Vampire Diaries Rayna Cast

Vampire Diaries Scoop: Meet Rayna, Season 7's Lethal New Vampire Hunter

Damon and Stefan’s lady problems on The Vampire Diaries are about to get so much worse.

Episode 712 will introduce Leslie-Anne Huff (NCIS) as Rayna, a vicious vampire hunter who “returns to the world of the living after being taken out by her enemies,” TVLine has learned. Described as “fierce, driven, smart and confident,” Rayna literally can’t rest until she’s exacted her vengeance — which probably isn’t great news for our Mystic Falls faves.

(Also, no, we’re not going to address the fact that she looks exactly like Elena. Nope, not even going to bring it up.)

TVD fans, your knee-jerk thoughts on Rayna? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Luke says:

    They are bringing in too many new characters. The show isn’t doing so hot and TVD always has difficulty with keeping focus to the main characters. This season we’ve been given a full blown history on the heretics and now we’ll get a life lesson on the huntress, it’s too much.

    • Ari says:

      Yes.TVD has always failed to service their already large cast, adding more characters is just laughable!

    • Sara says:

      I honestly like this even though I agree about bringing on too many characters but she sounds more interesting and dangerous then all the heretics put together. Now if she has chemistry with Stefan I will be on board!

      • RachelT says:

        I’m intrigued by Rayna and wonder what her back story is. Why is she hunting Stefan and is she the connection to the scars…Julian had one on his chest too. Will she be one of the bros new love interest because I could go for that. There’s no chemistry between anyone right now especially since they’re not giving us Bamon.

        • Carrie says:

          OMG I sooo hope this can be Stefan’s new love interest. But knowing how they won’t let Stefan near any hot girl she’ll probably wind up being his and Valerie’s daughter.

          • Rayfan says:

            They better not even make her Stefan’s daughter because I want them to have chemistry. Stefan needs this! lol Sterobore has nothing and I need Stefan with somebody he has chemistry with…..please let this Rayna chic be it! Rayfan ftw!!!

    • Kelly says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth!!

  2. Alisha says:

    Ok so she looks hilariously similar to Nina Dobrev (atleast in this pic).. but the whole flashforwards & huntress storyline has be totally intrigued.. So I’ll let it pass.. Hopefully they make her look considerably different on the show..

  3. Gilda says:

    She looks so much like Nina Dobrev.

    • johnhelvete says:

      I clicked on this to see the name of the actress. I am going with the older sister of Victoria Justice.

    • charlotte says:

      Because the show is tanking. they’ll try anything to bring back viewers. since Dries and Plec wrote this show into the Dulena ground people left and have no desire to come back.

      • Sheila says:

        So are they trying to turn this into Buffy?

      • Annie says:

        As someone who didn’t even care about Delena in seasons 5 and 6, I don’t think they were the main reason for failure. A lot of good writers left the show and writing for every aspect of the show has steadily declined in recent years. Now Delena isn’t even on screen anymore but the show is still bad. It’s sad because it used to be phenomenal in the early years.

        • charlotte says:

          It’s bad because they (Plec and Dries) have completely taken any memory of Stelena and said, nope it wasn’t epic (as we were told before the show even started and during Stelena) made it either Dullena or the Damon show. Season 5 and 6 was all about Damon. Elena was the human mattress with the “Love of her life” Stefan being Dullena’s number 1 cheerleader. This season they are forcing a couple with no chemistry together and have Damon acting like someone’s dad trying to act cool and just making himself look pathetic. Don’t misunderstand, I like Damon. But, the show I fell in love with was a complete show about all the characters, epic love Stelena, badboy brother Damon and a great group of Elena’s friends. People stopped watching on a regular basis, seasons 4 and 5. Season 6 was just too much BS for people. Now season 7, people just don’t care about the show.

  4. LMAO “(Also, no, we’re not going to address the fact that she looks exactly like Elena. Nope, not even going to bring it up.)”

    I thought the same thing!

  5. Safistikaytdlayd says:

    Hmmm…YES she looks A LOT like Elena (Nina Dobrev)!!! There I said it!!! uh oh!!! LOL

  6. chanrin says:

    It’s not only physical appearance, even Rayna sounds like Elena. That may be a stretch but come on, billions of girls names out there, they could’ve gone w/ something radically different, had they wanted to. And I agree with Luke up there, too many characters. I dunno why tvd keeps doing that…

    • chanrin says:

      I’m really curious about the casting call for her role haha “Calling all alledged nina dobrev lookalike”

    • Luke says:

      What TVD should be focusing on is the core characters because look at what happened today. They released a new poster and its of the heretics meanwhile TVD S7 aka Damon and Stefan’s poster is full on photoshopped. This might be Julie’s way of subtly hinting at a new spin off with heretics. Clearly Nina is not set to come back yet but the only way to have gotten me excited about a hunter is if it had been Katherine herself this makes me think that they wanted to go that route but had to use their back up plan

  7. Debbie says:

    I lover her! Absolutely love her! She’s truly perfect! She really is. I am so excited!

    • Mya says:

      I am too! Can’t wait until they unravel her story and how or why she’s after Stefan. Not to mention she’s the one that gave Beau that mark too. Her story and the flash forwards are exciting. Love the mystery and hope it lives up to the intrigue.

  8. Riana says:

    Interesting the actress already played a character with the same name (Reina) on The Suite Life on Deck. She’s better known for her work with Disney than NCIS

  9. Elo says:

    Let me guess who she looks like.. Chrissy Teigen?! Right! I got it!

  10. dan says:

    Clearly, Damon and Stefan have a type.

