Jane the Virgin Season 2 Spoilers

Jane the Virgin Boss Defends Jane's Choice, Previews Rafael's Reaction

Jane the Virgin is no longer torn between two lovers.

In last week’s episode, our titular heroine chose ex-boyfriend Michael over baby-daddy Rafael — and now showrunner Jennie Urman is explaining why.

Also in the following Q&A, Urman reveals whether Jane’s decision will stick and teases the Rafael-related fallout in tonight’s episode (The CW, 9/8c).

TVLINE | Why did you decide to choose Michael as the guy for Jane?
A lot of our journey last year was about fantasy versus reality and what Jane wants versus what she thinks she wants. She was really thrown by Michael lying early on because she was going through such a crazy period in her life, and she realized her mother lied about her father’s identity. Michael’s lie really threw her off, and she was feeling this connection to Rafael. I really wanted to explore that, but I also wanted to explore what happens when the fantasy starts to fade a little.

[With Rafael and Jane], you have two people that are really fundamentally different. Through all the events of last year, the thing that Jane realized is that the person who loved her all along and was unwavering [was] Michael. It felt true to the character that she would suddenly realize, “Oh, my God, it’s Michael! And this accidental insemination threw everything off. I was grappling and trying to figure it, but it’s here right in front of me.”

TVLINE | Was there any debate in the writers’ room about the choice?
There’s always debate. We’ve always known that half [of the viewers] would be disappointed. But I hope that everyone is ultimately on Team Jane and wants her to be happy.

TVLINE | What can you offer for the Team Rafael fans then? Is there any hope for them?
I can say that we’re five episodes in on our second season and I hope that this is a very long journey. Jane and Rafael have a child. Things can always change. We’re in a telenovela.

TVLINE | Unbeknownst to Jane, Rafael knows she wants to be with Michael. How is he going to react?
He’s debating what to do. Does he make a big last play? Does he go down with or without a fight? Does he accept it? The bomb has been dropped, so he has to figure what his play is.

Jane the Virgin Britney SpearsTVLINE | Tonight’s episode also features Britney Spears. What do you think fans are going to enjoy most about her guest spot?
Gosh, I think they will enjoy Britney and Gina’s dance. And the interplay between the two superstars that are Rogelio De La Vega and Britney Spears.

Jane the Virgin fans, what did you think of the gal’s big choice? And make sure to check out TVLine after Monday night’s episode for more scoop!

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  1. Shelly says:

    Michael is the safe and easy choice. He’s a good guy and everything but super boring. I’ll probably read recaps from now on and not watch anymore.

  2. abby says:

    I’m thrilled she choose Michael. That’s the couple I wanted. That being said this is a soap opera in it’s second season so while Michael may be the long-term choice for right now no way is that the end and it’s going to be Michael from now on even if this show runs for 10 seasons.

  3. Amanda says:

    Michael isn’t “Super boring”, he’s more stable and that’s what I like about him. He doesn’t bring all the drama that Jane has been involved with and sometimes a person just needs that. I still don’t see the sparks or all this chemistry that people have seen with Raf and Jane, if anything, it seems more forced for them to be together. A tiger doesn’t change it’s spots that quickly, he was ready to be a single man and then poof he doesn’t anymore? Rafael will be a good father, but his true testament is how he acts with Petra, he doesn’t have to like her to be a part of his child’s life and right now he isn’t doing a good job at having her back like he did Jane. I understand that their situation is difference, however, all that should go away once he knows that it’s his child….

    • Shelly says:

      Yes he’s definitely stable. And he definitely jumped into the sack with Nadine once Jane ended things. Nothing says I love you like sleeping with someone else. I know they were broken up but if he really loved Jane he wouldn’t have done that. To me that speaks volumes about his character.

      • jag says:

        For me its entirly logical and normal in Michael’s situation. Being dump for another guy who got ur girlfriend pregnant before they can develope a true relationship? I hold Micheal in higjer esteem with just doing that. In my case i would have done worst.

      • abby says:

        I agree jag I certainly don’t hold it against Michael in the slightest that after staying celibate for years to respect his girlfriends wishes he slept with someone else when she broke up with him. And it certainly doesn’t imply to me that he never really loved Jane.

