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NCIS Jeanne Kisses Tony

NCIS: What Was the Meaning Behind Jeanne's [Spoiler]? (Watch Videos)

This Tuesday on CBS’ NCIS, the team’s investigation into a ravaged Sudanese camp that had been populated by Doctors Without Borders types served to unexpectedly reunite Tony DiNozzo with Dr. Jeanne Woods née Benoit, whom he years ago had wooed — quite successfully — as part of an undercover op.

Watch video of the intense Tony/Jeanne reunion:

Jeanne’s husband David, whom she met some time after her torrid break-up with Tony, was among the doctors who had gone missing — or, worse, had been burned beyond recognition — during the attack by a local warlord. After Ducky was able to confirm that David was not among the charred, DiNozzo led a team to Sudan to seek out David and the other MIA doctor, allowing Jeanne to tag along as an expert on the region and its dialects.

Tony & Co. ultimately tracked down David and Ensign Joni Ryan and bravely managed to extricate them from where they were being held, thanks in no small part to some last-second aerial support courtesy of Gibbs’ connections.

Because of the team’s top priority — racing against time to find and save the relief workers — Tony and Jeanne didn’t get to talk very much about the past, though the look on her face when they first locked eyes, and at other times throughout the episode’s early scenes, spoke volumes. (Rather, DiNozzo’s colleagues had the most to quip about the volatile reunion, especially when McGee aka “McGossip Girl” briefed Bishop on the soap opera of it all.) But once David had been rescued, Jeanne was visibly quite appreciative of, and maybe even touched by, her ex’s diligence in pulling off the daring mission.

In fact, when parting ways, she bestowed on him a kiss — on the cheek, sure, but one that was perhaps a little lingering, a little warm, given circumstances both past and present. Watch video:

“It was a little bit [lingering and warm],” Scottie Thompson, who reprised her role as Jeanne, allowed of the good-bye gesture. “I think it’s fun moment,” she continued, “and it will be interesting to see how fans react to that, and what that opens up in terms of possibilities — or not — of what lays down the road.”

Thompson says it could merely be Jeanne’s acknowledgement that Tony, despite his past betrayal, very much proved to be an honorable man under adverse circumstances. “After everything they’ve gone through [in the episode], a lot of those initial emotions [they shared upon reuniting] have sort of gone away,” the actress opines. “By then it’s like, ‘I love you as a person, in the end.’ And that’s nice, because that sort of moment can go a million ways.”

If Thompson sticks around.

Despite rumors that Jeanne will be seen again, her portrayer claimed, “I’m not sure,” adding: “I just know I had a really great time coming back, so we’ll see what pans out. But I would love to explore wherever this may or may not go!”

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  1. Sandy says:

    Love this episode. .

  2. Wang-Dong Shan says:

    She’s no Ziva!!!

    • Joe says:

      STFU with this Ziva crap. She’s gone. Accept it.

    • Maria says:

      That was very nice of you to compliment her like that.

    • Lynn S says:

      Thank God. Nobody wants another ninja barbie with a bad Israeli accent. Ugh, so glad she’s never coming back.

    • Erin says:

      Thank heavens!

    • aph1976 says:

      No offense but what does this article have to do with Ziva?I get that people miss Ziva and i do too but people don’t have to keep posting about her whenever there’s an article about NCIS.

      • Patrick says:

        At this point, the fan base needs to accept that Ziva isn’t returning. Even for a 1 minute cameo a la Clooney on ER whereby Ziva and Tony ride off into the sunset together. Mike Weatherly will be on this show to the very end, or as long as they’ll have him. The only way he leaves is to do a spinoff, and they’d have to have a romantic interest for him, so Ziva wouldn’t be an option. IDK why Ziva won’t come back, but she won’t. Its not going to happen, so we have to move on from that, no matter how sad we might be about it.

