The Soup to End After 22 Seasons

The Soup is serving up its final bowl of Chat Stew.

E! announced Wednesday that its long-running pop culture clip show will come to an end after 22 seasons. The series finale will air Friday, Dec. 18, at 10/9c.

“We are incredibly proud of the long-running success of The Soup,”said Jeff Olde, EVP of programming and development for E! in a statement. “The Soup has delivered countless laughs and unforgettable episodes, and we are grateful to the talented team’s fearless wit and clever approach week after week. [Longtime host] Joel [McHale] took the show to new heights for more than a decade, and his irreverent humor and unique brand of comedy as captured so perfectly on The Soup will be missed.”

Launched in 1991 as Talk Soup, the series kicked off the careers of hosts Greg Kinnear (1991–95), John Henson (1995–99), Hal Sparks (1999–2000) and Aisha Tyler (2001–02). It was rebooted as The Soup in 2004 with McHale.

Bummed to hear about The Soup‘s end? Hit the comments.

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  1. Guy says:

    Noooooooo :(

  2. This is terrible, terrible news. Also, John Henson and Hal Sparks got snubbed.

  3. Guy says:

    The only thing worth watching on this garbage channel.

  4. Rob Hardie says:

    Sorry to see it go. Great show.

  5. Lola says:

    This is my show. I only looked forward to this and Fashion Police(with Joan). That’s really too bad. I guess E! is making more room for Kardashian crap.

  6. Bo says:

    Goodbye to the E channel. They should just call it the K channel.

  7. Ralph says:

    Well, after all, they DID need more space for Kardashian shows.

    It’s a shame. RIP The Soup and for me, at least, E!

  8. Steve F. says:

    Aw, man… now who’s gonna make fun of the Kardashians?

  9. nancy says:

    First John Stewart and now Joel , who’s going to make me laugh after December ???:(:(

  10. Annie says:

    What??? Nooo! That sucks.

  11. EB says:


  12. JoJo says:

    Too bad. I’ve always loved the show. Joel went from too many jobs to no jobs in the course of a year. Hopefully his film career continues (and maybe a certain movie that takes place in Greendale will be made????).

  13. Mr. Tran K says:

    This makes me very sad. SO NOT MEATY :-(

  14. Lindsey says:

    This is it. This is officially the worst day of my life.

  15. Ames says:

    Any chance that a different station could pick it up? E! is such trash.

  16. Amy says:

    Hey Comedy Central! This would be a perfect fit on your network. Just sayin’…

  17. Erin B says:

    This is so wrong! I thought at some point Joel McHale would want to move on, & I could eventually adjust to that, but getting rid of it completely seems impossible. They should be very proud of 22 seasons though. I wonder Ryan Seacrest has a new, horrible family to introduce us to & the space was needed.

  18. Winter says:

    This is terrible news. I love the soup and faithfully watch it each week. I’m going to miss it so much.

  19. Geek24 says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the only shows that actually made me laugh out loud, it will be missed. :(

  20. TV Gord says:

    I have loved Talk Soup/The Soup, but the last few years haven’t been very funny…mostly because the reality shows they lampoon have become sadder and sadder. Still, cheers to all for ably chronicling the downfall of our society. :-)

  21. Angela says:

    This is very disappointing news. Dang.

  22. Margie says:

    Well, that was the only show I watched on E, so goodbye E.

  23. Jimmy says:

    I suppose Senor Sock could not be reached for comment. He’ll totally unravel, darn it.

  24. DW says:

    Like many others who have commented, this was the only show on E! that I’ve continued watching, -and I’ve been watching since it was called “Movie Time”….

  25. Ron says:

    Well, this sucks. This was the only thing I watched on E, so I guess that’s a channel number I’ll no longer need to remember. After Community and now The Soup, I guess 2015 was the year to clear Joel McHale’s schedule….

