Castle Recap Anniversary Wedding

Castle Recap: Happy Anniversary...? (Or: Wow, Did They Really Do That?!)

This week on ABC’s Castle, estranged Rick and Kate endeavored to mark their first wedding anniversary, some way, somehow, while Ryan and Epso dealt with “relationship” issues of their own.

Co-showrunner Terence Paul Winter had told us that Rick and Kate would “find a way” to celebrate one year together, despite this “weird time out” their marriage is in the midst of. And boy, did they.

Because yes, during perhaps the couple’s most tumultuous stretch over seven-and-a-half seasons, you got a Castle/Beckett love scene. And I doubt anyone out there was expecting that. Between that and the “no winter hiatus” news, it must have felt like an early Christmas.

Rick of course got the ball rolling, surprising (despite a few mechanical glitches) Kate with balloons, confetti cannons and a simple, sweet dinner invite — which she ultimately and gladly accepted, after rationalizing that it would simply be a “time out from their time out.”

Helping cement Kate’s decision to veer from her LokSat freeze-out playbook was her witnessing of Rick “undercover” at a divorce attorney, where he hesitated just long enough, when asked about the future of his marriage, to affect his voyeur wife.

And while their first stab at dinner was waylaid by Ryan and Espo’s partnership issues, even that detour (namely, something Javy said) gave Kate the nudge she needed to have an all-out “time in” with her husband, when they day-late celebration came around.Castle Sex

“Kate, I have never given up hope, not since the day we met,” Rick professed during the afterglow of their “better than I remembered” interlude. The only droplet of cold water on the assignation: Rick spying a cryptic text to Kate (from Vikram), and her not being upfront about it. But he didn’t seem so much irked as, “Hmmmmm….”

The Case of the Week I admittedly wasnt paying too much attention to, but my impression was it got a bit over-complicated. But hey, it’s Jenny Wolek!

A few items from the notable and quotable, then y’all can get commenting:

* “Tell that to the hole in my ass.”

* “Sherlock Homeboy’s got a theory.”

* I enjoyed the “sting,” where Alexis wound up snapping pics of the lawyer’s files. Or maybe I just enjoy the “nose” gesture from The Sting.

* Javy and Ryan all a-titter over Hayley and Kate’s towel-clad spa bust didn’t do either character any favors. Ugh.

* Where do I get myself one of those bulletproof reporter notepads?

* “Don’t move or I’ll shoot your ass!” “He’ll do it, too. Trust me.”

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  1. Sam says:

    By the very fact that other people know Beckett is married to Castle, which was on full display in that weird spa scene, their split is so stupid. It makes no sense. He’s already in danger or whatever by being ‘connected’ to her. Also – that’s the role the Hayley character is there to fill? Absurdity. The split makes absolutely no sense at all. Oh and ‘I’ll see you around.’ No wonder ratings are what they are.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Terrific first comment!

      ETA: [sarcasm] tag

      • Sam says:

        Thank you!

      • DB says:

        Yes, absolutely this. Well said. They really should end this farce now while they still have some fans left to watch.

      • Sean says:

        Obviously Sam and Matt don’t get the storyline.

        The separation is for Castle NOT to interfere with her investigating LokSat on the down low because Castle would surely interfere if they were still living together. She’s doing it to protect him. See the last scene with Castle’s stepmom, Rita where initially Beckett even admitted it was ridiculous to think she had t choose investigating LokSat or her marriage with Castle. It’s only when Rita mentioned Castle could get hurt or worse did Beckett have pause in what she planned to do.

        Bracken’s partner isn’t actively coming after Kate because he set up the FBI lady to take the fall, made her the patsy in the murders of Beckett’s AG team.

        I don’t want Caskett separated either, but I get the storyline and willing to suspend my disbelief to allow writers’ creativity.

        So far everyone is safe from the LokSat investigation, but as this is a fictional tv series with 22 to 24 episodes in a season you just know the more Beckett keeps digging she’s bound to uncover danger and exposure. I have a feeling Castle will end up digging as well and the very thing she’s trying to protect him from will bite her in the ass and put Castle and their loved ones in danger.

        So the first comment is stupid, imo, because Sam doesn’t know what he’s watching. You don’t have to like it, but at least get your facts right.

        • CastleBuzz says:

          Thank you, Sean. I am so tired of having to explain that this is the writers’ intent to posters like Sam week after week. You’re right, like it or not, but get the reasoning correct.
          But don’t lump Matt with Sam, DB, and others below. Matt was being sarcastic.

          • Sean says:

            I apologized later when I saw his edited comment.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Sorry. I saw that after I posted.

          • jahoney1 says:

            You would make a good spin doctor. You spin the crap that is this story line and poor plot execution better than AH does in any of his interviews.

          • Sean says:

            You make too much sense. I love your effort to educate some, but they don’t want to understand the story. It’s easier to complain.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Thanks, Sean.
            jahoney1 — perhaps I should get a job in Washington if I’m that good at spinning. Again, I have no problem with you or anyone disliking the story arc as long as you know what you’re disliking. As for the execution, if you’ve read my comments in the past few weeks, including one below, I’ve stated the execution since XX could have been much better….and faster to the resolution.

          • KCC says:

            The fans would not have to explain the writer’s intent if it were better written. As the series progresses week after week without any danger to Castle, we tend to forget that scene with Castle’s stepmom. With the major shift between the two lead characters, they really have to do a better job of maintaining our interest in LokSat and what makes it so important that Beckett is willing to risk her marriage and the safety of everyone around her. Right now it’s only a plot device to separate Castle from Beckett. It has to be developed as an actual plot. The viewers have to become invested in Beckett’s quest for justice. As yet they have not done anything to make me care about it. I guess they have plans to develop it down the road, but I’m watching the show now and not really enjoying it as much as in the past, mostly because I don’t feel the reason for the split is compelling enough. It’s coming off to me as Beckett being selfish. Not by wanting to save Castle from himself but that she can’t let it go. I see it as Beckett’s actions that put Castle at risk, not LocSat. She sees the best solution is to leave him which the writer’s want to appear as self-sacrifice on her part but it’s not working for me. Kind of like a drug addict knowing their addiction is hurting the people they love and their solution is to leave and continue using rather than getting sober.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            KCC, I agree with much of what you wrote here, particularly your points about episodes 3-6 failing to keep viewers invested in the LokSat story arc, Beckett’s quest for justice, and her reasoning for the separation from Rick. I’d add that they should have kept Rick in character, not as the insecure my-wife-has-left-me silly doofus of the past few weeks but as the what’s-up-with-Kate-that-she’s-keeping-from-me kind of guy. Had the showrunners-writers done that after XY-XX, I think fans’ reception of the arc and the separation would have been much more positive. The mistake, as I see it, wasn’t with the premise but with its execution. It’s a shame because the damage that has been done probably can’t be repaired.

          • Bob Backus says:

            Except for the fact the writers wrote that the reason she’s separating from him is to keep him safe because and it’s nearly a quote from Castle’s stepmom, hence the writers, “They’ll go after your loved ones, that’s why Castle’s dad and I are apart.” It has absolutely nothing to do with your reply.

        • kath says:

          Yes, Sean, I got it. I got it after the second episode.
          But as many people have pointed out, it doesn’t make sense because even separated, if Kate gets too close the bad guys could still target Castle, Alexis and Martha.
          Meanwhie the show has lost what Andrew Marlowe said made the pilot into a series, the sparkling adult relationship between Castle and Beckett.
          Whatever the logic in their separation, with Kate hiding the truth from Castle and not trusting him, this season sucks. Castle knows that she’s keeping things from him and that’s going to destroy their relationship.

          • Sean says:

            Hence why people need to see how it plays out. It’s obviously is going to get close to her loved ones, which is what happens when a story is incomplete and has episodes left to reveal Beckett’s poor decision. I don’t agree with Beckett, but I’m not spinning what’s been put in the dialogue. Some of you act like you don’t want to get it because you don’t like it.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Kath, you say you get it but then say it doesn’t make sense. That confuses me. :)
            Obviously Kate’s intent is to not have the bad guys find out that she’s investigating. That ideally will keep them all safe. However, if they do find out, she wants it so that only she and Vikram are their targets. How can she arrange that? Only by not having any links between Rick and her LokSat investigation. And she can only achieve that by keeping him out of it completely. Not living with him allows her to do that. Is her reasoning less than stellar? Probably. Is her deciding to investigate even after Rita’s warning smart? Probably not. But it’s also something she feels she has to do for various reasons — justice for her AG team, unveil the corruption, protect the public, take down the Big Bad so she and Rick can have their happily ever after without constantly looking over her shoulder.
            IMO you’re wrong about something else. This is not a case of Kate not trusting Rick. It’s not a trust issue at all. Even if Rick reacts initially as if that is the case, he will come to understand that it isn’t and forgive her, just as she did him when she found out about Smith at the end of season 4.

