Bastard Executioner Cancelled

Bastard Executioner Cancelled at FX

FX has cancelled Kurt Sutter’s ambitious period drama The Bastard Executioner after one very low-rated season.

Sutter took the unusual step of announcing the show’s cancellation in a series of ads in the Hollywood trades.

“The audience has spoken and, unfortunately, the word is ‘meh,’ Sutter wrote. “So with due respect, we bring our anthology to an epic and fiery close.”

Bastard, which aired its season series finale Tuesday night, was averaging barely more than 1 million viewers an episode.

Next up for Sutter: A Mayan-centric Sons of Anarchy spinoff. “[FX] is very hot on the Mayans project,” he tells Deadline, adding, “I won’t run that show. For me, this is about finding the right writer and the next thing I will be doing is sitting down and interviewing to find a Latino writer, someone who understands the world and the culture. I don’t want to just throw some white guy at it.”

Scroll down to read the complete ad, then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Why do you think Bastard failed to find an audience? 

Bastard Executioner Cancellation ad

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  1. Murica! says:

    That sucks!I really liked the show.

    • How is it that shows like “Keeping up with Kardashians”, “Honey Boo Boo” and “Jersey Shore” somehow seem to entertain and stay on the air, yet a decent Medieval TV series gets cancelled because we “only had a million viewers”?
      Yes… It was gory, but that may have been quite realistic in the 14th century.
      I liked it. I waited for each episode eagerly. I’m sad that it’s over.
      Goes to show you that the almighty dollar will always reign supreme over quality entertainment.

      • Traci says:

        I agree! I liked the show and am very disappointed to hear that I’m left hanging!! So many shows out there that have no substance and you literally have to be really stupid or just illiterate to watch them and they continue to air. Makes no sense to me. Could Sutter maybe pitch it to another network?

        • Laura says:

          Or at least how he envisioned it ending? I loved it! Sad, so sad.

        • Marcy Scire says:

          I agree! The show is awesome. Switch to another network, maybe the timing was off? Medival time is so fascinating and your research, well speaks for itself. The Vikings series is doing good, why not the Bastard Executioner! Please bring it back…

      • Nina says:

        How disappointing that it is cancelled. I ran across the show by accident and thought it was very well done. Gory fits the time frame of the show. More advertising would have definately got it more viewers. I think the series has great potential and would love another network to pick it up. Am completely absorbed with the plot and can only wonder what else might have happened. (I think if ads had concentrated on the Nazarene plot it would have obtained many viewers. )

        • Chris Morris says:

          I also found the show quite by accident .When I started watching just loved the show and was quite put off when heard it was cancelled.I also can’t believe all the garbage these networks keep on year after year .If Bastards would have gotten half the advertising some of these garbage shows get it would have been a hit show

          • Nancy Stender says:

            I agree!!!
            Maybe he history channel would have a place for it. They are doing well with ‘Vikings’

      • Rex says:

        I thoroughly enjoyed the series. I hate that it has been cancelled. It was one of a kind not appreciated by the masses. I guess I’ll forever wonder what happened next. Thank for nothing fx.

      • RiDawn O'Niel says:

        I agree it you. It’s ridiculous I love to watch it. Because of the stupid reality shows. There’s been a lot of good shows being cancelled.

      • Brandi says:

        I completely agree! Finally get a show with a great story line & now it’s gone.

      • Josh says:

        I feel very disappointed that they ended the show. I don’t feel enough people have the wit or knowledge about that time period to thoroughly enjoy it and become entertained. I feel they simply want to see blood and sex. Its sad.

      • Sissy says:

        Shows like the Executioner get canceled because the general public cannot follow a sophisticated plot and get enjoyment out of complexity. They general public would rather watch shows that create no though process and lead to the overall demise of the American population.

      • holly31 says:

        I agree I loved the show. Was it to mature and subtle for the average dumbed down Amercan??? I am sure it was. Idiots

      • I agree 100%
        I actually liked Bastard Executioner and I am a 30 year old female.
        I also love Kurt Sutter…PURE GENIUS

  2. Stephanie says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I really enjoyed this show.

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    Well that was quick. I liked it but didn’t love it. Looking forward to seeing what Sutter does next.

  4. Ty says:

    I watched the first episode on the strength of the show creator but I just didn’t care enough after that

  5. JC says:

    Wow not surprised with those ratings!

    Too bad. Such a good premise but lead actor lacked charisma and overall the plot/acting was weak.

    Stuck it out as a fan of SoA but the pilot did this show no favors and lost a lot of viewers as a result. Hopefully Sutter roles out the SoA prequel next fall in this slot.

    For those wondering, the show did have a series finale feel. Won’t spoil it but it definitely wrapped up all the stories but did leave a slight hint with one red headed character about where next season would have started.

  6. I’m so glad. It shows him that he’s not the wunderkind he thought he was. And maybe we won’t see have to hear or see him or his wife anytime soon.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Hateful much.

