The Voice Live Playoffs Results Recap: Grim Reaper by the Dozen

Please accept my condolences regarding The Voice‘s Season 9 Live Playoffs results.

No, I’m not psychic, able to sense your heatbreak from the other side of the World Wide Web — when was the last time you saw that phrase spelled out? — but with 12 contestants going to the guillotine over the course of a one-hour telecast, the likelihood is high you lost at least one contestant you’d grown to love.

That’s the tradeoff we make for our loyalty to NBC’s Emmy-winning reality competition series: We get to enjoy weekly concerts from exceptionally talented/bafflingly undiscovered artists, and then our fellow viewers get to wallop us in the stomach with emotional two-by-fours. (But really, Voice-a-loonies, voting through Team Gwen’s “OMG! Adorbs!” teenager whose voice disappears like restraint and intellect on the set of The View? I just cahhhhhhhhhn’t!)

There were plenty of other surprises on Wednesday’s telecast — at least for those of us who kept our eyes on contestants’ rankings in the iTunes singles chart over the last 48 hours. Emily Ann Roberts made it as high as No. 6 — 11 higher than her closest Team Blake rival — but needed her coach’s sole “Save” to crack the Top 12. Ellie Lawrence easily ranked second highest on Team Gwen — but saw her head roll right off the stage (competitively speaking) by the time the credits rolled. (Celeste Betton suffered a similar fate on Team Pharrell — though the gap between her and cohort Evan McKeel was much less pronounced.)

Anyhow, since I have an Empire recap to get to — anyone who tells you this is not the Golden Age of Television is telling lies from the Book of Lies! — let me cut to results!

Saved by America: Jeffery Austin, Braiden Sunshine
Saved by Gwen: Korin Bukowski (based on overall promise, I accept this choice; based on her Monday night “Adia,” hell no!)
Eliminated: Viktor Kiraly, Regina Love, Ellie Lawrence (bye, Viktor, hold your head up and remember at least you can sing in tune)

Saved by America: Barrett Baber (eh.), Zach Seabaugh
Saved by Blake: Emily Ann Roberts (Whoa! How did she chart so high on iTunes and yet require Blake’s lifeline?)
Eliminated: Nadjah Nicole (#UntappedPotential), Ivonne Acero, Morgan Frazier

Saved by America: Madi Davis (yessss!), Evan McKeel
Saved by Pharrell: Mark Hood (well done, Pharrell!)
Eliminated: Darius Scott, Celeste Betton, Riley Biederer (Gut reaction? I’d have taken any one of these three over Braiden, Barrett or Korin, to be honest)

Saved by America: Jordan Smith, Shelby Brown
Saved by Adam: Amy Vachal
Eliminated: Blaine Mitchell, Keith Semple, Chance Pena

OK, your turn. What did you think of Season 9 Live Playoffs results? Whose exit stings the most? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Brian says:

    Oh Braiden, how did you get voted through? Over Viktor and Ellie?!

    • Andres says:

      A real travesty. Braden is out week one of top 12

      • Puzzled says:

        He is one of those kids who is talented, but needed 2-3 more years before he came to the Voice. I think Gwen playing dress up with him helped, but obviously he has a vicious voting block back home and maybe some tweens. I am sad Elie didn’t get the save spot.

        • davmon says:

          Me too. Ellie was best on Gwen from Blinds and proved it again this week. Everyone else is good but not great. Jeffery may be the best of the lot. But really, even Regina and Viktor were better than Braiden and Korin.

          • newsdee says:

            I don’t need to watch anymore this season….too many of the BEST left the show

          • scott says:

            Yeah pretty much agree with all you said. If Ellie would’ve advanced, I would love to have heard her tackle a Halestorm record.

        • Lizzie says:

          Ellie has something about her that is annoying – I loved her in the blinds, and less ever since – plus she has seemed panicked throughout the last shows, and Gwen gave her an awful song before she was eliminated the first time. Braiden has a voice that is easy to listen to, and he’s just a baby, so he will get better about a lot of things, and he may shine.

          • scott says:

            Surely you jest. If Ellie looked panicked, then Braiden looked like a deer in the headlights. Ellie performed her song better than Braiden performed his. Plus Ellie is far more artistic and commercially viable.

        • Diane Raetz says:

          I was looking forward to seeing more of Elie. Her Ex’s and Ohs was a ton of fun

          • Jacob Lummer says:

            I agree too. Kieth, Blaine, and Chance were all rockers or part rockers that should’ve beta Amy. Morgan was better than Emily Anne, Viktor better than Korin. Mark was the only good choice and that is barely! If it had been the overall best 12 Adam would have 4 people (Shelby, Jordan, Kieth, Blaine.) pharell 3 (Mark, Evan,Madi .) Gwen 3 (Viktor, Braiden, Jeffery.) and Blake 2 (Barrett, Zack.)

        • greenfrogger says:

          I agree about the Ellie comment – no one who was brought back made it through. Braiden is now Gwen’s only hope I think and that’s not saying much.

          • Amy says:

            Braiden is Gwen’s only hope? Wrong…Jeffery is going to make it to the finale. Braiden will be gone long before that.

          • Jon says:

            Agree with Amy — Jeffery’s voice is fantastic (in sheer vocal talent, he’s #2 to Jordan, IMO). Braiden was an early fave of mine, but was given a bad song choice in Lives. But WTF was Gwen thinking in not saving Viktor or even Regina over shaky-voiced Korin? With Jeffery and Viktor she had a chance of winning this thing…

          • TheGLife says:

            Braiden is Gwen’s only hope? Did you miss all of Jeffrey Austin’s performances?

          • jrlfmoon says:

            Jordon will trump Jeffrey. SAD I wanted a woman to win. No way with Braiden.

        • gregk says:

          “Maybe some tweens” vote but obviously not all. You have to be at least 13 to vote according to the “rules.”

