The Good Wife Recap: Drunk in Love?

Don’t get it twisted: Alicia Florrick and Jason Crouse don’t have illicit, Malbec-fueled, sweaty, writhing, hedonistic, ought-to-be-on-Cinemax sex on this week’s installment of The Good Wife. Well, at least not before the cameras stop rolling.

But good people of the jury, I ask you to review their words to each other in the final scene of the interestingly titled “Payback” and then decide for yourself…

At the end of the day, sometimes I’m so tired I can’t think straight.

(looking like sex on a stick in her doorway) That’s why I drink.

(pausing provocatively) What do you drink?


It doesn’t matter than St. Alicia hasn’t changed out of her courtroom attire – there’s something in her husky tone and her slightly arched brow as come-hither as Jessica Rabbit in her red sequined gown. And oh that Jason — there’s a seductive sparkle in his eye even when he shows up ready to beat down a reprobate with a crowbar.

How showrunners Robert and Michelle King resisted the urge to end the episode with the sounds of Marvin Gaye howling, “OH! GONNA GET IT ONNNN!” confounds this recapper’s mind. (Ten points to Gryffindor for showing such restraint!)

While you ponder that, let me pithily run down the highlights of this week’s installment — which parallels Diane and Cary’s mediation vs. a cantankerous Howard Lyman against Alicia and Lucca’s battle with an online university over its failed promises to students:

REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED OLD | Part of me digs the Howard Lyman kerfuffle because, well, Diane and Cary brought the nap-taking, boxer-wearing partner on themselves. But as mediation gets underway this week, and a consultant makes key members of the firm put cotton balls up their noses and put vision-blurring glasses over their eyes, it all gets a little too sitcom-y for my tastes — especially the visual of three comely young attorneys hugging a weeping Howard in front of all of their colleagues. (Female law-school grads, please share in the comments if this development pinged your unrealistic-o-meter!) Methinks, however, that Cary isn’t going down with a bunt, and wonders where the heck is ruthless David Lee in all this! You know our ferocious, bottom-line-oriented divorce specialist wouldn’t have missed out on such ridiculousness — nor held his tongue while it went down.

THE VENGEFUL ELI SUBPLOT | Marissa returns to the action (YAY!) trying to convince her dad to quit as Alicia’s chief of staff, walk away from whatever vendetta he has against Peter and take a job with a rising Israeli politician. When her pleas fall on hostile ears, she turns to Alicia — and Mrs. Florrick (with barely a second thought) terminates Eli’s employment, saying she needs someone who can work with Peter’s campaign manager Ruth and not use her for his personal gain. The Smartest Man in the Room overhears Alicia’s budding class-action case (more on that below) and advises her into a pro-labor strategy that flies in the face of Peter’s new right-of-liberal stance. Ruth is furious. Which only energizes Mr. Gold — and by the end of the hour, Alicia is all “OK! Whatevs!” when Eli insists he is staying in her employ.

CLASS/ACTION | The case of the week shows Alicia and Lucca are working as a wicked-smart unit — taking the case of a woman being brutally harassed by a collection agency and turning it into a broader suit against an online university just about to be purchased by a publicly traded corporation. Team Alucca (OK, I’m not sure that abbreviation is gonna stick) does well with an aggressive strategy — scaring the university by getting 350 students to collectively default on their student loans due to fraudulent promises from the school — but they face a far more daunting backlash when the school countersues them for tortuous interference with contract. Hey, nobody ever said those power blazers came cheap!

In the course of the case, Jason tracks down a schemer who fraudulently coopted the debt payments of Alicia and Lucca’s original client — and uses a crowbar and a smile when he finally comes face-to-face with ’em. The hour ends with him delivering the $8,000 in an envelope at Alicia’s doorway (after hours… wah chicka wah) and Alicia not pressing too hard on how he recovered it. Will she press hard elsewhere — if I ain’t bein’ too subtle? We’ll find out next week!

