Quantico Shelby Caleb Sex Recap

Quantico Recap: Under Covers

In this week’s Quantico, all of the NATs go under cover, and some go way under cover.

Shelby, for instance, takes on the persona of someone who knows what Caleb’s O-face looks like. And Alex adopts the identity of someone no longer pretending she and Ryan aren’t having eye-intercourse every single time they’re in a scene together.

There’s a lot of sexy times in the episode, is all I’m saying — and that’s not a complaint. Because when you have people this pretty wearing uniforms this tight, something’s gotta give. So let’s check in on what happens in “Found.”

A HACK COUNTERATTACK | Let’s get the present-day update out of the way first, because it involves far fewer instances of undies hitting the floor. Alex grows despondent after seeing newspapers calling her “Terror Babe” and “Jihadi Jane.” Shelby, who hasn’t grown any more excited about being Alex’s captive, has no sympathy for her former roommate. “An innocent person does not take someone hostage,” she spits.

Alex’s pity party lasts about 20 seconds, then she’s back to the grind: She goes on the Dark Web to contact The Unknown, an Anonymous-like group she hopes will help her “change the conversation”… given the fact that the FBI now has her on shoot-on-sight status.

The Unknown meets with Alex (and Shelby, who’s in tow), but the man and woman who greet her need a few questions answered before they’ll agree to broadcast her interview. They confront her about some of her connections from her decade in India, one of whom is a guy connected to a bombing in Bangladesh. She counters that she knew a lot of people when she was there, 10 of whom have been killed, three of them in drone strikes — and she’s pretty sure none of them were terrorists.

ALEX IN THE SPOTLIGHT | The hackers seem convinced, so they go live with Alex’s interview. She maintains her innocence and adds that the people setting her up her knew what they were doing: “They framed the brown girl” because she’s the recruit the American public would have no trouble believing was a traitor. Sadly, I think the American public also probably would have no trouble believing hijab-wearing Nimah/Raina were traitors, either; if Alex’s hypothesis is sound, I wonder if this is a clue about the twins’ future in the program?

The FBI zeroes in on The Unknown’s signal, but Alex was smart: She conducted the interview in the basement of a mosque, creating both a PR nightmare for the FBI (who surround the building, guns drawn, just as services are letting out) and the perfect escape for herself as just another woman in a headscarf leaving the premises.

Shelby, whom Alex ditched at the mosque, has a long talk with O’Connor back at FBI command central. Ryan and Simon sweat that she’s going to out them as Alex-sympathizers, but it seems like she hasn’t. “I have my issues with Alex, but I don’t think she did it,” Ms. Wyatt says. What’s more, after checking out the list of FBI personnel who were close enough to have detonated the bombs at Grand Central, only three were NATS we know: Alex, Ryan and… Caleb?

BLONDES BUMPING UGLIES | Back in the training timeline, the week’s lesson is how to go undercover. “Undercover, you get a chance to start over,” Miranda tells them, and we watch as the NATs build and then try on new personas. They’re then brought to a tech company’s networking event, where the recruits — under aliases — are to mingle and try to get a private audience with the CEO.

I don’t know what’s the most awesome about the evening: Ryan entire costume consisting of… glasses? Shelby rocking a beehive? The fact that Caleb — who, like Elias, is there to observe — keeps torpedoing Shelb’s attempts to make inroads with the company’s employees? Or Miranda’s absolutely ridiculous mandate that Nimah and Raina (dressed identically, natch) switch places on the hour, because “We can’t send agents into terror cells if they can’t survive a cocktail party”?

In the end, Nimah, Ryan, Alex and Brandon — a recruit we don’t know much about — make it to the CEO meeting. Shelby and Caleb get waylaid (emphasis on the “laid”) when an argument (HER: “You’re an idiot.” HIM: “I’m an idiot savant!”) turns on a dime into hot sex that somehow doesn’t completely destroy her hairdo. Lesson? Never underestimate the power of a Southern lady’s command of hairspray. But all is not bygones and spooning afterward; he slips out of the hotel room the next morning, leaving her to miss the bus back to campus… where they make plans to have hostile car sex the next day.

