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Glenn Dies

Walking Dead Boss Tackles the Big Glenn Mystery, Offers 'Definitive' Answer About [Spoiler]

The following story contains a massive spoiler about Sunday’s Walking Dead. You know the drill — if the episode remains on your to-do list, bail now. The rest of you may proceed…

It’s been nearly 24 hours since Glenn’s guts appeared to become a zombie’s best friend on The Walking Dead and the debate over his fate rages on. Folks in the pro-death camp maintain that Steven Yeun’s seemingly invulnerable alter ego was backed into a literal corner with absolutely no way out. The anti-death contingent, however, point to Sunday’s Talking Dead — which conspicuously left Glenn out of its signature in memoriam segment — as their Exhibit A.

Save for that brief, ambiguous statement he delivered via Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick, showrunner Scott M.Gimple has remained silent. Until now. In the following Q&A with TVLine, the EP addresses the incendiary dead-or-alive question, while also tackling a handful of non-Glenn hot topics — namely, WTF is up with Rick’s hand?!

TVLINE | Is Glenn really dead?
[Laughs] I’m not going to answer it.

TVLINE | It seems like some folks have gone from being bereft that he died to annoyed at the possibility that they were tricked and he might still be alive. Any backlash concerns?
I definitely want viewers to have an emotional experience either way. There are twists and turns, and bad things happen. Ultimately, it’s all part of a bigger story. I hope that the audience will just wait to see the greater story and see how it all plays out. They’re kind of stopping in the middle of the movie, which they have to because there’s a week between the reels. But we’re still in the middle of the movie.

TVLINE | Was his death scene deliberately shot in a way that would give fans hope that maybe those weren’t Glenn’s guts?
It was shot the way it was shot and it was edited the way it was edited and that is always deliberate. I spend a lot of time on these cuts, so take that as you will.

TVLINE | Is it safe to say that this was one of those weeks where you wish something like Talking Dead didn’t exist? Because you’re kind of forced into giving fans an explanation. Radio silence is not really an option.
I like that Talking Dead is there for something like this, because we live in an era where that conversation is going to happen no matter what… It’s a little tricky with something like this, but, in the end, you and I are gonna talk. So it’s cool that we get to start the conversation [immediately] afterwards.

TVLINE | Will we have to wait a long time before we get a definitive answer on his fate?
Not terribly long. It’ll be in the first half of the season. And there are only five episodes left.

TVLINE | A few non-Glenn questions. What is the significance of the cut on Rick’s hand? It seemed to be bothering him a lot. Can you get infected by getting walker guts in an open wound?
It’s entirely possible, but we haven’t really gotten into it on the show. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say something definitive: Rick is OK regarding that cut. His hand will survive. There will be a bandage. There will be some ointment involved. But he’s going to walk away from it.

TVLINE | How will things change for Carol now that people know she’s more than just a kickass baker?
It’s going to be hard for Carol. She likes being invisible. What she had to do at the end of the episode, it weighed on her. When Morgan said, “You don’t like it,” it’s kind of like the thing she didn’t want to hear, the thing that she was ignoring all of this time [amid] all the killing. And then hearing it and feeling it, it’s weighing on her. And seeing all of these people potentially being grateful towards her is going to be difficult.

TVLINE | Were we right to think there were sparks flying between Eugene and Denise?
[Laughs] There were no sparks flying and people will see why. But I dig that people thought that. Eugene is a dashing guy.

TVLINE | Is there a slow episode coming up?
I would hate to call any episode slow, but I get what you’re saying. These first three were like, “What the hell is going on?” There was such intensity… There will be different types of episodes coming up. The story is going to take some turns that give us different flavors of stories. These first three were fun and intense for all of us to make. We really wanted to start this season off with this part of the story. I did, and I was amazed that people didn’t clobber me.

