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Sleepy Hollow Abbie Dead Season 4

Sleepy Hollow EP Weighs In: Did [Spoiler] Really Die in Fall Finale?!

The following post contains major spoilers about Thursday’s Sleepy Hollow. Read on at your own risk…

If you’re keeping score at home, that’s Pandora: one, the Witnesses… minus one.

Fox’s Sleepy Hollow left viewers on a major cliffhanger Thursday when it ended its fall finale with what looked suspiciously like the death of Nicole Beharie’s Abbie Mills.

(If you guessed that the leftenant was the subject of Michael Ausiello’s recent blind item, here’s some cold comfort: You were right.)

In the very last moments of the episode, Abbie, Ichabod and Joe stormed Pandora’s lair to rescue Jenny, who’d nearly been consumed by the power of the mystical gem she absorbed a few episodes ago. But their mission was thwarted by Pandora and her resurrected lover, a god (!) known as The Hidden One.

Abbie was successful in sucking all the energy out of Jenny’s body… but the volatility of the power threatened to blow the entire town off the map. Realizing what she had to do to save everyone, Abbie told Ichabod and her sister to “Take care of each other,” then carried the glowing orb of potential kaboom into an opening in the trunk of Pandora’s evil tree… just before the glowing orb exploded.

When Ichabod came to, he realized that Jenny had survived her ordeal, but Abbie might not have — she was nowhere to be found. The episode closed on him, emotionally gutted, nearly collapsing from the shock of what had happened.

Is Abbie really gone?! That’s precisely the first question we posed to showrunner Clifton Campbell when we talked with him about the finale.

TVLINE | Is Abbie dead?
She makes the decision to save her sister and save Crane and what Team Witness was all about. We don’t quite know where she goes. It’s very disturbing to see her disappear in that way. The astute viewer will notice that there have been things about the tree, the lair and the story we’ve been telling in the first half [of the season] that will suggest what fate Abbie may have met… It’s going to be very daunting and very illuminating when we all realize what happened to her.

TVLINE | Will we see Abbie again this season?
Don’t you want to watch and find out? [Laughs]

TVLINE | What’s Crane’s immediate reaction to what’s happened?
At the end of the episode, it’s utter and complete devastation. The most important person in the world, the woman and person he loves most in his life, has been ripped from him and has done so of her own volition… He’s utterly and completely devastated.

TVLINE | He has a conversation with Joe earlier in the episode about not doing stupid things to save the people you love. Will Crane take his own advice when it comes to saving Abbie?
We’ve all fallen in love, and we’ve all been in love, and we all know that we do some stupid things sometimes for that very important person, that very important touchstone to be a part of your life. This one’s going to challenge him in a way we’ve never seen before.

TVLINE | The ‘shippers are going to enjoy what you just said. To be clear, Ichabod views Abbie as someone he is in love with?
I don’t think there’s ever been a question that he’s in love with her. Those are complicated emotions… Crane is trying to find his place in the modern world, and [she’s] someone he had no choice but to immediately partner up with. In essence, it’s a supernatural work relationship. It’s hard to separate those two things out. But I don’t think that anybody who looks at the two of them, particularly when they are looking at each other, can’t see the unquestionable depths of their love for each other.

TVLINE | In a flashback, Paul Revere tells Ichabod not to let anyone get too close, because it hurts too much when they’re gone. Along those lines, does the loss of Abbie harden Ichabod at all?
He’s not a man who is liberal with extraneous emotions, but this one will find him in a place where we will see a mad desperation turning him to make interesting choices.

TVLINE | Abbie and Jenny’s dad, Ezra, is going to show up in the second half of the season. What can you tell me about his arrival?
We want to find the emotional equilibrium of all the characters. And once we’re all in the same place emotionally with these characters, it’s utterly and completely critical that the characters reach out to each other for support. Jenny in particular, in her loss, has to reach out to her father, and she does. I can give you this little bit of a spoiler: We’ve got James McDaniels playing Ezra — he’s terrific — and while we have announced that he’s around for one [episode], I feel pretty confident to let you guys know he’ll probably be around for a little more than that.