        • Pete says:

          I think that most NCIS viewers have accepted that Ziva has left – as have countless other characters on countless other shows over the years. It’s not possible to tell when she left the show from the viewing figures alone, which proves that the character was never a deal-breaker for most of us.
          What we are seeing is a small, but fanatical, number of fans doing their level best using social media, to prove to CBS that Ziva and ‘Tiva’ were the only things keeping viewers interested in the show. It appeard to work once, in making those involved with the show believe that ‘Tiva’ was a driving force, so they still believe that it can work again and force CBS to make de Pablo return to the show.
          They think that they can make it appear that they are the majority of online comment about the show, and that they are representative of all viewers. Hopefully CBS is clever enough to see through all of that.

      • Philada says:

        Agree. If I ever hear her name again, it will be too soon! Enough already. And BTW, I don’t “miss” her at all!

  3. Joni says:

    I think it was a beautiful episode and the connection between Jeanne & Tony was still there – even if neither one of them wanted to admit to it.
    I do hope there are more appearances.
    I was definitely ready to give Gibbs a virtual head slap for his cavalier behavior about his own health so I was glad Dr Taft did it for me.

    • tyranthraxus says:

      Like McGees sister I dont think we will see Jeanne again.. again.

    • Terry says:

      My feelings exactly. Somebody, I.e. his boss needs to send Gibbs home. He is a hazard to his own health and the lives of his team. He does not belong on duty. Either that or get help – fast! The scenes between Tony and Jeanne were so well done. They were subtle and heart wrenching. Wherever their reunion leads, I want to see Scottie back as Jeanne. Tony is at his best when he is around her.

  4. BJG says:

    Yes, that kiss lingered, didn’t it!!! Love to see Jeanne come back. Scottie Thompson has great chemistry with Michael Weatherly.

  5. Maria says:

    The writing and acting in this episode were superb. Michael and Scottie knocked this one out of the park!!

  6. Great episode but worried about Gibbs. His speech is very much off- plus with the blurry vision worry about stroke!

  7. darkangel200 says:

    I loved the episode. Michael and Scottie broke my heart. Those who say Tony was only pretending to be in love for his op must be blind. The emotion they still feel for each other, eight years later, was so obvious. Hope she makes more appearances.

  8. Paige says:

    Great episode. Scottie and Michael work well together and I really hope she returns for more episodes.

  9. The Carpooler says:

    Haven’t watched this episode yet. Loved Scottie during her original run, can’t wait to see her again. Great chemistry with Michael.

  10. Lillian says:

    No! Don’t backtrack, Scottie! I hope she does come back. Maybe she can be a friend, sounding board like Paula was.

  11. JC1 says:

    It was good to see her back, but I’m a little disappointed that she’s married. She’s the only woman I’ve ever believed Tony was really in love with, and I guess I was hoping they might have a chance to rebuild their relationship. Oh well.

    • Paige says:

      I felt kind of guilty for hoping her husband was among the dead…. Hopefully, there will be another avenue for them to find each other again.

  12. kassie says:

    It was a nice episode, but I don’t want Jeanne back. I hope they move on from that story, and Tony can move on.

  13. DeeDee Loge says:

    Well it was simply the best and I hope Jeanne is back!

  14. Nicole says:

    I loved this episode. I really want Tony and Jeanne to get together again. They were the best pairing on this show in my opinion. Scottie is fantastic and her chemistry with Michael is fabulous. I hope we see more of her in the future

  15. Jon Hoover says:

    There has been little to no spark since Ziva left and it was fantastic to see the emotional tension between Tony and Jeanne once again. Tony is at his best when he has a deep emotional connection with the woman he is working with or, in this case, attempting to help. He is a romantic to his very core and when NCIS’s writers do not provide him with opportunities to show that side of himself, the show suffers. A great episode that I pray will spring board Jeanne into future episodes. Both Tony and NCIS need her.

  16. Rick Katze says:

    While I rated it as awesome, part of that was due to the other story involving Gibbs. I’m guessing that this was merely the first chapter in what could wind up being two different stories which will involve into ?

  17. as524 says:

    Hoping Scottie is back on NCIS soon….