      • Laisfred says:

        And Jane began a relationship with Rafael right away too. Double standard? And I don’t hold these actions against any of them. I am #teamMichael, and I’m glad that Jane chose him.

        • Marci says:

          I’m glad that Jane chose Michael too. I lost respect for her when she dumped Michael and then started making out with Raf two minutes later–who does that? Michael is the one always coming to the rescue–that’s boring? I don’t think so.

      • Carrie says:

        Aside from sleeping with his partner right away, he tried to convince Jane not to keep the baby for selfish reasons and conspired with Petra because she wanted to adopt the baby. He has done some very immoral things as a cop and as a person. He’s not the saint that they’ve been portraying him as this season. It seems to me that Rafael has grown as a person, while Michael is the good guy when it suits him.

        • Sheila says:

          Yes, Carrie! I would not call Michael “unwavering.”

        • insatiable says:

          From inception I never liked Michael’s character without Jane and her family who is he really it’s like he does have an identity he just comes off as desperate and obsessive…….always conveniently turning up and what I don’t get is why is he always at her house for God they were broken up that is unrealistic and unnecessary……..he’s the obvious choice for Jane since he is involved in every single aspect of her life…..the writers never really gave jane and rafael that kinda of romance, drama strictly revolved around them and still continues so they will always be uncertainty….I’m #teamraf# his character has mature throughout the show and I wish to see further development on him…..as for him and Jane being together I would have said HELL YES!!!!! but not anymore its best they focus on Mateo and being a team in co-parenting

          • MJ says:

            I agree with everything you’ve said. #teamRaf

          • Coltton says:

            I’m going to stop you right there. First of all, Yes Michael is Obsessive, but at the same time who wouldn’t be? That’s his Fiance they dated for 2 years, so yeah he’s going to be a little obsessive lol. Maybe you haven’t seen too many episodes but as far as i have seen, everyone seems to turn up when the moment requires them. Like omg, this show has more cliche moments than any i’ve seen not counting (soap operas). Like everyone walks in on things they don’t want to hear. Saying Michael does it isn’t fair what so ever.. I love Raf and Michael. But dang, you can’t hate just on Michael hate on Jane.. She’s no good for them.. Giving up on a 2 year relationship, with a guy she kissed a looong time ago. You never see, Cinderella leaving to find another man? Nope she’s fine with the prince she ended up with. No no no, Raf just recently started becoming the way you phrased it “Mature” i swear ppl, haven’t seen the beginning cause he’s a playboy. I’m done ranting now.

        • serene says:

          I so agree with you. Rafael has come a long way and continues to fight for Jane. Changing who he is for her. So what they come from different worlds.

        • Cat says:

          OMG!! Thank you!! Someone needed to say this. He tampered with crime scene evidence for selfish reasons. It’s one thing to lie about Petra cheating, it’s another to risk his career because he doesn’t want the baby. That speaks incredible volumes about his character. He put his stable job on the line.
          I think it’s fair to stop watching if a relationship doesn’t work out the way you wish, it’s television, we’re allowed to do that. I’m on the team that will probably just continue reading the recaps and not watch it.

          • I agree with you. Why hang on watching a program if you no longer enjoy it. If it changes later on then go back and watch what you missed to catch up. No biggie. I know of no one who continues to watch a program that does not satisfy. Why torment ourselves.

      • Coltton says:

        Honestly, Jane to me doesn’t deserve Michael nor Rafael.. There just.. To great of guys imo xD. The way she treats both of them is just not acceptable on most parts, I like both almost equally with Michael coming off ahead cause of the recent flashbacks, cute af.. To reply to your comment, Mike did nothing wrong, she was in a relationship for awhile, maybe 3-5 months? By then she was kissing Raf, thinking of Raf. Sooo i don’t think that matters tbh, LOL if we really want to talk about bad pasts just Look at R’s and then come at me haha.. >.< . The main reason i can see ppl liking R more is because Michael doesn't have his whole family life on the show yet. So we know his backstory but Mike, we got nothing on him. To me, Jane is boring and a princess just like romeo and juliet cliche. If Raf never had a baby with her, i'd tell him to hit the road. This girl is unstable just pick a guy, and stick with it.

