dislike/disrespect Olivia. That’s why Fitz going to war for her is abhorrent but Jake choking, hospitalizing, and threatening her is fine.

        • Allison says:

          So, you’ll rather have someone abusing you, instead of someone doing everything they can to rescue you? I hope you’re a teen, who has time to grow and learn and realize that a man should not use physical force on a woman.

      • niloofar22 says:

        very incestous

  14. Dude says:

    I feel like all the people criticizing Scandal are doing it for completely the wrong reasons. Scandal hasn’t gone downhill because Olivia and Fitz broke up (theyve needed to be done for two seasons) and it hasn’t gone downhill because she got an abortion (although that felt really thrown in for the sake of shock value). Scandal has gone downhill because the writers have abandoned what made the show must see TV. Scandal was always about a group of ‘Gladiators’ fixing the problems of America’s elite. It was a smart soap with political intrigue and the gore and star crossed love story simply rounded it out. Then season three happened and they decided that the show had to be bigger and more shocking and it became all gore, crazy twists and Liv/Fitz on again, off again romance and it killed the show. At this point, I don’t think they can get the magic back. Season six should be the end.

    • Allison says:

      The on again off again of Fitz & Olivia were a part of seasons 1 & 2. The only difference is that OPA still had clients. The addition of Jake and Rowan and the B613 story that came with them is what killed this show.

      • MFL says:

        Lol …leave it to Olitz fans to blame supporting characters who do not have as much screen time as the leads for the demise of the show! Fitz and Liv together was never a sustainable plot.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Fitz and Olivia together were the heart and soul of the show. Why Shomda wanted to destroy that I will never understand but she effectively destroyed the show in the process. Bringing in Jake and B613 dragged in a seemingly never ending storyline that just went nowhere and finally bored the hell out of everyone.

        • Lee says:

          Olivia was in less than half of this season finale. The support characters have overwhelmed the show and that’s what has ruined it. Mellie, Jake and B613 have consumed OPA and Olivia’s character development. She’s exactly where she was n episode 1.

  15. lolita says:

    I am so sick of Rowan i don’t know what to do. I am sick of Liv hating him one minute and then she loves him next. She has turned into a a woman who does not know who and what she wants out of life. She gets into the white house then she is not happy being there,exactly what does she want?She gets pregnant,then says nothing to Fitz about being pregnant or getting rid of the baby,it was so stupid of her to let herself get pregnant at this day and age in the first place.She needs to get back fixing other peoples lives because she has no clue of how to fix her own.

  16. June M Bridegroom says:

    The only way this show will hold my interest is if They portray the remorse & regret that follows many women after an abortion, for the rest of their lives. The thing about the fellibuster that dropped my jaw was the LIE that only 3 percent of PP services are preformed abortions. If the writers want to throw in debates from real life, why not show Olivia entering a PP clinic to do the deed that will surely provide plenty of drama in upcoming shows? This show has crossed many lines since I began watching. It would have been more shocking for fillibuster to be more about the wasteful spending that congress passes as it began! The show is true garbage, & I have felt this many times, it is a train wreck.

    • Emily says:

      You are woefully misinformed and need to take your political agenda elsewhere. Most women (something like 95%) do NOT regret their abortions, and 97% of what Planned Parenthood does are services other than abortions like cancer screenings and birth control. The show might be going downhill, but don’t use that to spit out your backward viewpoint to misinform others.

  17. Melissa irving says:

    I would love to see olivia with a half sister that more like her dad. maybe jade Pickett smith can heat things up .

  18. Shonda Rhimes simply devised this abortion plot to destroy the Olitz storyline!! She wants long time viewers to hate Olivia so we wouldn’t want Fitz with her. Guess what? It worked. Now she can write Olivia as a true feminist like Shonda. Who can have a a career and stand on her own 2 feet and not need a man or be married to a man in order to be happy. This is the story she wants to write and has been wanting to write. She was just getting to much pressure from long time viewers to put them together. So she did and literally destroyed them for us so she could claim back her show. Believe me she could have used this abortion plot many times in Olivia’s life with all the men she slept with and didn’t love. But it speaks volumes when she uses it in the Olitz relationship. A man she has been in love with for 5 seasons and went on National TV and said she could never quit Fitzgerald Grant and don’t ask her to. So if she loses long time viewers, its for this reason. It’s not going to be the reason Shonda is going to sell to ABC which would be that people tuned out because of issues raised about abortion. So you have been put on alert ABC. Wake the hell up!!!!!

