How to Get Away With Murder Fall Finale Recap: Some Like Her Shot

Poor Annalise Keating*! (*You don’t hear that sentiment every day.)

How to Get Away With Murder‘s steely protagonist has been bleeding out on the floor of her clients’ mansion for nine weeks’ worth of Season 2 flash-forwards, and yet there are still at least a dozen frenemies/minions/clients/enemies who could’ve put that bullet in her chest.

I mean, wouldn’t you like to think if you were in her shoes — provided you haven’t been the subject of a 48 Hours: Mysteries segment — that there’d be only one or two (OK, maybe three or four at best) potential suspects? (Top of my list: The lady I dressed down at Pinkberry that one time for cussing out her friendly neighborhood yogurt cashier.)

The good news for Annalise is, in the Season 2 fall finale — ominously entitled “What Did We Do?” — we finally learn whodunnit (and even a little bit of whydunnit). Who shot Annalise? Who killed ADA Emily “She Had It Comin'” Sinclar? How does Catherine wind up slung over Frank’s strong shoulders? (To misquote Taylor Swift, I knew she was trouble when she walked in.) And (to a tiny degree) what is the Annalise-Wes connection?

Before I spill that tea, let’s reveal some of the other crazy goings-on from the hour:

* After Sinclair leaks to the press all the dirt Annalise uncovered about him, Asher’s father hangs himself in his office.

* When Catherine disappears (after learning the gun — her gun? — has been discovered in the heating vent), Annalise decides she can only represent one of the Hapstall siblings — and she chooses Caleb (since he doesn’t have a creepy connection to creepy Philip… and also didn’t flee in a cloud of guilt).

* Like a cat to her master, Bonnie arrives at Casa Hapstall with a present in her trunk for Annalise: Sinclair’s lifeless body, wrapped in a flannel blanket. Turns out, the ADA taunted Asher by saying his father deserved what happened to him — for covering up Tiffany’s rape — and he puts his car in reverse, backs that thing up (hard!) and leaves her under his vehicle for a full 30 minutes before Lurky McChurchmouse comes and saves the day. (Or as much of the day as you can save when rigor mortis has begun to set in on the ADA.)

* Annalise decides that to protect Nate — who blew up at Emily in the middle of the police precinct earlier in the day, and will inevitably look like a suspect — she needs to make it look as though Catherine murdered Sinclair at the Hapstall mansion. Connor and Michaela help Bonnie and Asher carry Emily’s corpse up several flights, before deciding the whole plan is too too insane.

“SPLAT!” Bonnie and Asher drop Sinclair over the balcony to her second death of the night, Bonnie threatens Connor he’ll be next if he backs out, Asher remains unconvinced that the drop would produce the same injuries as his car, and Annalise leaves a long “Come back to the house” message on Catherine’s phone (because our protagonist LOVES a dramatic voice mail to help confuse the authorities).

* Keating knows her message is folly. She’s tried to create a sense of chaos at the mansion, but her plan is unravelling. Frank has tracked Catherine down to a hotel, and just before Philip arrives, he subdues Ms. Hapstall by the soda machine — with a cloth over her mouth — then drugs her with the pills Annalise procured for the deceased Nia. (We can assume his next stop is the forest clearing where Catherine snapped back to consciousness in a prior flash-forward.)

* Asher and Bonnie stop at a gas station, where Bonnie disposes of her bloody blouse and the duo send their vehicle through the car wash.

* Philip — unable to locate Catherine — heads to the mansion to see if he can find her there.

* Annalise goes back there, too — and gives an Emmy-worthy performance as Wes, Michaela, Laurel and Connor watch her. She dials 911, says Catherine shot her, adds that Sinclair is on the scene, and then one by one, tries to get one of her students to shoot her. “In my leg! All right! I’ll be fine!” She threatens Connor that she’ll hurt Oliver, begs Laurel to do something that’s no worse than what’s gone down in her own family, but no one will bite. “Rebecca’s dead, Wes! I made it up that she ran away. She’s been dead this whole time. When you were crying on my lap, every time you’ve asked me, she’s been dead. I’ve been lying to you, over and over. I deserve it. Shoot me!” Annalise finally shouts. And BAM — that pistol isn’t aimed at her lower half, it goes right through her stomach. Wes — you’re starting to make a habit of this homicide-adjacent-type situation.

