Dancing With the Stars Week 9 Recap: Did the Right Couple Go Home?

With the remaining six couples’ Mirrorball dreams on the line, this week’s Dancing With the Stars started with a real shocker: Host Tom Bergeron dramatically announcing that Tamar Braxton had been taken to the emergency room during dress rehearsal — with no further information on her status. Say what?

As the “Will Tamar Dance?” clock ticked throughout the episode (which featured both individual and team dances), Bergeron kept the suspense building until — you guessed it! — the R&B star/The Real host dramatically hit the ballroom for the show’s final, petal-drenched team dance. “I love live television,” said Bergeron, who’s not an Emmy winner for nothing!

For all you skeptics out there, co-host Erin Andrews closed the show with a “we had no idea!” farewell, so there! With that, let’s high-kick right to the highlights, rank the week’s top dances and reveal the eventual results.

9. Tamar Braxton and pro Val Chmerkovskiy (Contemporary): After a crazy-busy week landed Tamar in the emergency room (and thus unable to perform her couple’s dance live), the judge’s scored her dress rehearsal tape. Sick with pneumonia and exhaustion (according to Val), Tamar struggled, while the judges struggled to cook up critiques. “It’s a wicked shame,” said Carrie Ann Inaba, and who can argue with that? Judges’ Score: 22/30

8. Alek and Lindsay, Carlos and Witney (Team Paso Doble): With the help of the infectious beats of “We Will Rock You,” who wouldn’t be dazzled by the sight of Alek hurling Carlos through the air with a spectacular over-the-shoulder lift? The judges, that’s who! Judges’ Score: 24/30

7. Alek Skarlatos and pro Lindsay Arnold (Salsa): His furry chest may have been freshly manscaped during a cringe-worthy pre-dance segment, but Alek’s moves on the ballroom floor were less than smooth. “There was no hip action,” lamented judge Julianne Hough, while Carrie Ann called it “flat footed.” Judges’ Score: 24/30

6. Carlos PenaVega and pro Witney Carson (Argentine Tango): A disappointed Carrie Ann lamented that this performance didn’t “smack me in the face, and that’s what I need,” while Julianne and Bruno showed us how it’s really done with a heated, spontaneous seat-dance. Judges’ Score: 27/30

5. Nick and Sharna, Tamar and Val (Team Rumba): Facing certain elimination as a no-show, Tamar dramatically hit the stage for a “Hey Jude”–inspired team performance, which was enough to save her for another week. Judges’ Score: 27/30

4. Nick Carter and pro Sharna Burgess (Quick Step): Though Julianne was iffy and Carrie Ann noted they were slightly “out of sync,” Nick kept last week’s perfect mojo (mostly) intact. Judges’ Score: 28/30

3. Alexa and Mark, Bindi and Derek (Charleston): This was a joyous “All That Jazz/Hot Honey Rag” inspired dance that prompted Julianne to shout, “I wish I was in that number with you!” We say, hail yes! Judges’ Score: 30/30

2. Bindi Irwin and pro Derek Hough (Viennese Waltz): Though her hands were still shaking post-dance, Bindi electrified the ballroom with this risk-infused performance. “It was a thing of pure beauty,” marveled Bruno, while Carrie Ann likened it to a sunrise. The marks were equally sunny. Judges’ Score: 30/30

1. Alexa PenaVega and pro Mark Ballas (Contemporary): The ballroom and the judge’s went ballistic for Alexa’s primal, emotionally raw dance – inspired by her struggle with a childhood eating disorder — and Bruno called it “scarily brilliant.” Judges’ Score: 30/30

And now, for the results…

Tamar Braxton and pro Val Chmerkovskiy
Alexa PenaVega and pro Mark Ballas
Carlos PenaVega and pro Witney Carson

Carlos PenaVega and pro Witney Carson
Alexa PenaVega and pro Mark Ballas

Alexa PenaVega and pro Mark Ballas

Through her tears, Alexa said this very gracious goodbye: “I’m so happy that we ended on this note. If we were going to go out, this is how I wanted to go out.”

