Jessica Jones Reader Reviews

Jessica Jones: Is Netflix's Latest Marvel Hero Absolutely Kick-Ass?

Netflix at long last released all 13 episodes of Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Friday morning. How many have you binged thus far, and has the small screen’s latest superhero proved her (significant) muscle?

To quickly recap but the first couple of episodes, so as to not be ultra-spoilery: Jessica (played by Krysten Ritter) is a private eye who packs quite a punch, when need be. But more often than not, she gets by with her investigate skills (and smart mouth). We first meet her as she is surveilling bar owner Luke Cage — but to what end?

Jessica’s first case in the series involves a college student who has vanished. As Jessica follows the girl’s last steps, she discovers an unsettling pattern — one exhibited years ago by Kilgrave (Doctor Who‘s David Tennant), a man who previously “courted” Jessica in the same manner, using his powers of mind control. Thing is, Jessica saw Kilgrave get mowed down by a crashing bus one year ago. So how can he possibly be alive and preying on someone new — and thus drawing Jessica back into his sticky web?

Jessica formally meets Luke Cage as a (thirsty!) customer at his bar, after which they fall into a plaster-rattling hook-up, each unwittingly testing the limits of the other’s inhuman endurance. Jessica slips away the morning after, and some time later resurfaces at the bar to inform Luke that his No. 1 sidepiece is in fact married. Luke shrugs off the notion until he confronts Rita, whose blood drains from her face upon being found out. A pissy Rita then visits Jessica at her crappy P.I. office, in part to warn that Luke is about to get the bloody hell beat out of him by her husband and his rugby teammates.

Or, you know, not.

Because as Jessica discovers upon showing at the bar to use her own “skills” to sideline the drunken goons, Luke has some special qualities himself — namely, being indestructible, which he later makes clear by putting a buzzsaw to his abs.

Elsewhere in Jessica’s life, there’s local news personality Trish Walker (666 Park‘s Rachael Taylor), a longtime gal pal who is developing a secret of her own, and Jeryn Hogarth (The Matrix‘s Carrie-Anne Moss), a legal eagle who, when not cheating on her wife, occasionally retains Jessica. That said, Jeryn is skeptical about the “Kilgrave” stories — leading Jessica to seek out those who may have played a role in the menace’s improbable survival.

What is your take on Jessica Jones? (As always with Netflix-y series, please be mindful to label spoiler-y comments about any episode beyond, let’s say, No. 3).

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mick says:

    The whole Luke/ Jessica relationship story is horrible. She stalks him in the way Kilgrave has stalked her then manipulates herself into his bed. Nope. Nope. She also uses her black neighbor played by the beautiful Eka Darville as a literal prop to get what she needs.

    • She’s emotionally damaged from what happened to her! Of course her connections with people are gonna be off but that’s what makes her relatable.

      • Mick says:

        Sure she is emotionally damaged and struggling which is why I give her allowance in her relationship with Trish but how she manipulates Luke is deplorable. I am only on Episode 4 for reference. Maybe it gets better.

        • Tamim says:

          I think at some point he’s gonna find out and call her on it. Then it’s going to give her even more insight into Kilgrave, probably lead to even more self-destructive behavior, and lots of other bad things. I think the fact that Kilgrave not only damaged her, but maybe changed her in some really sick ways makes her very much more human. Abused people often take on some or a lot of the traits of their abusers, and that could be what she’s doing. We’ll see. She certainly isn’t the Captain America integrity of gold character

    • canadian ninja says:

      Poor Luke, being manipulated into bed like that. The romance is complicated. Comparing Jessica’s behavior to Kilgraves is ridiculous.

      • Francesca says:

        And it’s disgusting also, because what Kilgrave does, taking away people’s own will, is way more horrible than Jessica not telling things to Luke

  2. This show has been so much better than Daredevil, which is still great, and shows how to adapt superheroes in the right way!

  3. Kim says:

    I like it, I’m only to episode 5, but I definitely think Daredevil is much better.

  4. Sarah says:

    It’s an amazing show..I’m almost finished watching and it is a great and well developed series.
    If people are going thinking its another Daredevil well they are up for a disappointment..Jessica has some similarities but this series is a more psychological and deals with awful and important issues.
    The first 3 episodes were a bit slow but the rest has been brutal and amazing, this a show you have to watch all 13 episodes and not quit just by watching 1 or 2..because people will miss a crazy ride.

  5. Missy Kelly says:

    not sure what her special power is or where she sits in the Marvel universe. It’s a little dark but very good – production design is exemplary. Direction and writing up there as well. Will keep watching though intrigued to see where it goes

    • canadian ninja says:

      Her powers are basically like 10 or 20% Superman except only in the strength and speed department. In the comics she can fly – but doesn’t like to – and she’s pretty durable though probably not as much as Luke.

  6. Cory says:

    Miles ahead of Daredevil which I totally adore as well.

