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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Spoilers

Jane the Virgin Boss Explains Love- Triangle Twist, Previews Time Jump

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Monday’s night Jane the Virgin

Just when you thought Jane the Virgin‘s heart was made up, the CW series threw the heroine – and viewers – a romantic curveball during Monday night’s episode.

A brief recap of the love tribulations: Jane decided she wanted to be with Michael, a fact which Rafael overheard via baby monitor. Rather than letting Jane break the news to him, he found ways to avoid the inevitable heartbreak until he finally revealed to her that he’s known all along about her choice. He also expressed some strong feelings about Michael’s distaste for him and his shady behavior. But it was Jane’s ex-fiancé who did the biggest disservice to himself when he accused Rafael of getting him in trouble at work – he didn’t – leading to a physical brawl between the two men. And during said fight, baby Mateo was injured! Realizing she needed to put her child first, Jane’s choice was unmade: she could not be with Michael, after all.

As for what comes next, executive producer Jennie Urman reveals below that the the love triangle is taking a breather as the show skips forward in time – but it’s hardly over.

TVLINE | Why the decision to have this twist on the love triangle after Jane made her choice?
I felt like that was a choice that she made, but part of her big arc this year is that she has a child and how many of her choices are just about what she wants now and how deeply they are affected by what she thinks her child needs and what’s best for him. That’s the biggest tension that you feel as a mom is, can you do anything for yourself? How do you retain your sense of self being a mom? She’s in this love triangle, and I feel like she has to make a choice fairly early, but we also didn’t want to lock her down with one of the guys super early because I feel like as a character, she needs to get out of the love triangle for a little while. Her stories need to grow a little bit. She needs to see what else is out there because she, like the audience, has been in the Rafael/Jane/Michael of it all. And that’s not to say that that’s not what she’s going to come back to, but I felt like she has to make a choice at a certain point and it couldn’t be too deeply into [the season]. Does that choice last forever and ever? This is a telenovela, so there has to be twists and turns and bumps along the way. But I felt like the important thing was to know that Jane understood where her heart was at last.

TVLINE | Would you say in the upcoming episodes, it’s not about debating Michael versus Rafael for her anymore?
Well, she made a choice. She chose Michael. The next episode, each act is a different month to really move time, which is something we couldn’t do between seasons because we left with such a cliffhanger. We felt like we wanted the world to have a chance to breathe after this. I will say it does, and then there’s all kinds of twists and turns. But Michael and Rafael are, obviously, in her life in changing capacities.

TVLINE | After what happened with Michael, does it become a situation where Rafael is the only option? Or there is no option?
Because Jane has made a choice, after the events of Episode 5, she needs to take a little break. It’s not like she’s running right back to Rafael. [Laughs] She made a choice. That’s where her heart was. It’s not like, “Now he’s not available. I’m going to switch back my heart to the other guy.” She figured out who she wanted. It just didn’t work out. So now she has to figure out how to move on. That’s a big part of the next episode and what time heals and what it doesn’t and how long things take and how long things feel like in the moment, but once you pass the moment, how quickly time went.

TVLINE | How does Rafael feel about what happened between the three of them? She’s not with Michael, but she didn’t technically choose him either.
He has a journey, as well. They all have journeys to go through in the aftermath… She and Rafael, they don’t have the luxury of space. They’re a family. They have to figure it out. That’s what they try to do in the next episode.

TVLINE | Elsewhere, Michael was fired. Does that leave him in a position where he’s a renegade, investigating Sin Rostro on his own?
You’ll have to see. What is he doing? That’s the question as we get into the next episode, and a little bit will be answered in [Episode] 6 and more will be answered in [Episode] 7.

TVLINE | I really enjoyed the Jane and Petra scenes in this episode. Can we expect that friendship to blossom?
Yes. [Episode] 6 has a lot of what that is and is not. I love the two of them together as actors, and I like that surprise of, can they become friends after all? Can it be stolen sperm under the bridge? I like believing that you can, that you can get over things.

Jane the Virgin fans, what did you think of the latest development in Jane’s love life? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. J says:

    U G H this just made my eyes roll.