And with that, it’s your turn. Was Tamar’s dramatic last-minute revival for real? Did the right couple really go home? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. vickie says:

    Tamar should have gone home. She didnt dance the first dance

    • Margo says:

      I don’t believe even with this week Tamar should have gone home…she’s one of the best dancers there. However, I figured it would be her and and Alek in the bottom with Alek going home. Tamar’s dress rehearsal was better than any dance Alek has done live on the show! Alexa didn’t deserve to home tonight, thats for sure

      • Sam says:

        She sucks & she should have been the one to go home. It’s not very fair that she wasn’t even there for her dance she has been on bottom all along now all of a sudden she gets to stay..bullcrap. at the very least she should have lost so many points for not being there for her dance. You heard them say had she not shown at all she would be going home.

        • Nancy says:

          I’m still struck by the stupidity that occurred last night. I certainly don’t want to see anyone die, however Tamar was very selfish in coming back after she had missed her performance and against doctors orders only to go straight back to the hospital and have to withdraw. This has certainly lowered my opinion of Val since he should have cared enough to refuse to perform with her without medical clearance. On the other hand, the show didn’t stop her or prevent Alexa from being a casualty of Tamar’s selfishness. Those that are calling Tamar “a hero” really need to review the definition which is at its heart an unselfish act putting others wellbeing above their own. Alek would qualify but not Tamar. At the same time, I hope she fully recovers and that she has learned a valuable and life saving lesson. Can you imagine the lawsuits if Tamar had died on the stage? I cannot believe that the shows legal team didnt prevent her from performing as she was not cleared medically to dance. I guess they prefer ratings. At the bare minimum they should have let Alexa stay and send two home this week with combined scores. It’s going to be interesting how the show handles this moving forward. I do hope that Tamar recovers and learns from this. I’m also proud of Alexa for being so mature about this very unfair situation.

          • scooby24210 says:

            Tamar wasn’t medically cleared to dance? That’s the first I’ve heard that. I’m guessing Tamar decided on her own, to come back & dance. I’ve also never heard anything about cast members signing a waiver, releasing the show from any liability but it wouldn’t surprise me if that was one component of their contracts as well.

          • Elaine says:

            I feel for Tamar. Help her to heal. I just thought the whole thing regarding her coming back when she was sick was ridiculous. I think Alexa got cheated.

      • RJ says:

        You must be watching a different show than I am. Her dress rehearsal was terrible. Even the dances she shows up for aren’t that good. Alexa is a much better dancer and doesn’t whine about everything like Tamar does.

      • Kimmy says:

        Yes! You hit it right on the money!

      • goodwolfe21 says:

        I’m with you Margo. Tamar seems to have an image problem with some of the fans, but there is no doubt she is one of the best there. Alek, strictly based on his dance abilities and performances should have even gone home before Andy or Hayes. I know nothing about Tamar other than she is Toni’s sister. But, it sounds like others dislike her for her reality shows. Every season, there seems to be someone who stays far longer than they should, and this season, it’s Alek. It’s a shame that Alexa, who was amazing last night, had to pay the price for him to hold on for another week. Alexa has had some great dances, but a few were inconsistent or off because Mark wasn’t choreographing to her strengths. I hated to see her go. The final four really should have been Bindi, Tamar, Alexa and Carlos.

      • I think when Tamar quit they should bring back the eliminated couple. That would be fair. I wonder if all these contestants getting blood clots have something to do with their flying back and forth all the time. You are supposed to walk so you do not build them up.

    • Sue says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth! Why didn’t Tamar go home?!? What they based that high score on wasn’t shown on MY TV! I have never seen such an arrogant, whiny, entitled woman and I wish they’d give her the boot just for that but her dancing isn’t that good either, especially tonight! I REALLY hoped she’d get the boot tonight!