  4. Jess says:

    team jane all the way. what ever means her happy is good enough for me. I wouldn’t count Rafael out completely though, This is a telenova, anything can and will happen

  5. Kris says:

    Love that she chose Michael…i actually don’t mind the love triangle but I thought the writers were going to drag it out for the whole season…glad they didn’t.

  6. Paula says:

    Feliz!!! So happy for #teammichael and for Jane, he truly loves her.

  7. sarah31733 says:

    I was really Team Rafeal, while I’ll keep watching I haven’t enjoyed the show as much this year. I don’t know if it all the focus on the baby, that there is no resolution with Sin Rose or what or that I’m still annoyed about the babynapping which was ridiculous. And I’m a big soap fan!! I should be loving this show but it just isn’t clicking for me as much and I can’t figure out why.

    • Bigdede says:

      I agree. There is something off. I’m sick of Sin Rose and will never understand why she wants that baby

      • Lu says:

        You didn’t understand that she was using the child as leverage against Michael so that he could get that pin she needed/wanted out of the evidence room? Michael has proven in the past that he’s more than capable of breaking the law for personal motivation so Rose was probably banking on it…. It’s not that she wants to set up a nursery. At least I don’t think, lol.

    • Luk says:

      I begrudgingly agree, I surprise myself sliding into boredom occasionally this season, wondering when the episode is going to end.

      • Also I find the Petra is pregnant by turkey baster an ABSURD storyline. To me it just shows lack of creativity by the writers and not knowing what to do with the character. And if she is going to be with Micheal why do this?? It causes no true conflict if Jane and Rafael aren’t together. It just seems sloppy to me.

  8. LADY_in_MD says:

    I really get annoyed with people who say I’m done with a show just because it doesn’t go your way
    Look I am team Rafael but just because (for now) she decided to be with Michael doesn’t mean I am going to give up on a very well written funny and entertaining show with a great cast!

    • Shelly says:

      It isn’t just the Michael choice for me. The show seems off this year as others have been commenting not just here but on other boards as well. If I happen to read that things pick up again on the show then maybe I’ll be back.

    • Skyler says:

      People are entitled to stop watching a show if it no longer interests them. Just saying.

    • Erin says:

      Same here (although, I think first and foremost I’m Team Jane), between the guys I’m definitely Team Rafael. I serioulsy cannot believe the amount of people who have said they aren’t watching anymore because Jane chose Michael. Seriously? Considering it’s a telenovella, and given how much the CW loves their love triangles, I definitely wouldn’t count Rafael out for good.

    • Linda says:

      It is a show and I can choose to watch or not watch its not going to hurt anybody if I choose to stop watching nor is it childish, I watch shows to be entertained and I do not find Jane and Michael together entertaining so I choose to stop watching no biggie!!!

  9. Bigdede says:

    Well I’m not into watching boring shows. Bad enough Petra still around now boring Michael will be around Rafael’baby acting like he’s the daddy

  10. Fatima Cuevas says:

    In real telenovelas the girl never ends up with the ‘safe’ choice. She ends up with the rich playboy that changed his ways for her. Very disappointed this season. Not just b/c of the choice. It just hasn’t been as crisp as season 1. Would have rather her pulled a Kelly Taylor and chosen herself. Not saying I will stop watching b/c I love Gina Garcia but I hope it improves

  11. Courtney says:

    So happy she chose Michael. Rafael and Jane are adorable, but are so different. Rafael doesn’t understand Jane like Michael does. And while Michael did know Jane for longer, Rafael still had time to really know Jane and her family and he still never did. I think when Raf proposed to Jane, it revealed how little he understood her. Michael knows Jane to her core, he fits well with her family, they’re healthy and best friends. There are so far from boring. Their chemistry comes so naturally.