* “Christoph! Christoph! Christoph! Christoph!” Annalise whispers, pleading as Wes surveys what he’s done. And finally, we get a flashback to a grade-school-age Wes — in an interrogation room — as a young Annalise and Eve listen in. Wes is telling the detective he was pretty sure his mother was already dead when he discovered her. He seems almost annoyed by the questioning. “Good God Annalise,” Eve asks, “What did we do?”

That’s a question for the latter half of Season 2, I suspect. Until then, your turn. What did you think of HTGAWM‘s fall finale? Take our poll below, then share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. 007 says:

    How do you top that?!?! I’m still wrapping my head around all this craziness! Intense DRAMATIC episode! Bravo!!!

  2. Matt C. says:

    They really went all in with this episode. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many twists and surprises packed into one hour before. And better yet, this episode made me completely forget about the fiasco that was Scandal’s finale!

  3. JP says:

    Give Viola the Emmy and in all actuality the entire cast.. They all just slayed it tonight.. Asher now knows everything.. Annalise having something to do with Wes’s moms death.. This show is firing on all cylinders

  4. CK2 says:

    I was floored by this episode. Talk about being constantly being on the edge of my seat. This definitely has to be Davis’ Emmy submission.

  5. laurelnev says:

    New theory: Wes killed his Mom and Ana and Famke covered it up, much like they did w/ Sam, Rebecca, etc. Or maybe Ana and Famke caused Mom’s death, and made it look like suicide. Either way, I’m pretty sure Wes is not a lost kid.

    I found onight’s ep more disjointed than usual. Too much jumping around between time periods. The reveal was not really all that shocking if you’d been paying attention. Only real shocker was Christoph changing aim at the last minute, shooting to kill. But despite the fact it was predictable, that’s not necessarily bad. It’s much better than changing the game plan just to shock. If anything, despite the jumping around, this part of the season actually made sense and unfolded like an Agatha Christie novel. Hope the 2nd half of the season is as good.

    • I agree..wes killed his mother… And he was rather matter of fact about it ,which leads met believe he’s a sociopath…which is why eve said what have we done

      • laurelnev says:

        Wes/Christophe is SO a sociopath! His calm demeanor in te face of murder proves that, despite how this plot eventually falls out. He’s been creepy since he 1st started getting obsessed w/ Rebecca!

  6. Tee says:

    Ugh, so Wes is just going to kill or attempt to kill someone every season? I was hoping Laurel would pull the trigger and either be a bad ass in 2B or Analise’s protege.

    • TJ says:

      I agree with you too. Now that makes Wes a two time killer. I wanted Laurel to do it.

    • PollyG says:

      Well, now–you just raised a valid point about Wes/Christoph and murder. Are these same Students-Without-Borders (or luck…) going to be in next season? How long can Annalise keep the same few students, without some parent somewhere asking WTF?? Are you ever going to graduate, you deadbeat??

      Professors with tenure do tend to have a lot of leeway in constructing their courses, but they still have evaluations and course supervision. (I know this because I filed an administrative complaint about a DoucheProf one semester! Yikes….scary!)

      And, what are the dynamics going to be like, now that everybody knows what sneaking, lying, murdering, philandering, underhanded, unconcionable they each have become? I know some crap about a handful of my co-workers, but I’m almost sure none of them has committed murder/arson/larceny/Internet fraud…(ok, I’m not convinced abt the larceny…)

      I can see this show taking a sharp left-turn and replacing the students every other season or so, but with the dynamics of the cast as good as they are, I’d really hate to see them go. Maybe they will all enter a Devils’ Deal with AK, and it will become the Keating Law Firm–We Stop At Nothing For Our Clients!!

      • PollyG says:

        Oh and–I think everybody on this show deserves an Emmy, Golden Globe, and any other award we can dig up. If Shonda Rimes was responsible for hand picking this bunch–she’s more a genius than I suspected she was.

        (Hmmm….just how does she know SO much about murder and blatant DoucheBaggery?? Experience?? Interesting topic, at the least!)

      • Annie says:

        Well law school is typically three years and only like 8 months have gone by in the show, so they have lots of time with the students. Plus, to extend it, the students will need to do their articling internships and there’s no reason that couldn’t be with Annalesse (which adds another year). They’ve got at least five seasons before they have to start being creative.

        • David4 says:

          Exactly. I’m pretty sure last season ended in December so the new season has taken place in January-March.

          Plus the way this show is I have a feeling some of the main cast will be dying off this season and next.

        • SuzyQ says:

          Annie, are you from Canada? FYI, There is no “articling internship” requirement in the U.S. (I’m a lawyer in NY). They could always drag out studying for the bar exam the summer after graduation…

      • Yvonne says:

        ………and my friend told me I analyze these shows too much!!!!!!

