Should Supergirl Hide Herself Better? Where's Scandal's Mellie? Squicky Supernatural Vibes? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Girl Meets World, Jane the Virgin, NCIS and Scandal!

1 | Shouldn’t Girl Meets World have given Maya and her mother a scene to discuss how they felt about Kermit’s arrival? Also, are we to trust that Katy and Shawn are still dating, despite the fact that Rider Strong hasn’t made an appearance for 16 episodes?Quantico

2 | Where do you fall on Undateable making meta jokes about the actors’ past projects: Yea or nay?

3 | How many bullets is Quantico’s Ryan going to take before he starts wearing a protective vest 24/7?

4 | Considering how readily available artillery seems to be on The Walking Dead, doesn’t it seem like Maggie and Glenn should have been able to score a few boxes of Trojans somewhere along the line?

5 | How are we to believe that The Good Wife‘s Ruth is a highly sought-after political strategist when she advocates photo ops like Peter and Alicia dressing in the exact same outfits Barack and Michelle Obama wore for the current POTUS’ own campaign kickoff? And on what planet wouldn’t one (or both!) of the Florricks have refused to wear CAROLINE FORDthose overcoats in a hot, cramped high-school gym?

6 | Did Once Upon a Time‘s Nimue (played by Carolyn Ford) give you Evangeline Lilly vibes?

7 | Is The Last Man on Earth a better show when it just focuses on Phil and Carol?

8 | Was Supergirl pushing Kara’s “secret identity” by putting her in a fitted, long-sleeve blue top and with her hair down? And if she is going to IM her cousin Clark Kent about the alien superhero life, can we trust IT whiz Winn to encrypt their exchanges? Also, as noticed during one fly-by: National City has palm trees?

9 | Castle has a secret room within his secret room? Given the price of NYC real estate, isn’t he shelling out a bunch for hidden nooks?

10 | We love Jane the Virgin, but has she cried almost every week this season?

11 | If The Flash’s Patty twinkled any more when with Barry, would we have to call her Dr. Light? And are we to look sideways Arrow Robert Queenat Linda Park from here on, knowing that her doppelgänger is on the loose out there (presumably after stealing some clothes from The Limited)? Finally, do you buy the idea of Robert Queen as The Hood on Earth-Two? (He must be pretty spry!)

12 | Can an NCIS superfan out there please hit us with a supercut of each team member reacting to the news that Jeanne Benoit had resurfaced?

13 | Should Fresh Off the Boat‘s Evan and Emery have their own web series?

14 | Should Arrow‘s Oliver and Felicity perhaps invest in curtains? (And Oliver has a journal?! What do you suppose he writes in there?) Also, does Lance’s “meet cute” with Donna only add to the likelihood that he lands in the grave?

15 | On Supernatural, were there strangely inappropriate vibes between Dean and teenaged Amara?

16 | Any suggestions for how to safely bleach away the sight of Empire‘s lesbian Mimi and homophobic Lucious making out, in anticipation of a three-way with a random chick? Also, who is actually running Empire nowadays, what with Jamal and Lucious seemingly doing everything but that?

17 | Did anyone miss Nashville‘s Maddie this week? (Yeah, we didn’t think so.)

18 | Though Survivor blindsides are as commonplace as sunburn this season, didn’t Savage’s elimination still manage to be a shock-and-a-half?

19 | What sort of cool Star Wars perk do we think Shonda Rhimes and the casts of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder received in exchange for their participation in this week’sScandal Season 5 Mellie #TGITAwakens promotion?

20 | Does Mellie’s relative absence from Scandal these past two weeks seem kind of odd?

21 | Since when can Vampire Diaries‘ bloodsuckers have children? (Wasn’t Rebekah’s whole sadness that she could never have a family?) And when are we going to find out what Matt is up to in the future? (Or does he not have one?!)

22 | The Player’s Cassandra has to be Felicity Smoak’s cool older cousin who was raised overseas, yes?

23 | If Sleepy Hollow‘s berserkers were strong enough to hurl an engine block at Ichabod and Joe, shouldn’t they have been able to bust through that metal door a lot faster than they did? And, given the ease with with he’s blended into the team (and the speed with which he hooked up with a Mills girl), isn’t Joe basically the anti-Hawley?

24 | Hawaii Five-0, The Flash, Scandal…. Exactly how many shows this past week trotted out shocking in media res openings, followed by the likes of “48 Hours Earlier…”?

25 | Is Justin Bieber a guest on Ellen every other week or does it just feel that way?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Cat Grant should hire Team Machine from Person of Interest to discern who Supergirl is.

    • The absurdity of Supergirl’s “secret identity” is further exacerbated by the fact that Flash convinced Arrow to start wearing a mask instead of face paint to keep people from recognizing him. As much as people want these shows to co-exist, they couldn’t, not unless the writing on Supergirl improves.