        • Jacob says:

          I think the big thing about ellie was her fan base overlaps alot with korrin, so people are picking one or the other so the vote gets split.

          • Lizzie says:

            Interesting – I don’t know if I agree that Korin and Ellie have the same fan base, but that comes into it moving forward as people go – who do their votes move to now? I think the two most likely vote splitters are Madi and Korin, so that will get interesting. I don’t understand Shelby going through. I would love to know the actual top vote getters across all of the teams, because better singers went home on some teams, and lesser beings remain because of the team structure. I like the point of the competition where they go home if their votes are the lowest count, regardless of whose team they are on.

            People I would have liked to hear a little longer, even just one more week: Celeste, Chance, Darius, and Viktor s(inging something more broadly known and likeable). Agree with the rest of the ones sent home, good but not quite good enough for the next stage of the competition.

            People I think will be next to go home: Barrett (unless he can learn to enunciate – and something doesn’t quite ring true about his performances), Emily Anne, Shelby, Amy, and Korin if Gwen keeps giving such disasterous advice for song and style..

        • Annie A says:

          Yes, Ellie would have been my pick too.

      • Timmah says:

        Apparently America loves him though, so I think we’re stuck with him for awhile.

      • analythinker says:

        Unjinx it!

      • shawnuel says:

        You’d think. But don’t overlook the voting power of the demo that votes through the cute teen boys. Braden may be there for awhile. Zack (Zach) DEFINITELY will.

    • Lisa Jean says:

      Oh My God. How could this happen? I have to take some responsibility, I did not vote. 16 year olds did. Just shaking my head in disbelief….

      • Jacquie says:

        That’s what I don’t get about adam and blakes saves, like do they not realize who the majority Is voting? Young teen girls are not going to vote for the beautiful mediocre(Emily Ann) girl esp over Zach! I’m sorry but I really don’t think Emily Ann is good not once has she blown me away, def not as good as Morgan. Maybe some one should remind Blake it’s called the voice!

        • greenfrogger says:

          Someone mentioned (it might have been a comment on here) that Emily Ann was a shoe in because she sang a religious hymm (or whatever you want to call it) and with Blake saying it was his favorite hymm – she was “destined” to get in.

          • Nikole says:

            Simply due to singing a religious hymn. I knew when she sang it it was a deliberate ploy to get voted on simply due to song choice. Ugh

          • Stacy says:

            The crying shame is that she missed everything that made that song what it is. She belted out areas not for belting. All the gentle nuances…. gone.

        • Alex says:

          This save was transparent for weeks. Im sorry, her voice is very average. Nadja has been the best female singer on Blake’s team and Ivonne was way better and likable. Emily Ann couldn’t even keep up with the big voices in tonight’s group song. Blake loves her because she cute and marketable. Plain and simple.

          • Kym says:

            Agreed. There’s footage of Blake congratulating Emily Ann backstage and telling her “you’re gonna make me rich”… That said, there’s something kind of sloppy about Shelton this year… Not sure what it is though… his Miranda-less-ness?

        • She was one of ONLY two artists who charted in the top 10 of iTunes. It would be foolish for Blake to ignore that. iTunes voting is a huge part of the show.

        • Stacy says:

          I’m desperately hoping that they allowed Morgan to slip through the cracks so she could go make a record. Emily Anne is nowhere near as good as Morgan, technically or stylistically. So, if they really just kept her around because she’s cute and has a more obvious Southern accent, then that depresses me.

      • Jon says:

        Re: the voting thing. With the Voice app (phone, iPad, iPod, etc.) it takes SECONDS to vote. I wish all the people who come on here and complain every week about “America’s choices” would download the app and stop leaving the voting decisions to teens!

        • Mike says:

          Not all of us have smart phones, iPad, iPod, etc.)

          • John Baker says:

            I am a huge voice fan, but so many mistakes were made it’s not funny. Adam had two shoes in for the win, and sent home all the promise (with the exception of Jordan) for Amy who has shown zero range, and a very singular style that wont go over super well with a wide demographic. Pharrell made a good choice by keeping Mark, but Darius seems more seasoned as a performer. More humble too. The fact that Braiden Sunshine made it and Victor did not shows me how the voting goes, Regina was phenomenal too and again was sent home. I love this show, but are any rockers ever gonna thrive on the voice?

    • greenfrogger says:

      I like Braiden – granted a song by Bread may not have been the best choice but I think he’s one of Gwen’s best besides Ellie.

      • greenfrogger says:

        Anyone know the answer to this: So what happens to the other 12 contestants that were eliminated. (Please tell me there’s no comebacks – enough of that and “steals”) Does anyone know if they’re legally signed to anyone or could they sign with anyone. I really think that Darius Scott from Pharrell’s team will make it in the industry but is he stuck until a certain time (like when the show is over for this season)? Just curious.

    • Anita Kassel says:

      The song choice and the makeover felt like he was a really bad lounge singer. Let him be a kid and go back to high school! Braiden over Regina…scary!!

    • Sina says:

      That was the first shocker of the night for me. Wish they would take more than 12 to the lives where all teams are mixed together for votes. Evan Keel was another. Not that he isn’t talented but not so much as the eliminated from Team Pharrell. IMO.

    • Mack_attack says:

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Heartbreaking…just heartbreaking! Take the true top 12 regardless of whose team they are on! If a judge loses his/her entire team, they should have chosen better!!

    • Marilyn says:

      so agree. Must have been teenagers voting in mass.

    • Lizzie says:

      As far as just the singing voice, I would rather listen to Braiden’s voice than to Viktor or Ellie (as in if I would consider paying money for their music). Viktor puts on the best show of the 3, and he would seem to have a broad appeal. Braiden’s voice has more to it than we’ve heard all together, but I for one had to go to listen to the original Bread recording to knock his interpretation out of my head – he didn’t understand that song and it’s lyrics.

    • Candace says:

      It’s a diabolical plan to decrease Gwen’s odds of winning with an artist.

