Supergirl Casts Blake Jenner

Supergirl Stages Glee Reunion, Casts Blake Jenner as Kara's [Spoiler]

She’s got the flying thing down pat, but how is Supergirl at deflecting a severe blast of déjà vu?

CBS’ rookie drama has tapped Melissa Benoist’s former Glee co-star-turned-real-life husband Blake Jenner to join the cast as a potential new love interest for her character, Kara, TVLine has learned exclusively.

SuperJenner will portray Adam Foster, a handsome stranger from Cat Grant’s (Calista Flockhart) past whose arrival in National City tests Kara and Cat’s relationship like never before. At the same time, Adam and Kara form a very unexpected connection.

This reunion should prove especially satisfying for those Glee fans still bitter that Benoist and Jenner’s respective characters Marley and Ryder — who joined the show in its fourth season, enduring an off-and-on romance — didn’t end up together at the end of the series.

Jenner is set to appear in multiple Supergirl episodes, the first of which is slated to air in early 2016.

UPDATE: Jenner will make his debut in the Jan. 25 episode.

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  1. aa says:

    Haven’t liked him since the Glee Project. Happy for his success, but I’m not a fan.

  2. Michelle says:

    Ugh, another love interest for Kara?

    • MissEllys says:

      I agree. It’s too much too soon. It’s like Hallmark Channel Supergirl with all these instant romances.

    • MFL says:

      Some of us who ship Winn & Kara have no chance at all, at this rate…

    • jericho says:

      Exactly.. can they make her a strong female that doesn’t need a man. I realize that there is always a desire to “ship” our favorite characters, but we don’t need this. The show is already faultering. Making Kara weaker and weaker as a character each week instead of stronger. The “Villain of the Week” thing is getting old. The show’s “fun” factor is being severely limited because of this. We thought we were getting The Flash style show with fun, easter eggs and interesting character banter. What we got was an average pseudo 90s romantic comedy with a superhero that isn’t a superhero.

    • KET says:

      Sure, why not? It’s a pretty common thing for Supergirl to attract a lot of potential suitors in the cpomics. Of course, there’s also the infamous ‘bad luck with boyfriends’ that usually follows, which hasn’t happened yet, but perhaps this is still coming…

    • I agree Already two guys up for the gig I thought

    • hannah says:

      its no different than how it is on the Flash. Theirs Iris, who is Barry’s main love interest but the writers don’t want them together yet. So they brought in Patty to be his girlfriend. Then theirs fans who want him with Caitlin. So he basically has three possible love interests.

      And now on Supergirl, James has a girlfriend. And Kara hasn’t shown romantic feelings for Winn yet. So i understand why they would want to bring in a new love interest for her. Why doesn’t she deserve to have a guy? It’s not like he’ll be a long term love interest.

  3. Phillip says:

    That’s great for them, but Kara needs to be with Winn already.

  4. sa says:

    There were Glee fans that cared enough about either character to be bitter that they didn’t end up together?

  5. Mika says:

    Good to have your wife as the star of a TV show!

  6. dan says:

    I’d rather see her with him than Jimmy or Winn.

  7. spindae2 says:


  8. Lila says:

    …ugh, that’s the last thing this show needed.

  9. Mr. Tran K says:

    What a great mini-Glee reunion.

  10. Lauren says:

    With Melissa on Supergirl, Jacob on Quantico and now Blake -it’s good to see the season 4 Glee cast, and Grant Gustin as Flash, getting work. Glee’s biggest mistake was not capitalizing on these actors by getting rid of their characters. But then again, Glee’s loss actually proved to be a good thing for them. Have no idea where most of the original Glee cast are up to nowadays.

    • Dean says:

      Lea Michelle is on Scream Queens and Cory Montieth passed a few years ago. Other than that not sure.

      • Anne-Claire says:

        Darren Criss was on Broadway and shoot a movie, Chris Colfer write a few books and shoot 2 movies, Amber Riley is in a new musical, Harry Shum Jr is in Shadowhunters and Glee last episode was only 6 months ago so it’s really not bad for all of them.

      • steven says:

        Jane Lynch will be on Angel from Hell,the new CBS sitcom next year.

      • Marco says:

        Max Adler (Dave Karofsky) is currently shooting a Clint Eastwood movie in an important role, Chris Colfer (Kurt) keeps on writing, and the biopic in which he plays Noel Coward should be out soon…

    • Jess says:

      You can seriously not compare the s4 cast members to the originals – it was a LOT easier for the ones who only appeared on Glee for a season and a half to find work and not get ‘typed-casted’.

      Also, Amber will be part of The Wiz, Lea is on Screen Queens, Dianna was on West End in London and continues to film Indie movies, Darren was on Broadway and AHS, Chris has his best selling books, Harry has a lead role some ABC Family coming out, etc. Just because you don’t see them on your TV every night doesn’t mean they’re not finding success elsewhere.

    • Dude says:

      Jacob has a nothing role on Quantico. He gets like two lines an episode and his character has zero development.

    • Saw says:

      Wow you got that backwards. They should have kept focus on he original. It went off the rail when they tried to to me the newbies happen that blrw it all and focused on blam.