  2. Lisa B says:

    I feel a bit better after reading this. Even though I was rooting for Michael, she obviously can’t be with him now, but it’s good to know this actually suspends the triangle instead of having her flip back to Rafael. I’d love a break from all that.

  3. Court says:

    Ah this episode was so stressful. I do feel a tad better reading this, that she won’t just jump back into Rafael’s arm. Jane made her choice. She chose Michael over Rafael. However, it makes sense that they can’t be together right now.

  4. Relle says:

    I wouldn’t have minded if she had chosen Rafael instead, but such a drastic turn of events after all of that build-up seems to be dismissive of all the previous scenes between Michael and Jane. Now I feel there is no hope for Michael at all, since he blew his second chance, and that was an easy way for the show to get him out of the way. Unless he’s going undercover, I don’t see much role for him other than being the new semi-villain like Petra. Which is disappointing, since I thought he was a good character. I guess there prescient comment regarding his last breath may still come true. :-(

  5. Amanda says:

    Boo Boo BOO! They promise us closure on this triangle mess and they didn’t deliver! Now honestly I don’t know why Rafael and Michael don’t just say “Screw you” and both move on! Jane isn’t worth all this mess, Michael getting fired, Rafael going crazy….BOO! Both have the means to move on, no one deserves all this back and forth!

    • Sam says:

      Well it is sort of closure because they didn’t say when it would be revisited. At least the episodes won’t be triangle-centric now. As far as Raf moving on,you can totally understand why he doesn’t want to right? His family was broken, he doesn’t want that for himself, Jane, and Mateo. I can see Michael moving on potentially but not Raf.

    • Marci says:

      I agree. Jane is a ninny–Michael should just move on and get his life together. I hate the way soap opera writers jerk their viewers around.

  6. Kate says:

    LOL. This makes me laugh after all the arguing in the other post. It just shows that it was all a waste of time. Hahaha. Michael went from the “safe” choice to the “unsafe” choice in one episode. Does this now make him more appealing to the Rafael crowd? lol

    • Dee says:

      Not really. He’s still pretty lame. Lol

    • Courtney says:

      no, Michael was never the “safe choice,” he was always the dumb choice. so… no, he’s not more appealing. maybe if he didn’t lie to Jane constantly, wasn’t obsessed with controlling her, didn’t sleep with someone the second they broke up, and was just a better person all around he would be. But no, he’s still just not appealing.

      • Sheila says:

        Agree with Courtney. Michael has never cared about that baby. He attacked Raf when Raf was holding Mateo in the carrier!?! Michael is a dirty cop and a thug! He did not ask Raf anything; he just attacked. Jane does NOT deserve Raf!

  7. LC says:

    Glad that Jane will be on her own for a bit, since we really haven’t seen her not be in a relationship.

  8. Jordan Strummer says:

    First choice that Jane the Virgin has made that made me roll my eyes. Didn’t they spend the whole off-season saying they were resolving the love triangle? They basically just punted the thing down the line while also making the outcome feel inevitable. If they want her to be with Rafael, just put them together; no need to ruin Michael’s character.

    • I don’t understand how any of this ruins Michael’s character. He’s the same person he always was.

      – He has always hated Rafael, he tried to put the whole “sin Rostro” thing on him for a big part of last season. It is understandable that he hates him?, of course. But he’s the father of Jane’s kid. Hurting Rafael will hurt Mateo, and will hurt Jane in result. This time he physically hurt the baby, so we can no longer deny it, and I would like to say it was an accident, because he obviously didn’t want the baby to bleed. But he jumped on Rafael when he was holding the baby, so common sense leaves him when he sees Rafael. And if he loves Jane and Mateo he has to accept that Rafael is a part of their family now or move on. Because Mateo has the right to be with his father even if he is no longer his mom’s love interest.

      – Michael lost his job because he’s dirty, and that’s nothing new. He committed a federal crime when he let Petra get her necklace back, he let Nadine escape, He got in Rafael’s office without a warrant to probe that he was sin rostro. He uses his job as a cop to personal gain all the time. Sometimes in a good way, like when he helped Alba, or help Xo and Rogelio to get to the hospital, but not always. Every cop in the world has relationships and people they loved, but they have to obey the rules.