    • missy says:

      Alexa should have stayed. She had a much better performance

      • Terry says:

        Peeps need to remember the elimination isn’t based on last night’s performances, it’s based on last week’s performances. That’s the big problem I have with the performance and results being combined in one show now, you can have a brilliant night and still get eliminated, or you can have a horrible night and still be safe.

        • Ruth says:

          I don’t like them combining the dance and elimination in one night either. If they are going to continue doing that then they need to do the elimination first since its from the last week dancing.

    • Elaine says:

      I definitely agree with all you have said. Alexa should never have been sent home.

    • Malias says:

      I compleatly agree with that!!
      I don’t think that the taped footage should have counted! It’s one thing to miss a group dance but a individual dance should have to be live. She should have bowed out gracefully and focused on her health and her life with her family instead of dancing and looking nearly lifeless. On top of all that the judges were very inconsistent with judging the dances. For me it just was a mess of a show yes it had good points but they didn’t out weigh the inconsistency.

  2. Sara says:

    Tamar wasn’t able to perform her own dance live. Isn’t that the reason why what’s-her-name was eliminated earlier this season? Yes, she showed up for the group number, but still, she didn’t show up for her own dance. She should have been eliminated for the same reason she said that other chick had to be sent open. Rules are rules, after all.

    • she made it to the dress rehearsal which kim didn’t
      plus tom said after the group dance that if she hadn’t shown up for the group dance they would have sent her home. Kim wasn’t even in la the night she got kicked off
      Tamar was there then left & came back. two different things

    • Margo says:

      Kim was automatically eliminated because she missed her performance altogether and dress rehearsal to the point where Tony and another professional had to do their dance. At that time points were based on only one dance, you miss it and your automatically disqualified. Tamar’s situation is different, she did the dress rehearsal and her points are based off two dances. Had Tamar missed her second dance she would have been automatically eliminated.

      • Paul says:

        I disagree. Kim and Tony had dress rehearsal footage that was shot in Atlanta . That was the big deal over Kim’s dismissal. The show refused to show the footage. That was the big issue. And also, Tamar left without telling anyone at the show. There was no 911 or emergency. She left, went on her own, and came back to complete 50% of her obligation. I think she should have been disqualified

        • Angela says:

          Tamar still performed something tonight, though. That’s the difference. If the contestants only had one dance this week instead of two, or if she hadn’t made it back in time for her second dance, she would’ve blown her chance and would’ve for sure been disqualified. And on the flip side, had there been two dances performed the week Kim was let go, and she’d been able to perform at least one of them, that might’ve worked in her favor, too.

        • Enelya says:

          It’s not really a dress rehersal if it’s not on the actual stage and in full costume

          • Paul says:

            They WERE in full costume and the area was blocked. They were doing full dress rehersal with camera blocking, so it was the same. Just in Atlanta and not the studio. But it was a full dress rehersal. That was the big controversy. Either way, I’m not a Kim supporter and could have cared less if she went home or not. My thing is that Tamar did not have an emergency illness, she did not seek medical attention from the studio medical team. She walked away and didn’t tell anyone. And if you really have pneumonia, you don’t go back and dance. Not without oxygen at least. I know the rules say illness or injury after rehersal, but this illness should be seriously called into question if it was appropriate enough not to complete both dances

  3. Margaret Bird says:

    They definitely should not have gone home. They were one of the best couples on the show. This show is a popularity contest. Sorry but Alec should have gone home. He is the weakest dancer of the couples left. Shame on the viewers who sent Alexander home.

    • Sorry I meant Alexa. Yes I agree Tamar should of gone home. She is such a diva just like her partner Val who said he didn’t care what the judges thought. Duh Val their comments do matter you prima dona.

