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Faking It Finale

Faking It Boss on [Spoiler]'s Finale Exit, Liam's Discovery, Felix's Reveal & More

One thing’s for sure: When the Faking It gang returns to Hester High for the MTV comedy’s third season, it’s going to be a totally different ball game.

My sad attempt at a sports metaphor aside, Monday’s finale introduced a whole mess of changes for our floundering faves: Liam (via Zita) discovered the identity of his biological father, Felix revealed that he’s a recovering alcoholic, Karma and Shane learned they’ll be forced to spend the summer together and Amy — whose mom is amicably divorcing Lauren’s dad — left town… with Reagan! (And Reagan’s live-in girlfriend, but whatever.)

Below, executive producer Carter Covington discusses tonight’s biggest bombshells, then previews what — and who! — we can expect from Season 3.

TVLINE | Let’s start with Felix: I was not expecting that. Was it always part of your plan to make him an alcoholic?
We loved the way Theo’s arc laid out in our last finale when we revealed he was a narc, and when we brought Felix on, we thought it would be really fun to build to a reveal in the finale about his character. Having him be a recovering alcoholic popped up as we were arcing the story, and if you back and watch the season, you can see hints of it — like when Karma asks how he got over his mom dying, he says, “Take it one day at a time.”

TVLINE | Please tell me we’ll get more of him next season.
Felix’s story with Amy will continue in Season 3, so rest assured.

TVLINE | And how much of Season 3 will be about Liam’s paternity drama?
We’re opening Season 3 at the end of summer, so we’ll fast forward through that and see what happened to everyone over break. Liam’s dad question gets answered, and it becomes a big force for his storyline.

TVLINE | I also ended up loving Zita a lot more than I thought I would. Can we look forward to more of her as well?
She will be back, yes. I was so thrilled with Chloe Bridges and Parker Mack [who plays Felix]. They’re both really nuanced actors who got the tone of the show, and they’re really nice people we enjoy being around, so it was kind of a win-win.

TVLINE | Another thing I wasn’t expecting was Lauren and Amy’s parents’ split.
We have a lot of fun thinking about Bruce and Farrah. They’re impetuous in their love lives, which wreaks havoc on their children, so we thought that’d be a fun way for us to play with the deepening relationship between Amy and Lauren. That’s something we’re going to explore in Season 3: They were starting to feel like sisters, so how is that going to change now that their parents aren’t married?

TVLINE | I’m glad Lauren is staying with Amy, but how will her life change without her dad around?
Her idea of family is going to start to change in Season 3. She’s a character who always has her walls up, and she struggles to let people in. We’re going to show how much she wants to let Amy in, but how difficult it is for her to do that. Her parents getting divorced forces her to look at her relationship with Amy and decide if she still wants her in her life now that she isn’t being forced.

TVLINE | Should we expect Karma and Shane’s relationship to improve or worsen over the summer?
Shane and Karma’s relationship changes in a really unexpected way, and that’s all I can say, because that reveal is going to be really fun in the premiere. Over the summer, their relationship evolves.

TVLINE | Amy’s big goodbye was heartbreaking. What went into that decision?
We started to think about how difficult it would be if you were in love with someone who didn’t love you back, especially if it was a friend. When you want to stay best friends, how do you fix that? So we thought, “You’d need to get away. You’d need some time and space to get over that person.” … They’ve always pledged that they can get through anything together, so Amy leaving and saying she needs to do this without Karma is really hurtful. We hope fans will see both sides of the dilemma, how both of them feel like they’re at a crossroads.

TVLINE | Do you honestly envision a day where Karma could reciprocate Amy’s feelings, or will it be more about Amy finding a middle ground?
I’ve always believed that Karma is not as introspective as Amy, and she hasn’t looked at her strong affection and love for Amy in any other light than a friendship. I really want to get to a point where she does look at that — and then we can figure out what that means for her. I have in my head an idea of how I’d like for all of that to unfold, so I’m just hoping we have the episodes to do it.

Your thoughts on the finale? Hopes for Season 3? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with whatever you’re feeling.