Elsewhere, Ryan and Alex celebrate their undercover success by actually slipping under some covers, with an Out of Sight-esque stripping sequence thrown in for good measure.

Quantico Caleb Shelby Sex Recap

SIMON SINGS | Oh, and we also finally learn what Simon’s deal is! Though he invites Max — the guy from both the social media profile he was stalking last episode and the kissing photo in the series premiere — to the hotel, Elias intercepts Simon’s guest, hooks up with him and sends him packing. Bereft at Elias’ discovery (Max is a friend of a friend who doesn’t know Simon at all), Simon tearfully confesses that he was in the Israel Defense Forces and did some heinous things in Gaza. The glasses, the gayness, the coffee-fiending: They’re all part of the façade he’s constructed to distance himself from who he was abroad. Elias takes pity on him and says he’ll keep it all to himself. And Simon, who does seem really relieved by the confession, even agrees to go for a walk with one of the twins later.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode — and specifically Miranda and Liam’s conversation in the past? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Juan says:

    I love the training exercises each week. They are so fun. And I’m so happy that Shelby and Caleb finally got together cause it just needed to happen already. Also impressed like always on how smart Alex is with doing the interview in the mosque and realizing that the best way to remove the shoot to kill status was to get the public in that. Good episode like always

    • Josh says:

      Not happy Caleb treated Shelby like he has and gets sex with her. She’s too good for him and frankly she has more chem with ALEX. I’m tired of douche bags always scoring a beautiful woman

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    I have no idea why but I don’t care about any of these people. I keep watching and hoping that something will happen to wow me. So far I’m just bored.

    • Amen! I want to like the show but it’s way too cluttered with soap opera cliches… My gut tells me this is going to be a one season show, if it lasts the entire run (approx. 22 episodes). I missed the Oct. 17 episode and did not have withdrawal symptoms. The way it’s moving, I could watch every other week and really miss NOTHING.

    • A says:

      Yeah, even after 5 episodes, I’m still not sure how I feel about this show. I don’t love it, but I also don’t dislike it enough to quit.

    • liame says:

      I totally agree. The premise of the show is interesting but the actors ,for some reason, are not. Too bad.

      • Eva says:

        I think it’s not even the actors, it’s what they are given to work with. It’s hard to bring to life characters that are made up of plot twists and cardboard.

    • Alan Dvorkis says:

      Agree, The premise keeps me coming back, but ultimately, it does nothing for me, except to better ready me for sleep.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        For me it’s curiosity. I want to know who did it, other than that I don’t really care about all these pretty people and their problems, LOL!!!

  3. Alichat says:

    Who is Max Raymond? Is this someone we’ve met and I’m just forgetting?

    • Anna says:

      1st episode: the guy Simon met up and took a pix with before taking off for Quantico. It.s Simon fake BF.

      • Alichat says:

        No…wait….I got the name wrong. It was Mark Raymond. And I went back and watched the scene and realized that Caleb was responding as Mark Raymond. So, the question is why is he pretending to be someone named Mark Raymond, and what interview is he referring to in the email?

  4. Gina says:

    i just hope they resolve who set Alex up by the end of the season. Or at least midseason. Cuz if this is one of the shows where they drag it on forever and make you wait seasons to find out then I don’t see it doing very well.

    • Heather says:

      I think the creator said that by the end of the season who framed Alex will be revealed. But we still probably won’t find out anything real until the spring. Right now it’s following a firmula of choosing a recruit in the present give us a couple episodes of what they’re up to and then having them support Alex. It happened with Simon and now Shelly. If Alex finds out about Caleb I’m sure it’ll be the same thing; by mid November we’ll be up to Alex confronting yet another recruit

  5. tahina says:

    This show is a hot mess..once they realize it, I’ll be too late to fix it.

  6. tawnii says:

    I really enjoyed this show until they brought something too close to home in. I hate it when shows bring the dark web up. I know fictional drama, suspend belief and all that jazz. Seriously though, it would take weeks or months to gain trust for an in person assist. Journalists trolling the underbelly of the internet are even more cautious with so much vetting. Anons likely would have banned her in short order. It was such a promising show but I’m done.

