Castle Wedding Anniversary

Castle Photos: Rick's Anniversary Surprise, Kate Gets 'Steamed'

Castle‘s Captain Kate Beckett is scantily clad on the occasion of her first wedding anniversary — though probably not for the reasons one might suspect/hope, as seen in these photos from the fall’s antepenultimate episode.

In “The Last Seduction” (airing Nov. 16), Rick and Kate manage to mark a milestone in their admittedly fractured marriage, all in the course of hunting down a murderous grifter. Lindsay Price (All My Children) and Andrea Roth (Rescue Me) guest-star.

“What’s exciting about the episode is that this is the first anniversary for Castle and Beckett — but how do you celebrate it when you’re in this kind of weird time out?” co-showrunner Terence Paul Winter asks. “And they find a way.”

But as TVLine noted to the show bosses, their definition of “exciting” might at this time differ from that of any viewers disenfranchised by the marrieds’ estrangement. To that, co-showrunner Alexi Hawley responded, “Here’s what were hoping: that when we get to a certain point in the season, which in theory could be the fall finale (airing Nov. 23), you could look back at the journey and appreciate it maybe a little more than you might have during it.”

Check out photos from “The Last Seduction,” which include “Happy Anniversary” banners ‘n’ balloons and a(n undercover) spa day for Kate and Hayley.

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  1. Brad says:

    Looks more like Rick trys not Beckett lol

  2. Audrey says:

    Hmmmm….is there a chance Castle does know the entire story for her leaving and he has been investigating behind the scenes….pretending not to have a clue? I hope….

    • Dee says:

      This is my theory, too. He knows that that FBI agent killed herself but he doesn’t know why aside from being the mastermind (which I think she isn’t) on the deaths of McCord and company. He knows about Bracken being whacked and LOCKSAT somewhat connected to him (and in that case Johanna’s case) but he also doesn’t know why Bracken was killed. We know he’s done this before so who knows if he’s doing it now. ;)

      • S. says:

        Oh interesting take. He knows something’s up. He doesn’t believe she’s not into a breakup per se. I mean Martha may’ve told him how she acted thrown and negative at the idea of a divorce. If she doesn’t want a divorce, and he can tell she still loves him, there’s something to stick his nose into. If he hasn’t yet, he’s gotta eventually. Maybe what’s going on this week with Slaughter spurs him to do that.

    • Tirb says:

      since when is Castle the smart one? No way.

  3. I Give Up says:

    “but how do you celebrate it when you’re in this kind of weird time out?”

    Short answer…You don’t! They are separated and you don’t give gifts or anything else for that matter to your ex.

    • S. says:

      They’re not officially separated that we know of, Castle’s certainly not acknowledging that. He’s in denial about it and a total romantic and would totally get her a present in the course of trying to do what he thinks is winning her back. She’s gonna be emotional about the date and it wouldn’t be out of bounds for her to find some way to mark it, esp. since she doesn’t really want to break up. The question is how without getting Rick in danger, but she’s kidding herself if she thinks she’s doing a very good job of that.

      • I Give Up says:

        Of course they are separated! She moved out, They don’t live together and live in different houses, ergo separated. You don’t therefore embarrass yourself further by celebrating a milestone you didn’t actually reach.

        I’m pleased others can feel the end justifies the means but for me these characters are ruined beyond repair!

  4. Kim R says:

    As a showrunner, I would think the goal would be having your viewership enjoy the episodes as they are happening and not having to look back at the journey to appreciate it. Even in times of angst between characters, if the storytelling is well written and makes sense I’m sure most fans are more than willing to go along for the ride. I have said this before but there is this cloud of hurt that hangs over even the best of episodes. It is making me like Kate less and less. It is so much so, in fact, that I wonder if she is indeed going to be the blind item death. The show is called Castle, after all.

    • Luli says:

      They already said that Kate is not dying. Check EW. As for the show that is to be seen….

    • Sage says:

      They already said she wasn’t the blind item

    • Sam says:

      I tried posting the article from EW where the showrunners quickly shot down the rumor that Beckett was the blind item, but I guess TVLine doesn’t allow links from other sites?

