The Voice Recap: Playoffs, Playa!

Gwen Stefani may have a new romance on her hands with fellow coach Blake Shelton — news apparently so earth-shattering that even Nightline (¡!) ran a segment on it — but one thing she shouldn’t expect in her Christmas stocking this year is a winner’s statuette from The Voice to match the quartet on her beau’s mantle.

This is no knock whatsoever on #TeamGwen — home to two of my favorite Season 9 contestants. It’s just that at every turn, executive producer Mark Burnett & Co. have not-so-subtly been the Zola Budd to her Mary Decker. (Feel free to join in a rousing chorus of the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” here.)

Gwen saw more of her Battle Rounds matchups get the dreaded montage treatment than any of her fellow coaches. Not one of her contestants has received the Relentless Pre-Commercial Break Pimpage that’s carried many a prior contestant to the winner’s circle. And this week, for Night 1 of the Live Playoffs — in which her hopefuls shared the spotlight with Team Adam — her rival coach landed three of the final four performance slots (always preferable for garnering viewer votes) and then saw the night turn into a very premature coronation for Adam’s main man Jordan Smith. (Two out of three dentists Voice coaches use the word “God” when discussing Jordan’s vocals — srsly!)

Trouble is, I’m not at all convinced Jordan is any more talented than Team Gwen’s Jeffery Austin, or any more commercially viable than her Viktor Kiraly. But neither of those fellas have yet to see their tickets stamped for the NBC Promotional Hype Express. To quote Ms. Stefani’s breakout hit “I’m Just a Girl,” ohhhhh I’ve had it up to here.

Anyhow, while you ponder whether I’ve got a point here (or if I’m Just a Stooge), allow me to share my personal rankings of Monday’s 12 performers — split by team, and with letter grades included!

Team Gwen
6. Braiden Sunshine, “Everything I Own” — If Carolyn Keene was writing this recap, she might title this section Nancy Drew and the Mystery of Braiden’s Intermittently Disappearing Voice. I mean — it just kept dropping into the abyss, people! There were dozens of botches notes. There was perhaps no intellectual or emotional grasp of the lyrical content. And then there was Adal Levine yammering about how Braiden “wanted to do more than the song was doing,” before going all sheepish-like and backtracking and saying, “I’m being stupidly critical.” Oh, Adam, if you don’t have anything nice to say, just shut your trap and leave the dirty work to bitchy bloggers like me, K? Grade: D

5. Regina Love, “Hello” — Based on her raspy post-performance comments, I’m pretty sure Regina was fighting some kind of nasty cold — which is about the only excuse for her two-minute-long struggle to stay on pitch and hide the clear terror in her eyes. I’m not sure there’s a vocalist on the planet who should be tackling an Adele song within two weeks of its release — Gwen, ask for help on Twitter if you’re clueless about song-selection strategy. But it looks as though the woman who shook the entire competition with her “Midnight Train to Georgia” will be getting a one-way ticket back to a simpler place and time on Wednesday. Grade: C-

4. Korin Bukowski, “Adia” — To be fair to Korin (who seemed like a Top 12 shoo-in before this week) the band’s arrangement of Sarah McLachlan’s ballad was like wading neck deep through cold oatmeal, what with the lethargic drums and the syrupy synths. Even the mad scientists at the factory where they make the elevator music would be shouting, “Show some enthusiasm!” Even if the arrangement had been more compelling, though, Korin’s tentative approach to the melody made for a strange and unsettling experience. Even her facial expression gave me the vibe that she hadn’t had enough time to practice and couldn’t stop thinking, “Ugh, I’m gonna mess up every fifth or sixth note” — and then it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. I wouldn’t be upset if Korin edged out Ellie for the No. 3 slot on Team Gwen, but I won’t be crushed if she doesn’t, either. Grade: C+

3. Ellie Lawrence, “Ex’s & Oh’s” (Elle King’s spelling, not mine) — No one is going to hand Ellie a trophy for Season 9’s Most Accurate Vocalist — she probably missed as many notes as Korin this week, if I’m being honest. But unlike Korin’s baby-giraffe-staring-into-the-eyes-of-a-cheetah panic, Ellie sold her jam with rock-star swagger and excitement. Gwen’s “Coach’s Comeback” pick may be on borrowed time, but dammit, she’s going to make us have fun at her party while it lasts. Grade: B-