  2. analythinker says:

    Was surprised Emily Ann didn’t get saved by the votes. Was there a “play”? Hmm. One reason I could think of was that Blake’s fans weren’t that much into her (justifiably), and seeing her up high on the chart, they were driven mad voting for Barrett and Zach. I would have picked Morgan, but we all know Blake with his teens.

    Also, Pharrell, you’re not going out on a limb. We ALL knew you’d save Mark.

    America, I hope you know what you’re doing saving Braiden.

    The only vote/save I agree with was Team Adam’s.

    But what’s with Adam’s teams being the very last to learn about their fate, each season?? Definitely not because Adam’s decisiveness. I think Mark Burnett wants Adam to win each season (by the -seemingly- strong contestants he’s had each time), but the power of the votes keep leaning towards country music.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      “The only vote/save I agree with was Team Adam’s.”
      Yes. This. Blake and Pharrell especially squandered their saves. Stefani I think would have been better off stage training Viktor, but I like Korin too so I’m not upset over that one.

      • Jasper says:

        Neither am I. I understand that “Adia” was rough, while “All Around The World” was fantastic, but in terms of overall body of work, I think Korin was slightly ahead of Ellie and Viktor. But I would have sent home Braiden in favor of Viktor. *sigh*

        • Lizzie says:

          I had hoped that Viktor would stay, and I also would take him over Braiden. Korin is being ruined by Gwen (song choice, and that awful dress) and her style nonsense – let that girl and her voice just shine, without all the Gwen interference – some people can actually sing, let them do it.

          • analythinker says:

            I just think Korin’s voice doesn’t suit the big band arrangement. If Adia was done with just an acoustic guitar, I’d guarantee you, she would have been voted through and we all could have had Viktor instead of Braiden.

        • Lana says:

          I’m with you on that one. I would have preferred Viktor over Braiden. Gwen said she picked Korina because she could help her the most. That is probably true but I just felt Viktor should be in it. Just too many good voices this year. Hopefully some that are going home will make it in the industry.

      • analythinker says:

        I just hope hope hope she gives the perfect song for Korin next week!

      • Jon says:

        I don’t think Pharrell squandered his save (IMO Mark Hood is a fantastic entertainer). I blame The Voice’s “massacre” round that comes WAYYY too early in the season. To lose Celeste and especially the phenomenal Darius — one of the best R&B singers I have ever heard — this soon is a travesty.

        I like Madi and Evan too, so I’m not blaming America. Pharrell just had too many strong singers! Isn’t there one more “last chance save round”?

    • Adake says:

      I don’t think there were any major surprises. Given who America voted in, the coaches decided who they could help the most moving forward. I don’t know about Mark Burnett wanting Adam to win every year but do agree this shows’ voters lean country. That Christina Grimmie came in third to Blake’s country guy still blows my mind.I too was glad Adam saved Amy. I would have been surprised if he didn’t. She has scored well on iTunes chart even if that isn’t a complete predictor. Each team moving forward has at least one solid potential winner. Pharrell’s and Adam’s teams I think have more than one possibility. I think the one guy I wish made it through was Darius.

      • analythinker says:

        The Mark Burnett theory only comes from the fact that Team Adam goes last every season in result shows. If not every season, then it’s really often bc I don’t remember otherwise.

      • Jacob Lummer says:

        Adam was stupid in the last epizode. Blaine and Kieth have way more potential than Amy. Amy is the only high on iTunes becuase she is the only person on that type of music on iTunes! Kieth is amazing. The last time there was an UK artist on the voice he got third. And it was because he was saved earlier. Terry Macdermid! Remember him? Blaine was even better than Amy. I couldn’t even hear Amy last Monday!

    • Timmah says:

      A more likely explanation for Emily Ann is that the younger viewers (i.e. the ones more likely to purchase music on iTunes) liked her more than the older viewers.

      • analythinker says:

        Which is why I was surprised she did not get through automatically from the multiplier. She reached #8 on iTunes last time I checked, her votes should have been multiplied by 10. This means phone/app votes were more in effect respectively for Barrett/Zach case.

        • Timmah says:

          My guess is that the iTunes downloads are a drop in the bucket compared to other means of voting, even when they’re multiplied by 10. Of course we’ll never know because they never release the vote totals, which always makes this whole thing a bit suspicious.

        • Lizzie says:

          Means that despite the multiplier for Emily Anne, her votes x10 weren’t enough to get her through without a save. He will pull out all the stops for her next week, but it may not keep her around long.

      • ann says:

        I think the opposite. Younger viewers are not paying for music as much. They’re more into streaming music so they’re more likely to vote in different ways. I think older viewers still pay for music but probably less likely to vote in multiple ways.

      • GG says:

        Another explanation is that the viewers who don’t like religion used to try and get votes decided not to support her.

    • joy says:

      Okay, I’m a about to upset some people. I love country music but I don’t like singers that are too country. Miranda Lambert is one of those. I said last night to my husband that Emily Ann could be competition to Miranda’s success because she sounds like her. I mean listen to Miranda and then listen to Little Big Town and to me the quality of the voices are night and day. I think Emily Ann is too country and I hope that the voters will prove that soon. This is the ninth season and country artist have only won 3 times. Blake has won 4 times but one was RB artist Jermaine Paul. That means out of the eight completed seasons country 3 and other genres 5!

      • Stacy says:

        Miranda may not have the same range as Carrie Underwood, for instance, but she has proven herself as a singer, both live and recorded. Emily Anne does not have anywhere near the same vocal control, even when you compare to Miranda’s earliest recordings. I like country (some), I like Miranda, but I do not like Emily Anne.

