Vampire Diaries Stefan Caroline

Vampire Diaries EP Hints at 'Legit' Reason for Stefan and Caroline's Split

It’s been the question plaguing Vampire Diaries fans ever since Caroline’s Stefan-less future was revealed last month: What could he possibly do to make her never want to see him again?

A natural assumption would be that all this Valerie drama — including, but not limited to, the fact that she swiped Stefan’s V-card and was pregnant with his child — becomes too much for Caroline to handle, but according to executive producer Caroline Dries, there’s a lot more to the story.

“Valerie is part of the reason, but it’s a much bigger, more emotional, legit reason,” Dries tells TVLine. “It’s beyond petty jealousy or Stefan cheating on Caroline or anything like that.”

That said, you can still count on plenty of Stefan/Caroline/Valerie drama to come.

“This season is about [our characters] growing up and becoming adults,” Dries explains, adding that Stefan’s almost-baby is “something he will be really be thinking about as we move forward in the season. He’ll keep thinking, ‘I could have been a dad.’ We had many ideas [for their backstory], but we felt this was the most symbolic and thematic.”

Your thoughts on Stefan and Caroline’s future? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Wordsmith says:

    I’ve been enjoying the flash-forwards, and wish we got to spend more time in that future world. Can’t wait for the explanation of how things ended up changing so radically for everyone.

    • Erin says:

      I’ll only care if SC break up for good. Why can’t Stefan be with someone exciting and hot? Instead we get these two boring and chemistry LI for him. I just need him to have someone he has actual chemistry with. Btw that pic of him is hot.

      • LT says:

        Unfortunately they are getting back together, JP is just throwing these stupid obstacles in their way because of reasons. I’m so tired of Stefan getting stuck with these silly story lines and don’t even get me started on pairing him up with Caroline. I never really cared about Caroline and then they shackled Stefan with her and now I can’t stand her. I thought she got over her season 1 self. I can’t take her whiny insecure ways he finally got rid of Elena but then got stuck with a worse version of her in Caroline. Why can’t Stefan have nice things? I can’t even enjoy him anymore because all of his story revolves around that dim wit.

      • Natalie says:

        If they’re not giving Stefan anyone new besides Caroline then I’m all for anything or anyone coming in between SC. The less screen time they have together the better. Give them their own individual story lines.

      • tvjunkie says:

        That’s funny considering Stefan is so average looking and so far on the show has been punching way above his belt, with women far hotter, starting with Elaina and continuing through Caroline. Also Stefan is typically boring; the polar opposite of his brother.

        • Brigid says:

          That’s stupid. Paul Wesley is smoking hot! Your 13 year old mentality makes me laugh.

        • Michelle says:

          Stefan average looking??? “Seriously” I’m quoting Caroline. I love their screen time. Not a fan of another love triangle hoping Plec isn’t a complete idiot.

        • Madison says:

          OMG are you 3? LMAO What exactly are you trying to do? Paul Wesley is hot and it’s these stupid a** boring story lines they are giving him. It’s not his fault they keep giving him lame love interests. Your bitterness is showing.

        • Hanna says:

          It’s only funny that the brother you’re talking about has as many wrinkles as a dried prune but he’s better than Stefan? lol Not to mention you don’t even know how to spell Elena correctly. I can only hope that Plec does get a clue and breaks SC up for good and not use it for ratings then get them back together for fan service.

        • steve says:

          This is what I mean there’s so much paul wesley hate. Lol average looking are u kidding me

        • Do think Damon is way hotter than Stefan although Stefan does have his charm, would like Damon to get a hot/smoking love story, with Elena it was always love “interuptus” as soon as they were together they got separated again. Sure drama always more interesting especially when it comes to love but could settle for random sexy hookups if nothing else. Let’s not have Damon pining away forever for Elena especially when we know that Nina Dobrev is not coming back….oops sorry Delena fans,loved it but it’s over+still not sure it will get renewed for a season 8,lots of plots will be left dangling if that were to happen. The move to Friday was not the nail in the coffin for Smallville. It pretty well maintained its same numbers which weren’t all that high but viewers didn’t watch it in real time,numbers are not that relevant anymore.