  18. Anna says:

    Maybe I just don’t do a lot of woodworking, but can someone explain why Gibbs seemed to be storing his wood in dry ice? (Or a super mysterious, magic box?)

  19. ndixit says:

    It was a different ep than what I expected. I expected more heart to heart conversations as a form of closure but the show had a more subtler approach. The silent looks between Tony and Jeanne conveyed the emotions without any need for words. Unlike most, I think closure is what is required between these two. Their past is too warped for a lasting romance, even if they do feel strongly about each other. But closure is necessary. I also liked the Gibbs and Taft part of the story. Its nice to see Gibbs being portrayed as human and fallible as opposed to the borderline superhero he has been in the past.

  20. Rod says:

    More please! I love Jeanne and Tony does too. It would have been epic if she had a possible little DiNozzo running around. I hope the writers tie her in for another episode or two because that was not closure, that was a tease at its finest.

    • Shannon says:

      I think the look on Tony’s face when he told McGee he was happy for Jeanne and her husband was a bit of closure. He seemed sincere, though a bit resigned.
      I was actually waiting for David to be taken out in a hail of bullets and for the team to be escorting his body home at the end. That would have opened the door for something more between Tony and Jeanne, perhaps, though under horrible circumstances.

      • BJG says:

        I’m kind of glad that David wasn’t killed. I’d like it to be Jeanne’s decision to come back to Tony & not have it “forced” on her by having her husband killed.

  21. Mar says:

    I don’t get why on earth they cannot give any character some space other than gibbs! It’s always about Gibbs and even when they give space to other storylines it always goes back to Gibbs! I love the boss and all but i think it’s time to give more space to the others! Like in this episode.. Why not leave Gibbs’ storyline aside and focus on Tony?!
    Anyway.. Not sure about Jeanne, it was good to see her and see how things went for her but I don’t know if i would like to see more of her.

    • Lynn S says:

      Mark Harmon is the star of the show…why would anyone think the show isn’t primarily about him? Gibbs IS NCIS!

      • Erin says:

        The show started as a show that featured a team of quirky but talented agents and supporting professionals. Now it’s mostly about the woes and drama of Gibbs. I thought is was much more fun, subtle, adult, and interesting when the entire cast was written as multi dimensional characters who didn’t need “daddy” Gibbs to save the day at every turn. It was far less predictable when ALL the agents were written as gifted, necessary, and with their own subtly alluded to, personal baggage. Now the only character allowed to be tragic is the ever tragic Gibbs. The only character allowed to be noble is the ever noble Gibbs. The only character allowed to matter in the lives of other team members or the guest star underdog – you guessed it – Gibbs. I miss the team being the star of the show but I’m guessing now that Tony has had his one and done, we’ll be back to idiot Tony being put into time out by daddy.

        • Leia says:

          Why do you even watch?

          • Erin says:

            I guess I watch in the hopes that I might see glimpses of my favorite actor/character have the rare moments we saw last night, even though under the current creative vision, Gibbs has to have an equal or greater share of the evening’s spotlight. This is especially true if Tony’s character is getting some positive attention. It’s the best a Tony fan can hope for and the first time in a couple of seasons we actually got to see some actual Tony drama and heroism.

          • Lynn Pettepher says:

            I miss the chemistry between Jeanne and Tony – that was hot. But I guess you can never go back.

        • smartysenior says:

          I don’t remember that. I remember big star Mark Harmon (big star!) and a bunch of nobodies. It was always Gibbs’ show.

          • Erin says:

            In the first 4 or 5 seasons Tony was written as Gibbs indispensable right hand man and a very clever, gifted, dedicated agent. Tony was regularly given interesting scenes and situations. He was funny, but that wasn’t ALL he was. I miss that more balanced attention because Michael Weatherly is every bit as good, compelling, and charismatic an actor as Mr. Harmon when given the opportunity. It’s just that 99 percent of the dramatic opportunities go to Mr. Harmon now. It’s a waste of an interesting actor and talent.

