Sleepy Hollow Friday Fox

Sleepy Hollow to Move to Fridays

Come February, Sleepy Hollow‘s Witnesses will forge their fate on Fridays at 8/7c.

The supernatural drama’s new timeslot will be effective Feb. 5, the network announced while revealing its midseason schedule Tuesday.

While Friday night isn’t Purgatory, per se, it is traditionally where networks send shows that are on their way out. (Fox’s Bones and NBC’s Grimm are two notable exceptions.)

Bottom line: It doesn’t look good, Sleepyheads.

Sleepy Hollow‘s fall finale airs Thursday, Nov. 19 at 9 pm. The Feb. 5 date will mark its midseason premiere.

Have thoughts on Sleepy Hollow‘s move? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Brenda says:

    figures. So far this season has been pretty good. I miss Orlando Jones’ character, but it is now back to the original premises of Abbie and Icabod. I like how they have given Jennie more screen time as well. I hope that Fox gives it more time, but I am not holding my breath.

    • NostalgicSleepyHollow Fan says:

      The interesting “original premises” were not solely about Abbie and Ichabod, and now the show can’t get back to basics…

  2. Ian says:

    Heh. Surprise surprise.

  3. Erika says:

    Sleppy Hollow is nearly dead.

  4. SayNay says:

    RIP Sleepy Hollow. This makes me hate Goffman even more. He killed the show in S2and Fox never gave it a chance in S3. The only revenge would be if the Friday move pulled in way better numbers over Thursday, but not likely. I only hope we get a satisfying ending and the cast can move on to good projects.

    • .... says:

      Oh, the naivete still on display. He did not kill the show. The NETWORK killed the show, which it is continuing to do this season by turning it into a supernatural version of Bones. Its death will be merciful.

    • sam says:

      Goffman killed the show and Campbell beat the corpse with FOX’s consent. I hope Nicole Beharie aims high and scores, because she is incredible in every possible way. She deserved better.

    • Patti says:

      Alexi Hawley was the mess and problem for S2. Now he’s back on ABC’s Castle killing it…so I’ll be loosing two shows.

  5. Larc says:

    Sleepy Hollow may actually fare better on Friday night. It’s up against some formidable competition in its present time slot. Friday nights are near wastelands. The show may be something of an oasis the the desert after the move.

    • KatsMom says:

      I agree. The expectations should be lower as well. Hopefully, they won’t be stupid enough to put it on at the same time as Grimm and make people their favorite fantasy show.

      • ChellemaBelle says:

        My thoughts exactly. It’s too bad that these two weren’t on the same network. That would be a much better crossover. (Or more so… how would the Winchesters brothers fare with the Mills sisters + Crane?)

      • worldtraveler9 says:

        Sleepy Hollow will be on at 8 p.m. on Fridays; Grimm is on at 9

    • Julia says:

      Totally agree. This could be a good Friday show!

    • murley says:

      Agreed. This might be the rare case where the network moves a show to Friday to give it a chance to survive. I for one watch multiple shows on Thursday and zero shows on Friday so this moves suits me!

      • Jbj says:

        I thought Thursday was bad night, too, but I guess they were thinking more about the lead in’s ratings than the demographic competition. Both The CW and ABC have popular shows with overlapping interests airing at the same time. Even with a DVR, it might be Sophie’s Choice.

    • Will says:

      I agree too. Nothing much on Friday night, so I’m for this.

    • AM68 says:

      Agreed. It was a dumb move from the start that Fox moved it to Thursday nights. I for one am happy because now I don’t have to play Sophie’s Choice each Thursday between Sleepy and The Originals

  6. Angela says:

    That’s sad if this is indeed a sign that the show isn’t lasting much longer. I’d hoped it could rebound, ’cause this season’s been pretty good. I’d like to think there’s a way to make Friday night programming a big deal again in general (a la ABC’s TGIF lineup they had when I was a kid), but I don’t know how easy that’d be nowadays.
    There isn’t really much else I watch on Fridays, especially not at that time slot, but even if there were, I’d still watch the show live anyway. Even if this is their last season, any little bit of live viewership is better than nothing.