      • Nancy says:

        Tamar should absolutely have gone home tonight. She is not the dancer that they make her out to be and I can’t figure out why they pander to her arrogant attitude. I also hope that she doesn’t get nick and sharna sick too. Honestly, in light of the events of the evening they should have had no elimination tonight and had a double elimination next week combining the two week scores. I don’t know how the judges could have given her more than 6s across the board for the contemporary. How is that fair when she made mistakes because it was a dress rehearsal and they can’t judge what they can’t see. I can only hope that next week is the last time we have to look at her scowl. I appreciated how much Alexa put into her dancing and should have made it farther than Tamar, alek or Carlos.

  4. Angela says:

    Obviously I know Alexa’s scores tonight wouldn’t have factored into whether or not she stayed, but I still was surprised to see her go after having such a great night regardless. I would’ve thought it would’ve been Carlos or Tamar, or perhaps even Alek, since he’s struggled a bit lately. Carlos and Alek have a pretty vocal fanbase, though, so… And like Alexa said, she did go out on one hell of a high note, so yay for that.
    I am glad that Tamar didn’t leave tonight, though. Especially after all she did to make it back in time for her second routine-I would’ve felt so bad for her if she’d been voted off after all that. I thought she did well in both numbers, personally-sure, the “Wicked Game” dance footage was rehearsal footage, but I thought it was a lovely dance regardless, and it’s a shame we didn’t get to see the proper performance of it tonight.
    I second the wish to be in the ‘Chicago’ number. That was amazing. As was Bindi and Derek’s first dance. And I loved Nick and Sharna’s individual dance, too-I liked the whole ’30s style setup and everything to it :D.
    I think Bindi’s definitely going to be in the final showdown this season, but beyond that? Who knows? All the other contestants have had some fantastic dances. I would personally kind of like to see Nick and Tamar definitely make it to the finals, too, but I think the finale would be good no matter who made it.

  5. Claire says:

    I think that because part of this is about having a solid fanbase, the right person went home. Great dancer, but she needs people to vote for her too.

  6. no the right one did not go home
    Alek love him proud of what he did but he has overstayed his welcome two weeks in a row now

    • Terry says:

      I can’t understand how he’s never been in jeopardy, he’s the weakest dancer by far IMO. Wonder if he’ll be flipping the judges the bird next week since they criticised him last night. Insert rolling eyes emoji here.

  7. Asia says:

    Why should Tamar have gone home? She had rehearsal footage. Kim Zolciak didn’t have that and she was stucked in Atlanta. Tamar chose to return and she completed her team dance, had she not then she would have been disqualified. Melissa Rycroft was able to do the same thing in All Stars season so I don’t get the complaints. Tamar is most definitely a trooper.

    • Tina says:

      That’s just it. Kim missed the dress rehearsal and the live show. That’s why she had to withdraw because the judges had nothing to score her on, but as Tom said last night if Tamar hadn’t shown up for the team dance she would’ve been eliminated.

  8. Antonio Hall says:

    Amazing job to all of them .

  9. Diane says:

    Tamar missed steps Nick missed steps They had no connection it should have 7s not 9s It’s a competition It’s not who dances best sick

  10. Kick Itup says:

    TAMAR should have done herself and all of us a favor and not returned. Alexa and Mark should have definitely been in the fibals. Seriously, I love this show but I am quite tired of dumb voters that would keep Alek over Alexa. No offense to him…but he was the weakest link. Lastly, I love Derek and he is great BUT Mark is just as Great!!!!!!!!!!! I’m almost done with this show. 😡😢

    • Noelle70 says:

      Mark is often quite good–but just as often mediocre. Derek is always great, a genius, and the only reason I still watch DWTS.

      • goodwolfe21 says:

        I agree! Derek is better at determining the strengths & weaknesses of his partner and choregraphing make them look good, whereas Mark actually has hurt his partners with routines that didn’t play to their best strengths. That certainly hurt Alexa this season, as there have been a few dances, that didn’t allow her to show her best, but others were amazing and showed what she was truly capable of doing. Derek always makes Bindi and previous partners look their best on the dance floor, by choregraphing to their strengths.