TVLINE | Jenny and Joe kissed right before everything fell apart. Will you pick up with that when the show comes back, or is Jenny not in a place where she’s able to move forward with him?
We definitely pick up where that left off. While she thinks she’s not ready for it, what’s happened at the midseason break is something that even through that denial, she finds herself needing even more. And Joe is absolutely the guy to step up and be there for her.

TVLINE | Does she have any side effects left over from being the Hidden One’s Eye?
There are no lingering effects.

Sleepy Hollow Abbie Dies TVLINE | Is The Hidden One around for the rest of the season?
Yes. Our übercouple, Pandora and The Hidden One, will take us through the back half.

TVLINE | They seem to want to restore the world to what it was like when they were in power. What will that look like as we move through the rest of the episode?
First we’ll find out a ittle bit more about their origin story. It, too, is also a love for the ages. It isn’t quite the love that we mortals think of, but it also comes with the same checklist of things that you expect from that type of a relationship and that sort of intimacy. It’s just super jacked-up and supernatural.

TVLINE | Pandora says something about them having used Witnesses in the past — will we learn more about what that might mean for the current Witnesses?
Yes…. We’ll get a lot more of an idea about the role Witnesses have played for thousands of years.

What did you think of the episode, Sleepyheads? Grade the fall finale via the poll below, then go to the comments with your theories on Abbie’s fate.

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  1. kmw says:

    i have to admit I didn’t see that coming. I didn’t guess this at all

    • Hope says:

      I think after watching, it all makes since now what they have been doing this season with the new character “Foster”. I think she is related to the Mills sisters and that is why Pandora mentioned the family lineage thing. Also, remember Jenny said Foster had the same moves Corbin taught her. I think Corbin found her and started training her. So, Abbie may be really gone. Because the distance between Icabod and Abbie this season has been noticeable. I am loving the Jenny and Joe storyline, not only the budding romance but their general interaction. Also if they are replacing Abbie with Foster, please everyone go back and look at the interaction between Foster and Icabod it may be an indication of my prediction.

      • Ulrich says:

        There is no “replacing” Abbie with thar chic, period! And I know that blacks can produce lighter-skinned kids from century old slave mixing with white masters, but there usually is only one dark kid that a lighter couple has, or one light kid that a chocolate couple has. IF they had made their dad light skinned, say, Derek Jeter’s colour, then yes, many more Mills sisters could be lighter. But we say their mother, a pretty chocolate woman, and now Lieutenant Arthur Fancy playing their dad, Jenny is already their light-skinned kid quota. Another one would just be stupidly unbelievable, and this new chic is too light, at least Jenny still looks black! The show doesn’t need another witness or anymore regular characters. If Abbie is dead, there is no Sleepy Hollow!!!

        • DGCali says:

          Huh? You don’t know anything about Black people. You sound stupid. When a Black American has a baby we generally don’t know how it will come out. Also Jenny and Abby are not exactly what we “blacks” would describe as “dark skinned”. Lastly, I ask, what does the degree of lightness and darkness in their skin have to do with the story?

      • Ms Max says:

        Jenny&Joe, Crane&Foster and Abbie& Her Boss…..Yeah

      • Karen says:

        Sadly Joe is gone. Poor Jenny. She’s lost her sister and boyfriend. Not very fair if you ask me.

      • tyrone moten says:

        No Abby, no me , I’m done

    • I am very sad about the departure of Abbie!! Why did the writers write that story line? I don’t believe that Ichabod will ever have that same intense, stimulating, passionate feeling for anyone else, like he did for Abbie! The show will not survive without her!

      • Sarah says:

        I am so heart broken that they killed off Abbey, and that from some of the articles I read, that she wanted to leave the show for some time! She and Crane have the most amazing chemistry and I just can not imagine the show without her! They were just really starting to acknowledge their feelings for each other!! Please, please bring back Abbie!!

      • Tj says:

        I agree, now the show is dead!

      • tyrone moten says:

        I agree

  2. “Don’t you want to watch and find out?” Uh, not if Abbie’s not around, no. Literally the only reason a lot of us are still watching is Abbie/Nicole so if she’s not coming back neither am I.

    And for the love of god stop speaking in riddles and contradicting about Ichabbie! They’re in love, they’re work partners, you’re not actively pursuing it, this will change everything… This show does not have the trust and relationship with it’s fans (particularly the shippers) for the usual vague coyness to work, and even as usual vague coyness this is more just making you look like you can’t decide what to do.