      • charlotte says:

        The Dullena Diaries kept me away from season 5 and 6. Stefan and Caroline and there zero chemistry whatever it is, is the reason I’m not watching this has been show. Shame one Kevin Williamson to allow the creepy Ian fanWOMEN Plec and Dries to literally write this show into the ground and disrespect Stelena’s like me. I will NEVER watch this show. Boycott

      • Brian Kyle says:

        Caroline is exciting and OMG HOT and Valerie is dangerously exciting and she is no slouch in the looks department either

      • Morna says:

        Ugh! Couldn’t agree more Erin! I haven’t seen less chemistry between a tv / movie “couple” since Twilight. Neither of those characters is interesting in any way, they just whine and act like children, and btw I’ve never seen a show contradict it self more when it comes to characters.

      • elevaine says:

        Ugh! Couldn’t agree more Erin! I haven’t seen less chemistry between a tv / movie “couple” since Twilight. Neither of those characters is interesting in any way, they just whine and act like children, and btw I’ve never seen a show contradict it self more when it comes to characters.

  2. edda says:

    enough with those damn baby storylines oh and steroline sucks

  3. anne says:

    oh joy stefans got the baby blues how fun is that?!!!!

  4. Caroline Dries needs to go. This season has been dull and repetitive and all over the place. The only elements they’re getting right (Damon/Bonnie/Alaric + the flashforwards) are the ones that are getting the least amount of screentime, instead we get another pointless love triangle and the boring Heretics while there’s a much more badass villain in the horizon we still know nothing about (I’m talking about the huntress, since Julian seems like just another boring Heretic-to-be).

    • MaryA says:

      EXACTLY! They push this chemistry free couple over a BLATANT chemistry Bamon? Each week I think ok they have to show more Damon and Bonnie but no we get less of them and more Sterosnooze. No wonder these ratings are down. They need to use their strengths and not their weaknesses. Nothing can make sterosnooze interesting especially another ‘Caroline’ and that’s what Valerie is. More boring girls for Stefan and more boring storylines for us.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Bonnie needs to go, she is and always has been a horrible character. I blame the writers, as her character is horribly written.

      • Hanna says:

        Bonnie is the only well written character on here right now. Caroline used to be until they put her with her best friend and now she’s all insecure over a guy again.

    • Angie says:

      I do agree its been a snore fest…
      I like Car-Steph…..sorry not up on the lingo. I really thought when we FINALLY got rid of Elana that the ahow wo u ld get bettee. Originals better. I mean I find myself watching TO before VD. But even that show is getting repetitive

  5. SS says:

    So I can continue to hate their relationship that ends? Perfect!

  6. birda says:

    Wtf “This season is about [our characters] growing up and becoming adult” lmao arent stefan and damon over 150 years old!
    and stop this effin baby stuff enough its bad enough that caroline will be forced to carry alric twins and nameing one lizzie dosent make it any less gross and disgusting!

    • Lea says:

      Totally agree! I was laughing about the growing up and becoming adult quote. Shouldn’t men that are over 150yrs old already be mature shouldn’t they have learned several life lessons by now and be wiser than the 18 yr olds they are dating? lol I can’t take anything that CD says, everything that comes out of her mouth is hideous. I’m still trying to figure out how she’s still in charge. Between SC and Caroline twin sl they are completely ruining everything I liked about Stefan and Caroline. They ruined a beautiful friendship and now they are making Caroline carry around gross Alaric’s babies. ugh!

  7. Leena says:

    UGH, who cares about SC? They are boring, has ruined Caroline’s character to no end, and made me come to hate Stefan and the fact that they literally cannot have a story-line outside one another. Give me a freaking crossover, at least the Mikaelsons with Bonnie and Caroline and Enzo would be something worth watching

  8. Lorna says:

    Yes! Worst tvd couple ever. No sexual or romantic chemistry AT ALL

  9. Kalli says:

    Good. Can’t stand the couple anyways. Caroline deserves better, and we all know that if Elena was still around, she’d come first in the long run, no matter what. I miss Klaus and the good dynamic he used to have with Caroline. He was the only person who really understood Caroline’s worth, and the power she had within her.

