Post Mortems
Arrow Constantine Saves Sara

Arrow EP Talks Oliver/Laurel Face-Off, Sara's Future, Dig's 'Wound' and More

This Wednesday on The CW’s Arrow, Oliver stumbled upon — and was incensed by — the truth about Laurel and Thea’s “spa weekend,” then called in a favor from the mystical John Constantine (played by Matt Ryan, star of NBC’s short-lived series).

Elsewhere: In helping Lance with one of his Darhk deeds, Diggle ultimately discovered a disheartening truth (or “truth”?) about his brother Andy, while Curtis deciphered Ray’s “farewell” message for Felicity — in which Palmer revealed that he was alive! (Which is very good news for the upcoming CW spin-off.)

TVLine spoke with Arrow co-showrunner Wendy Mericle about Constantine’s easy fit into Oliver’s world, Sara’s return to “normalcy,” Dig’s sense of closure and more.

TVLINE | Which came first, the want to find a way to get John Constantine on Arrow, or the need to fix what’s wrong with Sara?
It was the second one. We love to have other DC Arrow Constantine Crossovercharacters cross into our universe, as you know, but we always want to do it in a way that’s true to our characters. And when we were talking about bring Sara back — it’s been a pretty open secret that she had to come back, to go over to Legends of Tomorrow — we wanted to do it in the most interesting and dynamic way. We needed someone to bring her soul back, Constantine was our top choice of the characters in the DC universe that could do that, and we were lucky enough to get Matt Ryan, who was actually available.

TVLINE | Were you almost surprised by how organically it all fit together?
Yes, actually. We were. It was one of those things where we were really excited about the episode, because we knew it was going to be emotional and powerful to bring her back. To then have Constantine on top of that was just very exciting — in breaking that episode as well as writing it.

TVLINE | Will we get a chance to see quote-unquote “normal” Sara before she gets segued off to the other show?
As normal as Thea is now, that will be our version of “normal” Sara, which is to say she will still be dealing with the aftereffects of the Lazarus Pit and a her own version of bloodlust. But yes, we’ll get an opportunity to see her, and to see her reunited with her family — with Laurel, in particular.

TVLINE | Aside from the Constantine of it all, the other thing I really enjoyed about the episode was how you gave yourselves a moment to address the long-standing Oliver/Laurel issues. How important was that for you, to touch on these unspoken resentments?
That was a huge priority for us, coming into this season. Laurel and Oliver have arguably the longest history of any of the characters on the show, and with her becoming Black Canary and Oliver’s sort of constant push-and-pull about whether or not he approved or disapproved of that, and also his ongoing drive to protect everyone he cares about, it felt like this needed to get out there and come to a head. We are proud of those scenes because we wanted to put their relationship on different footing, and those scenes really accomplished that. They aired their grievances, he’s heard her point of view, and being “new Oliver” this season — a kinder, gentler version of himself now that he’s in love with Felicity and trying to be more Green Arrow than Arrow — we’re excited to see where that friendship goes.

TVLINE | What is possiblyArrow Felicity’s first move after hearing the full message from Ray?
My first move would be to try to go find him! [Laughs]

TVLINE | But she’ll at first probably look for a full-sized Ray.
Right. She’s trying to figure out where that message came from and how to help him. He’s her friend and that’s going to be her first impulse, to help.

TVLINE | I questioned the other week why you didn’t just have a teeny-tiny Ray hopping up and down on her keyboard, typing out a clear message,
[Laughs] I thought about that…. Yeah, it’s always a balance of you don’t want it to be comedic.

TVLINE | Damien Darhk by way of Lance dropped a big bombshell on Diggle. Will John feel closure or he not quite accepting what he has been told?
He’s been given some pretty powerful evidence [of what got Andy killed]. That said, it was coming from Damien Darhk, so…. Even though the sources seemed somewhat legitimate, he still has to consider that all of the information was channeled through somebody that was ultimately responsible for Andy’s death. So there’s some closure, but it’s also opening up a whole new wound in that his brother isn’t who he thought he was. It’s one of those situations where he’s going back and rethinking every last moment he had with his brother, and every moment in their childhood even. Dig’s undergoing a serious rethink of that relationship, with his entire family.

TVLINE | And my last burning question: Does the woman on Lian Yu have a name?
She does! Her name is Taiana. I don’t know if we’ve heard it [on-screen] yet. Maybe not. But you will hear it in future episodes.

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  1. Tara says:

    Thank you for that laurel and oliver scene. I always found him a hypocrite.

    Now we can begin the journey in building up the Black Canary and Green Arrow bon .

    • Josh says:

      Laurel has no room to judge him but of course she gets off Scott free like usual never paying Conquesnces for her stupid actions people are dead cause of her and Thea could’ve been killed but Mary sue Laurel gets away with it again

      • Tobias says:

        Oliver has no right to judge as well.

        Look, I get it Olicity fans..ya’ll hate Laurel. But this is kinda childish tbh

      • Liz says:

        This. It’s her fault Sara was hurting people for a whole week and still everyone else has to clean up Laurel’s mess. Wow. This is like a new low.

        • ms Thang says:

          Oh please! As if every fan isn’t happy to have Sara back. Everyone wants the result but of course, nobody wants to have their hands get dirty. Olicity fans are just as big hypocrites like Oliver.

          • Liz says:

            Ugh, another one blaming Olicity for disliking Laurel. I’m quite capable of separating the two you know. Don’t be so insulting. And yeah, I’m happy Sara’s back but Laurel should suffer consequences of her actions and she doesn’t. She never does.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            Has Oliver truly suffered the consequences of killing people like he did in season 1? No, so please stop being so hypocritical.

          • Gerald says:

            Not every fan of the show is happy to have Sara back. I was SO happy when they killed her off and SO mad that the WRITERS decided to bring her back. All for the Legends tv show… Man I am hating on the Legends show even before it airs because to get that “Team” together they are ruining characters on both Arrow and Flash.
            And I like Constantine’s character, but this also seemed REALLY forced just to get Sara’s soul back. Random that he met Oliver on the island and they could conveniently get away from the army of people. Only to find a random hole in the ground with an ancient artifact. There was a little hocus pocus magic and then just stealing the artifact. That is all we saw on the island and from that Oliver figured out that Constantine could get Sara’s soul back???? Didn’t make sense. Again… Frustrated at the efforts to get this Legends TV show off the ground.

        • Patrick says:

          And she sort of ignores the downside. She really glossed over her responsibility for what Sara was doing.

        • Luke says:

          Just like how it was Oliver’s fault the Mirakouru got out, and how the city was under siege because of his idiot plans with Raz… But nobody ever blames him

          • Liz says:

            Except Oliver pays for all of his mistakes. Everyone’s always mad at him, people he loves die. He’s injured. He blames himself. He suffers. What’s Laurel done to pay for her choices? Nothing.

          • Dj says:

            Everything you said has happen to Laurel too. But Oliver is the lead character so the show is going to focus on him and what repercussions his actions take. When Laurel is injured, has someone she loves die or has someone mad at her (which has happened) it’s not going to be as huge a plot on the show.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            Liz, her father was mad at her much of last season. She did suffer emotionally. People she loves have died.

          • Liz says:

            Eh, sorry Rob. I disagree. Her father was mad at her for like 4-5 episodes and now it’s like nothing has happened. And now she hid the fact that Sara was alive and on the loose for a whole week and allowed her to kill people but Laurel wants everyone to think about what she’s going through. Nah. I call shenanigans.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            So the back half of season 3 is now 4-5 episodes? And Sara wasn’t on the loose for an entire week, episode 5 picked up right where 4 left off.

          • JC1 says:

            @Rob Watkins, you obviously missed the part in the episode where Lance said it had been “several days”. It did not pick up right where episode 4 left off. So whether you think “several days” is three days or seven days, the fact remains that Laurel let her sister run around killing people for “several days”, without telling anyone.

