Arrow Season 4 Spoilers

Arrow Stars on Oliver's Mayoral Run — Who's Supportive and Who's Not?

The results are in for Oliver Queen’s mayoral run — at least among his inner circle.

His friends and family will finally weigh in on this Wednesday’s Arrow (The CW, 8/7c) — two weeks after Oliver declared his political intentions to Felicity.

“It’s actually very atypical for our show to announce something, and then just leave it dormant for an episode, which we did this week because so many other things were going on,” star Stephen Amell explains during a recent visit to the show’s Vancouver set.

So how will his loved ones take the news? “They’re slightly incredulous,” the actor teases. “Everyone has their various reactions.” One thing is certain: His girlfriend Felicity is encouraging — even though she looked slightly apprehensive at the end of Episode 2.

Arrow Season 4 Spoilers“The first moment was like, ‘Ohhhkay, honey, maybe we should talk about that,'” her protrayer Emily Bett Rickards describes. “And then there’s this unbound support that they have for each other. It’s this idea of, ‘We can do anything even though it’s dangerous. This is what we have signed up for and this is going to be our life. Therefore, we will try this new idea you have, and I’m there to support you unconditionally.”

In fact, the campaign “galvanizes their relationship,” Amell adds.

And it’s not the only dynamic in Oliver’s life that will be affected by his big decision. “It actually works well for his relationship with Thea, too, because she becomes involved in his campaign,” Amell previews.

As for the man who unintentionally pushed Oliver to step into the light, well, that response is a little more complicated. “Oliver actually says, ‘I gotta talk to Lance,’ to which Laurel responds, ‘Ehhh, maybe don’t bring that up with him,'” Amell reveals. “I’m just like, ‘Well, we need the SCDP.’ So it’s an Oliver Queen that has to work with people and it’s exciting.”

Adds Paul Blackthorne, who plays the Captain: “There was a great scene which occurs between myself and Stephen, which pertains to some of the reasons why Oliver was running for mayor and trying to prove something to Lance by doing that. [It] really took Lance by surprise and was a nice little nuance in the scene… As we’ve been doing these episodes, I was feeling like Lance has this fatherly pride that [Oliver] is actually stepping into the light and doing it for real now.”

But not everyone is on board with Star City getting a new mayor. With the elder Queen making a play for office, “it allows us to begin to establish an interesting dynamic between Oliver and Damien Darhk,” in addition to the one between Green Arrow and the baddie, Amell describes. “As we saw in the second episode this year, Darhk does not react too kindly to people running for mayor. He doesn’t want anyone to be mayor. He doesn’t want any galvanizing force or goodness in the city. So this puts everyone at odds.”

For Amell, his character’s political journey in Season 4 “has been something that I’ve very much enjoyed,” he says.

“There are two aspects of Oliver’s character this year — well, actually, probably three,” the actor continues. “He’s a different type of person out in the field. He’s a different type of person in the political arena. And then there’s a third storyline we’re going to explore in the first third of the year that’s also different. So being almost 80 episodes into a show, it’s exciting to play different things. And I like Oliver the politician, and I also like anytime we can do something that weaves naturally into the canon of the Green Arrow characters.”

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  1. Of course he’s running. He did in the comics, heh. Finally using the Arrow comics as inspiration.

    • Tobias says:

      If the creators of the show were to follow the comics more.. the show would be MUCH better.. but they didn’t. Count Vertigo, Constantine Drakon, Onomatopoeia, Komodo and Merilyn should be the main villains and should have had larger roles in the show. But no.. they decided to use more well known villains that Oliver has never fought.

      Team Arrow in the comics consist of Connor, Mia Deardon, Speedy, and Black Canary… but we instead have Felicity Smoak (who marries Firestorm btw.. idk why she is in the show) Diggle, Thea (who is Mia Deardon AND Speedy?? c’mon) and Laurel (she is way to clumsy and I hate how WEAK the Black Canary is in this show.. she is an EXPERT martial artist… probably could take on Bruce Wayne herself…

      This TV show is so different than the comics.. its disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, the show isn’t “terrible”, I enjoyed the first 2 seasons but the last season sucked imo and this season is starting out okay.. I just wish Damian Darkh was more active instead of just a few scenes of him talking to Detective Lance.

      • I wish they had found a way to do Onomatopoeia in live action, it would have been fantastic to — well, hear.

        Give him a Star Wars blaster and have him go “pew, pew”, heh.

        My hope is that the mayoral race will end in disaster and lead to Oliver becoming more like the disenfranchised, anti-establishment radical we all know and love.