  26. Bhines says:

    Noooooooo! I recently discovered this jewel of sanity in television’s bottomless butthole of self absorption. Where else can my husband and I laugh at Party down south, Keeping up with the Ks, those Glory Hole mongers?

  27. Joey Padron says:

    So sad the show will end. Gonna miss it so much. Joel’s career will be great in future thanks to The Soup.

  28. nooooooo, I just started watching it

  29. Gilded Lady says:

    While I’m sure that Joel is ready to move on to other projects, it doesn’t make the news any less of a bummer. It was the only show that made me think E knew how ridiculous it was.

  30. Dave Jones says:

    Thanks Joel you made the Soup Great!!

    And thank you E! now I never have to turn to your channel again!

  31. Donna Hall says:

    why?????????????????????? this is awful news!!!

  32. Lucy says:

    Now where will I be able to ogle Joel McHale. That man is so fine (and funny :-)).

  33. Fred says:

    Guess I’ll delete E out of remote. Nothing worth watching on it now.

  34. Kathleen S. says:

    Donkadooballs!!!! No!!!!

  35. AngelWasHere says:

    Loved this shows, but it lost it spark in recent years. Still sucks.

  36. Scott Query says:

    That really blows chunks. I watch the soup religiously every week for so many years. I don’t understand why you can take a show off that everyone loved. Please reconsider.

  37. aucarter says:

    How am I supposed to keep up with all the craziness on TV? I don’t have time to watch all of this TV! I need my weekly re-cap!!!!

  38. hopemullinax says:

    I’m so upset by this! I hope they release it to DVD or to stream on Netflix!

  39. BrookeBS says:

    I was so upset to hear this. The Soup gives me consistent laughs week after week. I’m going to miss seeing Joel’s hotness every week. Wow….. I truly will miss this show!

  40. Kristin Nance says:

    I am so super bummed! I am almost 60 years old, and since Joel has been hosting it has been my favorite show. I could always get at least 1 good belly laugh in per episode. It also ontriduced me to many a stupid show, which I inevitably watched for laughs. My life will now be a little less joyful. Adios and good luck to Joel, Mankini, Spaghetti Cat, the writers and countless guests who have entertained me for many years.

  41. Kbn says:

    *introduced ( typo from previous comment.).


  42. Mamma says:

    This sucks, only “true” reality show on tv

  43. Jeannie says:

    The only good show on TV and they cancel it. I guess they need more room for all that other “quality” programming on E……Well never watching that channel again. Bye E

  44. Steve says:

    Does E! realize that The Soup is THE funniest show on cable? Why does this world feel it has to fix things that aren’t broke? Now what am I supposed to do on Friday nights? Bathe? Read? Tend to my children?

    They will probably put KUWtK on in its timeslot.

    WTG E! execs!

  45. Bozo says:

    And with that, there is no reason to ever watch E! again.

  46. If Joel wanted to do other things he should go and do them. They went from Kinnear to Henson to Sparks to Tyler and then to McHale. The format is solid and I don’t see how they couldn’t find some other swarmy comedian with a eye sparkle to continue the franchise, Obviously NBCUniversal and Comcast are trying to further isolate the channel… take out any and all possible quality and go for more fluff and “who really gives a s**t about this” programming. I’m glad I know how to block channels because after December 18 this channel is going the way of Oprah’s channel, MSNBC, BET, and all the other irrellavent channels. GOODBYE crappier TV!!!

  47. karen says:

    I can’t understand why…other than too many panty wearing pansies that didn’t like the true talking McHale and were too offended by not being pc…luv u Joel..karen

  48. Jenn says:

    Guess they needed more room for Kim’s a$$ and ego. Maybe another Karsashian spinoff. Or even better, another Botched spinoff…. *Vomits in mouth* Legit, the only show the made me truly “LOL”.
    F^CK YOU E!
    …but I am kinda feelin “The Royals”, let’s hope they don’t butcher that in the 2nd season (of course they will)

  49. Patti says:

    I blame those idiot Kardashians…Sorry to see you go Joel McHale