Quantico Recap: You Like to Watch?

If the surveillance exercise in this week’s Quantico is any indicator of the future agents’ ability to pick up on pertinent details, it’s no wonder that Grand Central is a smoking pile of rubble.

Why? Because the NATs pay shockingly little attention in a class designed to heighten their powers of observation, and then some even skip out on the follow-up task — with apparently no repercussions.

What happened to the sloppiness-will-not-be-tolerated policy Miranda laid down weeks back? Is she so distracted by her hellspawn (or is he?) that she can’t see her own recruits sneaking off for shower and/or car sex?

While I take a closer look at the tapes, let’s review the major action in “God.”

WHO’S WATCHING WHOM? | It’s the recruits’ sixth week at Quantico, and everyone’s feeling a bit randy. Ryan and Alex lather each other’s loofahs in their shared bathroom. Shelby and Caleb go at it in his room, though she’s careful to do her walk of shame at a time that no one else will notice. And even Simon is crushing on Nimah a little more intensely than usual.

Enough with all the sex, kids: It’s time to learn how to spy on people legally! This week’s subject matter leads to my favorite Caleb quote so far: “Let me guess. We’ll be surveying each other. Secrets will be revealed and lessons will be learned.” (Heh.) The NATs pay so little attention to video and audio feeds during the aforementioned lesson, I’m surprised that most of them make it to the advanced round… which is spying on Miranda and her family. Wait, what?

NICE WORK, LIAM | The homecoming of Miranda’s son, Charlie, is going just as badly as she feared: She’s missed three days of work because she’s too scared to leave him alone in the house. “The boy tried to shoot up a school,” she tells Liam when he shows up. “Who know what he’s planning to do next?” O’Connor shows up to tell her to go back the the job; he’ll stay with Charlie for a little while to suss out what’s up.

So Liam makes himself a BLT and decides to eat it in Charlie’s room. Charlie isn’t happy about that; similarly, I’m not happy that the set designer thought a poster that says “Heavy Metal Rules” is a thing that anyone over 7 would hang on his or her wall. Charlie is definitely irked about many things — his father’s death, Liam’s sudden disappearance from his life when his mom stopped seeing him — but the biggest is that he thinks Miranda framed him for the thwarted shooting.

What Charlie says, coupled with Miranda saying that the teen refuses to admit what he wanted to do, makes me think that he was a suicidal — but not homicidal — kid who might have gotten screwed the way Alex did. By why? Yeah, not sure yet. Just a working theory. And that message he gets from what I’m guessing is the terrorist group is probably not good in any way.

While Alex and Ryan are listening to the house, Liam finds Ryan snooping around outside and starts talking about all of that watching-Alex business… which Parrish hears, via the microphones, and then takes off in a huff. He eventually finds her, and she demands to know whether sleeping with her was part of the mission. “No, that was me,” he says. But she still hates him a lot right now, enough to switch rooms with Nathalie so Booth and Parrish no longer share a sex shower. Oh, and Alex bugs O’Connor’s office, seemingly without him knowing.

JOHANNA BRADDY, GRAHAM ROGERSNO STRINGS | Caleb is a little hurt that Shelby seems to want him for his body and nothing else, especially because he thinks she’s dating Brandon for real. But when Nathalie says she and Ol’ Seen-But-Not-Heard (I think he’s had three lines so far?) are an item, Caleb realizes that Shelby’s not dating anyone… yet still only willing to spend time with him if he’s naked. She counters by saying that she really likes him, but needs to focus on her studies. “I need this to be what it is,” she purrs, and he caves like a Jack-o-lantern a week after Halloween.

TWIN TROUBLES | Simon approaches Nimah about a date, but because it’s really Raina who likes him, the sisters switch off so Raina can have some alone time with the bespectacled one. During their chat, he admits he was only pretending to be gay as a way of setting boundaries — like she does. “I have boundaries until I know I can trust someone,” she replies, removing her hijab and taking down her hair. They kiss, and it’s sweet.

That is, until a few days later, when Simon casually enters her room and sees both twins there. He freaks and flails, hitting his head on a counter and knocking himself out as Nimah sends Raina running for Miranda. And when Simon comes to, he’s locked in the bathroom.

FACES AND PLACES | Now, the current day plot! We learn Caleb is the deputy director’s son — woah — and he’s flying in the face of Bureau policy by working the Grand Central case with his dad. He’s also furiously searching all the video footage the FBI has data-mined from security cameras and social media to get clues to how Alex pulled the whole thing off.

