Castle Ratings Series Low

Ratings: Castle Returns to Series Lows — Was MIA Kate a Factor?

ABC’s Castle returned from its two-week break — and minus one out-of-town Beckett — to 6.1 million total viewers and a 1.0 demo rating (per finals), ticking down on both counts to new series lows.

Opening ABC’s night, Dancing With the Stars (12.6 mil/2.0) inched up 4 percent and a tenth.

Elsewhere in the ratings….

CBS | Supergirl (8.1 mil/1.7) slipped 9 and 23 percent in Week 3, and is now down 27 and 45 percent from its Big Bang-boosted launch. Scorpion (9.3 mil/1.8) dipped a tenth in the demo and NCIS: Los Angeles (7.9 mil/1.3) was flat.

NBC | The Voice (12 mil/3.2) dipped a tenth while the already renewed-for-Season 2 Blindspot (7.7 mil/2.2) was steady.

FOX | Gotham (4.1 mil/1.5) dipped just a bit, while a Bones rerun did 1.6 mil/0.5 compared to Minority Report‘s most recent 1.8 mil/0.6.

THE CW | Crazy Ex (1 mil/0.3) and Jane the Virgin (1.1 mil/0.4) were steady.

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  1. Ray says:

    Even Supergirl’s flying ability cannot save her from plummeting in the ratings.

    • Lambsilencer says:

      “Supergirl” is by now pretty much getting the ratings that I expected. Of course, everyone was sampling it after the crazy hype before the premiere. But then, most people realized that it’s just another comic series after all, a decent one, but nothing that would keep people who don’t like that sort of show around. And with the ones that do like and stick with it, well, getting a 1.7 demo rating is pretty much it I think. There’s just not that many genre fans out there, especially if the show is decent, but nothing really special.

    • MyFairLady says:

      I’m really rooting for this show but last night’s episode really frustrated me. I’m guessing these are growing pains but the show needs to get it together soon… The constant ‘my cousin’ or Superman references are exhausting. Kara’s esteem issues are another thing too…

      • Stark says:

        MyFairLady, I totally agree. I want to like it so bad, but it is just meh right now. I’m trying to let it evolve into what I hope it will be, but the self esteem issues are getting annoying. A few of them, great ok but not all the time. Be your own person, not Superman’s cousin only.

      • prish says:

        I fell in love with the show when the boss was talking about being Perry White’s go-fer and clawing her way up with a gossip article opportunity. Her advice about Supergirl needing to start small was a hoot. They have enough people with back stories to the Superman legend to make those references work for me.

  2. Supergirl is already under 2.0. I wonder when the ratings will stabilize.

  3. Boiler says:

    Great for Scorpion. Too bad for Castle but amazing how people over react to everything on the show. Only reason I hate seeing Supergirl drop is it may hurt Scorpion.

    • CBS will switch them in the schedule, putting Supergirl in between Scorpion and NCIS: LA.

    • Sam says:

      I think Castle’s ratings are going to continue to tumble until Paul Lee and the network steps in to tell the new showrunners that enough is enough. I don’t think fans are overreacting at all. The show has become a shell of its former self, and the quality this season is crap. This contrived break-up with scenes for next week having Beckett meeting with a divorce attorney probably won’t get the show better ratings.

      • Boiler says:

        So you are going with a 5 second preview to predict gloom and doom??

        • I think everyone paying any attention knows that while Kate might not get a divorce the showrunners aren’t going to be getting them back together in time to save the show. Of course they don’t care if the show dies either. Hawley already has a commitment from ABC for another show. We might see them reunited in the last few episodes though I think it won’t be until the very last one. By then the show will be cancelled.

        • Rich says:

          They put it there to twist the knife. I know the rumor is it’s for the case, but still shows a total lack of respect for the fan base. Honestly if the split was done correctly, and her emotions were respected, and they didn’t make an idiot out of him. Many if’s . This would have added some drama. But alas it’s like a 5 year old throwing you a suprise party. SUPRISE! But I guess you knew it was coming. Can’t blame the network for doubling down, expect .7 ratings this week, and super sad ending for these characters. Literally the only way to save this show now is to kill them off together … Remember when they were freezing to death? Always. Probably ep 15. The end. Bummer, loved this show. Would love to know how TNT ratings are going since the “Mistake”.