          • ndixit says:

            CastleBuzz, context is important. Kate has been through several dangerous operations and she should have learnt that that operating in this manner actually only brings more danger to her and her own family. I mean keeping Castle in the dark almost got him killed in the premiere. I agree that this isn’t about trust. Its about something a lot more problematic than that which is that this is just in Kate’s nature. Her natural instinct is to turn such investigations into a personal vendetta which consumes her. And despite this having been an obvious problem in the past, she just hasn’t learnt from any of that. That’s the reason people are angry with her. Even if they get back together after all of this is over, it raises a question mark over how she will react the next time someone close to her dies or the next time a big bad comes by. If her reaction to every such situation is to push Castle away and to lie to him, then I think both of them are better off being far away from each other because that would be a very toxic and unhealthy marriage.

          • orchidmantis says:

            Well said, ndixit. She’s like an addict promising that she learned her lesson from the most recent bender and will never use again, who then uses again. When they reconcile and she promises that she won’t shut him out the next time a chance to go all obsessed lone avenger pops up, it will ring awfully hollow–we’ve heard that before.

          • John Z says:

            Can I sell you stuff ? I have a box, in it is nothing, but I will charge for for the stuff I will put in the box, say in June. You will love it then, but have to pay me now for the empty box, that is heavy, and wont do what you want it too, But trust me the pay off will be awesome in June. ….. Never heard that before, 623, anyone , anyone….. Kidnapped to fight terrorists, realy?
            I dont have to “see how its going to play out” , cause it isnt. You can not make great TV from bad writing. That is what this is. We are entitled to our opinion. Hey this is the web. But STOP telling other fans , that we dont get it….. Hey low rating says it all.

            And I totally agree with Kath, this season sucks. For many reasons. Now we have bullet stopping note pads. Good thing cause all that money wasted by police and the military on body armor. …..

        • jahoney1 says:

          Yes, Castle would interfere and be involved with the investigation if she was still in the loft. He interferes now even without her being in the loft.

          The show runners have made Beckett a naively stupid cop and easily manipulated by a master spy. A big plot hole is that this whole story line is ignoring the shared history of all the characters. When the LokSat organization gets around to it they will take out Beckett and everyone whoever knew her because of the shared history. LokSat knows that the AUSA death only slowed down the investigations, but did not stop anyone from the CIA, FBI, AG’s office, FBI black ops, etc. Trying to convince viewers otherwise is a dumb plot move. LokSat not coming after Kate is because they know she is not a threat. Just like with Bracken’s she was never a threat until Castle got her to think outside the box and think like an intelligence agent and behavioral “profiler.” Just like the cop she was before Castle she is thinking inside the box. Going after the drugs should get her nowhere, but with some amazingly lazy plot jumps I suspect it will get her going in the right direction. Of course Castle will start digging eventually. The only difference I suspect is that if they use the idiot Castle of season 8 he will stumble into something. If they use the smart and intelligent Castle of earlier seasons with contacts in the CIA, FBI, Politics, and in the underworld of crime he will be leagues ahead of Beckett. I also suspect that a sanction order has been issued to Rita if she is truly who she says she is.

          Sam is right though. The poor execution and the poor plot development and writing have made the ratings what they are right now. A 25-30 percent drop in the demo’s rating from the premiere to now says very plainly the show is in trouble. The separation does not bother me so much, but the lack of execution and poor writing is what gets to me. Especially from a man like TPW who has won Emmy awards for his writing and as an executive producer. This kind of writing though does not surprise me with AH though. Two or three failed shows in the last three years. Along with Castle well on its way to being dead.

          Your spin is better than what people who are promoting the show are saying.

          • I must disagree with the common opinion (and fan excuse) that Castle would dig into the case anyhow if she stays at home.
            First, if she wants to hide it from him, it’s much less obvious that she is hiding something if she acts normal than this way. In the first scene of the premiere they were at the state when Castle acknowledged that he can’t follow her now like before.

            Second (and more important), Castle has never done anything when her life was the stake and he knew about it. It’s convenient for the writers to paint him as a reckless idiot, who doesn’t care about the safety of his loved ones, but it simply isn’t true. There were only a very limited cases when they talked about a situation honestly (thanks to the show’s acute love with the Big Sekrits), but when it happened and Castle was asked to stay put and don’t mess, he did it. he didn’t dig any further than what they knew in S4 when Smiths told him her life is in danger and he didn’t make a move when they have the truce with Bracken.

          • jahoney1 says:

            I personally agree with what you are saying. I am splitting hairs when I talk about interference. There is the interference that the writers and show runners are implying of the idiot kind. The bumbling idiot Castle. I am talking personally about the intelligent interference that season one Castle provided to jump start Beckett’s mom’s case. I am also talking about the intelligent interference that he provided during season four. The kind of interference that Beckett will need to get her to think straight because Bracken’s was out of her league without Castle’s influence and knowledge of eclectic things.

        • lame says:

          Nice in depth explanation of a dumb ass idiotic storyline and the fact that the ratings are in the tank proves not many fans are buying it.

        • ndixit says:

          The problem is that this theory only works by making Castle act way OOC. Under normal circumstances, Castle would be digging into the case harder given Kate has given him zero concrete reasoning over why she has left him. But they are making him act out of character in order for this story to work. Just like they did last year by having him not look into his own disappearance. Where is the naturally curious and inquisitive Castle? And in the end, it still boils down to the fact that Kate hasn’t learnt a thing from her past experiences working these sort of cases. She has never had any positive outcome working solo, so she comes off looking rather foolish with her current mode of operating. I hope that it does come back and bite her in the ass. There needs to be some repercussions to the lying. Whether good intentions or not, its still just not ok given the context of their experiences.

          • lurker says:

            Actually it boils down to the fact that writers have been using Beckett’s character as the means to implement drama in the show for 7 and a half years. Only this season they’re doing it in such a way that characters are almost unrecognizable.

        • Alice says:

          Thank you Sean, some people are just dense when it comes to Castle.

        • orchidmantis says:

          But this doesn’t make a lick of sense. Abandoning him with no explanation is a surefire way to get him not to dig into why she did that?

          Plan A: Confide in mystery-investigating, allegedly-trusted life partner so you are on the same page for acceptable actions, and the risks of this course of action. And so you know what the other is doing, so they aren’t taken by complete surprise when things go south for you and they have to piece together what happened.

          Plan B: Create huge honking mystery by abandoning partner, act surprised when they try to find out why. *No one could have anticipated this!*

        • John NYC says:

          Exactly: his demonstrated lack of impulse control, he got himself and HIS DAUGHTER captured and caged when he dragged them into a suspected murderers location over Alexis’ objections, right near the start of all this, would surely get himself killed were he to do the same and rush into some LokSat situation.

          • orchidmantis says:

            But Rick didn’t used to be buffoonishly incompetent. S1 the goofy writer clowning around and discovering almost-too-late a couple of times that real bad guys will kill to not get caught, okay. This late? Out-of-character writing to move the plot to its required beats is not satisfying. (And I type that as someone who likes plot. I just don’t like using the idiot ball to create it.)

            And if Kate thinks Rick will come bumble around in her crusade-du-jour and get people killed–and face it, she always will be jonesing on some solo crusade–it should occur to these two that they really don’t have a marriage. Let them break up and move on. Maybe someday each will meet someone they can truly love and trust who will have their back. But that’s not what they have now.

          • John NYC says:

            His impetuosity extends back very, very early and that’s independent of “buffoonishly incompetent”.

          • shirley says:

            I know this question if a little “off key” but how about the sp called “step mon”
            Who is she. What do we really know about her.
            Where did she come from?
            is she really married to Castle’s Dad?

      • Sam says:

        Appreciate the sarcasm too.

        Have you asked the showrunners if they thought at all how this would go over with fans and are they surprised at the backlash and ratings hit? Have you asked the showrunners if the network is happy with this season and the current ratings? Just wondering.

        • I remember TVLine mentioning, while this was still a Blind Item, that the writers were aware that people wouldn’t like it and that they simply didn’t care.

          • ChellemaBelle says:

            That is pretty obvious. And… more infuriatingly… this whole scenario has been played out (and much better) on Bones. When Booth had to move away from Brennan bc of Pelant, there was a palpable angst, fear, and imminent danger. Not only could he not share, but it was for very good reason– there were eyes and ears everywhere. He had no idea if anything said or done would put them in danger. What made Castle great has been diminished. Despite what they say, the current path is smashing more than mending damage done.

            VERY sad way for a show to go, especially with one who has so many fans pulling for it. But will sadly be pulling away.

      • Sean says:

        Sorry, Matt. You edited after my comment where I didn’t get your sarcasm.

        The Castle fandom complains about EVERY THING! Some are truly never happen.

        Tonight was pivotal in that Castle now saw evidence something is going on with Kate and that she’s lying to him about it, keeping it a secret.

        I’m intrigued more and more. Too bad some keep whining and bitching about the separation. Tonight continues to show me Beckett’s struggle and how she’s trying to protect Castle. She even warned against having dinner as it would be unfair to Castle when she still needs time away from their marriage.

        It’s not right to separate to work Loksat without letting Castle know what’s going on, but she obviously loves and misses him and wants to finish the investigation.

        I’m giving the story a chance. If the show is that bad, then do what others have done and turn the channel and find something you don’t think is stupid or ridiculous. Why complain daily about a show you no longer enjoy.

        If you can’t even try to enjoy SOMETHING about the show, it’s time to move on. It happens. I’d rather find a show to enjoy than butch incessantly about it.