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  1. aa says:

    lol he aint dead

    • m3rcnate says:

      Lol so not dead. They are going the opposite route GOT is going with a certain character. Giving no answer, not having Steven on the Talking Dead, not having him in the “In Memoriam”, how it was shot, what actually happened (Nic obviously fell on-top of Glenn, etc).
      Just like with GOT i get why they are doing it. In terms of telling a story i get wanting to have a character appear dead and the fans not know for more than one week then find out..but in this day and age (with interviews, twitter, after shows) it becomes obvious within hours that something fishy is going on and the character probably isn’t dead.

      • Joe Baumann says:

        Glen is probably the best they have/had for thinking quick when in a tight spot. I don’t even remember if we got a good view of what exactly they were standing on or if there was room under it but it looked like he reached out to grab him as he was falling after the shot to the head almost as if he knew his only way out was to get underneath his body and slip under what they were on while they feast on him and then either gets out on his own or is rescued. The one thing though is I still think Glen will die. I think even if he does everything right he will be bit and even though he will make it back to camp again and even I think find out Maggie is pregnant it will give him the closure he deserves while making it so much worse for the rest of us lol.

        • m3rcnate says:

          I don’t dislike your theory about how Glenn could still end up dying, it would in-fact be creatively pretty brilliant to make it look like is getting killed, have him end up surviving and fans going “Omg thank god Glenn is okay!” for him to only end up having been bit and all of a sudden the fans have to reconcile that and watch him say his goodbyes and find out Maggie is pregnant and then get put down by Rick or something.
          However there are certain deaths in the comics that are just so insanely powerful that i would be shocked if the show didn’t do then, and Glenn’s death is #1 on that list. I would be shocked if they decided to kill off Glenn with something as simple as him getting bit, when a MUCH more intense and brutal and impactful death is possible not long from now in terms of the story.

          • chaosrainz says:

            They could still do that death but have it be someone else even though it might be most powerful if it is Glenn . I think it’s all still up in the air at this point and it’s too nerve wracking to think about! LoL

          • Nate says:

            If not Glenn, that death can’t be anyone else Daryl, so that will be an interesting thing to wait for

        • ionekoa says:

          They were on a dumpster, no room to climb under.

          • Lisa Lucania says:

            Watch the scene again. There is plenty of room under the dumpster…also…when the do the overhead shot (after the intestines scene), you see Glen’s face…and then you don’t

    • twtd says:

      Kinda agree. No blood from his mouth if that’s something to think about when they were over him.

      • Joe Baumann says:

        One of the first things I thought when I saw it happening was “why aren’t they going after his face and why no blood even dripping from mouth” when I’m pretty sure it has happened to anyone else in a similar situation. Someone pointed it out before me but I planned on trying to be the first one to ask that one after the show ended. Damn me watching it a few minutes late on my dvr lol

        • twtd says:

          Yeah. I mean, there were three deaths before Glenn in the episode I think? All three had blood from mouth but not Glenn, it’s just something they would not forget.

        • CMM says:

          My observations were as follows:

          1. Glenn is not a bulky man, and the walkers were ripping into someone’s flesh far above where Glenn would have been while lying flat on his back.
          2. The walkers were clearly eating and pulling out intestines, and last I checked, we don’t keep our intestines in our chest. All of the action was occurring just inches from Glenn’s head and neck.
          3. Both men were wearing similar colored t-shirts, and I believe it was an effort to throw us off.
          4. It seems as if Nicholas fell across Glenn, so that his abdominal area was positioned close to Glenn’s chest.
          5. I predict some noise, fire, or other event will distract the herd and they will turn and leave Glenn to crawl out from under the pile.

          • asskickmcgee says:

            ” I predict some noise, fire, or other event will distract the herd and they will turn and leave Glenn to crawl out from under the pile.”

            That would be awful writing. They only care about noise to get food and they have 2 bodies to eat. Even if 90% left Glenn has a dozen that would eat him.

      • Christine says:

        I think he wouldn’t even be moving at all if there were really eating his intestines… I mean think about it.. He’d be dead and gone by that point.