Until then, I turn it over to you. What did you think of this week’s Good Wife? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Episode was a big lame o

  2. Laura says:

    Wow, another new storytelling low for the Lockhart/Agos side of things. Free Christine Baranski!

    • rowan77 says:

      Agreed. Since when did Diane become completely reactionary? In the past couple of seasons she’s been so quick to jump to conclusions, which always leads to her being wrong. She was never like that. And now this silliness with Howard. Ageism is real, but they have more than enough for him from his own actions, that have been detrimental to the firm, to make him retire.

      I wish they would give Cary and Diane something to do.

      And on a positive note, Jason is finally not just making innuendo and smiling, which, as much as I can easily just stare at JDM all day long, was getting annoying. He’s the new Kalinda, so finally we can see him earning that position. Let’s see more of that.

  3. Angel Chitwood says:

    I thought it was great.I love Jason so much.Happy Marissa’s back she’s so cool.Great storyline.

  4. Pixel says:

    Free Matt Czuchry.

  5. abz says:

    Great episode on the Alicia side of things. Really enjoyed the case. The Lockhart/Gardner drama was funny, but at times this season, it feels like the show just doesn’t know what to do with them. I don’t want Alicia to go back and work with Diane and Cary at LG, as I like this new career journey she’s on with the bond court and start-up with Lucca, but they need to find a way to make the Lockhart/Gardner side standout a bit more.
    Alicia will always be front and center on this show and that won’t change nor should it really, but I don’t think it would hurt the show to have a few Cary/Diane-centric episodes every now and then. I liked it last week actually seeing Diane doing her thing in court. I wish they’d bring back her possible judgeship storyline. I feel like that would be great work watching her navigate it. Seeing her journey to actually becoming a judge for real this time and we can see episodes of the way she deals with her cases.
    And with Cary, how about actually giving him a case of his own for an episode? We know he’s this great lawyer and now he’s partner, but I can’t recall an episode really where one of HIS OWN clients had a case that he argued and was the lead on, even when he was with Alicia as his partner. Also, I know they created this unnecessary conflict between Alicia and Diane, but Cary and Alicia are still good. Why not have them argue a case for one of Alicia’s old LG clients or just SOMETHING. This Howard Lyman stuff was funny and I definitely chuckled a few times during this episode, but in the end it mainly showed that the Diane and Cary have no clear storyline this season and are just being thrown something to do. Howard Lyman is a fun side character sometimes, but I don’t need to see him take over every episode.

  6. BrightLight says:

    I’m like 99% sure that Richard Masur is slowly turning into Santa.
    Also, do banks actually send checks back to you anymore after they have been cashed? I’m just curious because my bank stopped that over 10 years ago. They used to send me a paper with all my checks Xeroxed on it. Now they just send me a statement with the check number, name, amount and date it was received.

    • Margarethe says:

      The client was disputing with the collection agency. It would have been smart for her to have requested her canceled check from her bank, which some still do, for a fee. Sometimes you need it for court, or a certified copy. But having a photocopy would indeed have been more realistic in today’s world.

      • rowan77 says:

        It’s not more realistic if people still can get the actual checks from their bank. Which they do – my parents and brothers all do that. I personally prefer to just have access to photocopies normally, but in case of a lawsuit, I will go with the physical check every time.

  7. fiberlicious says:

    Technically, it was a tire iron….which I barely noticed under the dripping heaty hotness that is JD.

    I need a drink.

  8. Sharon says:

    I watch for Eli. That said I liked this case better than last weeks which was boring and then sad and did nothing really to highlight the overall issue. Hated the Cary/Howard stuff. Think it should be Florrick, Agos, Lucca and that Diane should take a judgeship. Then David Lee could join Canning.