    • Angie says:

      Yes!!!! Someone who isnt bashing Caroline. Loved her since the beginning. But so over Stephen and his whiny ways….anyone noticed he whines more then the chicks. I for one thinks Bonnie and Damon would be awesome….but looking forword to her and Enzo…but shea in a mental word!!?!?!?!?! Say it isnt so bon bon

  10. Alisha says:

    As long as they find their way back to each other.. We’ve waited far too long to have them taken away from us so soon.. Steroline was perfect last episode..

  11. hello says:

    But shippers are wacko, they have no concept of good storytelling

    • Brigid says:

      Exactly! That’s when this show went down hill. Forcing Elena and Damon together for no reason and blowing up the entire series. Hasn’t been good since before that shipper infused rewrite of our lead characters.

  12. Drow says:

    Im sure they will find their way back to each other but it still sucks that they had to break them up for no reason and make Caroline engaged.

  13. Val says:

    Stefan & Caroline are soulmates who belong together. I can’t wait for their reunion. They have a lovely dinamic, evrything about them is perfect.

    • Erin Baliya says:

      Soul mates? Please, they’re practically brother and sister! Caroline HAS a soul mate. His name is Klaus Mikaelson and lives in New Orleans.

    • Abby says:

      Soul mates is right! I love the new relationship between Caroline and Stefan, and I hope it stays that way. The flashs to the future made me nervous because Caroline and Alaric end up married and having babies. Eww! And Bonnie ends up with Enzo. Stefan and Valerie. It’s crazy!! Caroline and Stefan, and Bonnie and Jeremy. I hope the flashs weren’t true .

  14. m3rcnate says:

    Wait what? I don’t get this show. They tease and setup Stefan and Caroline, proclaim them the next Elena and _____ romantic lead story for the series with Nina Dobrev gone…they spend time this season establishing their romance and chemistry, all to start teasing that they will break up just what? 4 seasons into this season?
    Unless this is the final season and they are setting it up that way with the flash forwards and Caroline and Stefan aren’t meant to be together, then I don’t like them ALREADY breaking them up…it is pretty lame (but typical of Plec and The CW).

    DIE DIE DIE!!!!

    • Mari says:

      I really hope that it’s Caroline that is finally “growing up” and getting away from the toxicity this the Salvatore brothers.

  16. Merida says:

    BRING ON THE ANGST. I wasn’t sure about Steroline going into S6 but they’ve really sold me on this pair and I AM HERE FOR THE RIDE.

    LOL famous last words, I’ll probably regret this later but for now I’m just enjoying this story and this couple so much. I’ll take whatever the show throws at me.

  17. Lily M. says:

    We’re not that lucky that they’re going to break for good…I will continue skeptical.

  18. Malachi says:

    I’m sorry, characters are growing up? THAT CALL CHARACTER DELEMENT. You had the whole series to change these characters instead it’s “let give lots of fan service to pro long the story”. This is why the whole series went to crap. Instead of fan shipping how about a story. This will be canceled for sure.

    • LT says:

      Agree with you but this is all JP and CD know how to write. Let’s take Damon for instance (because I feel Stefan has had more character development than Damon) he’s had no character development for 6 seasons. None. They claim he became a better person because of Elena, that she redeemed him but that wasn’t true because we found out he was off killing Whitmores on the weekends while still with Elena. Anytime he felt insecure in said relationship he would act out or kill her family or friends. That’s not development. When he was giving that speech about what he is w/o Elena bad brother, friend, son etc, that was a load of crap he was like that WITH her. So now they are finally going to see who Damon is without a doppleganger to obsess over it only took 6 seasons. SMH

  19. jessica says:

    to tell u the truth I like the show much more now then I did when elena was in it. I love steroline, I really hope they don’t break up for long. steroline forever:]

  20. Maryann says:

    This is Vampire Diaries 2.0. Everything is reinvigorated and has the energy of a new series. I think the show has the kind of legs that Supernatural has if people give it a chance. I’m not a shipper; I just love the storytelling.