      • hcorte says:

        She can have the same students for ten seasons if need be. You are making the assumption that the show runs in “real time.” Like most series it does not do so, any more than The Sopranos or Bates Motel ran in real time. Havn’t you noticed that the show often picks up a week later still (viewer time) on the same day or the day after in “show time”?

    • hcorte says:

      Geeez…how many people can we have in this group willing to shoot or kill on command? Someone has to be averse to it don’t you think? So far we have Frank, Wes, Bonnie and Asher willing to do the actual deed. Did I leave anyone out?

  7. Agustín says:

    Best winter finale since Revenge’s season 1 finale. Annalise is crazy good! This drama made Scandal’s finale look like a bad Erica Kane scene. BRAVO.

    • PollyG says:

      I haven’t heard a reference to Erica Kane in years!! She had to be among the first and best of the Killer Bs!! Nobody could eat up scenery quite like Suan Lucci, for sure.

      Great reference, Agustin!!

      • Angela says:

        …okay, now I REALLY want Susan Lucci to guest star on here sometime :p.
        Man, if Erica Kane were a part of this group she’d be having a field day.

        • kristie says:

          She stars in devious maids on lifetime. Check it out on hulu. Lots of soapy campy drama where she still chews scenery like a boss. :)

  8. sntindall says:

    Can we talk about how much the actor that played young Wes looked so much like Alfie?!

  9. pecola says:

    Gawd, that was so good.

  10. Lisa says:

    How in the heck are the writer’s gonna write their way out of this one so there is still a show? Everyone can’t be in prision! Holy Cow, great Fall final.

  11. Nick says:


    This season has been 100 times better than last!!!

  12. Yep! says:

    It seems that Wes is quite the homicidal cutie, isn’t he?

  13. Juan says:

    That was so intense I loved it, and wow that powerhouse scene where she calls 911 and pleads all the students to shoot her was incredible. Just give her another Emmy.

  14. zackkattackk843 says:

    My jaw was dropping every five minutes. Incredibly intense. Tops last season winter finale, in my opinion.

  15. wrstlgirl says:

    I’m exhausted, whew!!!

  16. Yippee_Skippee says:

    HOLY CRAAAP! What a finale! The whole time I watched in just awe of Viola Davis. Why bother with nominations? Damn…just deliver the Emmy to her house. This season finale lived up to ALL the hype. Not a single disappointment throughout the entire hour. Superb acting (of course), incredible story and character developments. Kudos to the actors who portray the Keating 5. Man, I LOVE this show so much. After Scandal’s lame mid-season finale (wtf!), this was well deserved. I knew I stayed up late for a good reason. HTGAWM is just incredible!

  17. Jo says:

    When Ashton ran over Sinclair, I thought ‘this just became a ludicrous tv show’, as so many do when the are on for awhile. Then, a minute later, it was great again! It all made sense and you didn’t even care you were watching multiple sociopaths who murder over and over…you just love them.

  18. Tara17 says:

    This episode delivered and then some! Loved it, can’t wait for more.

  19. Rory says:

    Anyone else think that Frank running to the hospital to see Annalise in one of the previous episode flashbacks was him giving her the bottle of pills she got for Nia? I’m interested to see where that might go.

    • Coach Taylor says:

      I think it was to get blood to splatter on Catherine before she is placed in the woods

    • dan says:

      Frank looked up at the security camera to imply he knew that he was being watched as he made a scene trying to find out how Anna was doing. This is part of his alibi. And yes, I think there is a good chance he was trying to get Anna’s blood on him so he could transfer it to Catherine.

  20. Julian says:

    LOVE IT! This season has been better than the first one. I like how the writers managed to put Asher and Nate in the mix this time. That scene of Asher in his car after talk to his mother was good enough to make me forget that he was the least sympathetic character on the show in my opinion. And Annalise begging to the guys to shoot her was amazing. Can’t wait til next year!

