Sleepy Hollow Recap Season 3

Sleepy Hollow Recap: Shard-Luck Case

Life lesson from this week’s Sleepy Hollow: Don’t put off telling your loved ones how you feel about them, because you never know when one of you might get turned into a glowing war beast summoned by a very bad man with an even worse agenda.

So I suppose we all owe Atticus Nevins some gratitude, because if it weren’t for his wild-eyed pursuit of Jenny Mills — aka the walking, talking Shard of Anubis, thanks to her touching the gem barehanded last episode — we’d never get the Joe/Jenny and Ichabod/Abbie tender moments we see in this week’s hour.

Then again, without Nevins, we also wouldn’t have to watch Jenny inadvertently help Pandora bring forth a monster who looks like Voldemort’s less-good-looking brother. So maybe it’s a wash.

Read on as we review what happens in “The Art of War.”

CHECKMATE | Ichabod and Abbie spend more time in each other’s company this week than they have all season, starting with a chess game at home — which she’s winning when Daniel shows up. Her boss is heading to D.C. to ask for an extension on the Nevins case, and he’s leaving Abbie in charge while he’s gone. It’s cute how proud she is about that (and, in light of later developments, a bit sad. But more on that in a minute).

Over at the bait shop, Atticus Nevins is freaking out about not being able to deliver the Shard of Anubis to his very demanding customer. Sophie thinks she can go grab it back easily, but he’s got another idea: reciting Norse poetry at Pandora’s lair until her box floats up out of the water and three Teenage Mutant Ninja Rage Turtles on steroids emerge. He gives them the scent of the shard, and they take off.

SHARD-LUCK CASE | Jenny, though, is blissfully unaware, because she’s getting sweaty and breathing heavy with Joe. (They’re boxing.) They’re holding their own — his slick recovery from a prompt take-down is particularly impressive — but then Jenny goes all glowy and white-eyed and suddenly becomes Morpheus in the dojo, moving at superhuman speed as she knocks Joe to the mat as though he were a Beanie Babie.

A consult with the Witnesses reveals that Jenny has essentially become the shard, which means she’s channeling far too much mystical energy through her body. Or, as she puts it, “The shard is gonna kill me.” Joe wants to go back to Nevins for info. Abbie forbids it. Just before it gets heated, the turtles attack, going after Jenny as though she were the last slice of pizza left in the box Master Splinter brought home. Team WTF escapes — barely — and hits the archives in search of a clue.

HEART-TO-HEART | While Abbie and Jenny have a sweet sister moment at one end of the room (quick sum-up: Abbie is really worried that Jenny won’t come out of this OK, and is quietly freaking about her lack of control), Ichabod and Joe have some bro-talk at the other end of the room (quick sum-up: They both need to make a freaking move on the women they love — yeah, I said it. COME AT ME, anti-‘shippers! — and sometimes being a soldier was cool).

The soldier talk gets Ichabod’s gears turning, and I’ll cut it short for you: The turtles are actually Norse beasts called berserkers, and their Kryptonite is mistletoe. Yep, mistletoe. Except that when Crane and Joe shoot mistletoe-infused weaponry at the berserkers, nothing happens. Oh, and did I mention Jenny’s getting worse by the moment?

BOONE FTW | A desperate Abbie OKs Ichabod’s breaking into Nevins’ place to figure out what’s up, and even goes as far as calling off the agents watching the house so Crane won’t get caught. It all goes well until Sophie slams Ichabod up against a wall, but he gets away and crafts a new plan inspired by Daniel Boone, whose coonskin-capped self we see defeating the Hessians and Brits in a flashback.

Meanwhile, Joe takes vials of Jenny’s sparkly blood, and I know she’s basically dying, but they’re so cute, talking about the future. He kisses her gently, she returns the kiss a lot more enthusiastically and I LOVE THEM TOGETHER GUYS.

BLOODY VICTORY… OR IS IT? | Armed with harnesses and the bloody vials, Joe and the Witnesses lure the berserkers out into the open and then descend from the trees to spread Jenny’s blood on the beasts’ backs like a mystical “Kick me” sign. Because they’re locked on to Jenny’s magical scent, they destroy each other — just like Boone’s Redcoats and Hessians — and cause Team WTF to celebrate.

On the way back to the truck, Ichabod and Abbie’s heart-to-heart (quick sum-up: He’s afraid of losing her to an FBI promotion) is interrupted by Nevins and Sophie, guns drawn. Atticus is seconds away from shooting Joe when Sophie turns the gun on him (!) and outs herself as an FBI agent working under Daniel (!!). Abbie’s face says it all: She had no idea.

And while all of this was going on? Jenny was taken over by the shard and drawn to Pandora’s lair, where she sticks her glowing hands in the pond and brings forth Box Lady and a friend — a hooded figure with a scythe — from the depths of treevil. Not sure I’m psyched about another big bad, especially when Pandora still seems rather vague to me, but I’ll keep an open mind…

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. APFW says:

    I enjoyed this episode and its return to form. I am pissed though, after next week we have to wait until Februrary for a new episode.