    • herman1959 says:

      I used to look forward to my Friday TV shows when I was a kid too, but those days are long gone. Now the assumption is that the younger demo is hanging out on Friday nights and not watching TV, so a show that the network REALLY believes in is not going to be scheduled on that night. That said, I’ll watch SH on Friday, but I agree that it doesn’t look good. I hope I’m wrong.

  7. hello says:

    Anybody know how many episodes we are getting this year

  8. espy25 says:

    Love that it’s going to Fridays. If folks think no one watches TV on Friday, explain “Shark Tank”. I work weekends, so I can’t ‘party’ Friday nights. I’ll be watching!

  9. Chris says:

    Could still last fringe aired 2.5 seasons on Fridays on the same network

  10. Drew says:

    My only problem is that there will be a Spring premiere for Sleepy Hollow at all. I’ve always said that this show should have short seasons. It is a great fall show, ideal for Halloween (which they blew this year for the stupid crossover event). It can be stretched into winter, but a full, long season is too much.
    Fridays aren’t death slots for shows like this. If they are strong enough, they can survive and even escape Fridays. The biggest success stories that come to mind are The X-Files and Supernatural.

    • herman1959 says:

      I just hope that FOX advertises the change widely before it starts.

      • Cookie Queen says:

        I hope they do too. I didn’t even know when they were returning for fall. I was reading about shows in TV Guide and saw the premier, not from Fox, shame, shame on them. They need to get behind this show, if not sell it to SkyFy.

    • Morisot says:

      I agree. Totally a Fall/Winter show. Leaves blowing down dark streets, lanterns glowing, and the clip-clop of horse’s hooves….

      • Drew says:

        Exactly! They based the show on a story that is popular around Halloween! We don’t want no stinkin’ flowers blooming and sun shining crap!

        • Morisot says:

          LOL. Funny, the British have it all over us in this type of scheduling.

          • jbj says:

            Eh. I’m an American living in England right now, and I feel like an out of the loop old person when comes to figuring out when shows I like are coming on. If you are American, you might not know that shows on BBC America and PBS could be airing on one of any number of free or pay channels, just like how tv works in the US.

            I don’t know the good websites to get updates or find out what channels to go to, and the onscreen guide for FreeTV is not that helpful for planning ahead. Also, sometimes a season is like 4 episodes or a special, so just when you stumble upon something you like, it’s gone. The only thing that helps is that the BBC iPlayer has saved favorites, recommendations and expiration dates for available episodes, so as long as I check it periodically (and it does not randomly delete my favorites, which can happen), I can catch stuff. It would probably be better if I had cable (and all the fancy equipment that often goes with it), but still get more than enough television to watch using my VPN with Hulu, Amazon and Netflix.

  11. Judy McCoy says:

    I don’t care what night it is on, I will be watching. JUST DON’T CANCEL IT.

  12. Will says:

    Fringe survived two and a half seasons on Friday. Instead of trying to find something that will attract viewers to the night, they gave it to a show with a small yet passionate fanbase. This is a smart move on FOX’s behalf. If the show can maintain it’s 3 million viewers it could make it to a season five.

  13. sam says:

    Now that that they know it’s over, I hope they have a satisfying ending for the loyal fans.

  14. Hawaii Five-0 benefited greatly in it’s move to Fridays. Granted, Fox isn’t CBS, I hope that the move will help, at least that’s what I’m hoping for. Let’s not go writing Sleepy Hollow’s eulogy just yet, shows have flourished on Fridays(CSI, the X-Files, Boy Meets World, Last Man Standing, here’s hoping Sleepy Hollow can buck Fox’s recent trend with their Friday genre fare

    • betty says:

      I hope fox renews Sleepy Hollow I love this show I will be watching Friday nite really only show that interest me LOVE SLEEPY HALLOW definitely a sleepyhead I usually watch nothing but Hawaii 5 O on Fridays now I’ll be watching sleepy Hallow thenH50

  15. Znachki says:

    TV viewing is so scattered between platforms these days that I don’t think the “Friday Night Death Slot” is quite as much of a curse as before. Since it won’t be on at the same time as Grimm (if they stick to 9pm) this could actually work out.

  16. katedfw says:

    Doesn’t look good! I loved the 1st season! Last year was ok and this year is just not good. I don’t like Pandora. Bring back the Headless Horseman!

