Walking Dead Maggie Pregnant

Walking Dead Recap: Mourning Glory

In the aftermath of the Wolves’ attack, morale in Alexandria was at an all-time low in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. And Rick didn’t exactly raise anyone’s spirits by running up to the gate with half of the “roamer” herd trailing behind him. But then, the strangest thing happened. A few of the Alexandrians seemed to turn a corner. Who — and how? Read on…

LIFE AFTER (LOTS AND LOTS OF) DEATH | Once Rick was safely inside the gate, he gave the frightened Alexandrians a pep talk. “The wall’s gonna hold together,” he promised them. “Can you?” At first, it appeared that the answer was gonna be “Hell, no!” Deanna was wandering around half dazed, Aaron was being eaten alive by his guilty conscience, and some of the Alexandrians were even raiding the pantry to cook what they assumed would be their last meals before Spencer stopped them. Ironically, he was coming unglued, too, just a little less publicly. And doesn’t it figure? Right when Deanna seemed to get her groove back, she caught her son getting drunk on booze stolen from the pantry! Not only did he agree with their neighbors that they were toast, he also blamed his mother for Reg and Aiden’s deaths, Alexandria’s sorry state and pretty much everything but global warming. Later, though, he did seem kinda moved by Rosita’s sincere thanks for taking out the Wolf who’d tried to drive a semi into the community. And, when Deanna was attacked by a zombified Wolf, she valiantly fought back. (Dumbly — she kept going for the chest rather than the head — but valiantly.) “I wanna live,” she told Rick after he’d finished off the walker. And she believed that her — everyone’s — best chance of retaining a pulse was for him to take over Alexandria’s leadership. (Side note: What was with the blood seeping through the wall in that last shot? WAS it blood?)

LOVE IN A HOPELESS PLACE | Meanwhile, Jessie continued her transformation into a pragmatic badass, hauling away the body of the Wolf that she’d killed in her house and dispatching a fellow Alexandrian who’d turned. When she noticed that, in completing the latter task, she’d attracted an audience, she gave a little speech worthy of Rick, telling her neighbors that, no matter how ugly, they had to see things as they were now. “If we don’t fight,” she added, “we die.” Whether Ron was really on board, who could say? (Personally, I’m suspicious.) But the teenager did warn Carl that he’d tattle to Rick if he went over the wall to search for Enid. Ron also asked Rick to teach him to shoot (which you can see backfiring on Rick a mile away, can’t you?). As the hour came to a close, Jessie clarified to Rick that, when she said people needed to see things as they were now, she hadn’t meant that there was no future. On the other hand, she wasn’t opposed to getting some reassurance herself. “Tell me there’s more” than this, she pleaded. In response, he passionately kissed her. And kissed her. And…

“AWW” SOME | Amazingly, Rick wasn’t the only character to get a little love in “Now.” When Tara (adorably) lied that her head hurt so that she’d have an excuse to check on Denise, she found the doc despairing over a patient that she was sure wouldn’t make it. On the plus side, Denise noted, she was so worried about what was going on in her mini-clinic that she didn’t have time to adequately freak out about the oodles of walkers just beyond the gates. Still, Tara praised Denise’s bravery. She could have bailed, after all, and hadn’t. Later, after Denise took in Jessie’s pep talk, the doc’s studying paid off, and she managed to turn her patient’s condition around. “Hot damn,” she said to herself, then celebrated by seeking out Tara and planting a sweet kiss on her lips. Hot damn, indeed.

CLOSE… AND A CIGAR | Upon realizing that Maggie was planning to sneak over the wall to try to find Glenn, Aaron insisted on not only showing her a safer route out of Alexandria (through the sewers, emphasis on the “Ew!”) but accompanying her. Unfortunately, they only made it to the far end of the pipe before realizing that they were still awfully close to the half-herd. Aaron suggested that they could take out a walker or two and still make it, but Maggie didn’t want to try it for the same reason that she hadn’t accompanied Glenn into the field on his last fateful trip: “I’m pregnant,” she admitted. But, though she wouldn’t risk the baby’s life by going after Glenn, she also refused to give up on him. So, after she and Aaron made their way back, they erased Glenn’s (and, for that matter, Nicholas’) name from the memory wall.