  12. TeamRafael says:

    In all honesty, not only is Michael the safe choice for Jane, it also keeps his character around. If she had “chosen” Rafael, it would have made Michael not necessary. Atleast at this point she can be with Michael while Rafael will be in his sons life and he will bounce around between his son and soon to be “daughter” from Petra until they ultimately kill Michael off while he is protecting Jane and Matteo, Jane will be pregnant with Michaels daughter and will name her Michelle after Michael and Jane and Rafael will sail off together

  13. Luk says:

    Purely from a storywise point of view, it was a good idea the writers made her decide, the “girl torn between two men” routine was getting a bit stale.

  14. sunny says:

    I am totally Team Jane whatever she chooses is fine with me
    I can see her with either man!

  15. Shira says:

    I’m personally team Rafael (or a third dude who will be better than both :)) i can understand her choice but it’s not an interesting one. She chose to remain the same person she was before. Now that the baby is born she chose to go back to the original plan in every aspect. The question is how Jane really wants to evolve and change? That choice says more about the person she wants to become than who she loves more so since that is still a “work in progress” guess the choice will change couple of more times…

    • Liz says:

      On the nose! With Jane it’s all about the plan. The plan was marry Michael, go to school and become a teacher. I think she likes the comfort of Michael, yes the safe choice. I love Jane and like the show. Also yes it’s bit slower this year, but I do think the drama of Rafael having another kid will ultimately make her feel things for Rafael again.

  16. brandydanforth81 says:

    I’m dIssapounted in her choice .Im TeamRafeal

  17. Susannah says:

    This is one of the only triangles where I’m OK with either outcomes since both guys are great, so #TeamJane being happy.

  18. She chose Michael? Am team Rafael. Maybe they will get him someone else.

  19. Mr. Sunshine says:

    You’re freaking kidding me right! I haven’t watched last week’s episode yet. What were the writers thinking?? Glad that there are reliable books to read. :-)

  20. i want jane and rapael together. i dont know why she picked micheal. i feel the love she has for micheal is a comfortable love, like one you will have for a brother or a dog. with rapael its just the real romance story.

  21. Diane says:

    She made the right choice. Rafael has abs but their relationship isn’t interesting. At least with Michael, I get to see a lot of love. And who needs a rich boyfriend whose hotel is always plagued with issues? Are we even sure he’s still rich?

    She loved Michael before the baby shenanigans and she realizes that she still loves him. She’s happy and has passion for him. Plus he treats her well. I can’t see anything wrong with this.

  22. Laura says:

    It really grates my cheese when people say Michael is the ‘safe’ choice for Jane. 1.) It’s illogical. Michael is NOT the easy choice. Rafael is. He’s the father of her baby and it would be so simple for her to just be with him and get on with raising their child. She’s following her heart by choosing Michael, and because of that she’s foregoing the logic of an easy co-parenting dynamic with Rafael. This makes things far more complex. Michael’s dynamic as a step-parent to Mateo will be interesting to see play out, as will the dynamic between him and Raf. This is a far more interesting path to take and I can’t believe more people don’t see that 2.) Rafael is also the safe choice storytelling-wise. ‘Girl leaves stable, loving guy for rich playboy’ has been done to death, it’s such a cliche. It’s a well-done trope that is so simple to follow by this point it’s like painting by numbers. Portraying a different kind of love story as the principle one, like Jane and Michael’s, is done way less often and that is far more interesting to me than watching the same old cliche play out yet again. 3.) It’s kind of insulting to suggest that just because Michael is not a millionaire, or a reformed playboy, or has abs for days (honestly, so much of Michael’s worth is attributed to the fact that people find Raf more attractive and that’s just gross tbh) or that he’s kind, supportive and nice means that he’s somehow boring or his dynamic with Jane will be too healthy to be interesting. Really?! So now not only do nice guys finish last, they also apparently don’t make interesting people? What kind of message is that? Michael is a decent guy, but why does that make him boring? That’s such a messed up opinion to have. I just cringe every time I see criticism of that ilk on Twitter. I know they say happy couples don’t make for good TV, but that’s just not true. A decent writer can make anything interesting, and Michael is not perfect. Neither is Jane for that matter. There will be struggles and disagreements along the way. There is plenty of potential for drama. But they can still be happy and healthy the majority of the time. These things are not mutually exclusive. I don’t understand any of this criticism.