      Anyway, they clearly had to move quick to squash the rumor because they are barely hanging on to the fans now – numbers don’t lie – and if people thought they were going to kill Beckett and not just have her leave Castle with no explanation, numbers would fall even further.

      • S. says:

        They’re not “barely holding onto fans now.” They’re getting timeshifted. The numbers are fine if you factor in DVR+3. People look at same day and that’s down for many many shows. Most of the time that slight adjustment takes care of any perceived viewer drop. You know what people are definitely not doing? They haven’t stopped paying attention to it. I know this because all they can seem to do is come to these articles and whine. TVLine wouldn’t cover this show nearly as much as they do if it weren’t getting page views so that tells you right there that they’re interested and still engaging whether they admit it or not. If people are coming here regularly and not watching, after a point it seems like a huge waste of time to me, but that’s the non-viewer/still-commenter’s problem.

        • Ralph Benson says:

          The bottom line is that they have lost 3,000,000 viewers since last year. Now you can dress that pig anyway you wish, they’re still down 3,000,000 viewers and they appear ready to lose some more.

    • Beckstle says:

      “As a showrunner, I would think the goal would be having your viewership enjoy the episodes as they are happening and not having to look back at the journey to appreciate it. Even in times of angst between characters, if the storytelling is well written and makes sense I’m sure most fans are more than willing to go along for the ride.” THIS.

  5. Waleed says:

    Finally sone one pointed out the different meaning of “fun” & “exciting” lol

    “you could look back at the journey and appreciate it maybe a little more than you might have during it.”

    Does that mean it’s gonna get worse, & viewers will say “at least there were some #Caskett scenes back then”.
    😜 🙊🙉🙈

  6. Just one thing says:

    “Here’s what were hoping: that when we get to a certain point in the season, which in theory could be the fall finale (airing Nov. 23), you could look back at the journey and appreciate it maybe a little more than you might have during it.”
    Wow. These guys are firmly entrenched in the “DELUSIONAL” category. Fascinating.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just one thing, I agree delusional and notice he says it could be the November 23rd episode more BS from the writers. Thank god I don’t watch any more only read comments and reviews to get a good laugh from everyone and writers comments. They should both Castle/Beckett go out in a blaze of gun fire since writers have already killed the show.

      • Just one thing says:

        It used to drive me crazy when AWM spoke about an upcoming story without conviction: “in theory,” “it could be…”
        But then AWM’s immediate successor did the same, and now I see this dynamic duo talking in the same indefinite, obtuse way. Must be a Castle showrunner thing.

        • nicademus11 says:

          Just a showrunner thing. Scott Gimple does it all the time on Walking Dead. In fact Walking Dead producers have point blank lied to keep story lines secret. While I think this season has been a disaster. I do think Castle’s showrunners would be better off keeping their mouths shut. Their trite responses and patronizing justifications just add fuel to an already raging fire.

      • emily says:

        speak for yourself. the show isn’t “dead”. i love the show more than ever

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:

      Very fascinating.
      But dare I hope they went in and changed their plan? They’ll show Castle knew all along, and it was in fact a “fake” breakup? Which is why we get him trying to win her back, instead of you know listening to when she says she still loves him?

  7. Sam says:

    I really don’t get it. The point of a TV show, especially one like Castle is to enjoy EVERY episode. HBO defended season 2 of True Detective by saying ‘well, when you see the whole story together, it’s really good.’ That does not make sense. Fans are supposed to be able to enjoy each episode, and numbers do not lie. Fans are not liking what the new showrunners have done to the show. Also, when you’re separated – when you’re wife leaves you – you don’t celebrate your anniversary….

  8. Rusty says:

    These so called showrunners HW and TPW are really trying to get folks interested in this stupid storyline. Almost everyday they are talking about how “fun, hoping and exciting” that the viewers will finally understand their stupidity and total lack of understanding the how they have ruined a beloved show. I do hope that the powers to be are reading all the different forums around that are 95% against this storyline. I would love to be a fly on the wall in a conference room if and when the show is cancelled.
    I don’t know if the rumors about the two leads not liking each other are true and that’s why they went along with this. The show should have ended last season if that’s the case. If the show is cancelled, I hope these two Bozo’s are blacklisted and forced to watch reruns of “My Mother the Car”.