  21. Shelby says:

    I’m so tired of all the love triangle on this show let Caroline and Stefan have there relationship for at least season 6a and then start throwing in drama it’s just not fair as a steroline shipper for a couple we have been waiting many years forward to now have to break up its just stupid

  22. Luli says:

    Again with the damn love triangles. I thought we were past that when Elena left, but I guess not.
    Can we just have the badass Caroline back? a storyline where it doesn’t involve being with a guy. Give her something good to do.
    As much as I love them together… after a lot of build up they are already teasing their break up???

  23. Steve says:

    It’s hilarious that everybody that watches the show ONLY wants stefan to suffer and Damon to be happy. Why does everyone hate stefan? Or him with any girl they put him with? is it paul wesley do you all just hate paul wesley?

    • NDFan says:

      Huh? Where are you seeing that people hate Stefan or want him to suffer here?

    • Missy says:

      Ha, no. The problem is that there are a lot of kc fans that want Caroline with Klaus. Other fans, like myself, who do love Paul and his character Stefan just want him with someone he has chemistry with. People also had and continue to have problems with the way S/C have been written starting in s6. Stefan had great chemistry with Elena/Katherine/Rebekah but him and Caroline do not. What they should’ve done knowing that the kc fandom is big and especially since S/C have no romantic chemistry they should’ve given Stefan a brand new love interest this season (made sure they had chemistry of course). I agree that Stefan gets hate on and it’s not fair all because of these stupid ships but I feel in this case with S/C the writers/show runners shot themselves in the foot. As far as Damon goes there are a lot of db fans not to mention others that have seen their chemistry and are rooting for Damon and Bonnie. So it’s not so much people want Stefan to suffer and Damon to be happy it’s more that they need to pair Stefan up with chemistry and give him better story lines.

      • NDFan says:

        Well said! Personally I hate how they keep changing Stefan’s past. And your mention of Rebekkah made me sad…I loved her and Stefan together!

      • Brigid says:

        He had plenty of chemistry with Elena and they ruined that to stick her with Damon because Kevin Williamson left as writer and the show was left with fan girls as the only writers. It’s frustrating because I think he is the strongest character on this show. He gets no serious story lines because his eyes aren’t bulging every 2 seconds. TVD has become the ultimate joke. I remember the first 3 seasons of racing to my TV to watch every episode and waiting to see what shocking thing they did next. Now I’m lucky if I watch it before the next one airs. It’s so sad what has happened to this once fun show. D@mn these female writers and their obsession with bad boys, you’re killing your own show.

    • The brothers are my favorite, their relationship is the best part of the show. Less intense relationship than Supernatural but the stories on that show are getting unbearably asinine tried watching it again and couldn’t.

  24. Vince says:

    Plec should tie up the storyline. The ratings are really low. Imagine Spring+DST.

  25. Dominique says:

    but i suppose there won’t be a legit reason for them to get back together? they’ll just pick up right where they left off?
    i really wish they never would’ve gone there with steroline. these two are SO boring together.

  26. Sims says:

    Love Steroline, I hope they make their way back to each other in the flash forwards.

  27. May says:

    This show has gone off the rails…

  28. Kristen says:

    I’m obviously one of the few that like Caroline and Stefan together. I feel like there was better chemistry last season, but this season has been a bit more difficult on their “relationship”. I’m still open to them being a couple, but I’m curious what is going to tear them apart? Although I’m sure they’ll be right back together.

    I am loving Bonnie/Damon interaction… I can totally see them as a couple, and I wouldn’t mind one bit if Nina Dobrev never returned.

    CAROLINE CARRIES ALARIC’S BABIES!? Why am I just hearing about this!? That’s creepy… sweet if done right, but creepy for right now.