        • mary says:

          Well, like you said “daddy” Gibbs. He will always be center. I love Harmon, so it obviously doesn’t bother me. But I do get when you have a favorite, & he’s not on as much. But this was a good ep for Tony. I do think they’re writing the story line with Gibbs, because Harmon may be on the way out. He’s only signed for this season. And he has the new show that is on the way.

          • Mar13 says:

            I afree with Erin… the show was about everyone of the tema.. remember season 4-5, the alla Grenouille storyline?! It was about Jenny’s obsession and Tony undercover op! Of course Mark Harmon is the big star, but giving more time to the others would be lovely! (In fact Weatherly could have been even more famous than Harmon to the youngers due to his Angel’s character and relationship with Jessica Alba)…
            This episode was the perfect opportunity, to move the focus just a tiny bit, but no… Gibbs’ storyline couldn’t wait an episode!! All I wanted to say is that I miss the show about the team, as them working together.. in fact i’m loving the bond between Tony and McGee and even the complicity with Bishop! But I really really miss a team show…

        • Amanda Lee says:

          As always, you have to gripe about Gibbs, when the show was centered around Tony with an aside to Gibbs. But, no that isn’t good enough for you. As others have said, it’s always been about Gibbs and his TEAM. It’s Mark Harmon’s show. When he decides to leave, so will the show. Michael Weatherly has said he will stay with the show as long as Mark Harmon does. I thought last night was an excellent episode for everyone involved. You don’t like it because it is not the Tony show 24/7–that’s on you, I watch it for everyone on the show and realize from Day 1–the show has ALWAYS revolved around the character of Gibbs–his life, cases, temperament and take on the cases. It’s been on for 13 seasons, it’s always been his show. SMDH

  22. arial2 says:

    Glad Tony and Jeanne finally got a decent closure.

  23. Leia says:

    Glad that Tony might be able to move on in his love life, and life in general, Jeanne was kind of an albatross around him, yeah he did his job once, but he did himself and her a great disservice when he lied about his feelings for her. Yes she lied about him at that point too, but revenge hath no fury like a woman,… And she lost her daddy, because of Tony and Jenny.

  24. Lynn S says:

    I thought this was the best episode so far this season! Old feelings getting stirred up, Gibbs in a physical crisis, action and adventure. LOVED IT. Now Tony and Jeanne have resolved their past, and Tony has closed out that chapter with her as his ONE TRUE LOVE and now he and Zoe can live happily every after. Nice to have closure on that, had a very ‘real’ feel to it.

  25. I saw a lot of Tony grovelling, but not one bit of remorse or apology from Jeanne for the hell she put him through for accusing him of murdering her father. I realize only so much time in 43 minutes to tell a story, but that was their last time together and was the episode of the only flashback scene. If Tony truly believes he deserved that, then Gibbs isn’t the only one who needs to talk to someone. I saw a lot of regret but I saw no burning love between these two. I’m glad her husband was found alive and hopefully this is the end of this story.

    • Erin says:

      This was the best episode of the season for me because of the focus on Tony. His scenes with Jeanne were wonderful and touching. I wish she would come back into his life but I doubt that the writers will go there. They can check Tony’s one and done off the list and go back to the main course. PTSD Gibbs. I’m so sick of Gibbs ongoing recovery arc but since NCIS has been turned into the Gibbs Show I guess we’re in for much more Gibbs melodrama and Tony will be back to being Gibbs’s second rate agent whipping boy. Can’t any character ever have the spotlight anymore without some Gibbs story randomly popping up to make sure Gibbs has the spot on himself even more? Geeze – it’s gotten so predictable.

      • Leia says:

        Gibbs doesn’t really have classic PTSD, he’d recognize that as he’s had it before, he has deeper issues, and some real scar tissue issues, more like feelings of mortality, and a fear of not having a sense of purpose if he should have to retire. This was more a panic attack, type situation.

    • Shannon says:

      To be fair, there was still no admission from Tony that he actually loved her, or that their relationship was real to him. I was waiting for him to at least acknowledge the way they parted was awful because he lied to her and told her none of it was real.
      You could tell it was real and that his feelings were real…and yet he didn’t have the heart to put that on her with her husband missing this time around. I’m not sure if that makes it better or worse. He still left her (again) thinking what they had all along was just part of his job.

