Megan Boone Pregnant

The Blacklist: Megan Boone Is Pregnant — But What About Elizabeth?

Elizabeth Keen may have to start hiding her stomach strategically behind couches and desks as The Blacklist‘s third season charges on.

TVLine has confirmed that the NBC drama’s leading lady, Megan Boone, is expecting her first child with boyfriend Dan Estabrook. But how will her happy news affect Liz and Red’s life on the run?

A Sony rep tells us that The Blacklist will still produce its usual 22 episodes this year, though it has not yet been determined if Boone’s pregnancy will be written into the show.

The actress — who is reportedly three months along — will be approaching her due date as production on Season 3 winds down, but it remains undecided if Boone’s FBI profiler-turned-fugitive will miss any episodes.

Your thoughts on a potential Blacklist baby? Drop ’em in the comments below.

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  1. Kamala says:

    Ginnifer Goodwin is also pregnant again. Are you guys trying to find out if this one will be written in, too?

  2. I’m curious to see if Melissa Fumero and GInny Goodwin’s pregnancies will be written into their shows.

    • ndixit says:

      I doubt Fumero’s pregnancy will be written in. They will probably just reduce her screen time. B99 has more than enough characters to make up.

    • Wordsmith says:

      And Amy Santiago’s suit jacket wardrobe is shapeless enough that it won’t be visually obvious for a while. Stephanie Beatriz would have a harder time, as everything Diaz wears is very form-fitting.

  3. SAM says:

    Huh…I had the thought a couple of weeks ago that it would be interesting if Liz could be pregnant after her fond farewell to Tom, particularly since she looks so longingly at babies. Could you imagine Red’s reaction if Liz says she has to go to a drug store for a pregnancy test? LOL!

  4. ndixit says:

    I very seriously doubt Liz will be pregnant. It may explain why she has had minimal screen time the last few eps.

    • tvjunkie says:

      I’m always perplexed by comments like this, like people are either bad at math or have no comprehension of time. It says she’s 3 months pregnant. With a show like this odds are the most recent episode was shot at least a month ago. That means everything we’ve seen so far would be long before she’d start showing. So exactly how would this news have caused her to have less screen time so far? In future episodes sure, but ones that have already aired? I don’t see why there would be a connection.

  5. Author says:

    If they make her pregnant and Tom Keen is the father is will ruin the show.

  6. Kate says:

    I’m going to take a wild guess they might write it in and probably just have a quick “this might be it” tryst with Tom to match up the timing (though I’m not sure how much time has passed on the show, so they could backtrack it to when she was on the boat with him though it might cause some pause that she was on the run this whole time).

    • CM says:

      A couple of episodes ago, it was mentioned Red and Liz had been on the run for 5 weeks. So as of tonight, it could be as much as 6-8 weeks in story time. This would make it very plausible that she (Liz) got pregnant that night on the boat, and with Megan Boone about 3 months along, it would be very doable to write her pregnancy into the storyline – give birth at the end of the season and be ready for new adventures with baby in the fall. It would take some real creative storytelling to work in the baby (hmm… maybe Tom stays home with it, or maybe Liz does and Tom becomes Red’s right hand man (after Dembe) or…….who knows. I just love this show.

  7. kirads09 says:

    Oooh – they just need to write in a scene with reunion sex btwn Liz and Tom – done.

  8. johnhelvete says:

    The writers should take a page out of the X-Files season 2 playbook and have Keen abducted by the Cabal, which could allow for less screentime and an easier way to hide the pregnancy.

    • Tamim says:

      Page two from that X-files story could be Liz having to give up the child she’s always wanted in order to protect him or her from the danger the child would constantly be in — and would also perhaps give her one more thing in common with her mother. Tragic, soap opera-y, but also very much in line with her own origin story. Liz might not even give the baby up willingly. Instead Red whisks the child away and refuses to tell her any details

  9. Hege says:

    I thought Liz couldn’t have kids. Isn’t that the reason her and Tom almost adopted a baby in season 1?

    • riannucci says:

      If memory serves, Liz wanted to adopt because she was adopted, not because of fertility issues.

    • Kate says:

      I agree with below, it had something to do with Liz’s own adoption, but I think Tom claimed something else was up with him (I still am of the camp he started to like her well enough in that he wasn’t miserable in his assignment but he began to actually fall in love with her once she confronted him with the box and everything).

  10. wrstlgirl says:

    A pregnancy story just may be the nail in the coffin for me. I’m not liking this season as much as I have in the past and I hate pregnancy story lines so……but whatever they decide to do I’ll certainly give it a shot, lol.

