Steven Yeun Walking Dead

Walking Dead's Steven Yeun Dropped From Opening Credits

Steven Yeun is no longer an official cast member of The Walking Dead — at least according to the show’s opening credits.

As fans of the AMC smash continue to wonder whether Glenn managed to survive last week’s zombie mosh pit, Sunday’s episode seemingly resolved the mystery when it scrubbed Yeun’s name from the opening title sequence.

As our friends at Vulture point out, this marks the first time Yeun hasn’t been credited in the opening since the Walking Dead pilot.

It’s possible AMC is just messing with viewers. It’s also possible Yeun is actually done with the series, although showrunner Scott Gimple confirmed last week that Glenn will be back in some form. “In some way, we will see Glenn,” he said, “some version of Glenn or parts of Glenn again, either in flashback or current story, to help complete the story.”

Sunday’s episode side-stepped Glenn’s story entirely, opting for a Morgan-centric flashback installment instead.

What do you think? Is AMC screwing with us? Or is does this add damning fuel to the theory that Glenn did, in fact, die last week?

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  1. NatesMama says:

    They’re screwing with everyone. I think it’s hilarious.

    • Murl says:

      I think so too. I can see them dropping Glenn for half of the season and bringing him back as a tortured and traumatized soul…….then Maggie will bring him back from that, and then she’ll be killed off.

      • Babe with the Power says:

        Yeah the writers are getting smart(or so they think) with all these spoilers sites around it’s getting harder and harder to pull off those big shocking moments like they used to. I guess they think by dropping Seven name from the opening credits will keep people guessing. We’re moving into November sweeps and the writes are upping the drama and hoping for a big payoff. I feel they will eventually kill Glenn off maybe at the end of season 6 or whenever they decided to bring Negan in.

      • misty coombs says:

        Wow thats actually very good theory! !

      • Katelyn says:

        Do we really know for sure he will kill Glenn…yeah it happened in the comics but most people who died in the comics are still alive in the show

  2. NotAnselAdams says:

    He dead.

    • sara says:

      No, he isn’t he is still filming.

      • Soon Ha Ji says:

        Yup you are right I have family and friends who work in the film and or the media industry. Not on this show mind you but word gets around that he is indeed still with the show and rumor is he is taking time off as most know acting is sorta of a hobby for him as his main forte is his many business ventures and being worth $124+ million at such a young age means he’s very good at it. He owns restaurants and such. Now I know this is the web and sure I am just a stranger but its what I heard and that’s all I am saying.. Btw He is my favorite character (as I am Korean American female) and according to the fans I am not alone so unless he quits it would be dumb for the show to write him off. ;)

        • Mister Bing says:

          This was filmed 6 months ago, filming is done lol that’s why he has time off

          He can’t come back from that or it makes a mockery of the show

          • A Fan of TV says:

            Can’t come back from what you think you saw, or what you *think you know* you saw? There’s a massive difference, imo, and unless you know what you saw (and no one does, so much speculation and skewed camera angles on purpose) then your comment is just your own opinion. It doesn’t make it true.

          • Cookie says:

            Filming is most certainly not done, my friend. I live in Griffin, Georgia and they had Solomon St. and surrounding areas blocked off two weeks ago, for an entire week, while they filmed The Walking Dead .. and yes, Glenn was there with the rest of the cast.

        • liame says:

          Let me guess, you write for a comedy show?

        • den says:

          Not to be rude, but he is not worth anywhere near 124 million. He’s an actor worth about 4 million, which is still a lot of money. He doesn’t own restaurants or have business ventures. Just wanted to clarify

          • den says:

            Not to be rude, but he is not worth anywhere near 124 million. He’s an actor worth about 4 million, which is still a lot of money. He doesn’t own restaurants or have business ventures. Just wanted to clarify, he is an investor in his brothers restaurant but not an owner or even a partner.

          • Sherry says:

            He’s an investor in a family restaurant in LA

        • Lon Parker says:

          He is worth $4 million. You are not passing on very reliable information, and a cousin who helps do sets for commercials is hardly family in the industry.