      • Speedy says:

        I hated that scene. I hate how we’re supposed to buy everything Laurel says. When exactly has Oliver failed to consider her family? When he tried to convince Sara to reveal herself to her family? When he went after her kidnapped mother? All the times he saved Laurel and her dad? In season 2, Laurel even says to Oliver (as the Arrow) that he has always been there for her and her family and she never understood why–this was when she was going to reveal to him that she knew who he was, and now here she is saying he’s never cared for her family?!? Also, didn’t Laurel agree to be on the prosecution’s side in Oliver’s mother’s trial that would have resulted in the death penalty because she “needed the job.” That’s how much she loves his family–she tried to get his mom convicted. Plus, Thea landed in the hospital and Oliver is supposed to consider how Laurel must feel after she did something EVERYONE TOLD HER NOT TO DO that resulted in his sister getting hurt and having to be confined IN a hospital. I’m not exactly sure why no one in the writer’s room played devil’s advocate with that scene and said, “You know, I think we’re doing more damage to Laurel’s character with this exchange…she’s coming off really selfish…” Sigh.
        Best part of the ep for me was the Dig and Lance team up. I did enjoy Constantine–I just wasn’t a fan of the cheesy seance.

      • Sil says:

        Thank you. My sentiments as well. Oliver had always felt to be above reproach with his secrets. And, he was wrong. He now knows that. Owned up to it. I just don’t feel the desire to give Laurel any leeway to an excuse for releasing a soulless Sara onto the world. Everyone tried to warn her. She is as bullheaded as Oliver has been. I think the writers are giving her the same stubbornness and intensity to her logic. I miss her as a badass attorney. BTW, I am enjoying a well adjusted Oliver, watching him be happy for a change.

        • John NYC says:

          “releasing a soulless Sara onto the world”:

          except Laurel had no idea that was going to be the result versus some variation on what Thea was going through. And she sure didn’t “release” Sara anywhere. That escape seemed necessary for the plot point of Laurel becoming aware that it was Thea who killed Sara, revealed as why Sara was coming directly after her. And more growth for Thea when she accepted HER responsibility to Sara and was allowing Sara her release through killing her, even though being drugged my Merlyn would seem to offer a lot of mitigation…

          • Dj says:

            Laurel already knew it was Thea who killed Sara. Because Thea told Laurel last season and then Laurel went after Malcolm who schooled her.

        • Ambur says:

          I love how everyone tried to warn her. Everyone being Malcom and Nyssa who never told her what would happen. Thea was a little hesitant but didn’t know anything was wrong with her until Oliver told her months later. Never mentioned Thea being in danger if the resurrected or the fact that Thea has killed people. Which she didn’t even do until Oliver came back. All she saw was a pissed off woman suffering from severe PTSD who had been abandoned by her brother. Oh and when Malcolm told her no she accepted it. She may have looked for another way but she didn’t hound anyone about it after she said no. Malcom and Thea barged into her room and Malcolm said they were bringing her back. Of course Laurel wasn’t going to say no. She was probably thinking he just didn’t want to deal with the side effects. Everything after is on Laurel but even when Sara was loose she was killing the same type of people she did when she had a soul. She didn’t kill any of the two girls she went after.

      • Jamie says:

        Laurel is the Mary Sue? Ok. I don’t think she should get off “scot-free”, but its not like innocents died, although the blood of the muggers is still on Laurel’s hands. I mean Oliver went around killing people in season 1, his lies have caused alot of trauma too throughout the seasons, pretty much every time the people he cared about were in danger were a result of people going after Ollie through his loved ones.

        Slade coming to Starling, Ra’s staying, his mother’s death, endangering Diggle’s family – innocents dying as a result of the Mirakuru soldiers. Heck even Malcolm said that he’d rather Thea die, than go through the Pit, yet Oliver would do anything to save someone he loves.

        I don’t really even know what Laurel “gets away” with, people generally hate her, you mean she should be on trial for causing Sara to kill people? Like Oliver has been for killing people, or Malcolm? I mean we’re essentially vilifying Laurel because she wanted to bring her sister back to life. Oliver didn’t do it with his mom or Tommy, thus Laurel doing it is the worst thing in the world.

        Laurel makes bad choices, so does Ollie – both of them have likely been through the most trauma in the show and made many many mistakes. If anything I think the fact that people can see how they can be wrong or right shows that neither of them are a Mary Sue or Gary Stu.

    • kath says:

      How is Oliver a hypocrite? Thea was not dead, just dying, and the price Oliver had to pay to put her in the pit was to join the League of Assassins and be tortured and branded.
      Sara has been dead for a year, everyone who knew anything about the Pit told Laurel not to do it.and of course Laurel gets off scot free again like she does every time. The only time Laurel has been faced consequences was with her father for not telling him
      Sara had died and Quentin was angrier at Oliver and Team Arrow than he was at Laurel.

      Meanwhile people died because Laurel didn’t tell Oliver that Sara was running around killing people. And Thea almost died.

      • Dj says:

        Outside of Thea being alive and Sara being dead there isn’t any difference between what they did, Oliver was told not to use the pit on Thea, but he didn’t care about what could go wrong or the price he had to pay all he wanted was his sister back and it’s the same thing with Laurel all she wanted was her sister back.

        • kath says:

          Malcolm Meryln, who is a lying liar who lies, told him the Pit is dangerous. Ra’s al Ghul was all “here, use my Pit.” Why would Oliver trust Malcolm?

          Laurel could see the effects of the Pit on Thea and Oliver apologized for putting her in it. Malcolm fought Laurel on using it and Nyssa, who loved Sara, said that she would never use it on her. Laurel had hard evidence it was a bad idea.
          And of course, Oliver had to pay a huge price for using it on Thea and Laurel had to pay nothing. Again.

          • Jamie says:

            Because Thea is his daughter, what reason would he have for wanting her to die? If anything it adds brevity to just how bad the pit actually is. And Oliver was fully aware of Ra’s manipulative ways, he was there because he “killed” his sister to force him into the LoA in the first place.

            Also Oliver may be sad/concerned that Thea is in this state because of him, but I’m also very sure he’d rather have her alive and struggling/fighting her bloodlust than dead.

            And let’s be honest. Thea was essentially dead. There was no other way to save her. If there was an alternative, Oliver would have used it, but there wasn’t so he saves his sister from murder by using the Pit. And Oliver had to pay a price because that was Ra’s intention, Malcolm did it for Sara as an attempt to make amends with Thea. The cost was Sara came back a soulless killer, it was just resolved. Oliver’s was resolved as well, I mean he isn’t Ra’s al Ghul currently.

          • kath says:

            I just don’t see the two situations as equivalent. Oliver was going on what a disreputable character told him (and one who had put Thea in this position by drugging her to kill Sara) while Laurel not only had Sara’s lover telling her not to do it, she had solid proof in Thea that it was a bad idea. Also, while Thea was brain dead, her heart was still beating and blood rushing through her body. Sara, on the other hand, had been moldering in a grave for over a year. For Oliver, it was immediate; Laurel had had a year to accept Sara’s death.

            The cost was that Sara came back a soulless killer (cost to Sara) who killed drug dealers and tried to kill two innocent women (cost to them) and was trying to kill Thea (cost to Thea). Quentin was distraught enough to think of shooting her (cost to Quentin). No cost to Laurel.

            At a guess, Sara will still have the bloodlust to kill Thea so she’ll leave Star City to avoid Thea and join the LoT. Cost again to Sara. Meanwhile Laurel has repaired her relationships with Quentin and Oliver so it’s all a win for her.

            Maybe if the show would let Laurel pay the price of her actions when she does something stupid, it would make her more popular. But she’s Teflon Laurel and that’s a real handicap for the character.