      I have no doubt that he loves Jane, but is he actually willing to be the person she needs? He can’t just erase Rafael of the equation, pretend he doesn’t exist and that he’s Mateo’s real father. Also Jane is now a mom, and that changes a lot of things for her. He keeps telling that he knows Jane so well, and that he wants Mateo in his life, that last years was just because he was reacting to the shock. But saying things is more difficult that doing as you claim.

      The same way, if Jane ends with Rafael, she’ll have to be willing to accept how important are Petra and her baby for him now.

      • the girl says:

        I appreciate that you said this because it puts things in perspective. Michael is like the nicest dirty cop ever but you’re right, he is a dirty cop. He had done plenty of illegal things based on what is in his own self interest, or Jane’s. I’m not sure who I’m rooting for in this love triangle, but seeing it that way evens it out. Rafael is not the hot guy/bad boy and Michael the safe, sensitive love. They are both selfish and selfless in their own ways. Shades of gray indeed.

      • Well stated.You perfectly summed up how I feel about Michael. He IS a nice guy, but he’s not some pure as snow angel.

  9. Tommi says:

    I’m glad she didn’t end of with Michael. They were great together yes. And he has good intentions but no I don’t think they’d last. I love Rafael and jane….they some how make each other better people.

  10. lish says:

    Can we please give Rafael some more love. This man deserves to have his family he has had way to much loss to keep on losing. Jane and Raf may not have the history jane and michael have but he has always showed time and time again not always in the best way but proven he loves Jane deeply.

  11. Ella says:

    Honestly, this is such bull. Michael has NEVER been shady – biased on occasion, maybe – but as recently as this season, he’s actually HELPED Rafael with Jane and her family, despite being in love with her. I feel like this episode was just an excuse to rip away what was so wonderful last week. The character of Michael, given how solid and supportive he’s been, deserves better.

    • Erin B says:

      Remember how he removed evidence (Petra’s necklace) from the bellman’s murder scene because it implicated Petra? He did this because he didn’t want Petra in trouble since she was going to adopt Jane’s baby. He didn’t want Jane to change her mind & keep the baby. He would rather Jane’s baby end up with a murderer than to have him around. That’s pretty shady to me!

  12. A says:

    What a cheap way to force Jane’s decision. One minute she wants to be with Michael, and now she conveniently can’t because he put her baby in danger. If they wanted Jane to choose herself and to choose her baby, then they should’ve made that her first choice. That would’ve been empowering, this is just silly.

  13. Ana says:

    Honestly, I’m a bit confused. I binge watched S1 and just now caught up with S2 and to me Jane’s choice being Michael really came out of the blue. This is where her heart lies? Really? Didn’t they spend the whole first season establishing that Jane couldn’t help her heart being with Rafael, even though her and Michael had such a solid foundation? She broke up with Michael because she had feelings for Rafael. She only recently told Rafael she loved him and now she doesn’t? It’s been Michael all along? I’d be totally okay with that if they had spun the story like this from day one but this feels kinda unplanned and just inconsistent.

    • Dani says:

      I agree with you Ana. I also binged watched Season One recently, and let me tell you, I was hooked based off the chemistry between Rafael and Jane’s characters. Like you, I am confused by her decision. I mean, why spend so much time in the first season developing a love story between Jane and Rafael if ultimately she chooses Michael. I adored the story line with Rafael’s first Target trip and bus ride experience…SUPER CUTE.!! And, I was very disappointed in Rafael’s decision to break up with Jane, even though he thought that he was doing what was best; however after some reflection and soul searching he did admit to his mistake.