  11. Vampie says:

    They bring new characters each time but then the writers do not develop well the storylines of the current ones. For example. Matt is always underused and isolated. His story is always seem unimportant and secondary, while they bring new characters who are the focus on the show.

    • Sara says:

      This is what I’m afraid of too. They hype up this huntress and then she’ll be lame and underdeveloped and then she’ll be easily killed. I really hope Julie/Dries doesn’t mess this up.

  12. Vampie says:

    I thought Elena story was dead once the actress left the show. The season began and they still mention Elena. WHy the producers or the show cant let go on Elena and move on?? Plizzz!! ANd now to make things worse they bring in a new female character who look exactly like Nina Dobrev!! Isnt that lame and stupid?? Please let go of Elena and move on Julue Plec

    • DarkDefender says:

      They won’t let go of Elena ever, because the second Nina wants to come back they will write her in and not skip a beat. There is no doubt in my mind that at the very least, they will find a way to bring her back in the eventual series finale.
      This new girl is just to return, even superficially, to that old Damon/Elena/Stephan dynamic. Maybe she’ll be Matt or Tyler’s new love interest?

  13. maria says:

    She is gorgeous and looks so much like Victoria justice.

  14. Malachi says:

    Isn’t Alaric and Jermey vamp hunters. Bring back Jeremy if you want a vampire hunter also is just me or do they clearly can’t just kill Elena off! Is clear in the writing that the plots only there for excuses for shipping and this new character being a hunter. She not going to hunt crap!

  15. Jas says:

    its so hard to not have elena on the show that they should have just made this new girl the new elena being she looks exactly the same, even though lots of people would hate that, i mean otherwise how long will the show last like how many more stories could they actually do in this show

    • Nicole says:

      It has been hard without Elena. I think the show is doing a good job carrying on without her but for me as a fan I miss seeing her. I wish they would’ve just did a recast and I’m really interested in this Rayna character. Something to be excited about finally!

  16. tom says:

    even victoria justice was better than her

  17. Sarah says:

    Lol first thought was she looks like Nina Dobrev.

  18. Yes, thank you for freakin dropping A SPOILER ON THE TITLE OF YOUR ARTICLE WHICH SHOWS UP ON GOOGLES FRONT PAGE DURING A SEASON 7 SEARCH. For the love of zeus, you people suck.

  19. dlt74 says:

    Half of Hollywood looks like Nina Dobrev…very pretty and I think she was great as Elena, but let’s face it, Hollywood is either blue eyed blondes or brown eyed brunettes.

  20. Guest says:

    Returned to the world of the living after being taken out by her enemies…hmmm…a few thoughts because I literally cannot ignore the fact that she looks so much like Dobrev so it has to tie into the story somehow..1) she might legitimately be a new foe we have never seen before but for reasons unknown, likely through some flashbacks, we’ll see she had some connection to Stefan that we are only just learning about. What I can’t get out of my head is that description of her “coming back from the dead+Elena lookalike” my 2 crazy theories are.. 2) helllllooo Katherine! After this last episode with Damon being tied up in the flash forward with who we thought was Lilly, once we knew Damon was only hallucinating his mom the way his “mom” made those snarky comments Katherine popped into my head. Katherine was always obsessed with Stefan and if this Rayna character did come back from the dead..well we never knew what exactly happen to Katherine when she was denied passage through the anchor. 3) that this is Katherine’s actual daughter that was given up all those years ago and that Nadia was the “enemy that took this character out” and wasn’t Katherine’s daughter at all.

  21. hamistygh says:

    Just leave our Salvatore’s brothers together in mistic falls coz they r the main reason we r still watching the vampire diaries

  22. Kelly says:

    I miss the days where the friends were together trying to solve a crisis. Stefan and Caroline are barely even together. The show has changed a lot without Elena… There isn’t that central character to root for. I think going back to the basics, getting rid of heretics, and finding a new love interest that the brothers fight over would rekindle the fire. Bonnie and Caroline are never together. We barely see Matt. We need the gang back together. I hope this new character has the spark and depth and mystery that Elena did. I miss her.

  23. kristeenizzio says:

    What about Rayna being Elenas and Damons daughter from the future? She is human, even In her almost-eternal slumber; As a (huge) Delena fan, I was seriously hoping they brought back nina using a new character, becaue, let’s face it, that was a good story line. Who cares what she looks like, Damon loved elena, and it was this connection between them that we the fans were so heartbroken over when Nina left. Maybe it wpuld worl, maybe it wouldnt, but I thought it would have been worth a shot. But, I’m thinking this Rayna really may be connected to Elena in some way….. why else would she look exactly like her, and in that sense, if the producers did come across a Nina look-aloke, why are they wasting it on adding another character, and not replacing Nina? Unless, the angle they’re gping at is even more interesting than that one? Who knows. I’ve come to accept that as a general rule, what I thunk will happen on TVD, is usually completely different than how the story actually unfolds.

  24. Alyssa says:

    Can’t wait. I’m loving this season. Elena was getting boring. If she was still on I would hope her character would change to be more tough or something but I’m loving this season new characters and story very exciting.

  25. kayla says:

    Id have to agree that there bringing in too many characters with too many stoylines and they are leaving all the already existing storylines standing still, scattered and unresolved leaving viewers with no satisfaction drama gud no light at the end of tunel frustrating

  26. Cayrem Landt says:

    Sooooo she’s Buffy?

  27. Damon brings up to Rayna now she “looks exactly like” his ex-girlfriend, aka Elena Gilbert. It gets me mad for some unknown reason and I’m just confused and curious. Is she supposed to be related to Elena’s bloodline? It all makes it seem like she’s supposed to be another doppelgänger and suppost to be portrayed by Nina; a lot of people are reacting to it that way.