          • Dj says:

            I can understand the hate for Laurel she is the worst character on the show. But as for what you said we have a liar murderer who is Thea’s father and loves her in his own twisted sick way vs a liar murderer who actually was the reason Thea was on her death bed. Both are pretty bad guys. But it wouldnt have matter who told Oliver not to use the pit because like I said he didnt care about the consequence he did what he did to get Thea back and there is a good chance if he could go back he would do it again. You may see one heroic and one selfish but it doesn’t change that the similarities between their actions.

          • Tobias says:

            I hate how everyone states that Laurel has not paid for her actions. She has lost people that she has loved, she went through depression and addiction with no one giving her positive advice and feedback.. She watched her sister die in front of her. She watched as the revived version of Sara ravage Star City and as she realized that she was not Sara, she pulled a gun and was about to kill her but Oliver stops her and tells Laurel that he’ll get her soul back.

            Laurel and Ollie have both lost people and made mistakes.. but who receives the brunt of the criticism? Laurel , only because Olicity shippers feel threatened by her… because they know that Laurel can possibly “steal” Ollie away from there precious Felicity. They have this blind hate towards her. Everyone wants to find a way to hate Laurel, everything she does, Olicity shippers hate. The way she gazes, the way she crosses her arms, the way she fights or talks.. whats next? she breathes to loudly? She doesn’t walk correctly? Everything Felicity does is PERFECT to Olicity shippers… It’s getting quite annoying. Sometimes I just wish the writers would write her off the show to get rid of Olicity shippers because all they care about is Olicity scenes.. Shippers gush all over it on tumblr and twitter its quite sickening. But I digress. On to my next point.

            Maybe.. if MAYBE Oliver would be more up front with Laurel.. then she wouldn’t be making these mistakes. How was Laurel supposed to know Sara wasn’t going to have her soul back? She sees the result with Thea. Did someone tell her “Dont do it! Sara will come back as a soul less zombie!!!” No, there was nobody to tell her this. I mean jeesh, Oliver was warned not to use the pit on Thea.. but did he care? Nope.. not one bit. Where is the repercussions for this action? Thea’s thirst for blood? Also, the writers had to have some way for Sara to be on LoT and they did a terrible job with this. This arc should have been stretched out a couple of episodes, getting Sara’s soul back should have at least been 1 episode in length. Meeting John Constantine should have been more than 1 episode at minimum. This felt rushed and the writing suffered.

            I am all for character development but these episodes are slooow. We have barely seen Damien Darkh.. where is the action?

          • Kira says:

            Reply to Tobias: Dude serouisly you need to try not grouping every person who dislikes Laurel into the same catagory. For the record I DO NOT like Laurel’s character and I AM NOT an Olicity shipper. I didn’t like Laurel’s character from the pilot (fyi, no Felicity at that time) I would perfer Oliver not have a love interest at all. (They are just distractions in my opinion) And just so you know Nyssa, Malcom, and Thea cautioned Laurel about the pit. KC is not a good actress and coming from a huge comic book fan I think she does very little for the Black Canary character.

      • Bhuvana.shankar says:

        People died alright , but those died were gangbangers and street thugs n not the innocent one and she went only after people who looked like her killer and not any other innocent person ..
        Thea might have been dying and not dead but coz of olivers decision to put her in the pit is the reason what she is that she is today .. If there is comparision to be made between Thea and Sara , i would say they have the same blood lust , so if Oliver can be excusd for his action , so can be Laurel too !!!

        • kath says:

          Muggers and street thugs still deserve a trial rather than being killed by a feral Sara. And what about the two women who were attacked by her?
          Sara has a blood lust like Thea only because Oliver called in Constantine and saved Laurel’s ass again. Without that, Sara would still be a soulless wild animal.

  2. Diane says:

    I still don’t see it….where what friendship goes… She yelled. He once again took her crap. Covered the bodies she is responsible for unleashing a crazed assassin on the city and now what? Like they get back together. Um ok. This show.

    • Veronica says:

      I know. Just when I think Laurel couldn’t possibly annoy me more she raises the bar. She is a horrible Black Canary.

    • Tobias says:

      The hate for Laurel is ridiculous. I sided with Laurel on this one. Oliver can go and do what he wants but when Laurel does exactly what he did.. she’s a crazy, selfish person?? How is wanting your sister back alive selfish? In what world do ya’ll live in? If I was in her shoes.. I would go to hell and back to bring back my siblings..

      Also.. did Oliver once care about how Laurel felt? She saw her sister die.. what did Oliver do for her? did he comfort her? Was he there for her ?

      This show needs MORE Laurel and Oliver.

      • Phillip says:

        Exactly! I love Laurel!

      • Wee says:

        Um they weren’t even close to being the exact same thing at all. Are we watching the same show? Because Thea was still alive when he went in. Sara was dead. For a whole year. She started killing innocent people in Star City because she was so naive and only wanted to bring her back for her own personal gain. I fail to see how that was the same as Oliver.

        • Anna says:

          Both were saving their siblings?It was a realsitic human reaction for Laurel to try and save her sister.No matter how long she was gone she saw the chance and she took it.It’s her sister for the love of god.It doesn’t matter how long she is gone,the pain is still there for those who are left behind.A year apart does not mend wounds,a year apart does not magically restore the empty space that your long gone loved person has left.It’s in the human nature to take rushed decisions while in pain and agony.I won’t hold any of that against Laurel because ,no matter whay you say,i know you all would jump at the chance to do the same for your loved ones.

      • Diane says:

        Again- iMO It just doesn’t make sense, they didn’t really talk. She yelled he said fine whatever. And I thought during Sara’s funeral I saw him hug and hold her last year. I don’t understand why he is supposed to be there for her. They look like they hate each other.

        • Tobias says:

          Oh look! its the attack of the Olicity fans. Anything Laurel does.. ya’ll attack her..

          I would love to see the reactions if the CW decided to bring Laurel and Oliver back together in a relationship.. It’s be hilarious

          • Diane says:

            I’m not an Olicity fan…actually. I think Oliver sucks in romantic relationships so he can be with Laurel or not. It’s the CW I’m sure he’ll be in love with both women by end of the season. I just don’t get how 1, one sided convo means they are close friends again. I expected more of an airing out. Laurel just is t that well written of a character to me… After last week getting on her dad, she’s ready to shoot Sara. They decide to have they why didn’t you tell me you were the arrow convo in the hospital? When Thea was attacked. I just she made more sense last season. Sorry.

          • Tobias says:

            For some reason, I can’t reply to Diane’s post. But.. I could care less who Oliver is with honestly… I just hate the constant bashing of Laurel.

            Only reason Laurel has been a bit terrible is because of the horrendous writing.

          • Wee says:

            It’s interesting to me that you label every person that doesn’t like Laurel as an Olicity fan when there are so much more people that don’t care for them but still dislike her. It’s because she is a problematic character that hasn’t gotten any better after four seasons. You should honestly be demanding better treatment from the writers from her instead of trying to blame a whole fandom for criticizing her (and a lot of those criticisms are actually spot on)

          • Tai says:

            Not everyone who hates Laurel is an Olicity fan. I’m not a fan of the pairing. But I’m also not a fan of Laurel. She’s entirely too emotional and high strung. She does whatever she wants and damns the consequences. Whenever she’s called out on those consequences she freaks out. Honestly, between her and Felicity’s endless weeping last season, I was really put off the show. I couldn’t deal with the way Laurel handled Sara’s death and yet Oliver is getting the brunt of the blame from their father. Yeah. Not a Laurel. I wasn’t from the pilot and I doubt I ever will be.