    And to be honest, this is all nothing compared to the fact that Michael is a detective investigating the case of a dangerous drug king-pin…you know, something which puts him into peril in the line of duty on a daily basis. Yep, soooooo boring 🙈

    • Relle says:

      Well said! Completely agree! :-) #TeamJane AND #TeamMichael

    • Liz says:

      Your take “safe” literal. People mean “safe” as in comfort. The one that has no skeletons, that is an open book. The one the relationship is easy to define and all the big hurtles have been passed. Not a bad choice but the least work of the two. Although I am ok with Michael (personally #teamrafael) it’s her choice for now. Also this whole show is troupe so you can’t complain about certain story lines.

      • Laura says:

        My disagreement still stands, despite the way you mean it. I still do not believe for one second that Michael is safe. They have had their issues with trust and honesty and jealousy and that is not just going to go away. Jane will not forget that. They have their problems and obstacles, just as Jane and Rafael do. The point is that she’s choosing Michael in spite of this. Because of her feelings. It’s the classic battle of head vs. heart. Jane is smart. Do we really think for one second that she believes all the problems Michael has which arose because of the pregnancy and his negative relationship with Rafael is going to just go away? Things are going to be tricky. Especially since Rafael is the father of her child and is always going to be around. It’s worth it for her. Also, why is ‘comfort’ being given a negative spin? It’s a marker of real love. You should feel safe and comfortable and supported and peaceful with the person you love the most. Suffering is not a required part of romance. It might make it more dramatic, but it’s not necessary. Some people are simply lucky enough that the person they’re meant for is someone they click with without any effort. Are you supposed to just move on to someone who is a more difficult fit, for the sake of it? Where is the logic in that? However, again, I do not believe Michael is necessarily safe. Whether physically or metaphorically. Their relationship is not perfect. There are going to be issues, and I think Jane is brave to forget about all of these complications that choosing Michael will undoubtedly cause, just because he’s the one. Because there WILL be drama. Rafael is a far safer choice to me. He’s also a predictable one.

        • niloofar22 says:

          Agree, with everything u said, but i don’t think it will last. Example of difficult love is Scandal, at this point i don’t care what happens to Olitz and i feel they will breakup AGAIN when he finds out what she did.

    • Amanda says:

      Like x1000! I’ll take a “boring” Michael anyday!

    • Kia says:

      CAN I KISS YOU??? like for real can we make out because everything you said was so incredibly on point and exactly what i’ve been thinking. i mean since when is feeling secure in your relationship with a man you were going to marry a bad thing?

      That’s why I think what Jennie said is so accurate on Michael being reality vs Rafael who’s a fantasy. Michael is the guy that you would legit marry in real life (you’re best friend who’s flawed but is actually a good guy) vs Rafael who is good on tv but that trying to change a “bad boy” good is only fun on tv, in real life it’s absolutely exhausting.

      Also cosigning on how picking Rafael would be the easy choice and how picking Michael offers so many more interesting dynamics.

    • Kay says:

      I’m sorry but this drivel is just that. How is he nice or safe or anything you try to purport? Are you saying because he tried to force an abortion because it wasn’t his baby, demand she quit her job, steal, lie, abuse his power in countless ways (including breaking and entering in order to get a search warrant) all allegedly out of love and NOT fear, does a good man make? If that is the case, I’m good with my hot abbed but honest, integrity wielding partner any day. Rafael did not create the drama they were involved in but his family members did. Michael reaped everything he could sow on himself. Let’s not also forget the fact that he didn’t even hesitate to try and get over Jane with not one but two people. J and R had a connect long before Michael was in the picture and it clearly wasn’t their time or else they wouldn’t have grown to be better people when they met in what we are now viewing. Get off the high horse in thinking that people are daftly struck by superficiality and accept that those who are on the Jafael team are seeing the truth of the telenovela and not creating a subfantasy of the facts. If Jane didn’t tell Michael to hit the bricks, he’s still be lurking around trying to make sure she picked him. What did Rafael do when she asked for space? He gave it to her and was still there for their child.