    • joy says:

      Okay, I keep hearing this about country always winning. The Voice has completed 8 seasons and country has only won 3 times. That’s if you really consider Cassadee Pope country which I don’t. Blake has won 4 times but once was with Jermaine Paul a RB singer. I love country music but don’t like it when it is too country. I think Emily Ann is way too country. In fact Emily Ann’s voice reminds me of Miranda Lambert. I think Miranda is way too country as well but Emily Ann could give her some competition in that area.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Country doesn’t always win, but several country artists have no business going deep into the competition when far superior singers get knocked out before them. The season with the Swon Brothers comes to mind when they outlasted Sasha. And no one can possibly tell me that Jake Worthington was better than Kat Perkins, Delvin Choice, Sisaundra Lewis, Kristen Merlin, and Christina Grimmie. That kid was a joke.
        What is it about Emily Ann’s voice that you think is too country? I’m curious what you’re referring to.

        • Well The Swon Brothers are on the radio and have a career. Sasha is not. Maybe that says something about different peoples tastes vs marketability.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Umm… Sasha Allen most definitely has a career and continues to have leading roles on Broadway and in the West End. If your argument is that Swon Brothers are taking over the airwaves with all their hit songs… yeah, I don’t know what to do with that argument.

        • Meri says:

          I had completely forgotten about that travesty. I wish the country viewers had chosen to back Kristen instead in that season. She was much better.

        • Lizzie says:

          You’ve got some lightening rods in your list – I couldn’t stand Kat Perkins, Sisaundra Lewis, or Christina Grimmie – like in a really big way. The Swon Brothers and Jake Worthington weren’t all that, so I don’t really know why they lasted, unless it’s that problem of people voting for the coach instead of the singer.

          I wasn’t the one who said that Emily Ann’s voice is too country, but what I hear especially on the studio recording for this week, is too twangy, and actually nasal. Plus singing your relative’s favorite song may be an emotional plus, but if isn’t a great song for your voice, it is not going to help you move forward.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I understand that preferences range for different styles and tones, but one thing that isn’t subjective is a singer’s ability to sing in tune. Kat, Sisaundra, and Christina had no problems in that department, whereas the two country artists I named did.

          • scott says:

            You statement pretty much explains the state of music today

    • Centamhain says:

      This is where your “conspiracy theory” fell apart. Actually, Blake Shelton & Mark Burnett are best friends. If he wants anyone to win, its Blake, hence the unusal way that Blakes singers find ways to get high on the ITune charts with horrible songs, etc.

      • Candace says:

        Silly comment – how could Mark Burnett control iTunes unless he’s out there buying bunches of copies for his family and friends?

    • Alex says:

      I totally disagree with Adam’s save. I mean I knew he’d save her but I’d gone with the rocker guy. He sounded great tonight and has such a good natural stage presence. He’s also way more versatile and capable of doing more variety than her. I predict she along with Emily Ann and Korin won’t be around long.

  3. 2Blessed says:

    Ugh. This season has been painful… None of the comeback artists even made it past the first round. Thank God I have Madi, Jeffery, and Amy to listen to and vote through.

    • Jasper says:

      Yeah, that twist was a major flop.

      • Lizzie says:

        I was glad to have another chance to hear Celeste and Chance sing. They both charted on iTunes with their songs from this week, so that will hopefully help them professionally.

      • Josh says:

        Didn’t have to be. I think most of the coaches just brought back the wrong artist. Particularly pharrell. Choosing Celeste by itself isn’t a mistake. She’s a great vocalist. But choosing her when you could bring back Sianha was a big mistake. You don’t find singers like Sianha very often. Adam should’ve brought back Manny Cabo (especially now that he is completely without a rock singer). If I were Blake I probably would’ve brought back Tyler Dickerson. Yeah he completely phones in his battle round but the dude has real talent provided he invest emotionally. Gwen’s comeback didn’t surprise me in the least. And honestly Ellie had real potential. Probably the best choice in comeback artists.

      • Meri says:

        That was more the actual choices than the concept. First of all, why would Blake even bring back someone non-country when we know what he does usually? Krista should have been his choice. Pharrell chose a good singer, but marketable? Not really. Siahna would have been a better choice. It was a moot point for Adam. He already has a solid team with Jordan, Shelby and Amy. Gwen had the right choice. I don’t know what happened there.

      • MamaLis says:

        Ya, I’m with you Jasper. I’m not sure that twist is viable. I’m open to seeing it another time with better choices, but…. it’s a bit like the theory of natural selection. One could argue if they weren’t strong enough the first time….

  4. Marleen Doushe says:

    worst results EVER, i cant believe america chose braiden over ellie and viktor, mark was chosen over riley despite his terrible performance, man, america sucks

  5. Florence+TheMachineRules!!! :) #MariahSlays says:

    This was hands down the most shocking live playoffs EVER!!! I’m so glad that shelby, Jeffery, korin, Amy, Evan, and Madi survived!!! 😃😃😃 But heartbroken over Ellie’s, celestes, and ivonnes elimination!!!

    • Adake says:

      I thought that Amy was going to get America’s vote and Adam would save Shelby but either way am happy they both made it through. Jordan was no brainer. Looking forward to what Shelby sings next.

      • Florence+TheMachineRules!!! :) #MariahSlays says:


      • davmon says:

        Yes, that was the easiest team to figure, because those three were well ahead of other three. And all three could well deserve to be in the final six overall. Adam has the best shot at this on talent. But who knows; after all, with Zack, Emily Ann, and Barrett loco I-tune charting, this may resume as The Blake Shelton Show.

      • Alex says:

        I’d gone the rocker guy over Amy. She’s only going to appeal to an older crowd. He has much more stage presence, could’ve tapped into the sexy singer vibe and was much more dynamic and versatile.

    • Really — I thought that was the most predictable live playoffs ever. The only one I got wrong was Braiden

      • Florence+TheMachineRules!!! #MariahSlays says:

        well some results were on the nose but for example, none of the wildcards made it, evan though ellie and celeste charted very high and recived high praise across the board. Also what really scares me is that you could be the highest charting and get the top 10 bonus but even that wont save you all the time.