    • jr. says:

      The name of this episode ( i.e. Thank You ), maybe is a clue too? Thank you to who or what? Are they just saying thank you to Glenn, for his part he played in the series? Or, will it turn out that the viewers will be saying Thank You to ( i.e. the guy who shot himself, and caused Glenn to fall too ( don’t know the guy’s name ) because the writers will grant a reprieve to Glenn. As it will be revealed in upcomming episodes it was him and not Glenn, and so Thank You to the writers and that actor?

    • Charlie from Revolution STINKS says:

      This is ridiculous. Glenn SHOULD be dead. Even if Nicolas fell on top of him, the zombies are eating their way down, with Nicolas first. I find it far fetched if the zombies are being selective and focusing on eating Nicolas first then saving Glenn for later. It’s a free-for-all! And the blood that gets on Glenn to supposedly “mask” him from the zombies is human blood not zombie blood. So if anything, Glenn is being marinated for the zombies.

      The only believable reason why they are not saying Glenn is dead is because he’ll show up as a Zombie. The Talking Dead “In Memory” segment either shows humans or zombies being killed. If Glenn is a zombie, then he doesn’t qualify for either.

      If Glenn does end up surviving, then in my mind the show has lost credibility in their storytelling.

      • A fan of TV says:

        The peanut gallery with their realism moaning over a fantasy genre. Pretty sure Glenn will be saved within moments of when the camera cut by some very strong survivors and a vehicle or two from a hilltop somewhere. Or something. We did not see him die so saying he should be dead presumes you wrote the scene and intended him to die, and also presumes you wrote the wiki entry on zombies.

        • asskickmcgee says:

          It’s not about realism it’s about writing to your established world. He is flopping his head around crying in a feeding frenzy. That is death for anyone at any time in this world. A noise or a truck or 100 soldiers coming in wouldn’t matter when he has zombies in his face eating.

          • DeadFan says:

            Glenn will be saved by Jesus ( Character in Comic ), he is a Zombie killing machine. Perfect opportunity to introduce him here. That horde is small for the likes of Jesus.
            They call him Jesus because he looks like him.

      • Lisa Lucania says:

        So, if Glenn managed to crawl under the dumpster with a possible rusted hole he can climb up in…then that means the show has lost credibility? If that’s the case, then the show lost credibility in the first season, when Rick was able to get inside the tank. The show’s writing is brilliant and you will keep on watching it, with or without credibility…

        • H says:

          The writing is hardly brilliant. Please. The only exist it has, is that it’s based on a comic book, which naturally had terrible writing and ridiculous plots.

    • My strong suspicion is that Glen’ll survive this but very shortly after (within the same episode) be killed by The Wolves. In a very definitely dead way.

  2. Kcg says:

    That was not a definitive answer

    • Luke says:

      The definitive answer was about Rick’s hand. Many were theorizing he might have been infected.

    • Matt C. says:

      I think the “definitive answer” part referred to Rick’s cut hand. As for Glenn’s “death”, he clearly was avoiding giving any kind of definitive answers.

  3. The show won’t rob people from watching Glenn meet Lucille, so he’s alive — FOR NOW! :P

    • A fan of TV says:

      Except it’s not gonna be Glenn who meets Lucille and I would stand by that bet. Not one major character has died the same way as the comics since Amy and Jim in s1, to keep people guessing. I fully believe someone will die that way, but it will be a Tyrese for Hershel-like switch up. I wouldn’t put it past the show to have him somehow miraculously get out of this mess, cuz he can get out of most hairy situations and this is well known about him, only to die in some completely non-apocalyptic way five episodes from now.

  4. aph1976 says:

    I think Glenn is still alive but we may not find out for a few episodes.In the meantime the other characters could assume Glenn is dead and it could be interesting to see how they react.

  5. Bruce Cox says:

    Well this hopefully will not be considered off topic but did Glenn not already die in the comics? I know they have switched a few things around in the TV vs Comic.I watched the Talking Dead after the show last night, and one of the remarks make me think Maggie is with child, He said we would possibly see some “piece” of Glenn,and a offspring could be considered a “Piece”

    on a Financial viewpoint, as one of the original cast members, by killing his char off,they could almost afford 2 more new characters for the show.

