Olivisa has abortion on Scandal

Scandal Fall Finale Recap: R.I.P. [Spoiler]

Stop reading now if you have yet to watch tonight’s Scandal fall finale. And we repeat: Stop reading now if you have yet to watch tonight’s Scandal fall finale. Everyone else, you may proceed…

Show of hands if you saw THAT Scandal twist coming. What, no one? We didn’t think so.

At the midway point of the ABC drama’s fall finale on Thursday, Olivia was escorted into a private medical room and then underwent an apparent abortion. That was followed by an epic, seemingly irreparable quarrel between Liv and Fitz, after which she moved out of the White House.

To restate the headline, this time without a spoiler redaction: R.I.P. “Olitz”

FIRST LADY SINGS THE BLUES | Now that Fitz has officially moved her designer duds into the White House, Liv’s finding her sudden First Lady-like duties a tad tedious. And with their approval ratings on the rise, Fitz wants to keep Liv out of White House business, but Mellie’s ploy to grab the spotlight and shut down the government (more on that later) set off Liv’s gut instincts. “Maybe what Mellie’s doing isn’t about you at all,” she tells Fitz.

FATHER KNOWS BEST | Still shackled to a chair, an increasingly desperate Rowan decides to play mind games with his captor/potential executioner, Huck. First, Papa Pope laments his own flock of “so many ungrateful children,” then quickly turns the tables and goes right for the jugular: He calls Huck an “insane shell of a father” and then muses whether Huck’s own son is actually better off without him. “Do you think he’s happy now that he knows that his insane shell of a human father is out of the picture again?” Rowan keeps up the verbal assault until Huck finally snaps. “Do it!” commands Rowan, as Huck starts to choke the life out of him. But hold on! Huck keeps his wits about him, avoids violence and turns the tables (“you are nobody’s father”), and refuses to give Papa Pope the death he apparently desires. What the what? “I’m going home,” says Huck, who reminds Rowan that HIS family, Olivia, is the only reason he’s still alive. Rowan is not exactly moved, and tells the departing Huck,“Family doesn’t complete you, it destroys you.”

REMEMBER ME, MELLIE? | Junior Senator Mellie — who’s still hankering for some respect — gets more dirt kicked in her face, this time by some Senators sternly ordering her to vote for the new spending bill. But when the vote hits the floor, Mellie throws in a surprise filibuster — she wants to protect Planned Parenthood — which threatens to throw everyone’s holiday plans into disarray and (gasp!) shut down the government! But as Mellie eventually starts to falter under the strain of holding court on the Senate floor — she needs to pee, badly! — enter VP Susan Ross to the rescue, who takes over the fight. So guess who’s waiting in the ladies room to give Mellie a surprise pep talk? “You’re the biggest bitch I know,” Liv muses, “don’t tell me you can’t do this.” At last, Mellie triumphantly runs out the clock on the bill, even earning a handshake (which she rejects) from cranky Senator Moskowitz.

IT WAS NICE KNOWING YA, OLITZ! | Later that same night, a majorly angst-ridden Liv is seen being escorted by a nurse into a medical room, where she undergoes that aforementioned abortion. She then heads back to the White House and  makes a beeline for Mellie’s booze stash, which sets up an epic ‘Olitz’ brawl for the ages. Olivia likens herself to a “hostage” and her time in the White House a “sick, twisted punishment,” before screaming to Fitz, “There is no us!” Next thing we know, she’s moving out of the White House and back into her apartment.

JAKE TAKES CARE OF BUSINESS | Jake is still hot on Rowan’s trail, and knows that following Russell and Tom (who’s under orders to find Rowan or die) will eventually lead to Papa Pope himself. Soon enough, Jake finds himself face-to-face with Russell (who took out Elise), ignores his pleas to join Lazarus One, and puts a bullet in his head.

HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS | As the White House staff exchanges gifts (Lizze even pretends to like Susan’s hideous scarf), we end the episode with a truly shocking Shondland holiday montage: Huck has released Rowan (!) and drops him off at home, where Jake (!) is waiting with an apology (“You were right, Lazarus wasn’t you”). Charlie (wearing festive reindeer antlers!) shows up to surprise a lonely Quinn, while Olivia (back in her own apartment) welcomes the return of her couch (!), and savors a glass of wine.