      • Temperance says:

        Considering that there are people that plan to vote for one of the GOP candidates, I’d say there are a whole lot of people that would never notice Kara as Supergirl in a million ears.

        • They don’t have to notice it. We live in a world with a heightened sense of surveillance, with an increase of cameras on every corner (the basic premise of Person of Interest…). She’s doing nothing to conceal her face from such things. She makes it far too easy for people to figure out who she really is.

          • wakey says:

            You do realise that the masks Oliver wears and even Barry’s wouldn’t actually prevent them being identified don’t you,. Enough of their features show for biometrics to be able to make a fairly accurate match so as far as that goes they may as well not be hiding their face. Hiding from such surveillance needs much to be done to throw the biomentrics off

          • Among the other things they do is change their voice, while Barry also vibrates his face.

            But yeah, a good enough system would catch them, undoubtedly. The point, however, is that they take counter measures to prevent it, which is more than what Kara does.

          • Ironically, both actual Superwomen (Kristin Wells and Lucy Lane) wore cowls that concealed their identities, heh.

          • wakey says:

            Superman and Supergirl both change their voice too though. It may not be as on the nose but they speak with a much more confidence and authority than they do in their ‘human’ persona which is much more meek and bumberling.

            In reality people aren’t actually hyper observant, even those who are trained to be so can be thrown off by simple differences. TV has the problem that even with a radical makeover we know it’s that person so we aren’t fooled but when you don’t know simple things like hair colour, eyewear, the way someone carries themself, the way they speak etc are often enough to throw us off.

            The only people most of these things couldn’t beat was a computer using biometric data but as I said even basic software that you could buy for very little could recognise pretty much all the mask wearing charachters with little trouble as it uses distances between features and none of their features are actually hidden or obscured. Diggle’s helmet is the closest to being able to bear it. It’s why bank robbers will use Baliclavers or other such masks which only leave the eyes visible. They would also be needing to change their height, arm/leg length, torso length and their movement to fool a computer.

          • Changing height would be easy, just put lifts on the shoes. Changing hair color is easy, wear a wig (which Supergirl did in the animated series AND in the movie).

          • wakey says:

            Changing hair colour doesn’t fool biometrics just as wearing a mask doesn’t. Yes hair colour may throw people off a bit but there are other things which superman and Supergirl both employ that are just as useful as changing hair colour.

            The picture used on this article actually highlights it perfectly. While we can instantly look at both and know it’s the same person some of that’s because we already know it’s the same person so our brain targets the simerlar elements but look at it critically and you see the glasses actually make her face look more round where as the Supergirl shot her face comes across longer, less round and thinner. It’s enough that coupled with different attitudes that you wouldn’t instantly put it together but the minute it was revealed you would get it

            As for changing height it would generally need more than you would generally get with lifts to fool it, certainly not with changing the other biometric data points

          • Supergirl in the movie = wig, calls herself Linda Lee.
            Supergirl in the cartoons = wig + glasses, calls herself Kara Kent.
            Supergirl in Smallville = wig + glasses, calls herself Kara Kent.
            Supergirl in Supergirl = just glasses, calls herself Kara Danvers.
            Seems to me like the wig would be the most important part of the disguise.

      • Jeri says:

        From Superman onward, these secret identities have always been lame. Glasses and a change of clothes fooling people you see everyday and even your love interest (Lois Lane). Part of the genre.

        • Not really, no. What Superman has done, multiple times, which Supergirl isn’t doing, is address the issue of the secret identity head on, as was the case with Superman #2 and other examples.

        • There are far more instances of Superman comics, movies, and TV shows addressing the issue of the secret identity than there are of those that just accept it at face value.

          Previous iterations of Supergirl understood this, which is why they gave her a wig twice in live action and once in a cartoon.

          This show only went with the glasses out of laziness and to make her look more like Clark.

          As I said before, they might as well have just genderbent Clark instead of used Supergirl.

      • Cate says:

        we’re talking about a universe in which Clark Kent has already successfully kept his identity secret even from his close friends and colleagues for a while. Canonically, Lois didn’t really clue in for a rather long time.
        The “disguise” has always been incredibly stupid.

        OTOH, I don’t really require realism from these types of shows, considering, you know, flying people, xray vision, etc.

        Who knows, maybe Kryptonians have a weird perception filter superpower (like the TARDIS) that nobody really looked into until know. Or, you know, accidental Jedi mind control powers. (“These are not the heroes you’re looking for”).

        • They don’t, no. As for realism being a requirement, it actually is. That is how the creators of the concept intended it. These stories didn’t become mindless toilettainment until much later.

          As stated before, you are bound to find more instances of the issue of the glasses being addressed than ignored.