      • lurker says:

        I think that the network is getting what they asked for.

      • Marci says:

        I’ve stopped watching it, after sticking with it even after that contrived finale a couple of seasons ago when Castle went missing when heading for their wedding. Now we have a contrived breakup. Enough is enough. I’m done.

      • Rich says:

        The damage is done. What went from a show around two spectacular equals has become a a woman who only cares for herself and a desperate boob. About the only way you can destroy a tough, smart, a$$kicking supermodel who is warm and charming in the right moments is to make her not give a &#%* about other people. And literally to take a millionaire bestselling author and devoted family man with connections who looks like Nathan Fillion (only better looking haha fans will get this) and make him a boob. Now that’s talent showrunners.

        They got another show? Is it “A guy, a girl and a pizza place” Where a supermodel makes fantastic pizza, but then one day curses the entire worlds Mozorella to taste awful, and the cities Mayor is a customer and love interest, who looks like Malcom Reynolds from Firefly, and stumbles over stuff. Eventually he resigns to be the bad pizza delivery boy? Throw in a pretty poy PreMed student who eventually is asked to make a dreadful superhero movie. (He was good in that movie with Olivia Wilde though) and that’s the ticket.

      • Eleanor Taylor says:

        I’ve stopped watching it..lost interest for reasons listed above.

  4. kmw says:

    Not surprised about Castle at all. Also Supergirl falling off isn’t a surprise but it is still doing ok. Gotham sure is hanging in there for FOX. I am happy it is staying about at the same level every week

  5. Erika says:

    Supergirl is dead and it will get canceled due to horrible ratings.RIP Supergirl.

    • When DC released a video showcasing the best five Supergirl moments, number one was her death in Crisis on Infinite Earths. That pretty much says it all.

      If CBS wants to salvage the show (and they could), they would kill Kara (which would be a shame only because the casting is not the problem) and replace her with a superior iteration of Supergirl, then reconceive the show to make it more serious and more grounded.

      • It would be akin to when CBS back in the 70’s re-structured the Wonder Woman TV show to bring it into the then-modern world as opposed as to set it during World War II as when it aired on ABC.

      • I really don’t think TV is ready for a crisis level reboot. That would be like the crazy Patrick Duffy in the shower reveal x100. The impact of pivotal events is extremely cheapened whenever DC/Marvel hits the reset button and it’s become a cyclical way to sell extra books by shaking up the world by irreversible events, only to undo them and shake them up again later. I am thankful that this type of storytelling is strictly limited to two companies trying to keep their 80 year old characters going.

        • The show wouldn’t need a Crisis level event to restructure the universe. Just have this Supergirl die and, in death, transfer her Kryptonian powers to someone else through some convoluted McGuffin, then turn that other person into a non-Kryptonian protagonist whose world is more grounded from what we’ve seen of this Supergirl so far, and less derivative of Superman’s world.

          • I think I’d rather see a global scale invasion (Darkseid maybe?) that puts National City in ruins and turns the show into a dark, gritty struggle for Kara. Of course, that’s never going to happen. The show is for kids as it is and I don’t think anyone in charge wants to change that.

          • If they keep mining the Pre 52 comics for ideas, they might end up using Brainiac as the catalyst for such an epic event. But that would only serve to further accentuate the lack of originality in the concept and how dependant it is on the Superman comics for concepts and ideas.

          • I don’t really mind if they use comics for inspiration. Kara had plenty to do in those. I just wish there was some urgency to the storytelling and that there were other things the show is about besides her struggling with insecurity that might as well be clinical depression. Chasing the Phantom Zone prisoner of the week seems like an afterthought.

          • There’s a definite contradiction to her character. As Supergirl she’ll walk away after Henshaw disparages her in the pilot but as Kara she’ll get into arguments with Cat over Supergirl.