    • John NYC says:

      Areas of pet interest are exactly where suspension of disbelief is usually critical to any entertainment piece.

      But of course if you can’t get past it on the basis of that single set piece there’s certainly plenty of other choices out there.

  7. A says:

    I am angry that Simone turned out to be straight pretending to be gay I am not sure I am going to continue to watch the show cause I am getting really annoyed with the multiple twists not knowing if each character continue to lie about themselves also I really do want to see a strong gay FBI Agent kicking some A** on the show what a major let down.

    • jj says:

      It was quite clear from the first episode that Simon was pretending to be gay.

    • John NYC says:

      That (Simon not being gay) was shown within the first few introductory minutes of the very first episode.

      The show has layers of puzzles but that was never one of them. Apparently that was the setup to allow the truly gay character get Simon on his analytical radar and start the revelations of all Simon’s secrets. With the somewhat thinner backstory rationale that it upped Simon’s chances to make the academy on a diversity box check off.

  8. Adam says:

    The training exercise this week made absolutely no sense. Why did they swap identities with their partners? If the intention was to train them on developing new identities on the fly, wouldn’t it make more sense to have them create new identities and wing it rather than trip up trying to remember someone else’s crafted identity? And it doesn’t look like they were really being monitored closely anyways given how many of them were able to leave to do other things and fool around, so why stick to that assignment at all? It wasn’t even a controlled experiment, as the CEO change happened and the new CEO didn’t know about the exercise. Make some sense, Quantico!
    The FBI continues to be the biggest joke. Do they not background check the recruits at all? How did Simon faking every aspect of his identity not ping their radar? And it doesn’t make sense why he faked being gay. He crafted an identity to separate himself from his actions in Gaza, but why does that need to include his sexuality? Was he planning on being celibate in this new life he created? And is Caleb reapplying to the FBI with a new identity and advance to the interview stage? Did they not check this Facebook profile he created for this new identity and recognize that it’s the same person? Make some sense!
    I find it fun, but when it’s not stretching basic common sense, it’s overly convoluted.

    • Anna says:

      I think Simon played Elias in the Quantico segment. He knew Elias was closing in, he knew Elias saw him welcoming Max, he knew Elias would try to talk with Max alone and he baited Elias. Then, Simon neutered (pun intended) the guy with his sob story about being IDF. With Simon’s skills for creating credible personas (at least for ppl who aren’t detail-oriented like Nimah and Elias), I’d say Simon was/is Mossad. He used the gay card to maximize his chances being recruited by the FBI, thanks to diversity policies.

      Caleb is the FBI’s ADD’s son, Clayton.

      • A says:

        That’s exactly what’s annoying about this show. Simon was probably still lying, so how are we ever supposed to believe anyone when they are supposedly telling the truth? We need to be able to trust these people at least a little bit.

        • MelB says:

          http://tvline.com/2015/10/27/quantico-simon-telling-truth-gaza-season-1-spoilers/ Did you get a chance to read this article? It gives you a little something to hold on to anyway. There’s always more to the story but at least with this info you can believe they are not always flat out lying.

        • MelB says:

          I love this show. No it’s not realistic, but what tv show/movie is? This show quickly flew to the top of my list and is the first one I watch in my free time because I am so curious to find out what is happening.
          My out of left field guess is Alex’s mom. If they actually stick with the training class, I’m not so sure. Elias maybe, or does he not count as an analyst?
          Also, is it not in hostage keeping 101 to not hand a phone to your hostage? I guess they didn’t teach that class at the academy.

          • MelB says:

            huh. Meant to post that as a new comment but I can’t figure out how to delete it so I guess here it stays.

    • Sheila says:

      The old CEO did not know of the exercise either. Where did you see that he/ she did know?

      • Adam says:

        Right. My issue is that it seemed like nobody knew of the operation and the recruits were also without supervision from any of the superiors in the FBI (they were off drinking elsewhere in the hotel). Who was making sure they were on task or that the assignment was complete? For an assignment with various rules and objectives, it seemed very uncontrolled.

