Is Undateable the Best Time Ever? Is Jason a Good Distraction? The Week's Fiercest Girlfight? And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Good Wife, Supergirl, Blindspot and The Vampire Diaries!

1 | With its bubbly blend of live comedy and music, is NBC’s Undateable basically pulling off what Best Time Ever couldn’t?The Good Wife Jeffrey Dean Morgan

2 | Which protective pop best handled “rescuing” his daughter from a party: Hawaii Five-0’s Danno or Castle‘s Rick?

3 | How does The Good Wife expect us to pay attention when this is staring at us?

4 | Didn’t it totally feel like Sunday’s Homeland was building to Quinn’s death?

5 | Color us confused: Would Once Upon a Time‘s Emma have ever remembered meeting Merlin years ago in the movie house if she hadn’t managed to rescue him from the tree so he could jog her memory…? Meanwhile, why did Dark Emma give Zelena a free pass on her “I killed Neal” taunt? Heck, Regina stole the Wicked Witch’s voice just for being chatty!

6 | The way Quantico‘s flash-forwards keep introducing — and then ruling out — terror suspects among the NATs, who do you think will be left to eventually take the rap? Would they dare make it Nimah or Raina?

7 | When did virtually everyone on Scorpion, Paige included, become a fearless MacGyver-caliber genius?

8 | Isn’t Blindspot burning through tattoos, sometimes deciphering several in one episode, a bit quickly? Will we be snooping under Jane’s armpits (or worse) by February sweeps?flash-barry-patty-date

9 | When/where did The Flash’s Patty stop to change clothes when dashing from her end-of-date kiss with Barry to the CCPN crime scene? (And is it OK if our fanfic imagines that The Flash helped her with the quick change?)

10 | We sympathize with his sick dad, but isn’t it time for The Mindy Project‘s Danny to return to Shulman & Associates?

11 | Does Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Andrew-is-Lash reveal track for you? Or do you suspect a misdirect is at play?

12 | Is anyone from Portland watching Chicago Fire? If so, how do you feel about Molly’s’ neighbors?

13 | While we greatly enjoyed Constantine’s Arrow visit, Arrowdidn’t the sequence involving the rescue of Sara’s soul from “the other side” feel too easy and quick? Also, how did Sara get into Thea’s hospital room if Oliver and Laurel were right outside the door?

14 | Why doesn’t ABC have Nashville stars front-and-center at every one of its CMA Awards broadcasts? Instead of, say, Jeter’s fiancee?

15 | The week’s most fierce girlfight: Arrow’s Sara vs. Laurel… S.H.I.E.L.D.’s May vs. Bobbi… or Supergirl’s Kara vs. Astra?

16 | On Empire, what exactly was the point of Cookie and Hakeem’s meet-up with his kidnappers? Speaking of which, should Hakeem’s rush to Anika’s for post-ransom sex been a tipoff that he may have been the victim of some type of sexual assault during his captivity?

17 | Did Daniel Craig’s disarming answer on Today — in which he compared filming a Bond movie to running a marathon — make you forgive him for his recent, grumpy comments about playing the iconic spy?

18 | What’s worse, being resurrected without your soul (a la Arrow‘s Sara) or being resurrected with the wrong soul (a la The Vampire Diaries‘ Jo)? Perhaps The CW should just keep John Constantine on retainer?

The Player19 | Maybe we haven’t shopped at Best Buy lately, but was no one on that street supposed to notice The Player‘s Cassandra and her translucent, holographic iPad?

20 | Grey’s Anatomy fans, how distracted were you by Meredith’s random half updo hairstyle?

21 | On Sleepy Hollow, did the clerk’s warning that Jenny’s fate had changed immediately make you suspect she’d be the turncoat teased for later this season?

22 | Let’s be real: Is Ashley’s winning Project Runway collection — much of which was see-through — really wearable for anyone not named Kardashian?

23 | When did Nightline — a newsprogram born of the Iran hostage crisis, it’s always worth remembering — become the kind of show that runs entire segments on the Gwen Stefani/Blake Shelton romance?