    I’m honestly glad for the hiatus and more excited to see what the fic writers make of this than I am seeing the actual continuation. Someone give me a poke if the writers actually make up their minds and stop being ambiguous about Ichabbie.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth

      • Frisiandane says:

        Ditto!! I am stunned and saddened at all the speculation on our European sites that Nichole quit because of a plot dispute (writing her out again) and a possible sick relative?? Have you all heard this in the States?? I only started checking the web after reading speculation that the finale wasn’t just a fake out, but that she might not return. I watched my iTunes download the next day as usual, hoping it was just a plot device to finally ship Ichabbie with him using her “death” to realise he hgas loved her all along. But now it looks as if she could really be gone? This beautiful chocolate cherub gone from my screen, never to be with Ichabod again??? Really??? Ok, and the new girl, which I wasn’t “feeling”, but it was no problem as I didn’t know she would be sticking around. And I can tolerant just about anything as long as Ichabod and Abbie are at the very least best friends. I like Joe, he fits, but nothing would bring me back to SH without Abbie. It is like a blt sandwich w/o the damn bacon!

    • Ulrich says:

      Thank you, thank you, Danke!!! Right On!!

    • keithht63 says:

      I entirely agree, I have better things to do than watch an Abbieless Sleepy Hollow. I will give them 3 or 4 episodes to return her to Ichabods side and if not then I will leave Sleepy Hollow as well.

    • Grey says:

      You said it Mia! This why I stopped watching this show. I was curious about this article because it was a link in another article and the answer to one Ausiello’s Blind Items. If not for that I would have skipped it. Talk about a textbook example on how to ruin a wonderful show. So glad I removed it from my watch list.

  3. Well, the good news is it wasn’t anyone on any show I actually like. Now I just have to deal with whatever is about to happen on Bones

    • amjm2014 says:

      If you don’t like Sleepy Hollow then why in the hell are you commenting on a article about the show…

      • zerb says:

        It seems pretty clear to me that she read the article to see if this was the show that was the subject of the blind item. Since that blind item was referenced in the article, bringing it up in these comments makes sense, regardless of if she watches the show or not.

      • Jojoflowers says:

        Right! I absolutely love it . I’ve been excited about it since day one!! It’s fun and and as they said fictional so just roll with .. It reminds me a bit of Buffy and I get that Joss Whedon type of demonic evil superheroes )of sorts) meets witty sarcasm and I for one love it.

    • hollyb says:

      You watch the show but you don’t like “that black” Abbie. Still mad Katrina died? Scared Ichabod might actually show some romantic feelings and act on them towards a black woman? Yeah, and the producers being cowards and catering to bigots like you is why this show is failing.

      I’m just rooting for the person you don’t like to move from the influence and scope of rtrash like yourself and find a project that isn’t scared to use her, hopefully under a black woman producer, because clearly…

      Black women are not “liked” by y’all.

      • tvjunkie says:

        I don’t see where Amy says she watches the show, but thanks for your racist comment hollyb.

      • Angela says:

        …yeeeeeeeah, you need to settle down and reread their post. Notably the part that says, “it wasn’t anyone on any show I actually like“.

      • seriously says:

        WOW. Make an absolute raving fool of yourself, why don’t you.

      • Karen says:

        Wow. That was……quite an outburst about absolutely nothing. Love how some people make everything racist. Amy never said anything about “blackAbbie”. Do you even read? And to say Abbie wasn’t liked by ” y’all “, first how do you know what color Amy is? And secondly we all love Abbie and would love to see her and crane get together. So, take your race baiting somewhere else. You’re not needed here.

    • Mally says:

      So basically you’re saying the only person you don’t like is Abbie. Hmm…I wonder why that could be. People like you are so transparent it’s laughable.

  4. Amber says:

    Oh. My. God. I was not expecting that. I… They better find a way to bring her back in the spring. Please. My Ichabbie heart needs that.

  5. (Second wind.) No, the shippers are not gonna enjoy this, because shipping isn’t enjoyable when we’re constantly feeling jerked around, tricked and cheated out of good moments that could have been. Shipping isn’t just about the endgame, it’s about the journey and THIS JOURNEY IS NOT ENJOYABLE. It’s bad writing and bad shipping tactics and it’s intensely infuriating to see the writers piss away Nicole and Tom’s fantastic chemistry like this.