  9. bridyyc says:

    It doesn’t help that some channel is playing Good Wife re-runs, 2 episodes each Sat night. So I’ve been watching the early seasons before tuning in to the new Sunday nights show. The comparison is dramatic and stark. I just don’t care about anything that is happening in these episodes lately. Howard Lyman is equivalent to Kalinda’s husband Nick – ruining the show and needs to be written out (or back to sleeping on couches, at the very least.) Diane and Cary need to given something to do, and this new life for Alicia? I really couldn’t care less about it, or Luca, or bond court. This show is about characters interacting, which they don’t anymore. Peter doesn’t interact with anyone other then Ruth. Eli occasionally gets a scene with Alicia but that’s it. Diane and Cary…don’t even get me started. I know some people are loving this season and I really wish I was one of them, but I think this show is directionless and adrift.

  10. I don’t like this season at all either. I am not interested in bond court or the smarmy new investigator who may be hot but is considerably shady.

    I don’t remotely understand Alicia anymore. She seems a shadow of her former self.

  11. Busta950 says:

    I know a lot of people will not agree and I know Peter has been a ……. but I still like scenes with him and Alecia when they happen there is something between them that has never gone away. Don’t no what it is but there is still feelings between the 2 of them just something a sparkle in between all there other sexual daliances with other partners

  12. liame says:

    I wasn’t thrilled with this episode. I’m not feeling any heat between Alicia (that wig has been horrible since day 1 ) and the PI. I’m not seeing what everyone else see’s in this actor, even when he was on Grey’s Anatomy, but to each is own. Eli’s scenes with his daughter could have been done over the phone, such a bore. Diane and Gary deserve better than what they’re getting right now from the writers. C+ writers, you must do better.

  13. Sue says:

    Another good episode from the God wife. And I just love Jeffrey Dean Morgan and have since Supernatural. He’s gold to whatever he’s in.

  14. Elibu says:

    Can somebody explain why Grace is not in school? Did she graduate from high school, and if so, why isn’t she in college? It seems like she’s working full time for Alicia?

    Also the date on the online article Eli was reading about Peter said October, but the Iowa fair happens in August.

  15. Sally McLinn says:

    I loved this episode. I loved the mediation scenes back and forth. It took a real-life news subject – for profit schools – and brought it to TV.
    I love the potential of Jason and Alicia getting it on. And the ever bitter and determined Eli jut keeps marching on.

  16. robandco says:

    I still have faith in the Kings and still believe they have better things in store for Diane and Cary for this season and that they need to move Alicia’s story along first in order for the dots to connect but it needs to happen fast. While the Cary/Howard feud is really fun to watch, how can such a big law firm spend hours and hours on those stupid meetings.
    Eli is the devil and I love him so much.

  17. Sissy says:

    Wah chicka wah wah…indeed!

  18. Juliet says:

    Daaaaa-yum but JDM is distractingly, uh, well, no disrespect to his acting or brain or humanity, but if he ever so much as glanced in my direction…daaaa-yum.

    The Howard storyline bores me. This is not going to have a surprising twist so why are we being subjected to plots existing solely to pad out the script?
    Eli bores me. Walk away and let Peter come running back later on, quit acting like a clingy stalker already.
    Grace, super assistant, bores me. Rebel against parental expectations rather than being earnestly helpful. Remember when Sarah Palin had to deal with an unexpected teen pregnancy in the midst of a presidential campaign?
    Marissa, give us more!
    Real cases for Diane and Cary, please!!

  19. Jeri says:

    I find myself bored with recent episodes. Everyone is going their own direction & there is very little interaction with the cast. I find Alicia very boring on her own, she needs to work with the others (& not only new cast members). I’m still watching, hoping for some of the old spark that made it one of my favorites. The departed cast members have left a big black hole.

  20. Terri says:

    “tortious interference” not tortuous — unless you really MEANT it was torture????

  21. Oh My God where did they get this man dripping with sexuality Jason WOW

  22. Christine says:

    “Tortious,” not “tortuous.”

  23. Caroline says:

    I am done watching the show. Until Jason hits the road permanently. Alicia needs a new PI and becomes a slut if she sleeps with Jason. Just saying. I will miss the show.