      • BJG says:

        He told McGee while they were on the plane that he “loved her”. So what happened between them was not just part of his job.

      • Jon Hoover says:

        Check your memory, folks. When Tony and Ziva go to Jeanne’s apartment, Tony asks Ziva, “Did you ever lie to someone you loved?” Ziva, said “Yes.” Tony asked if she felt if she would be forgiven. She said they never knew. Tony then says, “Well, mine knew.” Tony loved her and told Ziva that he did. Very clear.

  26. Germaine says:

    The episode was a lot better than I thought it would be, but I still can’t stand Jeanne/Scottie. I hope she goes back to the Sudan and stays there.

  27. Jake says:

    I’d stopped watching NCIS, mainly because of the lack of character development for Tony (more specifically after they ended Tony’s relationship with Jeanne), but I had to watch this one. A good episode overall, but please don’t bring Jeanne back if it’s only going to be a “we want to be together but it will never work” tear jerker.
    And FWIW, don’t know if anyone noticed, but Jeanne’s husband seemed to be a little freaked out under fire, as contrasted with Tony standing tall firing his M4 – they didn’t make anything of it in the show, but it stood out in my recollection of the episode.

  28. Roland Benrardo says:

    jeanne benoit, really….

  29. BigDM1949 says:

    I think Bishop is on the way out.

  30. aph1976 says:

    In a way i think Tony got some closure with Jeanne but in another way things might have gotten confusing for him again.Plus it wouldn’t surprise me if Jeanne comes back because this return has been very positive.

  31. Flynn says:

    This was one of the best episodes in years. There haven’t been many great episodes since Jackie and Eli were killed. What was that, 2 or 3 seasons ago? That’s really when the writing started going downhill. I am hoping (fingers crossed) that the writing is going to continue to improve and that some of the excitement of seasons past will return.

  32. Stephanie says:

    Fantastic Episode !!! Love it !! I’d love to see Jean come back. She’s better for Tony then Zoe is.

  33. Pennagirl says:

    No mention of the Gibbs health scare??

  34. Judy Dunston says:

    So good to see Tony acting like a responsible agent.

  35. Long time fan says:

    I would say they handled it perfectly. Yes Tony probably has some feelings for Jeanne in there. But in the end their relationship was build on a lie and back then he made the call to lie so she can move on from everything. And he made the right call. She did move on. She found a husband that shares her love for medicine and helping people in the third-world. She build a life. She seems happy and in the end Tony helping her to get all of this back was the perfect way to deal with it. He restored her happiness. It is like McGee said. He can stop blaming himself now. He knows she is well. He knows he didn’t ruin her life. And that’s what this scene was all about. A romantic come-back would be really silly and I think the writers didn’t go for it intentionally. It was beautifully written. Yes they were in love. Yes there are still some feelings. But what happened back then was too destructive for it to have a shot. Tony is a good guy and once again proved how much he cares about certain people and how competent and strong he can be. He only needs to sort his life out now. Eventually he will. I don’t think they will let him. The whole Zoe story is just strangely written. I wish they had approached it differently.

  36. mallah says:

    It’s too bad that Thompson’s pregnancy in that last goodbye wasn’t included in the story. Now that would be something if there was a little DiNozzo running around.

  37. Song4Ten says:

    Ziva who? Jeanne was Tony’s first and one true love…

  38. MMD says:

    That was one of the best episodes in quite a while. Everyone had a moment to shine, even though the main focus was on DiNozzo/Benoit and Gibbs/Dr.Taft. It was a beautifully written episode and each character had a moment, no matter how small.

    As for those of you who constantly complain about the episodes being focused on Gibbs, I simply don’t understand why the hell you continue to watch if it bothers you so much. There are a lot of other shows if you so dislike the way NCIS is written. As for the Ziva shippers, it’s done, over, finito but I suppose if you can’t say anything positive that is always a good fallback. (sarcasm implied)

    As far as I’m concerned there have been quite a few Abby and Ducky episodes so although Mark Harmon is the star, it is still an ensemble show and DiNizzo, McGee and Bishop get plenty of air time. Even Vance and Palmer are not overlooked.