  11. Shaanon says:

    The wrong one went home.. I thought the other alex should have went home..
    Glad she got to go out on a high though as she said..

  12. Pat says:

    Tamar your childish stunt worked! I’m, surprise the judges went for it.

  13. David says:

    Double Standards. Tamar has been an issue with attitude all season. She should have automatically gone home since she couldnt dance her first dance like. They sent the other one packing earlier in the year when she couldnt perform her dance.

    Bring back Alexis and Mark. The crybaby Tamar can go home.

  14. Chelsea Jaye says:

    To be honest, I don’t think Alexa and Mark should of been voted off. Val and Tamar should of been immediately eliminated since Tamar had to miss their individual dance. Kim wasn’t given another chance, so why was Tamar? It seems like the judges are taking pity on Tamar, which isn’t cool or very professional. Alexa and Mark had a lot of perfect scores and shouldn’t have been the one to go home.
    My heart broke for Carlos tonight as he had to watch his wife get voted off the show and the sadness and disappointment she felt.

  15. Tomi says:

    Even though he’s our American hero, Alek is really not a good dancer. As we know from the past. it isn’t always the best dancer who wins the Mirror Ball. :)

  16. Dee Culver says:

    DWTS has too much drama with the whole Tamar thing. If she truly has pneumonia she should have been eliminated. Alexa is a better dancer than her husband. He should go before her. I am about ready to stop watching after all these years. It’s about dancing not drama! Enough.

    • EC says:

      I don’t believe for a second that she has pneumonia. People that have it bad enough to be hospitalized with it wouldn’t have been able to dance. Plus no doctor worth their salt would release them to do so. I agree with you, I’m done after this season because I don’t believe for a second Tamar or Alek either one got more votes than Alexa.

      • scooby24210 says:

        First, let me say, I’m not a Tamar fan & although I think she’s one of the better dancers, her attitude is horrible & I do think she should have been the one voted off.

        I’ve had pneumonia about half a dozen times & personally I could NOT have gone out there & danced. Now, however, it appears it wasn’t pneumonia but blood clots. Even if the diagnosis was pneumonia though & as rare/risky as it seems, I DO think someone with a slight case could do it, especially if they had just been treated in the ER. A breathing treatment and/or steroid shot can give major relief. So, while not the smart thing to do, I think it’s realistically FEASIBLE/POSSIBLE.

        Plus, as far as I know, she wasn’t admitted, just treated & even if she’d been admitted, except for limited situations, a patient has the right to sign themselves out against doctors orders.

  17. Susan says:

    Efffffff! Sorry mark and Alexa…..i am gonna miss you guys……

  18. gizmo says:

    Tamar should have went home.

  19. gallardo says:

    Alexa should have stay she was a good dancer one of the best

  20. Richard James says:

    This show just showed how much of a fraud it is by letting Tamar stay. I will never watch again

    • scooby24210 says:

      I agree with your sentiment & for a long time, I thought the show was fixed. Sure, anything is possible but I think the sad reality is that its how they determine who is voted off. By relying on the previous week the scores could be lower (as they were with Alexa) & judges comments could have been less than stellar. As much as we all think the judges comments don’t affect us, I’m sure they do, especially if somebody has a good week & the viewers think a dancer is safe. With the formula the show uses, even a dance with a perfect score doesn’t get but a fraction of the total points they actually score. The show takes the total judges scores for the week & the total fan votes & totals both then divides the individual stars scores & fan votes by those totals. The result is a percentage that could be as little as 10% or less or as much as 50%. It all depends on how many are still left on the show.

      • Laurie says:

        The judges make statements that are very critical and then give high scores and then I am surprised….also on final day they make 2 couples to dance and pick who they want to win…….so in the end the viewers vote don’t count ….somehow I can’t stop watching show even though it makes me angry…

  21. Linda Nelson says:

    Have the rules changed? Tamar should have been eliminated! Yes, the wrong couple went home….very disappointing!!