  2. suzyque says:

    “And then there’s a third storyline we’re going to explore in the first third of the year that’s also different.” Could it be Oliver as a father if he finds out about that kid they hinted at in The Flash?

  3. Sarah says:

    Oliver better be ready for a new front attack by Damien Darhk.

  4. GirlvsTV says:

    I genuinely dislike that Oliver feels like he needs to get Quentin’s approval for anything. I really hope Oliver tells QL to stick it when he finds out about Quentin and Dahrk. But he should have told him off in the premier when Quentin started his stupid ‘darkness’ speech. I used to enjoy Quentin, but he has been dead to me since he hit a handcuffed Oliver last season.

    • lily says:

      I think there’s a scene in tomorrow’s episode that addresses the fact that Oliver has craved Quentin’s approval and it turns out he’s a hypocrite. Or at least the promo alluded to that. And I NEED it, because I’m tired of Lance’s sanctimonious attitude.

      • Sil says:

        I agree. I’ve always loved Quentin until Season 3. His sanctimonious attitude of Oliver turned my stomach about him. This season the writers have to do better. So far they have.

  5. Athena says:

    Really curious to see how Oliver’s mayoral bid is going to “galvanize” his relationship with Felicity. And of course, Felicity is supportive. Love how these two have been portrayed as a couple on the show. I wish I get to see their conversation about Oliver’s decision, though. Can’t blame Felicity for being apprehensive, given how the last mayoral hopefuls have fared.

  6. lily says:

    Of course Felicity is supportive. It’s such a nice change to have someone who supports him versus tearing him down/judging everything he does. I’m glad it helps his relationship with Thea as well. Dare we hope for ‘bodyguard’ Dig to make a return?

    • Emily says:

      Bodyguard Diggle is the best. He hates it so much but he is always there for his friends. Also so true on everyone tearing Oliver down. Did Thea and Laurel not come get Oliver for help and then be horrible to him five minutes later.

    • Athena says:

      I would love the return of bodyguard Digg because it puts him close to Oliver again. Plus candidate Oliver won’t be able to use too many of his Arrow moves to defend himself. It would make sense for Digg to step in.

  7. Emily says:

    I love the idea of Team Arrow not just helping the city at night. That’s why I was disappointed that we never see Laurel do good for the city as a lawyer anymore. At least not since season 1. I’m glad Oliver is running for Mayor to put in place better policy for those in need and I liked seeing Felicity fight with the board on not firing people from the company. These are things that can really be beneficial for Star City. Yes Oliver has no experience, but he’s passionate, has a good heart and looks like someone I’d vote for. :)

  8. Mr. Tran K says:


  9. Lizzie says:

    Yay comic book Oliver coming to life. He is a lot more of jokester this season and actually plays around not just with Felicity but others too. But the Mayor Queen is the best part of this whole thing. I’ve waited for it for a while and its going to be awesome.

  10. GildedRose says:

    I’m totally excited about so many of the stories taking shape this season. Oliver & Felicity, Oliver for Mayor and becoming Green Arrow, Felicity as CEO, the teases with her dad, Diggle getting to dig into HIVE & his brother’s death, the Original Team Arrow getting back together, and Quentin Lance getting some story of his own FINALLY! Damien Darhk has, so far, been great. I wish they’d get through all the spinoff building though and let this be the end of that from now on. Arrow suffers too much when they cram all these spinoff characters it. It detracts too much from why I watch Arrow & tune in in the first place. So hoping we get back to Arrow for Arrow soon.

    • ginger cherry says:

      Arrow definitely seems to suffer from the spinoffs (moreso than Flash). The way they introduced Barry in Arrow then threw him over to launch the Flash was seamless and didn’t take more than two episodes! I wish they’d introduced Ray over at Star Labs too, instead of making him a (laughable) romantic rival to Oliver. Especially since Ray and Cisco were actually a good match (just like Felicity and Curtis), being science nerds and
      “good at naming villains”. When Ray worked with Oliver/Team Arrow, he was funny and charming. The Flarrow crossovers would have been hilarious with Ray and Cisco being the funny guys to Diggle and Oliver’s straight men. Felicity could have geeked out with Ray and Cisco earning a side eye from Oliver. Alas, it is what it is.