      • Z says:

        Kara is the best thing about the show… that would be a mistake… The show is doing fine still…. better ratings than NCIS LA and comparable to Blindspot which just got renewed… against much tougher competition… I have some issues with the show but I like the actress quite a bit… I think some of the supporting players could be removed and the villains made more interesting.. but give it time to find its footing.saying it needs to be “salvaged” after just a few episodes that are getting decent ratings is silly… I’m sure the DVR “live plus” numbers are probably quite good for the show also… those tend not to be listed here.

        • As it’s been discussed in the past, how well a show does on other networks has little bearing on how well they do on CBS as their primetime space is fairly more coveted. They won’t leave a struggling show like Supergirl on Mondays when they can give that to another show that could do better.

          • Z says:

            Its not struggling… geez.. you had an agenda before the show started and want it to fail. They arent gonna pull the plug on this after a few weeks when it still has good numbers… against really tough competition from The Voice and Dancing with the stars

          • Give it a few more weeks.

        • bj says:

          I haven’t watched this week yet as it looked like it was going to be another episode where she gets her butt kicked. That’s not why I tuned in to the series. Either make her “super” girl or just do a Kara story. No one wants to watch a loser week after week. JMHO

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      CBS drama season-to-date averages:

      SUPERGIRL 2.4 (over three weeks, trending down)

      NCIS 2.2

      SCORPION 1.9


      LIMITLESS 1.6



      GOOD WIFE, H50, ELEMENTARY (season premiere) 1.1

      CSI CYBER 0.8

    • tvjunkie says:

      You and Michael should get together and make a bunch of baby Chicken Littles

  6. Dean says:

    Its bad seeing a leadout like Scorpion beat a leadin like supergirl.

  7. ndixit says:

    It’s more likely that it’s just a sign of people getting tired of being strung along with the stupid storyline on Castle. The ratings dropped in the same way last year when they were stringing along the disappearance storyline.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ndixit, I wholeheartedly agree it will only get worse with this contrived and stupid story line. It also seems to me that no one including the actors writers etc. care.

    • Barbara says:

      Not surprised at all with the ratings. It’s only going to get worse with the contrived split because the showrunners don’t know how to write for a couple (just look at Hart to Hart, MacMillan and Wife, etc – it can be done). Stopped watching after the second episode but keep up with the recaps and really am not missing the show based on them.

    • Kristen says:

      I haven’t watched the past 3-4 episodes because of the storyline. I honestly don’t even think I have watched the break-up yet, so that’s even worse. I heard about it, and didn’t want to waste my time watching something that would disappoint me. Castle and Beckett are one of my favorite, if not only favorite thing about that show. Their interaction with one another is what keeps me coming back each week. I don’t want to watch a show where the pair are separated. After everything it took to get them to finally come together? What is so wrong with leaving the leading relationship together!? Why can’t television promote a happy and healthy relationship for once and not worry so much about what they can bring between the two of them.

    • me says:

      I actually thoroughly enjoyed Monday’s Castle. Didn’t even miss Beckett. The dialogue between Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion was great. My husband said it reminded him of Firefly. I don’t really care for the whole Beckett and Castle storyline right now so this was a nice break.

  8. Boiler says:

    Hey Matt….just curious how much input Nathan and Stana have in story lines. I think they are both producers and must have felt comfortable that the storyline, whatever it was, would work to re-up for another year. Everyone blames the showrunner but….

  9. Mr. Tran K says:

    I was happy about the news that Blindspot got renewed for a second season and it may give Blacklist a run for their money. Wish Supergirl’s numbers should gone up from last week but I’m wondering if there’s going to be at least two options for the series: 1 – full season order and 2 – getting the coveted post Super Bowl time slot. As for Castle, still a lackluster year in my opinion.

  10. wrstlgirl says:

    Supergirl is a “fun” show but I found last night’s episode a bit irritating. I got tired of hearing Superman this, Superman that, every other sentence. I thought this was going to be about her standing on her own and making her own way. But if they constantly have to keep referring to her cousin then clearly I misunderstood the entire concept.