Hit the comments with your answers and any other questions you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sara vs. Laurel? Do you mean Sara vs. Thea? Because the latter was cool, especially the part in the staircase, and the former just involved Sara kicking Laurel away. Like. There wasn’t an actual fight involved.

    • Danyelle says:

      lol sounds like youre the confused one. Thea didnt even get a punch in if I recall but _ran away_ down those stairs.

      • True, but that part I meant the physicality from Sara and Thea outsmarting her to get away. And while Thea doesn’t do super well against Sara either, there is an extended sequence with some cool moments for both characters and great use of space. In the Sara/Laurel confrontation, Sara dropped, Laurel ran at her, Sara kicked Laurel away, Sara fought Oliver, put Laurel down again, Laurel pulled a gun. There’s not a fight. Thea at least got in a cut with that glass; Sara literally just put Laurel down. That was Laurel’s entire contribution. Also the Thea fight was almost three times as long.

        • Dj says:

          I thought the Sara/Thea fight was a little weak and they didn’t let Thea do much of anything which with her skills she should have been able to put up more of a fight then she did. But seeing that Sara was easily beating down both Oliver and Laurel at the same time maybe not having a soul gave her super strength or something.

  2. nhogan47 says:

    1. I think Best Time Ever would do better on Friday nights, actually, but to answer your question: Yes. Undateable rules!
    11. I hope it’s not so simple. Like maybe he doesn’t know that he’s Lash, or maybe Lash can be anyone. The only witness they have IS a Von Strucker, after all.
    13. Yeah, it felt a little quick and easy, but I would assume those kind of sequences are the first to go
    15. Bobbi and May. They were all good but these two are the best fighters.

  3. kirads09 says:

    #3 Exactly That smile is EVERYTHING ♥
    #13 CW just needs to go all in and pick up Constantine – as series. It was a little “too easy” to get Sara back. But perhaps that was the magic involved? Matt was perfection.
    #23 Since everything “news” became “infotainment” and all real journalism ceased to exist.

  4. Reba42 says:

    #3, maybe JDM is just to hot for tv, and that’s why his shows keep getting canceled?

  5. kirads09 says:

    #16 Empire I think the purpose of meeting the kidnappers was overall an attempt to help Hakeem get over his PTSD. The doctor who “looked him over” said no other signs but maybe he didn’t go “there”. Or Hakeem couldn’t admit the something sexual happening. Could be Boo Boo KItty’s was the closest place he knew of in the state he was in and/or Hakeem didn’t want to face his own family like that. Anika should have gotten some credit from the clan for helping him.

  6. Luis says:

    Listen, I wouldn’t be surprised if Craig didn’t want to open a vein by the time he finishes filming every Bond film, to say nothing of the press junkets!

    • Jenn says:

      I’m kind of offended at the assertions that Craig’s comments were “grumpy”. A lot of them were really wonderfully feminist. I don’t think he needs to be forgiven for them at all.

      • mooshki says:

        And even though “my comments were taken out of context” is overused, when you read the rest of the interview he clearly said he was only sick of Bond at that moment because he was tired out from making S.P.E.C.T.R.E.

  7. Sarah says:

    13. My thoughts seem way to fast and a two-episode about bringing Sarah back will be more believable. I was hoping Constantine will be returning because he and Oliver were the best part of the episode and it seem like he didn’t appear much in the episode beside the Flashbacks’.
    15. Definitely May vs Bobbi I love those two fighting :)

  8. Luis says:

    1. “Undateable” is a breath-stealing hoot! Ron Funches rules the universe!

  9. Mr. Tran K says:

    #2 – Castle’s Rick. #4 – really want Quinn to survive because he’s the most important character on Homeland since Season 2 (don’t end up like Brody in the Season 3 finale).

