Quantico Ryan Shot Recap

Quantico Recap: Keep Calm and Disarm a Bomb, Plus: Again, Ryan?!

Even incredibly attractive FBI recruits who somehow make blue Henleys look sexier than their birthday suits have days of reckoning, and boy — is this week’s Quantico one or what?

The NATs and anaylsts undergo difficult physical and written exams in the episode, which ends with a few of them leaving the program. Meanwhile, in the present-day storyline, Ryan gets shot. AGAIN.

Read on for the highlights of “Go.”

GETTING TESTY | As if the recruits weren’t under enough pressure already, now they learn that they’ve got to undergo an exam that determines whether or not they’ll continue at Quantico. Brandon struggles during the pull-ups section of the physical test — and seems to have had troubles in other areas — but he’s not the only one having a tough week.

Take Shelby, for instance, who embarrassedly meets Caleb’s dad after she storms into her hook-up’s room and reads him for filth for no-showing at their boiler-room booty appointment. Or Caleb himself, whose FBI bigwig dad tries to pay him off to drop out of the academy. (Don’t worry, Caleb: I’ll give you extra credit for that Great Santini reference alone.) Or Ryan, who’s getting the bitchiest of cold shoulders from Alex in light of her learning that he’s already an FBI agent. Or Simon, who’s still really bitter about the twins’ revelation (though Miranda’s offer to remove his probation in exchange for his silence helps ease tensions a tiny bit).

All this to say, no one’s in a great mood when they all sit down in the lecture hall for the written exam. And when they all receive a sheet of blank paper and a pencil — and Miranda leaves the room, saying the test has begun — they’re stymied.

BOMBING THE EXAM | The situation devolves quickly. Using what they’ve learned about evidence, surveillance and the like, the NATs realize that Brandon didn’t get an exam. When pressed, he said he figured that was his signal that he’d been cut from the program and then, seeming a little unhinged, he takes off.

Right after he leaves, the room goes into lockdown and Elias finds a suspicious looking timer under Brandon’s chair. Alex is all, “Guys, this is just part of the test,” and holds onto that theory longer than anyone else in the room. Even when the group interrogates Nathalie (Brandon’s bed buddy), who mentions that he’d been acting squirrelly and skipping his meds, and even when they find a bomb in the lectern.

Quantico Ryan Shot Recap Season 1SOME GAVE ALL | Elias panics and suggests that Simon can disarm the device, thanks to his IDF training. Simon grudgingly agrees, but when he accidentally trips a secondary trigger, the doors unlock… but the bomb’s timer speeds up. Elias and a bunch of others run out like they just heard the ice cream man’s bell, but Simon, Alex, Shelby, Ryan, Nimah (or is it Raina?) and Caleb stick around.

It’s a good thing Alex was right — the whole scenario, Brandon freakout included, was part of the test. And the fact that the core group was willing to literally throw themselves on a bomb to save everyone else = very high marks.

GOODBYE, FAREWELL AND TWO MEN | In the aftermath, Ryan confesses to Alex that the oft-referenced Chicago event “was a blown sting” in which Liam messed up but Ryan took the blame, and because Booth was in such a tight spot, he had to accept taking on Alex as a case when Liam asked. “You had no choice,” she realizes, softening a bit before waltzing into Liam’s office, showing him the bugs she planted and agreeing to ignore everything she heard/saw if he’ll give Ryan his badge back. So he does, and the newly reinstated Special Agent Booth takes off without saying goodbye.

Shelby thinks Caleb has done the same, but when she finds him, he happily tells her that he’s been re-accepted as a NAT. They celebrate with a big blonde hug.

And Simon finds Elias packing his bags; because he bailed on the exercise, he has to leave Quantico. “You’re a man who saves everyone, and I’m a man who runs from a firecracker,” the ex-analyst says tearfully, and Simon is pretty broken up himself as he tries to make Elias feel better. Then they’re super close, and they’re crying, and they’re chastely kissing, and I am shocked by how moving I find this entire scene.

Elsewhere: Miranda outs the twins to the rest of their program. Gasp!

TROUBLE, DOUBLED | Back to present-day, because we’ve got a bombing to solve! Alex is desperate to find the twins, given that one of them showed up on Grand Central security footage in the days before the explosion. When she and Simon finally track Raina down, it turns out even she hasn’t heard from Nimah — the twin on the tape — in days. Long story short: The ladies have infiltrated a terrorist group in Queens, and that group wants to blow up a landmark but probably wasn’t behind the Grand Central attack.