          • goggles says:

            Why is it that criticism of a character coming from a shipper must be dismissed because undoubtedly biased? You said it yourself that the writing for Laurel has been and keeps on being terrible, but god forbid it’s a shipper noticing on it, they clearly can’t look beyond their preferred pair!/sarcasm/

          • You know your hit “replay” comment about how any disapproval or dislike of Laurel HAS to be from Olicity shippers is just RIDICULOUS. People who watch a show can dislike a character for many different reasons. You trying to put ANY complaint, critique, comment or whatever that isn’t praising Laurel as “hate” is just simply annoying. You complain about the “hate” for Laurel but isn’t that exactly what you are spewing toward Felicity and her fans. Is it really that serious,? It’s a FICTIONAL SHOW with FICTIONAL CHARACTERS with fans discussing what they liked and disliked. It is an “adaptation” based off a DC Comic which means there are various interpretations that can be done. Maybe you can relate so much to Laurel because like her you keep trying to and looking for others to blame just because she isn’t the MOST popular female character on the show.

        • Liz says:

          It was weird. Oliver is still keeping a secret from her (about her dad working with DD) so it felt like their reformed friendship was just superficial. It felt like Oliver just wanted to keep his new happy peace and was like ‘whatever Laurel let’s be friends it’s easier.’ LOL.

          • Karen says:

            That is really Quentin’s secret to tell, plus the less who know chance of DD finding out the Quentin is working both sides.

      • GirlvsTV says:

        She didn’t ‘save’ her sister. Sara was dead. She dug up the rotting corpse of her sister, dragged it to NP, put Sara in the pit after everyone told her it was a terrible idea, then brought her to Star City where zombie Sara escaped, killed a bunch of people and almost killed Oliver’s sister. Also, she didn’t tell anyone zombie Sara had even escaped. Then when Oliver mentioned he was upset, not abt her bringing Sara back, but about the fact Laurel had not told anyone about killer zombie Sara, Laurel complained that he should be more considerate of HER feelings?! That is actually what happened in the show. Sorry, none of that wins any sympathy towards that character from this viewer.

        • Joe says:

          Yes thank you…

        • Speedy says:

          GREAT POINT. She already failed to “save” her sister. Sara was dead. BIG difference that the writers want us to ignore there–and I’m a HUGE Sara fan.

        • Shelley says:

          Oh, Heck yeah to all of this.

        • Rob Watkins says:

          Everyone told Oliver it was a bad idea, but because it’s Laurel, screw her. Thea wasn’t physically dead, but she wasn’t coming back after that stabbing. You’re distinction is superficial, and why does everyone keep saying “everyone warned her”? Malcolm isn’t trustworthy and both him and Nyssa had never seen a resurrection so all it was was a vague warning. Color me less than impressed. It’s a world of magic and given what she saw, is it really that hard to believe that thee would be some cure for her ailment?

          • GirlvsTV says:

            It is not a superficial difference because one of those scenarios required a character to DIG UP THE ROTTING CORPSE OF THEIR LOVED ONE and one did not. Also, LL roping Thea in her stupidity resulted in Thea, once again, being manipulated by Malcolm into being a killer.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            It was a corpse, but the essence is the same. One was essentially dead and the other was fully dead. Thea was not going to heal if the Lazarus pit didn’t exist. I’m not going to bat an eye at Thea killing a member of the League, an innocent person would be a different question. And if you blame Laurel for that, 1 – blame Thea for even making her father a part of her life, 2 – Thea went there of her own volition, and 3 – Oliver was the one that brought Thea back and he was also warned of the side effects.

      • kath says:

        Wanting your sister back alive isn’t selfish. Putting her in the Lazarus Pit when everyone tells you it will hurt your sister even more is selfish. Oliver paid a very high price for putting Thea in the Pit and Thea is continuing to have trouble from it. Laurel of course pays nothing.

        Go back and look at the episode when Sara died. Oliver comforted Laurel several times and told her they would find the killer. Even at the graveside Oliver was hugging Laurel not Felicity.

        • Rob Watkins says:

          It’s one episode in, we don’t know what the consequences are, and Oliver was going to bring down Ra’s from inside the League regardless.

          “Wanting your sister back alive isn’t selfish. Putting her in the Lazarus Pit when everyone tells you it will hurt your sister even more is selfish” And we can’t have that can we? People can’t do things for themselves.

        • Polly says:

          And yet he made Sara’s killer the head of the league of assasins, I’m not sure that is “finding her killer” in the sense he first ment it.
          And a crazy alive sister is still better than a dead one, Thea might have been bad but from what we’ve seen, she was still managable.

  3. Katy says:

    I know that the actress that plays Nyssa is on another show now but it would be nice to see her reaction to Sara being alive and semi normal now (instead of feral like she was in the beginning)

    • Emily says:

      Yes! Bring back Nyssa! We have got to see Nyssa and Sara reunited. I have a feeling that they are going to pair Sara with Ray once she gets over to the spin off.

    • jj says:

      I didn’t know she was on a new show. what’s the show called?

    • John NYC says:

      What other show is Katrina Law on now? She does the occasional Hallmark Christmas thing and such but I hadn’t seen mention of a series?

  4. Brad says:

    Constantine needs to come back to arrow he was pretty cool

  5. GirlvsTV says:

    It’s pretty hard to feel remotely sorry for LL when she brought all this on herself. And then, after Oliver says he’s upset zombie Sara tried to kill his sister, LL asks why he isn’t more concerned with her feelings?! Wtf? And I don’t understand how Oliver was being hypocritical at all. This situations were not the same.

    • Tobias says:

      So what if Felicity had died.. Would you support Oliver for bringing her back from the dead without her soul?

      What if the role’s were reversed.. and Felicity was running around trying to kill people.. would you have this same reaction towards Oliver?

      • Joe says:

        Did Oliver drop his dead mother in the pit???

        • Tobias says:

          Did Oliver drop his dead sister in the pit?

          • Joe says:

            No…she was not dead, ascthe show only said about a dozen times…the more apt comparison would be oliver’s mom, who would have been dead about as long as Sara…big difference between ALMOST dead and buried a year and counting

        • Tobias says:

          You think Oliver wouldn’t do the same if Thea had been dead?

          • Joe says:

            No much like Oliver would not dig up his one year old dead mother, I do not think Oliver would dig up the ONE YEAR OLD CORPSE OF HIS SISTER, ship it to nanda parbat and drop her in the pit because much like Nyssa who destroyed the pit, he has common sense and impulse control…

          • kath says:

            He said he wouldn’t in this episode. He said that while he missed Robert, Moira and Tommy every day, he wouldn’t put them in the Pit because what comes out is not the real person.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            And yet after seeing that there was a way to restore her soul, indeed knowing it, you don’t think he would’ve done the same for her?

          • Joe says:

            @rob Watkins – no I doubt Oliver would FedEx his mom to nanda parbat dip her in pit, followed by Constantine action…

      • GirlvsTV says:

        If Felicity died and Oliver dug up her rotting corpse, put her the LP despite lots of people telling him not to and then didn’t tell anyone zombie Felicity was running around killing people, yeah I’d judge the hell out of him and think he was a terrible character as well.

      • Absolutely. Do you know what it would do to Felicity to know she killed someone? To keep needing to kill people? I love Felicity and I’d want her back, just like I love Sara and wanted her back, but how it happens still means something, and I don’t enjoy watching my favorite characters go through something like this. If Oliver did that to her so he wouldn’t have to miss her anymore, I’d be having some negative feelings towards him even as I was glad to have the hacker ninja goddess back.

