ABC's Midseason Schedule: Shonda Rhimes' The Catch Joins TGIT Lineup, No Winter Hiatus for Castle

ABC unveiled its midseason game plan on Monday, and Shonda Rhimes’ new drama The Catch will inherit How to Get Away With Murder‘s Thursday-at-10 pm timeslot when the latter series ends its second season in March.

The other big headlines: Castle will forego its previously announced lengthy winter hiatus; Secrets and Lies Season 2 and new comedy Uncle Buck are thus far MIA; and the new Joan Allen drama The Family will get a one-time sneak peek in Scandal‘s Thursday-9 pm timeslot on March 3.

ABC’s full midseason schedule — including premiere dates for sophomore faves Galavant and Agent Carter — is below; new shows are in CAPS.

8 pm Galavant (Season 2 premiere)

8 pm The Bachelor (Season premiere)
10 pm Castle (Winter premiere)

9 pm Marvel’s Agent Carter (Two-hour premiere)

8 pm The Middle (Winter premiere)
8: 30 pm The Goldbergs (Winter premiere)
9 pm Modern Family (Winter premiere)
10 pm black-ish (Winter premiere)
10 pm American Crime (Season 2 premiere)

8 pm MY DIET IS BETTER THAN YOURS (Two-hour series premiere)
10 pm Beyond the Tank

10 pm Castle (Winter premiere)

8 pm The Muppets (Winter premiere)
8:30 pm Fresh Off the Boat (Winter premiere)

8 pm Grey’s Anatomy (Winter premiere)
9 pm Scandal (Winter premiere)
10 pm How to Get Away With Murder (Winter premiere)

8:30 pm THE REAL O’NEALS (Sneak preview)
9:30 pm THE REAL O’NEALS (Sneak preview)

9 pm THE FAMILY (Sneak preview)

8 pm Once Upon a Time (Winter premiere)
9 pm THE FAMILY (Time slot premiere)
10:00 pm Quantico (Winter premiere)

8 pm Fresh Off the Boat (New time slot)
8:30 pm THE REAL O’NEALS (Time slot premiere)
9 pm Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (Winter premiere)
10 pm OF KINGS & PROPHETS (Series premiere)

10 pm American Crime (Season 2 finale)

10 pm Nashville (Winter premiere)

10 pm How to Get Away with Murder (Season 2 finale)

10 pm THE CATCH (Series premiere)

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  1. Brad says:

    Lol so wht made them change castle returning in February to normally in Jan

    • I Give Up says:

      Probably the fact that they don’t get back together in the fall finale and they know a long hiatus would be a death knell.

      • annek says:

        Yup, for all the fun talk, no Caskett togetherness by winter finale and they needed to come back sooner or there would be no viewers to give it a ratings number. I predict more interviews by AH in our future. Oh yay

      • Matt Stone says:

        I think you right about this. They won’t get back together by the fall finale. If they start working together and stop drifting apart I could work with that. Having them at least start getting closer is better than what we’ve been give. They seem to be trying to get Castle ninth season but I think too much damage has been for that. As much as we may dislike Kate right now, the show needs them working together to solve murders. I hope them getting stuck at sea in the fall finale will get them to talk. Got to start somewhere.

        • Jessica says:

          Hey guys, how about actually watching the episode before you just assume that they don’t get back together in the fall finale, huh?

        • Kathie says:

          Wrong about not getting back together! I knew they would as soon as I saw the episode title, “Mr. and Mrs. Castle” and after they celebrated their anniversary last week.
          The writers are such idiots for changing the dynamic with this stupid plot line. They should
          have known the fans would freak out. I just
          hope getting them back together and having a shorter break will bring back the fans of little faith.

    • Sam says:

      The network is not happy with the HORRIBLE ratings for Castle and they think a long hiatus after they are still broken-up and headed for divorce will only make things worse.

    • Murl says:

      I wish they’d do another calendar! That was so handy!!!

    • prish says:

      All the intelligent fans posting on this site gave them much to think about, meaning we joined the writers’ round table, here, it seems. Great site!

      • Kathie says:

        Just having this season was iffy enough without adding this dumb story line to make another season less probable. It took 4 seasons for
        Kate to come to her senses and realize she needed Rick in her life. To have her still
        keeping secrets and closing him out in the name of protecting him is ludicrous.
        The writers have 5 months to
        salvage this series and they better make the most of it. I would also love to see a Javi-Lanie wedding.
        BTW–What’s with Perlmutter’s icky beard? EEEWWW!

  2. Caitlin says:


  3. Neemo says:

    what about Uncle Buck?