      I like Michael. He is a sweetie. But, when I watch romantic screens between he and Jane, I don’t get it. I do not see the spark or rapid heart beat. Rafael and Jane literately had sparks, like Xo and Rogelio. So.. at the end of the day it should be #Rafael

      • Ana says:

        I agree wholeheartedly, Dani. I don’t feel the chemistry between Michael and Jane either. But I truly believe that’s because of the way I understood S1. I went into this show completely openminded and began rooting for Rafael and Jane because of the way their story was written and presented to us. Now, I’m honeslty confused. I agree with Jr very much that Jane’s recent choice makes her seem fickle. I really can’t get over “it’s always been you, Michael”, even if she didn’t actually say it, it’s what she wanted to say and in light of S1 it just seems horribly wrong. I’m a fan of good and consistent storytelling…I hope the writers will get back to that.

        • Dani says:

          I am also a fan of good and consistent storytelling, so I am glad that the writers are taking a break from the love triangle situation.

    • Jr says:

      I totally agree. I would be able to swallow her and Michael, if she hadn’t developed such strong feelings for Rafael. It makes her seem fickle and emotionally immature. It’s also interesting that Rafael is more villanized than Michael and he’s the one who has lied to her the most.

    • Laura says:

      She didn’t stop loving Michael though. That’s the thing. She just fell for the fantasy of Rafael. I’m not saying she didn’t actually develop feelings for him, but she was caught up in the fantasy and telenova-like circumstances of her being pregnant with the hot, rich guy she used to have a crush on. It felt ‘meant to be’ to her and she was a hopeless romantic, so she threw herself into that with gusto. When the fantasy started to fade a little and she realised Rafael was actually a real person with problems who might not actually be right for her, it was almost a case of ‘be careful what you wish for.’ The idea of fantasy is a lie. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Jane reevaluated her views on life, romance and meant to be. Just because something seems cut from a telenova and too miraculous to be true, it doesn’t mean it’s cosmically destined. This change in view started to happen late last season. She realised what she had thrown away with Michael because she was blinded by the fantasy of Raf, who turned out to be not quite the fantasy after all. The writers have said themselves that S1 wasn’t really a story of Jane and Rafael, but a story about the relationship between fantasy and reality, whether it’s real and what it all means. Jane has come to realise that Michael, the guy who never stopped loving her despite all the craziness of what went down, is the one. The fantasy for her now is the kid of love that never waned or wavered despite the hurdles it faced. I always thought that story was obvious. It was just bubbling away throughout the whole season, while the cracks began to appear in the fantasy and Jane and Michael grew closer again. For me, Jane and Raf are very superficial. Beautiful and fantastical on the outside, but with no real depth. Like a fantasy. It’s not real.

      • Dani says:

        After finishing Season One, I understood that Jane’s fantasy of Rafael had faded, and reality set in for her once Mateo was born. Nevertheless I don’t think it is fair to grade Jane and Rafael’s relationship as just a “fantasy”. I believe that it started out that way, but when things got real: Rafael’s father passing, the amino test, and Jane missing her graduation, they were there for one another. Both feel a certain kind of way about one another and I believe that now it is deeper than just a fantasy. Xo wasn’t feeling Rafael at first, but once she realized how much he cared for Jane, she changed her mind about him…and Abuela likes Rafael. I really enjoyed watching the relationship between Jane and Rafael grow into something special. Even though Rafael is a very flawed character with serious issues; he isn’t just the rich, spoiled, playboy he once was, and it seems that he had changed well before Jane came into his life. Now, he wants to have a family with Jane and Mateo.

        I do not doubt Jane’s love for Michael. The writers are crystal clear when it comes to letting the fans know this. And..deep down I know that in the end the writers will probably chose for her to be with Michael( insert my disappointment). I just hope that in the process Rafael isn’t made into the villain, because I will stop watching.

        • Laura says:

          Oh no, I don’t mean to imply that it’s just fantasy. I was just using that word to try and explain my reasoning between what they initially represented in the narrative and how that narrative evolved. That’s what Raf signified to the story, but then just as the lines blurred on Michael’s side and Jane’s view of him altered when she didn’t have him anymore, it also changed for Rafael. He became more real to Jane, and with that came some connection. I know she developed real feelings for him, it was inevitable given the nature of the relationship and what they went through, but in the process I think she realised that it wasn’t right. Even if it seemed so perfect on the outside. I don’t doubt that she really cares for him, loves him even, but I don’t think she loves him like Michael. On the outside, it is perfect and romantic and just the right situation for everyone involved. But on the inside, I think they’re too different, and apart of me feels like Jane was trying to force it a little because it looked like destiny. But you can’t pick and choose ‘meant to be’. It doesn’t always look the same. And even though Rafael seemed like it, their relationship, though it grew and there were some genuine monents of connection and love, is based mainly on Jane’s idea of what she thought fantasy was, what she thought she wanted. When she already had it. It maybe just didn’t look like it at the time.

