Post Mortems
Quantico Season 1 Spoilers

Quantico Boss Talks Alex's Surrender, Liam's Scandal, Simon's Switch & More

Sunday’s Quantico simultaneously gave terrorism suspect Alex a tiny sliver of hope — though she doesn’t know it yet — and put her in the most precarious situation we’ve seen so far.

The hour saw Caleb find (and then, at the behest of his father, bury) the first evidence supporting Agent Parrish’s innocence in the Grand Central bombing. And later, realizing that the feds were closing in after last week’s shootout in Queens, Alex tricked an injured Ryan into boarding a helicopter to safety, then walked into FBI Central to turn herself in.

As executive producer Joshua Safran promised in October, the episode answered several questions. Among them, we learned that the secret shame shared by Alex’s dad and Liam involved a botched terrorism investigation in Omaha in the 1990s and that Shelby’s half-sister in Saudi Arabia really exists.

Read on as Safran offers insight into Alex’s new plight, the FBI’s hunt for the next bomb,the Simon-Raina-Nimah twin dilemma and the Caleb curveball of which Tom Cruise might approve.

TVLINE | Now that Nimah and Raina are out to all the recruits, it looks like Simon is more into Nimah, but Raina’s more into Simon.
Yes, exactly — or she was, until she watched how Simon cared less about her, because he was more interested in being surprised by Nimah than he is in the connections that he had formed with Raina. Because Raina knows when she was in the room with Simon, and Simon just doesn’t really know that.

Quantico Season 1 Spoilers TVLINE | I’m assuming that this whole situation leads to whatever falling out the twins and Simon have between Quantico and when we meet up with them again.
Oh, yes. That is on the near horizon.

TVLINE | Clayton is looking pretty dirty by the end of the episode, given that he’s holding back the only proof that might help Alex clear her name.
It’s not so much “dirty” as it is he’s protecting his own ass… It really is just about the way in which he selfishly puts himself above the needs of the many.

TVLINE | Miranda’s son Charlie goes missing at the end of the hour, and we’re led to believe that maybe he’s running away to meet up with the group she feared. But we don’t actually see him leave. Is there a possibility what we think happened didn’t happen?
You’ve watched television before, haven’t you? [Laughs] Yes. There are many, many possibilities that what you think happened didn’t exactly happen, and I think that’s the story we’ve been telling with Miranda all along: How well does she know her son? More than that, it’s the way in which what she believes is challenged by what she might not want to see.

TVLINE | So the big secret Liam has been hiding: He and Alex’s father buried evidence about the Omaha bombing that would have put them in a bad light?
It’s that they missed the warning signs, and that they didn’t tell anyone that they missed the warning signs.

TVLINE | Their secret turned out to be a lot less nefarious than I was expecting.
We were very interested in how small acts ripples out through your life and gets bigger and bigger and bigger. And that’s actually not a small act. I mean, 200 people died, as we hear about in this episode, and that blood isn’t directly on Liam’s and Michael’s hands, and others, but it did touch them, and they just couldn’t live with that…

It really was always about dealing with an event that sits inside you, and how some people can be OK with it, other people turn to drink like Michael did, and other people try to pretend it never happened, like Liam had.

TVLINE | At the end, Caleb shows up at what isn’t explicitly called a Scientology center, but that’s pretty much what it is, right?
[Laughs] I won’t say definitively that it’s Scientology, but we definitely want to look at all aspects of sort of all institutions, I would say, that make up America — whether that’s religious institutions, whether that’s financial institutions, whether that’s governmental institutions.

TVLINE | Is that the same organization Caleb referenced in his conversation at Quantico with Shelby?
I can’t tell you that! [Laughs]

TVLINE | That bullet-removal scene with Ryan and Alex was grueling.
I know. I hope nobody turned the TV off. That was my Scandal, Khandi Alexander moment, when she gnawed off her wrist. I remember watching that, being like, I can’t turn my eyes away from this, but I never want to see this again.

TVLINE | At the end of the episode, we watch Alex walk into FBI Central, saying there’s another bomb hidden in New York. Is there someone on a high-ranking level who maybe believes her, but is playing it cool for the time being?
It’s almost as if you have read future episodes. [Laughs] In the very next episode, the question of who in the upper ranks of the FBI is on Alex’s side — and who is defiantly not — is very clearly answered.

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  1. ABC Just showed CBS how they should handle Supergirl and NCIS:LA.

  2. Jeffrey Sean Keith says:

    After tonight, I really want Alex,Ryan,and Shelby to end up together!

  3. Dave says:

    I think I am out. This show just does not know when to calm the hell down. I know we live in a tv landscape now that thrives on twists but this is ridiculous. The writers do not have enough confidence in themselves to just let things happen in a character driven manner. They just have to hit you on the head with one curve after the other. And it is not even that the twists are confusing- just exhausting.

  4. Eli Williams says:

    i miss Elias! bring him back!!!