  10. 4. Agreed, and I am not sure if I should be disappointed that he didn’t die at the end of the episode because he’s such a good character.
    8. That’s definitely my favorite thing about the show, how quick they are moving through the plot, and it is becoming cleat that the tattoos themselves aren’t as important as originally advertised.
    9. Head canon accepted! I am really enjoying Patti’s character so far and think she fits in well with all the rest of the show’s stellar female characters.
    11. I would not be surprised, and I’m kind of hoping, that there is something more to this twist that was pretty obvious!
    13. I thought the soul retrieval scene was actually the best part of the episode, along with every scene featuring John Constantine, but I agree that there should’ve been a price paid.
    15. I have to say Supergirl wins in that contest only because I did not expect the show to put them against each other so fast.
    18. I would love it if John Constantine became the connective tissue between all of The CW’s paranormal shows, and even the non paranormal ones lol.
    21. I think it’s pretty obvious, and genius, that Jenny will be the one who will play turncoat given all the scenes she’s shared with her sister.

  11. Robby says:

    I say Castle’s rescue was better. The horror in Rick’s eyes on realizing that daddy’s little girl is now a woman with boobs. A hard pill to swallow for every father.

  12. MSW says:

    6. At this point I don’t think it’s going to end up being a nat at all. Maybe Alex’s mom, or Elias? Also, is the whole who framed the AD’s son going to be the plot for season 2 or 1b?

  13. Rachel says:

    20 – omg THIS!!!!!!!

  14. Rita says:

    Yes – Undateable is the best time ever!!!

  15. BrightLight says:

    3. I have the same thought each episode he’s in. I also have the same problem with Neal McDonough on “Arrow”. I seriously have to watch each scene he is in twice because I’m constantly mesmerized by his eyes.

  16. Wordsmith says:

    8) Regarding the rate of “solving” Blindspot’s tattoos, they’ve also established that each individual tattoo has additional hidden details, and might possibly pertain to two or more different mysteries, so they can essentially keep drawing out the premise indefinitely.
    Yes, it will get a bit absurd eventually, but that’ll be several seasons down the road, and they’ll have a plan in place by then.

  17. Kristina says:

    8. That’s why they introduced the possibility of each tattoo having multiple meanings.

  18. jj says:

    Regarding Blindspot, that’s the reason a week or so ago they had the whole each tattoo can have more than one meaning/message etc.
    Regarding the Flash, I think it’s safe to assume that Patty keeps a change a clothes in her car in case she gets called into work.

  19. Gordon Rick says:

    #15 Bobby and Agent May hands down (and this is from a big Arrow fan)!

  20. Jeff hunter says:

    You left out posesible future girl fight:Selina and Silver on Gotham,here’s the question…did the writers go too far setting up a possible fight(either for a mid season finale or regular season finale in May)between two underage girls?Being the diehard Batman and wrestling fan that I am,yes there is a side of me that wants to see it,but ,its setting up something between two underage women that may get the producers in trouble down the line!jeff

    • Drew says:

      Batman stories have almost always featured under-aged kids fighting battles that they really shouldn’t be fighting. I don’t see why it should surprise anyone here.
      At least they’re not over sexualizing the kids, like some shows tend to do.

  21. trainwreck says:

    20. That has to be the worse hairstyle ever for EP! It was almost as distracting as the weird rendition of “Oops I did It Again” in the background of the otherwise sombre scene. I somehow kept getting flashes of Red Latex and Brit’s “Aww you shouldn’t have” playing in my mind.

    Grey’s used to have the best music.. WTH happened?

    • Julia says:

      THIS! Such bad hair. I was going to say something about the music choices soon… Ugh I’d rather have old school Snow Patrol on repeat than these weird covers.

    • Kate says:

      I’m guessing budget cuts affected the music choices. I am so over these awful covers.

  22. Steven says:

    12. I’m more upset with the big pregnancy reveal leading to a miscarriage just 4 episodes later. I was a mess.

  23. Steven says:

    1) I think Undateable was better before they started doing it live.
    9) Patty is a capable police officer- I’m sure she just had a change of clothes in the car for emergencies.

  24. lori says:

    1. Update able is awesome, hysterical. Enjoying the ad libs and crack ups
    8. Does Jane own a shirt with sleeves?

    • sanchopanza says:

      About #8 – my own Burning Question is, if she’s at all self-conscious about the tattoos, how come she’s always wearing a thin tank top, especially when she goes to meet somebody who might be a witness? She’s always asking “Do you recognize me?” and expecting them to notice something besides the tats. Hah.