    • Kim says:

      Totally agree! Think it was done in a round about way but that was Shonda’s plan from the start. From what I have read the Olitz thing was never supposed to become such a huge deal. This story line did what was planned from the start. Still wonder though if it really is over, she is still wearing his ring! Great comment Rose Garden!

    • Betty Davenport says:

      I agree…I’m a long time viewer and I’m done. 5 build us up with Yes, don’t ask me to fall out of love with Fritz Grant, will you still love me tomorrow, etc., etc., set the stage for the match. Granted problems would surface and long times viewers suspected same, but this. The roller coaster ride is old. I hope the show is canceled, and if not…I don’t care if its Thursday.

  19. Greta Nelson says:

    I always record scandal so that I can go back and watch it again. ..just in case I miss something. This finale is yet to be rewind. I’m still at a loss . After all Olivia and Fitz have gone through to be together and now their finished. Shondra dropped the ball on this one. Olivia is the gladiator of gladiators and to have go to these lengths is sad. They havent been happy since the finale of season 5. They need more time.

  20. snora520 says:

    The fall finale was shocking….really good but shocking and definitely left me eager to see what happens next. Are Olivia and Fitz really over? Seems to me like her rant came a little from guilt and a lot from fear. Did she really have an abortion? Yeah she was hunting for moonshine and had a glass of wine on her new couch but how muchbdid she drink really? Fitz seemed distraught…wait til he finds out where she was and why she missed the dinner. And then there is the Vice President… love her and the unknowing love triangle she is mixed up in. I think she will fight for David Rosen…but what of Abby? So many twists and turns and directions these stories can go. And we still have papa Pope and Jake to consider. Love this show and the writing. Good way to go into the winter break!

  21. Maryann says:

    Last season I got weeks behind because I just couldn’t stand the kidnap arc, and it was into the summer before I caught up. Partially because of losing that momentum, I am behind again. This latest spoiler makes me not anxious at all to catch up this time. It would be nice if spoilers of that magnitude were not dive bombed on the heads of people who get a bit behind. It’s the kind of thing I don’t want to see coming if I am going to watch the series at all.

  22. Cas says:

    So I am pro choice but I mean a grown a** woman can’t prevent pregnancy? I call bs. That is what makes it terrible. But also I don’t like this new Liv. Feels like she thinks the world revolves around her. And I mean what did you think would happen if you were with the President? I don’t even think she really loved Fitz. I am sure she will go back to Jake now…which is also lame.

    • Tony says:

      I’m sure there are a ton of folks out there who exist right now, even with mommy and daddy trying their best to prevent a pregnancy. It’s not unheard of for birth control to fail

      • Kells says:

        Yeah but this is such bs, she took precautions when she waa screwing 3 men at a time to ensure she didn’t get pregnant, then she took steps to get what she wanted in order to be with fitz in the white house(went on camera & said u were in love w him, keep mellie content, get her dad out of jail, etc), but to be a coward & abort fitz’ baby was just tacky of shonda. This broad told the truth about defiance, jerry jr, rowan getting outta jail, etc but u didnt let her rock the white house and cyrus’ punk ass with a juicy baby scandal? I’m done with this mess of a show. Shonda has turned all 3 shows into pure boredom, especially how to get away w murder.

  23. Ashley says:

    Don’t condemn the character, condemn the writer. Shondra created her and has total control over her development. This is not the Olivia they sold us in previous seasons.

  24. Scandal went too far this week. Ok, we get it The show is out of ideas but i saw no reason to go there. Abortion as birth control. Wow. I was starting to watch the show off and on. But not at all now.

  25. Carmel says:

    I’m excited for season 5 to return whether you agree or not it’s certainly got you all commenting so when the next episode resumes I bet you will all be watching. I love the romance between FItz and Olivia and like most relationships there are more people involved in this relationship then most.
    There has to be moments in relationships where people need time out and if they can communicate and truly LISTEN and hear the other person heart then anything is possible. So this is good that Olivia has moved back home as maybe this time they may just readjust their thinking and move slowly like all relationships should. If Olivia did have an abortion it would have effected her greatly and we should remember that Olivia’s emotions through childhood to adulthood have always been silent because of her parents.Olivia is’nt a STedford wife this is why we liked her from the beginning her. Olivia was being in control of her life we respected her character and now she has finally stood up for her life and taken it back. If Fitz could not handle this then he needs to try and get Mellie back who has finally found her voice.
    the month of February cannot come soon enough for me.