    • Steven says:

      I don’t know if I can continue to watch Supergirl unless they explain exactly why people don’t recognize her. I know this dates back to the Superman comics, but I cannot suspend belief to the point where Cat doesn’t recognize her own assistant standing in front of her.

      • This sort of thing became outdated in the 80’s, which is when writers like Byrne paid more attention to it and actually addressed it. It was later writers whose sensibilities are more in line with the comics of the 50’s and 60’s that decided to regress to that era of just ignoring it. Very lame.

        • Temperance says:

          Stylistic choice. Pretty much every show on TV requires significant suspension of disbelief; if you liked the show, you wouldn’t be complaining.

          • Well, yeah. Those who like it make excuses for it.

            There’s a difference between suspension of disbelief when it comes to her flying, it’s another when it comes to her secret identity.

            I refer you once again to Barry suggesting to Ollie that he wear a mask. Clearly concealing one’s identity is still a concern in these worlds.

          • When Birds of Prey came out, one of the biggest complaints it received was that they didn’t wear masks to hide their identities. Fast forward a decade or so, and all recent versions of Canary and Huntress seen in Smallville and Arrow now cover their faces with masks.

            Ignoring the fact that she doesn’t wear a mask and taking things for granted is weak writing. What needs to happen is the OPPOSITE.

            It’s happened with Superman.

            Going back to their claim of being inspired by the Donner movie, in the original cut of Superman II Lois figured out Superman’s identity by drawing a suit, glasses, and fedora on a picture of Superman on the front page of the Daily Planet.

            THAT was smart writing. If these producers are honest about being inspired by his work, then they will be just as smart.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            But the domino masks barely cover their faces, just the eyes. How wouldn’t they be eventually recognized, and no, there’s no significant difference between suspending disbelief about flying and the secret identity. Superman doesn’t even wear a mask.

          • wakey says:

            That is not how Lois discovers his identity though. The scene does exists but ends with her rejecting the idea because Clark is so mild mannered and clumsy.

            It’s the scene where he trips and falls into the fire burning his hand but having no injury where she discovers it

          • Wakey, you’re mixing up scenes from the two different cuts. In the one I reference, Lois jumps out the window to prove she’s right, but then Clark races down at super speed and then uses his breathe to make her land on the fruit stand to save her. That was the original version before the one in which she jumps into the water and he rescues her by shooting his heat vision at a tree branch. You can find it on Youtube. Also, in the original cut she shoots him with a gun to prove she’s right, they don’t do the scene with the glasses in the fireplace. She’s so convinced that she is right, that she’s willing to shoot him to prove it.

          • Rob, no, Superman doesn’t wear a mask, which is why in the second issue of the Superman comic after Crisis Lex Luthor FOUND OUT HIS SECRET IDENTITY, lol.

            What Superman did back then was blur his face to prevent people from taking clear images of it, but that didn’t stop Luthor.

            That’s the difference between good writing and bad writing.

        • Temperance says:

          I’m also curious… since you hate this show, why are you here, posting in every thread, over and over, repeating that you hate it? It’s kinda bizarre. It’s not like anyone matter in the production would notice or care, and clearly most of the people posting here aking their heads because you just don’t get it.

          • You may have noticed that others chime into the conversation in more productive ways than you are doing, for instance. It’s called a debate on an issue. Are you censoring dissent? lol

          • Rob Watkins says:

            That’s not censorship. There’s no force involved. It’s an honest question, what value are you getting from continually bashing a show you don’t like?

        • It’s also because Superman doesn’t wear a mask that Lois was able to figure out who he is, among other things, such as his height, weight, body type, etc. All the things she lists in that scene from the Donner cut. These are the things the Supergirl TV show ignores. Supergirl wants to be Donner’s Superman but it’s more like Batman & Robin or Catwoman. If it really wants to be like the movie the producers claimed inspired it, as well as compatible with its contemporaries, they need to make the writing smarter.

      • Drew says:

        True. Even Barry Allen vibrates his face and changes his voice around people he knows.

      • jc says:

        I agree that it is really distracting. It is especially hard to accept that Cat wouldn’t recognize her assistant when she is supposed to be a very successful investigative journalist. One would think being observant is a big part of that job.

        • I wonder how good a reporter she is as she didn’t even ask Supergirl her name. Lois asked Superman his name in Donner’s movie, but the only reason he didn’t respond was because that was when he told her her underwear was pink.

          In regards to Cat’s interview, when Supergirl said that no one ever asks her cousin about having a family, she lied as the first question Lois asked him was if he was married, then if he had a girlfriend.