    Also they could be doing a “Sopranos” type thing to raise chatter about the show.
    The Producers are very smart people and know their business the way they did it and what they are and are not saying is very calculated.

    OK this might be a bit off topic,I can understand a 90 season opener and a 90 min season final
    but we are having a 90 min episode next week, I wonder why? It is great to get more of the show,but I wonder why now? Is it something to do with Glenn? or a bit of a different direction of the show?

  6. Paul Mcgrath says:

    Of course the producers are going to be ambiguous as to Glenn’s demise… the angles in which the supposed “death scene” was shot was intentionally ambiguous, at least to the discerning eye. This interview, and the last TTD episode are just more proof to me Glenn’s not dead or undead.

  7. Christi Martindale says:

    On the road scene, Rick’s hand was cut by the blade in the walker’s shoulder. He put his hand on him to stabilize him so that he could stab him in the head. I rewound it twice to see if he had been bit. And technically, all of them are infected anyway, so as long as he doesn’t get a massive infection its all good.

  8. Grace says:

    It really seemed to me that there was no escape for them BEFORE Nicholas shot himself… even if those were Nicholas’s entrails being eaten, I can’t think of any credible way Glenn walks out of that situation alive/ok/unbitten. It just wouldn’t be realistic. I think we’re going to see Glenn as a walker, sadly. It’s heartbreaking that Glenn basically paid the price for being a good person and giving someone a second chance… but everything this show has to say about the world now is that you can’t really do that. Nicholas was a coward, period–that wasn’t going to change no matter how many chances Glenn gave the guy. Same lesson with Morgan and the Wolves. There’s a saying, if someone shows you who they are, believe them… it seems to be a theme this season. Heartbreaking but great storytelling.

    • I absolutely agree. if you look behind Glenn’s head during the ‘entrails’ scene I think you can see the bottom of the dumpster, it didn’t look like a person could get under it. If he does survive I’m guessing it will be because he’s covered in Nicholas’ entrails and the walkers leave him alone. That would be an incredible cop out though. A big part of the appeal of this show is that anyone can die, even popular characters, and having Glenn survive that seems unrealistic. I appreciate I am discussing realism in a show based around a zombie apocalypse but I’ve typed it all out now, so there.

      • Grace says:

        Yeah, exactly. It will cheapen the credibility of this world if Glenn somehow survives. And yeah, kind of crazy that we’re talking about reality in a zombie show but one of the things this show does so well is sell its world. That’s a big part of its success I think.

      • Robert says:

        Yea but the tank Rick went into never had an entry point from the bottom when the camera scrolled it from top to bottom

      • Tony says:

        The show sells its realism when it fits the narrative. They also ask you to suspend belief when it fits the narrative as well. So it’s not like there isn’t precedence for the ridiculous in this show. If it means Glenn lives (for however long), I see no issue with it. For me, when the writing betrays its characters and has them acting out of character or exhibiting behavior without proper motivation or character growth is when a show is in trouble.

    • Sharon Lefebvre says:

      Glen could some how slip his way under the dumpster and wait it out.

      • asskickmcgee says:

        The dumpster is about 4-6 inches off the ground. If he put his head sideways it’s doubtful he could get it under but without zombies in a feeding frenzy noticing no way only terrible writing can save him.

    • FP says:

      they’ve walked WITH walkers before just by covering themselves with walker blood/etc…they did that in the first season and last with Carol going into Terminus…..did they forget that?

      • Snsetblaze says:

        I couldn’t understand why they did not do it again. Once they killed the two in the Pet Store, they could have put some walker blood on themselves.

    • Karenm says:

      He has a knife, if he can get out from under Nicholas he can roll under the dumpster, I’m sure there was room and if not he can kill an eating walker and do the tried and true trick of smearing their guts on himself and walk out of there.
      Michonne’s comment about not knowing whose blood you’re covered with, your friends, a walker or your own seemed both foreshadowing and a huge hint.