          I agree. I’m not one of these people who automatically despises the other side of a love triangle. The more I read the accussations levelled at Michael from some Rafael shippers, the more I feel it’s based on their need to vilify Michael in order to elevate Raf. Which I don’t get. I mean, some of the things said about Michael are just downright ludicrous. I do ship Jane/Michael, but I don’t dislike Rafael in the slightest. And I want J/M to happen because she wants it, not because Raf is horrible and Michael is therefore the default choice. I don’t want Rafael to become a villain. It would be a cop-out to ending the triangle. And I’d hate that.

          • Dani says:

            Laura, I respect your perspective break down on how the narrative has been written for Jane’s relationship with Rafael, and Michael. For me, the problem is that I was all geeked up about the romance between Jane and Rafael, that now I’m having a hard time connecting to the Jane/Michael “meant to be” story line. Like any good love triangle, there is the guy that is “good” for the girl and the one that is “bad” for the girl. In my opinion neither Michael nor Rafael would be “bad” for Jane. Both guys genuinely care for her and the baby, but I guess now her heart is with Michael (???). I get it. You have been with someone for 2 years and those feelings don’t turn off like a light switch. But, now that Mateo is here, I think the past is the past. I like Michael’s character and I’d really like for the writers to change the narrative and make him just Jane’s best friend.
            I know, I know, it’s a telenova, so I’ll continuing watching the show with little to no expectation of things turning out the way that I want them to. We’re barely into Season 2 and a lot is expected to happen such as: Jane’s wedding and Petra’s pregnancy (it is obvious from the promos that she is having twins), (insert eye rolling). Petra being pregnant with Rafael’s stolen sample is weird for me. Here is to hoping that there was a mix up in the lab and that the sample belongs to someone else or that Milos set the whole thing up and those will be his babies. Anything is possible

      • Zalah T says:

        I won’t lie that makes alot of sense, but lets re-look at this, a fantasy is when things are portrayed to be perfect when they are not, Jane and Rafaels relationship was no where near perfect and she knew it and admitted it, fantasy is living in a bubble, they faced harder challenges then she did with Micheal and she still wanted to fight for what she had with Rafael. If she met Rafael at the hotel and found out about the pregnancy then and wanted to be with him then that would have been different, but the creator created a history between them which results into deeper rooted feelings. What the creators portrayed between the two of them was what most women look for in a man that is mystery, being spontaneous and charming and that’s what the creator portrayed of Rafael hence why alot of woman root for him, he gives her the space to make decisions for herself but reminds her of who she is and what she wants from time to time when she overracts, where as the image of Micheal portrayed is that of a man that tells her what to do. As we have seen in season1 and 2. Personally I feel Rafael and Janes relationship is more real than Micheals, when a man and woman meet they fall in love and fall hard the infactuation stage passes reality hits where one sees the flaws and imperfections and still want to be with the person every relationship starts off as a fantasy then moves to reality as you get to know each other better. And yes I fully agree with the fact that Micheal loves Jane dearly, however their relationship is not relatable at all the creator needs to look into that if she wants Janes choice to be believable and understood. Rafael was portrayed as the man of her dreams.