          The producers claim this show is inspired by Donner’s movie, but they are clearly ignoring what they don’t like about it, which results in very poor writing.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            You are taking “inspired by” way too literally. The comment Supergirl made is a comment on how women are supposedly constantly being asked that question and not men. They aren’t literally saying Superman: The Movie is how their Superman’s story played out. They are taking inspiration in terms of tone. And if you want to talk about poor writing, Superman: The Movie is full of it. He turns back time in order to save the day, he deus ex machina’ed the hell out of that ending. And Lois just seems to take Superman’s confession that he’s an alien in stride, like it wouldn’t be the biggest story ever.

          • Back then Superman could travel back in time in the comics, so his traveling back in time in the movie was in keeping with the source material of the time.

            What Lois asked Superman went beyond what Cat asked Grant. That scene is oozing with subtext.

            “How big are you — how TALL are you?”

          • What Cat asked Kara, rather.

      • John NYC says:

        Anyone else could be an issue but Cat is portrayed as about as self centered and absorbed as a human is capable of being so, no, I can completely understand her NOT recognizing what, to her, is about as significant as her guest chair in the office. Nobody expects to see their stapler flying around doing hero stuff….

        • Given that Kara has, thus far, gotten into TWO arguments with Cat over Supergirl, if she didn’t pay attention to her before, she would start paying attention to her now.

          • Temperance says:

            Again, her boss sees her as wallpaper; I’ve certainly had quite a few bosses that would do exactly that. Heck, I’d guess most CEOs in real life would different.

          • She may have seen her as wallpaper BEFORE the first debate they had over girl versus woman. After the second she should begin to become more noticeable. Let’s see what happens next time Kara bursts into her office with some complain.

      • Gern Blanston says:

        People don’t recognize her because it is oftentimes difficult to recognize people out of context. I switched jobs a few years back, yet remained in the same industry where I would deal with the same people face to face on a regular basis. I spent an hour talking to a guy that I had known for years on a Friday. The next Monday when I started my new job he came in and spoke to me like I was a complete stranger. After I told him who I was and that we had just spoke a couple of days prior it was like a fog had lifted as recognition dawned on him. He was not the only one that I had that experience with and I’ve seen it happen to other people as well. Its not that uncommon to not recognize people if you don’t have the expectation that you should know them.

        • In Kara’s case, she’s been around the people she works with for years, while Supergirl’s face is all over the world in all forms of media, so their not recognizing her is weak.

        • sanchopanza says:

          Just happened upon this comment when I was scrolling down past all this palaver. You’re quite right about the out of context issue. I used to work for the library and saw many, many regulars checking out books every day, and of course we thought we knew each other. But when we occasionally ran into each other at the grocery store we’d usually say, “I know you, don’t I?” and it would take some time to realize where we recognized each other from.

          • That happened to me a few times with people/customers at the comic book store I used to frequent in the 90’s. We’d run into each other outside of it and vaguely recognize each other. That was based on running into each other only once a week on new comic book day. Were it a daily thing, as is the case with Kara and her co workers, there would be no vagueness about it.

            Something similar happened when I watched the second Divergent movie in that I barely recognized Naomi Watts in it as I hadn’t seen her in anything else recently. Other people I’ve spoken about the movie with had the same issue.

            Again, if we saw Watts every day, there would have been no confusion about it.

      • wakey says:

        They did explain it in I think episode 2. Supermans disguise isn’t the glasses, his disguise is the Clark Kent persona, even if you click the the physical resmebelence he just isn’t believable to be superman as he is so unremarkable. It’s the same with Kara

        • HOW is it the same with Kara when she rushes into her office to get into arguments over semantics with her boss? Clark didn’t do that with Perry.

          • wakey says:

            How is disagreeing with your boss and expressing it especially how badly she makes her point and backs down scream ‘She is supergirl’. She comes across as a meek person with an opinion who isn’t strong willed enough to fight her corner. In that office the only person giving off vibes that they could be Supergirl is Cat as she is the only one who is strong and confident enough to be believable as a hero

          • Rushing into her bosses’ office to argue with her over semantics doesn’t make her meek. Meek Clark never did that. Forceful Clark would.

          • wakey says:

            You can express an opinion in a meek manner though. She doesn’t do it in a forceful manner with showing a belief. It’s deer in the headlights way of expressing an opinion

          • She went into the office shouting “we can’t call her girl”, and didn’t get mousy until after Cat responded.

            One has to love the irony of her walking into the office in a huff while carrying the coffee Henshaw told her to go fetch…

    • HAP says:

      Anyone who remembers the 1950s TV show with George Reeves as Superman would recall that the only difference between Superman and Clark Kent was a fedora and a pair of glasses.

      • Essentially. Same was true of the Filmation toon, Lois & Clark (“Clark is who I am, Superman is what I can do”), Superman The Animated Series (“The Late Mr. Kent.”), Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Smallville, Man of Steel.

        Basically, if we took stock of all adaptation of Superman in other media, we’d find that the number of adaptation in which Clark is portrayed as a real person as opposed to a caricature out number the ones in which he’s a mask, as in the Donner movie.