    • herman1959 says:

      Yes, the first 2 episodes were great, but the show was really missing something last night.
      Plus,The idea that they could get away with having a secret office decked out with that kind of tech is crazy. Then, Jimmy IDs Clark Kent as Superman …PLEASE. What happened; its like this episode was done by completely different writers/producers. Any show can have an odd bad episode, so I’ll give it two more weeks, but it needs to improve FAST.

  11. ndixit says:

    Not surprised about Supergirl. Apart from Melissa Benoist, it really isn’t very good. They try to hammer in the feminism angle at almost every other scene. Plus, the show dancing around Superman has already become tiresome. It’s a misfit for CBS.

  12. Chris says:

    “Supergirl” isn’t going to get cancelled with a 1.7 demo since that is still a pretty good number, even for a top rated network like CBS!

    • Ray says:

      It’s lost nearly half of the demo in three weeks. Let’s see how much further it falls by week 7.

      • Chris says:

        Hopefully it won’t fall further in the ratings!

      • Chris says:

        And why is everyone thinking it’s almost the end of the world when “Supergirl” drops to a respectable 1.7 demo (it will probably adjust up with final adjustments)? It was impossible for the show to sustain a 3.2 demo without TBBT as a lead-in, and a demo in the high 1.0’s is still pretty good!

  13. I'm going to let you finish but says:

    Curious if Castle at series low of 1.0 is newsworthy now?

    • ndixit says:

      Not really for me. I suspect we will hear the terms ‘Castle’ and ‘series low’ in the same sentence a few more times this season.

      • Kristen says:

        I think we’ll be hearing the words “Castle” and “series canceled” in the same sentence soon now if they don’t turn things around. It’s not looking promising at all.

      • lame says:

        If the “twist” at the end of the fall session goes over as poorly as the overall storyline thus far in season 8 , I expect to see the.09 barrier smashed and the life boats being lowered

    • A fan says:

      Even more so if it gets adjusted down for Monday’s final ratings.

  14. Sally Mander says:

    Did people know in advance she wasn’t going to be on the show?

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:

      Yes, and no. TVLine said she’d be in one scene. But she posted on social media photos & such of Europe.

    • ndixit says:

      I doubt many people outside of the hardcore Castle fans knew that she would be absent.

      • Trina says:

        Some poor souls even believed that the Caskett scene from the promo was in this episode. I think most believed that Stana would be present, and I’m sure that was a huge letdown for them. Not sure why anyone thought a Beckett-less episode was a good idea at this point.

        • bluefairy says:

          This time it wasn’t the writers’ fault. It was Stana Katic who was unavailable for this episode because she was attending a fashion event in Milan.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Not the only reason. It was a combination of Stana wanting a week off, Baldwin’s availability, and mostly the showrunners-writers’ decision that not even a single scene with her was needed.

      • lurker says:

        And with hardcore Castle fans excluded what’s that saying for the ratings.

      • Ellen says:

        CastleBuzz, are you on the staff of Castle? I doubt it, so your mind reading skills must be impressive. The only known reason was Stana wanting time off. The rest is purely your assumptions. As usual.

        • CastleBuzz says:

          Nope, Ellen, not on the staff. The showrunners mentioned that was the week Baldwin was available in an interview elsewhere. Stana negotiated a week off sometime in the fall but had to be flexible about the timing. And since it’s possible to film scenes at a different time and insert them during editing, it’s highly probable no Beckett at all was the decision of the showrunners-writers.

  15. Jerri says:

    The Castle ratings are likely due to Adam Baldwin’s character being in the ep. Nothing to do with lack of Beckett.

    • Annie says:

      Agree. Slaughter was sooo unpleasant last time. Didn’t want to spend another minute with him. I understand that some diehard Firefly fans would tune in to see him but other than them he likely was as big of a deterrent as a draw.