    • read up says:

      You must not read much. Lea, Jane and Harry all have tv shows. Harry has the sequal to crouching tiger soon too. Darren and Matthew Morrsion have been doing Bway. Amber will be in the live TV musical The Wiz and did a tv movie. Dianna has been doing indie movies. Heather has a horror movie, Naya jsut had a baby but was on Devious Maids, Jenna filmed a movie with Audra MacDonald. Kevin has a radio show and host a game show. Chord is working on music,Lea jsut had her second book out and is wokring on her second album. Chris has released 3 books actually sand is doing the AbFab movies.

      • Jane says:

        Yeah they’re not doing well, worse than being on glee, actually. These are all D-list subceleb gigs, let’s be honest here.

        • Marco says:

          Not really. And then there’s Max Adler, who’s recently had to leave a Woody Allen movie because of earlier commitment to a Clint Eastwood one. Baby steps, indeed.

        • Temperance says:

          Yes, being more successful after Glee than 99.999% of the people in their fields is a real problem for them..

  11. Ian says:

    Lol. So this show is going to devolve even faster than The Flash did. Melissa will end up with her real-life husband, and the racebent Jimmy will be sidelined. Jimmy’s going to get Iris-ed.

  12. Jeannette says:

    I rather see her with Jimmy Olsen! As far as the series I’m still enjoying it.

  13. Katy says:

    This is cool tbh I mean yes that means Kara will now have 3 love interests but at least she may have actual chemistry with this one.

  14. JDH says:

    A character named Adam, with a history with Cat Grant… How old is Cat supposed to be again? Old enough to have a 20 something old son??? Super interested in this development

  15. mamalyn says:

    Now when Supergirl breaks into song. she has someone to harmonize with.

  16. mamalyn says:

    oh wait, Supergirl doesn’t sing?

  17. KC says:

    Stupid. This show needs to go

  18. Tara says:

    Nooooo I’d rather they just put her with Winn!!!!

  19. Mcgee says:

    I had no idea they’d gotten married.

  20. tp says:

    oh god pls no

  21. I’m sorry for those who actually like Jimmy Olsen, but the guy is bald! I mean, he can have a pretty face or a nice body… whatever. But the GUY IS BALD. If this was a Superman show I don’t think they would put a bald hot girl as a love interest for Clark. Just saying…

    • Theoryqueen says:

      Exactly what is it that you have against bald men, lol?! Plenty of bald men are super-hot!

    • Ann says:

      I don’t have a problem that he’s bald. I have a problem that he’s much older than her….or at least seems a lot older. To me, he seems more like a father-figure. It might be his baldness, I don’t know. Perhaps they miscast the actor, because he looks, sounds, and acts like a much older man. She seems to be in her mid or early twenties and he seems it acts like a man of 40.

    • Jeannette says:

      U have issues!

  22. snooze says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. First they were boring on glee together. Second their glee triangle was so boring and Third her Supergirl triangle is already boring. Superbore to the rescue.

    • Really? says:

      Are you being forced to watch all of this supposed “boring” show? No one has tied you to a chair and made you watch? Then learn how to change the channel before anymore of your endless “Superboreness” seriously damages your tiny little brain–you need all the brain cells you got…..

  23. Jane says:

    Kara and Winn for the WINN :P!

    Stop being oblivious to Winn, Kara, he’s head over heels for you. And you two have great chemistry. Jimmy who?

  24. Jeremiah P says:

    I think that is a crazy idea to have real life husband on the show look look let super G find her true love and so far so good the show exploded with greatness ok ok now I think the show will out cheat the fans by adding the real love of her life why Cuz we we know who it is

  25. I think that the husband joining her on screen is, for me, going to ruin and cheapen a show that I was otherwise enjoying immensely.
    It’s gonna be hard to focus on the characters, when I feel like, in real life, we have a typical, insecure caveman who very likely whined and pouted his way on to the show so that he could keep “his woman” on a short, monitored leash.
    Just my opinion.

  26. Anything to get Glee alum as far away from RIB as possible is a-okay in my book! =D

  27. Kim says:

    Kara being single is just enough. I don’t want Kara to have so many love issues

  28. Brian Landon says:

    now after the season finale (Fall one) we know that her new love interest is Cat’s estranged son!

  29. Lauren says:

    I don’t know what the uproar really is about Jenner’s character. This sounds like a story arc -and one that focuses as much on the Cat and Kara relationship as much as it does with the character Jenner is playing with Kara. Jenner isn’t a regular. He’s recurring for multiple episodes and most likely leaves afterward. The focus is on Callista and Melissa who are regulars to strengthen that female relationship. Seriously, read between the lines folks. This isn’t something to get all worked up about. Jenner most likely got hired because Greg Belanti wanted Melissa to work with her real-life husband, who is also a fellow actor, in a possible romantic storyline. There is nothing nefarious here.

  30. Kathy says:

    I loved the Adam character with Kara, but I loved Blake and Melissa on Glee and think their chemistry is amazing!
    I didn’t think I would like this show but I do!