2. Viktor Kiraly, “All Around the World” — I should probably start this paragraph by admitting my deep affection for Lisa Stanfield’s music — and adding that “This Is the Right Time” and “All Woman” would’ve also been stellar choices, too. So even though Gwen’s attempt to D’Angelo-ize the 1989 ditty kinda actually backfired and made it sound even more throwback-y, it nevertheless provided a nice vocal showcase for Victor — from his low, “hey baby” growls to his ambitious falsetto. I hope Gwen can crack Viktor’s superpro outer shell in the next few weeks and expose some genuine vulnerability, but at this tenuous point in the season, I’ll gladly accept him singing in tune (combined with an actual ability to work the stage). Grade: A-

1. Jeffery Austin, “Say You Love Me” — I try not to quote the coaches all that often because their steady stream of “goods,” “greats” and “gloriouses” kind of morph into one giant blob of noise that’s reminiscent of the adults on The Peanuts‘ animated specials. But Adam was absolutely right in his assessment that Jeffery is a legit contender to win the entire competition. The former publicist knows exactly how to wring the maximum amount of emotion from a lyric — his phrasing never seems rushed, his investment in the melody never forced — and he’s got good taste in music, too. Granted, we’ve never heard him attempt to go uptempo — might I suggest George Michael’s “Freedom ’90” or Terence Trent D’Arby’s “Wishing Well” — but his under-the-radarness could make him the choice of folks who don’t especially enjoy force-feedings. Grade: A

Team Adam
6. Chance Pena, “Barton Hollow” — Wait a second! Cassandra Robertson — so flawless in her Battle against Viktor Kiraly — didn’t get a callback so that… Chance could get a Coach’s Callback and wobble his way through a Civil Wars track that was three sizes too big for his voice? Oh, Adam, you live to disappoint! Would it be too mean to isolate the first four words of Blake’s critique — “You dump 150 percent [of yourself into your performances]” — as an accurate assessment of Adam’s decision/Chance’s finished product? Grade: C

4. Keith Semple, “To Be With You” — As the coaches danced their way around all the “gaps” in Keith’s song choice, I kept screaming at my TV, “Why didn’t you sing the melody to the chorus at least once — instead of delivering so much ad lib/pause/ad lib/pause ridiculousness?!” And why didn’t Adam discourage Keith from aiming for so many falsetto notes (which are definitely not the guy’s strong suit)? Making matters worse, the weird mix on the house band’s backup singers robbed the number of even the slightest hint of rock edge, downgrading this performance from bar-band level to early-bird dinner-accompaniment. Grade: C+

4. Blaine Mitchell, “Never Tear Us Apart” — Blaine hit more notes than he missed, but his energy was so tentative, his lack of passion so pronounced, I couldn’t believe he was the same fella who crushed Andi & Alex in the Knockout Rounds with his scorching rendition of “Hold Back the River.” To put it another way, when Gwen’s biggest compliment is about how free you are with your body, then it was probably a pretty ho-hum vocal. Grade: C+

3. Amy Vachal, “The Way You Look Tonight” — The judges raved and raved about Amy’s performance — Blake is ready to download her yet-to-be-recorded Christmas album — but completely neglected the breath-control issues that began to crop up around the halfway point (or as Adam calls it, “technical mumbo jumbo”). Sure, her down-the-scale run coming out of the second verse was a nifty trick, but she’ll need stronger technique and frankly, more physical presence (the kind Rihanna begged her for in the Knockouts) if she has any shot at the finals.  Grade: B-

2. Shelby Brown, “You’re No Good” — Shelby has as much raw talent as anyone in the Season 9 field, as her Linda Ronstadt cover proved — but her monster range and piercingly lovely tone got blunted by amateur mistakes. For one, Adam needs to promptly teach her the power of dynamics — Shelby never quite got the quiet slinkiness of the verse down pat this week — and drill into her head the importance of really understanding the words she’s singing. I hate to say this out loud, but like many of the fans Shelby encounters, I wish she was on Team Blake, too. Grade: B

1. Jordan Smith, “Halo” — I’m not sure if it’s the excessive hype that precedes every one of his performances or the way his tone gets slightly shrill at the top of his range, but I am not 100 percent sold on Jordan. Granted, his “Halo” showcased he’s got tremendous power and control — but I also feel at an emotional arm’s length when he’s got the mic, almost as if he’s more focused on making me hear where his voice can take him, rather than using his voice to take me somewhere special. Yeah, yeah, it wouldn’t shock me if Jordan wins me over before Thanksgiving — but let’s not hand him the crown just yet, OK? Grade: A-

OK, your turn. What did you think of Night 1 of the Season 9 Live Playoffs? Whose elimination would crush you? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Andres says:

    I’m so glad ellie is back and hopefully she moves on. Jeffery and Viktor have to based on tonight with Jeffery being the best.