    • Win says:

      Haha! I always appreciate a well placed “he dead,” whether it’s a psych episode title or Will Smith reacting to a clip from Cliffhanger.

  3. Joy says:

    Clever show, always messing with the fans! Love it!

  4. Ralph says:

    I TRULY hope they are playing with us to keep the tension up. Does anyone remember if other cast members names were immediately after their character’s deaths?

  5. SW says:

    Glenn’s fine. It’s going to be difficult for him to get out of that hoard of walkers, but he’ll be fine. They’re trying way too hard to get us to believe he’s actually dead. One, even after Beth was killed, Emily Kinney’s name was still in the credits. Two, almost everyone has seen the set pics of Steven Yeun filming a future episode with a brand new character from the comics, which means Glenn can’t be dead. If they really wanted to trick us into thinking Glenn was actually dead, they should’ve tried harder to stop people from taking those on-set pictures, because it ruined the suspense.

    • Mike M says:

      He will be rescued by one new character only to then be truly killed by another new character very shortly afterward. Scott Gimple is playing everyone but his “jokes” are far from over.

    • Cookie says:

      I live near Griffin, GA where they were filming for an entire week just two weeks ago. Glenn, as you mentioned, was spotted with the rest of the cast filming. I went to the filming when they were doing scenes at “Big Spot” a few years ago (it used to be a Big Lots before the building just lay dormant for a decade) and as hard as they try, they cannot stop people from taking pictures. I was warned to not take pics .. then they turned around .,.. hehe.

    • Spooldie says:

      who was the female actor that was shot by the crooked officer in the hospital and that Daryl carried off. what about her, or Ricks wife?

  6. Leah says:

    So it’s the opposite of what Whedon did with Tara lol

  7. Ralph says:

    Who wants to bet we have to wait at LEAST another week before we find out about either Rick or Glenn? Looks like next week is all Alexandria. 😡

  8. Matt C. says:

    AMC is trolling so hard.

  9. melissa says:

    Where’s Glenn? Why this stupid Morgan episode?

  10. Luli says:

    Emily kinney’s name was on the title sequence even after she died…. They are screwing wih us…

    • Wasn’t her name was only in the credits the episode after she died? – and she appeared in that episode in Tyrese’s hallucinations.

    • 'A' Is Alive says:

      It was only in the credits because she still appeared in 1 more episode (Tyrese’s hallucinations).

    • Mike M says:

      Jon Bernthal, Sara Wayne Callies, David Morrissey, Lawrence Gilliard (to name just four) have all appeared in on screen episode credits after their respective characters had died and in episodes they we not in at all in any way. You don’t take them out A) the actors are paid under a season contract so they are still “in” the show, but more importantly B) it just makes it far too easy to tell they are “done” and won’t be back at all in any way. Here they are using it in exactly the opposite way – to say Glenn is gone when he’s not. And they will argue “Well, you know, he wasn’t in THAT episode, so we took him out of the credits. What’s the big deal?”.

      • j Sturm says:

        I believe that they made a deal with him to take his name off of these few episodes but they will probably beck when these run in syndication. There are SAG rules and contracts that they have to abide by.

  11. I firmly believe there’s going to be a double twist. Glen will somehow survive this but be killed by humans in the same episode.

    • kirk says:

      Nail on the head.

    • Lynai says:

      This is exactly what I’m afraid of and frankly I just cannot do it again. Once was enough. Glenn was my favorite character, I know he doesn’t fare well in the comics, but I was hoping since the show is diverging enough, perhaps his character would come out okay. I am on the fence if I want to continue with the show. I wanted the core to make it, Rick, Glenn, Daryl and Carol. Yes, I’m selling out Carl. But the character of Glenn was just the soul of the group, without him the show gets much bleaker, and I’m not sure if I want to keep moving down the road watch my other favorites picked off, or Glenn for a second time.