Now it’s your turn. Did the fall finale live up to your expectations? What did you think of the abortion twist? Hit the comments!

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  1. Marisa says:

    I am in shock!

    • Ann says:

      Now this is the Scandal I want to watch..Mellie winning for once. Good job Shonda & Co!

    • Ann says:

      I also have to add that Liv calling Fitz “ineffectual” during their fight was such a satisfying moment. Finally Olivia Pope (and Shonda) have admitted out loud that Fitz is incompetent as a POTUS!

    • H says:

      I’m in shock that Rowan is still alive.
      No wait, I ain’t. Let’s keep the dead weight on the show forever, in case we need it for storylines in the future. Huck could at least have cut his tongue to spare us his monologues, but instead he had to prove once again how he’s as worthless as Jake.

      • Rowan fan says:

        Rowan is what keeps me watching

      • Ella Jasper says:

        Why is Rowan still alive? Shonda loves him. This is just another make up, break up episode. Love Jake, he’s the only reason I’m still watching. Okay, maybe David, Susan, Quinn and Marcus. Certainly, NOT Fritz or Rowan.

        • 7joanna says:

          So much agree with you and the persons that keep you watching. Add Abbie. Also the VP character and Actress have the makings of keeping the show alive. Many a Scandal for OP & Associates to deal with weekly & the VP now ascended to the President’s Office. That was one of my favorite dynamics, anyway. Keep Mellie. Fire Fitz.

    • Lovely says:


  2. gts says:

    I also thought at some point Olivia would get pregnant, and I assumed that she’s freak and need Fitz to give her a good old “we got this!” speech, but I didn’t think she’d terminate without tellibg him. I’m afraid it’s going to come out in a fight next season, which will really hurt Fitz.

    • You think it was the President’s? She has slept around.

      • Dee says:

        This season started a week or two after last seasons finale and I think a couple of months have passed since then. So unless liv was with someone we didn’t know about, it was Fitz’s baby.

        • H says:

          It was written as Fitz’s, but there was a chance it was Russel’s. She was sleeping with him until she found out he was an agent in ep 4×20.

      • Sarah says:

        Seriously? You’re using the same ugly tactics they used on the show? She wasn’t sleeping around. She had been with Fitz for months now, no other partners this season at all.

        • CK2 says:

          Liv had an abortion. They’re resort to all types of rhetoric to demean and sadly all these people that are “done” with the show are going to be around to b*tch about it next season.

      • Vera K. says:

        Yeah, Ms. Pope could not be sure, cuz she is such a whore. She bed hops more than most men.

        • Shantell says:

          funny I wonder if you’d call her a whore if she was WHITE

        • Peggy says:

          Olivia Pope is just another Carmen . In every century , country , & state there is a Carmen . She is a sexy, desirable , woman who loves love but soon gets bored and
          needs another a fresh , hot lover. Carmens
          always get murdered by that one man
          who refuses to let themr go . Expect Olivia to eventually be killed by Fitz .

      • Kimberly says:

        You are right. She is pretty generous when it comes to dishing out her goodies. Pretty disgusting, actually. She’s been a spoiled, dramatic b for some time now, but the abortion takes the cake. What a disgraceful, selfish act, that will add to the list of the many things that haunts her. She needs to stop taking on clients for a long while so that she could “fix” her own life.

  3. Yoko says:


  4. Jackie says:

    It was a much needed, yet completely predictable, reset. A couple surprises but then what? A few more seasons of side glances and they get back together? Or if this is done for good, where does the character of Fitz land in the show? He doesn’t have that much time left in his term.

  5. Matt C. says:

    This episode destroyed me. I have no words.