    • davmon says:

      Yes, Ellie was as good as anyone tonight. Fun, quirky phrasing. Great vocally and in overall performance.

      • Tyler says:

        But I’m so tired of hearing that stupid “X’s” and “O’s” song on the radio. Why did Gwen think anyone would buy Ellie’s iTune–especially since it sounded so much like the overplayed original?!

    • I love Jeffrey and Viktor’s voice. I agree this show is the voice and one of them will win if Jordan doesn’t start connecting with the lyrics.

  2. OhMy says:

    Well, not a great night.

    • dan says:

      I’m watching some of the clips on youtube. Ugh.

    • OMG! Braiden is totes adorbs. Vote 4 Braiden everyone! #Sunshine Star

      • Lisbeth says:

        Yes he is adorable but he mangled that song. Bad song choice by Gwen

      • Eric says:

        He was awful… no need for Sawyer redux. He was easily one of the worst tonight.

        • suz says:

          To be fair, he was given the worst possible song choice. He did the best he could with it.

          • Tyler says:

            Agreed. That was a horrible song choice. I just didn’t buy anything that he sang–but it wasn’t entirely his fault. He’s just too young to sing a song like that. I mean, what does a teenager really own that’s worth all that much to sing a song about it?!! He should’ve sang a Michael Jackson song–maybe I’ll Be There.

      • Amy says:

        Sorry, but adorable doesn’t matter. This is a singing competition, not a competition for who is the sweetest or the most adorable contestant. And he did a very poor job on a boring song stuck in the 1970’s.

        • Dave says:

          Thank you for your comment! It seems, especially this season, the voting has neglected the singing and decided to go with young and cute. I don’t want to slight the talents of any of the contestants. It takes talent and guts to put yourself out on that stage and I applaud them all! I was dumbfounded to watch Jeffrey have to sing to stay alive in the instant save! Are you serious!? There is no doubt that he and Jordan are the two best singers. Lastly, I also feel that there have been several singers who have been eliminated who arguably possess more talent that some finalist!!!

    • lori says:

      Yeah, I was surprised at how bad some of the singers were. Hopefully more interesting tonight.

    • Maggie says:

      I felt like I was watching the Ted Mack amateur Hour from 40 years ago…..not good…poor song choices by the judges….but it was a good moment when Jordan sang….a waste of time all in all….

  3. Florence+TheMachineRules!!! :) #MariahSlays says:

    My favorites were Shelby, Jeffery, Jordan, Ellie, and Amy!!! They were EXTRODINARY!!! They really shined tonight!!! 😃😃😃

  4. Christian says:

    Sorry to be that person, but you put both Blaine and Keith at #4

  5. analythinker says:

    Well, I still Love Gwen’s song choices more than Adam’s, but Adia was too big for Korin. I thought it should have suited her well, but I thought wrong. Also, was Regina under a lot of pressure singing that song? Not good at all, very out of breath.
    I liked Blaine, surprisingly, he was very controlled. And I liked Jeffrey better than Jordan, although he had a slight hiccup at the end, hopefully forgettable one. Amy could have done a lot better, IMO, but I’m interested to see if she can nail non-jazz songs. I can’t quite yet make up my mind about Braiden, but he was worse than Korin? Really, Michael? And Chance sounded good at the end, but I felt like he was shouting at me the whole song.

  6. Kim Moores says:

    And not in a good way?
    I’m sorry, Michael, but you’ve got to spare us your favoritism for her cause that was absolutely abominable. Bit off far too much than she could chew and she was absolutely terrified on that stage.
    This night….I rest my hopes in Jeffery and Amy this season cause everyone else didn’t do it for me. Jordan is overrated to me.

  7. Angie_Overrated says:

    Oh no!
    So bad.
    I like Jeffery. A lot. Viktor was also very good. Third place trophy to Jordan.
    And the rest… I think it’s safe to say that this is hands down the worst season ever.