        Even in the Superboy TV show, which style was clearly inspired by the Donner movies, Clark was not as exaggerated as in the Donner movies or the CBS cartoon from 1988.

        • Imzadi says:

          That’s what I loved about the show Lois & Clark. Clark was a real person and not a disguise. I’ve only seen the pilot of Supergirl, but her real personality was much more like Superman cover personality, dorky Clark Kent.

          • Yeah. They’re trying to emulate the Donner movie, which soon will be 40 years old. Their target demo is all over the place. They want to pander to fans of Reeve, detractors of Cavill, girls, etc. They should have instead focused on making a good show that wasn’t built on a shaky foundation.

          • Ann says:

            I don’t think so. I think her dorkiness is her true self, Supergirl is the person she is striving to be more like. She was already a pre-teen when she came to earth, so she was herself first and hid her power secondly. Whereas Clark was grew up on earth and knew he was different (but didn’t know why) and tried to hide it because he was told to and being the loaner/dork was the best way he knew how to hide.

          • She was more forceful with Cat over the use of girl over woman than she was as Supergirl with Henshaw when he belittled her, so what her true personality is is up for debate.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            There’s also a big difference, Clark was on Earth for pretty much his entire life. He has no memories of Krypton. Clark would be the real person. Kara didn’t even change her name.

          • Because she’s an idiot. If people learn Supergirl’s name is Kara Zor-El and no one in her life manages to connect the two Karas that will only further demonstrate how badly written this show is. Same height, same weight, same hair color, same body type, same name.

    • dan says:


  2. Kate says:

    As one recapper (or maybe reviewer) mentioned about this week’s Arrow, the price of real estate facing that side of Oliver and Felicity’s bedroom must have gone up. Also, the price of telescopes :P I’m thinking Oliver and Felicity invested in a privacy tint.

  3. Heather says:

    Questions and Quotes of the Week are my favorite TVLine features!

  4. Steven says:

    24. I’ve been binge watching Alias and they were constant offenders of this overused gimmick.

  5. Luis says:

    2. I LOVE the meta on Undateable – love watching the cast holding it together
    9. I’m amazed Rick’s apartment doesn’t have secret rooms.
    11. I love anything that results in a Jamey Sheridan sighting.
    14. Does anybody in SC have curtains? Maybe that’s how they roll.
    24.. The jumpback in time opening has become one of the more tired devices on TV

    • sanchopanza says:

      24: Especially when they let you believe what was happening in the opening, then when you get to real time, oh no, it was all a joke or a trick.

  6. tracyg36 says:

    Condoms break, you know…

  7. Allison says:

    17. Not at all. And next week, it’s all about her. Ugh
    18. It was great b/c only Kelley knew what was going to happen, so everyone was blindsided, not just the people who thought she was going home.

  8. Sasha says:

    Shouldn’t have Kara in some kind of wig? Like have her with fake dark shorter hair so that when she is supergirl she can at least look a tad bit different?

  9. ToyCannon says:

    I noticed the palm trees in both the pilot episode and last week. I am beginning to think National City is in Florida.

  10. Lena says:

    oliver’s always had a journal; he used to use it to write about his vendetta in/narrate the show in s1. he must have stopped writing in it when he got some friends, and then felt the urge to record about how he was offish “in love and going to be mr oliver smoak one day” etc.

  11. t.w.123 says:

    20. I’ve long been working with the the theory that Bellamy Young is pregnant (maybe ?). They had her in some pretty terribly fitting clothes at the start of the season. Then they moved from terribly fitting clothes to tops/ blazers with patterns. And now she’s been virtually absent for two weeks. So, …..

  12. Laura says:

    25 – I swear Ellen is on Bieber’s image rehabilitation team…he just needs a *lot* of help.

  13. Drew says:

    8. Supergirl has some horrible direction. When characters aren’t yelling Kara’s secret in public hallways, Kara is throwing off her glasses, letting her hair down and running right past a giant picture of Supergirl in nearly the exact same pose.
    I still say that the Clark of that world is a d-bag.
    Also, I wasn’t a fan of their bashing redheads for laughs. They’re still on thin ice for the Jimmy Olsen thing.
    11. Maybe Robert Queen is a meta-human or juiced up on mirikuru.
    14. Between Oliver keeping a journal, talking about recipes and trying to mend fences between Felicity and her mother, I think it’s time for them to stop calling the show “Arrow” and start calling “Desperate Housewives: Star City”.
    I don’t know what they’re thinking this year.
    15. I was just bummed to go back to the angels and demons. Amara is a cool villain when used as she was last week, but watching her reenact some ABC Family drama with Crowley is just annoying. They should cut the episode order per season if they have to, and hold off the premiere for midseason. It would be better than these lame filler episodes which are all about how much the good and bad characters won’t kill each other.