    • Lauren says:

      This isn’t the first time the judges have used dress rehearsal footage because some couldn’t dance in the live show. The rules haven’t changed.

    • Elaine says:

      I cannot figure out why the eliminated Alexa. She topped Tamar with her style and dance.

      • scooby24210 says:

        If they had used the current weeks scores, Alexa likely WOULD have had a higher total. They always use the judges scores + the fan votes from the PREVIOUS week to determine who is voted off on the show that airs the current week. Hopefully, they’ll change that.

  22. RJ says:

    How could Alexa go before Tamar? Alexa is a much better dancer. I guess the sympathy votes do count.

  23. Xander says:

    Literally this was the most iconic episode of DWTS ever. Tamar’s race against the clock was thrilling, especially since her dance held another’s fate. I am now a hardcore fan of that queen storming in, snatching wigs and sashaying back to the hospital. WERK.

    Alexa has been grating for weeks now and her elimination this week was delicious. BYE.

  24. Leona Scott says:

    Crossed the line with the married couple. My family watches this show together because we love it but when my kids are crying because of it, not so good.

    • ALewis says:

      Crossed the line? So because they had a married couple, the married couple is supposed to stay on the show together regardless? It doesn’t work like that. You’re vesting way too much into this show if you’re crying because the married couple got split up in the competition. It’s not like they both could win anyway. If it makes you that mad, tell people to stop voting on popularity (meaning Alek, because he cannot dance and should have gone a long time ago). You and everybody who watches this show and is mad at the outcome should know by now that people don’t vote for the best dancer anymore.

    • Perfect Liar says:


    • Terry says:

      Don’t know why Carlos was crying. He said he wanted to beat his wife (OK that sounds terrible but you know what I mean). He should have pointed his finger in her face and laughed. Sorry, I just can’t stand disingenuous people.

      • Angela says:

        He should have pointed his finger in her face and laughed.
        ???? Yes, because that’s totally what a husband should do to their wife on the night she’s eliminated. Are you serious? You DO know that you can be competitive against someone you care about and still be genuinely sad to see them go, right?

        • Terry says:

          Of course I’m not serious! Thank you for completely missing my point. Here let me spell it out for ya… my point was that Carlos bawling like a baby was completely disingenuous. He wanted to beat Alexa and he did, therefore the OTT crying was insincere, IMHO.

        • Angela says:

          No, I got your point about his crying supposedly being disingenuous/insincere. But I’m saying that I disagree. He may have beat her in the competition thus far, but she’s still his wife, and he can still be genuinely sad to see her go. You can be happy you’re staying in the competition and still miss someone you have a close relationship with who competed against you. That’s my point. This is supposed to be a lighthearted, friendly competition, after all, not some cutthroat battle.

          • Elaine says:

            Boy, are you right. Carlos loves his wife and was sad for her because he loves her and cares. She would have done the same for him. They really seem like a loving couple. More power to them.

  25. MissMel says:

    I don’t like Tamar at all but those saying she should have automatically gone home because she didn’t dance the first dance obviously don’t understand the rules of the show. Tom Bergeron said it tonight: If someone gets sick/injured between the dress rehearsal and the live show and can’t perform on the live show, he/she is judged on the recorded performance from the dress rehearsal. That has always been the rule. It was done for Steve-O when he was injured and also for Melissa Rycroft. The reason it wasn’t done for Kim Zolciak earlier in the season is because she wasn’t AT the dress rehearsal ,so they had nothing on which to judge her.

    Personally, I think Alek has overstayed his welcome and I really expected him to go this week. What he did on that train was brave but it’s pretty clear people are voting for that and not his dancing skills.

  26. Carol McDaniel says:

    The wrong couple went home. She was spectacular!

  27. Cindy Day says:

    Alek should have went home, he’s not a very good dancer. It’s obvious Alexa is WAY better than Alek. Now that Alexa is gone, Bindi is sure to win because that was her closest competition. Too much drama on DWTS, maybe that’s the way the producers like it. I guess they think this helps the ratings. I think it hurts the integrity of the show.