  9. MangaReader. says:

    Glenn died in Comics Rick Loses a Hand in Comics Carl Loses a eye. story line from comics and Series ain’t that far away to happen but Glenn did not die of a zombie attack they won’t get high ratings for that he may die in the series but they will make it a grand one.

  10. I think there is some foreshadowing about Glen saying: “If I get stuck out here I’ll find some way to show you guys I’m okay.”, why include that line unless to foreshadow that he won’t make the rendezvous, but he will be alive?

  11. Alayna says:

    I think ricks hand will get gangrene and will have to be cut off

  12. Spence says:

    Glenn will not make it out of that alley alive, this I’m sure of. However, I bet that he will have crawled away after being ripped open and will somehow manage to stay alive long enough for Maggie and a group to discover him and be with him as he passes.This way, he will still meet his grisly demise due to Nicholas, which I felt was always meant to happen since Nicholas’ introduction, but will get a proper goodbye as well. At least I hope that’s what happens; Glenn needs to die (it’ll be too much of a cop-out for him to survive) but he also deserves a proper farewell.

    • krvance says:

      If Glen dies i would stop watching the show because to me it would mean that all of the characters will eventually be killed and the “Hope” is taken out of the show. It would just be a show about death. Without the hope that someone, especially the characters we have gotten emotionally attached to will not survive it is nothing but a depressing glorification of death. In every show there has to be some characters that are “Untouchable” or it just a total bummer to watch and why continue watching when you know everyone is going to be killed.

  13. Robert says:

    He would’ve been screaming from pain from getting torn apart…

  14. budnarg says:

    From IMDB glenn is credited for a lot more episodes being shot. That’s either a crapton of flashbacks or he hid under the dumpster ans is coming back. go Glenn!

    • Spence says:

      IMDB is nothing reliable at all, not to mention IMDB has people listed just for being in the credits, not necessarily in the actual episode, meaning Glenn could be MIA until the second to last episode and still be credited and on IMDB.

    • Jack says:

      And IMDB also has Andrew Lincoln as being in all 83 episodes, even though there has been plenty of episodes where he did not appear. Point is, dont go by IMDB for info like that

  15. Ellinaras78 says:

    Way too cocky of an interview.

  16. Annie says:

    I don’t know if this was posted or not because I’m not reading all of the topics, but my idea is this…what if Nicholas was hallucinating and we saw what was in his mind?

    • didi says:

      Oooooh I like Annie, I like!!!! He WAS acting weird the whole episode and it was never explained why.

    • Spence says:

      So he was hallucinating Michonne and Heath escaping to see the sky clear of smoke? He hallucinated Glenn not answering his walkie? No, Glenn might not be dead, but that couldn’t be a hallucination. (If it was I will be royally pissed off.)

  17. damroberts744 says:

    LMAO I’m guessing that Denise is more Tara’s type than Eugene.

  18. wing nut says:

    Has everyone forgot that everyone on the show is already infected. Via information during the first season

  19. Cc says:

    I think Glenn has got to be alive and I think michonne gives us a forecast earlier when Michonne told heath “have you ever been covered in so much blood that you didn’t know if it was yours a walkers or your friends” I think it was a sign of what’s about to happen.

    • J says:

      Nope. This was just to set up when the other Alexandrian sees blood on his face in the water with Michonne. Just a point of realisation for him that now he has been through something. Nothing to do with Glenn. HE’S DEAD.

  20. Eric coffey says:

    If Glenn isn’t dead he will be.he is on his back in a crowd of zombies…as much as I hate the idea of Glenn dying I will be pissed of if he isn’t if I’m wrong.there is no way he can survive this

  21. Crystal says:

    rick loses his arm in the comics

    And gleen is dead in the comics so don’t hold your breath

    • Jack says:

      All of this is irrelevant to the tv show.

      First off, Comic Rick lost a hand, not an arm. And it was a long time ago.