Alex is convinced that he’s watching the tapes to erase himself and his involvement in the bombing. Shelby’s no help — she hasn’t talked to Caleb since Quantico — but Simon casually sets it up so Alex can watch Caleb’s computer from her own. The biggest takeaways from this endeavor? Shelby was carrying on an affair with Caleb’s dad (!), going as far as to fake her Buenos Aires trip so they could hole up in a nearby hotel without anyone knowing, and Nimah and/or Raina was in the building in the days before the explosion.

I know we should care more about the Nimah/Raina connection, but all I want to know is what in the what-what about Shelby and old man Hass? Caleb apparently learns about that pairing the same way we do — by watching his dad sweep Shelby’s tonsils as though his tongue were a uranium-detecting device — and it upsets him so much he gets wet-eyed at his desk. Their confrontation later is even worse, with him confessing that she was the only person who made him feel like a better man than his pop. Ouch.

And because it makes me feel useful to do so, I would like to point out that the Andaz Shelby referenced earlier as the spot of her love-nest weekend with Clayton is indeed across from the New York Public Library — and mere blocks from Grand Central Terminal.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Mika02 says:

    Glad we are finally getting a current timeline on the twins,, Natalie is such a rat she would obviously sell her own mother to the bureau if she could. Where everyone was at the bombing day is taking shape can’t wait to see where it all goes…

  2. Dave says:

    So, the show is going to focus on every potential NAT and analyst as the terrorist until they dismiss all red herrings.

    • Lisa says:

      I’m not convinced they are ALL red herrings. It may well be someone that she is presently trusting.

      • Dave says:

        True. It has to somehow get back around to the true terrorist or terrorists and will more than likely be someone we already thought we could cross off the list. Wouldn’t it be a hoot though if it turned out to actually be Alex? LOL

        • Lisa says:

          First season of the show Murder in the First pulled that one. I’ll admit, I had crossed the guy off in that one.

          It is quite possible it’s someone we’ve already crossed off. Out of curiosity, who have you crossed off, and who are your most likely suspects?

          I crossed off Booth, Alex, and Miranda.
          I suspect Liam (most), Simon & Shelby.

          What are your thoughts? Feel free to provide supporting information.

          • Dave says:

            I too have crossed Alex, Shelby, and Ryan off. I also crossed Caleb and Natalie off. The former because he has enough personal drama going on and the latter because her sole job seems to be to be the most irritating person on tv. Its funny because im actually leaning away from our central characters and focusing more on supporring ones like Caleb’s dad and perhaps Liam. It just feels like the show- especially if the goal is a second season, will eventually pin this on someone who is easy to get rid of.

          • Lisa says:

            Yeah, I’ve thought of that also. I thought that the number of people supporting Alex is growing…Perhaps growing into the team for next season. It could be someone within the team, because Alex is trusting them. It makes me wonder if one of them isn’t worth the trust. I haven’t crossed Caleb off yet, but the jury is still out on him.

            I keep thinking of the fact that it is someone who was already targeting her from the beginning. That leads me to Liam or God forbid Ryan. Liam also wanted to get Ryan to talk Alex into leaving the program. She always excelled in the class, so it makes me wonder if she was the biggest threat to him setting the bomb. Also, if that’s the reason he employed Ryan to watch her.

            I put Natalie on the red herring list, because she’s the classic antagonist. I figure that she would be someone that we are supposed to think did it. Much like the twins.

          • Lulu says:

            Is it just me or does the Natalie character feel like a late addition to the cast/story? Sometimes she’s in the flashbacks, yet sometimes not when you think she would be.

            Anyways –

            Not a Suspect: Alex, Miranda, Simon
            Still a Suspect: Whoever set up Mirandas son, Mirandas Son – Charlie, The Twins (though ‘Oh the Muslims did it’ would be a bit insensitive/obvious), Liam, Calebs Dad, Shelby,
            I am on the fence with Natalie. She annoys the hell out of me but I don’t think that’s enough for me to make her a suspect!
            Booth – I’m not sure. I feel that if it was him then he would not be working so hard to clear Alex’s name.

            Anyone think that maybe it will be more than one person?

            Think I read somewhere that we met the culprit in episode 1? Can anyone else remember?

  3. Sara says:

    God this show sucks so much

  4. Jeffrey Sean Keith says:

    Not for nothing ,but since this show is sex centered,why not a three-way with Alex,Ryan and Natalie,maybe throw in Shelby for a four-way!