        I figured there would be some narrative juggling to make this happen, but come on. Laurel takes Sara to NP without telling Oliver – a bad idea, but fine. I can understand. She doesn’t tell him when they come back – worse idea, and not really keeping with the “Sara is all that is important” theme when she’s taking care of her by chaining her up in her basement, but whatever. I can deal. But then Sara gets loose and she doesn’t tell Oliver because one, he’s going to possibly kill Sara, and two, she doesn’t want judgey face. The first is proved moot as Oliver ends up saving Sara from Laurel. The second is where I have serious problems. She’s supposed to be a hero, and yet she prioritized “No judgmental looks from Oliver” over “Make sure my sister doesn’t kill someone/someone trying to stop her doesn’t kill her.” And while Oliver may not tell Laurel everything – she wasn’t wrong about that, I’ll give it to her – he definitely would have asked for her help if Thea was out of control. Which I know he would, because he, in fact, did. Which again is a sticking point, because he asked for Laurel’s help with Thea, and she abused that, and then she’s all “I love your family” and what even?

        I think that Oliver was behaving selfishly when he brought Thea back, but it was set up and executed well enough that I can sympathize with why Oliver did it, not least of all because Merlyn super vagued up the potential side effects with “what comes out of the pit might not be your sister,” which honestly just seemed to be the amnesia at first and could just as easily fit the description. And Oliver has owned up to his mistakes in that instance. But Laurel, who knew exactly what she was getting, except for the soul part, is standing outside of Thea’s room as her sister is mid-killing spree, is complaining how nobody is thinking about her feelings. Maybe Oliver shouldn’t be judging her, but someone should. Can Nyssa come back and judge her some more? Because Laurel needs to really own up to her mistakes with someone.

    • Dj says:

      The hypocritical thing is that Oliver would do and has done pretty much anything when it comes to saving and protecting his Sister. He has killed for her, he has lied for her, joined the LoA for her. In Laurels mind she thinks dude you did all this for Thea how can you question how far I would go to save Sara.

      • GirlvsTV says:

        Sorry but none of the things Oliver has done to SAVE THEA’S LIFE is in any way comparable to what Laurel did. Sara was dead. She didn’t need saving and Laurel’s decision resulted in the deaths of others, plus the near-deaths of Thea and a few poor innocent ladies who just happened to look like her. Not to mention the only reason Sara’s soul was suffering from being stuck in that evil hot tub was because LAUREL made it happen. Instead of owning up to her mistakes and/or making any attempt to learn or grow as a person from them, she tells Oliver he should be more considerate of her feelings.

    • Shelley says:

      That entire scene was lame.

  6. Wee says:

    This episode made me dislike Laurel even more. I mean once again she gets no atonement for what she did and Oliver has to clean up her mess again. And tried to fault Him saying it was the same thing what he did to Thea when it wasn’t. Not even remotely. I cannot take her seriously at all.

    • Joe says:

      Exactly…Laurel is ridiculous… She compares thea to her sister who was buried a year before she dug her up…and she shrugs off the fact Sara killed half a dozen people as a whoops moment…Laurel has the intellectual, emotional development, and impulse control of a child…

      • Tobias says:

        Ha! If you had found out about the pit.. you know darn well you would take your dead siblings body and test it out.

        • Joe says:

          Like Oliver no

        • Liz says:

          No I wouldn’t. If I had all the facts like Laurel did and my sibling had been dead and buried for a year and everyone warned me against it, I would never use the pit. Let’s not pretend that what Laurel did was for any other reason but for herself. Not once did she think about what she was putting Sara through or what Sara will have to endure. The only reason Sara had no soul in the first place was because LAUREL put her in the pit.

          • Polly says:

            Which facts? People who have never seen a resurrection telling her that it’ll be dangerous, Thea, while being agressive, still being managable? Those don’t seem very convincing to me.

        • goggles says:

          Yes, but this is a show about heroes. They are supposed to be heroic.

    • Liz says:

      Same. I thought she would suffer some consequences for her selfish actions but she didn’t! I’m in shock right now. I thought this was the episode where they’d finally get Laurel right and they failed on every level. Nothing but a selfish hypocrite. DONE.

      • Glenda says:

        Why do you watch such a horrible hypocritical show? /s….it’s A Fictional superhero drama!! Laurel is big part of it and not going anywhere , especially to satisfy obsessed fans dislike. Yes, obsessed, you blame your dissatisfaction of the story on how a character is written or acted. That is strange and boring at a minimum. Read the history of Green Arrow or change the channel.

  7. lily says:

    So basically, Oliver is happy and at peace with Felicity, he can forgive Laurel’s hypocrisy and try to be her friend. I love it.

    • Shelley says:

      Yes. He was at a place where she is right now. And, what you’ve said is true. He has come full circle on his actions, has forgiven Laurel and has embraced her. Maybe, the writers will have her let go some of her bonehead decisions. Oliver made those for 3 seasons. I hope she doesn’t take 3 seasons to find her center.

  8. jrex says:

    I wonder why Oliver didn’t ask Constantine to help Thea with her “bloodlust” as well?

    • Karen MT says:

      It sounds like Sara will still have her bloodlust. Constantine only put her soul back in her body.

      • This is very true, he only works with the technical stuff and not the emotional fallout! But I’m sure John Constantine would be a good source of counseling both Sara and Thea (IE BRING HIM BACK!)

    • Maryann says:

      I wondered about that. Too bad it couldn’t have been a two parter with Constantine helping Thea in the second part. There should at least have been a conversation in this episode about why he couldn’t do anything for Her.

    • Kira says:

      Because he didn’t help Sara with her blood lust her only helped her recover the soul she lost. (Which by the way Thea still retained.) She will still be dealing with her blood lust. The writer have confirmed that she will now be dealing with the same thing Thea is.

    • … That would be a good idea for a solo adventure for Thea down the road as a sequel to bring John Constantine back!

  9. GirlvsTV says:

    Also, y’all they just rescued Sara’s soul FROM A HOT TUB!

    • Emily says:

      So corny. I watched the leaked rough cut a few days before tonight’s episode aired. I was super hoping that they would somehow make the “soul rescue” better…NOPE!

      • GirlvsTV says:

        I’m actually glad they didn’t because it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen on tv this season. Probably not their intent, but it made me laugh and then go back and rewatch to see if it actually was that bad.

  10. A. D. says:

    Loved it! Need more Constantine!

    • Patrick says:

      He was great on his own show. The supporting characters and plot lines were….not. He would be great on an ensemble show. I’d really play with it and attach him to ARGUS to deal with “supernatural” phenomena. With a strong supporting cast, and him playing the comic relief to a more serious character, it could really work.

      • rinaex says:

        Yes, the show cast the perfect actor as Constantine, but unfortunately did a mediocre, at best, job with the rest of the show. I did like the actor who played Papa Midnight, both of them deserved so much better.

    • I need more John Constantine and I need it right now!… Or more likely towards the end of the current season lol.

  11. Tobias says:

    This show needs more Damien Darkh… two scenes an episode is not enough.

  12. Liz says:

    LOL. Laurel created a mess and Sara killed people as a result and that’s ok now? Just once I’d like Laurel to suffer actual consequences for her actions but she never does. Other than that, solid episode. Not the best though. I enjoyed Constantine.

  13. Evan says:

    Can we get rid Laurel in exchange for Constantine? That would be great!

    • Tobias says:

      There is no Green Arrow without the Black Canary.

      • Evan says:

        Right! Then why is there a Green Arrow comic run right now that has no Black Canary at all? Weird. But if you say so…

        • Tobias says:

          And thats why the Green Arrows run on the new 52 has had horrible reviews.

          • Evan says:

            Pretty sure that’s not true but okay. I’ll take you word for it.

          • Tobias says:

            You must not read the comics then. J.T. Krul was the first writer who was later replaced by Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens, who were in turn replaced by Ann Nocenti. The series received poor reviews at this point (look up the reviews) Then came Jeff Lemire who did a much better job writing the Green Arrow… Lemire left and then Andrew Kreisberg and Ben Sokolowski came in and reintroduced Felicity to try and get more readers (did not work) they were replaced with Ben Percy who removed Felicity and Diggle from the comic.