    • I would hate for them to write in the pregnancy. It would unduly complicate things, and I’m tired of television writers endangering children just because the wrote in an actress’ pregnancy. However, I disagree about this seaon. Seaon 1 just barely managed to keep me engaged, season 2 got better, and this season I can hardly wait for the next episode.

  11. I hope the show decides against writing the pregnancy in. Liz is a fugitive for the next ep(s). It will take at least one or two more to “exonerate” her and even then its unclear how they are going to handle the fact that Liz shot Connolly in front of several witnesses. Unless Connolly unlikely he shows up alive, its simply something she is guilty of. So, even if she stood trial and was found not guilty or there is some sort of immunity deal, its unclear how her life could go back to normal in a way that a baby would fit in at this point of the story while Liz is still very much figuring out her own identity and what she really wants. Also this show was once about more than just clearing Liz’s name but it was very much a journey of Liz and Red finding answers they both need. Liz about her biological parents and Red about his family/daughter/revenge/redemption – depending how the show twists Naomi/Jennifer vs. Christmas story. At least that was the set up at the end of S1, unless that has been forgotten…

    Not to mention that the supposedly most likely candidate for baby father is a murdering psychopath who not only lied and emotionally manipulated Liz for years despite claiming to have loved her all this time but also has been given a storyline that makes it very much clear that Tom Keen is anything but on a pursuit of becoming a better man or seeking redemption, he is just trying to get what he wants and that is a second chance with Liz. That’s anything but a constellation to root for.

    • TJ says:

      Don’t be silly – Tom’s mission was to protect Liz and he’s done a darn good job of it. Liz is far from innocent and she’s quite the violent psychopath herself when properly motivated. And Red makes either of them look like an innocent babe. I don’t know what show you’re watching, but the writers have made it pretty darn clear that Tom has sacrificed everything for Liz since the middle of last season, all on a woman who tortured him.

    • sarah says:

      This, So much. The show will be ruined if they make her pregnant with her sociopathic, fraud-husband’s baby.

  12. Mr. Tran K says:

    I’ll be shocked on who will be the “baby daddy”. That may be a developing story line.

  13. dioxinblues says:

    Congrats to Ms. Boone and her boyfriend.

  14. Susannah says:

    It could be interesting if they wrote the baby into the show. Maybe the pregnancy would be a reason for Liz to know even more about her family history and we’d get more backstory about her mother.

  15. Jart says:

    It could very well be written in to the story. She and Tom had sex on the boat in an episode 3-4 weeks ago. I’m not sure I like the idea of adding a child to the life of a fugitive, but it could happen.

  16. Billie says:

    Congratulations!! I will watch whatever they decide.

  17. Pregnant and not married?!?! In 2015?!?! SINNER!!!

  18. Missy Hanzel says:

    It will be pretty difficult to run and shoot with a baby. Write it out.

  19. Citizen of the Internet says:

    My guess is that Liz is the current blind item so this won’t end up mattering.

  20. davido says:

    I say write her out completely from the show. Kill off Liz (boring, bland character), and make the show about Red/Ressler/Tom.

    • Annie says:

      Ah yes, get rid of all those pesky women and characters of colour. Make it all about the white dudes! /sarcasm.
      Red and Tom are great, but the show needs Liz. She’s the anchor. And she’s awesome. What it needs is more of Dembe, Samar and Aram.

      • Tanzy says:

        I would def like to see more of Dembe and Samar. I like Aram. But Dembe is just such a cool dude and so attractive. And yes, Liz is the anchor of the show.

  21. Thesoldier says:

    If her & her ex get back together it would work out good.

  22. Tanzy says:

    I’m glad for her because it must be what she wants right now. Having a baby changes your world but in a good way. Mixed feelings about whether she should be pregnant in the show. I just love the writing. There are so many good twists and turns. The writers have a great way of keeping the suspense without it getting too frustrating. Some things are a little over the top but all in all my favorite show since Lost.

  23. BillyBobJohnson says:

    No, no, no.

  24. T. GILLIAM says:

    This will only add more drama to Red’s determination to keep her away from Tom. Red will be torn to pieces if he thinks he is not in control. Keene will be torn but elated because she does lo e Tom and this only adds fuel to the fire because she wants a family. Can’t wait to see what the writers do with this news.

  25. Louise says:

    No, no, no, to Liz having a baby. That just adds another layer of soap opera to the whole show. I didn’t like the scenes when Tom and Liz were trying to adopt a baby, so I’m positive I won’t like the ones if she has a baby. That whole idea just muddles the story. I’m really enjoying season three, and I do hope Megan’s pregnancy doesn’t muck up the show by adding an element the producers weren’t planning on.

    Congratulations to Megan and her boyfriend! Just don’t make it part of the show.