    • Marisa says:

      I feel the same. An hour later and I have no words.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Ditto. On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d give this sh*tfest a zero. The abortion was completely unnecessary and gratuitous. For God’s sake, she’s a grown woman, she should know how to protect herself. And aborting her lover’s baby without telling him showed her to be a cold, soulless, heartless bitch. This is not the Olivia Pope I spent four and a half seasons rooting for and I’m not wasting another minute on this Olivia Pope for the second half of this season.
      The only good things about this episode were: 1) Mellie’s filibuster and 2) Jake putting a bullet in Russell’s head.
      Shonda has shat all over her show. This episode was the TV equivalent of a 50-car smash-up on the freeway. Fitz and Olivia have been the heart of this series since its inception and for some reason Shonda saw fit to reach in and rip the heart out of it. I don’t know how or if they can come back from this, and honestly I’m exhaustipated, as in too tired to give a crap. I am done.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Amended to add: I liked to see Charlie surprising Quinn on Christmas Eve. I used to hate Charlie when he killed Amanda Tanner but he’s starting to grow on me. He and Quinn make a cute couple. Charlie’s been alone for so long he needs a good woman to look after him.
        Also like seeing Mellie giving a royal snub to that bitch senator.
        None of this, of course, can make up for the total sh*tfest this episode was.

      • magpie says:

        You are the voice of reason. Gratuitous is exactly the word that was on my mind last night. The blowout between Olivia & Fitz was absurd. Olivia is supposed to be an ace, but can’t manage her “business”… So darned fake and stupid. Shonda needs to have her head examined.

      • Jennifer says:

        Hear hear! The abortion story line was totally unnecessary. But – GO MILLIE!!!! I hope she gets to be Prez. She knows how to handle herself.

      • Ella Jasper says:


      • Nee says:

        LMFAOOOO. Poor “Olitz” fans having to come to terms with reality!

      • Amber says:

        I don’t know you, yet your first paragraph makes me love you.

      • Kera Jo says:

        I couldn’t quite articulate it but yes, you hit it right on the head. Olivia came off as heartless and definitely no gladiator. The abortion seemed like a random shot, I mean she argues, moves out, moves in and drinks wine smiling afterwards… character consistency was shot to pieces! At least Mel was believable!

        • Cheyenne says:

          Fitz was right. She only wanted him because he was unavailable and he wasted seven years of his life on a cold, scheming bitch. This is the woman who told Edison she wanted “painful, impossible love”? It all makes sense now. She only wants what she can’t have. Edison dodged a bullet. Fitz is not nearly as broken and messed up as this bitch. At least he can still love. Olivia can’t love anyone. The whole thing was a power trip for her, nothing more than that.

      • Roger says:

        I will never waste my time watching Scandal again. I’m horrified and disgusted with this episode.

      • Zizi says:

        I totally agree! Where is the logic? After all these years of suffering, loving him and thinking just about him! Olivia had to be the happiest woman ever!!!! That kind of love Fitz feels to her! How can she reject it???? Without their love this show is over for me

  6. The Olivia/Fitz merry-go-round once again. SO OVER IT. If we’re doing this AGAIN, can we PLEASE make this break-up stick for more than 2 episodes?

  7. H says:

    Another episode where Rowan sees the light of day. Ugh.

  8. Pete says:

    Loved it! thinking that may be minority opinion and there will be a lot of “I’m never watching again!” reactions

  9. Mama Miche says:

    Just awful. I’m done.

    • Ro Fischer says:

      After Shonda killed off McDreamyHair I raged and swore I’d never watch Grey’s again. However, a few peeks as my granddaughter have got me watching this fresher, revived show again. Hate to admit it when I’m wrong. Bet Scandal gets some juice back after killing off the Fitz snore-fest. Bet Liv runs Mellie’s presidency campaign, too

  10. Tessa Souther says:

    Well. That ends the story for me. Liv is alone, as apparently she should be. Fitz will get back with the now-celebrated Mellie and eventually be First Spouse as penance. Cyrus is back in power. B613 will be run by Eli and Jake. Quinn and Marcus will serve OPA. Huck has his family. And I’m done. Story’s over. I wasted 4.5 years.

    • Precious says:

      I so agree. What has gone from a epic love that you could see yourself in her shoes even with the adultery (because they were meant to be), is not a ridiculous storyline that has only gone down hill. No more OliFitz for me or anyone else. I’m done with the show. Dang they couldn’t even get a whole year and it just makes everything they said about her when the “scandal” broke true.

      • HenryP says:

        Never an epic love. The absolute worst part of Scandal has always been Fitz and Olivia. Get rid of that part of the story and the show improves by a factor of 10.

