NCIS Tony Jeanne Benoit Reunion

NCIS: Scottie Thompson Previews 'Intense' Tony/Jeanne Reunion — 'It's Not Like They Ever Fell Out of Love'

Almost exactly nine years ago, CBS’ NCIS introduced viewers to Jeanne Benoit — and Agent Tony DiNozzo’s life would never be the same.

Since Jeanne’s father René was, unbeknownst to her, the arms dealer known as La Grenouille, Tony was tasked by then-director Jenny Shepard with getting close to the possible asset — and get close he did, falling into a romance with the beautiful doctor (as “Tony DiNardo”). When the truth about both Jeanne’s father’s criminality and Tony’s op eventually came out, the romance stopped short so quickly, you could almost hear brakes squealing.

Played again by Scottie Thompson, Jeanne resurfaces this Tuesday at 8/7c, when Gibbs’ team investigates a Sudanese tribe’s attack on international relief workers — the former Ms. Benoit’s husband included. Here, Thompson weighs in on the emotion-laden reunion and Jeanne’s conflicted feelings for Tony.

TVLINE | I just watched this week’s episode and there are scenes that are so heavy with unexpressed emotion. I mean, when Jeanne and Tony lock eyes for the first time, I didn’t know whether to cower in a corner or make popcorn and pull up a chair.
[Laughs] Yeah, it was certainly intense when we were filming it — like, how do you feel when there is so much going on? Tony Wharmby, who directed my last episode [Season 5’s “Internal Affairs”], with the elevator [break-up], also directed this one, so I was like, “This is pretty full circle.” But there was so much emotion just coming back to this show after all these years and getting to see everybody. I know Emily Wickersham (who plays Bishop) from when we were in an acting class together years ago in New York City, so it was crazy to have her in that first scene as well.

TVLINE | Was the previous storyline still fresh in your head or did you need any prompts to revisit it?
It was still pretty well there in my memory. I remember it that well in part because I had just moved out to L.A., and it was one of my first jobs out here…..

TVLINE | And it got pretty intense.NCIS Tony Jeanne
Oh, yeah. It was very intense in terms of who Jeanne and Tony were. It was also fun coming back all these years later having so much more that I know as Scottie Thompson, the person acting in the role. It’s fun to now be able to play with such a rich backstory between these two characters, because while it was emotional and intense the first go-round, it initially didn’t have all of that going on. It just ended more or less right after all these truths were unveiled, and then it was left to hang. It wound itself up in a certain respect, but there was also unfinished business. But that’s usually how life goes — “Well, I guess that happened.” It’s been fun to explore what happens when you run into this person you were so connected to, after you’ve moved on with your life.

TVLINE | What do you think is going on inside Jeanne’s head the instant she comes down those stairs and first sees Tony?
[Sighs] A million things. All at once. There’s still a lot of anger, but underneath it all there is such a love, because these two people really loved each other and circumstances more than anything else separated them. So of course there’s a lot of pain and anger and resentment, but at the same time there’s this deeper, underlying love. At first, you’re like, “Maybe I’ve moved on and forgiven,” but then you actually see the person and you’re like, “Shoot! I don’t know if I’ve forgiven fully.” And that’s something going through her head. But also, she’s really concerned because her husband is missing.

TVLINE | That’s whats almost tortuous about the situation — Jeanne and Tony have so much to potentially say to each other, but as important as that is, it’s actually secondary to the crisis at hand.
Yeah. It’s a wonderful thing to play with, all those subtleties. Because even though there’s the main story, you’re like, “What’s really going on between these people?”

TVLINE | Is it difficult for her NCISto work this mission to the Sudan with Tony?
Very much so. She doesn’t really have a choice, because the team is going and she wants to be a part of it — and as she argues, she knows the area better than anyone there, so she should be there to help out. But it’s like, “Now you’re waiting for the person that broke your heart to be your savior…?” [Laughs] It’s a tough position to be in. Also, it’s been a long time and she has moved on. She doesn’t know if he has, but she’s married and made something else of her life that seems meaningful and fulfilling in a lot of ways.

TVLINE | Do you think the husband helped her to fully heal, or is there maybe still a hole?
I think there’s definitely still a hole, because it’s not like [she and Tony] ever fell out of love per se. Life just knocked us in different directions, which is very different from when you fall out of love. There’s, “I loved this person but I’ll never love them like that again” versus what she’s gone through, which is: “I loved this person and then this horrible thing happened and I had to stop loving him,” and I don’t know if she wanted to. I think her husband is definitely part of the healing process — she found someone who’s passionate about the same things she is — but in my head, she has a love for him that maybe is not the same kind of love [she shared with Tony].

TVLINE | How was it working with Michael Weatherly again?
Oh, such a treat. When I first worked with him, I met him at a lunch with [NCIS creator] Don Bellisario and I had just totaled the first car I ever bought — and Michael was like, “I have an old Jeep Wrangler I don’t drive, you’re welcome to borrow it.” So I drove his Jeep around for a month, and I didn’t even know him! He’s so nice. Also, it was just so much fun remembering how funny he is on set. He makes things really enjoyable, and he’s very generous as an actor.