    • Sara says:

      About arrow… Every once in a while, you’re gonna have to sit your butt down and watch grown up people deal with grown up issues. None of the action works if you don’t root for the characters. None of the supernatural stuff resonates if you don’t fear for the characters. If there are no stakes, Oliver eventually defeating darhk by the season finale will be pointless because it won’t be a plot twist. Everyone already knows the villain loses. So what’s left then?

      Also 1) comics oliver is actually a terrific cook. 2) you don’t know that it’s a journal but if it was hell yes, gimme emotionally healthy oliver queen FINALLY 3) he didn’t do any mending at all, donna did. diggle did. 4) seems like the desperate housewives comparison can only apply to the first half of the premiere which aired about 6 weeks/6 episodes ago.

      • Drew says:

        The problem is that Oliver is completely useless on his own show now. It is like I’m watching a drawn out epilogue to a series that ended a long while ago. He is no longer the great fighter that he was in season 1. He isn’t the hero that leads the team, he is more of a backup player. He is just boring. And it would be fine, if the show didn’t still focus on him. If we followed Thea, Diggle and Laurel as they actually fight crime, that’d be great. Instead, we get to watch Oliver get his butt kicked in fights and then make googlie eyes at Felicity. It is boring.
        I’m tired of people assuming that just because I think the writing and characterization has been poor this season, I am some airhead who only shows up for the fights and explosions. I am a writer. Character is everything. However, this is not being done well. And also, it is a comic book superhero series, not a relationship drama. If they want to do relationships, they need to make it work within the context of this genre. They have failed at that so far this year.
        I still like Diggle, Thea, Laurel and even Curtis. But Oliver has become the weak spot on his own show, mostly because they keep forcing him into situations where he doesn’t belong. They are putting the story they want to tell ahead of the story that comes naturally. That is not how you do character building.

        • *Crystal* says:

          I hated how Oliver/Felicity were written last year. It did nothing for me. However, we must be watching different shows this year. They are making the relationship work in context of the show. They are doing it brilliantly in fact. The first time watching a CW show and thinking wow they got and adult relationship right.

          I do agree it feels like Oliver has taken a bit bit of a back seat in the action. I think that stems from the overcrowding problem. I gonna be devastated whoever dies but I’m actually rooting for a team member (even though I think it’s Lance) just to make room and screen time for others.

          Also after watching Thea/Laurel/Sara in action I dying for Laurel to create birds of prey already. I kind of thinks that’s her final season highlight though. Or atleast it should be.

  14. Dax says:

    I liked the first episode, gone downhill rapidly since. No longer on my watch list. Boring and stupid……compared to Superman which was so realistic, lol! Seriously, it’s waste of an hour.

  15. Steven says:

    #24 – The Originals did it too! Ugh.

  16. Win says:

    2. Undateable Live: I love meta references and feel I would continue to, but I could see it getting old for some.

    3. Yeah, I think 50 Cent and Boromir both went up to Ryan from Quantico and said, “You got the Juice now.”

    14. My money’s on “Dear Literal Penthouse Forum…” or “Are you there, Darhk, It’s Me, Arrow.”

    18. No – not Savage! :( (Surprised because I haven’t been watching, but his season was one of those that epitomized the “need” for a second chance season.)

    22. TVLine, can you arrange a Parent Trap/Sister, Sister-style meeting to confirm that, stat! Because yasss. (I know they’re not identical, but forgive me – I watched a lot of throwback Patty Duke.)

    25. I love Ellen, but I’m the worst kind of fan, because I don’t watch her show, I just see clips here and there. As far as Justin, you can call his hotline and see. I’m sure he would reply to that with “What do u mean?” followed by a “Sorry.” [insert groan here]

    26. Can Perd Hapley (no, really – the character) moderate the next debate?

  17. A fan of TV says:

    With Supergirl, I think they get a bit of a pass. Superman always looked like Clark Kent and vice versa, but they got away with it simply because it was too out there a concept for most people to assume that their coworker is a secret superhero, so its one of those things where you can hide in plain sight because for most rational people ‘I’m working with a secret superhero’ does not jump to the forefront of their mind.

    As for Maggie and Glenn, I believe that condoms are only 97% effective anyway so whether they had them or not, moot point! Not important ;)

    • tvbum says:

      Yes. This…..Kara had a conversation with Jimmy Olsen about this. She was concerned that ppl would start recognizing her esp after her interview & James pointed this out….that people just can’t conceive that some they’ve known is actually a superhero they admire. And her sister made a joke about how Cat not appreciating her as an assistant at all but admiring Supergirl.