      • Victoria says:

        You are 100% right.. With you all the way I couldn’t have said it better my self!!! Team Rafael all the way!!!!!! I love Justin Great actor. Love Jane and Rafael together

  23. Yay! Love Michael & Jane! Love this show so much! #TeamJane :)

  24. ABC says:

    Even Xo wanted Michael. Mother knows best.

  25. Josh Emerson says:

    I just discovered and caught up on this show in the past few weeks and I am SO happy she chose Michael! I know I would. He’s better than Rafael in both personality and looks.

  26. niloofar says:

    Before this season started they said by the first episodes Jane will choose one, but in will change by the end of the season.

  27. V. says:

    The thing is, the story makes it go Team Michael but Gina has so much more chemistry with Justin Baldoni on screen.

    • Emmanuela says:

      Yeah..the thing is some of us do not see this. My friend suggested this show to me, saying that there was this awesome hot ship that is called team rafael and I started watching the show with this premise of shipping them…but it did not happen. I honestly see zero chemistry between two and even I can feel the butterflies when michael and jane has scenes. Needless to say my friend was a bit frustrated. :D

  28. LKE says:

    For a show that is so progressive in so many ways, this is a horrible choice. Michael was horrible to Jane when she accidently got pregnant. He was unsupportive and literally drove her into another man’s arms. And now I’m supposed to blindly accept that this is her dream man? I know this is a telenovella, but come on. Michael should be kept as Matteo’s Godfather and nothing more.

    • Emmanuela says:

      He was unsupportive?! Come on! Yeah he suggested abortion or or asked Jane to resign from her job but respected her decisions always. And as a female I believe it is important that men has a say in those situations aswell. It would be wrong if only he forced her but he only accepted her choices. I am pretty sure it is very hard, looking after the baby of your lover’s ex-something who still feels something for her. You know what was unrealistic? Jane dumping the man she loved for 2 years for a random guy she onced shared a kiss with in like 2 weeks. Most people would not even blink an eye if rafael was not so attractive to them. He is not to me. So I can see their relationship is nothing more then mere illusions of the fantasies they associate eachother with. And lets not look for another reasons on why jane dumped michael. Jane just fell in love with the fantasy of rafael and tried to cover it up with fake reasons. No one drove jane towards rafael besides jane herself. Jane hurted michael a lot actually. Since he was already having fears about rafael and jane and how close they were getting and those kisses and flowers were the final point. I am a team michael but to be honest I believe jane absolutely does not deserve him,

  29. Kenzie says:

    I think tthis is really disgraceful to lead us on like this. Micheal is an asshole, Rafael is the one who truly cares. All Michael cares about is his pride. Honestly at this point Jane is being too selfish she never ever had anything baf happen with Rafael and she expects him to read her mind. Rafael left everything for her. It’s just not ok. If Rafael and Petra get together again I’ll vom.

    • Emmanuela says:

      I think you are trying to demonize michael so hard to feel more secured about your ship. Michael has an unconditional love for jane that was so clearly seen since pilot episode. Like the time he asked Xiomara to not to tell anything about him saving her grandmother. If he only cared about his pride as you suggested then he would want to boast about it. Or he would give a false advice to rafael. I believe none of you would blink an eye if rafael was not this rich allegedly hot kid with six packs. Michael knows jane very well and knows what to say when etc people are accusing jane for making the safe choice and even though I believe it was the unsafe choice but even if it is safe what is wrong with it. Believe me no one would want to gamble on their marriage. We all just look for a guy that we would be happy together until we die. Michael is exactly that. Rafael in the other hand is a total unrealistic fantasy (to me) that does not work that smoothly or happily in real life.

  30. Luseana says:

    Team Jane but Michael is such a safe choice. And Jane is all about safe choices. But I can say I am truly truly disappointed she will end up with Michael. But Jane is all about the same good girl choice so I guess I will have to be. :(

  31. Tasha says:

    I love this show so much, I start watching expecting to be on team rafael because I knew they would end up together but Jane and Michael’s relationship was so natural that I started rooting for both of the guys but then with all the lovely flashback scenes I know I was just completely on Team Michael. So I’m very happy with her choice.

    Also Gina is an amazing actress

  32. creativebugger1 says:

    Season 2 is such a bust. I’ve already lost interest and stopped watching, which makes me sad, because I really enjoyed season 1.