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  1. Josh says:

    Ugh I do not want Amy with Felix! She’s better with a woman whether Regan Amy or someone new. Hearing Amy is a part of Felix’s storyline next season sounds dreadful

    • Tw123 says:

      This was my EXACT first reaction to this interview as well.

    • Jess says:

      WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? The only sane relationship Amy has had is with Felix. Karma is all about Karma and Reagan moves too fast! I mean Reagan’s girlfriend already moved in with her. With Felix, Amy is being listened to and being understood. It’s not about being a man or a woman, it’s about who fits best with Amy and at this point Felix is the only one. Yes, seeing a lesbian couple on tv is great for the LGBT community but let’s not forget the B in LGBT. And let’s not forget that the community is for all identities, including Amy’s non-label identity. Yes, Felix/Amy would be a heterosexual couple, but that doesn’t mean she’s stopped being interested in girls. I for one would like to see more of the LGBT community on tv than just the L and the G. And I would like to see Amy in a relationship where she’s actually happy. Whether that’s with Felix or not has nothing to do with him being a man.

  2. A says:

    Shane and Karma are obviously going to become best friends, which will be hilarious.

  3. Matt says:

    While I love the fact that Amy is finally getting away from karma and figuring things out on her own, I am super bummed to hear that Felix will be back and their storyline will continue. As friends? Sure. More than that? Please no.

    Why are they gonna bring him back yet they assassinate Yvette monreals character so that there’s basically no chance we’ll see her again.

    Shame. She was a breathe of fresh air on the show. And that’s speaking as someone who genuinely enjoys karmy as well. I just don’t get these writers decisions half the time.

    • Jess says:

      What’s wrong with Felix? He’s a breath of fresh air to me. But how do you not understand where the storyline is going? The story is clearly about Amy exploring her sexuality. She doesn’t want to label herself because she doesn’t know what to identify as. With Reagan she wouldn’t be able to explore more of herself and so therefore the writers broke them up and brought in Felix. Even if they don’t end up together Amy is still at that age where she has more exploring to do. That’s what the show is about. And Felix is actually a very interesting character who I’d LOVE to see more of.

      • Matt says:

        the entire point of my post was that Reagan was not portrayed the same way in the beginning, and the writers made her unlikeable to break them up. It happens to a lot of characters on a lot of shows. I was merely stating that I don’t understand why writers feel they have to assassinate characters to break couples up. It’s possible to have amicable splits. I also have no issue with Amy being bisexual or unsure of her sexuality, you are the one who brought that up. She is 16, pinpointing your sexuality is hard at any age and also doesn’t need to be set in stone. As for Felix, I personally just found him
        A bit boring and Amy didn’t seem into him, from my perspective so if we’re getting those same kinda scenes between them in season 3, then yes I am not excited he is back.

    • Bianca says:

      Oh my goodness, THANK YOU. I don’t understand why they had to throw the Reagan character under the bus so deliberately. Or the fact that they feel the need to give the understanding, kind and patient love interest to a cis-gender white male. Basically every queer woman they’ve written as a potential love interest for Amy has been close-minded and generally kind of self-involved? Explore Amy’s sexuality – fine, that’s what we’re all here for, her journey – but for the love of doughnuts can we please get the same representation of open-minded queer ladies? It’s not like we (as a queer woman) don’t fully understand Amy’s journey ffs. We’ve all been there one way or another, if we weren’t an Amy we definitely KNOW an Amy. It’s so intensely infuriating as a viewer.

  4. Mariela says:

    I dont really like Reagan as much as the other characters. Liam seems more genuine and i don’t enjoy him as much. I was so relief to know Felix was coming back. He is a complete different light. Reagan was toxic, idk. But i feel Chloes character is going to b the new reagan to me .. -_-

    • cc says:

      I agree with everyone happy about Felix coming back and glad Reagan is not. I’m sorry, but I felt at least with Felix, Amy was able to find a friend along with a possible romantic interest (something she wanted to have with Karma but has since realised she can’t). I NEVER saw that with Reagan. Most of their scenes were intense make-outs or arguing about how much time Amy devotes on Karma. I just could never buy into their relationship. I’m happy to hear Felix is coming back and hope there can possibly be a sort of relationship between him and Amy even if it is for a short while (but longer than it was in season 2b)

    • cc says:

      Mariela I’m sorry, I don’t know how my comment was posted as a reply to yours, I didn’t want it to.