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      Unsure at this point. Maybe it should fill the void in the 8:30 pm Friday night time slot after Dr. Ken wraps up its first season.

  4. Katherine says:

    Is Dancing With the Stars not coming back in the spring?

    • Quellysimms says:

      Ha! I didn’t even notice that at first reading. Yeah, good question!! Are they not coming back in the Spring?!?! If not, that sucks.

  5. lame says:

    Smart move by ABC, had they given Castle the long hiatus, chances are they would lose more of their vanishing fan base . It could have been embarrassing.

    • lame says:

      And expensive.

    • Kathie says:

      When they said no long hiatus, I thought that meant coming back Jan. 4. Feb. 1 is still too long. At least, Rick and Kate are back together, if not in public.
      It made no sense for her to exclude him “for his own safety” and he couldn’t immediately figure out why. They’ve been there, done that and
      they’re not that dumb. Bring back
      the show we loved!

      • patricia says:

        Right on. The writers gave taken an awesome show and turned it into dribble, nonsense, and unbelievable “plots” I waited so long for Castle and Beckett to get together and then I foolishly expected the writers to produce a wonderful couple who cleverly and comically solved mysteries.. Wrong! Instead they “created ” a completely confusing, idiotic story line that makes NO sense whatsoever.

  6. Pam says:

    What about Secrets and Lies?

  7. GeoDiva says:

    Agent Carter!

  8. Mr. Tran K says:

    March 24th can’t come soon enough for the premiere of The Catch. Of Kings and Prophets is going to be another disaster in the 10 pm Tuesday night time slot for ABC.

  9. Fran says:

    Good news about Castle! Love the show!!

  10. Gail says:

    Perhaps the late premiere of Nashville will allow Hayden to film some be a part of it if she is up to it

  11. t.w.123 says:

    I’ve been patiently waiting on Uncle Buck. Really surprised they aren’t going to pair it with Fresh Off the Boat while they wait on their Muppets reboot. C’mon ABC! Give us Mike Epps! He’s too strong a comedic talent to leave in the wings all season.

  12. sokyratis555 says:

    Any word on if the pilot of the catch was being reshot? Considering 2 leads were replaced?

  13. Mary S says:

    As glad as I am that Castle will not have a long hiatus, it worries me: They’re not going to cancel the show when all the episodes have been aired, are they?? Or are they giving themselves more time to write some better episodes, that do NOT include Beckett’s absence? I hate that they have done this! Last year, he was gone for many episodes, this year she is gone for many episodes…when can we get them back together with their wonderful and engaging chemistry again? What is going on here???
    >>> I do not intend for this to be a rhetorical question: can somebody please reassure me about this?

    • ndixit says:

      I think it’s pointless to live in the delusion that Castle will live past season 8. It’s a sure shot cancellation. I just hope the two idiot execs get a clue and create an ending for this moronic storyline and not leave any fans that are still left, hanging. As for absence, Castle was not absent for any eps last year. And Beckett is only absent for one ep this year. I doubt they will share many scenes together given the current storyline. Sorry I can’t give any reassurance you are looking for.

      • KLS says:

        I agree, that this is probably the last year of Castle, but I thought that that should be the case even before the season began. I just hope that the characters get restored/improved before the end of the year/series. I would hate to remember them, especially Beckett as she is now.

      • Boiler says:

        You may or my not be right but I sure as heck would like to know where you get your info

    • lame says:

      May 2016 is when the axe falls.

    • Kathie says:

      Castle was missing for 2 months in the story, but not missing in any episodes. I watched the TNT re-run yesterday of the episode 6 premier. He was in it, although sparingly. Kate was not in the 2nd episode this season. I think it was that one.
      I hope you watched last night and saw their reunion. I cried like I did when they finally got together in season 4. I cry a lot with this show, lol. Tonight I’ll cry again with the wedding episode.
      here must know the title and artist of “their song”. I fell in love with it in previous episodes. The title and artist graphic was in the bottom left
      corner of the TV screen in the original showing last Nov. but I didn’t write it down and can’t remember it. It hasn’t been shown in the re-runs.
      I would love to find a recording of it.

  14. J says:

    I dislike the hiatus period every year it comes around, no Quantico until March?! November to March without a show is way to long and almost as bad as the summer hiatus period for shows!

  15. Boiler says:

    I would have loved to see them put in Motive. Monday, except for Castle, now stinks with the Bachelor. What the heck is My Diet is Better than Yours?? Hope that bombs. I’d rather see them do some type of OUAT spinoff with likeable characters that are not on much sort of like the 2nd hour last night. I fear the show that will get hurt by the long hiatus is Nashville

  16. “No Winter Hiatus for Castle”

    “The other big headlines: Castle will forego a lengthy winter hiatus; ”

    So confused, lol.