      Most of the characters on the show have NOT died like their comic counterpart. The only ones that were similar were Shane and the Governor. Because of this, there is little change that Glenn will die the same way as he did in the comic. Is it possible? Of course. But is it definite? Not even remotely.

  22. Tom says:

    Calling it now, Denise is going to end up with Tara.

  23. Scott says:

    The way the Glenn scene was shot and edited, it did seem like a dream/hallucination. If Glenn is still alive, that’s the only way it happens.

  24. Ryan says:

    So if he was dead they would just say he is dead not be vague about it. Still kind of unbelievable anyone could survive his situation, dead guy on top of him or not.

  25. Chris says:

    I love how they scream out spoiler and fate and show a cast picture

  26. Rook says:

    I have a tvline question. How did Glenn’s head end up right next to the dumpster when him and Nicholas fell off with their bodies facing the other way???

  27. Chris Black says:

    Alright, just a note about your article. It says spoilers ahead, but the article URL says “glenn-dies-walking-dead-steven-yeun-alive-dead/” and even the google preview shows that as the title…well done, you spoiled it in the title for people that just google “Steven Yeun”

  28. Libby says:

    the less screen time Morgan gets the happier I am. He is such a weak character, no joy in his presence.

  29. Lizzie says:

    One phrase kept running through my head after seeing Glenn die “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Hell in this case being to suffer death by walker. Because Glenn always had good intentions and always fought the good fight. For him in particular to end up this way is hellish. Unless he did indeed slip under that dumpster. But look at his face…..he looks horrified, in pain, devastated and afraid.

    • Karenm says:

      Maybe because he was just standings on a dumpster with is now laying across his body, a buffet for a million walkers. He is horrified, in pain (fell off a dumpster with another person landing on top of him), devestaded and afraid. 😀

  30. Lizzie says:

    And there is always the thought that “no good deed goes unpunished in the end.”

  31. Whatevah says:

    YAY! He’s alive! And now I know to watch through my fingers when he does die. :(

  32. jackie says:

    I loved Glenn from the first episode. If he was to die, I would want it to be for someone that really mattered not that coward.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      OK, I saw the last 20 min of the ep. last night again btw Scorpion and it’s Nick’s body ON TOP of Glenn getting eaten by the herd of walkers. If that was Glenn blood would’ve been gushing out from his mouth. I believe he’s STILL alive……but damn I wish that maybe this Sunday’s ep. will answer the ”million dollar question” regarding Glenn. I’m getting pretty nervous!!!

      • Madolyn Spann says:

        My words are these: The look on Glen’s face was horror not pain. He may die but he did not die in that episode. If he was being eaten he would have screamed blood and made different faces.

  33. Bad wolf says:

    There are 2 items from Glenn’s scene that have me questioning the inferred outcome.
    The first: is what the zombies pull out and start eating. Never knew the intestinal tract was in the chest by the neck. The blood over Glenn could be from the hart but looks more like a femoral artery to me.
    The second: is mass of bodies packed in to the alley. Ever been packed in to a elevator or train, could you bend over and tie you shoe. Multiply that with the force of more zombies coming in they were packed in like sardines. No one can move more than a few inches if at all . That mass will pulveriz the bodies in the front.

    Is Glenn dead I don’t know. Can they wright him a way out, it will be tough but we are talking about a post apocalyptic zombie TV show.

    • Buck says:

      Dude, your grammar is ridiculous and you misspell almost every other word…including HEART and you think you know what the femoral artery looks like?

  34. Rinacres says:

    I’d like to know why they didn’t run up that fire escape to get away from the walkers rather than just jump on top of a dumpster.

  35. anne hilton says:

    Someone tell me how the zombies make that noise with no breathing tackle

  36. anne hilton says:

    And why did the little girl zombie in the first episode pick up the teddy bear if no human instinct left? Was it also stuffed with ban sauce and sausages

  37. dsrbroadway says:

    Why even bother saying anything about spoilers when it’s in your URL and the webpage tab.