        • That One Mean Girl says:

          “If the show is that bad, then do what others have done and turn the channel and find something you don’t think is stupid or ridiculous.”

          Psst. Keep giving that advice, and the ratings will get low enough for the series to be cancelled, and then you won’t have any show to be intrigued by!

          • Sean says:

            No. I really get it. People are tuning out and some are not online crying about a tv show. Stop watching and find something you enjoy. I don’t need to read about you giving the show up or how stupid it is. There’s constructive criticism and then there’s the Castle fandom and their destructive criticism. If they tune out it is on them when the show is canceled. Nothing I can do about that, but I can tell them to move on and let those who enjoy the show and give constructive criticism a chance to be above the silly rants and bitching.

        • jahoney1 says:

          Castle is already on life support. Hence the reason ABC removed the long winter hiatus. A lot of people have switch to other shows hence the 30 percent drop in the 18-49 rating from the XY to now. I have not seen the fast national numbers yet. Even making adjustments for DVR plus 3 and plus 7 will not change the numbers much. The problems with DVR for advertisers is that you can ignore all the ads. Castle right now is a money loser for ABC which goes back to the poor writing, plot development and execution.

    • Totally agree. The logic of the whole thing continues to escape me.

    • I just have to say ... says:

      ^^ THIS!!! (times infinity).

    • 1234 says:

      A peck, and I’ll see you around is HORRIBLE. More like a one night stand than a love affair.

      • Sean says:

        It’s so sad that that is all you got out of that end scene and the build up to Beckett showing up with Remy’s to spend time with him while they’re separated. Rick instigated the love making. I doubt he felt how things went as cold and a one night stand.

      • lurker says:

        Well, at least she didn’t say “top 10 next time”.

      • kmw says:

        I am not sure why anyone was excited by that. The scene was them being half naked and hardly any kissing. All that was Castle and Beckett having sex, did they get back together? No. Beckett is still lying and Castle is ok with it. Interested what their fun ” shift ” change means for them

    • Imzadi says:

      I liked Toks a lot in The Neighbors; I am glad to have her on the show. I can’t wait for her to start flirting with Javi, as they would make a cute couple.

      Jenny, cops need to eat something better and more filling than tofu. For goodness sake, give Sean some meat!

    • Fran says:

      Bravo! totally agree with you. Matt, can you show this to the show runners? they’re the only ones who don’t seem to realize this…

    • Jeannette says:

      BRAVO! !!!!!

  2. The whole thing felt like the writers saw how people reacted to this storyline, and promptly went “Oh Crap! We better throw the fans some sort of bone, or we won’t have ANY viewers left.”

  3. Sarah says:

    I think I see a pregnancy in Beckett’s future……

  4. Brad says:

    What’s up with everybody thinking Beckett gonna be pregnant

    • lauren says:

      Beats me lol. Maybe stems from some old timey notion that a married woman isn’t “complete” until she starts a family?

      • That One Mean Girl says:

        I mean, as long as we’re setting women back by 50 years by having her subordinates not remotely respect the police captain, we may as well ascribe to that foolish notion about starting a family while we’re at it.

        I have no — NO — idea why anyone would find a Caskett baby to be remotely appropriate right now. What’s it supposed to do, make Beckett suddenly stop investigating so everything can go to rainbows and unicorns? Or do people want it to be “angsty” so we can have a pregnant police captain, whose former partners treat her like a fool, who is away from her husband for flimsy, idiotic reasons…and oh, yeah, is also pregnant? Great environment for a pregnancy and eventual baby.

        • orchidmantis says:

          I’m guessing it will be the reason Rick forgets any hurt: magic relationship-mending baby coming, so any issues with Kate’s abandonment or lying or lack of trust get shelved and they decorate the nursery instead.

        • John Z says:

          Well it would fit right in with the show messing up every big life event for Caskett as a couple. Engagement, wedding, 1st anniversary,etc,etc. So why not baby. Plus its cheap writing and plot device, fits right into S8 frat boy level writing.

          And YES, the lack of respect shown to Captain Beckett is amazing. I noticed that too, WTF,

    • John NYC says:


  5. Karen says:

    Castle is so much better when they keep it lighthearted. I so enjoyed this episode. They have been too dreary too long.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Finally!!! An episode that did not leave me wishing I hadn’t watched it. Boy has the show Castle missed Caskett. Never more obvious. Just reinforced what all we’ve been complaining about for the first 6 episodes. Show just doesn’t work without them together.

  7. ndixit says:

    It feels like a bone that the writers threw to the fans to appease then for the time being. The problem with the show is still there. I admit though that it’s nice that Castle and Beckett had an intimate scene.

  8. Kat says:

    This whole storyline makes zero sense. I used to love the show but I have completely given up on it this season. I appreciate their efforts, but the new show runners have failed miserably. The Caskett split is getting old and boring. Not watching again until they fix this mess.

    • Sean says:

      Yet, you continue to comment about Castle. Some of you don’t make sense.

      • Kat says:

        I read articles/recaps about the show because I want to give it a chance. I really do. But I don’t have the patience to watch a whole episode anymore.

        • Sean says:

          That makes zero sense. How can you call something out for not making sense and old and boring if you’re not watching?

          • Kat says:

            Again, I said “I don’t have the patience to watch a WHOLE episode anymore.” I still watch every episode (even though my attention diverts now and then because, again, I now find it old and boring) and again, I said I read articles AND recaps on the show. I know the context of the storyline. Please don’t spin my comment into something absurdly negative. I’m here to voice out my opinion, not deal with trolls.

  9. James D says:

    I must confess that if you take out the caskett stuff and seal it away in its own hermetically sealed box I really love this season. the focus on Espo and Ryan, Ricks playful banter with the guys, and yes even Rick finding ways to win Beckett back (even if the idea of him winning her back makes my stomach hurt) all have been enjoyable to me. Here’s the thing though all those things could of been done without breaking them up, so the writers needless introduced this “drama” when all they had to do was readjust their priorities a bit, they could of kept Caskett as a fun B story and have Espo, Ryan, and maybe Castle take over the main story solving the COTW with Beckett popping in every once and awhile, that would of been perfectly acceptable in my mind. I guess I don’t get the method behind the madness here. I’m still watching so I guess they’ve succeeded in that regard, only because I know they will find their way back to each other after tonight episode they clearly still have the spark. Sorry for rambling. like most episodes this season I both loved and hated it.

    • Leigh says:

      This is my main issue with this season – not being able to understand the “method to the madness.” I will admit, it broke my heart and my head to watch her leave and I get what the writers are trying to do. But with it being done so fast it is taking me time to get used to it. If they had her break away over a few episodes and by mid-season have Kate say she needed a break, I could see that. Married troubles happen. But is was so quick and so sudden and so out of character. I will be the first to admit that the more recent episodes have been closer to the show I am used to (i.e, there is a spark as you mentioned) but it just seems like such a shame to have them go this route just to tell a story. But I am here for the long haul and thanks to TVLine I just learned that there will be no winter hiatus. Thanks for that, Matt!

    • Alice says:

      I need more of Beckett to keep me watching this train wreck.

  10. Susan says:

    I saw the return dates for ABC shows that are going on hiatus (on another website) and there wasn’t’t a return date given for Castle. We are still watching the show and would like to see it return. Do we need to worry?

  11. Luli says:

    Ugh I’m sick of the negative comments. This fandom can be so horrible! I don’t know if the negative comments are only on tvline, but people need to stop. We all know that the whole fandom hates the breakup. Move on.
    The episode was great, for me, the most enjoyable of the season. Actually, my favorite one. The last scene was amazingg, so many feels.

    People need to get over the damn breakup storyline, or there will no longer be a Caskett to root for.

    • Sean says:

      I agree. Sick of them, too. I wish they would truly give up the show, yet the same people keep talking about Castle day after day.

    • emily says:

      this. the hate is so annoying. people don’t like the caskett break. fine. theirs nothing they can do about it. i don’t get the extreme hate anyway. other couples on tv shows have seen much worst. no one is cheating. no one is getting killed off. so they should just relax. caskett will be back together in no time anyway.

      Loved this episode so much! So much gold with the Ryan/Esposito and the Castle/Beckett stories.

      • That One Mean Girl says:

        You’re right. Other couples go through worse…but there’s actually good storytelling involved in those cases? Not so much here. Alas.

      • jahoney1 says:

        Poor plot development, character regression, poor writing, bad story lines, poor execution. All the reasons that this season is in serious trouble. If the 14-49 rating does not go above an average of a 1.3 than Castle more than likely is history. Beckett and Castle will go from being one of the best loved couples in TV history to being a footnote. This is the self fulfilling prophecy of the stupid “Moonlighting curse.” It was not the getting together of the couple that tanked the show. It was the contrived forced separation along with a major decline in the writing that cause the show to be cancelled. By the time the couple in Moonlighting got back together it was too late.

    • I just have to say ... says:

      I’m not a fan of the break up storyline, but I’m still watching. I’ll stick with ‘Castle’ until the series finale.

    • ndixit says:

      I would rather there be no Caskett than have this story stretched out for more seasons. At least the memory of the good seasons won’t continue to get tarnished. One love scene does not repair the damage the writers have done to both characters. So of course people are going to vent. Where else will fans vent other than online.