  5. Josh says:

    Ugh I like Shelby and the writers had her sleep with Caleb AND His dad? Gross

    • Alichat says:

      Yeah….that was a little much. This show is dizzying, and I wish I meant that in a good way. Having Shelby sleep with Caleb’s dad is just soap opera schlock.

    • Sheila says:

      Shelby was just ok to me. Caleb was a jerk. Now, Shelby is the worst to me. Ugh Shelby! Gross! Darn you for making me sympathize with jerkface Caleb.

  6. abz says:

    Having the two Muslim, hijab-wearing twins be the terrorists would be the lamest, most predictable thing ever, so I highly doubt it is them. It could definitely still be someone who appears to be on her side.
    A little bummed that Simon is straight. I kind of wanted him and Elias to be a thing.
    Anyone else kind of hate Natalie? The character has no likable qualities.
    The current development with Shelby sleeping with Caleb’s dad is boring. I’m still enjoying the show a bit, but I have yet to find myself caring about any of the romantic relationships between the characters. Alex/Booth feels like a relationship I’ve seen on countless shows. It’s uninteresting. Same with Shelby/Caleb.
    I have no idea what they’re doing with Jacob Artist’s character.
    The only characters that I still find intriguing are Simon and the twins. I love the fact that they actually cast Yasmine Al Masri. an actual Arab actress, for the role of the twins. When they have the opportunity, they should utilize her natural ability to speak the language. She would have been put to great use in a show like Homeland.

    • MFL says:

      I was done with Natalie the first epi she ever appeared. Her general demeanor is very aggressive and off putting.
      The fact that she went straight to O’Connor to tell on Booth without confronting him first leads me to think that she’s the terrorist. I’m hoping she’s the terrorist so we only have her for 1 season.
      I don’t really care about Shelby & Caleb or that she slept with Caleb’s dad. I’m not invested in Alex & Ryan either…
      I’m liking Simon and the twins, that’s a fun plot.

      • Lulu says:

        Natalie was only supposed to be around for a multi episode arch and then got promoted to series regular :(
        So maybe it’s her

  7. Evan says:

    I think the terrorists are one of the twins and Simon!

    • There’s a zero percent chance that one of the twins is involved. The outcry from CAIR et al would be massive. You’d never hear the end of it. I can’t even call them red herrings because there’s no way either is involved.

  8. Sarah says:

    If Nimah/Raina are the culprits it would be the lamest, most stereotypical thing ever and I’d stop watching the show.
    Also, it doesn’t seem right to me how easily Raina took her hijab off and kissed Simon. That doesn’t happen, c’mon. Plus, I’m very shocked about the fact that Shelby is having an affair with Caleb’s dad. They’re turning what could be a good show into a soap opera with this storyline.

    • Bebe says:

      I know right? Lol. Just because she liked him she easily took her hijab off! Sounded a little weird to me too!

    • Matt says:

      I thought the point of the boundaries conversation and Nimah’s quip about her not following rules was to show she really isn’t that religious. Nimah is.

    • Mehvash says:

      I’ve been wondering about the Hijab thing and I am almost convinced that one or both of them don’t necessarily adhere to the hijab edict and that it’s a construct of the situation they are in. People focus on the Hijab so they don’t notice the differences between the twins thus allowing them to act as 1 person. If that is the case then her taking off the Hijab with Simon wouldn’t have been that big of a deal to her because she doesn’t necessarily buy into the necessity of the Hijab..outside of her job. Just a working theory.

  9. Gary says:

    I’ll throw my hat in and say the culprit is Charlie and his group,Miranda would be resourceful enough to frame Alex while keeping her son safe and maybe had a change of heart hence why she would help Alex escape custody.

    • Dave says:

      I dig this. Good way to include a main character like Miranda but an easy out for them to move forward once everything is exposed.

  10. Ashley says:

    I am suspicious of Alex’s mom? The night her Dad was shot he was yelling at her to tell the truth. Maybe she and Liam were working together.

    • Sheila says:

      This! There is something the matter with Liam. Alex’s mom is hiding something about Liam.

    • Nina says:

      Agreed! I think Miranda’s comment about Liam falling in love with a recruit was referring to Alex’s mom! Perhaps she was enrolled in Quantico and that’s how she met Liam and Alex’a dad?