  29. Brittany says:

    THIS SEASON IS SO GOOD!!!!The flash forwards really get your mind going to try to figure out what happened to get the characters to that point. I was nervous because I’m such an Elena fan but they really have done such a good job. I love them writing in diaries just like the show began; hence “The Vampire Diaries.” I do miss Elena but I am glad they have kept her “spirit” in the show. It is really great to see the development of these other characters and give them the spotlight. Plec and Dries have done an excellent job. Can’t wait for Thursday!

  30. Karen says:

    I was rooting for tvd this season because I wanted it to succeed in the face of all the people that wanted it to fail since Nina CHOSE to leave. Really hoping that Julie Plec would do a whole reboot of the show and was excited by all the interviews they were doing after s6. They talked about how these heretics were suppose to be TO 2.0 and how the show was going a little darker and getting back to how good s1-2 was. This certainly was not what I was expecting when I started watching this season. Apart from Oscar being funny the heretics are far from The Originals unless Julian is the ‘big bad’ then I don’t feel like these heretics are really a threat. Half the dang show was spoiled before the second episode, way to keep things locked up Julie! Stefan and Caroline are the dullest couple ever on tvd and how they are acting together is making me greatly dislike both of them. Then add Valerie to the mix and ugh! Bonnie is still not putting herself first and still hanging with the lonesome losers. Damon is still whiny and obsessed. Alaric, Matt, and Enzo have not given up their title as the most useless characters on tvd. So yeah I’m a little disappointed with how this season is turning out.

  31. Natalie says:

    Wish Nina would come back to tvd, can’t stand the Caroline and Stefan duo, they are better off as best friend.

    • Autumn says:

      The only way I’d want Elena with Stefan again is if she went away to rediscover herself lived a little and then came back apologized to Stefan and try and rebuild a relationship. That’s not going to happen because I’m not sure Nina will come back and if she does it’s only for one ep. I think she’s not ending up with either brother. She probably ends up with Matt or goes off alone. The brothers either die together or one of them dies and I’m suspecting it’s Stefan because we all know these writers won’t let Stefan be happy. In agreement about steroline they were much better off as friends, like others have said wished they would’ve brought in someone new.

  32. vellasquez says:

    FIRST OFF THEY NEED TO SHUT DOWN STALLING!!! AND ADD MORE BAMON/IC, because as far as I’m concerned they’re the only important aspect off the show followed by the boring heretics!! Bamon NEEDS to get more screen time, bring kai back along with jo, give the heretics some serious power and purpose without the useless corny lines and the (5th grade lesbian couple mary louise.. blah blah), give BONNIE THE EXTREME WITCH POWERS SHE DESERVE AND MAKE HER THE BADASS WE ALL KNOW HER TO BE, and do a crossover with Bonnie, Damon, and The Heretics (maybe that’s how lucien cured his werewolf bite with the siphoners blood like how kai was able to cure tyler’s werewolf bite of him..and how lucien says like a phoenix I rise.. like how bonnie was able to raise ppl from the dead with the PHEONIX stone) and make enzo has some KIND of purpose.. even matt is doing better than him.. and dear god no enzily relationship .. or baldric.. blahhh

  33. vellasquez says:

    FIRST OFF THEY NEED TO SHUT DOWN STALLING!!! AND ADD MORE BAMON/IC, because as far as I’m concerned they’re the only important aspect off the show followed by the boring heretics!! Bamon NEEDS to get more screen time, bring kai back along with jo, give the heretics some serious power and purpose without the useless corny lines and the (5th grade lesbian couple mary louise.. blah blah), give BONNIE THE EXTREME WITCH POWERS SHE DESERVE AND MAKE HER THE BADASS WE ALL KNOW HER TO BE, and do a crossover with Bonnie, Damon, and The Heretics (maybe that’s how lucien cured his werewolf bite with the siphoners blood like how kai was able to cure tyler’s werewolf bite of him..and how lucien says like a phoenix I rise.. like how bonnie was able to raise ppl from the dead with the PHEONIX stone) and make enzo has some KIND of purpose.. even matt is doing better than him.. and dear god no enzily relationship .. or baldric.. blab. Sorry guys for my rant lol

  34. Erin Baliya says:

    I’m glad they broke up. They had no chemistry and don’t work as a couple AT ALL! The one Caroline had chemistry with was Klaus. Either bring him back or send her to New Orleans.