      • I just have to say ... says:

        Well, we had a venting session in my living room this evening during a commercial break. So there’s that. :-)

      • CastleBuzz says:

        ndixit, thanks so much for your desire to have Castle cancelled to save yourself from turning the channel. Those of us who are still enjoying the show or at least willing to give the new season a chance appreciate your kind consideration…and, yes, just so no one misconstrues my comment, it is dripping with sarcasm.

        • Sam says:

          Don’t worry. This plotline with the sagging ratings – this week with a measly 1.1 will kill the show. TPW and AH have taken what was great about the show – the spark btwn the leads and broken it apart. They hardly share screen time, and when they do it’s body doubles in a weird sex scene during a break from a break that makes no sense. Don’t be confused, the new showrunners are killing the show. Fans are trying DESPERATELY to be heard so that the new showrunners can fix the mess they’ve created.

    • That One Mean Girl says:

      Kind of hard to “move on” from a flimsy excuse for a storyline when it’s the entire focus of the season. She did a dumb thing. He looks like a buffoon following her around to “win” her back. Also, there’s no Caskett to root for at the moment anyway. What’s worth rooting for? The stupid, selfish choice to put one’s marriage on hold for an overblown conspiracy? Or the idiot who skips around, turning everything into a “comedy,” when he’s working on his third failed marriage and should therefore be just a wee bit more hurt?

      You know what I’m sick of? Preachy people attempting to silence “hate” by being rude and nasty to people with whom they don’t agree about a television show.

      • Brad says:

        +1 yup to everything and Kate worried that he’s thinking of leaving her and he’s so gullible

        • orchidmantis says:

          Kate worried that he’s thinking of leaving her. Heavens, how could the unexplained abandonment of one’s spouse lead to such a thing?

          I feel like those earlier seasons, where they would muse over how the corpse-of-the-week’s sudden demise really made you *think* about how life is uncertain, you may wait too long… and then they still wouldn’t take any crazy risks like going for a hamburger together. It was like the appearance of a suddenly-dead body was completely unprecedented.

          • David says:

            Kate’s worried Ricks thinking of leaving her? Now what on earth would have prompted that??
            Derrr let me think now……..

  12. DarkDefender says:

    I laughed.. (Castle funnies).. I cried.. (RyEspo!) .. I couldn’t believe my Caskett shipping heart.
    I really liked the episode. The SK body double rolling over shot (obvious filler shot), took me out, for a second.. But I still really liked the episode.

  13. kath says:

    I channel flipped because I really hate this season.
    But when Rick said “Kate, I have never given up hope, not since the day we met,” i briefly animated to say “Nope, not true. You gave up when you learned that Kate had heard you say you loved her and she didn’t do anything in season 4.

    • lurker says:

      Yep. And he thought that acting like a sulking and pouting child, flaunting flight attendants in someone’s face,getting back to his “uncomplicated” life of before, and not talking about the problem was an appropriate response. it took Martha saying “Stop punishing her. At least tell the poor girl what she’s done wrong.”

  14. CastleBuzz says:

    What an enjoyable episode. I’ve been trying to stay positive about this season, even the “break-up,” but it’s been a little difficult the past couple of weeks because it appeared as though no real progress was being made on both the LokSat and Caskett fronts. This episode is what was needed.
    It was good to see a COTW that was well written and tied into what the two sets of lead characters were going through. Everything — the case, the subplots and even the divorce subtext — were nicely woven together and everything turned out well in classic Castle fashion with just a hint of edginess left in the Castle-Beckett relationship to open the door for Rick to begin to figure out what Kate’s up to. Hopefully that will be soon and he’ll go to her — or she goes to him — before he gets aound to investigating LokSat on his own.
    No doubt at all that Kate and Rick love each other. And that to me means no one should doubt Kate has Rick’s best interests at heart by “leaving” him. People can argue whether or not it makes him safer, but there should be no questioning that she believes it does. The resolution of the Ryan-Esposito conflict, though predictable, was equally satisfying.
    I’m still questioning Vikram’s position on all of this. Was his warning to Kate about the risk of seeing Rick a simple reminder to be cautious? After all, his life is at risk too. Or was it supposed to indicate something more sinister than that? Is he good or bad? I’m still vacillating on that one.
    I’m also still questioning the need for the Hayley character since episodes XY-XX. With a precinct full of woman officers and detectives, surely Captain Beckett could have found someone on the force to back her up at the spa. At least she didn’t bring Alexis along…
    All in all, a good, solid ep. Hope they follow it with another next week.

    • Bruno Bailly says:

      CastleBuzz , 100% with your comments, best ep of the season. I am glad to see you are keeping an eye on Vikram like you said you would in a previous post. IMO his comment to Kate was to keep her isolated from her husband and friends and dependent on only him , not to protect Castle. One other good thing that came out of the ep is when Castle saw the text message at the end , he now has a clue and that should peak his curiosity to either investigate or confront Beckett to find out what is going on.I believe she will have to come clean with him soon to save her marriage because by Castle’s own comments to Ryan, “no relationship can survive secrets and lies” . That seemed like an ominous comment to me. hopefully this happens soon.

      • CastleBuzz says:

        Thanks, Bruno, and, yep, I haven’t forgotten. In fact, I was watching all episode for a bit of reveal about Vikram since I knew beforehand that he was in this ep. We got just enough to keep me curious. I agree that having Castle see Vikram’s text at the end should light a fire under him. It’ll be great if the next ep isn’t all fun and fluff as the promo indicates but continues to develop the arc.
        Here’s something for you to chew on. The word “LokSat” may be a combo of two Thai words. “Lok” (English phonetic version of Thai word) means “world” or “Earth” and “Sat” (again the English phonetic version) means “animal,” perhaps “beast.” Why is this significant? If I recall correctly, part of the explanation of Rick’s disappearance in the ep Sleeper involved being in Thailand. The mountainous region of that country is also part of the Golden Triangle, historically one of the largest producers of opium in the world and a known trafficking base for heroin. I think Kate’s investigation is going to dovetail into Rick’s disappearance by ep 8×12 or so and bring both of them together to solve the entire case by the end of the season.

        • Castlefan says:

          Now that’s really interesting – if the writers haven’t thought of that they should incorporate it immediately!

        • Bruno Bailly says:

          As usual CastleBuzz , great point and yes my brain is hungry for stuff like this:) If the writers work off ep7 this is a very plausible outcome and I think that Kate will come clean with Rick soon both to protect him and also to protect her covert op because if he starts poking around without knowing what is involved everyone will be in danger. I just hope that if this is the last season the end result will be Caskett being reunited for good as a solid married couple. Seeing all the different posts flying around about all sorts of different subjects this week , I think that I will only concentrate on following the story line from now on as this is the only important thing to make or break the show IMO.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Exactly, Bruno. I hope the showrunners-writers are smart enough to follow our reasoning. ;) :)

          • Bruno Bailly says:

            You know what CastleBuzz, You got my brain working with your scenario, let me return the favor. Going with your scenario :

            Option 1 : Caskett find out that Castle was tricked into getting involved in a criminal activity while missing but he found out after the fact that it all related to Locksat, Bracken and ultimately to Kate. He decided to blow the whistle on this but was caught and his memory was erased against his will. This makes him a victim and both Beckett and castle would be able to deal with this outcome.

            the next option is where I am being the Devils Advocate.

            Option 2 : same as option 1 in the development but instead of blowing the whistle, Castle is so horrified and distraught about what he did and the affect it would have on his relationship with Beckett that he does ask to have his memory wiped both to forget and also to make sure Kate never finds out what he did This would make him a willing accomplice to the crime and cover up.. How do you think he and KB would deal with this situation especially KB who would take this as the ultimate betrayal by her husband ? How would this be for an unexpected twist?

            Hope this peeks your curiosity .