  25. Betty says:

    #10 yes. I miss Danny and Mindy interacting so much.

  26. niloofar22 says:

    4 | NO NO NO Homeland cannot Kill Quinn. I Loved his character since his first episode in season 2, he is the most likeable character of the show.

    • madison says:

      Couldn’t agree more. He’s also the most compelling week to week, at least for me.

    • Jules says:

      He brings Carrie’s crazy down. Love the two of them together and their unlikely (given how they first met) bond. Whether or not you think they should actually be together ( and I read the writers room is divided on that issue) they make a great team. Quinn is the best character on that show.

      • Bwhit says:

        Yes! Quinn has seen Carrie at the lowest of lows and barely bats an eye. I hung on after Brody because of Carrie and Quinn, if they off him I won’t want to watch.

  27. niloofar22 says:

    3 | The older JDM gets, the better he looks.

  28. Elf says:

    9. I could buy that as a cop she realizes that since she has to be ready to be on duty at all times, she keeps a bag with a change of clothes ready in her car. Then she just pulled into a gas station restroom for a quick change on the way. (Or perhaps she had the bag ready in case she didn’t think she’d be spending the night at her place…)
    19. You can buy those tablets at the Grizzl Store… in two more years.

  29. Sophia says:

    20. U know what was more distracting than Meredith’s weird hairdo? The cover of Britney Spears ‘Oops I did it again’!! Is this the same series that once brought iconic soundtrack into its mix ??? Who is responsible for the music this season?

  30. robandco says:

    5. Dark Swan is not dark enough. I am starting to feel she’s been lying to everyone because something bigger is at stake and she’s trying to protect everyone… I hope not. The season is a huge letdown for me.

    20. That hairdo!! I was like “is that the 80s?”. Between that and the Oops… I did it again! cover I was a bit distracted at the end of the episode.

  31. Angela says:

    #21: Yes :(.

  32. Heathers says:

    4. Please don’t let Quinn die!!!

  33. Christian says:

    I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but his Joker-like grin and constant cutesy-pooh mugging for the camera has already made him an annoyance on the screen. And Jason is too “token” … it would have been nice to get to know a character and see him develop instead of shoving this formulaic character down our throats. This and Eli’s Jack Tripper-type antics have shown the Kings have became very lazy in their storytelling.

    • Kathy's says:

      Admittedly I’m biased I was/am an Elfman fan. I think Alicia did her patented push people away who get too close. JDM is nice enough looking, but he’s too much too soon. There is also something shady there.

  34. Stacy says:

    20: I only saw the stills and found Mer’s hair offputting. It just doesn’t fit the character. I do love the length of EP’s hair this season, though. Just not this specific style.

    23: And to add, who believes that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are anything more than a publicity stunt? Please.

  35. Drew says:

    5. I’m just wondering how long they will wait before somehow revealing that Emma isn’t really “dark” after all, and has been pretending to be bad for the sake of some greater purpose.
    9. As someone who works with actors/actresses, I can assure you that a quick change is possible. She probably had a change of clothes in her car and slipped into them before heading out.
    23. Nightline is not a respectable news show. I know an actress who appeared on the show, in character, but presented as totally real.
    Bonus Question: If Supernatural’s Amara feeds on the souls of humans and demons (who are essentially just messed up human souls on this show), what did she live on before there were humans for her to feed off of? We didn’t even exist the last time she was out and about!

  36. craig says:

    I was just about to watch the Project Runway finale and you ruined it with naming the winner. You could have just mentioned the winning designer’s fashion line without mentioning that person won. It’s not like I was reading an article about the show…then it would be my fault I came upon the spoiler. You just blurted the winner without a spoiler warning. Boo and hiss and I hope Ausielo gets a big mouthful of gristly meat in his Thanksgiving meal.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Seriously? You are reading an article that asks questions about the week’s episodes. Do you think they’re just going to use Character A and Character B to describe them so you can remain spoiler free? DON’T. CLICK. Simple as that.