  16. Kim R says:

    I am thinking it may be the overall dismay at the storyline on Castle that is effecting the ratings. It seems to be a very high percentage of viewers that are unhappy.

    • Annie says:

      Yep. Both Beckett and Castle are acting so out of character that I find it hard to even care what happens about them any more. Apathy is the enemy and since 6×23 tptb at Castle have been nurturing it with their contrived, plot driven storytelling.

  17. Tica says:

    I actually believe that is not that bad for Castle considering that Beckett wasn’t there

  18. Drew says:

    I just think that the Supergirl show is poorly executed. The entire setup is flawed and while bits and pieces of it might work, none of it works in this context. The government organization is boring. I would rather see that time spent on building Kara’s life with her family and friends. The Daily Planet clone is just begging to constantly be compared to Superman, which the show will never live up to (the same way Arrow could never get away with using Ra’s and it was a mistake to try).
    I would like to see Laura Benati read the Cat Grant lines, just to see how she could spin it. I don’t like her as the villain, but I think that her lovable personality might make her a fun mean boss. Calista just delivers mean lines. If those lines were delivered with more honesty, Cat could be like a Cordelia Chase or Anya Jenkins.
    I don’t like how Jimmy Olsen is being used. They could lose him entirely and the series would be better for it.
    Basically what I’m saying is that it is week 3 and there is no excitement about the show. That is bad, and these are the reasons, I think.

    • herman1959 says:

      I loved the first two episodes, but episode 3 ran off the rails. I agree that the way Calista Flockhart is playing her role is way too snarky, but I don’t agree about Jimmy. He should stay, and the techguy (what is his name?) needs to go. Unfortunately, techguy now knows who Supergirl AND Superman really are so he would need to be killed off to get rid of him.

  19. dan says:

    If they don’t resolve the separation storyline by the fall finale it would not surprise me in the least to see the show come back to sub 1.0 in the demo for the first time ever. With the ratings steadily decreasing I can’t see them getting renewed again. Two stupid and fan alienating storylines killed this show.

  20. KC says:

    Not surprised by Supergirl. It will decline each week and will eventually fly off into the sunset.

  21. Bella says:

    It isn’t because of a lack of Kate that Castle is dipping. It’s because of the stupid storyline. I don’t even watch it live anymore. I DVR it and watch NCIS Los Angeles live. I only get around to watching Castle when I feel like it. I think I have 3 unwatched episodes sitting on my VCR. This season so far has been terrible. If the first season had been like this, I wouldn’t have come back, as it’s hard to like anybody on the show. Really disappointing. If they get renewed another season, I’ll be shocked.

  22. Fran says:

    Castle’s show runners are asking for this ratings drop. they keep saying how “fun” this storyline is and how by the end of this year cycle fans would understand, but it might be too late.

  23. Luli says:

    So how bad is a 1.0 for Castle???

  24. John NYC says:

    Combination of the break and their dragging out this separation too long. People get used to a show delivering a specific tone, and for Castle that’s not Rick taming up with Slaughter to do whatever….

    • Ree says:

      TV Guide dinged Castle for the breakup story line – ouch. Said the show’s fans deserved better after years of waiting for Castle and Beckett to get married and then they break them up almost immediately. In the future when asked why the show rec’d such poor ratings and was cancelled, the producers/writers/anyone else responsible cannot blame the old Moonlighting curse excuse that so many have hauled out over the years. I love this show and have seen every episode, even the bad ones which seem to be mostly this season. We, the fans, and the stars of the show deserve better. It would have been kinder to give the show an early death while it was on top.

    • prish says:

      You are right about a show delivering what people get used to, which brings up a point about ethics. There is an ethic involved, needing a certain dignity and courage to let a show continue and end as it developed. A show is an organic art, a combination of biology and technology, people and machines.

      • lurker says:

        In the process of cloning this season they’ve misplaced a gene, and by that changed the DNA of the show. As a result the offspring is a little silly.