          • CastleBuzz says:

            OK, Bruno, now my brain’s churning. Before I get into your scenarios, let me say two things. First, I don’t think either Kate or Rick could do something intentionally so terrible that it couldn’t be forgiven by the other or by the viewers. I believe the showrunners when they say the two will come out stronger than before and fans will be happy. (Whether or not there are any fans left is a different issue.) Second, I probably should re-watch a few eps before speculating. Still, here goes.
            Re both options: I’ve always believed that Bracken or his people had something to do with Rick’s disappearance mostly because of its timing. The fact that it happened right after Bracken’s arrest in Veritas and right before the wedding when he was alone made me suspicious of that. Whoever was out to get him wanted to get him without Kate being with him. I know Kate and the FBI looked into Bracken at the time and no ties to Rick’s “kidnapping” were found. Now we know why if our supposition is correct that it was LokSat who took him. Once Bracken was arrested, he would have been dumped by LokSat (true whether LokSat is an individual or an organization as I believe). That’s shown by the fact that Bracken was terrified by Kate’s mention of LokSat in XY-XX. LokSat would let him live — rot — in jail so long as he wasn’t linked to the broader organization. Once he was, he would have been subjected to questioning and so had to be killed. Threat removed.
            Now we come to why LokSat would want Castle so much they’d kidnap him. Why not Beckett? Why not both? My answer to that is that they needed to know if Beckett’s and Castle’s investigation into her mother’s death led them further than Bracken. The organization had already had experience with torturing Beckett during her run-in with Vulcan Simmons in In the Belly of the Beast ep. Perhaps they thought Castle would be weaker and more susceptible to torture. That’s a bit weak and, ironically, reinforces why so many fans believe Kate leaving him now doesn’t protect him.
            I think it’s more likely that Rick was tricked into leaving with the bad guys except that he didn’t realize they were bad. My guess is that he/she/they was/were either corrupt FBI or CIA agents who were part of LokSat or complete imposters. The entire scene was staged to look like a kidnapping. Remember the driver’s airbag was deployed, but Castle had no bruises or cuts on his face at the dumpster. The bad guys might have known how susceptible Castle could be to an intriguing story so convincing him with some elaborate tale about the safety of Kate, Alexis, whoever, whatever might not have been that difficult.
            What happens during those two months and why it takes two months is completely up in the air as far as I’m concerned. To get him to cooperate and not contact Kate, they’d have to keep up the ruse. We know definitely that he was in Montreal at some time with enough “freedom” to make the three tapes for Kate, Alexis and Martha, and then store them in a safety deposit box. We have some suggestion that he was in Thailand from both his memories in Sleeper as well as the dengue fever antibodies in his blood.
            Finally, your Option 1 or 2 — did Rick willingly have his memory wiped or was he forced? Whatever help he gave or whatever info he gave up during this time, I think he did unwittingly. The ruse was still on. At some point, he found out that it was a ruse or the fake Jenkins “saved” him (maybe sent by his father?) and told him what had happened. Rick now knows and is horrified that he compromised the safety of people or an operation or was part of something bad. He’s debriefed by fake Jenkins and told he can’t be allowed to return to his life without having his memory erased by drugs. So he agrees. Coerced but agrees. That to me is the only way it makes sense for the fake Jenkins to know about Hollander Woods.
            This leaves his getting shot and drifting out to sea in a blue dinghy. I put that down to the drugs used to erase his memory. He was probably staying in the trailer with fake Jenkins, hallucinated one night, and ran off to the dinghy. Jenkins fired warning shots to try to stop him.
            So how do the two stories dovetail? I think as Kate (with Rick if he finds out what she’s up to soon?) begins to figure out who/what LokSat is (and whether Vikram is friend or foe), she comes across info that indicates they/it was behind Rick’s disappearance. Perhaps it’s then she brings in Rick. I believe the two of them together will bring down the Big Bad just like they did Bracken.
            OK. That’s my theory. Start tearing it apart!

          • Bruno Bailly says:

            CastleBuzz, brain churning is good, it keeps us young :) :) First I agree with you Casketts love and relationship is too strong for them to be unforgiving to each other in anything , don’t forget I was playing devils advocate on my option 2. I do want to believe the showrunners know the Caskett story is the basis of the series and will give them their happy ending. IMO they did a very good job in writing ep7 they reestablished the Bromance, they also reassured the fans as to the Caskett relationship and they also added a very few Locksat related tidbits. If they forget about eps 3 to 6 and only work off the new base they established in ep7 including going forward with the Locksat story line in ep8, all will be fine.The only unknown for me at this point is the new PD coming in. If he was intended to be a new romantic interest for Beckett originally, I hope the show runners have changed their minds due to the way they did ep7 because in IMO it would not fly with the viewers at this point and Beckett would never cheat due to her moral values and her love for Castle. Having said all that I will attempt to answer your points.

            1 : Like you I have always believed that Locksat is an organisation and not just an individual. Yes also that Castle”s abduction has something to do with Bracken and Locksat and yes to the assumption that Castle would be easier to entice and manipulate than Beckett. Finally I also agree the crash was faked and Rick was tricked into helping that would definitely explain him dropping the money bag in the dumpster.
            2 : Now for what I am not sure about yet. as far as the unexplained 6 weeks in Rick”s disappearance and whether Jenkins is friend or foe , If you look at PhDead there may be a clue to this. When Rick and Alexis were caught snooping in the secret prison they ended up talking to the girl in the next cell and she told them that part of the experiment was to sit them in a chair and flash images and lights at them continuously to have them reveal their darkest secrets. To me this could be how Jenkins found out about Hollander Woods and since this type of brain picking process along with a mind wipe takes a long time this would explain the extra six weeks Rick was missing.
            Now assuming Jenkins is friend, your assumption about how Rick was found at sea is valid except for him getting shot. If however Jenkins is foe then it could mean that Rick escaped before the brainwashing was complete and Jenkins shot him to try and prevent his escape.
            That would certainly account for Rick still having some buried memories about his ordeal in Thailand. BTW I know you may ask why did Jenkins protect him in S7 when he was about to get killed in the alley, probably because of course with Castle dead so is the series but also with Castle either severely wounded or worse this would have sent Beckett on a relentless vendetta to find out who had shot him therefore endangering the Locksat organisation.
            3 : I completely agree with your dovetail theory.

            See the tearing apart wasn’t too bad (Just kidding) no tearing apart intended:). I think overall we are both on the same track, I just hope the show runners/writers are as well and again I reiterate that for me they need to work off of ep7 to make the rest of the season believable and to bring the whole show back to the great series it was from S1 to S7 as far as the characters and story development we all loved and cared about.

          • lindag413 says:

            Bruno Bailey,Castle Buzz et al,I vote that you take over the writing on Castle.
            At the very least it should be mandatory for the current writers to read your posts.I cannot top what you have said and you have me looking forward to your posts.Always.
            Too soon?😎😻🙏🏻🙏🏻🔜🍁🤓

          • Bruno Bailly says:

            lindag413, thanks for the compliment , I would say I am motivated by the exchanges with CastleBuzz in my posts because we have both been fans since day 1 of the series and we really want to keep it alive and thriving in the way it was originally conceived. I do not pretend to speak for him, this is just my opinion.

            BTW if I had any talent as a writer Castle would definitely be the type of series I would love to work on because there are too few of them on TV these days.

            Hope the following eps meet our expectations.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            lindag413 — Ditto what Bruno said. Thanks so much for reading.
            Bruno — This is fun. I’m really enjoying this exchange of ideas. BTW I’m a woman in her mid-60s, retired molecular biologist, science journalist, and nonfiction author, currently trying her hand at children’s fiction writing. Gotta keep the mind going since the body’s quickly going downhill with inflammatory arthritis. :)
            We agree on a lot. Can’t wait to see how right we are! I too hope the showrunners-writers work off of the base they established in this last ep. I want intelligent, curious Castle back.
            I really have no concerns about the new PD character coming on board as a romantic interest for Kate. Of the three new characters introduced this season, he makes more sense to me that Hayley. (I still see no use for her beyond her role in XY-XX. I accept Vikram as necessary to the LokSat arc.) I’m hoping the intent in bringing in a PD is to initiate some captain-related scenes with Beckett. I personally would have preferred a prosecutor-ally, than another foil, but these writers seem to thrive on conflict, big and small. In addition to wasting eps 3-6 with regard to LokSat, I believe the showrunners wasted a great opportunity to showcase Beckett’s rise to Captain of the 12th. Other than having an office and name plate, we’ve seen little of her new position and the responsibilities it entails. I’m hoping the writers use the new PD as part of showing that aspect of her job.
            1 : One other thing about ep 6×23. As I was watching it live, at first I believed the Rogan marriage was a prank played on Kate by Rick as payback for his birthday surprise a la Rear Window. When it went on and on, I started questioning that belief as either being too cruel or backfiring by getting out of his control. Then Rick was “kidnapped” and I was sure that whether or not it was a Rick prank that backfired, the mobsters they caught were involved with Bracken.
            2 : Good point about PhDead. I didn’t pick up on that at all. Big clue if you’re correct and a reason for the ep I didn’t see before. As for Rick being shot even if Jenkins was friend, I take back (is that allowed?:)) my assumption he was firing warning shots b/c I just remembered the boat had holes in it. What if Jenkins was trying to sink the boat to get Rick to return and one shot accidentally hit him? In any case, you’re right in saying Rick escaped before the brainwashing was complete. And your explanation of Montreal is also plausible, whether Jenkins is friend or foe.
            3 : Looking forward to seeing if our dovetail theory matches the showrunners’ plan.
            No tearing apart. That was just a joke. I love this kind of give and take in a discussion.

          • Bruno Bailly says:

            About you not being able to post your comment be careful, I believe we are being targeted by Locksat (show runners/writers) . Good luck and be safe !!!

          • Bruno Bailly says:

            CastleBuzz sorry about the gender mistake. BTW I suffer from the same condition but at an early stage. Stay strong!!!!

  15. dan says:

    I kinda skimmed through the episode without paying a heck of a lot of attention. I loved the Ryan/Esposito make up scene, I like a good bromance. I also liked the bar scenes and the undercover Castle moments. Not bad. They need to deliver something major next week on moving towards resolving the separation or they WILL come back to sub 1.0 ratings.

  16. tbwrealestate says:

    I loved every minute of tonight’s episode. Am sure I will be watching it several more times before next week. Already rewatched the opening. So sweet and funny.