    • Zalah T says:

      I agree with you on this one, the Jane and Rafael love story came out to being so intense, as even after 5 years he still made her feel the same way she did when she first met him. When Micheal stated that Jane loves the idea of them being a family with Rafael and Mateo rather than loving Rafael and being with him… I beg to differ because she had feelings for him before the pregnancy saga and she broke it off with Micheal even though she was not even sure that she and Rafael would be together. It shows that Jane has a connection with Rafael that is beyond just lust, convieniance and loving the idea of being a family. I also noticed that when Rafael and Jane were together there was a chemistry, spark and connection that even the mum notice because it is the same feeling she shares with Janes dad hence why she couldn’t be with the ex soccer player and to top it off Jane literally wanted to give her flower (virginity) to Rafael not because she had too or felt as thgh he needs it as he has been waiting but because she loves him taking from what she told her mum after the night, the only factor would have been that she was not married and she made a promise to wait for marriage before sleeping with a man which I highly respect especially in this day and age. I honestly feel that the creator was trying to save Micheals character because if he wasnt part of the love equation what is he part off exactly? And one of the main reasons why viewers may not relate to Micheal would be because we dont know his background his family, how he grew up its hard to understand a person and how they are if you do not know their background as it defines whether they will be a good person or a bad one. I believe that the creator should not have portrayed such a deep rooted connection between Rafael and Jane if she still wanted Micheal to be in the picture and be Janes ultimate choice.

  14. jj says:

    I have very mixed emotions with this episode. On the one hand i’m not a fan of love triangles so I’m glad we’re getting a time jump so the love triangle breakup isn’t drawn out but I don’t like the way jane/michael fell apart. When Jane broke it off with Michael in season 1 it felt like it was her decision and made sense for where she was at that moment. But in this episode it felt like her decision was rushed with raphael being emotionally manipulative (the baby book, saying ‘you’re throwing away our family’). Likewise I really didn’t like the last writing on the wall. Immediately after Alba said ‘what kind of mother doesn’t put her child first’ Xo refuted the claim and said to stop dwelling on the incident. So it felt off for Jane to focus only on the first part of that exchange

  15. MsBuzz1975 says:

    Enjoy this show so much! Love Jane’s father and all the quirky humor. Just have to say, I was a bit surprised how Jane picked Michael only after drinking and with the evening out ending in a kiss. It would have meant more if she was sober. But then I am not a Michael fan.and I would definitely pick Rafael. :)

  16. brandydanforth81 says:

    Mucheal and Jane don’t belong together-Micheal can’t be civil to her baby daddy that she’ll be forever bonded with and Micheal didn’t want the baby in the first place and hell never love Mateo as his own cause he reminds him of Rafael and how mateos not his and Janes and how Jane fell for Rafeal.Michael acts so petty,immature,arrogant,condescending,patronizing around Rafeal.I bet Micheal Dosent even apologize to Rafeal for assuring him while holding the baby & Jane could’ve been hurt too.

  17. Carmen says:

    All of the first season was about Jane and Rafael falling in love and I loved the way it was written. I’m not feeling the same with this season I mean they are the main carrecter’s on the show I hope that they go back to there original script let Rafael make her jealous for a little bit and finally see that the love for Michael is more of comfort and not deep love.. I love Rogelio and xo he is so funny I love Alba Jane should listen to her she’s team Rafael she listen too her about everything else, Michael needs to move on with someone else. I hope they don’t make Rafael bad because that would ruin the show completely. I know Jane gets married this year that should be with Rafael all the way. It’s all about family!!

  18. brandydanforth81 says:

    So Petra/Milosh was wedding #1 of the two or three planned this season .Jane will be one .Whos the other?

  19. Tammy says:

    I’ve been wanting Jane to get together with Rafael all along. I would like to see them become a family.

  20. E says:

    Thinking about all the ways Michael has been shady or messed up, I think it’s also important to note that he took no time before hooking up with Nadine. He had been in a sex-less relationship for 2 years with Jane and for someone who’s “still in love with her” he sure didn’t waste any time before hopping in bed with someone else.

  21. valyrose says:

    The best scenes of this series so far has been that of Jane with Rafael…Jane wants Rafael but doesn’t know that yet…she’s still confused cos Michael is more like her best friend, he has had 2 years to get to know Jane so well…but their romance is just so boring and safe…but Rafael on the other hand is her forever…they are meant to be together…she just needs to put micheal where he belongs which is just as a very good friend, nothing more…Trust me…This series is great but ratings will drop significantly if it starts veering towards jane with Michael instead of Jane with Rafael…The only reason I’ve watched so far is cos of jane&rafael and ofcourse baby mateo…so pls don’t dissappoint me…#teamjane&rafael#

  22. Sid says:

    Telenovela-style twist: I think Michael and Rafael are half brothers.