      I guess, Glenn reminds me of my sons, so I was probably more emotionally invested in him than the others, which is why this is just killing me..gawd never thought a tv character would mean so much, nice writing (and acting)

  12. BKP says:

    Intestines… dropped from credits… no appearance on Talking Dead… they’re trying too hard… He’s coming back —

  13. irishrose4583 says:

    walking dead=master trollers!:)

  14. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Didn’t notice that……oh well. Glenn’s NOT DEAD!!!!! Plus its like Maggie is going out to look for him in ep. next week!

  15. On the talking dead, they said the 4th show was shot after the 6th show, so its possible, they left Yeuns name off to keep us guessing.

  16. Mack says:

    I refuse to believe he is dead but they SURE ARE CRUEL ABOUT IT.

  17. The Talking Dead show says that this episode was shot after episode 6, maybe 7. They r just keeping us guessing. I believe Glenn is still alive

  18. gina says:

    They are screwing with viewers. Many regular cast members that were truly killed remained in the opening sequence until the end of their respective seasons. This is all a game, and I love/hate it.

    • 'A' Is Alive says:

      Not really. Emily Kinney and Chad L. Coleman’s names were dropped after episode 9 (where he died and Beth appeared in his hallucinations) of season 5. The only reason Sarah Wayne Callies name stayed on screen was because she appeared in the remainder of the season in a ghostly/hallucination form. David Morrissey’s name also disappeared after his respective final episode in season 4.

  19. gina says:

    Also, to say that he was “dropped” makes it sound so official. How about, he was “omitted” from the credits for tonight’s episode. ;)

  20. Majial says:

    They did this with BSG when they fake killed Starbuck too , They removed Katee Sackhoffs from the credits to fool people untill she reappeared in that seasons finale so i refuse to fall for this just yet :)

  21. bradnies says:

    I think AMC over estimates how much people care about Morgan. I know it was a flashback episode but I was still rooting for him to die.

  22. Victoria A says:

    We are praying Glenn is still alive! We have Walking Dead parties and we are all going to be devastated if hes really dead. AMC please be just playing with us. #BringGlennBack

    • im not dead says:

      Snap out of it man, its only a TV show, not real, I like the show to but, Its only a show.
      PS. Glenns not dead.

  23. Randy says:

    Just some racist SOB behind the show

  24. snowdeer58 says:

    I think (hope) they’re just messing with us.

  25. Steve F. says:

    Until I see a body, I’m still holding out hope! (Besides, I too saw the pics… AMC better not be pulling a long con!)

  26. militantgod says:

    This has Starbuck written all over it.

  27. Janae says:

    Pissed. I was so excited to have some closure after last week’s episode only to be presented with Morgan’s back story. It was not a bad episode but just not cool dude. I have questions that needed answers today AMC! Stop ruining my life with cliffhangers!

  28. AngelWasHere says:

    Haha TWD creators and AMC are totally trolling. -_-

  29. Ray says:

    Not saying he is alive, but I remember when Rick’s wife died she stayed in the opening credits for most if not all of season 3.

  30. Dee Fatarse says:

    I’m starting to believe how they are “screwing with us” is by purposely casting all this doubt that he could possibly still be alive. All the more shocking when he shows up as a walker and Maggie lets him bite her. She will then have fulfilled Carol’s demise from the comic books. I believe they have gone so far as letting him hang out on set so us obsessed fans see him and add to the speculation he is still alive.

  31. wrstlgirl says:

    No filming is NOT done. I just came from Atlanta Walker Stalker Con and they are currently filming the season six finale.

  32. Clandestine Green says:

    it’s pretty clear that Glenn survives. This week’s stand alone episode is just another way for the show’s producers to drag it out. They did the same when Rick banished Carol. We also know he didn’t appear on Talking Dead. I have to hand it to the producers…they have a good thing going and they are smart to take these steps to keep people interested.

  33. Dani says:

    He is as dead as Jon Snow.

  34. A Fan of TV says:

    He’s not dead. I just don’t think a show would so unceremoniously kill off a fan favourite like that, erasing their names from credits and without a body. We don’t even get to see him die, and the writers would give us that, at the very least, if in fact he was truly dead.