    • Davey says:

      I actually like the song choices already more than last year and at least there is more than one singer to like. Last year it was all about Sawyer.

      • analythinker says:

        You were right… I’m struggling to remember the other contestants… and yes, as I keep saying, I like this season’s song choices, probably because they actually listen to the suggestions??

        • Friday says:

          But, you don’t mean tonight’s song choices, do you? They were simply awful.

          • analythinker says:

            I did mean tonight’s song choices. Are you sure it’s not the singers that were awful? The song choices was varied, and not something overdone for a change, except maybe Amy’s or Shelby’s.

          • MamaLis says:

            I agree! Almost every song Adam chose was like… really Adam? Do you KNOW any other artists like yourself, Adam? Not even “like” yourself, just perhaps born within the same timeframe. I mean, do Shelby’s peers really want to download Linda R?

    • Kaba says:

      Remember season 7?
      This means we’re bound for a great finale, no?
      Otherwise I want my time refunded.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Oh god, yeah, 7 was really bad but ended up well. Damian, Mr Hot Pants, Matt and Craig. Slightly embarrassed that I remember that, but I also vividly recall suffering through Reagan James and Taylor Three Names.

        • Michael H. says:

          I have completely wiped season 7 from my memory banks with the exception of Mr. Hot Pants so Taylor Three Names completely left me hanging until I remembered the hats…

    • JM says:

      Yes, I found myself FF through many of tonight’s performances (and just about all of the judges’ critiques.) Tonight belonged to Jeffery, IMO. He is absolutely amazing and gets better with every performance.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Jeffery is going to be season 9’s version of Koryn Hawthorne for me. My early favorite from the blinds never does well, but I got to 4th place with Koryn and 5th place with Kat Perkins. Let’s see if I can improve upon this record here.

        • Michael H. says:

          Oh please, I want to support a winner this time! I have great faith in America’s taste in good music, so we can dream that he’ll do well.

        • JM says:

          Well, he’s charting 2nd to Jordan right now so there’s hope he’ll do better than Koryn and Kat!

    • A.R. Vega says:

      You are 100% correct.

  8. scarpe says:

    I didn’t even remember Jeffrey Austin but when he sang … Amazing. Regina was a huge disappointment–off key and flat. The song choice was wrong. Who would buy a cover of a song Adele just released? I like Viktor but there was a little too much las vegas tonight. I would like for Jordan to not sing Beyonce anymore. Mostly a boring night. I am rooting for some of Gwen’s contestants though.

  9. Davey says:

    Jeffery, Shelby, Viktor, Amy got my votes. Jordan is not as great as they keep telling us. I bought Jeffery’s song on iTunes.

  10. kevstar says:

    How obvious was it that someone would sing Hello? I ‘m on the West Coast and haven’t seen it yet.

  11. Trent says:

    I want Jeffery to marry me

  12. Davey says:

    Jordan has already hit No. 10 on iTunes. The closest are Jeffery and Amy in the top 50s. Hope Jeffery can catch up by tomorrow or whenever the iTunes stop counting.

  13. Marianne says:

    What’s the minus for on Jordan’s “A”? What was the mark-down for….exactly? Please be specific. Just for bias I suppose.

  14. Pat says:

    If I’m moving 3 on from each team:

    1. Jeffrey
    2. Ellie
    3. Viktor
    4. Korin
    5. Braiden
    6. Regina

    1. Jordan
    2. Amy
    3. Keith
    4. Blaine
    5. Shelby
    6. Chance

  15. Amy says:

    Jeffery blew everyone else out of the water

  16. AlyB says:

    Jeffery, Jordan & Shelby were my top 3 tonight. I love Amy and have from the start but I don’t think Jazz standards are going to be earning her the votes she needs to stay in. I was so glad to see Ellie back. She’s a million times more interesting than Braiden friggin Sunshine. Regina was a real disappointment tonight. Her voice and that song did not work….at all. Korin was unrecognizable. There are too many people getting cut for there to be any room for error so I’m pretty sure Regina and Korin are gone.