  6. Kareen says:

    I am very sad. Celeste was my favorite. I just can’t like wow. It seems as well like iTunes was discounted in the telecast because no team had the two majority leader both make it through.

  7. brad says:

    Cmon now,did any consistent watcher of reality singing shows really think that kid wouldn’t get through? If I had one person to bet would make it through it would’ve been him. 15 yr old boy that they have pimped that hard will go further than they should every time.

  8. Mat says:

    Happy with everything except no Chance he had my favorite voice on the show. I expected though so it didn’t hurt much. Poor Viktor

  9. NADJAH TRAIN 2015 says:

    Honestly anyone team Gwen could’ve moved on over Braiden, he’s just not ready.
    Nadjah was beyond robbed tonight and I’m not looking forward to Blake’s honky tonk team
    Celeste or Darius could’ve replaced Mark and I would’ve been fine but still a terrible save tbh
    Adams team was exactly like I predicted and while I’m not really on the Jordan hype train he still deserved it.

    • Russ says:

      So Nadjah who charted dead last on Itunes for both Tuesday teams was robbed when between America and Blake his three highest charters were saved ?

      • NotVirgin Mary says:

        What did you expect her to do with that awful song choice? She still sang better than all of them. Didn’t miss a note.

        • Lizzie says:

          She sang well and she really enjoyed her chance to come back and sing again, did far better than her prior performance that got her cut, but it wasn’t enough to stay on. I was sure that in whatever combination of votes or save, those were the 3 who would move on from Blake’s team. He really seems to see something in Emily Anne, and I only get glimpses of it.

    • Phoenyx says:


  10. Angie_Overrated says:

    I’m definitely rooting for Gwen’s team this season. And Adam’s. And Pharrell’s. Which is to say anyone but the three on Blake’s team. I don’t think I’ve ever been more annoyed by an entire team as I am with Blake’s trio of country mediocrity. If we have to have a country winner, can it please be Shelby? Or bring back Morgan? Or have a non-country winner? Go, Jordan or Jeffery! Or Amy, Madi, Evan, Marc, Korin, etc.

    • Adake says:

      Wow, Thank you for saying that. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Dbrillz says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Morgan, Ivonne, and Nadjah ALL should’ve been saved over Emily Ann, iTunes be damned! And I’m gonna miss Riley but otherwise I’m alright with the judges saves. Sad about Viktor and Ellie but I’ve always liked Korin and she had one bad week. Adam’s team was spot on. Blake’s team may be the worst I’ve ever seen.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I would have been thrilled with Morgan, Ivonne or Nadjah. Like you said, all three were better than the one he did save. She was one of my least favorite not just this season, but over the course of 9 seasons I’d say her performance last night was worst-5 material. I cannot possibly overstate just how poorly she sang that song. I feel badly for her because she seems like a very nice girl, but she’s not ready for this.

    • Puzzled says:

      Oh Krista Hughes, I don’t know why they did to you what they did in the battle rounds..would have loved more of your traditional type of country.

    • Michael H. says:

      I will jump on the Gwen bandwagon with you IF she doesn’t mess up with Korin (again) and can keep Jeffery doing his thing while giving us variety as well. Adam just requires Jordan for me, and hopefully Shelby comes back to form. Pharrell’s team for me is iffy this year, but Madi will destroy the live rounds. Blake can go away now. I liked Zach’s playoffs song, but everything else has been very weak. Emily Ann can go away, as can Barrett.

      • MamaLis says:

        See, I think Korin was a wasted save. (“Wasted” being a terrible word as she’s such a stellar person!) But honestly, she’s pre-med and I think her brains will probably dictate her career choice soon. Gwen said who can I “help” or influence the most in this competition. I truly believe Ellie or Victor were MUCH better choices as these are the career musicians – and – great performers/singers. Ellie looked .. not subtly stunned when Gwen announced her choice. Made me wonder what these coaches say to them sometimes behind the scenes.

        • Lazette says:

          I totally agree with you Mamalis. Victor is a star and that is what the Voice needs. I just wish the coaches could have picked their own top 12. The reality is, the Voice needs someone with the “total package” to become a star. In my opinion, Victor, Mark Hood, Zach and Maddie has a change for that “star thing.”

          • GG says:

            Viktor is too lounge singer to be a star. And there are already 3 pop/r&b/soul guys in the Top 12 (Jeffery, Jordan, Evan).

            He’s lucky. He can go back to Hungary and continue his successful career over there. The other people who were eliminated don’t have anything like that to fall back on.

  11. Bart says:

    4 out of 12 country singers. Korin, Madi and Amy’s voices are almost in the same lane. Zach and Braiden make the tween/girls vote. Mark and Evan’s got the soul vote. Jordan and Jeffrey are holding the diva range.

  12. Jeremy says:

    Still can’t believe Ada’ms comeback person was Chance. Should have brought back Manny.

    • Jasper says:

      Or Cassandra.

    • taters says:

      Yes! Manny would have brought some excitement back to the show. I think the producers made him pick Chance. He didn’t seem too thrilled about it…

      • Lizzie says:

        Manny’s time was done. He was good, but not good enough to stay on.

      • analythinker says:

        Actually, Chance sounded quite good on the group performance, maybe Adam did see potential. I think he just needs to hone his craft more and really figures out what kind of songs suit his voice. Barton Hollow is a duet, so I got distracted because I kept waiting for the harmony to come in and he was kind of shouting it too.

        • Jan Mccartney says:

          Chance likes folk, and his original songs are in that genre. He does a great job w/ songs like House of the Rising Sun, too. It must have been nerves when he sang solo. He really has a special talent. Don’t know why Adam didn’t let him play banjo and do some Mumford & Sons or something similar. Look for him in the future. He is that unique & soulful. Good songwriter, too.

    • rebecca says:

      I was hoping for Alex & Andi.