  26. Coach Taylor says:

    Unless Liz is the answer to the blind item–it will write her out for the remainder of the season and she can come back in season 4

  27. Leigh says:

    Can anyone name a tv drama where a baby proved useful to the plot and wasn’t later used as a prop to be pulled out from time to time so we didn’t forget? Yeah, they could write it in to be Tom’s kid, and then what? The concept of this show doesn’t really have room for this. The adoption storyline in season 1 was bad enough. Let her have healthy happy pregnancy off-screen.

  28. KC says:

    Everyone wants Liz and Tom back together, so write in the Baby, women have babies, it’s a fact of life..lets have some moments of happiness, with them and the happy but concerned grampa..they can all be on one of Red’s remote Islands for the event, while the FBI good guys try to clear Liz’s name. Ofcourse some will try to get to them on the Island..but Red can handle it. Love love the series…don’t stop now,,we want more.

  29. Liz has a liaison with her frakkin’ husband? or not.

    • Jean Alica says:

      I’m with the people who say do not write it on show. After all Red has done for her can you imagine the choice? Look at what Cooper really thinks of Tom and what about Liz’s independence!! Maybe Dembe’s daughter could babysit if we absolutely have to have a baby. What kind of a life is she going to have with Tom. Suppose he goes to college (Lets forget about the Major and Gina for a moment.) whose is going to pay the rent? The boat into the sunset has been done in countless movies and shows. The marriage was annulled. This is no way going to work. Tom could work for the CIA and then he would be safe and above all keep Liz safe. Great sacrifice means real love. I do not think Red will employ Tom or send him away because he knows Liz would find out and this is not a mistake that he would make twice. He has much more respect for her after all of their time together and whoever Liz decides to have as a boyfriend will have to except that there always be another man in her life wherever Red is in the world. I would like to thank Megan Boone and her stunt double for all the their hard work to get all of those episode in which is what I guess has been going on. I adore James Spader so thank you thank you. Love the team so thank you to them. Can you imagine the fights and arguments when they finally get back together. There is only one way Samar is going is going to sort out Aram and that is by kicking his door down etc. Liz is not an invalid . She can always go looking for her mother? There are such things a telephones to Red and Whoever.

  30. Debbie says:

    I was hopeing she would be pregnant on the show with Tom’s baby. They need to get back together.

  31. Smidgen Barnes says:

    Please…no babies for Keen. Babies always ruin TV plots. I know she was just informed of the pregnancy by an ER doc, but there are enough twists and turns and vile and volatile situations to send Ms. Keen into a dire emergency that doesn’t end well for the pregnancy. I wish Ms. Boone nothing but the best with her actual pregnancy but let’s not complicate things with a baby on the run.

  32. Laura says:

    No baby

  33. LJ says:

    Of course, not married but pregnant. Why can’t the people not wait before bringing a new person into this world?? Now they even have to change the storyline in The Blacklist. That’s stupid, just kill her character.

  34. Joanne says:

    O want to see tom and liz finally happy. I want her to have her dream of a family. I don’t know how that will fit into the show, but now that the world knows about the cabal, and who really cares she is the child of a kgb informant,or whatever. Elizabeth never knew that, or had anything to do with that. Get back to the names on the list, and let them live. My whole family loves this show, but I don’t see any of us watching tbl much if she never gets her life.
    I read all these comments on tumbler, how everyone wants liz and reddington together. While I have always thought spader to be a hottie, I don’t want to see the storyline go in that direction.

  35. HA A says:

    Hope Megan marries her boyfriend and make this a WIN WIN.

  36. Debbie says:

    I hate what you have done with the show, I stopped watching, Liz pregnant? What kind of story is that? And now not even an agent? After what Tom did. Her character stinks.

  37. Dana Darrell says:

    Awesome to have a Blacklist baby! Red would make a very interesting Grandfather! I believe he is Liz’s biological Dad regardless of what has been revealed so far. And Tom (that bad boy) I believe will become a dedicated father!

  38. SHAHONA COBB says:

    If Elizabeth leaves the show, I won’t watch anymore!!

  39. Joan says:

    2 Megan Boone congratulations on your first baby you will be missed on The Blacklist

  40. Laverne Flynt says:

    I can not believe u killed her off I will not watch any more I felt the same way about Spock in star trek my whole family is upset been watching since the beginning was a huge fan till now

  41. Solie says:

    The death is a fake. There is no other way to live in peace.

  42. Anita iagulli says:

    I can’t believe you killed Liz off there aren’t that many good programs on TV and you killed one of the best shows I don’t know if Liz was red daughter or not I just don’t know how it will continue


    I think they could have written the baby in instead of killing Liz …unless she wanted out to be a full time mom

  44. Dorothy parnelt says:

    No baby. Weakens her Complicates things. She needs strength.