  28. Rebecca Diaz says:

    Alek needs to leave the show, he isn’t dancing with the Stars worthy, I’m sorry has we ant good scores? This is such a corrupt season. Let the worst dancer on the show be saved while one of the best dance leave? That’s not fair at all

  29. Jen says:

    Tamar should have gone home. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Val… but this was the wrong choice. Since it’s based off last week and not this stellar week that Alexa had…. it is the voters that sent Alexa home :( sad day. Maybe based off this week, Tamar will be next week. It’s a crap shoot…. people need to vote for the talent and the ones committed to the show. I do need to put it out there for Tamar on this one thing, however…. way to push through being I’ll and weak.

  30. Shannon says:

    No, the right person did not go home. Alek was one of the best in the first few weeks, but since then he has not sufficiently improved. I think between Alexa and Carlos, Alexa is the better dancer, but (as Carrie Ann would say) only by a hair. I’m indifferent to Tamar. She’s better than Alek by far, but they both have blank-face syndrome. After her struggle with pneumonia, however, it would have been heartbreaking to see her go this week. Pneumonia is awful and takes so much out of a person. If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed.

  31. Paulette_B says:

    I’m still waiting for the day when someone has the balls to say “They’re better than I am. Send me home!”. Tamar looked like she was going to pass out. I’m surprised the doctors gave her the go ahead to let her dance. Unless she’s dumb enough to go a.m.a.

    • Shannon says:

      Me too. I don’t think I could, in good conscience, let a worse dancer than me go home, and be able to perform the next week. I’d feel too guilty.

    • missy says:

      I’m surprised the er dr let her leave. She would have been hooked up to monitors breathing treatments antibiotics and she most definitely would not have actually not felt like doing anything much less dance. If she is so sick she looked sick she needs to take time to get better

  32. Shannon says:

    Bindi displayed an elegance and maturity she hadn’t before (I don’t remember exactly what Carrie Ann said, but I think I remember her saying something like that). I didn’t get the blindfold thing, but the song made the dance. And how gorgeous did Sharna look in that blue?!

  33. Paul says:

    Everyone keeps forgetting something. There was no 911 emergency. There wasn’t an ambulance call. Tamar walked out without telling anyone on the show and went to the hospital. Then they drove her back. The staff medical team did not examine her. No recommendation was made to go to the ER. She just left without telling anyone. I don’t buy the whole Tamar the brave bit. She should have been disqualified. 50% completing your obligation is not passing. No matter who was eliminated, Tamar should be disqualified.

  34. Glory says:

    Tamar definitely should have been the one to go home! What a situation to put a married couple through at the end (sad)!

  35. caliblue24 says:

    Why is the soldier is still on the show? Alec should’ve been the one that goes home two weeks ago.

  36. AngelWasHere says:

    Alek should have went home. I appreciate his service and heroism, but he needs to go.

  37. Shirley says:

    Tamar or Carlos should have gone home —definitely not Alexa. She and Bindi are the best dancers on the show. I can’t believe they sent her home. What happened???

    • Terry says:

      I would have sent Alek, Tamar and Carlos home (in that order) before Alexa. But as others have said, it’s ain’t about the dancing, your personality has to connect with the viewers to get the votes and she obviously wasn’t doing that.

  38. Gayle says:

    Alexa was a beautiful dancer!! I’m not sure why she struggled to be at the top because she got better and better each week. You can’t tell me that Alek was a better dancer!! That’s where this show goes wrong. If it’s about a perfect dance and movements then he would have been gone long ago. Alexa gets a perfect score and Tamar and Alek don’t and they get to stay?!?! It’s not about the celebrities back story people!!

  39. Hawaii Kai says:

    Alexa shouldn’t have been eliminated tonight. Was her score affected by the phone-in votes?