    • Fred Bloggs says:

      You do realise Alexi Hawley already has another job, don’t you? It was announced in The Hollywood Reporter on Oct 6 that Hawley will be one of the exec producers on a legal drama based on a book series by Ingrid Thoft. He will also write the pilot.

      He’s a confirmed two-time failure as showrunner, given a third chance with Castle and has clearly blown it – and has been given another opportunity. Although maybe he will be removed quietly now the extent of his failure is clear. (My opinion of his choices for this season, obviously.)

      • I'm going to let you finish but says:

        IMHO Alexi hasn’t blown it, he’s succeeded in doing exactly what TPTB wanted to do. He’s the pawn just like Amann was S7.

        • Fred Bloggs says:

          I don’t believe TPTB wanted the lowest ever ratings for the series.
          They could tell stories with Captain Beckett and Castle PI and reduce the screentime between the actors that way, if that’s what you mean.

          • I'm going to let you finish but says:

            Some thought the “brand” was all they needed for Castle to be successful. Clearly they misjudged. But they succeeded in making Beckett unlikeable, and people asking that Castle divorce her and find better.

        • Just one thing says:

          It does look like that’s case, doesn’t it?

      • Rusty says:

        I know he was responsible for The Following being cancelled. So either he has something on somebody or is related through marriage to some big wig. That’s the only reason I can see for giving a 3 time loser more chances to ruin a show and waste millions of dollars. It most certainly isn’t based on any talent.

        • Just one thing says:

          Nothing personal against Hawley when it comes to multiple cancellations, but showrunners with multiple failures are more likely to be hired than showrunners with no experience.
          “Failing upward” happens all the time.
          Especially to male showrunners and film directors.

  9. I'm going to let you finish but says:

    So why is Beckett ALWAYS the one “scantily clad”, meanwhile Castle is all dressed up with his shoes on the bed?

    • Blurgh says:

      Because our society likes to objectify women? Because people think her body is nicer than his? Because women being scantily clad on TV boosts ratings more than a scantily clad man would (suggesting that men are more interested in sex than women…another sexist theory)? Take your pick.

      • CastleBuzz says:

        Since other series nowadays manage to show both male and female stars scantily clad, I’m not sure you can blame society in this case. Castle is rather unique in this business of keeping the male lead dressed even in bed but only since early season 5 in Murder He Wrote. After that ep we have not seen Rick without a shirt. Do I really need to point out why?

        • Blurgh says:

          You think he’s too chubby to be shirtless?

          • CastleBuzz says:

            I think HE thinks he’s too chubby to be shirtless. Men can have body issues as well as women. But, yeah, I do too. It’s also why I find his mugging for the camera in the past couple of seasons unattractive. NF looks every bit of his 44 years, if not older, and all the face-making he does looks ridiculous on a big, middle-aged man.

  10. Sam says:

    Other publications have noticed the viewer dissatisfaction with this season and its contrived plot: “Likely beat from the ‘will they or will they not’ drama between Beckett and Castle, viewers have been checking out the Season 8. Hawley may wish to begin dishing out those quick answers when the series return this month.” Hopefully he and Terence Paul Winter are actually hearing the fan backlash on the crap they’re throwing at us.

  11. annek says:

    They keep “hoping” and asking viewers to “stick with them” but patience is gone. There has been no movement, except maybe Castle’s idiocy and my indifference. I cant look back on past episodes and “get” where they are going because, unlike past yrs, i will never watch S8 again. No payoff can erase the damage that has been done here

  12. Boiler says:

    Time for the haters to go away. Also, I have not noticed any big viewership drop this year. At least no more than 95% of the shows out there. If you don’t like it go away

    • I'm going to let you finish but says:

      I wish all these “haters” would go away, then you’ll be able to see the drop that’s been happening since S7. But nice spin, the Grim Reaper would call it #PRJedi tricks.

      • Boiler says:

        I think I said THIS YEAR, meaning season. If you are so smart compare Castle drops with other drops in shows this season considered popular. As I said go away

    • Blurgh says:

      I agree that there’s a lot of negativity, which doesn’t help an already frustrating situation. But I think that people really love this show and are sad/angry because they feel like the show is being dishonored and ruined.
      I’m hoping that there’s a good method to this madness– i.e. Rick and Kate’s separation–and that they’ll be reunited soon.