  13. Andre says:

    As much as I love Mark, I don’t think his performance deserved the coach’s save because I didn’t appreciate the high notes; I thought they were out of place in the song and the arrangement made me confused throughout the last half. And I know, Celeste’s performance wasn’t perfect, but I actually thought she emoted so well to that performance and she fought so hard to stay on this show. It’s a shame both can’t be in the Top 12. But if I had to give my coach save to one of those four contestants, I’d give it to Celeste.

    Why Braiden? I was confused honestly, with America, considering his performance lacked good moments. I agree that Jeffrey should’ve gone through. I am actually happy Korin made it through because I see it as an opportunity for her to do better in the competition, but the fact that Viktor or Ellie wasn’t saved because Braiden took the spot boggles my mind.

    For Adam and Blake’s, I just have two words (well, three if you count conjunctions): Predictable and Reasonable.

    • analythinker says:

      “…the arrangement made me confused throughout the last half.” Exactly what I felt. It was kind of a mess to me.

  14. Caitlyn says:

    I’m the most stung by the loss of quirky Ellie and the country covers of rock songs by Morgan. This show is becoming horribly predictable. Nobody the least bit out of the ordinary seems to last long.

    • Bart says:

      I don’t think Gwen can save her twice plus I think Ellie’s fans got complacent since they saw her charting high on Itunes. Still, she’s better than anything Braiden can muster.

      • Mack_attack says:

        I am really disappointed in Gwen’s choice and her team the most. I really wanted Viktor and Ellie to go through, they were fun, entertaining and could sing. Poor Braiden is not going to make it far.

  15. Harry says:

    Does Adam want to lose? I don’t understand how he let Blaine and Chance go and saved Amy. My favorite performance yesterday was Celeste’s. I was sorry to se her go.

    • Norma Dey says:

      I LOVE Amy. Her voice is so different.

      • Cip says:

        I soooo disagree. Amy’s voice has been done a thousand times and quite frankly is pretty weak compared to the other female contestants. Adam wasted a save.

        • Jan Mc says:

          Totally agree. She has a sweet voice, but more for those mix CDs you can buy at the Starbucks counter. I thought the coches were all about who they can mentor the most? That would have been Blaine or Chance. I would have picked any of the 3 guys remaining over Amy.

          • Alex says:

            You nailed it perfectly. She coffe house Nora Jones nice but skews to an older demographic and really can’t do much outside of her thing. The Texan rocker guy had way more charisma, stage presence and quite frankly can do more genres and types of songs.

        • Lc says:

          Totally agree

    • Sara says:

      Me either but then look at who he chose last season with that girl who had the pitchy high voice that you couldn’t understand what she was singing. So this time he saves Amy over Keith or Blaine. That is just insane. Amy will not make it!!!!!!! Adam seems to like that kind of girl but America will not.

      • Adake says:

        I’m pretty sure Amy has scored consistently higher on Itunes than Blaine or Keith so Adam is not alone in preferring Amy.

      • Adake says:

        Adam is not alone in preferring Amy over Blaine or Keith. She has consistently ranked higher on ITunes than either of them.

  16. Jules says:

    Darn. Was hoping Pharrell would save Darius (even though I like Mark). I’m hoping he still works with him after the show. Mark needs to tone it WAY down for his next performance or I think he’s gone. I think Jeffery is the most interesting. At some point I would love for Gwen to give him “One More Try” by George Michael. He would kill that song. Sorry to see Viktor go but I think he’ll be fine.

  17. Jasper says:

    Not the worst results show ever, but definitely some disappointments in the mix. I would have definitely swapped out Braiden for Viktor. Come on, America! I would also have swapped out Evan for Celeste and Barrett for Nadjah. My favorites so far are Madi, Jeffrey, Jordan, and Zach.

  18. Tonja R says:

    Anybody know the name of the song that Team Pharrell sang together?

  19. Barala says:

    Korin over Viktor? That’s the real shock to me.

    • ggw says:

      I think viktor is,already seasoned Korin can still grow and she’s more interesting than viktor.

      • Lizzie says:

        I thought Gwen was going to try to date Victor.

        • Sheldon says:

          Maybe Gwen didn’t save Viktor because Blake would become jealous. First, why didn’t America vote for Viktor? He is clearly great! Is it that we’re not really soulful? Secondly, Gwen, you’re supposed to save those who can win, not the one who you think needs your help (superficially of course). Gwen might also abandon Braiden when she tires of straightening his curly hair. Wake up! It’s about the VOICE, not the production. His youth, curls and genre preferences make Braiden. It’s a good thing that Adam did not let Amy suffer Viktor’s fate.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      More like Braiden over Viktor AND Korin? Wha wha wha WHAT?!

  20. Florence+TheMachineRules!!! :) #MariahSlays says:

    You know what, I’m getting sick of some of the comments saying that shelby brown is bland and unoriginal. It really ticks me off. Shelby is amazing!!! I think that when she picks her songs, she’s golden but when adam picks it can go either way. I’m so proud of shelby and I hope that weither she wins or not, I wish her a great career ahead of her

    • Christian says:

      Agreed! She has the stage precence and the voice. She’s not necessarily unique, but no way is she bland or unoriginal.

    • Jan Mc says:

      Shelby has an amazing voice. It will only get better with time.

    • Kym says:

      Shelby is just pure AWESOME. Voice and a half…. I’m glad she got pushed through by the voters because I thought that Amy would be saved by them and that Adam would have to save Shelby. Team Adam is the only team I see as being “fair” or acceptable at this point.

    • Karen says:

      Wow, I haven’t noticed anyone saying that she is bland. She has a very nice voice. You do seem to take every opportunity to pimp her on this site, do you know her??