  35. Priyan says:

    I don’t think caroline and stefan chemistry is working.It is the most unbearable part to watch in season 7 each episode.please don’t make hard for us to love our favourite show.

  36. katie pig says:

    This as been annoying as Stefan is always stuck in the middle of everything! he doesn’t suit Caroline what so ever! I think Stefan and Elena should get back together as they look really cute thought the seasons. Caroline should go back with Tyler as she suites him more from the seasons. Elena should come back to life again in season 7 and go back to Stefan not Damon.. but on the other hand Damon should go with bonnie as them two look far much better with each other from they have spent a lot of time with each other throughout the seasons. But on the other hand Elena looks like Katherine and that’s why Damon really wants her, so my heart sets on TEAM SE NOT SC THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!!!! PLEASE MAKE THIS COME TRUE THANKS!!!!!!

    • Ghb says:

      I completely agree with this! They shouldn’t of changed anything with Stefan and elena team se

    • Susan Murray says:


    • Kelly says:

      I agree with his competely! They should put a mix into it that the ma put a spell on elena all of theses years for Damon but all she could see was Stefan, because she wanted was to get pay back after all. So I think elenea and Stefan should get back to get her after all they shouldn’t of changed anything about them two what so ever! So BRING THEM BACK TOGETHER END OFF!

  37. Kelly says:

    Bring back Stefan and Elena!!
    Should of changed anything about them two what so ever!!!👍👍👍

  38. Louise says:

    Totally bring Stefan And elena back!!! Ok thanks.👍👍👍

  39. Fudge says:

    Are you serious, you have teased Stefan and Caroline for ages. You let everyone get hope that they are gonna be together, then you have to break them up seriously I cannot even handle it. Fudge off Valerie ruining it all who needed you anyway we were doing just fine with Caroline and Stefan. God woman just go away!

  40. Real life says:

    ^ balloon! Elena and Stefan are completely right for each other! Elena just can’t go with Damon straight like that she begin to come a vampire! So obviously there is a twist to story that Elena only seen Stefan in Damon and was spelled from the mother! Or it’s been Katherine the whole time and they have elena locked somewhere eles! Simple tbh ok! No more team sc cause it’s already said in the spoilers that Elena and Stefan get back together ok! So end off👍

  41. Lyn says:

    TVD was great when Klaus & Caroline shared the screen. Those 2 are soul mates. Stefan & Caroline were more like Besties. It’s awkward when SC make didn’t bother me when Matt & Tyler were Caroline’s boyfriends but for some reason I cringe when Stefan & Caroline starts kissing. Now Klaus…that would be an epic love story.

  42. I really hope they don’t get back together they are so much better as friends why did they have to ruin it and how many guys has Caroline been with now I think she has dated or slept with half the males on the show lol first it was Damon then Matt , Tyler , she had a whole thing going on with Klaus and ended up sleeping with him and now she’s with Stefan and currently a surrogate with Alrarics children I’m surprised she hasent actually got with him and Jeremy when he was still around lol

  43. I really hope they break up as they are so much better as friends and how many people has Caroline been with on the show I think she has slept with or dated half the males on there lol she started with Damon then Matt , Tyler , had a whole thing going on with Klaus which she turned him down but would ask for help when it suited her the whole Elena my stole prom dress scenario but then she admitted she liked him and ended up sleeping with him now she’s onto to Stefan and currently surrogate with his children I’m actually surprised she hasent really got with him or with Jeremy when he was around
    Now on a side note I am a big shipper of Klaus and Caroline and do like her character she’s just confusing that’s all lol but wouldent of been a better storyline if they made Caroline pregnant to Klaus in season 5 I understand there trying to cover up her real pregnancy with this ridiculous storyline but I would of been great if she was pregnant with an originals baby keeping a bit of the orginals in mystic falls and I know it impossible for a vampire to be pregnant but this tv and also fiction so anything can happen okay rant over lol