      • Rachel says:

        THIS to the millionth power!!!

      • ss says:

        I completely agree. I watch shows on Hulu, so they are a week behind. I know if I read the questions of the weeks, I have a high chance of finding out things that I didn’t want to know. If you don’t want to know spoilers, don’t go to tvline.

    • Anna says:

      Are you really wishing bad things on Ausiello bc you didn’t have enough sense to not read an article on a TV blog that literally talks about TV from the past week? Grow up.

  37. Imzadi says:

    3.) I don’t don’t know, it’s like I’m mesmerized. I’ve been aware of him since the first season of Supernatural. But this is the first time I thought that he is really, really hot. More, please.

  38. 12J21J says:

    6. I don’t think they would blame it on the hijabis because it will bring a whole new racism issue on ABC and I think every network learned that they need to avoid that topic after looking at Showtime

  39. 15 | The week’s most fierce girl fight: Arrow’s Sara vs. Laurel… S.H.I.E.L.D.’s May vs. Bobbi… or Supergirl’s Kara vs. Astra?
    Kara v Astra because Astra laid a super whoopin’ on Kara. Also, it was Thea, not Laurel. Their fight comes second, then May v Bobbi because that was a test to see if Bobbi was field ready.

  40. prish says:

    2. Danno because that was a serious, true to life, parent management moment. Kudos to those writers. 8. Wasn’t there a scene in the lab, where they were demonstrating that tattoos together and/or overlaid created new messages or tattoos? Couldn’t that go on forever, if we think of looking at lace moving over another layer of lace?

  41. rowan77 says:

    3. No. He’s meant to distract from the fact that Diane and Cary are being wasted this season on a storyline that’s being dragged out too long to sustain interest. I like story arc, but this past episode’s Howard storyline felt like padding more than anything else. But I’ll look at JDM without complaint.

    4. I felt that way too.

    10. What was Chris Messina shooting that they had to write him out for a few episodes? Live By Night wasn’t shooting in September, was it

    11. It didn’t for me at first, but since we saw him turn into Lash…

    14. Bad planning?

    15. May v. Bobbi. No superpowers, just kickass women kicking ass.

    20. It succeeded in making her look younger – but I kept thinking that she was going to have to leave for a meeting of the Baby-sitters Club.

    21. felt like foreshadowing.

    23. When ABC started viewing a news program as an entertainment program.

  42. bmac_mama says:

    #20! I kept staring at it hoping Meredith would fix her damn hair. AND I laughed out loud when I read it on the list :)

  43. Dj says:

    11. I was one of the few who didn’t see the Lash thing coming I thought it was going to be Ros. But I do think someone are something is controlling Andrew.

    13. As happy as I am that the best character in arrow history is back, I was disappointed with how easy it was to free her soul. Constantine made it sound like it was going to be some hard task with a big bad demon at the end,

  44. Shar says:

    #24 ?? am I the only one who had to try to do the math when this week’s NCIS revolved around an error Abby made some 16 years ago? Just how is Abby supposed to be? and yes, I did look up Pauley’s real age.

  45. sanchopanza says:

    #5: If you keep trying to make sense out of the little oddities in OUAT, you’ll just make yourself crazy.

  46. Annie says:


  47. Tenney says:

    Undateable LIVE has turned into the BTE on Friday night TV.

  48. Allison says:

    20. Mer’s hair was hilarious! Maybe even she or her character gets bad hair days? ;) I think I wore it that way in the 7th grade, lol. Very late 80s early 90s hair style. Her hair and the music were both distracting to the episode itself.

  49. HAP says:

    As far as I can tell, the ratings for Undateable makes it a bubble show. I totally enjoy it simply because it is quite evident that the cast is having a ball doing it.

    Folks, please start watching it if you already don’t.

  50. Huh says:

    Thanks for mentioning Meredith’s updo. It’s been bugging me since last night and it reminds me of her “alarmingly high ponytail” from the time she met Derrick’s mom.