And while last time I really only also worked with Mark [Harmon] briefly and Lauren Holly, here I got to work with Mark again and everybody else, pretty much. It was amazing to work with David McCallum and Sean [Murray] and Emily…. But yeah, Michael just cracks you up the whole time!

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  1. ndixit says:

    I am seriously psyched for this episode. I do hope this ep offers some closure for Tony and Jeanne. I always figured that Jeanne was an open wound that never completely healed for Tony, and it seems like it might be the same for Jeanne.

  2. I was really hoping she’d be there to stay…at least in his life, not on the show. But alas, with a husband in the picture, I guess that won’t happen. *sigh* lol

    • Joni says:

      If it helps, Scottie has tweeted that this isn’t a one and done episode. :-)

      • ndixit says:

        Did she? I actually think closure is more important than romance when it comes to Tony and Jeanne. While the love between them was/is real, it comes from a place of lies, deceit, and death. I don’t think it would be healthy for either one of them to be in a relationship with each other. Its hard to imagine them being friends given their history.

        • Joni says:

          Per Mr Glasberg, something’s coming that’s going to “rock Tony’s world” and I think Jeanne’s going to have something to do with that before the season is over. Seeing her again is just part of it.

          • ndixit says:

            I take Glasberg’s words always with a bit of salt. He tends to overhype things sometimes. I do hope there is so good Tony stuff in the pipeline other than Jeanne because I feel the character has been stuck on neutral for a while.

          • tyranthraxus says:

            Im with ndixit below: Glasberg has had in the past a tendency to use the big speech for some smaller changes. And thats okay.. we have come to expect it from him. As NCIS moves into its final years, I think Tonys character has been getting a lot of finalising episodes as they have finally addressed his Spartan apartment, his love life.. or rather lack of an ongoing one. his decisions to change himself.

            We have had an episode that addressed his near marriage, his Baltimore days and finally we have this.. the possible conclusion to the Jeanne storyline.. Although Im not entirely convinced its the end.

            Now if they bring back Ziva that could also be a Tony centric episode but I doubt it.

            Wow 9 years ago. In that time Jeanne has moved on and gotten Married.

            Tony is still in the same job hes been in for many years (no career advancement). He isnt married, had a few breakups along the way, has lost his ability to reference a movie now and then (seriously has that part of him gone?). Tony has stayed fairly stagnant.

          • The last time Gary Glasberg stated that something would “rock the world” of a character, it was in reference to Leon Vance and the events of ‘Shabbat Shalom’ in which Jackie Vance was killed.

          • sporting4231 says:

            So the two have a love child?

        • Doug says:

          Real love is always healthy.

        • I agree. While some people really do forgive, very few forget. I find it strange that all these women of the past are coming out of the woodwork. First we had Wendy, then E.J. shows up out of the blue. Then Zoe and now Jeanne. I think it’s important to note that in none of these instances did Tony instigate the reunion. The only person he has ever gone after himself is Ziva.

          • as524 says:

            the aberration that was the first 2 eps of season 11….I’d imagine that should cote have actually signed a contract, the details of those eps that ziva/tiva fans prefer to throw in our faces as proof of a non-existent romance would never have happened.

            GG’s attempt to appease fans who swore there was a romance therefore means nothing in the makeup of what Tony is about.

            As his portrayer said in another article, “Tony’s still in love with Jeanne’

  3. Jess says:

    looking forward to this episode

  4. Lillian says:

    Words can not express how excited I am for this episode to air!

  5. Joni says:

    Thanks for the interview Matt.
    I love that Scottie has such a connection with Jeanne and has her thoughts and feelings so mapped out. Can’t wait for tomorrow night.

  6. darkangel200 says:

    Oh, this makes me very happy! I’ve always loved Scottie, and she and Michael Weatherly have amazing chemistry. Even with all the hurt and emotional baggage Jeanne and Tony’s relationship had, the genuine love they shared always shone through. I can’t wait for this episode. So excited to see Michael Weatherly finally get something serious to work with. Great interview, and thank you for asking all the questions I wanted answers to.

  7. Kim R says:

    Really looking forward to Tuesday. So she is married. Rats! :)

  8. Arun says:

    They must be running out of guest characters to have dredged this up. I was not a fan of the DiNozzo/DiNardo and Jeanne storyline nine years ago. Here’s hoping it’s for nothing more than to bring Tony some closure. If her husband ends up dead and they try to rekindle a romance between these two….just no.

  9. skrable2 says:

    She truly made an impression as Jeanne. Whenever I see her in something else, I always flashback to those episodes (USA reruns help, of course).

  10. This is making me even more excited for the episode, and for Scottie’s future appearances. I loved who Tony was with Jeanne, and I hated the way it ended.