  21. Annie says:

    Can’t believe Viktor didn’t make it . Voting system needs to change the final 12 should be chosen from the full 24 not from 3 from each team lets face it Blake had a less than stellar team

    • That is EXACTLY what I think too. Take the true top 12, regardless of what team they are on. If one of the coaches loses his/her entire team, they should have chosen their teams better! The way it is now, some went home simply because only three from that team could stay, while others got to stay that were not nearly as talented as the ones that went home. Really dumb idea and it is infuriating! The Voice REEEEEALLY needs to change that. So very sorry to see Viktor and Darius go home. Very talented guys! The fact that Braiden stayed and Viktor went home just blows me away!

      • Phoenyx says:

        Voice should be ashamed. Just sticking to the weird and white shows America is still too racially driven. Mark, Viktor and Darius – don’t forget Celeste are vocal powerhouses. Not saying some left are not good – Jordan and Shelby are destined to be here. Emily Ann and Zach are sickening at this point. Think judges are looking at the wrong end to choose. Braiden looks like the IT guy on Muppets, good voice though. Good voices left but the best are definitely gone. Think Regina was mundane though she was on pitch. Jeffery has good voice, but he is like Elliott Yamin from Idol, ain’t nobody tryna see him for long. Nadjah Nicole will be great backup for Mary J Blige but not meant to be lead act. Hopefully other revealed talent will find deals. Evan McKeel was ok, but not tryna see him all the time either.

  22. ggw says:

    Are you kidding me .. love mark hood! Thank you pharrell! and braiden…he’s just so cute … I’m so not surprised he made it. I think the voting and final teams were right on … I might have switched Keith for amy.

    It’s gonna come down to Jordan and … fill in the blanks.

  23. Pat says:

    Adam… you should’ve saved Blaine, man! Great voice, dynamic stage presence.

    Blake… if you keep on this way, don’t bother turning around for any singer unless they’re a country artist, because they won’t trust you to stick with them. The message you’ve been sending the last few seasons is only country artists make it to the finals on your team.

  24. Me says:

    The voice sucks no black winners again this is sorry!!!!

  25. Conner says:

    Am I the only one who feels like twelve people was way too many to cut? I feel like since they brought back one artist, they should have also brought one more and had a Top Sixteen instead of a Top Twelve. Then we might have seen fewer really talented people leave.

  26. dp says:

    I’m pissed they did it by team. I’d be happier if they did it by total votes

    • Jan Mc says:

      That would be more equitable and based more on voice If you have a stacked team you have to send 3 home? Then mediocre singers on other teams make it through? I’d be bummed if I was cut from one coaches team and saw 3 or 4 average singers on another team.

  27. kevstar says:

    Glad America saved Madi. She is as good as Jeffrey and Jordan.
    Those saying America didn’t like Amy, well she was 3, on ITunes, so there!

    • Jan Mc says:

      Jordan Smith’s song was at number 3. Amy’s song is currently at 63and never made it into the top 10. Emily Ann’s song broke through to the top 10, but she had to be saved. That is very odd unless she made it into the top ten after the noon deadline? Otherwise it makes no sense.

      • Sam says:

        Emily Ann’s song was #1 new country song, #2 country song and was #6 at noon eastern. That didn’t seem to count for anything.

        • MamaLis says:

          I think that sometimes the voters vote one way, but not the other. For instance, I have a feeling Barrett’s students and entire school voted en masse through the actual voting systems, but didn’t purchase the song. They’re a “loyal” type vote. Emily on the other hand, gets iTunes voters who buy her song simply because they love her voice. These people might not go back and cast a vote for her. That’s how I’m thinking things go down.

  28. Jag says:

    Pharell has the strongest team. Gwen not picking Victor makes her team bleh exept for Jeffrey. So as Adam’s and Blake.

    my top 4.. Jeffrey, Madi, Mark and Evan.

  29. DKD says:

    I keep watching The Voice even the taste of “Amerikah” depresses me greatly at these moments.

  30. Seth says:

    Is this the least racially diverse group of 12 we’ve had at this stage of the show? It really stood out to me tonight.

    • davmon says:

      Agreed, and Pharrell was in the awkward position of having to choose from Darius, Mark, and Celeste [all were very good!] as to who would be the only nonwhite singer on the show. Any of them were better than Evan–and better than anyone on teams Gwen and Blake. I liked Regina and Nadjah, too. But Regina was not appreciably better than others on Gwen; and Nadjah was not going anywhere on team Blake–even with the Gwen hair extensions last night [New GF probably told Blake overnight; don’t you dare!].

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Yup, that’s the new normal on this show since the Idol viewers — not content on just ruining Idol — have migrated onto The Voice to ruin this show too.

  31. Glad Jeffery and Evan made it through. They are amazing vocalists and a lot easier to listen to than Jordan (at least you know they’re male without having to see them). All the others are a take-it-or-leave-it situation for me. I think Blaine lost votes announcing his recent marriage on the show (seriously – teeny girls and their fantasies). I knew Braiden was going to advance (same vote source). Team Blake – totally predictable and typical. Pharrell’s save was a “who care”. Won’t matter who he chose of those in the long run. Funny thing was about Viktor – I supported him initially, but he got on my nerves pretty quickly. Kind of a slimy, creepy vibe about him the more I watched. Kind of like the Armenian and Persian guys in LA (that think they’re too cool with their gold chains and second-hand Beemers).

  32. DarkDefender says:

    I thought everyone was lackluster except for Jordan. That guy is a revelation.
    Viktor impressed me all the way up too the live shows with his RPatz looks and on stage charisma. Too bad he fell the way of a really bad song choice. #coachsabotage
    I think when the coach’s song choice is really bad, the contestant should have a veto right to pick something else. Way too many outdated songs being used. Part of American Idol’s fall has been their inability to clear more current songs. If anything, the producers of The Voice should rise above that.. Or they will just see the same fate.

    • Kathy says:

      I totally agree with Dark Defender lackluster yep ! And definitely agree the contestant should be able to veto (perfect example when Adam gave Matt : Somewhere Over The Rainbow ! Matt would have won but Adam sank it for him ! Then he gave the guy from Ireland the song where the chorus took over & you could tell he didn’t really want to sing it. Gwen had the kid singing a Bread song that was blah. He lucked out with the tweens votes. The songs they sang as groups weren’t good either. I’m just disappointed & only watch now for Jordan but they just took the fun out of the show for me.

