Pretty Little Liars Special

Pretty Little Liars: 5 Things We'll See in 'Five Years Forward' Special

Pretty Little Liars fans have been plagued by countless questions during the ABC Family drama’s run, but none so gripping as: Are the girls’ moms still trapped in Alison’s basement?

Fortunately, PLL mastermind Marlene King has already assured TVLine that the moms are safe — and in the show’s Nov. 24 special (8/7c), we’ll find out exactly how they made their great escape.

The special, “Five Years Forward,” was previously announced during the PLL panel at New York Comic-Con, but now the network is offering up details about what we can expect to see:

* We’ll find out “what the Liars have been up to inside and outside of Rosewood over the past five years.”

* The Liars’ new careers (and “love interests!”) will be revealed.

* Two never-before-aired scenes will be shown.

* Fans will get a mini tour of the new sets, plus more explanation about the Liars’ updated looks.

* Lastly, the #PLLMoms will finally address the million-dollar question: How did they get out of the basement?!

Which of these are you most excited about? (I’m casting my vote for the moms’ exit strategy — I’ve been losing sleep over that one.) Drop a comment with your pick(s) below.