      Also, I wouldn’t be too surprised if her boss finds out she is Supergirl before the end of the season. Just my opinion…

  18. Tom says:

    1 | Shouldn’t Girl Meets World have given Maya and her mother a scene to discuss how they felt about Kermit’s arrival? Also, are we to trust that Katy and Shawn are still dating, despite the fact that Rider Strong hasn’t made an appearance for 16 episodes?
    Yeah it could have used a scene with them talking. And dude travels for work, he’s got reason to not be around.
    2 | Where do you fall on Undateable making meta jokes about the actors’ past projects: Yea or nay?
    I for one don’t like it. It’s too gimmicky. I don’t care for this whole live season, they’re relying too much on those jokes.
    4 | Considering how readily available artillery seems to be on The Walking Dead, doesn’t it seem like Maggie and Glenn should have been able to score a few boxes of Trojans somewhere along the line?
    Who says they necessarily wanted them?
    6 | Did Once Upon a Time‘s Nimue (played by Carolyn Ford) give you Evangeline Lilly vibes?
    Based off the picture I can see it a little

  19. nhogan47 says:

    1. I would assume that Shawn and Katy are still dating.
    2. YES. The meta-references and subsequent reactions are the best part of “Live”
    4. Condoms expire.
    15. Glad I wasn’t the only one that noticed.

  20. Juliana says:

    14) The real question is: Should Oliver and Felicity’s neighbors invest in binoculars? wink wink

  21. jc says:

    #21 – I’m confused about this too. Is it only female vampires that can’t?

    • wgsecretary says:

      The actress who plays Caroline is pregnant in real life. So, I’m assuming that’s why she is the one pregnant with the twins. But, obviously the character would have noticed her belly growing if she were a few months into a normal pregnancy. I’m assuming there will be some sort of magical explanation. But, I believe it’s been established that as long as vampires have blood their bodies work pretty normally. Perhaps it’s just the conception that’s a problem since the women vamps must not have a regular cycle. But, perhaps with a magical assist, or maybe even without one, they can still carry a baby. But, seeing as how Jo has been dead for months and the babies must have been transferred during the wedding with all of that witch chanting Valerie noticed, I’m guessing some magical assist will definitely be needed.

  22. lollypops says:

    “We love Jane the Virgin, but has she cried almost every week this season?”

    The woman is barely a month postpartum in the show’s timeline. Of course she cries.

  23. SnazzyO says:

    15. -ish. Dean’s pretty freaked and confused. And there IS a power imbalance. But in this case Amara has the power, and seems to have some strange ability to stop Dean from even trying to kill her. And yes, she seems to have a romantic fascination with Dean. But it’s one sided IMO

  24. Jim says:

    What if it’s mama Smoak in the grave? If she’s getting busy with Lance, she could be caught in the crossfire.

  25. Casey says:

    Yes, yes, yes to number 13!!

  26. Tam says:

    #11 The Flash’s Patty could be Meghan Markle’s from Suits long lost sister. They look so much alike.

  27. Smoak Arrow says:

    Every time I read these questions of the week, I’m struck by how much tv I have to catch up on. I laughed at the Arrow one. Oliver writing in a journal, the sexy makeout with wide open windows, and Oliver/Felicity period were great this week. I do have to ask though…. why is it women in TV get criticized for crying yet Barry Allen can snot up The Flash every. single. week. and get “EMMY! EMMY!” cries and accolades instead of “he’s crying too much” criticism? You see that everywhere and it drives me nuts.

  28. Mr. Tran K says:

    22) Cassandra from The Player is more like channeling her inner Felicity Smoak from Arrow.

  29. 15) Dean has already seen Amara as a grown woman, but that fact notwithstanding, there was nothing inappropriate in that scene. There is fascination on Amara’s part, and fascination/fear on Dean’s. I realize it’s difficult for *anyone* not to think ‘sexsexsex’ whilst looking at Jensen Ackles, but there was nothing sexual about their encounter. Of course once Emily Swallow comes on the scene, all bets are off!

  30. John NYC says:

    “9 | Castle has a secret room within his secret room? Given the price of NYC real estate, isn’t he shelling out a bunch for hidden nooks?”

    Guy drives HIS OWN CAR in NYC!, That it’s a Ferrari aside, dude pays more for that parking than most everyone pays for their entire apartment: so; he can afford miscellaneous “nooks”.

  31. Maxsmom says:

    2. Undateable was a good little show last season up to and including the live season finale. This season has been a bust mostly due to the “look we’re live” antics. I can’t imagine a renewal and it’s too bad.

    • flutiefan says:

      I hate the live thing, but love that they’re trying so hard with it. the meta jokes are hilarious. I just wish it was back to standard sitcom style. There’s only so much I can take of Chris D’Elia saying “ok”.

  32. 24 – Castle did it this week also.