  23. Sid says:

    Come on, guys! The TWO men messed up really bad in this episode. Both of them. Neither of them did the right thing. Rafael was straight-up manipulative and “shady”. #TeamJane #TeamMateo

  24. Pick already says:

    I love this show, but Jane is so g-ddamn fickle, and it’s been annoying since season one. I’m really quite sick of her changing her mind about the guys at the drop of the dime. A singular event occurs and all of a sudden she’s cool off of whichever guy she happens to be leaning towards in the moment. It’s really turning me off of the show.

  25. Victoria says:

    I feel that the writers are going to make Rafael a bad guy and if they do I will stop watching the show. That will make no since at all. Please don’t go there because the show will lose rating and I love the show. I know that Jane gets married this season I hope its with Rafael! Michael needs to move on with his live. What I don’t understand is how the cast can pick between the two they shouldn’t have a favorite I feel so bad for Justin they should be like a family. Gina need to look back at season one and see the chemistry between them that’s what makes a good show when the two main character’s look good together. I love everyone on the show but my favorite’s are Rafael, Rogelio , & Jane .

  26. Kay says:

    I know I’m probably one of the only ones, but I don’t really care for Michael or Rafael. I don’t want Jane to wind up with either of them.

    • Ermina says:

      Not me either i think she should just start Fresh. I want her to finally be sure about a guy and to finally feel sparks without doubting her feelings. I want her to end up With the professor he’s hot been loving him since hi days in CSI. Thats a man for her, a real man. I mean i love Both Rafael and Michael im okay With either one but i just cant take this baby/Petra drama. And i really want Michael to move on he’s been so depressed lately and running around Jane wont make it Any better. They should all move on

  27. Mangochic says:

    I’m team Michael and feel horrible for him that he lost everything for Jane. And now he is a hostage, it’s like he can’t catch a break. I agree he shouldn’t have picked a fight with Raphael and hurt Mateo in the process but he recognizes his flaws and is willing to work on it.

    I’m also TeamJane so I’m thrilled the writers don’t have her running back to Raphael and that she will have some Jane and Mateo time.

    • valyrose says:

      Michael has always been selfish in his acts…everything that got him into trouble with his job and with losing jane has been out of his selfishness…He lost jane initially cos he lied to protect his own interest..which was being with jane only. He would rather have the innocent mateo with an adulterous woman and a suspect in a murder case. He didn’t waste time jumping into bed with Nadine and finally allowed her escape and this was all him…There was no thought of Jane at that point. He has always been blinded by jealousy where Rafael is and was quick to tag him Sin Rostro, was also quick to accuse him of sabotaging his work. He bribed his own brother to steal a key to rafael’s safe and make false claims…Rafael was willing to lose his share of the hotel than to emotionally blackmail Jane into withdrawing the court case against his sister. Rafael was willing to lose the woman he loved because he didn’t want his messed up emotional state due to his experience with his parents to affect Jane and Mateo. I hated the part of Michael using the fact that he knows almost everything about jane to try to warm his way into her heart again…like all those late night texting and their calendar ish…can jane have a new calender already, one that Michael has no reminder about. And I think Petra and Michael deserve each other cos they are both willing to go to any lengths for their selfishness. it’s a telenovela and one thing I know about telenovelas is that they always stick to one love story and they don’tstart up the story with the couple already in love. They usually fall in love as the story goes on. There will be twists and turns, they lovers might even marry different people and hate each other for sometime cos of mistrust but they always end up together…so Jane and Rafael wil end up together. I just hope they don’t lose viewers before they achieve this.

  28. Richard says:

    Does anyone else think that the Narrator could be Jane’s grandfather (Abuela’s husband)? At the beginning, the Narrator talks about June 12 being a relevant date for him but doesn’t get into it. Then we find out that this is the date that Abuela’s husband passed away. Hmmm….