  33. Mangochic says:

    I’m happy as I’m team Michael. When I started to watch the show I wasn’t shipping anyone as I knew she would end up with Raphael but Michael slowly but surely warn me over to his side. I have nothing against Raphael but I prefer Michael with Jane and Raphael with Petra.

  34. Jcb says:

    Team Rafael … Michael has been sleeping around while he should have been faithful and I just don’t see him for her… Pls I don’t like Michael for her anymore….

  35. Rissapooh says:

    I have always been team Rafael because he has seemed to be the underdog to me in all this. I can’t think of anything under-handed that he has done to Jane. Yes, he did break up with Jane to protect her, a unselfish reason. Michael’s love for Jane is both selfish and self serving. Yes he knows Jane, so what. He’s shady. Good luck with that Jane. At this point I would love to see Rafael have a new love interest. Truly. Jane is not the only good woman. Move on Rafael and spend your energy on someone who will appreciate you.

  36. V says:

    Should have been the baby father. They are so cute together I hope the story line changes

  37. Courtney says:

    Michael is the safe choice. I haven’t really liked Michael with Jane… ever. She becomes less herself with him and he’s very controlling and he lies to her constantly. It’s bug me since episode 1. Give me less Jane and Michael and more Michael and Rogelio!!

  38. Lisa says:

    The decision came too soon for me, but I could tell who she was going to pick from the end of last season. The writer’s have put too much spotlight on Michael for me in this season so far. I don’t feel that they have shown an equal balance between the two characters. I would have liked it better if they would have shown both characters winning her affection instead of only Michael. It only showed Rafael being needy and annoying her. Didn’t really leave much suspense.

    • insatiable says:

      Exactly so it was quite obvious that Michael would have been the ultimate choice…..ppl go through break ups all the time and Jane left him because she developed feelings for Rafael and quickly started a relationship with him…..my take is, is that if he truly is and undoubtedly the one she would not have broken up with him cause her life was pretty much planned where Michael is concern….ppl keep saying his lies was root of it but so were her feelings for Raf……so going back without figuring out who she is without him is a mistake her situation is different and she needs time to figure out what is best for her as an individual and a mother

  39. Jada says:

    Why is Rafael so boring? I find him to be the only main character I’m not interested in, and he has zero chemistry with Jane. We all know she will end up with him, which is why that ship is so obring and predictable.

  40. Rina Suesue says:

    I love watching from the beginning…especially I love to watch Jane and Rafael! THEY LOOK So GOOD together, AND Now It’s Boring Because THEY Broke up! I don’t think I wanna watch anymore….

  41. Carmen says:

    So so disappointed I really thought that the writers would pick the father. I’m not watching it anymore in all the movies that I ever watch the two main carrecter’s always fall In love. Michael is so boring im sorry but u lost a lot of viewers he has no chemistry with Jane at all her romance with Rafael was so sexy and romantic everything u want to see in a couple. I would want her lose her virginity to Raphael. But she’ll go back to Michael boring because I can see the way the writer is thinking l truly loved this show but it’s not exciting to me anymore I love Rafael. The writers didn’t give him a chance and Jane as well :(

  42. Tee says:

    I’m team Michael because through everything he’s always there for her. Yes safe is boring but she has a child to play safe around. And her and RAF only had a connection because she was pregnant with Mateo just wait and see because I’m pretty sure him and Petra would have the same connection cause she pregnant with his twins.

    • Justine says:

      I agree. I think once Petra says she is pregnant his focus will no longer be only Jane. He barely even noticed Jane before she was pregnant.

  43. Makaylah Lervold says:

    Don’t want to watch the show anymore if Jane ends up with Michael 😕

  44. Justine says:

    I am so thrilled Jane went with Michael! I was hoping it would turn out that way. At first I wanted her to pick Rafeal as he was the biological father of the baby and thru had some sparks previously but then it started to show how much of a business man he was and how that was affecting their relationship. I don’t think they really worked as a couple either, they were way too different. Michael is more Janes type and they seem to get each other and really have a bond. Michael seems to love Jane on après deeper level than Rafael and even so wen he wants to raise a child that is not his own.