    • sam says:

      Can you imagine this couple under the management of a competent producing and writing team? Do you think they’d let their chemistry rot this way, when such a thing is rare to find?

      • The sad thing is that yes I can and it would be truly unique and amazing. I’d be less angry and bitter if I couldn’t see exactly how good this could be in the right hands, instead of being fumbled by the utterly mediocre writers we’re saddled with. It’s an unspeakable sin how they’re wasting it.

        • Marci says:

          I’m also tired of being jerked around. I wonder if the showrunners and writers have noticed that the show’s ratings haven’t improved. If Abbie is gone from the show for long, they will flatline, and they won’t have a show to write anymore.

    • Hope says:

      Don’t fret, they are not ending a potential relationship but deepening one if she does survive. Remember, Scully was missing for months before Mulder found her again, and we were all so happy to see there relationship after that really grow. The Icabod and Abbie have been living in the same house for weeks but the relationship is damaged. Abbie has not really been open emotionally with Icabod if you really watch. I think this is a good thing that they are doing. I have not seen the episode but I heard that Tom gave a really good performance in the last 30 seconds of the episode.

      • Angela says:

        Exactly. Shows always pull this “will they/won’t they?” with lead characters, this one’s no exception. It may not be a favored trope among many fans, and understandably so, ’cause it can indeed get played out. I’m not going to argue with that sentiment. If they are going to decide to go there at some point with Ichabod and Abbie, I’d much prefer they just move forward with it and let us watch that budding relationship unfold. Either that or just make it clear they’re staying friends, one of the two.
        But I’m not surprised that Ichabod and Abbie are going through the same back and forth that so many other couples have been through on TV all the same.

      • ... says:

        He gave a really good performance in the *entire* episode. But yes, that last 30 seconds are emotionally gutting.
        If it’s possible to win awards for uttering one word, give them all to Tom Mison for the word “don’t.”

      • Audrey says:

        What planet are you living on taking Abbie out of the equation is stupid it will be the death of the show its like having a sandwich without bread. I heard the actress Nicole was being treated badly by the new management of the show. I believe she really didn’t want to leave but had no choice she is still under contract

  6. GJC says:

    I was definitely disappointed, but not surprised to the potential demise of Abbie. If her character did indeed make the ultimate sacrifice, as much as I like Ichabod, Jenny and Joe I won’t be watching in February.

  7. sam says:

    Abbie will be back. How could she not? She’s the best character in the show. The alternative is losing viewers (me) for no good reason.

  8. csg says:

    “The most important person in the world, the woman and person he loves most in his life, has been ripped from him and has done so of her own volition… He’s utterly and completely devastated.”
    Oh, I thought he was referring to Katrina. [end of S2]

    • seriously says:

      No, actually, that was even more devastating, because he actually killed Katrina.
      Don’t understand why viewers were denied the chance to see Crane deal with that devastation, but this devastation will be good tv.

      • sam says:

        The showrunner is telling you that no, Abbie’s sacrifice is more devastating to him. That should give you an idea, what his real feelings for Katrina were.

      • Ruki says:

        I can’t believe you typed that with a straight face. Clearly you are one of a very small minority of fans who felt the first half of the season should have been devoted to Ichabod’s grief despite his late wife trying to kill him and Abbie, and compromising and undermining their mission repeatedly in S2.

        Abbie IS the most important person to Ichabod as seen by him rescuing her mere hours after she was trapped in purgatory, killing his wife to protect her, and the lengths he’ll go to to get her back from the underworld.

        • sam says:

          Not to mention he wasn’t even sad, when Katrina teamed with Henry. He was so ready for the breakup, it was hilarious.

        • dlluvsalex says:

          I want Abbie back ,she is half the show

        • daisy says:

          I read the OP as saying that Crane’s role in Katrina’s death (actually being the one who killed her) would have made it more devastating to him.

        • Angela says:

          You know, people, it could be possible for him to find BOTH events devastating. He did care about and love Katrina at one time, and does care about and love Abbie. So he would find the loss of two notable women in his life very upsetting in general.