  25. Brigid says:

    I thought Castle was fun last night. I didn’t mind Kate not being there for one episode. Of course I love any Firefly reunion;) <3<3

  26. TvLover says:

    ABC has only themselves to blame for this continuous Castle disaster, and it’s slowly declining ratings.
    i actually enjoyed Blindspot much more than this recent Castle episode.

  27. Yo Mama says:

    I think Castle must have the most ardent and loyal fan base of all time. Nominating Castle a PCA in a drama category is mind blowing. Castle has always been under promoted by the network and flourished by word of mouth. In a climate where it is so difficult for a new show to gain traction, why disenfranchise an existing fan base? If Rick Castle regresses anymore he won’t need his wife back, but a baby sitter. The show has a ridiculous premise to be sure, but the 12th precinct is exclusively being used as Castle’s playground, and the humor has become sophomoric. There’s a reason sit-coms are a half-hour long. The redeeming factor of this episode is it seemingly will push Castle to be less of a self-pitying dufus, and rediscover his lost talent for finding the story. Here’s hoping.

    • CastleBuzz says:


    • TJ says:

      You say Castles character is regressing, and yes he is, but what about Beckett? She’s back to her pre season flourish self that thinks she’s untouchable and feels only she can solve this case which she has no business solving, and which is much more important than her marriage. I cringe when I see them making Castle act like a lost puppy, but the portrayal of the Beckett character is what is ruining this show. She isn’t someone deserving of Castle and their love story has been tainted.

  28. I Record my shows — So i watch Castle and Supergirl and Crazy and Jane.
    I think splitting up Castle and Becket so soon was a huge mistake a major jump the shark and I wonder if they will ever get it back. I will watch until the end but I fear it is coming sooner rather then later.
    Supergirl — we could not watch last night cause we could not hear the dialogue. What was up with that?

    And Crazy is the best show no one is watching. It is wonderful wonderful.

  29. Whatevah says:

    I have to say that Gotham is so much better this season!

  30. Simon Jester says:

    Hang in there, Crazy Ex-Gf!

  31. Jeffrey Sean Keith says:

    How will Supergirl do when Dancing With The Stars is over?

  32. jj says:

    Of course it is a factor. And the current STUPID storyline is also a major factor. I have not tune in since 2nd episode and have no intention to tune in until this mess is over.

  33. Betisa says:

    latest Alexi Hawley shows were fiasco and awfully written, The Following and State of Affairs, who the hell from ABC gave this guy the chance to run Castle?

  34. A. D. says:

    That was a great episode of Castle!

  35. Karen says:

    Bring Kate and Castle back together already!!! This is such a painful season. Why are you doing this???? I have watched Castle from the beginning and enjoy all season and reruns except for Season 8. This makes no sense to me and I am extremely disappointed with the writers.

  36. I think that the show runners need to start figuring out that what they’ve done so far isn’t working. I’m sure that Blindspot is hurting the shows ratings(just like NCIS:LA) but it’s obvious there are more problems.

  37. Joni says:

    To many shows on the same time i have to alternate them. I love Castle but I like others also . maybe a night change would help ,like Wednesday. Just my opinion.

  38. annek says:

    Castle’s ratings are plumetting because people are tired of these filler episodes that have been happening since 8 x 02. We have moved no further in Kates mystery case or the split. We are also suffering thru such character upheaval that its hard to watch. Who are these people? Certainly not the characters Ive known and loved for 7 yrs. They r not acting like 40something people, but preteen children. They r married for God sakes and have been together some 8 yrs. Too riduculous to watch and not looking to change soon. AH seems to be enjoying this all by himself

  39. Moni-Mony says:

    Last nights Castle actually made me chuckle a few times. I had been growing tired of the Beckett character and her own drama. In the beginning they brought great chemistry to the show but she really dragged it down. The show is called “Castle”, not “Castle and Beckett”. Hopefully the writers will be able to save the show.