          • Tobias says:

            Forgot to add this. Why would DC appoint new writers after a couple of editions? Because it has not been well received. Lemire’s run has been critically well received and alot of people were disappointed to see him leave. Andrew Kreisberg tried to introduce Arrow elements to the comics and it simply did not work so DC once again changed writers.

      • Liz says:

        That’s weird, I think Oliver has been pretty damn awesome without Black Canary these last three seasons.

      • really? in the comics they were divorced. she left him in a jail. and now at 52, they do not even know

        • Tobias says:

          They divorced because Oliver wasn’t exactly faithful.. he flirted with a lot of females in the comics and he also had a son with another women and it upset the Black Canary because she couldn’t have a baby. There were a lot of reasons why they divorced but when people think of the Green Arrow, they also know about his relationship with Oliver. Its like Clark Kent and Louis Lane.

          • tarotx says:

            No it’s not like Clark and Lois. Lois and Clark have a General public awareness of them as a couple-a team. Most people in the public don’t even know of Canary and Oliver let alone them as a couple. They didn’t even last in the comics. And On smallville DC allowed Oliver to marry Chloe so no Green Arrow/Black Canary end game there.

            I wish people would just say they want Laurel and Oliver together because they like them together. And would stop hiding behind the comics. The comics don’t support what is screamed and shouted as canon. Oliver has a bunch of relationships and friendships. If the show wants Oliver and Laurel together it’s because they find a dynamic they like. Not because Comics demand them be end game.

          • Tobias says:

            Tarotx … They didnt last in the comics? They had there own run of 32 comics written by JT Krul. When Kevin Smith revived Oliver in the Quiver series.. the Black Canary came back to him. She was also with Oliver in the Longbow Hunters series that was written by Mike Grell.

            They are VERY well known together.

      • Joe says:

        Smallville begs to differ with you…

    • Hell, I would exchange Oliver for John Constantine lol! I mean he would probably be more like Green Arrow than Stephen Amell’s Green Batman.

  14. George says:

    What I saw tonight:

    Constantine: Awesomesauce, mate.
    Laurel: ME ME ME ME ME I don’t take responsibility for anything eva! ME ME ME
    Oliver: Whatever Laurel. I tired of talking to the brick wall that is your head. I forgive you, let’s be friends. Have you seen Felicity?
    Felicity: Am I in this episode? It’s ok. I’m good.
    Diggle: Dude, this is some heavy duty stuff. I’m going to need til 407 to process my feelings.
    Thea: I’m so all over the place in my feelings. You should like Laurel, but I’m gonna sacrifice for Sara. Wait. Are we ok? Sorry I lied, bro.
    Lance: Just fix this mess. Am I in the box? Why does everyone think I’m the one in the box?

  15. jj says:

    Wow, it’s a bit shocking to me how people need to hate a character as a way to love another character. As someone who enjoys all the characters, this was a great episode. Sara is back (and you can all be pissed at Laurel for it if you want, but I’m glad the end result is Sara’s return). Oliver and Laurel had a good heart to heart conversation that highlighted their long history (something that hasn’t really been portrayed lately). Neither of them are perfect, and that’s ok. And frankly, I don’t care who is more wrong and who is more right. Oliver and Laurel as a romantic pairing doesn’t work for me. Oliver and Laurel as exes who are now friends is a great dynamic for them. I never watched Constantine so no idea how that show was. But I quite enjoyed the character on this episode.

  16. Drew says:

    Not a bad episode. I liked the Oliver/Laurel scenes. I’ve always felt like they should have more of a relationship (not in a shipper way) because they have known each other for so long. Hopefully, they can explore the friendship more now.
    I just wish that the Constantine stuff was spread over more than one episode. It seemed rushed. The journey to the spirit realm place was a bit hokey because it was so short. They could have cut it entirely if they didn’t want to expand on it. Constantine worked on the show, I think, but I think it would have been better over two or three episodes.
    Also, maybe he could have done something to help Thea? Or someone could have at least asked about how she could get rid of the soul scraps that she sucked up in the pit?

    • Drew says:

      I don’t get why everyone is saying that Laurel is so horrible and that Oliver didn’t do the same thing with Thea. People died because of what Oliver did for Thea. She has been going crazy since she got back and killed two people in Nanda Parbat.
      Sara killed muggers who were going to kill other people. She never actually killed an innocent. So the two aren’t all that far off in terms of bad decision making.
      Yeah, Laurel’s outburst had a really stupid line about Oliver never thinking about her feelings, but the sentiment was fair enough. It was just poorly scripted.

      • Diane says:

        But who is saying Oliver made the right decision, granted Thea wasn’t a year old corpse but…. Judging by the Thea bloodlust thing he made a norrible selfish decision that changed Thea’s life and resulted in innocent people dying. You are still innocent until proven guilty right? Mugging doesn’t mean you deserve to be beaten to death. Laurel just makes really bad decisions, why she yelling about the Arrow in the hallway. Why do her feeling a matter that much? Like why can’t she put that aside and deal with the issue at hand. The dialog for her is clunky….it’s not the actresses fault but the character really needs to step out of me me me and start owning stuff. Oliver deserved to have her yell but it was totally the wrong time and episode. And that’s why it falls flat.

        • Drew says:

          That’s fair enough. But Laurel’s decision to save Sara wasn’t really worse than Oliver’s decision to save Thea. That is all I’m saying. People love to hate Laurel, but she and Oliver aren’t all that different. He can be incredibly self centered too.

          • blah says:

            Laurel’s decision to save Sarah was worse because she was fully aware of the consequences of the Lazarus pit. She’d seen what happened to Thea. Oliver was in a desperate rush trying to save Thea. While both are poor writing choices. Strictly from a character perspective Laurel’s was worse.

            Also this would have been a great moment for Oliver to tell Laurel that he didn’t give a crap about her feelings. They don’t like each other. Laurel and Thea are friends and Oliver was in love with Sarah but over 4 seasons Oliver and Laurel have never had a functional relationship even as friends

          • GirlvsTV says:

            But that’s the difference. Thea wasn’t dead, Oliver decided to accept the deal R’as offered to put her in the LP to save her life. SARA was dead and had been for a year. She wasn’t in danger. She wasn’t anything, she had ceased to exist. She was an ex-Sara. Laurel’s actions were selfish and people died as a result, but unlike Oliver, she doesn’t actually have to face any consequences for her stupidity.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            Thea was all but dead, and her bloodlust continues to exist and will get worse, so it’s not that different from Sara. Both Oliver and Sara were “selfish” but not in the way you make it out to be. They had loved ones they wanted back and disregarded the warnings.

            What consequences hasn’t she faced that Oliver has? Let’s not forget that Oliver was dropping bodies in season 1 and has escaped prosecution from that.

    • I wish John Constantine could’ve stayed for six more episodes heh, he could add so much to the show’s cast!

  17. Laurel is selfish. Her actions resulted in Sara hurting and killing people and still she suffers no consequences.

  18. Emily says:

    I loved the scenes between Oliver and Laurel. Now I hope finally see the BC&GA partnership

  19. Katie says:

    Every Laurel hater is ridiculous. Yes, what she did was stupid, but who else was going to bring Sara back? She’s on Legends of Tomorrow, someone had to do it and we all knew who that person was going to be. It’s not her fault the writer’s can’t seem to build her character. They have no idea how to write her because they listened to the fangirl’s and made Felicity the focus of the world. And this is nothing against Emily Bett Rickards, she’s fantastic, but the fangirl’s saw a cute, quirky girl and latched on. Season 1 Laurel was strong, smart, and motivated. Then they destroyed her in season 2. Then they destroyed Felicity in season 3 while Laurel started becoming who I wanted her to be and then so far this season they can’t be consistent. It’s like they’re afraid to put more than one strong, smart female character on the screen at once and it’s really frustrating. I’m hopeful after resolving their conflicts in this episode and the whole Sara resurrection being over, that Laurel can finally become Laurel and not some sad representation of a character I really like.