          • Ruki says:

            I don’t dispute that. But the loss of his late wife wasn’t as debilitating and all-consuming as stated. Ichabod reacts differently whenever Abbie is in danger/separated from him than when his late wife was in similar situations. Factor in her betrayal and Ichabod isn’t only dealing with grief, but feelings of anger, bitterness and resentment as well.

      • Jessica says:

        He had 9 months to grieve in Offscreenville.

  9. duh says:

    Oh my god, people, don’t be so stupid. Of course Abbie isn’t gone. This is Sleepy Hollow.

    • tvmama says:

      Exactly what I’m thinking!

    • robin says:

      It’s called “dramatic tension” people. She was a gonner at the end of S1. If she needed time off (ala Anderson in X-Files to have her child), then yes, she would be ‘killed off’ and found Somewhere Else and later to Return.

  10. Angela says:

    Definitely wasn’t expecting that ending, but my mind actually didn’t automatically jump to her being dead, oddly enough. I assumed that she’s been sucked into some weird underworld or something instead, a la her stint in Purgatory.
    I hate that this was the subject of the blind item, but I’m not worried that her “death” is going to stick. And I look forward to seeing how Ichabod, Jenny, and Joe work together down the line to try and bring her back home, as well as the lengths Ichabod will go to to find her.

    • Heyk says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking didn’t she already drag herself into an underworld on the first season. These writers need to come up with something new

  11. karen says:

    they did this last season with Orlando Jones! How are these writers even employed??

    • Hope says:

      I hate to admit it but you are right, but I think it will work for Abbie dying, but they will be repeating the whole purgatory thing which may not be good. But keep in mind, Abbie did not truly express to Icabod how she felt about leaving TEAM WITNESS. I think she has been distant because of that, and it will be good to see Icabod’s true feelings emerge.

  12. I said it would be Abbey, but people refused to believe me…

  13. SayNay says:

    I hope Abbie isn’t missing for too many episodes. With this potentially being the last season, I don’t want the writers to unnecessarily draw things out.

    • Cookie Queen says:

      I don’t the writers will drag her disappearance out for long. We have to see the other characters go through loss, depression, guilt, despair and acceptance of a loved one gone. Then Ichabod will find a way of finding her and then there will be the rescue ,and homecoming. And the 2 lovebirds will do the dead. Yeah and all will be healed in Sleepy Hollow! !!!

  14. Babybop728 says:

    What is it with TV lately and the “will they/won’t they” death? Glenn. Abbie. Just tell us if they’re dead or not!

  15. luckeemisspiggy says:

    Well, I hate to say it, but I was right. Not to worry ichabbie shippers, I cannot imagine (unless there are/were some major Archie Panjabi/Juliana Marguilies vibes happening on set) that the show would rid the Sleepy Hollow universe of Abbie. She’s, in my opinion, the character viewers most identify with. I give it one, two episodes max before they find a way to free her from the underworld (remember Ichabod’s comments about trees long serving as a doorway to the underworld when Pandora went down to fetch her husband?) I think it’s just a springboard from which to launch the back half of the season…at least O hope it is; as much as I try to rationalize it, part of me is definitely thinking like a petulant child that if Abbie is dead I will not continue to watch

  16. delorb says:

    Why are they tossing in all these love for the ages at us, when a lot of fans want to see a particular love for the ages? Is it really that taboo? Jeez

    • Frisiandane says:

      Nothing is taboo, this isn’t 1650….it is just viewers don’t want their awesome chemistry wasted. It is rare to see a couple click so very well on screen. And they are amazingly handsome together, in a Bowie-Iman kind of way.

  17. westwingwolf says:

    Not at all worried that Abbie is really dead and gone. First, never saw a body. No moment of Jenny & Ichabod agonizing over said body. Plus the show just introduced new characters in this FBI storyline that want Abbie as an asset for some reason. No reason to plant that seed if they aren’t going to follow through. I say we will see where she went either at the start of the next episode or towards the end to draw out the tension of ‘Is she really dead?’. Maybe a few eps to get through that storyline. Then back to the normal monsters of the week as they take down Pandora & her husband.

    • Angela says:

      All of this. Well put.