  5. Jess says:

    Actually, Andy, Amy said Reagan was staying in town with her new girlfriend. So she’s going with…some other girl.

  6. pinky says:

    Awesome finale! Can’t wait for season 3!
    As much as I think Amy going away for the summer broke Karma’s heart (and subsequently mine…Katie and Rita were amazing in that scene), whether it be in a romantic way or not, I totally get why she did that. If she wants to keep being friends with Karma she has to get over for real and that takes space.

    Can’t wait to see what happens with Karma and Shane over the summer…whatever it is, it’s bound to be hilarious.

    I didn’t really like Reagan’s character so I’m kind of glad she’s out…too bad Zita will be back coz I find her pretty flat and boring. Happy about Felix staying though…I don’t know that I necessarily want him with Amy, but he’s a nice guy and was a good friend to her, and makes for an interesting chapter in her journey (and if they do get together, it’ll be interesting to see Karma’s reaction)

  7. abz says:

    Andy, do you know if we’ll have to wait another year for the third season like with 2B? I still feel like the show just came back.
    I’m glad Amy left. Honestly, I’d love for her to give it a shot for a bit with Felix or with someone else (girl or boy). After the way they messed up with their bi character Wade, maybe they should continue to properly explore bisexuality in a better way with Amy. Don’t know if I ever really felt like she always belonged with Karma because Karma hasn’t really shown that much interest in Amy romantically.
    Kind of hope they can bring Duke back. They really need to tone down Shane’s terrible behaviour a bit.
    Never liked Reagan and I don’t really like that Zita character either. Didn’t care for her on PLL either.
    I would’ve never thought that Lauren would be a favorite of mine when I started the show. I’d love to see a stronger sisterly bond form between her and Amy.

  8. robandco says:

    Faking It is really good. It started as a very MTV show, full of unrealistically hot and old-looking teenagers, but the show is very deep.
    I like Felix and Amy, I like that they are keeping Amy seemingly bisexual, because she’s a great character. Karma is a total mess, as always but I think she could learn a thing or two for Shane. I couldn’t care less about Liam, he’s plain and boring as hell.

  9. I started hating Felix but he grew on me really fast. Amy needs a person outside their clique so she can chill like she did when she and Karma weren’t popular, and Felix might be the person to fill that void, not romantically, but as friends.
    About Reagan, I like her, I really do, but she isn’t the person for Amy right now, besides Amy being younger, she is a lot more mature than her, Amy deserves a new girl that loves her back, that’s the only way to Karma starts to reevaluating her feeling for Amy, cause she always notices that she wants something when she can’t have.
    About Karma and Shane, I predict that they will turn into besties and this will bring more conflict on Karmy relationship cause Amy will be jealous of them when she comes back, Also, Shane and Karma are both looking for substitutes for their best friends, since Liam is far away from home and Amy is out of town, but as soon those two comes back, they will stop being friends
    and about Liam, I don’t give a flying fart to him and this will never change

  10. tammy says:

    I totally think that amy is gay…and I also think karma is in love with amy but doesn’t want to be. Look at the look she gives her after every kiss. Also that finale it was karma again who wanted it. I think she’s struggling with her sexuality more than amy ever was and can’t accept the fact she actually is in love with amy. I would love to see them 2 together at the end of this!

  11. mano como a karma pode ser tão estupida as vezes tá na cara que a Amy gosta dela,e além do mais a karma vive com ciúmes de amy porque foi ela que propós a amy pra fingirem ser lesbíca,e além do mais que amiga por sã conciencia propoe pra ela fingir ser lesbica. Tá na cara que a Karma é Bi e ela gosta dos dois da Amy e do Liam e tenho certeza que quando uma pessoa bebe é pra esquecer no caso ela lembrou o que sente e além do mais a karma finalmente conseguiu expressar o que sente pela a amy e todo aquele beijo delas no fingimento pra elas sempre foi real ..E ninguém considera o fato de que o liam e a amy a uma possibilidade de eles virarem um casal.Seria legal,se eles se compreenderem encontrando uma coisa em comum e além do mais seriam um casal bonito.