    • Tobias says:

      Thank god there is someone I can agree with.

    • Liz says:

      Why does disliking Laurel make us ridiculous? People are entitled to different opinions.

    • blah says:

      Legends of tomorrow uses Time travel. They could have taken her from right before she died and then returned her. At the end of the Show. Just like Han in the fast and the furious movies post tokyo drift

    • kath says:

      It would have been an interesting twist if Damian Darhk had brought Sara back because he wanted her soulless to be an assassin for him.
      Malcolm could have brought her back for the same reason, or maybe because he wanted to do a trial run in order to bring Rebecca back.
      Nyssa could have kidnapped her from her grave and brought her back shortly after her death and hidden her away in Nanda Parbat.
      There are lots of other ways Sara could have come back, including Rip Hunter doing some time travel or the Flash going to the alternate universe to get their version of Sara for the LoT show.

      • Rob Watkins says:

        And why is it so bad that Laurel is the one to bring back her sister? Why would Malcolm bring back the girl he had killed? I’m still not seeing how Laurel resurrecting her was some regression for her character.

      • Rebecca says:

        Why are you giving the writers so much credit? You should already know that they’ll take the easiest, least creative road from point A to point B. They cast Sara on LoT, and had to come up with a easy, in canon way w/in Arrow to accomplish that (again, since time travel doesn’t exist in Arrow…yet). So what did they do? Retread an old plot point from last season, give it to Laurel, and you all get mad about it. They were going to have Laurel take Sara to NP. No way around it.

      • iamolisebika says:

        Damian would never go through all that trouble from what we have seen of him.
        Rebecca had been dead for like forever. I’m sure she’s less than bones now.
        We all know Nyssa distances herself emotionally so that would never sell.
        Rip hunter doing that would cause ripples in the time stream.
        So the writer went the easy and obvious route.

        • kath says:

          Malcolm loved Rebecca so much, I can see him wanting her back and trying the Pit out on Sara first.
          I can also see Nyssa loving Sara so much she can’t resist putting her in the Pit even though LoA lore tells her not to.
          The Flash is nothing but ripples in the time/space continuum so why couldn’t Arrow do some of that?
          But if it had to be Laurel, then a scene where Laurel debates whether she should be doing it and accepting the cost would have helped.

    • Carla Krae says:

      Agreed. Laurel got demoted as fan service. Frankly, they’re lucky Katie didn’t ask to be let go at some point since she was hired as the lead actress when the show started.

  20. Karen MT says:

    I started cracking up when Lance was staring at Constantine. Two wizards in one shot!

  21. Patrick says:

    I think we’ll find out that Diggle’s brother was going undercover to infiltrate some criminals overseas, and was assassinated because of something he did while undercover. Possibly for finding out about the HIVE.

  22. tarotx says:

    Oliver, Thea and Sara have had Consequences for their actions? What about Laurel? She has consequences only during the episode or mini arcs. Not long term. The consequence is always for someone else. Laurel isn’t a Mary Sue because she’s often made to do the stupid but she does not suffer consequences.

    Any way I’m looking forward to Sara on Legends though I wish they would have had Time traveler Rip or Lazarus Pit water holder Damian Darhk bring Sara back to life (to help control Lance) or even Crazy Thea thinking restoring Sara to life would fix her own head. I feel like they wanted Sara back cause Ray wasn’t enough to get The Atom spin off then S4 Laurel needed a story line so once again it’s lets use Sara for Plot. I wish they would use Laurel to give herself a story line.

    Just to put my bias out there, I’m a huge Sara and Caity fan.

  23. James D says:

    Can we please get Matt Ryan as a season regular, or for the love of all that is unholy [ha! Constantine themed pun :)] can some network pick up Constantine. Matt is so golden in that role and he certainly made this episode. I liked the Oliver and Laurel stuff but since the writers of this show have seriously diminished her character I’m not hopeful for the future. I guess Olicity takes precedent I personally don’t see the charm but I’m happy others do. I sort of suspected something was afoot with Dig’s brother but I’m still intrigued by what lies ahead. As for Atom I kind of hope it’s resolved quickly so Arrow can concentrate on Arrow again instead of setting up LOT.

    • Patrick Maloney says:

      I think Matt Ryan’s John Constantine would be an amazing lead character in a future season of Legends of Tomorrow!

  24. I know it wasn’t mentioned in the interview (probably not a good idea if Wendy wants to keep working in television), but I loved the dead peacock feather. :) Nice jab without being too obvious.

  25. Abs says:

    Dear CW,
    Please resurrect the show Constantine with Matt Ryan as the lead.

  26. This episode definitely proves how much Constantine deserves to be part of the Berlantiverse trio of shows, or maybe even another show of his own!

  27. datdudemurphy says:

    I get that time was an issue due to Matt Ryan’s schedule….but the whole episode felt rushed.
    This felt like it could have/should have been a two part episode.

    That being said, I was happy to see Constantine again…hopefully, he’s able to work out a return appearance.

    I can’t help but think that a few appearances like this is how he should have been introduced, rather than going straight to his own series.

  28. DarkDefender says:

    Wow. I really missed Matt Ryan’s Constantine and regret not keeping it on my DVR. :(
    Excellent episode on all fronts and finally some non-boring storytelling on Lian Yu.

    • Patrick Maloney says:

      I believe that Constantine should still be on NBC’s On Demand, I don’t know if you have that but that’s where I go to.

  29. Kaleb Wilson says:

    I don’t know if anybody else tried this, but if you dial Constantine’s number that was shown on his card tonight, you get a message from Constantine himself! (Maybe this is old news, but I can’t quite remember if they showed his number in his show)

  30. Luc says:

    And you forgot to ask the most important question:
    WHEN is Constantine be back?

  31. Maria says:

    Absolutely horrible character they ha love with Laurel. Ridiculous.

    I still hate the Ollie nickname. It makes him sound like a child which he obviously is not. That’s what leads me to call this “friendship” as juvenile. She has no consequences again. What a stupid storyline just to give Laurel something to do. As for 4 straight seasons now her storyline is always about Sara. Sara is/was the BC just not the name.

    This isn’t going to get good ratings because of Laurel. Although some of her insane fans will spin it that way.

    I only watched because of OTA, Oliver, Diggle, Felicity, Sara and Constantine.

    • Tara says:

      1. Her job as a lawyer
      2. Struggling with drugs and depression.
      3. Struggling with Sara’s loss and becoming BC.
      4. We are only 4 episodes in

      So have a seat with all of Laurels story lines are about Sara. and FYI the BC wasn’t a killer who hated her life in the comics. So she was nothing like Sara.

      And Sara was brought back for the spinoff.

      I swear these haters pull these “facts” out their butts. Obsession with Laurel.

    • Polly says:

      I think hating the Ollie nickname might be the most ridiculous reason for disliking Laurel I’ve heard so far, but okay….
      I think the fact that only she and Thea use that nickname simply shows how long they’ve known each other, you don’t just stop calling your childhood friends by the nickname you’ve called them for half your life because they’re an adult…

    • Constantine was the only reason I found this episode, filled with oblivious and childish superheroes, enjoyable!

  32. Joey Padron says:

    New episode was great. Happy to have Constantine back on TV again and his interactions with the cast was great. Glad to know where Oliver got stomach tattoo from. Not good Diggle learned sad truth about why his brother was killed. Glad Felicity knows Ray is alive. Can’t wait to see him back on the show in next week’s episode!