  33. 7. I’m actually enjoying the group dynamic, and the crazy shenanigans they get up especially Mary Steenburgen’s character!
    8. I didn’t even notice that similarity, so I could totally buy Kara getting away with that considering the attitude Melissa Benoist carries!
    11. The Robert Queen twist is very plausible since the middle aged Earth 2 Thomas Wayne pulled off being Batman with the help of some drug (or some comic book MacGuffin)!
    14. It only adds to the likelihood of him being the one putting whoever is in the grave there, mark my words! He’s been messing up through this entire series, and I think this will be the thing that turns him into the villain of season 5.
    22. That would be an amazing idea for a crossover and a brilliant plan to save the series from the axe hanging over its head!
    23. Seriously, I don’t know what the writers’ plans were for Hawley but it couldn’t have been to make a likeable new character!
    24. The Flash definitely used that plot device the best since the scene in question was brilliantly turned on its head the second go around!

  34. Whatevah says:

    20 uhh no I think it’s awesome. I’ve needed a break from her for a while now.

  35. Liz says:

    #4: There definitely should be condoms floating around somewhere, but they do have expiration dates, so I’m assuming most would be expired by this point in time, and would be mostly pointless. Or at least I could see them thinking that lol

  36. Gerald says:

    21. I believe Caroline is just a surrogate mother. She isn’t creating life, just carrying it. But they would have to be nurtured by Caroline’s body, so lots of extra blood in them.

    • Kirsten says:

      Exactly! I’m assuming some magic was used to implant Jo’s twins in her and that as long as Caroline continues to drink blood the babies will be fine but yeah no she did not become pregnant any other way!

      • Cate says:

        I think they made it very clear on the show that the coven at the wedding was trying to save the twins and sent them ‘somewhere’ i.e. into Caroline (as the blood scrying revealed) rather than chanting to send Kai away.
        Val even pointed out that this was “impossible”, so they’re not really contradicting their own canon, just giving it another twist. (Rebecca for all her years can’t possibly know *every* magical trick there is).
        I’m assuming that the twins are in some sort of.. magical stasis? And that further magical assistance is needed to carry them to term. Perhaps another transfer, making Caroline human (even just temporarily), altering her body in some other way, or giving the babies a magical boost of some sort.

  37. lame says:

    Of course there are palm trees in National City, it’s filmed in Los Angeles. That’s why the back drops are pastel, bright and sunny.

  38. RichCsigs says:

    #24 – I’ve been railing against this trope for YEARS now! I hate it SO MUCH!!

  39. June says:

    #22 I don’t see the resemblance except for the blonde hair. But I don’t care. I just love that you mentioned Cassandra again. She’s my new favorite character this TV season. Hoping NBC gives The Player a chance. Charity Wakefield and Philip Winchester are so good here.

  40. In Amara’s defense her original form is much much much much much much older than Dean :)

  41. lrdslvrhnd says:

    1) I would’ve loved a scene between Maya and her mother. IMHO, this was probably worth of a two-parter.
    8) Eh, I’m willing to give Supergirl’s secret identity a pass, given that’s always been a problem with her and Supes. At least in one version of the comics, she wore a brunette wig in her secret identity…
    9) It looked more like “the space behind the door” than “secret room within the secret room”; Ryan & Esposito simply never bothered to close the door. Which would make more sense if they hadn’t spent so much time in “XX” hanging out in there with the door closed that you’d think they’d’ve noticed the extra space. (Of course, I’m not quite sure how that works out in a physical sense, but that’s another story…)

  42. JC1 says:

    11. I love Patty. She and Barry are adorable. Can The Flash send her over to Legends please when they inevitably return to WestAllen?

    12. Yes, please. :)

    14. I love the SmoaknLance idea. But I can’t decide whether that increases or decreases his chances of being the one in the grave. He’s still the most likely candidate though IMO.

    22. I love Cassandra. She’s one of the main reasons I’m so sad The Player is cancelled. That and losing all those amazing action scenes with Wesley Snipes and Philip Winchester every week. :(

  43. csr says:

    And wasn’t The Librarians shout-out to Serenity and Firefly awesome?

  44. I know I’m in the majority here but I actually find Joe on Sleepyhollow extremely boring handle and miss hawley

  45. Mark says:

    Every time a show or a book starts out with a shocking scene followed by “XX hours earlier” I roll my eyes. I still haven’t recovered from season 3 of ALIAS where they did that EVERY FREAKING EPISODE!!!!!!!!

  46. Amy says:

    6. I thought Nimue reminded me of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. Very similar facial features.

  47. Clara says:

    What Oliver Queen writes in his diary? Hm possibly about the gift of magic love he is experiencing after years of evil?? :) Loved Olicity this epsiode and i’m all in for curtains ;) Sadly i think Quentin is still the most likely choice to end in the grave, his new love interest with Donna makes it even more tragic :(