    • John NYC says:

      “The training exercise this week made absolutely no sense”

      How many of them actually do? The standard setup is succeed or you’re out. No apparent actual training is going on, just a long series of pass/fail tests to cull everybody who isn’t already a trained FBI agent., or related to one.

      Heck even SEALS get trained before subjected to Hell Week.

  9. abz says:

    I too don’t get why they made Simon turn out to be straight. If he wanted to craft a new life and identity, he could fake a new look, new career, new past history and friends. But his sexuality? It doesn’t really make sense. Why does he have to act like he’s gay? Was it to get attention? Simon is still the most intriguing character on the show for me but I really didn’t like this development. It’s just strange.
    Overall though, I’m still enjoying this very much. I rarely like to start shows in their first season because networks are always ready to cancel them just as I get into them, but this show is still entertaining. I feel like its a mistake to have named the show “Quantico”. The Quantico scenes are my favorite parts, but I don’t know how they expect to stick to the premise of the show if it gets renewed for another season. New recruits each season?

    • Anna says:

      Elias said it: 1st openly gay analyst. How many openly gay recruits did the recruiting program have for field agents positions?

      It’s like recruiting Palestinian female twins, who wear the hidjab, to infiltrate terror cells. More than the person’s real aptitudes (you can always train them), you’re more interested by their potential in helping you achieve your goals. What are the chances of having someone like Shelby or even Nathalie, infiltrate the kind of cells the FBI’s monitoring?

    • Lisa says:

      It’s very possible that only certain characters from the training will stay involved in the overall plot of this season. Those may be the characters that will be the ensemble for future seasons. It’s quite possible that this season is dealing with how they all come together, and following seasons will follow them after training.

    • JJ says:

      He didn’t “turn out” to be straight. From the first episode, they were showing that he was pretending to be gay.

  10. Eli Williams says:


  11. Anna says:

    Still giving this show a try but they should drop the sexy scenes: too much of a cliché and it kind of debases the show.

  12. Eva says:

    I think the creators shoot themselves in the foot, by, on one hand, going too big with the terrorist attack, and then completely missing the scale of response such a huge attack would elicit. There would be no FBI agents yelling “Alex” into their phones in the street, when everyone around knows about their ties to the suspected terrorist. There would be no tv stations worried about FBI possibly offending a bunch of mosque-goers. FBI could easily contain few dozen women in headscarves and then use female, or even muslim, agents to look at their faces, when they KNEW their suspect was among them. Letting a terrorist go just for PR reasons made no sense. Instead of making the protagonist truly smart, they chose to make the whole FBI a band of fools, falling for Alex’s cheap tricks. That’s never a good sign.

  13. MiaB says:

    Apparently, people come on here to talk about how much they hate the show. I personally really like it. It’s a fun show, not a super cerebral one to be picked apart at every turn.

    • Sheila says:

      Yes. People are surprised Simon is not gay. If they were watching the show, they would have seen that in several episodes. He is a great liar. Shelby is an idiot to sleep with a guy who is making her look bad at work. I still do not trust Liam.

  14. dan says:

    Boring episode. I’m actually missing a twist now and then. The guy who plays Caleb is the worst actor on TV. Just terrible. And Josh Hopkins is miscast, I don’t believe him as the assistant director of the training program. The storyline about going undercover made absolutely no sense. Why would the character played by Josh Hopkins (Liam?) tell the recruits about the change of their assignment in public as they stood across the street from the hotel where the undercover work was taking place? Not very covert for an undercover operation. Where was Natalie? If this was their first time being allowed out of Quantico since training began then she should’ve been there. Why was Jacob Artist a guest star? He had one line of dialogue consisting of about four words. An extra could’ve done that. How did the FBI know that Alex was about to do an interview with somebody on the dark net? And how did they know it was starting in just minutes? How did Alex get Shelby to the mosque for the interview with nobody seeing them? Last week they raided Shelby’s house, wouldn’t they have continued surveillance there? The whole episode made no sense. Yet I watched and I’ll probably watch again next week.