  33. Guest says:

    I thought it was the best episode of the season ,,.plenty of action, Laurel did apologize to both Thea and Oliver, she did get scoled by Oliver and her father, and in the end she thanked Oliver. And Oliver has no right to judge anyone for keeping secrets, when he has done it for years now, but i’m glad the air is clear between them now and they can be friends without all that history and lying coming in between them, but when is Laurel gonna find out that her father is working with Darhk

  34. Matty Si says:

    I’m sorry but since when did Felicity need a “tech guy” to help her cypher through some stuff on a USB drive? How can she not be able to do that?

    • aura says:

      The plot required it. Running theme of all those shows have genius./super powered characters, but when we need to highlight another character, randomly have said genius or super powered character momentarily forget their entire skill set

    • Liz says:

      They’re dumbing down her skills so they can have Curtis on the show. It’s pretty sad because in earlier seasons she would have done it herself. I hate that they’re doing it to her.

    • iamolisebika says:

      FYI felicity is a hacker. She has been known to reach out to the other techies namely Cisco and Co for help so why not reach out to someone who works for you now?

  35. BenM says:

    I think there was too much going on in this episode. I wish it would have focused more on Constantine. He seemed like he was barely there, at least to me. I liked all the other scenes. I like seeing wizened Thea, and I enjoyed the Laurel and Ollie confrontation. I just wish they had been given their own episode, and Constantine had gotten more screen time here.

    I also *really* think they’re handling “Good-Guy,” Oliver poorly. He can be good, and be confrontational. There is such a thing as tough love. He was a dick in past seasons, but he’s swung way to far into pushover teddy bear now. The Marvel movies have a lot of flaws (so much comedy) but their portrayal of Captain America in Winter Soldier, and parts of Avengers 2, would be how I’d want Olliver to be. A hero, a good guy, someone that’s willing to do the right thing, will have your back, knows where he stands, and is willing to say what needs to be said. This version of Olliver just goes, “oh, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, I’m sorry, let’s all have lots of hugs.” That’s just personal preference though, I still liked the episode.

  36. Stephen says:

    Great episode but… Laurel… overact much?

  37. tyranthraxus says:

    I loved Matt Ryans slightly.. different version of Constantine on this show. I know a lot of people over the years have disliked the Flashback scenes, but ive liked how they have slowly .. built a different version of Oliver. Logically being we should end up with the Very Dark oliver in the final flashback of the show.

    I did like that the Staff of Horus (who is an Egyptian God was buried in a small underground complex in the South China sea. ) That was pretty iffy.

    I dont think they will bring that character back to the show (although it is possible I guess) and Matt Ryan will move on to different stuf

    All this has just made me sad that Constantine got cancelled.

    • This episode gave me a bad case of the “What-Ifs” thinking about what Constantine could’ve been if it was given a chance!

      • tyranthraxus says:

        I think it was given a chance. Just enough of the viewing public didnt warm to it. Arrow is lucky in that at the time it came out there wasnt much else around like it. I think though as Arrow gets older though, its starting to lose something. A bit like the new car smell but .. well.. Arrow was originally more dark and more tied to reality. It seems though that the Showrunner dont want or cant have that anymore.

  38. aura says:

    Everyone does realize that all this bickering is pointless, Sara is back because she has to be for LoT and that is the way the WRITERS decided to go. I have only just started watching arrow again and I must say so far I am really impressed with this season miles better than 3 imo. Love that htey are focusing in character development and keeping the olicty pimpage to a minimum ( wasnt a fan of the paining but Ieven I will admit it has been handled really well so far this season so kudos to the writers) its nice to see Oliver Happy and focusing on his family and city, I hope they continue in this vein. also enough with the Laurel hate for hating sake its been 3 season already she isnt going anywhere just try to enjoy the show knowing that or move on, every single arrow discussion always ends up turning into some long winded argument between Laurel and olicity stans. Can we jsut not let it go already.

  39. Pat says:

    Great episode and oh my gosh, I was able to see Constantine once again. i hope that he will be back again, in future episodes in the meantime Supernatural how about having him on your show to help with the Darkness. The scenes with Sara trying to kill Thea, were intense. I cannot believe that Thea did not break one bone, especially when she was in the hospital bed and Sara flung her out of it. Arrow has been pretty awesome, so far thus season.

  40. Kevin says:

    Seeing Matt Ryan’s Constantine was fantastic, and demonstrates just how bad NBC fumbled the show last year. Can we please find a way to bring him back in some capacity? I’d love to see the show Constantine come back and done right.

  41. niloofar says:

    Dislike & hate towards the charachter of Laurel & not just from Felicity fans, stems from more than the writing but more from Katie Cassidy’s terrible acting.

  42. Sasha says:

    Loved the Episode.

    Loved Oliver in a T-shirt.

    Loved Matt Ryan/Constantine.

    Would love it if he became a regular but that unlikely story line wise BUT a regular guest would be fantastic as well.

    The whole Laurel Drama, accept it and move on I feel. Not a fan of Katie but I do like the show as a whole so I’m not going to whine about it.

  43. Lena says:

    i don’t see why oliver has any right to judge laurel one way or the other; he chose to take his sister to the lazarus pit but laurel… isn’t allowed to? the hypocrisy on this show and within this fandom is so strong. laurel has paid her dues, has been through her own version of hell, and come out the other side. and she didn’t even get to do it with the help of a felicity or a diggle that believed in her every step of the way, and constantly told her they had faith in her, that she wasn’t alone, laurel truly dealt with her issues alone. (quentin does not count, in any way, as a supportive figure in her life for the last five years).

  44. Gail says:

    Has it ever been mentioned why Malcolm had Thea kill Sara? I am guessing the reason why Sara will join the Legends of Tomorrow will be to keep from killing Thea. Apparently from what Thea said the person who killed you is the person the blood lust makes you want to kill the most.

  45. Liz985 says:

    The elephant in the room is that Katie Cassidy doesn’t have the acting chops to pull off this story arc. She could have infused all of these decisions and their consequences with some real emotion. Instead, we got…nothing. Reminded me why when The Arrow first premiered I got about 30 minutes into an episode and turned it off because of Laurel/Katie.

  46. Kira says:

    I thought last night’s episode was just ok. I usually fast forward (or mute) any scene with Laurel in it, but I always love any scene with Diggle and Constantine was awesome. I really hope he gets the chance to come back on the show. I would love to know whether he and Oliver saw each other again after the island. I also love watching Thea/Oliver and Oliver/Felicity scenes.

  47. iamolisebika says:

    So I honestly can’t deal with everyone bashing Laurel. How would she have known Sara would come out the way she did. She sees normal Thea who just had anger issues and she figured Sara could cope with it. She was right about the hypocrisy. Oliver is allowed to make some poor choices but not Laurel? Come on guys and she apologised even tho she has a lot to make up for. Like the other members of team arrow haven’t killed people? And hopefully her arc can move on now that Sara is back.
    FYI you can never really judge unless you’re in the same shoes. And this episode was my far the best episode of arrow ever. Everything was so seamless and aligned.

  48. RAGGEDT says:

    The problem with Laurel Lance is that she’s — easily — the worst-written female character in the series. And that’s going back several seasons. Thea has grown as a character; Sara has grown (from throwaway bimbo to hero to dead to zombie) as a character. Felicity, of course, has been amazing — whether with Ray or with Oliver. But Laurel has never come across as a convincing character — pre- or post-Black Canary. And I’m neutral on the whole “Ollicity” thing: I’m a guy. I come for the explosions and the boxing-glove arrows, not the kissy-kissy! ;-)

  49. Jemima Bessa says:

    YAAAAS to all Oliver & Laurel scenes TBH. The dialogue was on point.

  50. Meagan says:

    Wow, how many windows did Caity Lotz end up breaking through in this episode? It seemed she entered every scene that way. Otherwise I really enjoyed this episode.