  17. Shira says:

    Well the length of ‘Nashville’ hiatus it’s like there’s a fifth season. sigh.

    The only way to not finish the season in June is do 2 hour episodes in the last two weeks. I can live with that.

  18. sarah j says:

    I really to do not like these 3-4 month delays!
    Really disrupts the flow of the show. Come Feb 11, March 6 and March 16, I am going to forget most of what happened during the fall.

    • Leah says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Series never used to have these extended breaks. I remember them starting in September, maybe a few weeks off during holidays, then on until May, give or take some weeks off in between. There are too many long breaks now – which is why I’m watching less and less TV shows. You forget what’s even going on

  19. Dalert says:

    lol Quantico way to keep the momentum going and such a great new lead in

  20. DarkDefender says:

    I suspect either TPTB realize they cannot take a break, if Castle and Beckett are not together before the break (with this news, I am now sure they are not together) or they are in a hurry to burn off episodes before they must decide on renewal.
    I hope it is not the latter, but the former and that the right the ship.

    • DarkDefender says:

      That “they” right the ship. (pun intended)

    • Kathie says:

      Oh, Ye of little faith! I knew they would be reunited, probably because of the fan freak-out on this site. How could the writers possibly be surprised at the ratings drop? If they were, they’re dumber than I thought
      they were at the season’s start. So glad they finally came to their senses.
      The motto of all writers should be, “Give the fans what they want”. That means the humor and drama of Caskett without the sadness and separation we’ve suffered through
      this season.

  21. Matt C. says:

    How many episodes is The Catch’s 1st season? Assuming I did my math correctly, May 12 will be the date of the Grey’s and Scandal finales, but that would only put The Catch at 8 episodes. Just wondering if the episode count has been made official or not!

    • Cdeno says:

      Grey’s is 24 episodes airing 8 before the hiatus, Scandal is 22 episodes airing 9 before the hiatus. The only way that Greys’s and Scandal air their finales on the same date is if Scandal has a few weeks off so that Grey’s can air a 2 hour episode in order to catch. The other thing that could happen is Grey’s episode count got cut.

      As for the catch not sure what the episode count is suppose to be.

      • Matt C. says:

        Well Scandal won’t air on March 3 for The Family’s sneak peek, which I included in my math. But you’re right about Grey’s…even if they aired every week consecutively starting February 11, by May 12 it would only have 22 episodes. Hmmmm. Guess we’ll find out in the spring!

  22. Ray says:

    Why do they call it a sneak preview when if you miss the episode, you would have missed the pilot? It only makes sense if that was an *additional* early airing of the pilot.

  23. StephonJS says:

    Do you know the episode count for The Catch and The Family?
    Also do you know if OUAT was given in extra hour?

  24. Missing from the schedule is Secrets & Lies, the only Sunday drama that ABC had renewed (if you don’t count Once Up A Time)

  25. Katie says:

    Why stop at all? I think they should just do it the way we grew up with? Have the fall shows, take a Holiday /winter break and then have another season of shows! Then just have a bunch of new ones, otherwise you forget what’s going on! It sure is dumb the way they do this!

  26. NANCY BURNETT says:

    Thanks for mentioning Castle in the headline of your story. Entertainment Weekly’s site didn’t say Jack J. You-Know-What about Castle in their story about the ABC hiatus. Oh, yeah, now I remember–Castle isn’t a “cool” ABC show.

  27. Youkidding says:

    Oh, what the power of low ratings for Castle can do!!!!! And trying to salvage whatever it’s left from November sweeps…
    It may be too little, too late! I don’t trust the new showrunners ‘fun’ and ‘exciting’ storyline to turn for the better any time soon.

  28. kathyb1953 says:

    Gee– wonder why Castle is coming back sooner? Could it be because they figured out that they would lose what few viewers they still have left if they did? No loss anyway. The show is pathetic now anyway and it was once my favorite series.

  29. kmw says:

    Good that Castle doesn’t have to have a way too long hiatus. Nothing else much a surprise but that Tuesday spot at 10 will not get better with Of Kings and Prophets

  30. Clarance says:

    Castle is just hanging on with the fan base dropping each week. If they didn’t revise the schedule most will drop it altogether. There are other better shows are coming up to replace it such as BLINDSPOT. When the Castle show runners have to explain the story thread what does that mean? Are that stupid?

  31. NDFan says:

    Cool, glad I don’t have to wait so long for Castle to come back.