At FBI central, Nathalie knows that Ryan is in contact with Alex and tells Liam as much. By the end of the hour, Smuggy McFakeScar is leading a raid on the twins’ house, where Shelby and Ryan happen to have arrived. Alex and Ryan escape out the back, but all of the guns and such draw the attention of the terrorist group (which is holed up across the street) and a firefight begins. One of the baddies shoots Ryan in the side (if you’re keeping score, that’s like, twice in one week) and Nathalie goes completely against everything we know about her by letting Alex and the slow-to-coagulate Agent Booth escape.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Johnny says:

    I may be wrong but wasn’t it established that someone has been setting up Alex since her time in Quantico? If this was established in the future scenes, they’re not really thinking about how the NATs did this in the flashback scenes. It’s like this nugget of info is completely being ignored when it really shouldn’t be.

    I’m not sure why Brandon was singled out by Miranda for the midterm – who’s today he wouldn’t have ran out like Elias and the others?

    Promo for the next episode looks really good.

    • Johnny says:

      Also, was Elias in the future scene? And Caleb’s a NAT again? What’s the point of kicking someone out of Quantico if they’re just going to be brought back in?

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Agreed. This show just gets more and more messy with each episode. I’m beginning to find it very amusing.

        • Patrick says:

          Its very compelling this season, once you suspend any semblance of logical reasoning. My worry is about sustaining it next year. Frankly, I enjoy the flashbacks more than the present day stuff, although the present day stuff IS improving, IMO. But next year they won’t have the flashback crutch to fall back on, so what will they do next year.

          • Lisa says:

            Next year, they could possibly still use the flashbacks but differently. It’s very possible that this season is assembling the team that will be used in future seasons. Some of the NATs had their final exam in tonight’s episode, so they are gone. Others will fail along the way. Although we know that somehow Simon was kicked out of the program, we don’t know where his present actions will lead.

            Once they assemble the team that will go forward, it’s quite possible that the beginning of the season will show a specified point in their mission, while flashbacks would show how they progressed to where they are, and present will continue the progress.

          • Luli says:

            I’ve been thinking the same thing…. how is the show going to work out beyond season 1? there would need to be a kind of reboot for it to keep going. Unless they drag out the mystery? Which I’m thinking not.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            The flashbacks are WAY better than the present day “fluff”. I tend to tune most of it out completely mostly because I just don’t care, LOL!! I’m really thinking about tuning out until the finale’. I missed last week due to traveling (DVR didn’t record) and didn’t miss a beat.

      • Lisa says:

        If Caleb’s father was instrumental in him being kicked out in the beginning, and his father finally stepped out of his way, that would reasonably explain why he is now a NAT again.

  2. Katherine215 says:

    I’m surprisingly sad that Shelby and Caleb aren’t together in present day and even more grossed out that she’s dating his sleazy father of all people. The more time we see them spend together in the past, the more bummed I am that they broke up and she has such awful taste in the future.

  3. ndixit says:

    I think next ep things should pickup. So far, the show has gone step by step and reintroduced all the main characters in the future timelines and what they are up to with Alex investigating each character. Now that we are done with all the main regulars, they can start making some quicker progress in the story.

  4. Luli says:

    Can someone help me out? Who is the twin that had a crush on Simon? Nimah or Raina? I just can’t keep up, and got confused in this ep.

  5. Max says:

    Why did they choose to shoot Raina and Nimah with a noticeable height difference when in the same room? You’d think they would have gotten a stand-in with the same height otherwise other characters would immediately be able to tell them apart.

    • MFL says:

      I’m not sure what you are asking but Nimah & Raina are played by one actress.

      • Kate says:

        MFL, Max is talking about the stand-in actress, and he’s right. Yes they’re played by one actress, but obviously they have to have a stand-in who plays the second twin in all the two-shots (aka the back of twin A’s head when twin B is facing the camera). It may have just been the way the shots were framed, but when the twins were in the house together, one did look noticeably taller than the other.

        Although whenever the “twins” are in a scene, all I can usually notice is what a HORRENDOUS actress she is.

        • abz says:

          She’s an Arab actress. It’s a nice change seeing a show actually cast an Arab actress for the role (and one that may require Arabic speaking from time to time). I think her English is very good considering its not her native language and I enjoyed hearing her speaking Arabic in this episode as well.

        • abz says:

          She’s an Arab actress. It’s a nice change seeing a show actually cast an Arab actress for the role. I think her English is very good considering its not her native language and I enjoyed hearing her speaking Arabic in this episode as well.

  6. Paloma says:

    Ryan doesn’t just run off. First he takes a photo of Liam and someone (Alex’s dad, I thnk) from her dad’s FBI folder. He looks at it just before he drives off. This is going to be significant soon.