  21. Angela says:

    That. Was. INSANE. The scene at the house with Annalise begging one of the gang to shoot her. I don’t think I breathed. The tension there was superbly handled. For a brief moment I thought Annalise was going to REALLY snap and shoot herself in front of her students, and I was scared on their behalf! But then the whole thing with her telling Wes about Rebecca, and earlier revealing the truth about Sam to Asher…my goodness. She was one hell of a desperate woman tonight.
    And Asher. Everything with Asher just floored me. He seriously freaked me out after he ran down Sinclair-that look on his face was so spooky, I honestly didn’t know what else he’d be capable of doing that night. Bonnie continuing to help him in her weirdly desperate, tender way was strangely touching, too (I liked that scene at the car wash). I can’t even begin to imagine how they’ll work with this going forward.
    And yes, what in the hell is the exact deal with this Tiffany girl now, too? So his dad had some hand in it as well? Asher’s story may not be as (relatively) “innocent” as he made it seem? I have so many freaking questions!
    I don’t blame Connor and Michaela one bit for backing the hell away and not wanting to get their hands dirty any further with new bodies (mind, they were participating a little in the coverup, so they’re still culpable, but whatever). I continue to be fascinated at seeing how they slowly crack under all this pressure. Where on earth they’ll go from here, I don’t know, but I’m anxious to find out.
    And then that ending with child Wes. Hmmmmmm. What a note to end on. I cannot believe we have to wait until freaking February.

  22. Steve says:

    The episode was fine, but i was disappointed Wes the Shooter, it makes sense i suppose for the story the want to tell between Wes and Annalise, but between this season and last, they need to stop making Wes the culprit or else it will hurt the credibility of the show. I have to believe the next cliffhanger will have someone else as the culprit.

    • jj says:

      how does it hurt the credibility of the show? It shows it’s part of his personality, when pushed too hard, he’s will to kill someone.

    • uokrs says:

      why? what you say doesn’t make any sense. wes clearly seems like a sociopath and a killer, the dude is a great actor. cute as hell. perfect murderer

  23. ? says:

    Fantastic. This is why I put up with the show on those weeks when it’s spinning its wheels.

  24. This show is friggin’ nuts…and I love it!! LOL

  25. Et al. says:

    I can’t think of many shows that have delivered such a PERFECT second season (so far). Bravo.

  26. Ronnie says:

    Amazing winter finale. Now that Asher has killed, everyone has committed murder except Annalise. The acting across the board was terrific. Viola is beyond amazing and all the other cast have really upped their game, especially Matt McGorry. He nailed all his big emotional scenes. It will be very interesting to see how the show lives up to its title when it returns in February. The next 10 weeks are going to be torture

  27. My only problem with the show is at what point do we stop rooting for Annalise? She may not have committed a murder but she’s the most horrifying character to me. Feels a lot like the turn of Walter in Breaking Bad but Walter eventually got left with nothing and I don’t see ABC going that direction with Annalise making me wonder why we should root for her.

    • Cheyenne says:

      She’s the antihero (or antiheroine) of this show. She’s a total psycho. She has dragged those five kids into her own private hell and she’s going to take them all down with her if they don’t extricate themselves in time.

      • PollyG says:

        That, or become the most devious, *brilliant*’criminal lawyers in the history of jurisprudence!

        My own lawyer told me once that he never asks if his clients did the act they were accused of, because that would be suborning perjury when they were questioned under oath. And, not knowing exactly what happened allows him to create the whole Beyond A Reasonable Doubt in the jurors’ minds. I have seen court proceedings before, but I never saw the fabulous workings of a criminal lawyer until I met mine. He could put a spin on an idea better than Bill Clinton, and was just downright lethal!

    • uokrs says:

      i don’t root for her at all. i think she is horrible. and the actress is just amazing

    • Tony says:

      Fair question. I think it’s one of those things that will, unavoidably, divide viewers. I think you can both be disgusted by a characters actions, but find them entertaining at the same time. I got to that same point myself with Walter on BB. After he had a hand in poisoning Brock, there was no more rooting for the guy. But it’s a testament to Bryan Cranston and in this case Viola Davis and their commitment to their roles and craft that I find it possible to both loathe and enjoy their characters

  28. Jean says:

    As I mentioned before, before it’s over with everyone will be a murderer – 5 so far. Frank killed Lila; Wes killed Sam; Bonnie killed Rebecca; Nate killed his wife Nia and Asher killed ADA Emily Sinclair. This show is awesome.

  29. Azu says:

    This series is getting outrageous! I’ll have to stop watching!!! Now Annalise knew Wes when he was a kid? Waow!

  30. Huh says:


    I can’t wait until February.

  31. tahina says:

    This got to be one of the few winter finales I will keep watching during the hiatus. Brilliant performances, mostly by Viola and Matt McGorry (Asher), and great writing plots.

  32. Sally McLinn says:

    i can’t wait for shades of Blue next week. Barry Levinson and Ray Liotta! Wow! NBC needs a good Thursday night show.