  17. lauri5567 says:

    I enjoyed the banter between Rick and the boys, but continue to have questions-
    1. Hayley was the only possible choice to go the spa with Kate. Lanie or Karpowski are at least employed by NYC.
    2. If random women recognize Kate, then yes pretty sure Lokstat knows he/she can grab Castle as leverage.
    3. If the preview shows what we thought was Kate and a divorce attorney skyping, would that really improve the ratings since it was obviously a red herring.
    4. If Javi is 279 out of 300 to become a captain, how well must Super Kate! have done on the exam to get to be a captain after only 3-4 months on the list?

    • CastleBuzz says:

      2. Leverage for what? The situation is NOT as it was in the premiere two-parter.
      4. Javi took and passed the sergeant’s exam. Many more people take that exam than the captain’s exam. The assumption is that Beckett already had passed sergeant and lieutenant exams in the past.

  18. Sean says:

    Even when the reunion comes these same people being negative and acting like they got their fav toy taken away and stomping their feet and having his system fits will just find something new to complain about. It’s just in some people’s nature to be unhappy and find faults everywhere.

    • Annie says:

      They had sex. How is that a reunion? They’re still not “together”.

      • Sean says:

        Wow. I so didn’t say this was a reunion. No wonder you’re so unhappy. You’re not good at interpretation/what’s been shown and written right in front of you.

    • lame says:

      The only way the separation works for Rita Hunt is that no one knows she’s married to jackson. Doesn’t make any sense for Caskett who are globally famous. It challenges reason.

      • lame says:

        Don’t you think that if a team of FBI agents were killed there would be dozens of agents investigating every lead imaginsble. How many agents have we seem?

        • Sean says:

          Again. The case is supposedly solved. Remember the FBI lady that “killed” herself and took the fall? She did so to protect her family. Remember the photo of her family?

          It’s as if you didn’t watch the two parter and foot a detail or two or three or four…

          • lame says:

            And the FBI wouldn’t want to tir up any loose ends, they would buy the sucide as a neat end to the murder of six agents and not Vikram any further. Not likely..

          • lame says:

            If you think the FBI would stop the investigation there, there is some beach front property in the Sonora desert.

      • lame says:

        Don’t you think that if a team of FBI agents were killed there would be dozens of agents investigating every lead imaginsble. How many agents have we seem?
        Exactly .

    • Cody says:

      I think you’re the foot stomper here. Coming in and trashing people all over the comments because they feel differently than you. Looks like a tantrum to me! I’m glad you will be enjoying this last season of Castle. Face up to the fact that not everyone will.

      • CastleBuzz says:

        In defense of Sean he has “trashed” no one and certainly hasn’t thrown a tantrum. The comments he takes issue with are from the same people who say the same thing each week, such as “I’m not watching but I hate it” or it’s “crap,’ “idiotic,” “dumbass,” “makes no sense,” etc. In other words, they add little to the discussion but a lot to the negativity. I’m sure he as well as the rest of us know that many fans are not enjoying this season. That’s fine. Just as many, if not more, are willing to give the arc a chance or are actually enjoying it.

    • Would it be possible that just for one single moment you would try to imagine that those who are annoyed they are NOT because of the FACT of the breakup? I know it’s hard, you should pull out of your head from the convenient “everybody is stupid except me” denial, but just a little try?

      It’s not a quantitative (together = good, not together = bad) question, but a qualitative? I don’t care about whether they are together or not. But I care for why they are doing it, and how it affects them. The writers are failed on both parts.

      • lurker says:

        Your last paragraph. Thank you. Exactly.

      • orchidmantis says:

        Exactly, quality.

        When they finished S2 still with no risk on either side, I agreed with Laney that they couldn’t really be all that into each other. I’ll tolerate them together Nick and Nora Charles-ing, but I have zero patience with their self-generated relationship problems.

        Where is this breakup going, a word-for-word pickup of Beckett’s speech in Always except she swears this time it’s for realsies?

        Castle: “For realsies?”
        Beckett: “Always for realsies!!!!”
        They kiss.

  19. Just one thing says:

    Imagine that: What appears to be the strongest and most well-received episode of the season included Castle and Beckett sharing screentime for, like, 70% of the episode.
    Sooooo strange.

    • Alice says:

      For sure, I thought my eyes were deceiving me. Hanning should have been made showrunner instead of Hawley. He doesn’t have three failed shows on his resumé.

  20. I Give Up says:

    I really admire the fans salivating over the end scene who can see it as more than a convenient booty call. Heck I half expected Kate to leave money on the dresser!

    And before I get jumped on by the positive police patrolling these comments a truly wish I see what you see. However I am not prepared to twist myself into a pretzel trying to believe Kate’s reasoning makes any kind of actual sense, and the epic love story I invested in disappeared many episodes ago.

    • DarkDefender says:

      The Caskett-y genius of that final scene was that it wasn’t about Beckett or a booty call. It was about Castle (taking Slaughter’s advice) and no longer asking for permission to be in the relationship. That “Caskett moment” was more about Castle being the one to initiate it as it was about them holding hands and her calling him Rick. A straight out booty call wouldn’t play out like that.

    • Alice says:

      The man kisses the woman without asking for permission and the woman is the one accused of using the man as a booty call even if they both agreed on giving themselves a time out from their time out. How sexist is that!?

      • I Give Up says:

        The woman is the one who leaves before the afterglow ends with a casual “see you later” Sexism has nothing to do with it as I would feel just the same if Castle treated her as badly. In fact there would be far more shade thrown at him in the same situation – how sexist is that?!?

        • Alice says:

          The woman doesn’t live in the loft anymore, eventually she has to leave, it still doesn’t make it a booty call.

          • I Give Up says:

            They are separated so what else could it possibly be? Walking out in such a casual manner before the sheets are even cold is not eventually. We’ll agree to disagree but I firmly believe that having sex with your ex when you know he is so confused about your motives is poor form.

          • Alice says:

            Give me a break, he asked for this knowing that they’re still in time out, he’s not a victim here.

          • lurker says:

            Well. for some people Castle is always a victim. And by the way, when Ellie Monroe used him to get the role in that Nikki Heat movie, he said “But the truth is, I’ve never had so much fun being used. You feel free to have at me anytime.” Or was he just being a true gentlemen? Yeah, right.

    • CastleBuzz says:

      I Give Up: “I am not prepared to twist myself into a pretzel trying to believe Kate’s reasoning makes any kind of actual sense…”
      This comment may explain the divisiveness between the two camps of fans. IMO perhaps those who are unhappy with the season arc so far are trying to make “actual sense” of Kate’s reasoning as it would pertain to themselves. They may need to relate to her decisions, but can’t under the circumstances. Those, like myself, who are at least willing to go along with the story, may be able to distance themselves from Kate. We don’t need to twist ourselves into pretzels to understand Kate can´t help herself but go after LokSat.
      Nothing in the past 7 seasons of character development has changed that aspect of her personality. This time she’s also dealing with her fear of losing Rick, actually causing his death, so she “separates” from him but can’t really cut the ties. Right or wrong, like it or not, it’s a decision the showrunners-writers have had the character make. If you look at it from her perspective, you might be able to see it makes sense in her mind. It doesn’t have to make sense to the viewer, just to the character.
      Having made that decision for the character, the writers now must execute the resolution in such a way that it does make sense for the viewers. I think that most of us can agree that that’s been a bit of a hit and miss since the two-part opener. I take last night’s episode as being the first to really address the situation in a semi-serious manner. I’m hoping for more right away. JMO.

      • JohnReynolds says:

        CastleBuzz: First, let me say that this was a well written and reasoned position, so thank you for that. Respectfully, though, I must disagree with it, and it’s entirely based on the character of Beckett and her history with Castle. I think that the vast majority of the fans “get” why the writers have had Kate do what she has – they’re not stupid. Rather, I think it’s that if we put ourselves in the mind of the character, her actions don’t make sense at anything but a surface level. As you said, the writers must follow through with what they have done, but here is why I believe that they are getting such a poor response.

        1. Beckett left Castle without any reasonable explanation. They didn’t have a major fight, there hasn’t been simmering conflict or problems, in fact they were all lovey-dovey the morning before it all hit the fan. To say, “it’s not you, it’s me, I need time” to him in the absence of a triggering event is not something that Castle would accept, and she knows this – she knows him better than almost anybody else does. Her reason for it – protecting him – is not, let me say again, NOT the problem. The manner in which she executed it should have guaranteed he would investigate.

        2. That aside, she, as a seasoned police officer, must know that her “protecting him” approach is dumb. Why would LockSat only go after people who are actively investigating him/her/them? Yes, they went after the AG’s teams after the information was uncovered, and so far haven’t gone further, but to think that will stay that way is beyond naive, and she’s not. It’s more likely to think that one of two things will happen – they will kill her and Vikram, thus validating her ‘keep them safe’ approach, or they will try to pressure her to back off. If they were going to do the former, she and Vikram would already be dead. If the latter, how would that happen? By going after her loved ones.

        3. Related to (2), she was around when Alexis was kidnapped and knows why it happened. Its sole purpose was to pressure Jackson Hunt into revealing himself. The thing is, Castle and Alexis weren’t involved with anything Hunt-related at that point – they didn’t know he existed – yet she was taken as leverage. So, again, intelligent and veteran cop that Kate is, why would she possibly think that just because Castle’s not on the case with her that LockSat wouldn’t go after him or anyone else she cares about? She knows better.