      • Smokey says:

        Why couldn’t they continue on the track where Liv was the power behind the man-drive Cyrus crazy-but no opted to have them break up again -very original NOT!

    • What do you mean, you’ve “wasted 4.5 years?” Had the story gone another way, you wouldn’t have felt that way? The fact that Scandal is still an ongoing show with more story to tell means nothing? The fact that it’s a MADE UP story – fiction, if you will – means nothing? Jesus, Tessa. That’s a sad way to live life.

      • Mara says:

        lol Calm down with that fervent sermon, there. It stands to reason that if some people are very happy with a certain arc, some people will be unhappy with it, too. It’s a critique (however informal), and like all “made up” stories, critiques mirror the way we assess the real world. There’s a reason people get doctorates in analyzing little old things like Hemingway, Watchmen, I Love Lucy, and Shakespeare.
        And when a made up story resembling an anthology starts with promising beginnings that give way to underwhelming returns, it’s perfectly valid to feel frustrated.
        Having negative feelings about art doesn’t constitute “a sad way to live life”; and were it one, it would be one of the most pathetic, first-world-problems imitation of a tragic life we’re likely to ever see.

    • Skyler says:

      The story was over for me at the season 4 finale. I knew Scandal would only get repetitive in upcoming seasons so didn’t even bother to watch season 5. I didn’t want to feel let down. I read some recaps to see if I’m missing anything and it seems I’m not. Before long this show will become like Revenge and people will be begging for it to be put out of its misery. At least Revenge ended at the right time even though some had quit on it ages ago. I just hope HTGAWM never becomes this bad.

  11. claudette leach says:

    Season finally was awful more Fritz

  12. Kathy says:

    Playing Christmas Carol’s while Olivia undergoes an abortion?! I’m totally disgusted.

  13. S says:

    There are no words for the disappointment and disgust Imamfeeling right now. Shonda already did this on Greys, which is when I was less inclined to watch. Honestly, it’s Achilles heel – her need to be shocking overcoming truthful storytelling. Keep an eye on the horizon HTGAWM, your day too is coming. Glad someone told me and I used my time better by watching The Blacklist. Honestly, I don’t see a need to watch in the spring.

    • andii5 says:

      I agree with you…I only started watching a month ago, I watched constantly and got caught up to this season only to be totally let down in this finale. I was hoping for that epic love story (the only reason I watched). I figured there would be ups and downs but never this… I am done watching – which is good cause I guess I was getting addicted to forbidden love which could never be true…

      Back to work and real life…

    • Bernice says:

      So true, but remember Olivia is the son Rowan prayed for. Olivia is just another man playing the field just like any other player. A female in a reversed roll. Remember the line “I am a big dog” a man cannot have a baby. Checkout Olivia’s wardrobe all pants no skirts speaks volume.

  14. Lola says:

    I dont like it. Everything just looked weird in this episode, the long agruement between President Grant and Liv. Happy ending for Mellie

  15. Deb says:

    Well done, Shonda and company! Nice twist with the role reversal between the Olivia and Mellie – Mellie realizing her strength and Olivia realizing she had given herself up when she glamorized her future with Fitz and went with it. Looking forward to next season!

  16. niloofar says:

    The writer’s have ruined the once great love story of Olitz and turned into an obsession, the great villian of papa pope is laughable now the real issue is when they make a show revolve around one “great” love a couple, how many times can they break them up before the is turned to obsession?

  17. Precious says:

    I’m disappointed and disgusted by Olivia’s actions. I will no longer watch this show. Shame on you Shonda!

  18. Jss0058 says:

    It just really felt like they were TRYING to be controversial by playing the Christmas music specifically during that scene. Like it didn’t serve a purpose other than to piss people off and make people start talking about Scandal again…

  19. mimi says:

    With the exception of Mellie, this episode was SUPER boring. I’m so over Scandal. Maybe I’ll watch in February, maybe I won’t.

  20. Stacy says:

    What a way to ruin a great love story.

  21. Darcel says:

    This episode was just “disgusting” on all levels. Just a political episode about Planned Parenthood. No way do Republicans go for abortions. Did Olivia have an abortion? Again, I hated this episode. Since Fitz is single now, he should just dump Olivia and become the Batchelor President and date other women. Olivia is “disgusting”.