  17. Jeanne Romanoskie says:

    Fox, if you kill Sleepy Hollow, I will be so disappointed in you! BIG MISTAKE! We absolutely adore that show!

  18. Dark Defender says:

    Fox Fridays… is the kiss of death. R.I.P. Sleepy Hollow.

  19. aph1976 says:

    Sleepy Hollow could do well on Friday nights.Plus Fox knows Bones has done well on Fridays and maybe they want to give Sleepy Hollow the same chance and by them announcing this news now will give fans of the show notice to tune in come February.

  20. Love Sleepy Hollow!! love the “historical” references and love Ichabod! Fridays could work. Being up against “Scandal” is tough. That crossover with “Bones” was awful!! The female lead on “Bones” is awful! Don’t do that again!! Miss the horseman and that whole story line. Pandora is weak. Don’t really care about her. Gotta do something to jazz up this season, get people talking about the show again. Can’t imagine losing ichabod’m

    • Frisiandane says:

      I agree, though this season is much better than S2, I don’t understand a SH story without a headless horseman. It is queer! And, frankly, I have never cared for female evil villains unless they are ugly, fat, or very old (like a green witch with warts). I would like to have seen a white female “good-guy” (she could’ve been Ichabod’s boss or something) less Jenny time but I do like Joe. I want to see a very slow budding romance with the Ichabbie, nothing raunchy like on HTGAWM, but something very old-fashioned and “sweet” for them.

  21. Bill says:

    Love the show but it’s done. I love the faith some people have in the move but it’s done

  22. Babybop says:

    I’ve known this is the last season for a while, so as long as they don’t end it on a cliffhanger, I don’t care what night it’s on!

    • Morisot says:

      But what is a proper end to Sleepy Hollow? That Ichabod returns to his eternal rest? I can just see it: Jenny has come to visit Abbie, to console her about Ichabod’s death in defeating the 4 horsemen. But Abbie is all smiles. She has found the spell and an amulet— that will bring Ichabod back from the dead! It ends here if you want a really good, circuitous route of episodes for syndication. If you want a more dramatic/tragic ending: There is a knock on the door. Abbie rushes towards the door — but Jenny screams and rushes to grab the amulet. As Abbie turns the doorknob and starts to open the door, Jenny throws the amulet into the fireplace. There is a swirl of wind and fog that cleats quickly as Abbie throws the door wide– and a ghostly moan fades away as Abbie screams and reaches towards the darkness beseechingly…(Any resemblance between the amulet and the Monkey’s Paw is purely coincidental.)

  23. Cookie Queen says:

    Fox needs to stop this move, first it’s a hot show on Mondays, then on Thursdays and now they are trying to kill the show by moving it to Fridays! !*#?? What is wrong with this network. Please I’m asking all the fans to unite and bombard Fox about this move. Every show has its growing pains, this is a good show and they need to know the fans are not going to let this show go down without a fight!!! Stop this madness move Jane the Virgin to Thursdays and put Sleepy back on Mondays !!!!!!!! Where it belongs.

  24. Lisa says:

    When A&E dropped Longmier Netflix picked it up. It’s now one of their most popular shows and they are making a fifth season. Maybe Netflix will pick up Sleepyhollow if the worst comes to pass.

  25. Ginny says:

    A Perfect Friday. Sleepy @ 8 and Grimm @ 9

  26. It’s a shame that the showrunners forgot what they did in the first season to make the show so entertaining. They wasted John Noble in the back half of season two. This will probably be the last season so we might as well enjoy it.

  27. Jared says:

    I feel like Sleepy Hollow is done. A move to Friday’s and not having the traditional number of episodes after 3 seasons to warrant a syndication S4 deal makes sense to just cancel it. Unfortunately, Sleepy Hollow was promising at the start but this show was killed during S2.

  28. Mr. Tran K says:

    Wonder if Sleepy Hollow move to Fridays should have the same fate Fringe was back then.

  29. Huh says:

    This might work in their favor. The only time I watch live TV is for Shonda Thursdays. I actually keep forgetting to DVR Sleepy Hollow. I might actually get to watch it while getting ready to go out for the evening. Too bad it’s won’t be on at 8.