So, what did you think of the episode? Did you see Maggie’s pregnancy coming? Hit the comments!

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    Queue the whining in 3…2..oh whatever. Another stellar episode. Loving this season so much!!!

  2. Neil says:

    Good episode. I know they are still playing with time a bit, but did I miss something….. How did Rick get out of the RV?

    • Jack says:

      He ran like hell, apparently

    • Mike M says:

      A) He climbed onto the roof and the missing helicopter rescued him. B) There was a dumpster on the other side of where he parked and he crawled underneath it and then scooched it along the road 20 miles from underneath. C) He climbed under the RV and found he had parked on top of a sewer main that fed directly to within a mile of Alexandria. D) Carol rescued him and then went off to rescue Glenn which is why we didn’t see her all episode in Alexandria. E) It’s not Rick it’s his twin brother Eric.

  3. AngelWasHere says:

    Great episode! I had a feeling Maggie was pregnant. But yeah how did Rick get out the RV?

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    I imagine they’ll go back and show us at some point. Maybe even next week. That seems to be the trend.

  5. LBS says:

    At first I thought last shot was blood too, but then started thinking maybe it was a crack in the metal?

    • Wordsmith says:

      It definitely looked like liquid running down the metal, rather than a crack or tear. Blood seems most obvious, but alternatively might it have been oil from the crashed truck?

  6. Charissa29 says:

    Maggie’s pregnant, that explains why they killed Glenn. Still sucks though.

  7. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Maggie preggers…..having Glenn’s baby not a surprise but his ass better show up soon so he will know!!!! As for Rick and what’s her face kissin they’re not going to last. Calling it out now!

  8. Relaxxx says:

    The episode was OK! My only complaint is I would of liked to of seen Maggie and Michonnes conversation at a better angle. Maggie hasn’t had much screen time and she’s hearing for the first time that her husbands plan might of went south it could of been a better directed moment between the two ladies instead of watching Deanna climb a ladder watching them from a distance. The moment could of been more gut wrenching. Congratulations to Maggie and Glenn their kid will be a cutie!

  9. Lexi says:

    Those sewer walkers were so gross. Congratulations to the FX team…. don’t know which is scarier SewerWalkers or creepy Ron…

  10. SayNay says:

    Is Glenn going to be season 6 Sophia? Just want a resolution already, but overall solid episode.

  11. Saintsfan9 says:

    The episode was alright. I saw Maggie being pregnant a mile away so no shocker there and I know Glen will turn up eventually they are just dragging that out. And Rick kissing Jesse is just a huge NO. They have ZERO chemistry and the writers need to stop forcing this paring as it just makes Rick unlikeable.

  12. Jaymee says:

    Let’s see…when we last saw Rick he was surrounded by zombies. The last time we saw Carol she was killing wolves. Last time we saw Michonne she was trying to get back to Alexandria. Instead of finding out what happened to Glenn we see Carl and Ron slap each other. We get to hear another pep talk by Rick and now Jessie. We see Deanna, who seems to look eerily like a walker mull about and we see love blossom between Rick and Jessie and Denise and Tara. How cute, but where’s Glenn? Why didn’t we see Michonne telling Maggie about Glenn’s mission? How did Rick get past the zombies? Where’s Carol? AND what happened to Glenn?

    • Jack says:

      Its almost like the producers want you to keep coming back every week…

      • Kafiyahbelloi@yahoo.com says:

        Best response ever

      • wrstlgirl says:

        LOL, I really don’t understand how people don’t get it. This has been the trend with this show for awhile now, are they not watching?!?!

        • Kristen says:

          As long as they address how these issues are or aren’t resolved at some point this season, then I’m okay with how they do things. I love the show, and I will continue to come back each week. I like the speculation of what everyone else thinks happened. I am genuinely curious to know how Rick escaped the RV vs. Walker Herd situation though, b/c that seemed crazy intense. I can’t imagine a way that he would’ve survived that.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Well he was running and seemed to have been for awhile. The herd was right behind him so he could have just taken off and ran for his life. The herd was only approaching the RV from one side I think. Being that he brought the herd back to Alexandria with him he had no other option. Just a guess, lol.