    • scooby24210 says:

      Yep, the fan vote has a MAJOR impact, plus the fact that they determine who is voted off by the scores & fan vote from the PREVIOUS week. The show uses an equation that breaks down judges scores & fan votes into a percentage. So, lets say all the contestants scores together was 200 for the week. A couple who gets a 30 that week, in reality, would only get 20 points toward determining who is safe & who is voted off that week (30 divided by 200 = 66.66% & 30 multiplied by 66.66% = 20). They do the same with the total fan votes & the percentage of fan votes each star gets that week. So even perfect judges scores & low fan votes can doom a contestant.

  40. Heather says:

    Alek has been sneaking by. His skills just aren’t up there with the others. It’s a dance competition no matter how inspiring he is as a person Alexa definitely deserved to go farther than him for dance skills

  41. Pat says:

    I think Tamra Braxton should have been voted off. I really think she had it planned. If she was as sick as she claimed to be don’t you think she would have gone straight home from the hospital? Sorry but she sucks at dancing. Hopefully she’ll be eliminated next week.

  42. liame says:

    She went home because she didn’t have the “fan” votes, complain to her fans. Don’t blame Tamar. Tamar showed up and did what she had to do. I love how people throw that word “entitled” around so loosely. It has nothing to do with entitlement, it’s hard work and determination, not privilege and entitlement.

  43. Rachel says:

    Tamar got over scored in the rehearsal footage. Only 2 pets lower than Alex with glaring mistakes they called out?? That’s such BS. She’s normally better than Alek but if she stays after dancing worse than him, which I’m sure she will, it’s a shame.

  44. Bob Reynolds says:

    Tamar should have.went home. She is not going to be able to compete next week if she truly has pneumonia. Why would they even judge her staged dress rehearsal performance.

  45. Alexa going home. What a shock. I loved her.

  46. clair says:

    tamar is too much of a drama Queen she should have went home !

  47. Yvette says:

    How is it possible that you can have pneumonia for a couple of hours and be back on the stage dancing? I believe Tamar just wants people to get on her pity tour with her .she needs to go!! She is not that good of a dancer there are other dancers working hard and busting there butts to do their part .just like carryann said what drugs are you on haha

  48. charlie says:

    So sick & tired of drama queen Tamar . She should have been sent home last night. What is going on here?

    • maureen says:

      I agree! I’m also sick of the producers letting the fan vote be 50% of the vote. A celebrity can be a sucky dancer, but if they have enough fan votes they get to stay. Alex stinks as a dancer, and as much of a hero as he is; he should be gone from the dance floor. Tamar; with her entitled, snotty attitude should definately have been sent packing! Who did she think she was just strolling out of the building without informing anyone!! I, also, am tired of her antics!

      • Elaine says:


      • scooby24210 says:

        In a sense it’s 50/50 between judges scores & fan votes but in reality, that’s not the case. Each dancers judges scores & fan votes are divided by the total judges points for the week & the total fan votes. So, each gets a percentage of the total judges points for the week & a percentage of the total fan votes that week. The percentage of judges points or fan votes they get can be as little as 10% or so or 30-50%. It just depends on how many are still in the competition.

  49. bern says:

    No. Way. I don’t know if the show was involved, but I believe Tamar staged this to look like a real trouper and save the day at the 11th hour. No one could come from the hospital – with pneumonia (or just over it) and be ready to dance on Live TV. In this day of Reality TV, it’s too easy to have this scenario.

  50. Kim R says:

    No, I don’t think the right person went home. Based on dancing, I think it should have been Alek. I felt so badly that it was husband and wife standing there waiting to hear the results. It actually made me wonder if indeed they were the bottom 2 or did the producers wanted to create this moment from the beginning. Whenever one of them got the lowest amount of votes they would put the spouse in the second spot for drama. I would hope not but we all know it is more likely that it was.
    That aside, the choreography last night was stellar. And the best phrase of the night for me was when Carrie Ann told Bindi her dance was like watching a sunrise. Beautifully said.