    • suzl says:

      Exactly this. Of course she’s not dead–I can’t imagine anyone who has ever watched the show even thinking it. Abbie and Crane together are the heart of Sleepy Hollow. As far as the status of their relationship, I personally don’t mind watching the journey they are taking, and think the outcome will be better for the growth it will bring them

  18. Grace M says:

    I don’t think Abbie is dead. As to when we’ll see her again, that a surprise the producers have in store for us.

  19. Kenya Harris says:

    I hope we see a few more greek deities in the episodes to come and I think we are going to see a trip to hades in the future

  20. I do not see how they could possibly kill Abbie when she is one of the Witnesses and she is one of the main characters. I don’t really see how Sleepy Hollow can go on without Abbie because of her and Cranes relationship and how they defeat all the monsters and all of that. It would also be so cruel to Crane for him to lose Katrina last season and then lose Abbie, when she is the only thing that keeps him sane and happy in the 21st century. So maybe she can be gone for a little bit when it comes back in February and then they can show that she’s alive in some kind of alternate universe or something, because they said all season so far that the tree leads to places so she had to have gone there. PLEASE let that be true.

    Also when it comes to the shippers of Abbie and Crane I love the show so much and I love them but I really can’t see them together, they just have such a good relationship now and I just feel it could make it awkward. Leave them as the witnesses and friends it works perfectly like that! But for those of you who are complaining that they are just going back and forth with things like that, its just what shows do they can’t just let our favorite people get together right away because where’s the fun in that. When you look at shows like Bones who waited 6 seasons to bring Booth and Brennan together, or Castle who waited to bring Castle and Beckett together in season 4, or Friends to bring Ross and Rachel together ya they did it in the 2nd season but then they were on and off for the rest of the show.

    • amber says:

      well sorry to burst your bubble but Dear ol’ Clifton up there seems to confirm that Ichabbie is indeed happening so you’re going to have to take your pleas for broTP/sibling type of relationship to another show. Preferably on a show where there’s no shortage of platonic relationships between a white male lead and a white female lead. Anyone who says that getting them together would make it awkward are just reaching at this point. Ichabbie has slowly been happening since episode 1. The heart eyes, the flirting, the bows… I mean, come on people. Nothing is going to change when they finally get together; the most they’d probably do is trade a fist bump for a kiss and if that scares you well… Watch another show where the two leads don’t have as amazing chemistry with each other that Nicole and Tom have

  21. Jooshua says:

    The real question is if Nicole Beharie was the infamous “bonkers leading lady”.

    • Ruki says:

      No. I don’t understand why you had to dredge up this rumour as it has long since been confirmed as untrue.

    • Marissa says:

      I was actually wondering the same thing myself, only because I thought I remembered reading that the show was going to try to get RID of the “bonkers leading lady”… not trying to support the rumors that Nicole IS the “crazy one” they were referring to, but I don’t think we ever got an answer to who it was they were referring to. I’m dying to know!

      • Ruki says:

        @Huh? – I’m not going to reveal the source by name, however, their word can be relied on. Okay, I’ll bite. I think you’ll find it’s the same recycled article (with the exact same spelling mistake) doing the rounds. And, I don’t know about you, but I tend to not believe anything I read in a gossip rag.

        @Marissa – If that were indeed true, the showrunners could have got rid of her at any point during S2 given that these false rumours started in 2013. Plus, during a very recent on-set interview, Nicole was still filming. So she isn’t going anywhere!

  22. Cookie Queen says:

    Here’s how is gonna play out in my opinion, Abbie gets blasted back in time to the oldworld, she is now a diety, a god and when Pandora and the Hidden One returns back also, they will be some discord among them. Now that she is a god she will be changed somehow. Also just like Clifford said we will get back story on Pandora and her man. Meanwhile as Ichabod goes through life changes and flashbacks he’ll get a vision or a revelation and follows up on it. He’ll find a way to realize she’s alive and gathers the team to go get their girl. Along the way fighting monsters and things. There I said it.

  23. Mort Dexter says:

    Lieutenant, not Leftenant, there is no word such word as Leftenant, it’s pronounced that way but spelt Lieutenant. Seriously look at a dictionary.