  11. Pfruit says:

    Love this show! Love this seasons direction. I actually am okay with Oliver seeking approval from lance because it’s true to his character he has always been trying to gain the mans respect so if they finally come to a good place and in the end lance sacrifices himself for Oliver I could totally accept it. Actually it would be a great end to capt. Lance arc on the show to go from hating him to being proud and saving Oliver. Yay! for bodyguard Diggle I missed those days and hopefully it will mean more scenes with just the two of them like season 1 because SA and DR have great chemistry. I also approve of the way they are handling olicity, rather than being melodramatic they support each other and their relationship is seen in tiny gestures rather than unnecessary scenes full of angst and misery. So far they are also done a great job with pacing which for me was my biggest issue with season 3. To me while the first half of season 3 was slow they tried to cram everything into the back half of the season. Now they seem to have found a great rhythm. Lastly, I know this season is about family but I hope they don’t try to have Felicity’s father storyline be a part of this season. I would rather they save it for season 5 along with Russia flashbacks (she is NOT in that grave). I think she has enough to do with running the company, getting Ray back, helping Oliver be mayor and being on team arrow. Anymore would be overwhelming. And it would take away from

  12. pem says:

    VERY happy with how Arrow played out over the last 3 eps. Love how Oliver and Felicity’s relationship been going and really glad to have OTA back. Totally looking forward to “Mayor Queen”. Loving pretty much all the storylines so far.

  13. Lark Nightingale says:

    Love Season 4 so far. I love the way that the writers have established that Oliver and Felicity are THE couple of the show and that Felicity Smoak is THE great love of the hero, Oliver Queen, on his journey to becoming Green Arrow.

    I love that Oliver and Felicity love and support each other. I love that Oliver who has been a bedhopper and commitment phobe the majority of his life wants to marry Felicity. The old adage is true: when you know, you just know!

    I love that Oliver and Felicity are completely committed to each other. And even when they had that fight about Felicity helping the team in secret, the writers didn’t turn it into a brooding Oliver angstfest. Oliver and Felicity are picking and choosing their battles and for Oliver that one just wasn’t worth getting his panties all in a twist.

    The team fight scenes have been amazing. Thea is really good! Best of all, the big bad, DAMIEN DARHK IS FANTASTIC!

    I could do without the flashbacks AGAIN though. What the everloving frack is happening anyway? It is BORING. AS. FRACK. I take pee breaks even when I don’t have to pee.

    • Ben says:

      Five years, we have to have five years of the flashbacks, ok? They have to finish off that side of the story. Then they can stop.

  14. Andreia says:

    I think arrow finally found it’s balance. season 4 started with 3 strong episodes. I love the action, damien darhk is one of the best part of season 4, he’s terrifying, I was surprise that oliver running as a mayor storyline makes a lot of sense and they actually manage to make a slow burn couple more interesting together than apart.

    Keep up with the good work arrow, can’t wait to see sara back in action again

  15. Clara says:

    Love the whole “Queen for mayor” campaign already ( saw great fanbanner for it :) ). I’m sure Felicity has great ideas to bring in ( wonder who chose that fabulous suit he wears in the promo? LOL). Look forward to see her back him up in his goals!
    The two as couple is the most convincing thing in S4 for me so far.

  16. Kas says:

    Oliver Queen running for Major looks like an interesting sl and of course Felicity will be there with/for him in this journey too,they are a great couple to watch!

  17. Jules says:

    I am looking forward to seeing Oliver Queen the candidate for mayor. Its going to be interesting to see what Damien Darhk is going to about his candidacy, seeing how he wants to be the only authority to Star City. Felicity has always been supportive towards Oliver’s decisions or at least she has always tried to see his view. Everyone else mostly has ridicule him about most of his decisions. Why wouldn’t Oliver go to Lance for support or advice. Just because Lance doesn’t agree with Oliver on a lot of decisions doesn’t mean a thing. Felicity and Lance has always been HONEST about their opinions .. I love the relationship the Oliver and Felicity have. I love she is back to her bubbly self. I understood why she was upset last year. Lastly, I don’t see Felicity in the grave for a few reasons. Barry would be there for Oliver with anyone of the teams or loved one of Oliver, because they are friends but his reaction isn’t what you would expect to have with the death of a great friend; second, Felicity is Jewish and that wasn’t a Jewish gravesite. She would not have flowers or a gravestone right away. Plus, she is a favorite. Not because of the Olicity, but because of her character separately. I am not sure who it is, but that would be a mistake. Like if they kill off The, Diggle, or even Laurel.

  18. Sabrina says:

    When will season 4 be released in netflix anybody knows??

  19. Connor says:

    It is Felicity, the most recent episode, she got hot and was coughing a lot of blood. I am talking about the gallery