  5. MFL says:

    I watch this show but if it’s cancelled and taken off air right now before they reveal the attacker I don’t think I’d care…With new twists revealed every episode, I still can’t find a likable character to root for. They are likable one moment then they are not!
    Again I ask, how is it that Alex, a recruit is running circles around experienced agents and getting them to spill some major classified info. They are able to bury & cover up a murder of 200+ people but they are not able to fend off 1 recruit.
    Poor Raina..glad Nimah put Simon in his place..he knew Raina’s the one who liked him but goes on to try and ask out her sister!!

  6. jane thibideau says:

    am seriously beginning to get into this show now – I feel like its finally coming together after all the red herrings – some secrets have come out. and I feel I want to know whats coming next…

    I hope it stays on

    • Lisa says:

      I keep listening to the little things that are said during the training exercises. I think some of those things are significant clues. For example tonight’s training. The end result was that Alex was so busy following the one that was suspected, she missed what was right in front of her.

      I’d have to look back at the previous episodes again to quote the others, but there was something Simon said also back in the second episode that struck me also. Not so much the exercises themselves, but I think there is something significant we can pick up from each episode that should help point us in the right direction.

      By the way, I love the show. It’s compelling every week.

      • LADY_in_MD says:

        I have noticed that too I feel like during the speech at the end of the episode mostly by Miranda during the montage scenes she has some lines that tie back to the episode and what is going on with each NAT during the training scenes and Alex in present day

    • Delirious says:

      I describe my experience with this show as “Chandler and Ross playing Bamboozled”.


  7. ? says:

    Could it any more obviously be Shelby?

    • sarah j says:

      It is Simon.

    • MK says:

      I’ll be so mad if it’s Shelby….or Caleb. Want them together!! I think it’s Liam.

      • Kristen says:

        I think Liam is far too obvious. I think he might actually end up being the “higher up” that is on her side now that she’s turned herself in. Wasn’t there something in earlier episodes about how he fell in love with her? Maybe he’s just bad, I don’t know. What I do know though, is that if he is the one behind all of this, it will discredit everything this show has built up to be. Liam has been the most obvious suspect this entire time. He is hell bent on letting Alex go down for the crime, regardless of the truth. I’m hoping he’s just that naive and thirsty for a conviction, and not because he’s the bomber. I don’t know who it could be. Maybe Elias? Maybe that’s why he’s being brought back in? I have no clue, but I will keep tuning in to find out!

        Also, I agree with the poster above about little clues being given throughout the episode in the dialogue of the characters. I feel like things said while everyone was back at Quantico are actually clues as to who the present day bomber could be. I’m excited to see everything unravel!

  8. zac says:

    They’re finally answering a lot of questions they dumped onto us in the past episodes. Loving the new episodes with all the answers

  9. Ugonna Wosu says:

    I don’t understand who’s who with the twins. I thought before niemah is the one wearing the hijab and Raina didn’t. Last night, it was the opposite. I have no idea who shared what with Simon , and I’m about to not care. Love the show otherwise.

    • Amanda says:

      I’m confused as well, I thought that Niemah didn’t want to be there, but only came because Raina wanted her too. Now it’s like Niemah wanted to be there and Raina doesn’t. And I too thought it was Niemah who always wore the hijabs….I don’t know anymore!

    • Tessa says:

      Yeah. It’s confusing.

    • Sheila says:

      Raina is the quiet religious hijab-wearer who was not great at the phys ed challenges. Nimah was the one who wanted to be there in the first place. Nimah is more assertive and wears the hair straight mostly. The thing is Simon kissed Nimah when she took off the hijab that time. Simon fooled everybody. Now it is Simon whose head is spinning. Great story! Turns out the girl he likes is not the girl who likes him…but how was he to know? Nimah maybe won’t let herself go there because she knows Raina wants him.

  10. MSW says:

    I’m still guessing a curve ball like Elias or Alex’s mom.

  11. Adnan Tapa says:

    I think Ryan Booth is the terrorist. When Alex was speaking with Simon after the bombing, he said that they started to frame Alex the minute she walked into Quantico. The only person she spoke to before that and has touched her Ryan in the car scene. But when Simon was looking at the fingerprints on the C3, it’s fingerprints didnt show Alex’s scar. Also Simon says it was used in the military and Ryan was in it. But I also think Simon may be the terrorist because he spent time in Gaza and knows a bomb technician.

  12. Adnan Tapa says:

    I think Ryan Booth is the terrorist. When Alex was speaking with Simon after the bombing, he said that they started to frame Alex the minute she walked into Quantico. The only person she spoke to before that and has touched her Ryan in the car scene. But when Simon was looking at the fingerprints on the C3, it’s fingerprints didnt show Alex’s scar. Also Simon says it was used in the military and Ryan was in it. But I also think Simon may be the terrorist because he spent time in Gaza and knows a bomb technician. Also it’s going to be a good ending on the winter finale.