        4. Last (there are other issues, but I’ll stop here), leaving Castle when she did, not just while they’re still newlyweds but also right after the fall-gal was killed to cover things up, would be a monstrous red flag to LockSat. The timing, without a reason that an outsider would buy, is so convenient that her watchers would know immediately something is up. And she would have to believe there are people watching her and Vikram, otherwise there would be no need for secrecy and clandestine meetings (never mind how stupid it is to believe that their visits to their hideout would go unnoticed). So what better way to let someone know that you haven’t stopped your investigation than to do something so completely unusual that it makes people wonder what’s going on? These people have major resources, and she’s too smart not to know that they would keep tabs on the surviving team members. Perhaps they are waiting to do something, as Bracken did, but given how ruthless they were with the AG teams, I find it hard to believe she would think this strategy would be effective.

        That she would not be able to let this go, even after Rita’s warning, is very much in character – she’s obsessive, and often blind to the dangers she brings upon herself. The rest? *shrug* I think this is writers moving her at least partially out of character, and doing a disservice to the show and its fans JMHO.

        • CastleBuzz says:

          JohnReynolds: First let me return the compliment. Your post too was well written and argued. I actually don’t think we’re that far apart in our thinking. Since the season opener, I’ve found myself in the position of not particularly liking the direction the showrunners have taken the show, but understanding why they did it from a writer’s point of view and then trying to make sense of it. I agree some of the ways they have had to manipulate the characters of Rick and Kate appear to be out of character. I use the word “appear” deliberately. As viewers we think we know these characters. We believe things were settling into domestic bliss at the end of Season 7. They were married finally. Tyson and Nieman were taken out. Sleeper “solved” Rick’s disappearance. And Hollander Woods explained Rick’s interest in murder. Everything was wrapped up.
          But was it? That’s the question Hawley and Winter pondered late last spring. They decided to shake things up by saying, wait a sec, nothing’s been resolved about Rick’s disappearance. No one really believed Sleeper and the story that had Rick saving the world. No one really believes Rick and Kate would accept that explanation and forget all about his disappearance, or that it wouldn’t affect them both in ways we might not have seen yet. So in XY and XX, they presented a situation that would bring back all of Kate’s fears and single-mindedness and all of Rick’s insecurities about relationships, thus allowing both characters to act out of character. Do I think they went too far? Yeah, I do. As I’ve said, it’s not how I would have followed up those two eps.
          Now for your points:
          1. You wrote: “The manner in which she executed it should have guaranteed he would investigate.” — I agree to some extent. I would have put in perhaps one ep where his insecurities about abandonment and losing people he loved made him react with a what-did-I-do and how-can-I-get-her-back attitude. The four eps we had of that was three too many, especially since she herself assured him it was not him and that she still loved him.

          2. I believe Kate realizes that “protecting him” in this way is not ideal. I also think it’s the only way she has available to her, or rather thinks she has available. There is no evidence that LokSat kills off people willy-nilly. In all of Kate’s experience with Bracken and now LokSat only people who are actively or peripherally investigating are killed. Her mother and her mother’s colleagues. Bracken/LokSat didn’t kidnap the 19-year-old Kate to get her mother to stop investigating. They got rid of the direct threat and anyone she conferred with. Same with the AG team just for seeing the memo. I disagree that it’s naïve to think that method will continue. Rick was threatened in XY only because they couldn’t find Kate. Allison Hyde’s family was threatened only to get her to commit suicide. I simply don’t see these bad guys trying to pressure her to stop by going after her loved ones. If anything that would make her a more formidable opponent. And since she and Vikram are still alive, LokSat must believe she swallowed the Hyde story. Either that or Vikram’s part of the Big Bad and charged with keeping an eye on her for who knows what reason.
          3. Alexis’s kidnapping was entirely different. She was just a pawn to get to Hunt. There’s no need for a pawn (Rick) to get to Kate now since she’s out in the open, working at the 12th, living wherever. They can take her out any time they want to or more precisely have the need to.
          4. This one I completely agree with. I can’t come up with any argument other than having to assume LokSat got overconfident about their patsy move with Hyde or distracted by other investigations. I can’t imagine the CIA, FBI and AG’s office isn’t investigating the deaths of all those agents never mind mercenaries running around NYC.
          Is Kate obsessive? I don’t like using that term because it carries a connotation of psychological disorder and an inability to function outside of the obsession. But some would say that’s semantics. It’s true she can’t let this go, this drive to get justice, even after Rita’s warning. It’s that warning, IMO, that made her decide to leave Rick. And she knows his drive to find the ending of the story is as strong as her need. So she leaves him and hopes he doesn’t discover what she’s doing. Partially out of character? Or just her core character rearing up again because of the circumstances?
          As for this story arc being a disservice to the show and its fans, I’ll reserve my judgement on that until it’s resolved. As long as they don’t return to the Rick of eps 3-6 but continue to examine and resolve the arc, I can be patient.

  21. Blurgh says:

    I loved this episode. Yay for the love scene!

  22. skrable2 says:

    Best episode of the season. Took too long to have one this good, but simply the most fun I’ve had watching in a long time.

  23. kmw says:

    I guess you could say nice episode and a very good end to it. However why did Castle and Beckett have to get to a ” break” in their relationship to get that last scene? Getting to a scene like that from the story they have been telling is false. Why wasn’t that scene done earlier( and I mean way earlier?) Oh I know why because network television believes showing even scenes like that will ” ruin” a show( look at Bones season 4 they promised it was real and it was nothing further from the truth). Castle and Beckett didn’t need to be broken up to show that and that to me means this was just trotted out to appease fans. Lazy storytelling by writers this season will just magically go away by giving fans a love scene. I don’t think so. And its not hard to see why some would leap to the conclusion that Beckett will become pregnant based on the show runners saying there would be a ” shift” change by fall finale. Nice scene doesn’t change how show has been run so far and doesn’t mean anything unless they are really back together.

    • Cody says:

      This arc is someday going to be listed in TV Guide’s worst TV decisions ever list. I only wish I’d get to see cheerleader Sean’s reaction to it.

    • lurker says:

      Well, if you remember Season 7, during the PI arc there were a lot of these “intensified” Casketty scenes with exactly the same agenda – to appease the fans. At the time some people were saying those scenes were thrown in as a distraction from the fact that they’re telling an unpopular and not too logical story.

  24. Castlefan says:

    Easily the best episode of the season so far: I really enjoyed it. A proper case, more of the leads together, signs of LokSat progress, not too much Alexis, no PI diversion… an actual, recognizable episode of Castle!
    Of course there are points you can criticize. Why Hayley in the spa rather than an officer or even Lanie? Ryan and Espo a little over the top with the hostility (really more of a carry-over flaw from the ep5 shooting), and obviously there’s the whole dubious handling of the split from the start, but this was a good, well-written episode that I feel did the best possible with the season’s premise.
    I hope word spreads to the viewers who jumped ship and maybe they’ll give it another chance: if the final show before the winter break is up to this standard there may still be hope for a good conclusion.

  25. A fan says:

    Best episode of the season for now. Then again, this episode had a lot of what fans love about this show in the first place. it actually had a lot Castle and Beckett screen time together, meaningful interaction that doesn’t drag down the episode with its angst or lessen the humor. I still think that this Haley character is just needless plot device. Beckett could have asked Lanie, who has major points over Haley in the particular spa scenario. Lanie knows a lot more about Castle and Beckett than Haley does for conversation, it’s been established both Lanie and Beckett have tattoos.

  26. Oywiththepoodlesalready says:

    Uh booty call……yeah that’s EXCACTLY what I wanted to see *insertEyeRoll*

    At least now they can play the pregnant card when the show has tanked completely and they need sth for the big series finale.

  27. MRiter says:

    Nothing better on the big or small screen than watching Nathan and Stana turn good dialogue into a great scene. (After doing 5 shows in 4 nights on Broadway I’d stretch that to the stage.) They are a hurricane in a bottle.

  28. Kim says:

    I loved this episode! Hopefully we start back into the right path with Caskett! I loved all the references back to the history of the show. Also thought Stana, Nathan, Seamus, and Jon were incredible all around! Really excited to see where this goes!

  29. Bruno Bailly says:

    Matt, you mentioned a “no winter hiatus news” , whats the scoop on that? I have not seen this anywhere yet but it would be great if it is true.

    • Just one thing says:

      No other websites are reporting Castle’s nixed hiatus because they’re apparently “lazy” – not because they didn’t get the memo.

  30. Linda Giza says:

    I liked the episode…..ok kill me now.It was good to have them on screen together and celebrate,I will watch next week now.It is a show and I needed to see some Caskett time.
    Ok….the promo for next week looks interesting and is most likely a red herring,but it looked like that woman at the end knew him…..lets see now from the disappearance,or maybe a former girlfriend what can it be?
    I did not like her exit line at all…..I do like the look on his face and I am praying that it means finally he will do some snooping,maybe Ms.Sherlock aka Alexis can help,they already know about Loksat don’t they from XY? I may have to watch it again but I thought they uncovered some things then.Or maybe…….I am having a story meltdown.