  12. Milks says:

    The finale was superb. Felix’s character was not needed to begin with so I don’t want to see him return especially if it means that his Dad will still be principal.

    I don’t want Felix & Amy’s story to be romantic, but its possible for season 3, since we’ve never seen Amy in a relationship with a boy before, she’s had drunk sex, kissed Oliver but never had a relationship with one. Plus, after Karma’s behavior from episode 16 onwards it appears that she may finally be ready to want Amy beyond BFF.

    I think next season will have Amy entangle with a new love interest with Karma looking in from the side lines with Shane being her new voice of reason as it was in season 1. I’ve already seen that – I don’t want to see that again.

    Both girls should have new love interests but find their way back to each other.

  13. shakeeta says:

    Hello 👋 I’m very pleased to watch this show I absolutely love ❤ it it’s always a surprise and I’m always excited I love ❤ Karma Amy I can’t wait until one day Karma finally feel what Amy has been feeling all this time this last season was good but I feel so bad for amy!! It’s hard when you love someone who doesn’t look at you the same way and you have to be tortured by being around them all the time and not to mention it’s ya bestfriend please hook them up😘😘😘

  14. Ellie sophia hill says:

    Reagan didn’t go on tour though did she? i thought that she decided not to go in the end?

  15. Katherine says:

    I honestly think that like every other show amy and karma will have a little distance and go through more relationships and meet new people but in the end i think karma will realize she is not straight after all #1 Karma kissed amy wether it was bc she was drunk or not she kissed her and shes always claiming that shes straight and feels weird wen she has some type of romantic scene with amy but then they kissed and it was her who made the move on amy #2 you cant feel dat big love for someone and claim its bc their friends no matter how close you are with a friend you cant feel as heartbroken as karma was about amy leaving for the summer #3 everytime amy tries to move on from karma karma is always somewhat ruining it or responding in a negative way like amys date with reagen and her liss with felix. Karma does have more than just friend feelings for amy but shes just to confused or scared to admit it its clear shes confused about herself and always tries to be someone else. So she never has tine to really realize or think about who she is as for liam he’ll probably move on which will take some time since hes always getting in the way but in reality if you really come to think of it karma and amy both have feelings for each other and both are exploring so they are definitely gonna end up together thats the whole point of the show teenage situations like finding out who you really are what do you want and who you want to be with

  16. eva says:

    liam and karma are perfect all the drama and they still can work through everything. We all heard liam say ‘i love you’ but will he let her jealousy get in the way come on. every one knows they love each other

  17. eva says:

    so who is with me karma and liam

  18. eva says:

    I really want Liam and karma to get back together there Is like a thousands reasons why they should. Reply what you think

  19. rei says:

    dying to see Season 3 pleaseeee….

  20. Apple says:

    Amy looks good when she is with Karma but when I read some spoil for season 3, I start to imagine Amy and Lauren sometimes. This is new for them since their parents broke up and Amy. I have a compassion for Lauren. She’s struggle and suffer and has to act strong all the time.

  21. Shane Harvey says:

    What’s with the Felix hate? He’s better for Amy than Raegan in my opinion. That girl was always getting mad and being controlling! She was better as a friend~

    I’m sad Karma and Shane are going to be friends, because I like Shame being Amy’s go to. I feel like their ruining a great Shamy friendship by making he and Karma friends…

    Lastly, I hope they bring Duke back. He and Shane were great.

  22. Brian Griffin says:

    What happened to Lauren’s dating relationships, I think someone black should come along and they both fall for each other

  23. Brian Griffin says:

    What happened to Lauren’s dating relationships, I think someone black should come along and they both fall for each other, he is not a cop or anything else he should just be a new student at Hester High