  35. aph1976 says:

    I think this is just a way for The Walking Dead to keep us wondering about Glenn’s fate for a bit.Plus maybe the actor wanted some time off to focus on other things in life and the show agreed.Plus been offscreen could help the character of Glenn because when and if he returns he might be different.

  36. Whatevah says:

    From the preview last night it looks like Maggie is going out to look for him. I think they are messing w/ the fans. This show seems to like doing that.

  37. Sam says:

    He’s not dead he’s just taking time off…

  38. AMC trolling the fans. I think it was Emily Kinney’s name I saw in the credits for several episodes after Beth’s death, and I’m sure hers wasn’t the only one that remained after a character died

  39. Pia says:

    I think you mean “ousting.”

  40. Bryce says:

    Glenn was on the bottom when they fell so the one being eaten is the idiot that shot himself. I’m sure Glenn was resourceful enough to either cover himself in walker guts and play dead or pulled him self under the dumpster they were on. I refuse to believe he’s dead.

    • tricia james says:

      That’s exactly what I thought. He’ll be rescued when someone comes along and distracts the walkers from getting him next. I agree, it wasn’t his stomach they were ripping apart. They just made you think that.

    • Walkerguts? NO.
      From a walker, not possible, were to far away, the walkers he killed.
      Nicholas’s guts is fresh and human. Maybe that smell from Nicholas will hide Glenns own smell, so the walkers do’nt know there is more fresh food. Glenn slides under the dumpter and waits. Walkers are distracted by Rick’s or the New (Saviors?) characters gunshots, or Jesus, or mabe even Enid, who left Asz. Enid told in an interview that she will come back and everybody will be very happy then! Glenn is comming home to his pregnant wife Maggie. I feel it.

  41. Lee Whitman says:

    Battlestar Galactica also did this with a main character during the third season…

  42. LM says:

    Look also at the symbols. Steven’s name is missing from the credits, but the pocket watch is still shown in the same place. They are definitely messing with us. Tricky!

  43. kiarash says:

    Well I thing they shouldn’t kill everyone.They wanna say everything can happen in our series …they’re dying like kids that can’t defend themselves and the way they die can be defended and prevented easily.and i think the series is going to be unreal.

    • Kawikz says:

      Sooo true! Like.. when the guy shot himself. Glenn could have just let him fall.. instead of falling with him!! I know I would have, why would you save someone who shot himself from the Horde! ; ;

  44. Álvaro says:

    They are totally messing with us. When a character is gonna be back in some way after dying, they always keep them in the credits (Lori, Beth… ), they fact that they drop him after saying we’ll see him just confirms he is alive and they are messing with us.

  45. bjohns says:

    You know I can hit delete on a slide but recover it later. I didn’t get any silent clock….oh wait wrong show.

  46. Trinity says:

    Y’all are screwing with the wrong people!

  47. Kawikz says:

    Well I for one don’t think he died. I think the zombies were tearing into that guy which landed on him from that fall… that’s my opinion damn it!! lol He can’t die… he is one of those main survivors!! But even if he did then fine… but will not accept it lol.

  48. twobells says:

    Screwing us completely, it is obvious that matey’s body fell on top of Glen, what the camera sees is the undead feasting on whatshisface ABOVE Glen who is underneath. I expect that Glen will roll under the conveniently provided refuse container we saw on last weeks episode nearby.

  49. Sam says:

    If Glenn is infact dead I may stop watching the walking dead Episode for good, I will be trying to find secrets and easter eggs in the Episods

    • Doreen Ohara says:

      Glen and the looser guy fell off the dumpster with Glen under the other guy, therefor on the ground the looser guy was on top f Glenn, thats who was being eaten. Glen rolled under the dumpster and stayed until clear. Or more so the looser guy was seeing things, and what we saw happen was thru losers mind games. No of it happened, Remember just before they got on the dumpster, they were both out of bullets. so looser could not have blown his brains out