  7. Fosho says:

    This was so much more engaging to me than Daredevil, which I loved. More focus on the hero than the villain. Dispersing Kilgrave here and there through the series as manipulative and evil made him mysterious and menacing. I loved how flawed and multifaceted Jessica was portrayed. I don’t want to see women as weak or allmighty, perfect or a lost cause. Give me a character that is haunted by her past, by the things she done in her life, afraid of being vulnerable and being hurt, whose brave when others need help or are struggling, who makes mistakes and feels guilty, who gets defensive and can be a jerk. I want to see real human beings that are believable on tv. Not just believe sable female character and that’s what Jessica Jones delivers. I think anti heroes can be so much more effect than straight up hero/powers. What makes a person want to help other people? Why did Jessica turn around and go back to help Hope? Why risk your life for strangers? I’m not bothered by less action like some people are because I’ll take character development and emotionally driven storytelling over fight scenes any day. Great to see a badass damaged, flawed and realistic female hero on tv.

  8. Kristen says:

    I was wondering whether or not to give this a chance, and after reading this article I’m sold. I will definitely be tuning in!

  9. puma says:

    As I said earlier : a Marvel-ized Veronica Mars. As in : excellent.

    • Wiser says:

      Jessica was a private eye in 2001 Veronica 2004. It’s safe to say Rob Thomas who is a huge comic book geek could have been inspired by JJ.

  10. Lysh says:

    I’ve only seen the first episode and so far so good. It was a bad idea to watch it with my parents, but I’ll be watching the rest solo hopefully this weekend.

  11. p says:

    way over – hyped. Just plods along . throws a guy here or there…lifts a women now and then…mind reader a boring passive enemy….everyone she fights she has to try and save because they’ve been “hypnotized” …”mind controlled”…by a glaring freak guy?…wtf?? whatever….
    ………..boooring and drawn out. Not even close to level of Daredevil……Story is lame for a whole season??…what’s the deal w/ Luke cage? put an electric saw on his belly….doesn’t cut……oooooo…come on….writing manufactures ‘excitement’ during bits of freaky action…yup….that’s right….It’s a big disappointment…..

  12. paul says:

    over-hyped. boring. manufactured excitement. Not even close to level of Daredevil….

  13. paul says:

    oh ya…the “controversial sex”…..what?…its so unsexy is funny…like two pieces of cement bashing into each other….are they having sex or just trying to ‘break’ something?….unreal ….this is why superman didn’t have kids I guess….just not much fun having sex when you’re invincible….after they’ve finished they look ‘worn out’?????…..really? ….how????

  14. Binge-watched the show yesterday I loved it though I prefer Daredevil because it has more action scenes. Tennant was excellent in this role imo

    • less action is actually loyal to the comic book as jessicajones spend much more times investigatingand uncovering stuff than engaging in epic and well choregraphed fight like daredeville

  15. Bark Star says:

    Three epsiodes in I actually like it a lot ! Mostly due to David Tennant who hasnt had enough screen time yet. Only annoying thing is the typical prude US TV sex that people probably think is daring.

  16. CK2 says:

    While I preferred the action sequences of Daredevil, everything else in Jessica Jones hit it out of the park for me. Great season. Krysten Ritter was fantastic. I could have done without Malcolm or the neighbors, but there are a few characters that I’d cut out of Daredevil as well.

  17. Mark says:

    This isn’t a very good representation of the source material its too watered down. A decent enough story but the Alias comics were brilliant this was a cheap knock off. Definitely not to Daredevils standard

  18. arianeb says:

    A show/movie featuring a female superhero is rare enough, a deeply troubled one is practically unheard of (I can only think of Dark Angel as another example), but then the show breaks taboos like a sexual relationship between a black male and a white female, a messy divorce of a gay couple, and an actual abortion, and you have a show like anything else on TV.

    *spoiler* There is also a deep underlying theme of abuse, especially since the villain is the ultimate verbal abuser getting people to do anything against their will. But then Trish grew up with an abusive mother, Solomon was experimented on in the military, Holgrave psychologically abused her wife and sexually harrased her secretary, and then there are the dysfunctional twins, and the revelation that Jessica’s powers might have been the result of abuse as well. None of these had anything to do with Killgrave, and like many abusive situations most went unresolved by season end.

  19. BrianR says:

    Best show ever and Krysten Ritter is fantastic. Watched all 13 episodes and all I can say is its perfect.

  20. Dodger Ebert says:

    No offense,I am Canadian.However,are we sure this isn’t a Canadian produced drama/action…yet not action.Oh so boring,dark,dreary and over acted.Terrible acting,awful looking production values..Was this filmrd on a sony 8?How tha hell ypu gonna keep people awake to watch this.?Red bulls and night shifters will give you the votes!!Wonders if this will ever peak or pickup..let me know ..sleep aud jessica jones worked…yawnnn