  17. Amy says:

    How is Viktor commercially viable, Michael? He is very lounge singer in style, not current at all. Good voice, yeah. Good looking guy, yeah. But not commercially viable

    • kevstar says:

      None of the people on this show are commercially viable, to be honest. The show is and will be about getting ratings, not about finding a viable star.
      Still waiting for Sawyer Fredricks to take the country by storm. ( SPOILER ALERT: That’s never gonna happen)

      • There have been a couple of artists that have made it to viable stars: Melanie Martinez for one. I wouldn’t say she or the others are superstars, but that doesn’t necessarily devalue them as artists. It definitely takes more than a great voice to make a good artist though.

      • Tyler says:

        Viktor reminds me of George Michael. If he plays his cards right, he can have a successful career. I mean, Bruno Mars took his cue from Michael Jackson and look where he’s at?

    • Jules says:

      He could be. I like that she toned him down style wise a bit. He’s been on several singing shows in Hungary and has performed a bunch so I’m sure he’s just used to that slightly over the top thing performance wise. I love his voice. I just don’t feel like he really wants it as much as some of the others. I am totally obsessed with Jeffery!!! I’m excited for tomorrow night too. I really like Mark and Darius as well so am interested to see what they will do and if there’s ANY justice left, P will bring back Celeste as his save and not Sihana. And fingers crossed for Naja on Blake’s team but doubtful.

  18. kennz says:

    i was actually surprised by the night because allot of the top contenders were a little disappointing. i think the one who won the night was Jeffery by far because of all the emotion he gives in every performance. Jordan being the second best in my opinion was good I just feel that since I know he’s going to sing good anyway and that the voice keeps pimping him that I just get bored.

  19. Laura says:

    Amy vaschal should sing anything by Nora Jones!!!!!

    • MamaLis says:

      My ongoing issue with Amy is… what’s inside, Amy? In addition to the Rhianna/Michael comments about physical presence, it’s interesting to me that no one challenges her to emotionally connect to her songs. Her voice is lovely, indeed. But watching her sing – it’s nice voice, no one home. (And not in a little way.) The fact that no one is challenging this (likely because she’s beautiful?) is a complete double standard and very obvious.

      • Tyler says:

        To me, that’s her personality. You either like it or you don’t. Obviously you don’t like it. Not everyone has to have an ostentatious personality.

      • benissimo says:

        I agree with you about Amy, MamaLis… I felt like I was at a wedding listening to and watching just an okay performance. She has been so stiff in all of her performances and didn’t follow Rhianna’s advice AT ALL about letting loose and creating a sexy vibe. Her shoulders are always scrunched up too. No connection to the music, no emotion… just a pretty face. Madi Davis (from team Pharrell) has a much more interesting voice along with amazing range and more passion. Her performance of A Case of You was very good… it will be interesting to see how she does in a live performance.

  20. Way too high a grade for Viktor. Was his typical cheesy/loungy self

  21. JT says:

    I’m totally mystified by the “call back” choices tonight. Adam brings back Chance who lost TWICE instead of more deserving artists like Cassandra Robertson, Andi & Alex or Dustin Monk.

    In fact, pretty much anyone ELSE from Adam’s team would have been better.

    Ellie wasn’t a bad choice for Gwen, but I would have preferred to see Lyndsey get another chance.

    I hope Blake brings back Nadjah and Pharrell brings back Siahna…

    • Kim Moores says:

      I said it before, I’ll say it again. Andi and Alex are not cut out for being on the show.
      When they sang separately during their knockout that was more than evident.
      Every performance in the future cannot hinge on them singing eternally in unison. It’ll become played out by the 2nd week and listening to them individually made it more than clear they need to take the time to work on their individual sounds before they can become a bona-fide duo.

    • tylerv38 says:

      I agree with everything you said! I don’t really understand why Adam would bring Chance. Almost all of Adam’s artists were better than Chance. You’re right, Ellie wasn’t bad but Lyndsey deserved to be here so much more than Braiden did. I have a feeling Blake is gonna bring back Blind Joe, but I honestly don’t have a clue as to who Pharrelll will bring, Siahna would be a good choice for him.

      • Amy says:

        Maybe because Chance is a cute 15-year-old and voters tend to support cute teenagers on these shows?

        I think Chance has potential, but is one of those contestants who probably should have waited another year or two to try out for the show.

    • YES to Nadja and Siahna! Fingers crossed.

    • benissimo says:

      I think Pharrell should bring back Celeste Betton (who was just amazing singing Ain’t No Mountain High Enough with Mark Hood)… a much better choice than Siahna.