    As for Bishop, I think she is here to stay and if you don’t like the character you can always change the channel. That’s the joy of having a remote and choice.

  39. BetsyBoo says:

    Oh, Matt. You’re better than this: “After Ducky was able to confirm that David was not among the charred….

  40. Lee says:

    Loose ends… I’ve had a feeling that this season has been spent tying up loose ends. Even though Bishop is the newest on the team, she looks to be tying up some frayed ends next week. I wish Ducky and Maggie could tie up their years of loose ends. McGee is doing fine with Delilah, Tony has wrapped his up with Jeanne. Yet oddly enough, there wasn’t enough Mike Franks in the season premiere. And if Gibbs is having PTSD, wouldn’t Mike be in there somewhere? I know that every good thing has to come to an end. And that one day NCIS will as well. I would love to see Tony get to be in charge, and stay in charge. I’d almost pay to see that.

  41. Maeleigh says:

    Always wanted Tony and Jeanne to be together. In addition to intense chemistry, she keeps Tony on his toes, but in classy, respectful manner. There’s depth to their relationship. I think they make each other better people. I’d like to see a real, developed relationship beyond NCIS case solving and co-worker friends.

  42. jread says:

    Disappointed in Tony. McGee was right he should have told her it WAS REAL, she was his first love, she deserves to know. When he traveled halfway around the world to find Ziva he told her how he felt, Jeanne deserves no less.

  43. Jay says:

    Tony and Jeanne will always have a connection, that’s obvious. If Tony and Ziva cannot be, then by all means Tony and Jeanne should find their way back to each other. ALSO, Jethro Gibbs…if he needs to “talk” then bring Jamie Lee Curtis back, he talked with her and Gibbs needs something outside of work besides the boat in the basement! I don’t think he necessarily needs wife # 5, but Jamie’s character gave him a balance, missing after Shannon was lost.

    • Shannon says:

      I completely agree! I was a hardcore Tiva shipper, but that is truly over and done. So Jeanne is the next best person for Tony. And I miss Ryan, she and Gibbs were good together, even though they weren’t really together.

  44. G Gamarsh says:

    Bring Scottie Thompson back! Dinozzo has been longing for her for years!

  45. Sorry, but I have to laugh at the big lead in for this article that Jeanne Benoit kisses Tony DiNozzo. I know I will stir up wrath with this comment, but I find it bizarre that some people are getting so excited over a cheek kiss and yet I’ll bet some of these same people vehemently denied that Tony and Ziva’s full on mouth lock meant anything at all. Perspective is a funny thing. Don’t feel compelled to attack me for bringing up Ziva because I will totally ignore your taunts.

    • Leia says:

      What’s so funny about a cheek kiss, she’s married a full on lip smack would be soo wrong. Ziva still left Tony inspite of that lip lock, so for what it meant, it was also goodbye.

    • Amanda Lee says:

      Huh, there may have been a full on “mouth lock”, but she still left. A cheek kiss when she’s married to someone else is more appropriate behavior for any married woman. I agree, perspective is a funny thing–especially, depending on whose view it is.

  46. Pete says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the episode, it was interesting to see the characters in a completely different dynamic to the one they had 8 years ago, for Jeanne to have a chance to see the real Tony. There were hints that we might see her yet again, but I’m not sure there is any further story to tell without getting all soapy.

  47. Dawn Earnhardt says:

    More love for tony Abby Gibbs McGhee. Just need to find ducky a girl. We need ziva back

  48. Barb says:

    Bet she has a little Tony.

  49. annie says:

    I have been waiting for her to come back forever. Yes, she and Tony should be together. So producers make it happen!

  50. Anne says:

    This has to be the most unresolved relationship for all of TV. I pray they find one another as everyone deserves to be with their true love