  24. Chris Wolfe says:

    I nearly keeled over when I heard there’s a wait until next year until I get my next Sleepyfix, but this interview nearly made it worthwhile. I love it when a showrunner isn’t afraid to talk details in an interview, and not just give nada like some do.
    …And of course Abbie isn’t “dead” dead. Ichabod got her out of pegatory, he’ll pull her out of the underworld too, you just wait.

  25. Ruki says:

    One thing I do know: If Abbie is MIA in the back half of S3, that’s when I wave a fond farewell to SH.

  26. MoonTripper says:

    I wish the showrunner would have been asked about Daniel’s reference to Abbie as an “asset” they had been grooming. I am not at all interested in the rekindling of the Daniel?Abbie hook-up, but I would like to know “whose side” Daniel really is on.

    Also, I do not believe Abbie is dead. However, I do hope she has the opportunity to travel in time and deal with an 18th century Crane. There were a lot of interesting dynamics that could still be explored that were left over from last season’s cliffhanger, if the writers chose that route.

    • ... says:

      During the episode the official show twitter, and maybe the writers, too, tweeted polls asking if we thought Daniel was good or evil. So there’s something there, to be sure.

    • Morisot says:

      But could that “asset” be the OTHER FBI lady — NOT Abbie?

    • anitavacation says:

      I hope they explore all of that in the second half. It’s unlikely that he was talking about SA Sophie Foster, because Sophie isn’t lost to them, and he got on Abbie’s vm to try and get her back.

      I like Daniel. He was always kind to Abbie, and supportive of her dreams. Unlike Ichabod (and everyone else in her life), who rather obnoxiously sees Abbie’s dreams, her beloved career, as an inconvenience to their agenda.

      My feeling is that Abbie will return as a demi-goddess, an asset jealousy fought over by the FBI’s secret task force and the other witness.

      I know I’m in the minority here, but I can hardly stand Ichabod at this point (despite his last – second sacrificing of Katrina in S2, he put Abbie through sooo much). She was building a stable life for herself, then *he* comes back to town and brushes her dreams aside for the Witness agenda.

      I ship Danabbie. I know it might only work on flashbacks and a brief rekindling in present times. But I think Daniel is far better than Ichabod, and he respects and supports the things that Abbie wants outside of witnessing. Whatever that secret task force is, I don’t think it’s evil, and I think it will be a seriously tempting proposition for Abbie when she returns as a demi-goddess.

  27. Lulu says:

    I have no doubt Abbey will be saved but I’m afraid that in the few eps they are searching for her that Betsy might be resurrected in present day. shudders.

  28. Lisa says:

    could it be abbie winds up like crane in the sense she died but was saved by the magic that surrounds her and now she too has powers and is dark powers and sees things much differently and if crane, jenny, & Joe were to destroy the magic abbie posses they will lose abbie permanetly. so crane has to find away to turn her powers to be good powers restoring abbie to her normal self. will crane finally confess his love to abbie as love conquers all in the end.

  29. Amanda says:

    Abby Mills better come back, she is a witness after all. And I wanna see where this thing with her and Crane will go bc, u know he has feelings for her, and her for him. She can’t be gone for good she just can’t be, please bring her back!!! This show will not be the same without Mills and Crane together!

    • paish says:

      Exactly. How in the world can a main character in the storyline dies…. Come on guys fine some mystical way to bring back one of the main characters this is not happening right now…..

  30. Emanuelle Mercado says:

    One of the reasons I’ve been watching the show was to eventually see Abbie and Crane confess their love for each other. They’re the glue that keeps the show together. If she’s truly dead I won’t be watching the show any longer. There was suppose to be an Abbie and Crane love story in developing between the trial and tribulations. What happened?

  31. paish says:

    I believe that Ichabod will find some way to bring Abbie back!! Maybe a spell from Pandora’s box perhaps? Whatever the case maybe it ain’t a Ichabod party if it’s not a Abbie and Ichabod one…..

  32. dr says:

    The ending was not expected. Now that was what season 1 was about the writer outhinking and outplotting the viewer. The show had turned to Dark Shadows in Season two cant wait till February comes along. Hope ABBIE, my witness is okay.

  33. Sandy says:

    Abbie will make it to the next season, that I’m confident about. To remove her from the show and bring in someone else, Foster – as a team mate for Crane would be a huge mistake and you will definitely lose viewership!

  34. Alex Jones says:

    so is this the blind item that was mentioned a few weeks ago?