  22. Laura says:

    Amy Vaschal needs to sing a Nora Jones song!!!!

  23. LeeLee says:

    Besides given the wrong song to sing, the sound was very off on Regina and Korin. Why in the world did Gwen give Regina an Adele song??? That was awful…but I voted for her any way because I felt that they were trying to “sabotage” her with the band being too loud and very distracting. Jeffrey and Victor to me were better than Jordan who I thought messed up “Halo”. I like Amy’s voice but don’t know what genre she would fit in. The entire night was off with “blah” song choices on both teams.

  24. JM says:

    I think Gwen knew who her top 3 would be, because the bottom three were given awful songs. “Hello” by Adele, sorry but the Adele curse lives on–Regina just isn’t THAT good. ‘Everything I won’ is ridiculously hard to sing and giving it to Braden just sunk his ship. ‘Adia’ was a fair choice, I guess, but I just don’t like that song.
    Adam’s choices were worse. ‘Halo’ is so overdone, and his arrangement was just bad. Keith’s song choice was just awful. I like Amy’s voice, but the song choice? Not so much. So many Sinatra and Armstrong songs, and he gives her THAT one? Blaine doesn’t have the emotional depth for “Never Tear Us Apart”. The only song choices I agreed with were Chance’s and Shelby’s.

  25. Myna says:

    Team Gwen could all be in the final 12!
    Only Jordan and Amy from team Adam are qualified to move to final 12!
    Not fair that only three from each team can move on to Final 12?

    • Florence+TheMachineRules!!! :) #MariahSlays says:

      I would put in shelby as adams last person!!! She’s amazing

    • Timmah says:

      I don’t know about Gwen’s team being so great. I thought Jeffrey and Ellie were ok, and the rest ranged from parody (Viktor) to downright horrific (Regina/Braiden).

  26. Polarvortex says:

    Poor Michael! Now he has to deal wit another Christina in the Sprint Skybox :)

  27. Timmah says:

    Jordan is legit Adam Lambert-level amazing.

    • Eileen says:

      I totally agree with you, Timmah! Although Adam is still #1, Jordan is a close second. I am also seeing parallels between the two because Michael never quite gave Adam the edge either. I still don’t get what Jordan’s A- is for….to give him the same grade as you gave Viktor, Michael? No comparison! I think sometimes that, with talent so superior, people like to pick it apart more – an interesting perspective on human nature.

      • Timmah says:

        Yes, and the more I’ve been re-listening to Jordan’s performance and the subtle little nuances he throws in while still preserving the essence of the song, the more impressed I am with him. I would have given it an A+ for sure. On the other hand I re-listened to Viktor’s performance to see if I’d missed anything and it was even worse than I remembered.

  28. dj says:

    I agree with your assessment, Michael. I found most of the song choices disappointing. Jeffrey really stood out to me. Jordan was good, but I hope it’s not like last year where someone has so much of a lead that it takes all the suspense out of the race.

  29. DarkDefender says:

    Once he got. Past the nerves, Jordan was singing in a completely different league than the rest of them so different ability. He was revelatory.

  30. Joan Opell says:

    I Love The Voice!!!! You have the perfect judges to work with these artists and they need to be a permanent fixture on this show!!!

  31. Kirk B says:

    That had to be the worst song choices ever on the voice. Are these two judges trying to fail their singers. Come on. I can pick better songs…you such ADAM and Gwen.

  32. Alan Dvorkis says:

    Sick of Adam Levines blatant bias for his own contestants. He completely brushed poor Chance aside. Do not invite him back if you dont want him. The reality is the kid has the most interesting voice on the show. I certainly prefer it to overhyped Jordan who sang so many notes out of tune, that I wonder how these people got jobs or are they just told what to do and like paid help do it. Meanwhile paid assassin Levine knows how to lie as he has done it for years on this show. With Chance, that was the right time to lie, not just tell the kid, c ya. Disgusting show that truly lacked star power tonight. If Jordan is their king, then I am done.

    • JM says:

      I like Chance, too, and really didn’t appreciate the way Adam treated him. You’re correct in saying that if he didn’t want him, he shouldn’t have invited him back. However, Jordan can sing well. Is he as great as they hype him to be? No. The show’s ‘chosen one’ never is.