    • Ralph Benson says:

      You haven’t noticed that Castle is down 3,000,000 viewers? Open your eyes.

  13. JA903 says:

    Does anyone know what the numbers are for viewership/ratings? Has it really fallen?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Last season averaged 8.5 million weekly viewers and a 1.6 demo rating.

      Season 8 thus far is averaging 6.8 million viewers and a 1.2 demo rating.

      • Christina says:

        I’ve never been more proud of Nielsen viewers. Thanks Matt!

        • Gern Blanston says:

          You can’t necessarily read into those numbers that people are leaving because of this season’s storyline though. The season premier had those exact numbers. So, its not as if the ratings were steady from last year at first and then people jumped ship once they saw what was going on. For whatever reason, people didn’t tune in from the get-go. I’m not trying to defend or make any statement about the story, I just wanted to offer a little context to the numbers.

          • I'm going to let you finish but says:

            You can read exactly that, especially since hiatus all the promos were about Alexis being Castle’s new partner, and him being a full time P.I.

          • Christina says:

            True, but it’s not like the current story line is bringing anyone back into the fold. The premier was lukewarm, and word of mouth isn’t encouraging those viewers to come back. I’m kind of of the opinion that last season should have been last.

          • Gern Blanston says:

            Christina, I agree. That’s why I mentioned that I wasn’t trying to comment on the quality of the story. I’m still holding off on forming an opinion on the story as its not even a quarter of the way through yet, but it doesn’t seem to be attracting viewers, or at least live viewers. I have no idea what the DVR numbers are. And I’m going to let you finish but, no you can’t. People could have stopped watching for any number of reasons that have nothing to do with this current story. Almost every show,if they make it this long, starts shedding viewers at this point in its life. To blame a drop in viewership solely on promos or this storyline ignores the trend that had already begun during last season in which viewership steadily dropped from premier to finale. My feeling is that, much like The Mentalist before it, once the central mystery was solved people lost a large portion of their motivation to watch and decided to give something else a try. Couple that with a season finale that worked really well as a cap to the series and you have a ratings drop of nearly 4 million viewers overall (I don’t know the demo numbers.) from season 7 premier to season 8 premier.

        • Boiler says:

          First off go away. Second I suppose Blindspot has hurt Castle some. Third, how does it compare in total after DVR which is truly a better story of shows popularity even if advertisers haven’t figured out how to deal with it

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Season-to-date Live+7 averages:

            BLINDSPOT 4.5 rating (and 15.1 million total viewers)

            CASTLE 2.1 rating (and 10.6 million total viewers) — last season, 2.6 and 12.6 mil

            NCIS LA 2.0 rating (and 11.5 million total viewers) — last season, 2.6 and 13 mil

          • Boiler says:

            Gee Matt you have a computer for a brain??:) Thanks although not good

          • lame says:

            Studio know many DVR are equipped to skip the commercial breaks, advertisers accept only live totals because of that.

      • Waleed says:

        What’s ur take on this season Matt? U have read most of the comments and responses & talked with the Showrunners [who are in their own fantasy land]

      • georgee says:

        Matt since you are the go between, between ABC and the Castle fans would you clear up a major rumor for us.It is that Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion can not stand each other and will not send much time with each other.That would explain a lot about season 8. Thanks for the speedy reply. Loyal Castle fan Georgee

  14. Mr. Tran K says:

    This season’s Castle has been lackluster so far despite new showrunners. Last season was great when they had David Amann as showrunner but with Rick and Kate on the rocks, where does the series go from here?

    • Fred Bloggs says:

      I don’t think it’s despite the new showrunners. I think it’s because of them. In my opinion, they have made a series of terrible choices and presented shallow, sloppy, stupid writing.
      The only things I don’t blame them for is less screentime for Stana because of her non-Castle interests, less screentime between Nathan and Stana because of *reasons* and the Captain Beckett/Castle PI concept.
      Better showrunners could have dealt with those limitations and still created a decent overarching storyline and decent individual episodes.