  31. lw says:

    Ok, I’ve had it. Not with Castle, with the nit-pickers. I get the sense that some of you viewers are watching just so you can post negative comments. It is obvious to me at least that there is nothing that could happen the rest of this season you would approve of. Fair enough. Personally, I can’t imagine voluntarily spending an hour a week doing something I hate. I loved Castle, now I like it. I watch it every week for entertainment, I don’t watch it with a magnifying glass, looking for inconsistencies or missteps. Maybe if those of us who enjoy Castle watch it and those of us who don’t find something else to do we would all be happier. We all intuit this is the last season, I plan to enjoy the old girl while I can, not try to predict why the writers are doing what they are doing and thank those connected with the show at the end of the season for filling my Monday nights for several years.

  32. Boiler says:

    I agree with many posters who complain about all the negativity. I think these people should just go away. I’ve said before that most comments on ANYTHING about this show are almost as bad as the ones on Glee. If I were TVLine I would close comments for the show so those of us who watch can just enjoy the recaps.

  33. KCC says:

    I’m not certain how much longer I will be watching Castle regularly. I’m just not enjoying it like I used to. The whole LocSat thing is not at all intriguing and as the reason for Castle and Beckett’s “time-out” it really has to be. Other than wanting it to end just so they stop this poorly constructed and executed plot line, I don’t care who/what LocSat is and, if it was well written, I should. The comedic touches that I’ve always enjoyed about the show also seem forced and less natural. I can almost hear the writers saying “wouldn’t it be funny if…” Almost like they think of something funny and write a scene to include it rather than writing a scene to advance the plot and including some funny comments in it.

    • CastleBuzz says:

      The failure of fans not caring about LokSat is definitely the fault of the showrunners’ decision not to make it more front and center in the episodes since XX. For people to care about a plot device across eps it has to be presented in a way that the effect on the characters is clear. The viewers also need to see the plot device advance storywise. We’ve been given glimpses of how the separation has affected both Kate and Rick, but hardly anything on the plot’s development. Poor execution due to a poor decision.

      • kath says:

        I think much of the problem is that they seem to be writing it backwards. Instead of writing a story about LockSat and how it affects Kate and the people around her, they started with “How can we split up Castle and Beckett?” (because they couldn’t think of anything else to do?)and decided on the LockSat trope.
        They don’t seem care about the LockSat story except as an excuse for splitting up Castle and Beckett. The result is a poorly plotted and written season.

        • CastleBuzz says:

          You may be right, although I bet it was a bit more complicated — how can we split up Castle and Beckett AND tie up some loose ends?

  34. betisa says:

    I’m s*ck of people who DON’T WATCH CASTLE but comment in this site only to attack the show.
    Ridiculous and pathetic.
    If I were a showrunner I would pray for not having “fans” like you that don’t understand anything.


  36. R says:

    No doubt the best episode of the season so far. A good solid COTW, all the stories in the story linking nicely together, intelligent dialogue, a good mix of drama and comedy like in the early Castle seasons, enjoyable Caskett interaction and a sweet love scene in the end, the first since 7×03, I think. I also like Kate and Hayley working together. There’s a good chemistry between these two kick ass ladies, so if we can’t get more of Caskett working together, then more of Kate and Hayley, please. And something will start happening around LokSat case, finally, i.e. Rick will soon poke his nose into something he should not. Rob Hanning, I wouldn’t mind you writing all the Castle episodes.

  37. kpaakpa says:

    More like the Castle I know,it pains me that the next episode they’ll go back to being distant,I really enjoyed dis episode,seriously if they really wanna give us a good reason while we can’t see Caskett frequently they shud invest more in the Locksat problem,it doenst make sense.Give us something concrete to make us miss them(caskett) a little less….

  38. Jill says:

    The problem isn’t whether the storyline makes sense or not, the issue is that I was so done with this Beckett/mother/need to get revenge storyline seasons ago. My friends and I all agree that at this point all we’re here for are the humorous cases of the week. When things start to get dark or complicated is when we switch the channel which is why I’ve seen very little of this season.

  39. ndixit says:

    In other news, the prelims ratings indicate that Castle has gone fractional with a 0.9 rating. Congrats Hawley and Winters. You did it! And sooner than expected. You must be so proud.

    • Betisa says:

      I don’t care about ratings anymore, the show is in its last season anyway.

    • CastleBuzz says:

      Actually the final overnight rating for last night’s show was 1.1 demo and 6.66 million viewers, that’s up from last week. I predict a good surge upward when DVR and OnDemand viewing is included.

    • DarkDefender says:

      According to TV By the Numbers the ratings ticked up in the demo to 1.1. Castle also has consistently increase viewers by large percentages in the Live +3 and Live +7 ratings. It also kills (pun intended) in syndication, making ABC tons of money.
      So a 0.9? I have to disagree with you there. But as Betisa says below, (if) this IS the last season those ratings don’t really matter now, do they?

  40. Dina says:

    2 things about this storyline make no sense to me: 1) Castle gave Beckett a gift, she said she would treasure it, she told him she wished he could come to the precinct with her, and then she disappeared. When she came back, she suddenly needed a break to figure things out. She didn’t need a break a few days earlier, so why isn’t Castle more suspicious? Bracken told him Beckett would keep investigating, but because Beckett says she just needs space, Castle suddenly assumes that his wife needs to be won back, instead of being protected from herself. 2) Beckett left Castle. He still follows her around trying to get her back. Does she actually think she has the right to doubt his commitment to their marriage because of a pause?

  41. John NYC says:

    LOVED the divorce lawyer! As a screw the haters teaser it was just priceless.

  42. lame says:

    I insite of the idiotic premise and Beckett’s incomprehensible choice of keeping RC in the dark, I found the episode entertaining . It was obviously an effort to mollifly the mutiny on hand.
    It did move the ratings needle , 680 mil viewers, which was better and a 1.1 demo, which remains in the critical zone.

  43. Mary says:

    As the daughter of a homicide detective I can assure you that if the idea is to protect the family, they get the family out of town, or at least in a safe house until the threat is neutralized. The target leaving the home does nothing to keep the family safe. If the intent is to hurt the detective or push them into a corner the family will be in danger whether or not the person is living in the home. Kate leaving the loft does nothing at all to safeguard the family, if anything it leaves them totally unprotected. They are still sitting ducks. And I, for one, find the ongoing Bracken story line boring and long past it’s interest date Nathan Fillion has commented that he wants to do other things, I think he will be getting his wish now..

    • lurker says:

      I thought he was doing those other things in the last 4 episodes.

    • David says:

      yep Mary there’s a really good scene from Goodfellers? at the end in the federal prosecutors office where they discuss just that. (leaving the wife out of witness protection )
      It’s the best civilian example of just how wrong Kate was in making her decision to separate that I can think of in the movies :)

    • DarkDefender says:

      Except Mary (and David) we’ve already been told the “protecting Rick” part is mainly by keeping him from inserting himself into an investigation she is trying to be stealth about… Because he doesn’t have any real “stealth” bones in his body.
      Also, not real life.. It is a TV drama.. So mimicking reality is not always good for the plot. Otherwise these investigations would overlap and take months, if not years, to solve. Also.. Real detectives are not as stunning as SK.
      P.S. If NF wanted to bail for other projects he could have done so at the end of season 7. I suspect (although I am speculating) that he went with the “bird in the hand” instead of the promise of roles he didn’t already have lined up. (ala Grey’s PD, seasons 7 thru 11)

  44. Yo Mama says:

    This episode was a reminder of what I love about Castle. Flawed characters who care about each other and try to do the right thing. I enjoyed my 40 minutes of diversion and was left feeling hopeful. Something sorely needed in light of recent events. Loved Duncan’s score. This show is wonderful when functioning on all cylinders.

  45. Sean – Stop insulting anyone who doesn’t like a story that you do. This storyline is S-T-U-P-I-D and the show does NOT feel like Castle. I don’t care if the people who run this site like the storyline (not sure they’d be honest if they DIDN’T like it – they need a good relationship with these people – which I get). I totally understand having your own opinion but to repeat it over and over and over and over and over again, WE GET IT. You think you are superior to everyone else. Trust me, you are NOT.

  46. aph1976 says:

    I think Castle is getting suspicious now about why Kate broke up with him.So while Kate is working on her special case, she might be unaware Castle is digging around too which is what she didn’t want.I think Castle will understand why Kate did what she did because it was to protect him.

  47. lame says:

    Do these writers know how to write a married couple that’s still in love and enjoy kinky sex . Seems they only know couples in their seventies.with cognition problems.

  48. lindag413 says:

    Castlefan I agree,right there with you,great post.

  49. N says:

    Loved Castle!

  50. J. L. Reyn says:

    I have quite watching.. got more than complicated..Wonder Woman is on her way without the costume..Quick healer, patch self up..who oversees the preceint..Cap. Beckett isn’t. moves about city , invisible?? Why should Castle “win her back??’ makes no sense.. She left not for a little time off when she takes everything!!!When she is in crime solver mode all else is secondary, nonsense, protect who??? She is no longer heroine..just selfish.