    • Elissa says:

      You know you always have the option of just not watching what they put out. He & his wife are both extremely talented. Only a real cold-hearted prick would be ‘happy’ to see a show cancelled, thus putting 100s of people out of work.

    • El says:

      Someone should write a thesis on the correlation between hate/bias comments and the usage of logical fallacies. Dear Nancy A Miller, it is absolutely fine to have an opinion, but don’t you dare to speak on my behalf. You are not me, and you are not “we”.

    • A fan of TV says:

      What makes you think *he* thought he was a wunderkind? I’m pretty sure that FX is the one who bought his scripts and counted on him to make bank. There was almost no promotion for the show, and the reviews indicate the reason was that this wasn’t clicking on multiple levels. Even good and creative showrunners with excellent track records make bad shows. I sure don’t remember Chuck Lorre’s show Frannie’s Turn, but he’s still seen as a network comedy wunderkind. Sutter had a flop, so what. They all do!

      • Hansel Clusterhead says:

        @A fan of TV – I liked the show and looked forward to each episode however, I agree with your insight 100%. Well said.

    • liame says:

      Hahaha….Love it. Thanks

    • Kimberly says:

      Someone sounds aweful jealous,
      Huge fan of SOA
      Als enjoyed the new show sorry it was cancelled ,..

      • Christina Rao says:

        That is very disturbing and sad news! I think Kurt Sutter is brilliant! I started watching The Bachelor executioner and then almost stopped because it was hard to understand. I DVR’d it so I was able to watch them twice so I could get a better understanding of it. Again I thought it was a most exhilarating turn the page series. However as a SOA fan, I just cannot wait for that! And somehow please have katey sagal be a part of this as well! Thank You Kurt Sutter for SOA and the bastard executioner.

  7. Sam says:

    I didn’t even finish the pilot.

    But this is no surprise. The ratings were tiny, it lost all the buzz it had before the premiere and and i don’t remember a critic liking it.

  8. This is HORRIBLE NEWS!!! I loved the show, characters, and couldn’t wait to see what happened next! Terrible decision FX!

    • tvjunkie says:

      It was a great decision. The show wasn’t particularly good and the ratings clearly showed the vast majority of people agreed with that assessment.

  9. Rich says:

    After Sons that was a tough act to follow

  10. indigo says:

    that’s just so wrong. guess if it ain’t a dr, lawyer, cop or nurse it gets cancelled. use to be my favorite network cause it didn’t follow the herd. not anymore…they just mooo along with the rest now

  11. Dani says:

    No! Its not the best historical drama but I’m a sucker for medieval shows. I also kinda feel bad for Ed Sheeran because he was fairly involved in the show too. Oh well.

  12. Jane says:

    Figures, this was the only new show of the season I actually liked.

  13. Liz says:

    I’ll miss Stephen Moyer.

  14. LADYaoi says:

    I gotta admit I liked the show but it didn’t grab me I did’t feel the chemistry between Wilkin and Lady Love it felt forced…I’m not sure but I though it was gonna be grittier…I know some scenes were (the slicing of the girls nose was pretty bad) but it lacked something I think it was the lead guy he just seemed wooden to me Stephen Moyer was great and I hate to see him go but thats how these things can go sometimes…looking forward to more from FX

  15. Ray says:

    Good call. It was beyond awful.

  16. I wanted to like it but nothing about the show kept my interest. I didn’t connect with any of the characters, and at times it felt like the graphic violence and sex was more important than the plot.

  17. Journey54 says:

    Good the show sucked ass. Worse than the last season of SOA.

    Kurt Sutter really needs to step up his game again (loved SOA in the first five seasons)

    • Walkie says:

      This is what happens when someone is given total creative control and shouldn’t be given total creative control. Sutter needs someone to say no or to help him adjust his ideas. Sutter on his own is too unfocused.

  18. bwhit says:

    I tried with the pilot but it just wasn’t my thing, I do feel bad when any show gets cancelled that people may have gotten invested in. I think it just came too soon after the end of SOA and people were expecting the same type of success and fandom. I applaud Sutter for knowing when to say when and pulling the plug…. I’ll be waiting to see what he does next!

  19. Ange says:

    I like the show but never quite understood what was it about.

    • Jack says:

      Exactly. I thought the storyline was often incoherent. And, I could not distinguish the characters. It did have some potential, however.

      Do you remember the character who played Lady Love’s husband? He was in the first show briefly. I think he should have played the lead!

  20. steven says:


  21. deb ginn says:

    whattttt???? Who decides a million viewers is not enough???

  22. mary says:

    That sucks! I watch the first 5 episodes but I just keep forgeting about the series and that’s an bad sign. Sometimes was great but another just meehh

  23. girlieq24 says:

    I really enjoyed the show, but had a feeling there would be news today like this. I’m glad the ending was not a cliffhanger.

  24. brinsonsark says:

    I hate to hear this. The torture scenes were a little hard to take at times, but I thought the leading man was wonderful.