    • Rebecca says:

      I am so disgusted with Olivia . She is mean and hateful to the President!

    • Ashton says:

      Did you just say Republicans don’t get abortions?? I’m not sure if you meant that as sarcasm but if not, please do some honest research about this topic.

      (Not trying to start a political frenzy but having informed opinions will help everyone gain a better understanding of the real issues.)

      • Darcel says:

        No I did not say that Republicans do not get abortions, I’m sure some do. However, it is not in their platform. Remember, Mellie is suppose to be a Republican.

        • Jessica says:

          Planned parenthood does a whole lot more than abortions, in fact where I live they dont do abortions, but they do help women with health exams and low cost contraceptives and whatnot. People need to stop thinking PP is only about one thing.

        • First and foremost Mellie is a WOMAN. And she gets than cranky old men have to stop directing women’s healthcare. This was a gutsy move for her… but in the purple state of VA, where demographics are changing dramatically, this will play well for her. PLUS it was the right thing to go. She just upped her political star.

  22. Tracy says:

    Wasted 4.5 years for this crap of an episode to call it quits.Good bye Scandal.

  23. Sarah says:

    Please let Liv be done with Fitz for good. He is the worst. Glad Liv got her freedom back, the abortion was rough but her having a baby with Fitz is so much worse. I’ll be glad to see the real Olivia back in February.

  24. Dan says:

    This episode made my physically ill. If Olivia is aa such a “strong black woman” who’s so smart, how come she couldn’t figure out how to use contraception? And if she so brave and courageous how come she didn’t tell the pathetic president the terrible thing she did?? I won’t be watching this show anymore and really don’t even want to support ABC or Disney anymore.

    • Sarah says:

      And how couldn’t a strong white man, arguably the most powerful in the free world and highly educated not figure out contraception either?

      • HenryP says:

        This is the problem with this ‘epic’ love story. there is no question that Fitz is a dick, but the supposedly strong independent woman just falls apart around him. I get he’s the president but he absolutely never does anything remotely powerful. why does she care for him? There is no logic to it.

        • Dan says:

          I agree, every time my mom and I watch the show me marvel at how weak he is. This episode was the only episode I can think of where he truly bucked up to someone.

      • Dan says:

        Good point Sarah! I definitely wasn’t trying to say contraception was all a woman’s responsibility. But yes, it just doesn’t make sense.

      • c-mo says:

        I understand what you’re trying to say but it’s a flawed argument. A smart woman, regardless of color, is going to take care of herself and make sure that contraception is addressed. Why, with something so important, would you ever assume someone else had it covered (pun appropriate)? That’s just stupid and careless, not to mention dangerous.

    • CK2 says:

      Terrible thing? You mean chasing down that snickerdoodle recipe? She was brave and courageous because she didn’t let folks like you stop her from making her CHOICE with her body. Fitz had no veto power or any say over her abortion so if she were dead set on having it, telling him would just be pointless.

  25. Ann says:

    Please let this be it for Liv & Fitz…I don’t understand people who thought this was a great love story…it was messy at best. This relationship really diminished Liv.
    In other news…I’m super excited for Mellie, she deserved a win.

  26. Nancy Mulligan says:

    It was disgraceful that they had the abortion taking place while Silent Night – a Catholic hymn was playing in the background.

  27. Mary Kate says:

    So disappointed with this episode. I want to believe maybe Liv had a miscarriage but my gut tells me it was an abortion. The thought of doing that without telling Fitz….her character is completely off the rails. Why did she order a new couch?? Did I miss something?

    • Tee says:

      Wasn’t one of her couch cushions covered with a wine stain–a stain that resulted from being kidnapped and then sold on the black net, which caused Fitz to go to war for his mistress?

    • Kristi says:

      She ordered a new couch because her old one got ruined by spilled wine when she was kidnapped.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Anybody with a grain of common sense would have zipped off the slip cover, sent it to the dry cleaner, and got it back good as new. Or if they couldn’t get the stain out, have the sofa reupholstered.
        I think the new sofa was supposed to symbolize her life has taken a new turn. I hope she spends the rest of her days on that ugly couch drowning in popcorn and wine all by herself.