  11. dan says:

    I just don’t know what to think about this show. I want to like it and to be intrigued by the mystery, but I find myself caring less about “who done it.” It is hard to build a show on a bunch of unlikeable characters. Liam is clearly not a good guy, but I’m not sure he is a bad guy either. He just comes across as being in over his head (I still think that Josh Hopkins was miscast for this role). Natalie has no redeeming qualities and I agree with the poster who said her scenes seem to be added after the fact. She wasn’t in the pilot and she hasn’t been in every episode (I found it odd that she was missing completely from last week’s episode). Caleb is the worst. The character is bad and the acting is terrible. However, the casting people did a good job making Mark Pelligrino (Jacob from Lost) his father; they look like they could be father and son. Caleb has no chemistry with anybody and his line readings are like nails on a chalkboard to me. And what was that stupid soapy twist that Shelby is having an affair with the father. Are we supposed to care about Miranda and Charlie? I don’t. Then there is Jacob Artiste. This is his second episode as a guest star. I think he has uttered a total of 10 words, maybe less. What’s the point of his character (although we know he comes from a rich family like Shelby’s)? I know we’re supposed to be rooting for Alex to figure this whole thing out, but there should be other sympathetic characters who we’re rooting for. I don’t like any of them. I keep saying that I’ll give this show one more week because I’m expecting something to spark my excitement that existed after watching the pilot. But I’m getting impatient.

    • Sbe says:

      I agree completely with your comments. That actor who plays Caleb sounds like he’s reciting lines, instead of internalizing a character. And what kid whose mother is high up in the freakin’ FBI and who has money, total freedom and a life in a Virginia suburb is that angry? Like you, I keep telling myself that I’ll give it one more episode because I want to know what happens to Alex, but “How To Get Away With Murder in the Days Of Our Lives Homeland” seems so totally random in plot structure. The recaps are better than watching the show. Truly heavy sigh.

  12. Chris says:

    I’ve stayed at the Andaz across from the library. Nice hotel, very modern! Good spot for those lovebirds

  13. MiaB says:

    I’m really starting to suspect Miranda. If your son was trying to blow up a school and you covered some information up for him, would you really have FBI trainees spy on you? I think she set her son up and she set up Alex. She’s the one who told Alex it had to be one of her fellow NATs. Why would it be one of them and only them?

    • JM says:

      I’m with you and think it’s Miranda as well. In these mysteries, it always seems to be the one you least suspect, and that’s Miranda.

  14. Chris says:

    I think that Liam is Alex’s father. Though I have some doubts since Miranda accused Liam of falling in love with Alex and Alex rejected him. The comments Liam made about him being a father – to a daughter – just makes me think he’s Alex’s dad. Would make sense considering what Alex’s dad was saying right before Alex shot him. And why Liam wanted her watched. I further think that whoever the terrorist is, it’s someone who we won’t miss next season. So not Alex or Ryan or Simon or Shelby or the twins. I find Natalie ANNOYING – and that’s who my husband thinks is the terrorist. I find Elias so incredibly creepy.

  15. PowerSurge23 says:

    So did Booth see anyone shoot him? Why isn’t he going after them? Maybe they haven’t shown the shooter and or the bomber in the “future.”

  16. Word Money G says:

    It’s ONE of the Twins. That way, they can have one shoot the other and let the actress just do one role moving forward.

  17. LKE says:

    I’m loving this show, but I don’t see how this could be a multi-season show…will we get a resolution by the end of this season?

  18. Patrick says:

    I think it is Miranda. IDK why, but she is maneuvering all the pieces into place. She brought in the twins and hid their dual identity. I think one of the twins is the bagman, but that Miranda is pulling the strings as part of conspiracy amongst various military industrialist interests.

  19. grys03 says:

    I am enjoying about 50% of this show. Sex is great but honestly these guys should have joined a different secret organisation. The rest of the show is building but a bit slowly, probably due to all the filler fluff (not complaining they’re all pretty enough people). But I would rather a bit more of the main story line each week.

  20. Lizm3 says:

    Why on earth did the twins not lock their door?! Seems like a no brainer.

  21. Aeol says:

    I definitely don’t think the twins are the terrorists; because it’s predictable, not controversial. Besides the fact that they’re Muslim (thanks islamophobia), there hasn’t even been a hint of any dissonance of their patriotism. Besides, it’s not like there have never been Muslim terrorists on tv before. Shows like 24 and Homeland have always traded on that. Why would there be such an outcry if it turned out to be one or both of the twins?