  30. Curtis says:

    Leave Sleepy Hollow where it is

  31. Ceeme says:

    Either the network is hoping Sleepy Hollow will be the new Fringe on Friday night or they are just slowly killing the show.

  32. chaosrainz says:

    Well if they’re going to cancel it, I hope we at least get resolution.
    Although for me, this schedule would probably work better. I can go from this to Grimm. That sounds like a fun, spooky, action filled end of the week to me!

  33. kidstellar says:

    The dreaded Friday Death Slot. RIP Sleepy Hollow.

  34. deb says:

    Friday night is not a ghost yard like everyone seems to think it is. Genre shows such as Fringe and Grimm have thrived on Friday nights. I’m looking forward to not having the Thursday night line-up competition and having a place where Sleepy Hollow can thrive.

  35. Please stop the conjecture. This is already better than placing it against Scandal, The Blacklist and football. I just wish it moved to Friday’s at beginning of S3 instead of waiting.

  36. TJ says:

    I DVR the show no matter what night it’s on. It’s very rare for me to watch a tv show live. Some shows I watch during the day while my husband is at work since he isn’t a fan of shows like Sleepy Hollow. I do think Friday night might be better since Grimm is on at 9 pm.

    They need to push streaming of the older episodes so more people can find the show while it’s still in production.

  37. AM68 says:

    This is Fox’s fault for putting Sleepy Hollow on Thursday nights in the first place. It was a dumb move. Why would you put this show that is already struggling in the ratings against the juggernaut that is TGIT on ABC?

  38. marcus says:

    hear we go with the time slot of death .way to go fox

  39. Pat Kelly says:

    Sleepy Hollow has come back to its roots this season. Season 3 has been great so far. I like the introduction of Joe Corbin, why do they have to do this? I would love to see it go back to Monday night after Gotham, that was a great 2 hour block of TV.

  40. Jeannette says:

    I worry when Fox network moves shows from their current day to another day, this is one of my favorite shows. Though I am happy with it’s current day & time & there’s nothing I can do to stop the day change, at least it will be on @ 8pm on Friday.

  41. Sally Horak says:

    I love this show!!! Every time I really enjoy a good show it gets cancelled. I heard Bones is on it’s last season. So very sad. Now there well be nothing good to watch on Fox but Empire.

    • MATHER says:

      Empire is abysmal, horrid buffoonery. Which come to think of it, if this is all Fox has, SH might make it for lack of anything else to air.

  42. Alice says:

    Thursday was not the night for Sleepy Hollow, not up against the Originals. Sometimes the networks do take the advice of fans. Yea!!!

  43. Saw It Coming says:

    This is what they wanted….Thursday pm is on lock…ABC….SHONDALAND… questions asked so they set it up for failure placing it on that night.
    Monday nights were perfect! Those who watched sleepy hollow were not into Bones so moving it to follow that show….Why!?!?
    I still DVR it but Monday was just better and I do miss Orlando. Lance was a nice incentive though, I must admit.
    I hope Fridays work!

  44. Elizabeth says:

    Friday’s might be a good start, there’s not many shows that are interesting on that day But I will be watching sleepy hollow …..any day anytime…. .faithful fan…..

  45. dr says:

    Too bad, all in all one of the better entertaining shows on TV. Was a show for adults who tried to out think the writers, if you didnot come up with the right plot or conclusion made you wont to go back and review the prior episode. I guess some formulated rehash of a less novel show will take its place.

  46. Jan says:

    I don’t mind moving to Friday, but not cancel this show!!

  47. Nancy says:

    Odd that Fox Network is showing a Saturday, December 26th date for the next SH episode, when this site shows Feb – which is accurate?

  48. gina says:

    I love watch sleep hollow hope that show will not stop and when will this show come back on television ?

  49. Stout Lover says:

    Ratings for Sleepy were good on Tuesdays but these network knuckleheads moved it to Thursday.
    Hello, going against the Blacklist, no chance at all!!!
    Slow death on Friday night.
    Let’s hope Crane gets some Abby love in the obvious upcoming last season!!!

  50. Moka says:

    Another show being moved around. Quit moving the decent to good shows around. Good thing I have Hulu to catch up, since several if us had no clue they were moving SH.