    • Paige says:

      I agree! The writing for Tony during that season was strong and Michael did a tremendous job with the acting. I re- watched the Jeanne/Tony episodes on Netflix from season 4/5 and their relationship gave viewers an in-depth, layered, strong Tony I would certainly like to see more of-

  11. Paige says:

    I’m thrilled Scottie is back and hope she returns for multiple episodes. She and Michael have great chemistry!

  12. as524 says:

    Loving the idea that Scottie is back as Jeanne and can not wait for the ep.

    Hoping she’s on for more than one this season….

  13. c-mo says:

    I really enjoy Scottie as an actor, she’s been fantastic in everything I’ve seen her in. I am one of the few in the world that doesn’t watch this show but I might take in this episode based only on your article, Matt.

    • c-mo, if you’re in the US and have Netflix, I’d recommend watching the Jeanne/Tony arc (most of Season 4 and a couple of episodes in season 5). It, in my opinion, was one of the best arcs NCIS has done.

  14. Anita says:

    She comes..she gives him closure they both need and she leaves for good.That is what I want to hear.Tony was doing his job and she tried to frame him for something he didn’t do.So…leave as soon as you can,Jeanne.

    • Joni says:

      Could happen, I guess but since Scottie will be returning for more episodes I very much doubt that this episode will bring closure. See Ms Thompson’s Twitter feed for that information.

  15. Shannon says:

    I had always hoped she’d come back for at least one episode. I was excited before, but this interview has me psyched!

  16. as524 says:

    have been looking forward to this since it was leaked she was back…and even more excited now that Scottie has said it isn’t a one and done.

    Hoping too that the writer has a better handle on these two and their relationship than they got in her previous appearance.

  17. Sherri says:

    I enjoyed the story arc with Jeanne and Tony but got tired of the Frog and Director Shepard aspect of those same episodes – it just drug on too long. I’m glad Jeanne is back because I like who Tony is when he’s around her.

  18. Mark Haworth says:

    The thing I don’t get is that Jeanne still has no idea who killed her dad – she doesn’t know it was Director Shepard or that the CIA took the fall. To her knowledge Tony could still be a suspect; he was only cleared because she couldn’t prove he was there. I wouldn’t care if my dad was a criminal, I would still want to know who murdered him. I would be all over the entire NCIS team for not solving the case.

  19. CJ says:

    I haven’t been excited about much NCIS-related in recent years, but I’m so excited to see Jeanne Benoit back and even more excited by the prospect that it may not be just a one-time thing. Despite the circumstances, Jeanne brought out a better and more mature Tony. Other than Jeanne, TPTB always try to pair up Tony with these tough, snarky, obnoxious women. All of them: Paula, EJ, Ziva, even Zoe to a certain extent. That doesn’t bring out the best in Tony. The classy, sophisticated, more sensitive and supportive Jeanne made Tony a better man, and it didn’t even feel as if he had to try so hard. What irony that Tony was able to be more comfortable and bring out a rarely seen side of his true self while he was pretending to be somebody else! I wish there was some way for these two to get another chance. I think it’s the one thing that might help Tony crawl out of the hole they’ve had him stuck in for years!

  20. jj says:

    Not that I watch NCIS anymore but I hated Jeanne. That was the worst season of NCIS IMO until Bishop came aboard of course.

  21. Gisela says:

    So the producer thinks a woman who accused Tony of murder is his soulmate! Come on!
    This is a daytime soap now not a thrilling cop show!
    Thank you Mr. Bellisario for lots of great episodes but whoever runs this show now doesn’t know what he/she’s doing!
    Although Mark Harmon is great this show is no longer watchable!

    • li says:

      I agree, and to top it off, she’s physically and emotionally abusive. Some “soulmate”. I think Scottie and Michael have remarkable chemistry. I love seeing Jeanne and Tony together. I’m happy we’ll be seeing Jeanne I more than one episode.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        I see a few people quoting “soulmate” — what NCIS interview was that from….?

        • Lillian says:

          I don’t think it’s in an interview, though it might be. It’s fervently claimed that Tony and Ziva are soulmates. The reply from li is taking advantage of the vagueness of Gisela’s comment, since Ziva also accused Tony of murder. li is me, from my phone. I entered the first two letters of my name and thought I clicked on it in the pop-up menu. Apparently not. If I reply from my phone again, I’ll correct it.

  22. Doug says:

    I don’t understand why they discontinued that relationship. It was a very good part of the program. Tony and Jeanne was a good part of the program.

    • Because Donald P. Bellasario, the creator and original showrunner, left and when the new showrunner came in, he was determined to destroy pretty much everything DPB had set up so he could create his own vision and agenda. A lot of things that DPB had set up to percolate over the season – or couple of seasons – were trashed so that Shane Brennan could have his “moments”. SB believed that “moments” were more important than an actual ongoing story.

  23. I think it’s odd how all these old relationships just show up. Wendy, E. J., Zoe and now Jeanne. What’s interesting to me is that Tony did nothing to instigate these ‘reunions’ which says a lot as far as I am concerned. The only woman he has ever gone after is Ziva.

  24. Barb says:

    Would be great to have her back. They had great chemistry and the storyline brought out the human side of both. Tony needs a love interest