  38. Josef says:

    I’m sorry guys but here’s the final proof that Glenn Rhee didn’t die, his name shows up later in the series on IMDb. His name even shows up in the next episode which has been named and all. This combined with all the anatomical weirdness of the scene, no blood in the mouth etc. makes it pretty clear. Totally still alive and kicking!

  39. Mark says:

    Unless they are implying that the only feeling and emotion you have while having your guts and heart torn out and eaten in front of you is terrible sadness I think it is safe to say Glenn is (for now) alive.

  40. daniel says:

    This is all the Nicholas’s hallucination. He is alive guys. I’m gonna tell you why. Nicholas ran out of ammo before climbing on the so he can’t shoot himself in the head. He probably hallucinated when he saw himself trapped and imagined killing himself. Think about it

  41. daniel says:

    This is all the Nicholas’s hallucination. He is alive guys. I’m gonna tell you why. Nicholas ran out of ammo before climbing on the so he can’t shoot himself in the head. He probably hallucinated when he saw himself trapped and imagined killing himself. Think about it.. look at the big pic fellas

  42. Phoenix5634 says:

    No flipping way did Glenn just die in such a ridiculesly stupid way, right?! Like seriously, Just no. I know you can’t actually see that’s him or Nicholas they’re ripping apart, ( I hope it’s Nicholas and that’s how Glenn gets out, being covered in it ) but if Glenn doesn’t make it out from this alive then the show just killed one of their best characters in like the most stupid way possible.

  43. Karen sudyka says:

    Glen is such a great character and if he is really is DEAD I will stop watching the show….All Maggie has left if Glen,how can the shoe take him from her,she just lost her sister its just to soon for her to lose some one else.

  44. Karen sudyka says:


  45. Julie says:

    Would like Glenn to be a live and not died also would like Rick to live.Ever one from Alexandra to learn how to survive.

  46. Bobbie says:

    Did not like what happened to Glenn because it wasn’t believable. His weaknesses, if he has any, would be Maggie, the crew, and sports cars, thanks to his pizza delivery background. Dying by getting into too tight a spot trying to secure a fast ride for the crew or his soon-to-be family is more believable than his being led down a cattle run with meth-twitchy St. Nick, who has done nothing but let others down. There’s no way Glenn would put himself in that situation. All of them have learned to develop plans B, C and D mid-run and mid-fight. It’s survival. So for him to depend on a coward who is twitching and nervous makes no sense at all. There was a fire escape ladder. There were trees hanging over the fencing. Anything would have been better than climbing onto a dumpster at the end of the cattle run, fenced in worse than Gabriel atop his rock. Glenn’s much too quick to go down like that. Rewrite it.

    • calcityjoe says:

      Did anybody notice the bag by glenn’s head? If the rest of his body was covered except for his head…. and he has a handy bag there…. I haven’t seen that theory.

  47. mark says:

    in the walking dead is the world ever going to get a cure

  48. Linda says:

    Don’t kill off Stevens character Glenn. The core team that has been there from the start (Rick Maggie, Carol, Carl, Mashawn, Daryl and GLENN) and the bond that has been formed between them makes the series. I cried when I saw the episode where Maggies tries to leave Alexandria to find Glenn. The sadness of her realising that she could not leave and the hope when she rubs his name of the wall. This is fantastic and powerful drama. I hope the guts the dead are eating are not Glenn’s but the dude that fell on top of him and somehow Glenn survives and returns to Maggie.

    • SamU says:

      Glenn can’t be dead. He is one of the main characters and the ONLY Asian character I see on the show. Wait…..I don’t even see any walkers resembling Asians or am I not looking close enough. Image the many Asian fans the show will lose if he gets killed off.

  49. Omar Acevedo says:

    I really hope that he isn’t dead Glen is an originator of the show he is just as important as Rick. And had really pulled his weight around in recent seasons.

  50. Steven dennis says:

    I am thankful for twd series….will there be some great Darrel Dixon story’s coming this season….he is a awsome character and my family would like to see some more DARREL storys…