      • prish says:

        It was a hoot for Castle to start doing PI work to account for the tax write-off. There’s a ton of gold in them, th’ar hills. They should expound on that more.

    • Alice says:

      Last season drove many viewers away, they changed their formula to bring Castle front and center. And the private detective arc was the lowest rated arc of all seasons.

  15. NDFan says:

    Thank you for the pictures Matt! Im still willing to stick around and see how it all plays out.

  16. Dan says:

    When the ratings are low the clothes must go!
    First we have Castle pimping out his own daughter as a slutty angel in a frat house and now I guess it’s the rest of the female cast turn to pull in the viewers.
    Really, is there any other reason left to watch this train wreck?

    The story they try to feed us this year only feels like an insult to my intelligence. Oh, so Castle and Beckett doesn’t live together? Well, whopedido I guess we can’t use him against her now! I mean, it’s not like he is less protected without her there or anything! Oh, and of course it makes perfect sense for Beckett to put her husband and his entire family in lethal danger fighting this enemy for reasons nobody understands! Yay, writers you really aced this! It’s even better than the BS amnesia and Castle in Afghanistan story from last year!
    I stopped watching after ep3 but of course I still have to read reviews because I like to torture myself. All I hope is that both Stana and Nathan finds new and better jobs after this (yes, it is still possible to like BOTH actors).

    • prish says:

      The daughter moved in with a guy, so the actress has matured into older roles and situations. Castle did scramble to pull her out, don’t forget, when he saw the scenario. You are right about the silly thinking behind the plotting, but it is still worth watching, for both actors had decent, entertaining scenes.

  17. Yas says:

    “you could look back at the journey and appreciate it maybe a little more than you might have during it.”

    I don’t why but everytime I hear them saying this, I’m more and more conviced of that charade idea of their break up.
    That would explain everything.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yas I think that would be good idea,but come on do you really think these writers are that intelligent PLEASE. But everyone can hope.

    • sabres54 says:

      The charade excuse would never work, because they left each other’s shirts to cuddle with, they broke up in private with no one watching, They could never explain that, would never make sense. I am not putting all the blame on these two stooges for the destruction of the show. That belongs to Marlowe and his minions who thought the ruination of the wedding all the fans were waiting for was funny. Season 7 was atrocious, not one episode I would even watch over. The “real” wedding was such a let down, green screen and all, and not one of their friends there. No romantic wedding night scene, no nothing. Oh, an old west trip with kissus interuptus by snakes and a nude gay cowboy that Castle urged his wife to see naked.. I’ve still stuck by the show, and hope I can watch it until the end. This coming Monday looks like I wouldn’t mind missing, as I can’t stand Slaughter. And no Beckett. If the leads don’t like and can’t work with each other, then shame on them. They have let down their fans and their show. For a million dollars a season, or more, they should be able to act like they can stand each other.. Nathan looked like he enjoyed the scorpions all over his face than he does kissing Stana. No more stupid storylines, arcs. If this Is the end of the series’ and I believe it is, go out with glory. Get the Castle’s back together. String some really good mysteries together, and let them mind meld, laugh, kiss and solve the case. Stop the buffoonery between Castle, Ryan and Esposito. Get rid of Hayley, she adds absolutely nothing to the show. Get Alexis a life, away from her father. Let her grow up, and not by toasting her with a shot of scotch, something way out of the Castle fatherhood character. Get Espo and Lainie back together, I always liked them as a couple. Get Kate out of the Captain’s chair and back down to chief of Homicide. It’s not like she needs more money as being captain. Let her check her ego, and realize she isn’t happy at the top. Give Martha a decent story line, how about her getting an illness, or someone kidnapping her and see how all three Castle’s go after the suspect. Why can’t the fans still have the same show as it was in season’s 1-5. A married couple can still flirt, turn each other on, and solve a crime. Only difference is the fan’s get to know they go home together, not WTWT. Finally, yes finally, let her get pregnant as the series finale. Make it a time jump episode, she get’s pregnant and at the end of the series has the baby, make it twins or triplets, who cares. Just get us fans out of this mess still loving our show.

    • CM says:

      By the time the story gets to the “big reveal” (if there is one) fans won’t care.

      Fans are tired of the story NOW. Fan apathy is on the rise to the point that no resolution will be good enough.