  33. joy says:

    Okay I know Braiden was a surprise but the one that sent me reeling was Evan McKeel over Darius. On what planet? I’m in a minority on Jordan also. It is really hard to make it in the music business and there is no way Jordan could make it through a concert. Technically he sings good but he is not The Voice! Plus, Adam needs to put Amy on a modeling show, she can compete against his child bride but her voice is not that big a deal!

  34. Kirby says:

    Braiden is another Sawyer thing like last season. Teen idol. I totally agree with Lillie about Ellie, somethings wrong with her and she has issues. Sings off key too. I cant believe Keith was bumped, talented guy. Korin shined tonight in the group performance showing promise. And last I felt every one of Pharrels team could have stayed over others.

  35. bill of goods says:

    Sorry to see Mayim Bialik (Ivonne) go. She had an excellent voice but her earnestness was what won me over. Great kid!

    Now, Go Amy – stop that Justin train!

  36. Amy Sandon says:

    So happy with the top2 results. Especially Barrett Baber. He’s my favorite. I’m shocked that Keith Semple got eliminated.

  37. Roger says:

    I think Gwen & Adam have lost their freakin minds. They both picked people that have no chance in hell of winning over all those guys with great voices. Pharrell was the only smart judge tonight.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Interesting. I thought Gwen and Adam both chose reasonably well for their saves and Pharrell is the one who chose someone who will be out immediately.

  38. William Hoover says:

    From what I have seen, most of the people who vote are to young and have no idea what singing is. I think they should let the public only vote for 1 and the judges pick the rest. Keep 4 instead of 3.

  39. U cannot believe Blaine Mitchell is off the show. Ridiculous. I think Adam sabotages the best talent it’s sick he always blows it.

  40. dan says:

    What a blood-letting. I know it’s been mentioned before, but I had no idea they were chopping half the contestants. I’m sad to see Ivone Acero go, but … after her last performance, I thought to myself, “No, Pharrel, she hasn’t learned how to sing for her life.”

  41. KennethC says:

    In one episode, this season has gone from “Promising” to “Sucks”.

  42. NotHardly says:

    Can’t believe Gwen chose Korin over Viktor – seriously. I knew the 14 years olds were going to vote Braiden through regardless of whether he deserved it or not. ( I don’t dislike the kid, and he’s got a pleasant voice, but he needed to be on the show in three years, not now) But I’m shocked she went with Korin, especially after the hideous let’s-make-her-look-like-a-40-year-old “make-over” she forced on her, I figured she was just trying to sabotage her. Glad Jeffrey and Barrett made it, I’ve enjoyed them. But a crazy night for sure.

  43. Rich walker says:

    This comment sums it up on Ellie Lawerence’s YouTube video:
    I’m sorry Ellie, that was not fair. But at least we all learned something tonight, when Braiden Sunshine ranked over a 100 positions behind you in iTunes “beat you” we now know THE VOICE IS FIXED. I have often thought this, but we now know for sure. It’s a shame that a few producers have the real choice of who they want to promote while America has the wool pulled over their eyes by this “voting hoax”. For me I just turned it off, it was the last episode I will ever watch.  Good luck Ellie!

    • MamaLis says:

      Wow. I don’t know. It does make you wonder, for sure. There was that big scandal a few years back when the Asian girl got cut. BUT… if she was that far ahead on iTunes – each song multiplied by 10 – Braiden had to get inundated with tween votes through the system who, at the same time, did NOT buy his music. That’s the only scenario. Oh, also, her fanbase who DID buy her songs, had to NOT have also voted for her through the system. Hm.. written that way it is a bit peculiar.

  44. kennz says:

    I think at this point the strongest ones on each team, IMO
    pharrel- madi
    adam- Jordan
    though I think Jeffery and jordan will most likely be in the finals (I hope).

  45. Carfield says:

    I am just sad that Victor did not make it to the live show. He is one of the few artists that is more than ready to handle the pressure. But I really never imagine that Braiden will actually be voted on, but given the supports in various forums, Braiden is definitely not going to anywhere soon. With the elimination of phone line, the voting will even further bias towards the youth. That is why I think Voice should really think about Voice Kids like other countries.

    For the other teams, I honestly am not that surprised, but since we are still at the early stage, the iTunes chart is yet to be very accurate and there are many contestants, who get voted through because of actual votes rather than iTunes sales.

  46. Diane Arndt says:

    Hurt to see Chane Pena go home.

  47. Dave says:

    I think the twins duo were the best singers and loved their sound. I wish they were picked to come back. Jordan will win this year.

  48. Angela Sekston says:

    What a shame Darius is going home. So talented with both his voice and ability to arrange. Seems like he worked so hard for it and is a nice guy too. Hope we will be hearing more from him!

    • Joanna says:

      I don’t think Pharrell felt like there was anything he teach him. Darius seemed to have a clear direction that he wanted to pursue. I think Pharrell was more impressed with Mark because he thinks maybe he can mold him into a better singer, even though I felt he was a little too animated at times during his performances.

      • scott says:

        It shouldn’t be about who he can mold. It should be about who is more talented. My bet is he thinks Mark is more tween friendly. And therein lies the ultimate problem with the show these past few seasons. Rather than coach up talent, it’s more like who will the tweens/teens vote for.

      • Karen says:

        I really liked Darius, but I think that Mark’s performance was better this week. Darius was a little over the top for me.

  49. Kay says:

    Adam’s save…Amy YES!!!
    Gwen’s save…Korin?? Really!!??

  50. Rod says:

    The teenage boat has already impacted the show. Braiden is going to be the spoiler this season. Several good artists will be eliminated because of him. It’s called “The Sanjaya Factor”!!