  35. Dee says:

    It actually never entered my mind that Abbie might really be dead, until I read that she was the answer to the blind item. Now, I’m like this death better be temporary or I’m definitely done with this show. I cannot bear to watch without my girl Abbie/Nicole. As much as I love Jenny and Joe, Abbie and Crane are the show, period. And, I don’t know what role Agent Foster will play, but I would never accept her as a substitute for Abbie because there isn’t one, and I would not stick around to watch anyway. If Nicole has decided to leave the show then they should have simply started filming final episodes for the series and call it a wrap. Here’s hoping Abbie and SH survive b/c they must coexist.

    • Frisiandane says:

      I completely agree with you. I know it doesn’t seem sensical to kill off Abbie, and I’m certain these teases are just ballyhoo, but all the rumours are making me nervous. There is no show without Ichabbie’s terrific “buddy cop” dynamic that has a romantic undertone. If Abbie leaves, so will 80% of the int’l fan base, including me.

  36. keithht63 says:

    If Abbie hasn’t shown signs of returning by the 3 or fourth episode of the spring series then I will save myself an hour a week and do something useful.

  37. Bill says:

    Sleepy Hollow is really stupid this season. Bad story lines, poor acting, poor production values, and just a lot of phony monster stuff. Very disappointing to say the least. It should be moved to Saturday mornings with the other cartoons. However, I don’t think 6 year olds could stomach it. It would insult their intelligence. When a show smells this bad, they toss it to in the Friday night bin to rot away. I hope Fox can find a good replacement. If not, you can bet they will dig it out, shake it off, and feed it to viewers again. Yuck. Like trying to eat a rotten piece of fish.

  38. Toniajo Ramcharan says:

    We want Abbie back I tuned in every week just to see her she was a strong role model for woman of color. Giving it a chance tonite but don’t think I will watch after that. I lost my hero.

  39. Gwen walker says:

    Please bring a bit back

  40. fyc says:

    Just watched episode 9 of season 3. It was a decent episode, but I’m just not interested in watching any future episodes unless Abbey is in them. The interaction between Abbey and Crane is what makes the show! I will watch it next week, but if it’s not clear that she’s returning after that, then no more Sleepy Hollow for me. There are too many other shows on my DVR to watch, rather watch a show limp along without one of it’s best characters!

  41. Donna says:

    Do not kill Abbie! She is my main reason for watching

  42. Donna says:

    As I read the comments I am shocked. It never occurred to me that Abbie would not be back this season. There is no sleepy hollow without her. I hope this is just apart of their story line. Little concerned that she is not back yet

  43. Ms Max says:

    Come on Guys……Bring Abbie bk Crane needs her…..Hell, We need her

  44. Lil Red says:

    This show is SUPER and I have been anticipating the return! What will Crane do to get Abbie back( bc we know that he will) that love is to strong not to, how will he handle her not being around, etc. so many things I am wondering but I am so happy that my wait is over! Watching it now on Hulu👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😅😂

  45. Lynn Herrera says:

    I love this program. Suspenseful, Mysterious, exciting, not easy to figure out. Great acting, great relationships with the characters. Please let it last. There isn’t much on TV. Worth watching.

  46. Jen says:

    I need Abby. Please bring her back. I won’t watch without her

  47. gjkh says:

    I’m going to cancel viewing if I don’t see where this show is going in terms of bringing Abbie back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Lisa Lomb says:

    Hooray! Abbie is back! Without Abbie there would be no Sleepy Hollow. I’m not sure if
    the idea now is to write Abbie out of the show by casting her as emotionally inept, this would be a disaster for the show. Abbie and Crane’s chemistry is like watching Sherlock Holmes and Watson uncover multiple mysteries. What is more intriguing is their respect and love for each others unique knowledge about the supernatural. Fox has a good show that can be expanded by providing the same calibre of writers that created the the episode that thrust Abbie back
    in the time of slavery, this episode was excellent. The acting in that episode by the entire
    cast especially Abbie and Crane was superb! That Episode kept me on the edge of my seat!
    Bravo to the writers!

  49. Marsha Odom says:

    If Abby or crane dies in sleepy hollow I will never watch it again!

  50. Gill says:

    Seriously I want Abbie back !