  18. prish says:

    The husband groans, “Oh, good, she finally finds out who kills her FBI partner and rights the wrong.” when I told him the show is supposed to be coming back in January and things will be ok, again. Goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, he was a fan of the getting together, the marriage he describes as bizarre, now his heart his broken, but he is hanging in there until they get back together. I like Castle’s Nathan Fillion, so enjoy whatever I get, while I hold the husband’s hand and buck him up through the disappointments.

  19. lame says:

    There’s something seriously wrong when the show runners keep telling fans things are going to get better while waisting episode after episode getting to that point . Now get this synopsis and photos that all but tells us “cool guys” is gonna suck so see what you have to look forward to!!! Really, is this how to build or rather keep weekly viewers???

  20. Ron says:

    Is this show still on???????????????

  21. Brad says:

    If your already separated after only being married for like 9 months then your not meant to be especially after your last wife left you also he’s probably better off going back to being a playboy

  22. Linda Giza says:

    To the show runners,to quote Beckett”please STOP talking”,every time you come out with new “exciting” and “it could be’s”you start a riot,what you are saying is not helping,double talk and stay with us we will make it worth while….,oops maybe not…..oops they will smile at each and sniff shirts…..oops she is still gone and he is still acting like a frat boy,which I am pretty sure will reach fever pitch this Monday when his friend…..yah that guy comes visiting.
    The only thing I want for their anniversary is a resolution and a decent storyline that does not make me cringe.Hey,the first two were probably the best except for …….
    Let’s get to Mr and Mrs Castle,let’s get this show back on track if it’s the last season then make it a good one,not this,Caskett is the heart of Castle like or not (I do)and the rest of the Castle crew make it a great show with them.Bring the magic back and Showrunners……stop talking.

  23. Denyse says:

    So pathetic that the writers split them up to begin with. They can’t even celebrate their first anniversary. There is no reason at all to have broken them up in the first place.

  24. Teri says:

    At least he admitted it was a weird timeout😬 I want a wonderfully romantic, sensual, passionate reunion. Am I asking for too much? Caskett needs each other. Together forever.

  25. Trogdor777 says:

    Sigh, remember that time not so long ago when Beckett was dangling from a rooftop and resolved to stop obsessing over secret organizations and personal vendettas and realized she just wanted Rick….always. ? Oh, and remember that time in the pilot when it was established he was a…writer? Hmmmm, Guess all of that was just fodder they assume the fan base would just forget. I understand that a show inevitably evolves over time and season concepts change with different show runners, but EVERYTHING is so far removed from what it was. Other than Ryan and Espo being ‘goofy’ there is nothing consistent with what they have established the last 7/8 years. I just really miss the basic zany moments where they would figure things out at the same time. “I know who the killer is”.

  26. lame says:

    Beckett stepping out of the sauna wrapped in a towel is only sexy if she were followed by Castle wrapped in his towel, otherwise it means nothing and has no effect what so ever.

    • sabres54 says:

      And why with Hayley. Beckett barely knows her and they are sharing a sauna together. Shouldn’t it be with Alexis, you know, Beckett’s stepdaughter. They should be bonding and I would like to hear some dialogue between them. You never seen them really talking or hanging around together. It’s some quick “bye Kate’ or Beckett. Also hate that even though they are married they call each other by their last name’s. I wouldn’t want to be called by my last name by my husband. It lacks intimacy, of course so does the show. The showruiners should just watch any episode of Forensic Files, write up the script and use it. They obviously can’t make up their own.

      • Mabs says:

        Or it should be with Lanie. We hardly ever see her spend time with her “best friend” and I would imagine Lanie has a lot to say to Kate right now.

        My guess though, is it’s a business meeting of some kind or they are “under cover” for some reason.

  27. John Z says:

    Sorry sounds awful. Cant celibrate a wedding anniversary when they are seperated. Yes lots of joy in that. Stupid. Ooo but lets show KB in a towel, cause fans will watch for that…… and we will look back and appreciate this season so far. Yeah no.