  33. Beth says:

    Wowowee…Team Adam Jordan Smith, you rock it baby!!! You’re the BesT! And Amy Vachal, sweet voice , luv it👍🏻😊

  34. Carfield says:

    Despite Mark Burnett’s attempt to mess with the result every season, he just does not understand why the Voice still has not produced a super star because while he thinks he knows who will succeed, he just happens to be dead wrong every season. He threw many artists under the bus either by over-pimping them or montaging them.

    Tonight I think Team Gwen actually shows many potentials, and my top three favorites tonight are Jeffrey Austin, Victor and Jordan, and two of the guys are in Team Gwen.

    Of course Jordan has established him as a front-runner tonight with “Halo,” which sounds even better live and for the first time, I felt something. If Jordan can keep up its strength and Adam does not screw up the song choices, he is going to win. But I just worry that he might peak a bit too early.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow night’s performance!

    • Trent says:

      You’re so right! He never pays the coaches to pimp the right people that will actually be successful in their post-show careers – Amanda Brown, Amber Carrington, Chris Jamison, etc. Aside from that, the show doesn’t market their winners nearly as well as they are good at pimping people!

  35. Ronnie says:

    Song choice makes or breaks a contestant. And most of the songs did the artist no favors. And picking a current hit just rings the death knell for a performer as NO ONE will buy it on iTunes.
    Jeffrey is my favorite of the night and I only hope that Gwen doesn’t ruin his chances with bad selections.

  36. skrable2 says:

    Gwen really did a disservice to Korin tonight. Here’s a girl who comes in already loaded with a distinct personality and a fragile, if limited, vocal range … and what does Gwen do? She gives her an incredibly difficult song to sing AND decides to vacate any sense of Korin’s personality. The haircut was fine, but she has her in a monochrome dress in an odd color, and takes away her glasses. All the things that made Korin different were stripped away. The quick look of disappointment on her face as Carson sent her away said it all — Korin knew she had been “managed” for failure

    • I agree completely! So true.

    • analythinker says:

      I’d argue that Adia was not difficult to sing. But it IS difficult for Korin’s voice, for some reasons. She sounded way better during rehearsal. This made me question her ability as an artist. If she can’t navigate a song well, she should have known how to change it up to fit her voice. Too bad, because I like her.

      • AS says:

        Just read through all of the comments and I didn’t see anyone comment on Adam’s usual throw-under-the-bus strategies or Gwen’s completely wrong makeovers. Why put quirky girl Korin in an I-am-beautiful pageant gown and ask her to sing a BIG vocal??? Why did Adam take his Big vocalist and saddle her with a dated 3-word Linda Ronstandt tune? Why not pick a different Linda Rondstandt song? Adam, YOU’RE NO GOOD. Gwen all your people were drowned out by the band…maybe they could sing better if you let them wear their glasses so they could see as well as hear.

        Jeffrey wins the night for me.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Was just about to say the same thing about Adia. It’s actually stupidly easy to sing. But even easy songs might not sit well in someone’s voice, leading to a performance like that one last night. Yikes.

        • analythinker says:

          I would have made her perform that song acoustically, slowed down. That way, she wouldn’t have had to try to compete with the instruments.

    • Timmah says:

      You make a really good point. After they got done with her there wasn’t much “Korin” left.

  37. analythinker says:

    iTunes rank:
    4 Jordan
    28 Jeffrey
    33 Amy
    52 Ellie
    66 Braiden
    80 Shelby
    90 Viktor
    96 Chance
    97 Blaine
    136 Keith
    215 Korin
    283 Regina

  38. Where the hell is the talented Nadjah Nicole! She was the reason I watched The Voice.

  39. I am still having a hard time connecting with Jeffrey! But I wish that they had a “AGT” like buzzer because I would have gladly hit it multiple times on Braiden, Jeffrey and Chance. Adam shot himself in the foot by bringing back Chance over the twins. Ellie was awesome! Glad to see her back. I rather have Regina over Jeffrey!

  40. jm says:

    Chance Pena??? Really, It is so funny name…. I guess, she is Chance Peña, not Pena… Pena = Pain or Sorrow… So an artist call Chance Sorrow… it it s a bit, how can i say painful…

  41. Amy is way overrated!!! she sounds like a lounge singer, and I have seen better than her through the years around the world!! She is too boring
    Jeffrey Austin is the winner of the night.

  42. Fan says:

    Korin Bukowski always looked cute in her indie way. Gwen’s makeover of Korin looked horrible. Terrible hair, terrible dress.