  26. Simone Says says:

    Well…. (sigh) I’m really sorry Olivia and Fitz broke up. I think they should have stayed apart until the show was over. I think she should have had a regular guy, not one she was madly in love with, but one to keep her safe, like Edison. She and Fitz could have kept their tortured love and the show could have stayed focused on what we loved about it originally. The crazy things that needed to be fixed was the big draw and the romance was taken care of with Olitz’s relationship. PLEASE Shonda, as a trying to be loyal fan, let Liv and Fitz’s relationship go back to the way it was, PLEASE lose the Jake relationship thing, his wife had better chemistry than he has with Liv, and PLEASE give us cases again…

    • Kim says:

      I totally agree with everything you say Simone exactly what I would like to see happen. Give us, the viewers back what made us love this show to start with..well said!

  27. sophia says:

    I thought this show was supposed to be about a strong, and nearly invincible, Black woman who could overcome just about anything, but now the writers have turned her into a stereo-type: a knocked up single Black woman who, after an adulterous affair, chooses to SACRIFICE the life of the child within her, even though that “product of conception” is totally innocent of any wrongdoing, and was not responsible for ANY of the choices her/his mother made. All liberals, but especially Black women in particular, should be thoroughly DISGUSTED by this turn of events .

    • jeni l gray says:

      Please don’t use the ” all black women ” card. There are a lot of strong white women who may do the same. I wonder if you would have had the same opinion if the role of Olivia Pope were played by a white actress ?

  28. Betty Davenport says:

    This was the worst cliff hanger that never happened. Season 5 was the beginning of at last and 10 episodes later the relationship is over. Olivia and Fitz is the Scandal not a political agenda that started creeping in. An Abortion while silent night plays in the background was uncalled for and not necessary. This show should be canceled; I’m only one person, but I hope other people join the bandwagon, who will no longer watch Scandal.

  29. Nelson Lemon says:

    I feel sorry for anyone who destroys a masterpiece of God’s workmanship before it is complete!

  30. J B says:

    Just started watching the show recently and was going to go back and watch the previous seasons but after this episode I will not be watching it again

  31. anonymous says:

    Wasn’t too happy with this episode. I wish shonda would have played off cyrus calling olivia “The president” and would have loved to see them go in this direction instead of the way it did. I thought that role was perfect for Olivia and they didn’t even bring it up after that episode..

  32. Pearline Crews says:

    Over the show it was a stupid move

  33. Sheree says:

    As I sit here and read through these comments I have to laugh! Hello people this was the MIDSEASON finally. What happened to the term “Cliff-hanger”. There was no mention of baby or abortion! The “cliff-hanger” part is the fact that we do not know what is going on leaves you just hanging on until the season opening….. All y’all who have your panties in a wad get them out straighten them up and see what happens. This may very well be a great learning season for some of y’all.
    I still enjoy the show I think while watching this show if this was going on in our White House ppl would be protesting for impeachment ! I’m amazed it hasn’t been written in…

  34. Denise says:

    Jake and Olivia should not get back together. Fitz and Olivia have been through so much they definitely deserve to be able to get back because true love deserves to conquer

  35. I have loved Scandal from the very beginning. The abortion scene bothered me so much and has stuck in my mind ever since it aired. I think the worse part was the rather tasteless background music of Silent Night, Holy Night. I am anxiously awaiting the outcome of the whole situation.

  36. tomus225 says:

    I find the whole bashing of O & F interesting. People in real life aren’t ALL bad or ALL good. Having an abortion is not a 100% bad thing nor is it a good thing. Life IS messy (Meredith) and people who think they can live in a Pure White cowboy cat world are missing the point. Many shades of gray out there and most of life falls into one or more of them. O is human and makes emotional decisions like the rest of us. We are watching a journey any trip has hills to clumb and curves to make and lots of bumps to get passed. #longliveOandF. May the selfish be redeemed.

  37. netz says:

    I just didn’t like the fifth season. Olivia’s character is so lost. This season is about Jake which disappoints me more. Especially the character of Fitz is like a props. The romance was great, the cases was good for the past seasons but 5th season is worst. I love fitz and olivia together they deserve each other, they’re not perfect that’s why theymay have made bad decisions bit whem theyr together there is comfort, special and love. Jake shouldn’t be the focus. Hope season 6 turns back with a good story line. Better be!

  38. Paint the Sky says:

    That’s what I said…..personally, I never wanted her to end up with Fitz, so it was a big relief to see her going her own way