  40. Linda says:

    The fact that Stana was off in Milan and elsewhere has nothing to do with the fact that there was not a single Beckett scene in this episode. The way TV shows are produced now, with scenes shot out of sequence and pieced together in the editing room, the availability of CGI and stand-ins for some of the scenes we have seen this season, creative minds could have found ways to include Beckett. No Beckett scenes was a conscious “executive” decision by the powers that be. (By comparison, when David Boreanaz was not available for the first days of shooting on this season’s Bones for health reasons, his scenes were shot later and edited in during post production.) It is becoming painfully obvious that the powers that be on Castle, and now that includes both Nathan and Stana, who have the new titles of producers this season, seem to have little regard for their fan base. I do not quarrel with the idea of a conflict in their young marriage, just the way it has been presented. And I see no justification for the new Hayley character, and increased screen time for Alexis, the wannabe PI. And trying to make Castle into a buddy cop show is not working. Small doses of the Slaughter character go a long way, as well as Castle making buffoons of Espo and Ryan by stealing their car and helping Slaughter escape. I know this series is a comedy/drama, but let’s at least give the police aspect some credibility!

  41. prish says:

    The husband says the episode was ok. “I don’t like it without Beckett. It doesn’t seem the same.” He gives it a C because Castle used to be a valuable contributor to the police force, but here, he seemed an intruder. From me it gets a B. It was packed with fun scenes but had a few missteps. His PI office scene was a winner, imho. Baldwin did a good tie up at the end.

  42. Jennifer says:

    I have said it once and I’ll say it again, this show will not survive without Stana Katic playing Kate Beckett anymore then it will without Nathan Fillion playing Castle. The show is about the two of them. A writer and his muse. When was the last time Castle wrote a Nikki Heat book? With Beckett being the new Captain of the 12th he now has more stories to tell. Get the show back to what made it worth watching and that is Beckett and Castle TOGETHER. This whole story line about Alexis helping her Dad with his PI business is stupid. The entire series of this show has shown Alexis as being smart and level headed. This jump that she made does not make sense. No average person can go out and investigate on their own like she did in order to find Beckett in episode 2. The show will end this season for sure. I think Stana has more on the back burner than anyone else on the show.

  43. Nan says:

    I’m not surprised with Castle…it is actually painful to watch….I think Stana and Nathan are just writing themselves out of a job…cuz there is no way this show is getting renewed with the way things are going…awful just awful.

  44. Marge says:

    Castle has been my favorite show since its inception. What made it wonderful was Castle & Beckett together, the wonderful and funny family moments with Martha & Alexis, the four leads solving great murder mysteries and the superb writing. The series started going down when the writers ruined the beautiful wedding in the Hamptons. The kidnapping storyline should have started in Episode 1 of Season 7 and would have been good if they had explained everything in the first few episodes and not drawn it out. We still don’t know when Castle was shot and why he was missing for 2 months. Breaking up Castle and Beckett was the absolute worst thing they could have done. Adding new characters doesn’t help. Don’t like Castle as a P.I. They have made Castle act like a buffoon instead of the wonderful confident character who made funny quips and they have made Beckett into a selfish, driven woman. The stepmother thing was stupid since Castle’s father made a point that he could not have a family in his business plus she had no charisma. I did enjoy Castle & Slaughter together again. Much as I wanted this show to continue, it is a shell of what it once was. Season 7’s last episode where Castle won his award was a perfect ending for the series. Only thing that will help this show is better writers. I continue to watch and hope but don’t really look forward to it any more. It is very sad.

  45. suzyku says:

    Castle ratings are getting low because this storyline of them breaking up is plain bad/stupid and senseless! Frankly I wish they would be rid of Beckett altogether and let Castle move on/forward.

  46. Song4Ten says:

    The real problem is that Castle’s too long in the tooth now. They should have ended it last season. Now, everything is so much more contrived and you can honestly tell that Stana doesn’t want to be there anymore.

  47. J.R. Kamber says:

    I hate the direction castle is going let’s get Castle and Kate together finally and have fun again getting way too deep

  48. Jack Kierman says:

    Season 8 of Castle is a disaster. All the females are unbelievable “Amazons”, all the males are emasculated idiots, including Castle. Might as well cancel the show.