        • Dee says:

          I think so too, she went from light colored couch to a dark one. All her clothes are white too. Let’s see if she starts wearing dark clothing

  28. Amy says:

    I see what Olivia means….if they had time before to try and be a couple without rushing they might have made it. Olivia doesn’t want to be First Lady. And she was perfectly happy at the end by herself, with her new sofa and Christmas tree. Loved Mellie and Susan.

  29. Agustín says:

    Worst episode of the season and it was supposed to be a huge cliffhanger!? It was awful.

  30. Tee says:

    *sigh* I hope this “break up” is for good because I’m a bit tired of the on-off relationship between Fitz and Olivia.

    Other things I want for Christmas:
    Charlie and Rowan to just go away
    Abby to get out of the White House and work at OPA again
    For everyone in this version of DC to stop using the word gladiator (or at the very least, for Quinn to stop using the word)

  31. Michelle says:

    I can’t be more disappointed, wasted many years on this show. Way to destroy a character!

  32. Lilah848 says:

    I stand with Mellie!… but not with Olivia.

    This was not storytelling, but writing for a political platform. I have several issues with this *ridiculous* abortion plotline:

    (1) Please don’t tell me that after all her loves, Liv spent 3 weeks living in the White House and forgot how to use birth control. No way! Don’t insult us or this character we’ve invested so much time into. Which leads into:

    (2) It is entirely unnecessary to show a highly successful, upper class, 35 year old woman, who is a doctorate holding professional, who HANDLES other people’s problems for a living, getting an abortion to Christmas tunes. This plays entirely into the rhetoric of the pro-life camp that abortions are just done out of convenience, as a form of birth control etc. It’s one thing to show a scared 15 year old girl getting an abortion, but this is not “safe legal and rare”. Shame on you Shonda. By “pushing buttons”, you are taking us years backwards.

    I am sure the storyline will come out that it’s not safe for Olivia to have a child because of her dangerous father, blah blah. No excuse. The only characters I like anymore are Mellie and Susan. So sad, and so, so, disappointed.

    • Tony says:

      I don’t think this plays into any rhetoric other than Olivia didn’t want a child and especially not one with the President.

    • Hilda says:

      Really? It’s okay for teenagers to have an abortion but not an adult? Where does that make sense? (BTW: every woman, no matter her age has the RIGHT to have an abortion for ANY REASON.)

      And birth control fails all the time. The pill has a 98% success rate when used properly 100% of the time and most women don’t use it properly 100% (even women like Olivia Pope). Condoms break. The shot wears off (in fact, I personally know of four pregnancies that occurred after someone received the birth control shot and it had been a few weeks after–so it should’ve been doing its protection thing and wasn’t.)

      If a woman chooses she doesn’t want the pregnancy, it’s her RIGHT. Exercising that right doesn’t set us back. It simply shows viewers that women get abortions and sometimes it’s because they simply don’t want a child and they don’t want to go through the VERY DANGEROUS MEDICAL CONDITION CALLED PREGNANCY. People tend to forget pregnancy can be deadly; it’s a medical condition with serious consequences for women’s health and their bodies and if they don’t want to continue that medical condition they can choose to terminate. IT’S OUR RIGHT.

      I for one am thankful that this show demonstrates women for all walks of life choose to have an abortion and it’s none of our business why.

      • MiaB says:

        This! Thank you for your eloquence.

      • Holly says:

        People like you act like it’s a visit to the dentist. It is not. I’d like to see Shonda put some emphasis on contraception but I suppose there are time limitations in an hour episode and she wants to get the message across loud and clear. Especially since the procedure is threatened for the woman who can’t afford to travel to the neared city to get one.

    • Cookie Lang says:

      It could have been a miscarriage……. NO one said it was an abortion.

  33. Erica says:

    I’m happiest about the couch!

  34. Tw123 says:

    I think Shonda’s storytelling choices tonight were courageous. I commend her! And I LOVED this episode! Preparing for the backlash that I know is coming Shondaland’s way, but she has made a life long fan in me (as if she hadn’t already…)

  35. Tracie says:

    Disappointed by the fact Liv had abortion, to top that off she didn’t even discuss the pregnancy with Fitz.
    Then Huck drops off Rowan like they just came from “a boy’s night basketball game ”
    and Jake greets Rowan like “a long lost friend”.
    I realize this is all “make believe”, but this episode was awful, just my opinion .