  25. jennie says:

    Me and my husband loved The Bastard Executioner. We dont want it to end. This is just sad.

  26. john Fuller says:

    I was enjoying the show because of Kurt was behind the project. FX needs to let the show air the subject matter is relevant for today. Kurt fight for this show. It will be missed.

  27. Pattie says:

    I am very sad their doing this this show is great. I will miss it maybe he can sell it on DVD. I know I would buy it.

  28. Edward Nygma says:

    Wow! I thought the character development, story plot, and overall supporting stages were well done. A bit too gory for me in areas, but well writtened. I liked the good vs evil, the deceptions and betrayals, and the overwhelming desire for the main character to protect life, rather than ‘punish’ it. I didn’t get to watch episodes live – I used a DVR. Bottom line: I’m disappointed that was cancelled. It would be nice if Netflix picked it up! Hint, hint, wink, wink. :-(

  29. Never saw this one. Did he execute bastards exclusively, was he himself a bastard who executes or both?

    • Laura says:

      He wasa bastard child that served iin the royal army you can say and they betrayed him, lefthim for ddead. Years later, he is a simple farmer with a beautiful pregnant wife. After the “coppurt” royal army slaughter his wife, unboen child and the wwomenand children of hiswn, he goes for revenge. In order to fullfill some unknown destiny, he takes the identity of the executioner that was killed and infiltrates the palace, to continue revenge while falling in love with the “princess” for lack of a betterword. There was so much left unsaid . I’m so upset Kurt Sutter 👅🙈🙉🙊😿

  30. Tina bott says:

    But this show is great,

  31. Linda Diane says:

    A million viewers? How sad that FX had A MILLION VIEWERS WATCHING BASTARD EXECUTIONER. A million of us seems to me to be pretty “damn significant”. I won’t be watching ANYTHING brought to us by FX. One less “PERMANENT” viewer. A very poor decision FX.

  32. IMHO says:

    I thought the show was great and would of tuned in for season 2. The only thing that I didn’t like was the accent Katey Sagal was trying to use it was horribly distracting.

  33. Justina says:

    I loved it. It is a very good story line. The fighting for what u believe in and justice. Ya it has a love story but it is the story that drew me into watching it. I think Sutter should continue the season, u can’t just break it off
    . it’s a great action series

  34. Was a good show, well written and acted but I guess for those who don’t like to think and listen they couldn’t get into it. I liked it a lot. It wasn’t another mindless piece of crap the networks turn out purely for profit.

  35. Michael says:

    I only recently disovered the show. Liked it and just got caught up. So they ax it. :( Shame.

  36. lori says:

    that just sucks! I liked the show!!!

  37. I loved this show I am so disappointed

  38. Ronnie says:

    That was a great show some people don’t know good TV when they see it yae

  39. LAwoman says:

    I’m disappointed, but not surprised. I will miss seeing Stephen Moyer. I’m glad it did have a decent season/series ending.

  40. Tyler says:

    I liked. Watched all episodes. Sad it won’t come back.

  41. Aspasia says:

    My husband and I like the show very much. Loved all the actors and the chemistry between Wilkin and Lady Love was great. Would have loved to have seen more of their journey. Thanks Kurt for the. Will miss it.

  42. Sharon says:

    I’m really disappointed that this show has been canceled. Like so many others, it wasn’t given much advertising and I only found it by accident myself. I loved the history and culture it depicts but, unfortunately, if people don’t know about it, how are they expected to watch? Alas, another good show bites the dust! BTW, your next “adventure,” sounds really horrible! Good luck with that one.

  43. Sonya says:

    Loved the show! Really hate to see it go!

  44. Eric says:

    It was an okay show but not great. A little hard to follow at times but still kept me watching. Sometimes these things happen but I can’t wait for Kurt Sutter’s next project which is a spin off of Sons of Anarchy about the Mayans and it will have many of the awesome characters in it we loved from Sons so that should make up for the lackluster performance of Bastard Executioner.

  45. pati says:

    the show really wasn’t good. i tried to like it but was 2 episodes behind it wasn’t something i needed to watch it live or the next day. I will finish the episodes left.

    I gave up on so many shows this season. Horror story is unbearable this season I’m also behind and screen queens is deleted from my dvr.

  46. Jackie Lyons says:

    I absolutely love The Bastards Executioner. I can’t believe it is canceled. I am so mad and sad about this. I have to know what happens. How can you just leave it like this.

  47. BHobs says:

    Kurt, I am very sorry you were not pleased with the way things played out. In the defense of working parents….we watched, but it wasn’t on the night it aired. Sorry we let you down. In the case of my household, we LoVeD the show. I am truly broken hearted you will not be doing another season.

  48. Joshua Loney says:

    I think there should be a full length movie using these characters if they truly want to scrap the show for the T.V viewers who were die hard TBX fans..Dont shelve the theme and character plots..We need more shows like this..WTF were they thinking!

  49. William says:

    No way this show is awesome this sucks