  45. Dani says:

    For me, the reason why I enjoy watching drama filled television is because the fantasy is so much more exciting than the reality. Of course, if it were “real” life the smart, responsible, and probably the most predictable choice would be Michael. But. It isn’t real. And, I want to be entertained with a sappy over the top, unrealistic, spicy love story. Isn’t that what makes a good Telenovea? Sure, I think that Jane believes that Michael is the practical choice compared to Rafael, because Rafael broke her heart twice. He didn’t call after their first kiss, then he broke up with her because he was in a dark place. In the beginning Jane told him that their relationship would be a challenge because they’re both so different, and he said that he would fight for her..well he didn’t and it cost him. Also, she could have chosen Michael because she was on the rebound from Rafael.

    I do not like the back and forth. I wish that the writers would have let her focus on Mateo and writing before choosing to be anyone. Because of the baby Jane has to reinvent the wheel for her life. In the beginning she had a plan…but it was derailed due to the pregnancy. I think it’s okay for the show to allow Jane to be alone while co-parenting with Rafael. Neither of the two originally planned to be together anyway. The pregnancy was just an unfortunate accident that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I hope that over the course of the show( I wish them many seasons to come) Jane gets to focus on her career and have different relationships along the way. I don’t wish that she becomes a hoochie, but it would be nice to downplay the love triangle until Jane figures out how to be good to herself and her son.

    Ultimately, I would like to see Jane with Rafael. In my opinion, they’re connection is spicier than Jane and Michael’s. Although Rafael has abs on abs.. on abs; Michael is a cutie, so I’m not just basing my decision on the physical. Even though Jane’s choice isn’t my choice, I’ll continue to watch the show because it offers great acting, and at times I find myself laughing out loud, especially at Rogelio(I absolutely love that guy). Now, if the show take a turn to the left and I find myself bored and uninterested for various reasons.. I will. Roll out!

  46. tvlover says:

    Rafael is fake and pretentious. He has ni chemistry w jane…he doesn’t even seem like he’s into her. Seems forced. And micheal did make some mistakes but he is human, so that’s more realistic. It would be boring if he didn’t ..besides, it would be ridiculous if he didn’t react to hus fiance whom he loved being impregnated by someone else, and then leaving him right away. And if rafael supposedly matured just becuz he’s not partying and playing the field, its also arguable micheals character grew, realizing his mistakes after losing the love of his life and doing anything to prove he’s changed. Also Its clear jane is truly herself and has fun with micheal while Rafael is more of a facade of an “ideal” type princw charming, but they have nothing in common. Family is also not always blood and a good father can exist in ones life biological or not. If ppl should be together just for those reasons then rafael would also have to be with petra.

  47. Rachael says:

    I love Michael!!! Team Michael all the way.

  48. Mandy says:

    Michael is not good for her, Im gonna start giving you reasons.
    He lied to her about Petra having an affair. She had feeling for Rafael and he knew that but he just blocked it out, he didnt care about what she wanted.
    There are a lot of other reasons but I dont wanna spoil.

  49. Amanda says:

    ARGHH! I love Rafael! He’s so much sexier and funnier and they seemed to get along better. AND he’s the father for Pete’s sake!

  50. N.C. says:

    HORRIBLE writing decision. Safe, boring, and worse SO chauvinistic. Women are supposed to choose “security”, what is stable and familiar. Complete antithesis to their attempt to depict Jane as an independent, successful, passionate, strong woman. Total sellout.

    • Emmanuela says:

      Uhm.. Have you ever even opened a telenovela? It is always the rich badboy turned good types they end up with over nice guys. I am a girl and in order to be independent and strong I have to take a risk for the rest of my life knowing I may suffer a lot. You have a twisted understanding of it. I guess you have to be certain age to understand the value of a guy like michael. Dont you think it is boring that main characters always end up with rich hotties. Michael geniunely loves,believes and knows her. In my book that is enough. Being stuck on your dreams/fantasies are not healthy just in the same level of never trying to live them. And in my book trying to pursue your dream job etc is vastly different from madly expecting/dreaming this fantasy guy and missing real people who loves you because of your silly expectations.