  36. Dan Britt says:

    an abortion while Silent Night is playing in the background. Unbelievable.

  37. betty says:

    Olivia took a big interest in what Melle was saying about Planned Parenthood and trying to block the passage of the bill. She helped Melle by bringing in the VP who is silly and funny. Despite their differences Olivia helped her because of her condition. I didnt see it coming that 1. she is pregnant 2. Jake doesnt kill papa Pope . I am happy that Olivia cursed Fitz out and moved out. They were only good as a secret fling.

  38. Juan says:

    I know a lot of people didn’t like the non twisty episode but I loved so much Mellie getting that passion back and filibustering. Lived her and Susan Ross in their scenes. And sad yet happy that olitz broke up.

    • Kelly says:

      I liked the Mellie part but was baffled by the rest. After all that time mooning over Fitz and all the drama of going public, they have a fight and they are done? After all that time chasing Pope, the big bad, he is now free again and they are all OK with it? Huh?

  39. Vera K. says:

    Shonda needs some good intelligent writers from England.

  40. lolita says:

    I hope and pray that poppa POPE will notbe seen in many more scenes. i am so sick of him i do not k ow what to do. LIV IS ACTING REAL DUMB.SHE DIDN’t have to tell the world she was the presidents mistress. HOW could she be so dumb and let herself get pregnant?

  41. Jan says:

    Horrible.. End the show now

  42. 7joanna says:

    Jake must live or I would not watch anymore. That he dies is the twist I feared.

  43. Matt Smith says:

    She didn’t shake Senator Moskowitz’s hand. It was offered and she scoffed at her.

  44. stephonu says:

    I am in so much shock right now! I can’t believe that Olivia & Fitz broke up! Again! I can’t believe that Rowan is still alive! Kudos to Millie! :) Next half of the season I think we should see someone take out Rowan permanently or something needs to happen to him because I’m so tired of seeing him! Maybe Olivia & Fitz could get back together again or the relationship is over but u never know they could go either way here. I hope we get to see more of Millie doing her senatorial duties next half of the season. Do u think Jake & Olivia would get back together? That would be interesting. I hope Huck goes home to see his wife & son again. Who is the person running Lazerus One? Do you think Shephen could come back? I’m so sad right now. It hasn’t sunk in that Olivia & Fitz could be over for good. Olivia is a strong, independent woman but who wouldn’t want a knight in shining armor? I thought what Olivia & Fitz had or have was real but when 1 person in the relationship wants to move things too fast without talking to the other person about what he or she wants to do things will end badly. What Jake & Olivia have or had was real too but it seemed kind of forced because of other factors like Rowan. I’m still in shock after watching the fall finale but I can’t wait for it to come back on February 11, 2016 to see what they come up with next & what will happen next for everyone. It’s still a pretty good show! :)

  45. farleyc says:

    I love this show but that was weird all the way around. Huh?

  46. Huh says:

    Gosh, I love Melly so much.

  47. Cree says:

    So tired this on-and-off-again storyline … and I would hope responsible women aren’t using abortion as birth control as demonstrated tonight. but this wasn’t about the Scandal storyline it was a political statement by shonda who apparently can do no wrong. This show was so good the first 2 seasons but is not my cup of tea anymore.

    • Darcel says:

      I agree seasons 1 and 2 were very good. Since season 3 it has went downhill. Well actually, it was good until the day Olivia met Jake in the coffee shop. Been on a continuous slide ever since & tonight’s episode hit an all time low.

  48. Cat says:

    Disgusting. Morally reprehensible. Lost all respect for Liv. Horrible person.

  49. sarah says:

    This episode was awful I may stop watching the show.

    • mocktheworld says:

      Me too! FIRST… Playing Christmas hymn… Ave Maria? Really? Could you pick a more Catholic song to offend with? Blegh! Got enough of this crap in real life! don’t need it crammed down my throat when I am trying to relax and enjoy my show. To kill a baby, walk out on someone she was supposed to LOVE so much, then sit, drinking wine by herself enjoying her ordered Christmas tree!!!
      I am done!