  32. Joey Padron says:

    Can’t wait for Agent Carter’s new season. It’s gonna be good!

  33. tahina says:

    It’s sickening for Grey’s and HTGAWM, 3 months wait! Guess Shonda giveth and ABC taketh. It sucks!

  34. S8fan says:

    Oh goody!!! The Nathan Fillion, Friends and Co Comedy Hour will return in January!
    Wonder if any of his neighbors or his mailman will make it into the show! Everyone else has already been or will be in episodes (his soap opera co-actors are coming up).

  35. mooshki says:

    Can’t wait for Galavant and Agent Carter!

  36. Renee says:

    Please put Ashley and Beckett back together. It’s boring waiting for them to communicate or in the same scene

  37. prish says:

    The husband is one happy fan, “Oh, sheeeu, good, I didn’t want to wait 10 weeks.”…a big sigh of relief from both of us.

  38. herman1959 says:

    Blackish on at 10:00…really?

  39. Sarah says:

    So only 8 or 9 episodes of Shonda shows in the fall and then a nearly three-month break? Was it like that last year? I don’t remember the hiatus being so long.

  40. Ty says:

    Goodness American tv series go on way too long per season. Htgawm second season ends in March? So we already know it ends in 4 months? Too much of a commitment

  41. autumndreamer76 says:

    I really don’t get these long breaks. The shows barely come back in the fall and then BAM, oh, we’re going to be gone for 3 or 4 months – hope you watch us again and remember what happened after only 8 or 9 episodes. They say it creates less repeats. Why sandwich a short show in a winter break? Why not just bring the shows back in January and, oh, here’s a novel idea, end them in March/April and THEN air other shows. The entire advertising/rating model needs to be overhauled because it’s ridiculous now. Entirely IMO, of course.

    • cdeno says:

      I agree. Or they could just start shows in January and do a straight run.

      The 2-3 week breaks were a pain, but ABC has taken this mid season break a little to far. I find it crazy that you can have a 24 episode show air 8 (1/3) of the season episode in the first 1/2 of the season.

      If ABC is concerned about ratings maybe they should look at actually promoting their shows

      • autumndreamer76 says:

        I can see the time off at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Some people travel to see family and don’t have the time to keep up with their shows, but some of us don’t have to worry about that. But why wait until March? It makes no sense. In that case, air those short series, like Agent Carter, in the fall and then air Agents of Shield in January. To me, that makes more sense.

  42. James says:

    Bringing it back early, think you save it? Nope! They needed to be a couple and you took that away from your viewers. Can’t wait to see the new numbers, so far 41% down from last year. Hey ABC what’s the cut off, 50%. I can feel the axe coming very soon. Who should we thank, the show runners, the producers or ABC. Where is the fun you were talking about, also you said they would not get divorced, now that’s what I read from the comments now (I no longer watch the show). I used to tell everyone about this show, now I just tell my friends to watch something else.

  43. Hank says:

    ABC is trying with bad writers to close Castle.
    I rather see Castle and he’s daughter together as detectives then Becket.
    I loved the show from the beginning but now it sucks.
    I am a mystery fanatic,and if you like good mystery TV shows from Europe watch
    MHz Choice they have much better writers.

  44. anonymous says:

    I still love Castle and can’t wait until it’s back! I’m soooooooooooooooooooooo sick of the Castle haters!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY you need to put that energy into something productive that will help not only you but others as well I find that when I have a lot of frustration I do something productive and it helps expel the energy.

  45. carey says:

    Ok what is going on with Castle??? Not happy at all! Putting the Bachelor in its place.. No thank you..have not watched that show in I don’t know how many seasons. When are you going to realize it just does not work! I am ready for my Monday’s to go back to normal and watch some Castle! Viewers are already on the fence about bringing Castle back for another season and this is not helping!!!

  46. Boycott TGIT. Shondra Rhine’s creates improbable storylines #FireShondraRhimes

  47. loren says:

    I do not remember when Meredith Grey got a third baby wish someone would tell me where the third child came in at? 😯

  48. loren says:

    Another thing that is Really bothering me why are they taking off Mike and Molly just because miley is losing weight there’s nothing like a couple losing weight and getting healthy with each other and I believe they should have a baby because that’s another four seasons of funny watching that child grow up in that household so in closing I would really like for CBS to change their mind let Mike and Molly get healthy together and raise a little baby boy I think that would be grand or better yet twins one boy and one girl what do you all think we can get CBS to change their minds

  49. Paul Wilczynski says:

    Hate to sound dumb, but what does TGIT mean?

  50. Char says:

    Great show, I wait every week for it to come on