  2. Angela says:

    That ending, and all this talk of Jenny dying throughout the episode, has me really nervous and I don’t like it :(. REALLY hoping Ichabod and Abbie can find a way to save her next week. Abbie being all worried about her sister broke my heart. She needs Jenny! And now that Joe and Jenny got all close this episode, will her powers transfer to him somehow, I wonder?
    I also actually began muttering, “No, no, no, no…” when Nevins was seconds away from shooting Joe. That was TENSE and I actually briefly thought we’d end on an even darker cliffhanger.
    Agreed on Jenny and Joe’s interaction this episode, though :). They had some great moments together. I’m cool with them as a couple. And I too was definitely raising an eyebrow when Joe was telling Ichabod to follow his own advice and talk to Abbie-yeah, Ichabod’s main concerns were revealed at the end with his fear of losing her to an FBI promotion and all (in a really sweet conversation), but considering Ichabod was pressing Joe to confess his feelings to Jenny, and Joe just happened to then tell Ichabod to talk to Abbie with the same sort of tone to his voice, well… Definite moment for the shippers, yeah.
    I also got a good laugh out of Joe’s reaction to the mistletoe idea (and honestly thought that either he and Jenny or Ichabod and Abbie would have to kiss under mistletoe at some point for some reason if they used it to try and stop these monsters), and I liked Sophie saying that Ichabod looked like the bass player for a British rock band. Snort. Also, this line from the review made me laugh: “reciting Norse poetry at Pandora’s lair until her box floats up out of the water and three Teenage Mutant Ninja Rage Turtles on steroids emerge.”
    I can’t even begin to imagine what’ll happen next week, but I do know that if Jenny dies, we riot. Eesh. Looking forward to the episode, though.

  3. Melissa says:

    Loved this episode. No forced Betsy flashback and no ridiculous Zoe dates. They’re both okay and awful in varying degrees at different times, but this show suffers from one major flaw this season: too many people forced into each ep; we’re totally losing Abbie and Crane Witnessing time and their little banter only they can pull off when together. I like Joe Corbin as an addition and Danny is growing on me after the last episode, but those two ladies are just meh. I also like Pandora a lot after her scene in Abbie’s hospital room, and I hope they give her room to grow. I wasn’t sold on Jenny/Joe happening as they painted the sibling relationship quite heavily in the past, but their scene was very sweet. This season has had some fine moments and some disjointed ones. It’s a show that feels like it’s still trying to find its footing again, but I think they’ve got it together now if we can stay on this course…Now just when it’s getting really interesting, we only get one more episode before hiatus. Very frustrating b/c I feel like we just got it back!

  4. kensi1713 says:

    Loved the episode but two things:

    1. Did anyone else think it was weird, that when the beserkers were chasing Ichabod & Joe they couldn’t turn and just ran straight into car?

    2. Wouldn’t Ichabod stabbing the dying berserker have given it strength? Or was it a special/supernatural sword?

  5. The show’s decision to widen the spotlight to include Jenny, and therefore Joe, has been paying off in dividends because she has become my favorite character.

  6. Evenmoor says:

    I’m very confused. How much does Sophie actually know about the supernatural, Sheriff Corbin, and all that? And what does Daniel know?

    • MoonTripper says:

      I went back and watched a few of the scenes again to address this question. However, I am not sure I can provide much more clarity. It seems the FBI is aware of the supernatural dealings of Nevins. Also, since Daniel’s superior stated they are very much aware of Abbie, I am assuming they know of her involvement as a Witness.

  7. MoonTripper says:

    Truly enjoyed this episode with Abbie/Joe/Ichabod/Jenny as the focus. I wish the writers would have spent as much time developing Abbie’s character as they did for Jenny. Nicole Beharie is too talented of an actress to be sidelined so often. However, I did appreciate the fact Abbie and Ichabod were given more substantive scenes together to allow they natural chemistry to shine a bit during this episode. Enjoyed the wacky way the beasts of the week were defeated. Especially savored the Jenny/Joe scenes.

  8. Galli's mom says:

    Good episode, mostly because the gang isn’t distracted by first dates or other side plots. Sleepy Hollow works best when it’s just the Fantastic 4 against evil.
    My only criticism is the scene where Crane and Joe shoot crossbows tipped with mistletoe. Where did they get automatic crossbows? It takes a minute or 2 to replace the arrow and then winch the bow before it can fired again.
    And why are we moving to Friday in January? Against “Reign”? Break out the DVR! I liked it when it was on right after “Gotham”. Now that would be a great crossover!

  9. Scyren says:

    Considering that the producers said they have no intention of perusing Ichabbie, the “progression” is a moot point. They are always good for a sweet moment then the writers put them right back to 0 the next episode. There is no burn there anymore. Like the temporary focus on the core group. I’m okay with Jenny/Joe I guess, it just not the couple I care about or want. Without all the side crap, Ichabod is tolerable. Let him be soulful more like he used to be instead of the comic relief he turned into this season. I was starting not to like him cause it was so OTT.

    • wordsone says:

      Thought I was the only one who thought Crane was OTT. In fact, I went back and watched a season one episode to see if I was overreacting. Part of the charm then was how credible Crane and Abbie were as they got to know each other. The humor was more subtle – (OnStar/Yolanda, playing with tape or light fixtures, even the bottled water scenes). And there was a sense of poignant discovery of two very solitary people forming a bond and discovering shared pain (Ichabod discovers he’s a father; Abbie tells Ichabod that she used to look into to windows at other families celebrating thanksgiving, Abbie discovers she is a descendant of Grace Dixon). Now we get some OTT posturing that makes me sad. Not a big fan of Zoe, Betsy or Danny. I see a lack of chemistry with all 3.

  10. Myra says:

    Yes!!!!!! This to me was the best episode so far this season–feels like a comeback

  11. gail hamby says:

    Love the show. Cant wait till next thursday to see a little more of Sleepy hollow. Keep up the good work

  12. Very good post. I’m experiencing a few of these issues as well..