Van Helsing TV Series

Van Helsing: New Syfy Series to Focus on Hunter's Daughter Vanessa

Syfy is taking a crack at a famous supernatural character — with a gender-bending twist!

The network has acquired Van Helsing, a 13-episode drama about Vanessa, the daughter of legendary monster hunter Abraham Van Helsing, our sister site Deadline reports. The story picks up with Vanessa being resurrected after five years, only to discover that vampires have taken over the planet; she is now “humanity’s last hope” in the fight to reclaim our world from the undead.

Originally introduced in the 1897 novel Dracula, the character of Abraham Van Helsing has appeared in several comic books, TV shows and movies over the years, with Hugh Jackman’s portrayal in 2004’s Van Helsing standing as one of the most recognizable.

Van Helsing goes into production in Vancouver in Jan. 2016, and is expected to premiere that fall.

Will you be tuning into Van Helsing? Any dream casting ideas? Whatever you’re thinking, let’s hear it in a comment below.

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  1. Rachel Nichols would be a perfect Vanessa. She’s TV’s best drama lead actress anyways..

  2. Is this related to the Van Helsing movie, or is the use of the graphic merely incidental?

  3. Marco says:

    Sounds interesting…

  4. Lyn says:

    And the bastardization goes on. Either change the gender or the race and try to crank out some profit. It’s just pouring hot water over old tea leaves. Pass.

    • Miranda says:

      That’s how stories have worked since the beginning of the spoken word. Mythology has constantly been reinterpreted and reworked into a new “author’s” perspective. It’s just more visual now with the advent of movies and television.

      • Lucifer says:

        That’s not what is happening. There has been a demand for more roles for women and non-white people for years, but Hollywood being Hollywood has decided to just remake classic movies and stories while swapping the gender or race of the characters. It’s sloppy seconds at best.

  5. Temperance says:

    Wow, talk about tired and clichéd tropes! The ‘vampires have taken over the world’ trope *never* works because it’s antithetical to what makes vampires scary. Vampires are the seductive darkness, that personal addiction that you can’t deny. They aren’t massive numbers and farmed humans. Ugh. How about a modern supernatural gender-reversal – both Dracula and Van Helsing are women – instead. And drop whole ‘the one’ thing – it’s tired. How about someone awesome that’s there to fight this particular problem/war?

  6. elcamino says:

    Stephanie Hunt was just the lead in a SyFy horror movie. I think she would be great in this also

  7. MFL says:

    Nina Dobrev… if she channels the character of could work!

    • Annie says:

      I hope not. I’m not ready to forgive her yet for leaving VD. If she comes back to a vampire based tv show that *isnt* VD, the blowback will be extreme.
      Plus she wouldn’t do it. She left VD to get different experiences.

      • MFL says:

        I never bought the different experiences story. As much as no one will ever admit it, I think she left because of Ian…working so closely with an ex cannot be easy not to mention how Ian moved on and then got married yet on the show Nina and Ian’s characters were still “hot and heavy”. I’m sure if the opportunity came knocking, she will take it.

  8. m3rcnate says:

    Lol. Sy-Fy (among others) are going HARD at taking D movies and trying to tap into their fan bases. They actually had a show I enjoyed and they cancelled it (Dominion) which did the same.
    Most likely I will pass on this, tired of watching shows that SyFy just cancels on me and never gives me an ending to the show (Dominion, Defiance, SGU, Ascension, Helix, etc).
    TV wants to get better viewership? How about you guarantee an ending for your shows. You are killing yourself as a industry (TV) by begging us to watch pilots/new shows, picking them up, then canceling them within the first 1-3 seasons and never giving us an ending to the show, then 8 months later doing the exact same thing. I personally am burnt out, tired of shows I watch getting canceled.
    Want me to watch your show? Guarantee that even if you cancel it in its 2nd or 3rd season you have in the contracts a TV movie or graphic novel to be made to let the writers & showrunner finish their vision and wrap up the stories and arcs like a last season & series finale would.

  9. Dani says:

    Didn’t they just cancel Dominion which was based on a movie and where evil angels have taken over the planet? I like chessy sci-fi/fantasy shows like Dominion but if they are going to cancel it after two season, they shouldn’t bother. Syfy should put an effort in supporting their own shows instead of ordering them from Canada. Actually as a Canadian, just let Canada make all the sci-fi/fantasy shows, that way we have more jobs here.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Yeah Dominion was based on a mediocre movie that didn’t do so well at the box office. I memory serves me correctly that description would also apply to Huge Jackman’s movie. However, there are many other better incarnations of Van Helsing than that movie and I would argue its a better known universe than Dominion was based on.

  10. JC1 says:

    How about Meghan Ory?

  11. I’d love to see Meaghan Rath in this.

  12. I like the idea of a daughter of Professor Van Helsing taking up her father’s legacy but there are things about this premise that bother me.

    Vanessas Helsing? The name is Dutch. The Dutch don’t drop the “Van” easily. Why Anglicise it? Also Van (Vanessa) Helsing is cheesy in and of itself. Van Van Helsing…

    2. A world ruled by vampires… ugh…

    3. The last “Girl power” show Syfy did was Bitten in which the only female werewolf was a “special snowflake” because “most women are too weak to survive being a werewolf.” But it’s totally not sexist because it’s based on a book series by a woman!

    And finally 4. This is about the daughter of ABRAHAM Van Helsing, the hero of the Dracula novel. Not Gabriel Van Helsing, the weird Angel with Amnesia thing from the 2004 film. Yet every article about this uses pictures of Hugh Jackman as Gabriel. Why?!

    • Keven Bouchard says:

      Her full name is Vanessa Van Helsing,On the poster as a title Van Helsing.Why you dont understand it at first,it’s not difficult for me.