          • The walkers just came out of the woods. RV did’nt start, because the wolve shot it down. Rick opens the door at the driversseat side of the RV, jumps out and runs to Asz. Simpel. Walkers where not on the driversseat side yet, only 3 dead wolves. The RV was not surrounded by walkers.

  13. Et al. says:

    The writers are honing in on their goal. By next season they should have it perfected… an entire season which spans the course of just one hour.

  14. Sarah says:

    Maggie pregnant? Know Glenn is certainly dead :(
    I hope I’m wrong.
    Rick should be more careful in trusting little Ron with a gun, he seems to have moved on to fast from phase: I win kill the guy that shot my dad to I’m your new best friend Rick! Lol
    I feel bad for Aron because well he was trying to survive and in doing so kinda let there location be known to the W.
    Great episode.

  15. Matt C. says:

    I loved this episode. As a One Tree Hill fan, I enjoyed seeing Austin Nichols get a chance to shine. And I’m loving Jessie’s path to badassery, as well as Deanna rising up to become the tough leader she should have always been. You can’t survive in this new world without getting your hands dirty, and she’s finally learning that. But Maggie and Aaron’s conversation was so heart-breaking. I knew burning that picture would come back to haunt her someday!

  16. Walkie says:

    The biggest reveal of the episode is that Maggie apparently is British. I wonder how the show will explain this. Was she pretending the entire time.

    Joking aside, the directors have to do a better job of helping Lauren maintain her Southern accent. It was ALL OVER the place in that episode. Very bizarre.

    • SayNay says:

      Lauren is American, but was raised in the UK. If you see her in interviews, her accent is a funky American/British English hybrid. Funny, I didn’t really notice slipping.

  17. Best part of the episode was the Carl Poppa vs. Son of Porch D**k slap fight.

  18. pati says:

    by the amount of time they are taking to reveal what happened to Glenn I think its pretty safe to say that next time we see him he will be a Zombie and it will be devastating. I think Meggie will find him and it will be so emotional. I know I’m gonna be crying.

  19. Mark D. Moss says:

    Am I the only one who wasn’t surprised at *all* about the pregnancy? I actually thought it was heavily hinted at – enough to make me sure that it was the deal already – in the season premiere.

    That said, I’m *not* pleased about all the chain jerking about Glenn’s fate. It’s one thing for *Maggie* to not be sure, but the dude was eaten. Nicotero should just fess up.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Glenn was not eaten, lol. You call it chain jerking, I call it good drama.

    • tvjunkie says:

      “Am I the only one…” Are you the only one who doesn’t read comments other people posted before your posted your comment?

    • Ep1, Maggie should stay behind in Asz Glenn said to her, when Rick asked who wanted to help to lead the walkers to the west. The Alexandrians needed to see Deanna comming back after Reg was killed by Pete. Maggie said to Glenn “that’s not the only reason” Glenn answerd her ” no, that’s not the only reason” and Maggie stayd in Asz.
      In this dialog it was so clear for all of us that Maggie is pregnant and Glenn wanted her save in Asz and not fighting walkers or doing hard work outside the walls. That’s why she went back to Asz with Aaron in the sewer and not go outside. Glenn did’nt want her outside the walls.

  20. I understand the need for “quiet” episodes, but this episode felt like filler. And it’s also familiar reminding me of the entire season surrounding Beth and in part the search for Sophia.

    I didn’t enjoy the “where’s Beth?” season as much as I enjoyed the “Where’s Sophia?” season. And here I am again, not enjoying a “what actually happened to Glenn?” season. Like the other seasons, I’m sure they’ll redeem themselves in the end. But to give me 2-4 episodes of filler drives me nuts.

    I’m all for helping us connect with what the characters are going through emotionally. It can’t be all zombie whuppings and carnage. But this season’s format – dedicating each episode to what’s happening to a certain core of characters – isn’t doing the storytelling justice sometimes.

    The way it’s being done now it seems like they’re leaving out core loose ends to tie, as if they’ve forgotten which characters should be included. They’re also not having the characters stay true to who we know them as, so far.

    For example, how can we have an “Alexandria” wrap up episode and not see where Carol is? Not see where Morgan is? Or not have Morgan have a single word to utter to Rick about what happened when he returned and saw the town in chaos? Rick never checks on Judith himself? Never really has any conversation with Carl? After season after season of him being so protective and worried about his kids? He comes in, speechifies but doesn’t try and corral key members of his group to regroup on what’s happening/what happened while he was gone?