  33. So, Wes is a sociopath who killed his mother, right?

  34. I’m not a doctor, but if Sinclair had been lying dead under Asher’s car for 30min–plus the time to load the trunk and carry the body to the mansion–wouldn’t there have been a lot less blood after they threw her over the railing?

  35. Gerald says:

    The only chuckle of the night came when Michaela decided to call Asher to offer condolences on his Dad and she asks who has his number and no one does. “We are officially the worst people ever” Classic.

  36. Asher G says:

    no mention of AK telling Asher who really killed Sam to get them in line? that was one of the highlights

  37. robandco says:

    INSANE. That’s what I call drama. It puts every other show on network TV to shame. I have no word after that amazing finale.

  38. Win says:

    I think Wes’ mom is someone Annalise and Eve unwittingly convinced to testify against someone pretty bad. Since I think it was recently mentioned they both immigrants/he was born in Haiti, maybe it is someone they were running from (an ex) or someone who helped get them here. If I was a young lawyer, it’s possible I would say, “what have [we] done” if it seems like my desire to take someone else down harmed an innocent individual.

    Or… speaking to what we know of her today (she used to crusade for “justice for the innocent,” but now seems to have a number of guilty – or at least, shady – clients (which doesn’t mean they don’t deserve due process), maybe Eve & Annalise were representing the one who killed Wes’ mom and something they unwittingly – or purposely – did led the killer/their client to Wes and his mother. That’s definitely a “what have we done.”

    Well, the writers tend to surprise, delight, and horrify me, so I’m going to patiently wait until the connection is revealed.

    • I’m with you on the thing with Eve/Annalise – I think they some how ended up in a position where they were squeezing Wes’s mom into testifying for them. She couldn’t do it, felt guilty or maybe even was afraid of having “bad people” come after her (and little Wes/Christophe) that she chose to kill herself instead. This would explain the scene at the end — Wes having seen this type of life, his mother was into bad stuff, so finding her dead didn’t shock him because of what he already had lived through…. and Eve/Annalise forever felt guilt over orphaning him.

  39. zivia says:

    Great episode but I wish we learned more about Catherine and Phillip’s connection. Does Phillip hightail it out of there when the gun goes off or he hears police sirens?

  40. Sabrina says:

    All the twists in the fall finale were amazing and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season plays especially regarding Annalise & Eve’s connection to Wes.

  41. anonymous says:

    How come there are recaps for every other Thursday night show except Bones? I was really looking forward to reading it and discussing it with others. Is someone gonna write a recap or what?

  42. Marie Lutz says:

    HTGAWM is crazy unbelievable. And convoluted. The characters don’t behave in ways that people, even abnormal people, behave. In addition, the sex, both straight and gay, is boring. They all grope and kiss over and over in a similar fashion, with little passion and virtually no sexiness. The show does have a slightly sleazy appeal. But it’s so unreal it’s hard to take seriously: unreal courtroom scenes, unreal reaction to multiple murders, unreal human interactions. There were times in the last episode that I almost laughed out loud. if the series continues to season 3 I will not be watching.

    • uokrs says:

      dude, do you realize you are watching a ‘scripted’ tv show? you seem to like the “real tv dramas” like the kardawhatevers.
      just don’t watch this anymore, it’s clearly not for you

  43. Will says:

    I about almost had an anxiety attack with this episode. LOL Asher backing into Sinclair; Wes shooting Annaliese; the scene with Wes (Cristophe) 10 years prior; Bonnie & Asher dumping Sinclair from the roof. What the heck? I gotta’ find my bearings and relax. Relax! LOL

  44. Tony says:

    Easily one of the best hour of television ever. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. It’s the best show on network TV, IMO

  45. Marti says:

    I appreciate the overview, because it was so confusing. I couldn’t really keep up with all the twists and turns of deception and murder. I can’t wait to find out what happened to Wes’s mother and how it is related to Annalise.

    • unknown says:

      I can’t wait for Annalise to know that Frank killed Lila
      What about the camera when Annalise passed Eve’s number to Nate
      Or the fact that bonnie used her bare hands to touch Sinclair’s legs
      How about the fact that we don’t know if Catherine saw Frank using chloroform on her

      But finally……..
      Now I know Annalise won’t be having some *** with Wes. I was always afraid with the body touching etc

  46. khaliat says:

    Insanely dramatic! At least Asher gets to grow up and join in deir murder covering up conversations. And Wes, oh dear Wes, so much for that cute, calm face. And Annalise is a damn good actress.