    • Jared says:

      Josh Hopkins is totally miscast. Not saying that he can’t do a drama, but he was showcased so perfectly on Cougar Town and Quantico doesn’t utilize any of those gifts. Meanwhile, Priyanka is basically perfect.

  15. Coach Taylor says:

    I think its pretty simple actually, if you don’t like the show, don’t watch it!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      The problem is, at least for me, I was really looking forward to this show so I’m giving it every benefit I can to get better. It’s just so contrived and messy. I keep waiting for it to find it’s footing but it’s just getting worse instead. Very disappointing.

    • MiaB says:

      True! I don’t understand the point of watching a show for 5 weeks that you hate and coming on here and telling each week how much you hated that episode. When I don’t like a show I: a) stop watching it and b) don’t go out of my way to comment on how much I hate it. Not every show is for everyone. Find a show you like! We like this one. Tired of all the negative comments.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        The purpose of sites like this is for people to voice their opinions, good or bad. Good luck finding any site that’s all fuzzy and full of roses. Don’t take the negative comments personally.

        • MiaB says:

          I don’t take the negative comments personally, actually. It just doesn’t make much sense to complain about something constantly, as though you’re being forced to watch it. Just like you can make your negative comments, I can say what I want as well.

  16. Sheila says:

    I think Simon was still lying to Elias. Elias bought it and caved. Alex was crafty with the mosque move. Good on her.

  17. Maxsmom says:

    I believe a STAR is born in Priyanka Chopra and I like her enough to stick with the show’s problems which for me begin with her disguise or lack thereof.

    Her hair should be cut and dyed and her clothing loose. PC is gorgeous, we get it and we can see it during training. When she is on the run, she doesn’t need to look like Miss World. People will double take PC all day every day so there is zero possibility that she could hide under a baseball cap with that perfect shampoo commercial hair and perfectly made up face.

    The beauty focus tells me this is a fun rather than serious show and that is okay with me.

  18. Ellinas1978 says:

    Not a bad guilty pleasure on Sunday, after Homeland and The Walking Dead.

  19. Gerri says:

    Great Episode, but no way Elias can’t in good conscience let all those lies slide with that one excuse. If so Elias is an idiot. But I kinda like him.
    So I’m not keen on Caleb being the likely suspect. They are going through a list, but I don’t want it to be any of the recruits we know.

  20. I’m not sure we’ve learned what Simon’s deal is honestly. He may have worked out some waterworks on Elias but with the twisty turny nature of this show that could have been just a really good “throw him off the track” story.

    Honestly, I’ve been more interested in the current goings on than the past goings on for about 3 episodes now. It’s resulting in a disturbing need to DVR and fast forward some stuff. I blame this on Caleb because he’s so annoying. LOL

  21. lake says:

    Terrible episode. Alex has a terrible voice, she sounds like she has laryngitis or something and her acting skills are nil. This show has about as much reality as WWE wrestling. I want to like this show, but it keeps going downhill every week IMO. I’ll hang on a little while longer and hope for some improvement.

  22. Sam says:

    This is purely a guilty pleasure. And don’t even bother trying to make sense of what’s happening. It’s the typical leave your brain at the door sunday night show. Enjoy the ride while it lasts. Not sure we’ll be talking much about this hot mess come season 2. It’ll continue to be a mess but not a hot one that makes us tune in.

  23. Deaconmail@yahoo.com says:

    So, how did I miss that? I have never seen any indication that Caleb is the ADD’s son. Nothing. No clues no hints.

    how did I miss that? Exactly what was it in the first episode that revealed Simon was not gay? I had my doubts but there was nothing in the show that “revealed” it, especially in episode 1.

    How was anyone supposed to see who Caleb was texting or what the screen said, it was too small to see and on the screen too quickly. Did people pause their DVR and zoom in? Was it SUPPOSED to be readable? It really was unreadable and if we were supposed to see it and understand what it was, then the people who run the show missed the boat – you can’t give a clue that is not a clue. That entire “Caleb’s mysterious texting” scene was exactly that, a “Caleb mysterious texting” scene that only left the viewer with the “now what is that weasel up to?” feeling. Period.