  29. ~C says:

    Good grief, choose the hot baby daddy and get it on already. Jane the Virgin is becoming Jane the boring, confused, frigid mommy. You’re losing me this season, go somewhere with a relationship or the fun stops here.

    • Dani says:

      YASSS!!!!!! Right on!!! I need some spice already. And…that kiss between Jane and Michael doesn’t count, as I thought that scene was uneventful. It is nothing like the romance between Jane and Rafael, which is one of the reasons why I like the show.

  30. Cin1486 says:

    I’m not a fan of season 2 so far!! I fell in love with season 1 based on the instant chemistry felt between Raphael and Jane from episode 6 onwards and for the writers to completely dismiss all of that in the new season is a tragedy. Season 2 had the part where Jane spent the night with Raphael and he brought her all the baby items from target and then their conversation in the car, a meaningful conversation at that, unlike anything she has had with Michael. Then it was gone, dismissed like nothing so she could concentrate on Michael. There has not been any mention of last season, of Raphael proclaiming his love for her and asking for her forgiveness for pushing her away, as if the viewer never saw season 1! Yes I understand she has to concentrate on graduate school, on supporting herself financially, but the writers make no mention of all that transpired between Jane and Raphael. It may have started out as a whirlwind fantasy but as season 1 progressed they dealt with the reality of each other and it should have made their relationship stronger, or at least give Jane a moment to pause and question who was a better fit for her? Michael started off a good guy who slowly unraveled and who inserted himself back into her life once he knew she was single again. He took advantage of her broken heart in the end of season 1 and how is it that she can’t see it? She also dismissed the fact that she knew he was sleeping with Nadine, almost immidaetly after they broke off, as if saying ” ok 2 years in a sexless relationship I get why you had to jump the first woman who crossed your path!” If the man had really loved her it wouldn’t have happened at least so quickly! Oh yeah then there’s the other instance where he broke off things with his ex girlfriend once he realized he had to worm his way back into janes life following the raph break up! It doesn’t speak highly on the kind of guy Michael is if he can do that to a woman he had himself given another chance to.
    Another thing I find strange from season 2 is how Michael managed to be at almost all the locations Jane was at? I rolled my eyes and yelled at the TV when his lanky form rolled on screen where Jane stood in the moment they kissed. I wouldn’t be surprised if he really is stalking her lol! It all felt like he had to one up Raphael’s kiss and confuse Jane.
    I’m all for TeamRaphael and I was completely surprised by the writers choice to have Jane choose Michael so early on because it doesn’t fit. I know telenovelas aaaaand this type of disregard for the real love story doesn’t happen! After one drunk kiss, while the father of your baby is taking care of baby at YOUR house, you decide the ex boyfriend is the “forever guy”? I’m not buying it at all!!! The creators of JTV have portrayed her as a smart woman yet she’s really not being that smart woman we saw in season 1 and I think the fantasy of it all lies with what she thought she wanted to have with Michael, although at this point after so much disregard for Raphael, I don’t think she deserves him either! Why hasn’t he been built up more? He has a damn good reason for wanting to fight for Jane!
    If anybody needs to re watch season 1 it’s the creative thinkers behind the show!!!

  31. Susan says:

    I like Jane with Michael and can’t stand Rafael. Wish Jane would make up her mind and realize that she want’s to be with Michael for good.

  32. Alexis abril says:

    Well I really think she should be with raf. Because Mateo would be a better with a mother and father that actually are together and Jane just shouldn’t be with Mike he has been pushy and rude and out to get raf and it is not fair for raf and if Jane mom get together with Jane’s dad then Jane should end up with raf becausjanes mom and Jane’s dadavhas a spark showing that he is the one and raf and Jane has the same spark they just need to and if raf a Jane don’t end up together that is what everyone is going to expect that and ratings will go down I love this show and I font want to see it go down hill plz accept my a advice this show is amazing I just don’t think Mike should be with Jane because first they never has a spark only glowing heart’s plus Mike is not hot enough for Jane but raf is plz look over this I writ my own stories so this is writer. To writer of a telanovela thank you.