  28. I Give Up says:

    I’ve seen comments about the fact it appears to be impossible to write a happily married couple solving crimes and having genuine fun with each other ( as opposed to the type of fun our showrunners believe we are having)

    That’s complete rubbish as I am currently also watching another show which is doing exactly that – and it has been going longer than Castle – so I just can’t fathom why this show can’t! I still believe the problem lies with more than just the writers!

  29. CM says:

    “What’s exciting about the episode is that this is the first anniversary for Castle and Beckett — but how do you celebrate it when you’re in this KIND OF WEIRD TIME OUT?”

    “Weird” is the understatement of the century.

    I’m starting to think that the showrunners are the only two people anywhere that “get” this story. Them trying to explain individual episodes as “fun” is pointless when there’s an ever present cloud of doom over the show.

  30. CM says:

    ” ….you could look back at the journey and appreciate it maybe a little more than you might have during it.”

    Nope. Not likely. In fact, with time, such stories usually become worse.

    It would have to be bomb sized retcon to fix this hot mess. No explanation will be adequate.

  31. gretchen thad says:

    I can’t imagine a scenario where the ends will justify the means on Castle. The separation isn’t the only problem. What is unforgivable is that characters have been destroyed and plot lines make no sense.

  32. A fan says:

    The way I see it, there’s the die hard fans and the curious viewers waiting for the final November episode. Whether separated professionally or personally, one of the foundations of ‘Castle’ that is Castle and Beckett investigating cases side by side as partners is gone. We get so little screen time of them together.

    They spend equally or more time with their ‘partner of the week’. Haley, Vikram, Alexis, Ryan and Esposito, that lady with the super smell ability and now Slaughter. Recurring characters like Hayley and Vikram? This late into the series? Just to supposedly to give something refreshing to the series? The show have their own underused characters like Tori, their own tech specialist, and Perlmutter that they could have used. Shakes head…

    It seems like the season will just be Castle or Beckett spending more time with the guest(s) of the week or recurring characters. Just not the same, not enjoyable.

  33. Frankie says:

    I am an avid can, however then nupitul ending of last season was so bad. All the obj wow of the dress to end with his dissapperance really lame. Now they are together but not together does not make sense. Beckett suppose to find ,who again ???. Working by day and where at night a gym why. The premise of the show was based on how they WORK GREAT TOGETHER!!!!sorry you have lost me this season and I really like both actor’s. I please stop doing them an injustice. Please put them back together if you must use some add some more wit kinds like Wagner & Wagner(?) a husband (Robert Wagner) and wife private investgator series. Another one was, can not remember, I spy, no…another husband and wife team early 70″s witty, humor, danger, always beat the odds. Why not continue to include Castles dad and step mom here and there. Do not leave Castles mother and daughter out they are both an asset I am no critic but I know what I like and if I feel this way about. What your doing with there relationship now it stinks….. Sorry !!!!! Please do better by them Mr. & Mrs, Ms,’ Screen Writers .I really don’t want this posted for everyone to see but how else do I get across my disssppointment and it is no Castle or Beckett ‘a fault…..

  34. Rodney says:

    When I watch a show that is great after every episode I’m going “that was awesome I can’t wait till next week! ” I’ve never watched one that sucks all the way till the end and then go “Ohh now after watching 20 + sucky episodes everything makes sense .”

  35. Connie says:

    This entire season of Castle is beyond boring! Beckett is so shallow and self-serving (much like Katic, I suspect) and it’s not fun to watch. She has an amazing life, but she’s still hung up on her mother’s murder? Geez! Get over it!
    I place the blame fully at Stana Katic’s feet. She has a great role on a hot tv show, with a huge fan base, and she wants more creative freedom? Does she know how lucky she is? I hate the path this whole thing has taken, and feel used that I have wasted so many years invested in this couple. My husband and I used to look forward to our hour with this show, but not anymore. This is now a really ugly story line, and is almost physically painful to watch. We fans deserve something so much better!

  36. lame says:

    Hawley said he’s hoping the fans looking back will appreciate the journey, but if they don’t, then what. So far all every time Castle has been told Beckett still loves him, fans aren’t buying it. Her keeping the truth from him makes her words ring hollow. No journey is gonna change that.

  37. Rodney says:

    Until Caskett is back together I will NOT be enjoying anything from this so far asinine storyline.