    And what in the world was up with them having Michonne tell Maggie about Glenn from a distance? It only lends credence to him not being dead. They’ve not handled one main character’s death this way – so why would fans think they would this time. If Glenn is dead (and I doubt he is) it’s hands down been handled differently and worse than any other main character’s demise.

    I’m always frustrated with filler episodes. But especially so this season. Maybe the writers think this new format is clever. It was the first few episodes, but now it feels disjointed not so much in the action but in how the characters are behaving.

    • TeamFamily says:

      I agree with your comments about the writers dropping the ball. This episode was not only disjointed but choppy as far as the flow of the story this season. As you mentioned Rick had to; regroup with his core Team to find out what went on with the wolves attack when he was gone and catch with Maggie and Michonne regarding Glenn and also CHECK on his kids. This is who Rick has is and has been so far but what was represented in this episode is OOC for Rick. How in the world does he go talk to someone who doesn’t even know Glenn, Abe, Daryl, and Sasha that well about their welfare? Oh yeah Ron tells him that Carl is thinking about going over the wall to look for Enid and Rick doesn’t go talk to Carl about this? C’mon like really?!?
      Don’t even get me started on that scene with Michonne telling Maggie about Glenn. If they really wanted to sell the idea that Glenn is indeed dead (which I think he’s not) they would have given us a close up of their faces so we (as the viewers) could see the emotions these two were having about Glenn fate. And like you, I think the format they have of playing with time leaves a lot to be desired.

    • Imo there are no fillers at all. We had to know, why Morgan is zen now iso grazy Morgan and why he let 5 wolves go. We had to know, how the Alexandrians are doing after the wolve atack and so many deaths. We had to know, the horde is now at the walls and more walkers comming. We had to know, how worried the Alexandrians and Rick are and how they are waiting for Glenn, Sasha, Abe and Nick to come home. It is all in the time line. Next ep is Daryl, Abe and Sasha getting shot by some agressive ppl. We have to know how they are doing. Then we know from each group who did split to get the horde to go to the west iso to the east (Asz) how they are doing and where they are. So in ep 7 we will find out where Glenn is. Then all the stores in the same time line are told. So, no filters, but necessary for the storyline. Only Enid is still missing. Maybe she comes home with Glenn. (And Jesus)

  21. aph1976 says:

    This was a good episode.As for how Rick got out of that RV, i’m sure the show will reveal it to us in due time and maybe have Rick remember how he did.As for Maggie been pregnant, i think that’s a good story twist because if Glenn is alive but after what he just went through he may not be overjoyed by the baby news.Now if Glenn is dead, then a part of him lives on through the baby.

    • Q2 says:

      1. The show will not reveal how Rick escaped and it won’t be brought up again. We just have to accept he escaped because he is the star of the show.
      2. Glenn already knows Maggie is pregnant. Hints have been dropping all season about this.

      • Only ep 1 when Glenn told Maggie to stay inside and help Deanna come back. That was not the only reason Maggie said to Glenn. He agreed, not the only reason. Only ep 1. We did’nt see Maggie a lot. Only planting cucumberseeds with Deanna ep 2 and Carol giving her a gun. That was all Maggie till ep 5.

  22. Bre says:

    Why have you stopped doing Homeland recaps??

  23. Azu says:

    Scott gimple is killing this show!! His writings and dialogue are pretty immature

  24. Rose says:

    Bored,bored,boring, not watching next Sunday, sorry but I don’t care about cheap trick Rick romance. Sad part nothing about Glenn and yes was surprised about Maggie

  25. zak says:

    Still the best show ever, BUT one little detail still irks me. In the show the apocalypse has been going on for a year and a half. Maybe two? No way they can ever explain how Carl has managed to noticably age six years and shoot up two feet in height. Maybe the virus did it. (ha ha).

  26. In ep 1, Glenn wanted Maggie to stay home to help Deanna to come back. The Alexandreans needed to see Deanna come back after Reg died. Maggie said “that’s not the only reason” Glenn said ” Yes, that’s not the only reason”. So, it was clear to me, she is pregnant. Glenn wants her to stay save becase of that. Not fighting of walkers.