    I liked the epidosde and I think the test of the recruits was pretty clever and exciting. And now half the recruit class is gone, saving the show a lot of money on extras.

    Overall pretty good. I’m in for another week.

  7. MFL says:

    Enjoyed this episode tho because Simon, Nimah & Raina are my fav characters.I was really interested in their under cover op much more than what was happening with Alex & Co.
    I’m finding it really hard to suspend disbelief with this show..I just can’t believe the incompetence of the FBI in this show. Starting with Liam, how was it so easy for a recruit to bug his office and then go on to blackmail him.
    Still don’t like Natalie…her being mad at Brandon was unnecessary and immature..he was just following orders. Plus what does she put at the back of her ear. Is that not the wire from the bomb?
    So are we going to be seeing Elias/Rick Cosnett again coz he’s not been in any of the FF.
    Still not caring about the main r/ships Alex/Ryan and Shelby/Caleb/caleb’s dad..

  8. Marco says:

    So the FBI is looking for suicidal people now? Or is this a way for the terrorist to select the recruits that can be framed better?

    Also, Elias is leaving the academy, but I’m thinking he’ll be back in some sort… after Alex’ll most likely need a lawyer soon…

    • RealityEngineer says:

      Yup, the idea that the students should have *all* stayed even though they had no knowledge of how to disarm the bomb was idiotic. The right thing to do would be to get anyone with no ability to help out, and if they chose not to go they should be failed for being far too irrational to be agents.

  9. dan says:

    The twin switch in the terrorist house confused me. When Alex and SImon found Raina, she told them that nobody had gone into or come out from the house in five days. Yet they decided to have her enter the house from the front door with groceries. Weren’t the terrorists surprised she was coming in if she (actually Neimah) hadn’t left?

  10. Juan says:

    I’m so happy the twins secret came out cause that’s gonna change the dynamic I think. Also that was so unlike Nathalie to let them and I don’t know what to make of it cause I still don’t like her. I really love Caleb and Shelby more and more after each episode so I really don’t understand how they got to that point in present time.

    • Datya says:

      Nathalie loves Ryan, and seeing him get hurt and stay with Alex made her realize that he may right about Alex being framed…

  11. Ann says:

    What was that photo Ryan was staring at before leaving Quantico?

  12. Tara says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s really obvious that Liam is setting up Alex? I think it’s probably an attempt by him and Caleb’s dad to promote their careers after whatever debacle happened in Chicago, and they chose to pin this on Alex as retribution for her killing her father (or just because they knew she’d be an easy target because of that history).

  13. Dominique says:

    i thought this episode was actually pretty good.
    but they need to do a better job of making alex more likable, and realistic.
    she’s a freaking mary sue at this point who can do everything, knows everything and is better than anyone. th eother characters are much better written

  14. Drew says:

    It’s so sad reading all these negative comments… I’m loving the show! I will be so sad if the mastermind behind the bombing ends up being one of the members of the rag-tag, main cast members group of NATS.

  15. Jeffrey says:

    Is it just me? Show is getting kind of far fetched. One example is this week when they are trying to disarm the bomb and just give up and then start making googely eyes at each other. It seems that they are portraying the recruits as very unprofessional buffoons that are there to play ‘how many people can I seduce’ versus training. They are in investigative situations and start making out etc. It is so unrealistic IMHO

  16. abz says:

    Bummed that Elias is gone. Hoping he’ll be back in present day. I don’t care if Simon is straight or gay (this episode made things even more confusing), but I just want him and Elias to be a thing especially after that emotional scene. I find the connection between Simon/Elias to be much more compelling than his connection with the twins (and I do enjoy his connection with the twins).
    Even after that ending scene with Natalie, it’s still not enough to make me like her.
    I enjoyed seeing the twins as part of the current day storyline. Glad they didn’t go the predictable route of having the Muslim twins be the terrorists.

    • Red Queen says:

      I completely agree! The actor is appearing in more episodes, so I’m sure we’ll see Elias again. And I loved that kiss scene! It definitely seemed like Simon enjoyed it (personally, I think he’s bi).

  17. Faye says:

    I’ve had to completely disengage from reality when watching this show. The initial flashbacks threw me for a long time and I still remain slightly confused until I read recaps. Why am I still watching ? Not sure. I don’t care for all the relationships but I do like some of the characters. Particularly, Simon is interesting… we don’t know his full back story.

  18. angel says:

    If Caleb is back in as a NAT, why is he an analyst in the present day scenes? He’s in charge of going over the video feeds from the station.

  19. Roxan says:

    Ok….I really have a question not a statement…What is with Natalie’s scar? I don’t remember any mention of it but it seems important–otherwise they wouldn’t show you her putting it on. Did I miss something???