  43. Dbrillz says:

    Who I think should be moving on after tonight, and who will move on (asterisks on who will)
    Team Adam:
    1. Jordan*
    2. Shelby*
    3. Amy*
    4. Chance
    5. Blaine
    6. Keith

    Team Gwen:
    1. Jeffery*
    2. Viktor
    3. Ellie*
    4. Korin
    5. Braiden*
    6. Regina

    Gwen will unfortunately let go of Viktor for her favorite child. Too bad he’s not on Blake’s awful team because he’d definitely make it through there.

  44. Val says:

    I really want to embrace Korin Budowski but last night I was really disappointed in her performance. The song seemed flat and no energy behind it.. I think she would really rock a Dido song….
    Also, when Gwen made a point of bringing on her “Style Team” I couldn’t wait to see what they were going to do with this shy, conservative girl……WHAT! What was that long, award show red dress all about?? And her hair….? I was waiting for something really cool and edgy like …. I don’t know…. like Gwen Stefani..?? I did’t get it at all and the look didn’t work for me…or for Korin? I thinking cool, Indy, bo-ho thing

  45. Caitlyn says:

    I wasn’t all that impressed with the show tonight. Coffee shot singers, wedding singers, screamers. I guess from a technical standpoint, Jordan and Jeffery were the best, but the boredom factor was off the charts for me. Ellie is entertaining, but had many pitch issues. I”m a bit more hopeful for tonight.

  46. Linda Santoli says:

    Annoyed that you can’t call in to vote. Not everyone is tech savvy and using apps, etc. Quite frankly, when I realized I couldn’t vote – I lost interest. And I wasn’t much impressed with anyone.

  47. Eric says:

    Not sure why they are even going to continue. Jordan won in the blinds. No one is even close to his level. But….

    The Good:

    Jeffrey did very well last night and it was fun to watch.

    I love Keith’s voice, but the song choice and arrangement were awful. Hope he squeaks by; let’s face it, there were many worse than him last night and only a few clearly better.

    Ellie was a welcome surprise back and sang well for what was obviously short notice for her.

    Korin handled that song just about as well as anyone with her experience/age could. It was understated and she missed some notes, but it was enough to keep her around another week.

    Shelby has a great voice, but that wasn’t her best. She needs to calm the nerves and sing something that’s more comfortable for her.

    The Bad:

    Regina was awful again, but at least she wasn’t screaming this week. I hate people who cover the defects in their voice by trying to overpower everything.

    Amy is just so so. There’s a nice breathy quiet quality to her voice, but I feel like I’m in a time warp to the 20s when I listen to her. I’ve heard it before… it’s good, but not good enough.

    Blaine lacked passion and energy on a song that I love. This is two weeks in a row and his time is up.

    Chance- UGH… why God? Make it stop.

    Braiden was not good. You can hear the lack of maturity in his voice… I think the kid can sing, but he’s not doen growing into it yet… give him a few more years and he’ll be ok. At this point, he’s not good enough to continue.

    While Victor can absolutely sing he feels over polished and over produced. Like one of those manufactured boy bands, cleaned up and slicked back. I feel no originality in him, a good voice, sure, but the package is too fake.

  48. Caitlyn says:

    I’m curious to see who they bring back tonight. A lot of people have Nadjah pegged for Blake’s team, but I’m remembering Krista and how shocked I was that she was off the show. I like them both, but would rather see her return. On Pharrell’s team, Siahna I guess … not mature in her voice at all, but at least someone that is a bit interesting and different. The show really need that this season.

  49. BribeRN says:

    I admit upfront that I am a Jordan fan, I do think he connects emotionally to his fans so maybe he will grow on you. I know the recap judged based on the tv performance but have you heard his iTunes version????(#3 right now) It is amazing. Shows more of the deeper tones he has as well as the inflections and restraint he does well in person. I always enjoy the recaps as well as seeing what/who everyone else finds exciting. It does make me give other singers a different look sometimes!

  50. david7118 says:

    Can we at least all agree that Blake needs to bring back Krista Hughes?

    • Caitlyn says:

      I think Krista has the best chance to advance. To me, Emily Ann and Morgan are shoe-ins, and in comes down to who can beat Barrett or Ivonna. I really like Nadjah, but I would bring back Krista over her.